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s 1 \ I V l \_J \y \_. 

Scanned from the collection of 
David Pierce 

Coordinated by the 

Media History Digital Library 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

Media History Digital Library 





^€T ^*? 


Fort Lee, N. J. 





tolAC* * 




^P In Hollywood ol course, you will find 

Rank of America, just as you will find this great 
statewide bank in more than 300 other Cali 
lornia communities. 

For Bank of America is California's bank. 
Naturally, it is the bank of the Motion Picture 
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Hank oi America, which serves the "real 
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IBank of America 


Member Federal Deposll Insurance I'orporatlon 
Memtiei Federal Reserve System 

When you travel, carry Bank of America Travelers 
Cheques. They tell the world you're from California. 

THE 1945 





Copyright, 1945, by THE FILM DAILY 
(Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc.) 



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G-E Photocell exciter lamps. Ex- 
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L S THIS, the 27th annual edition of Thk Film Daily Year Book of Motion 
Pictures, takes its appointed place on the industry's reference shelf, those identi- 
fied with the art and business of the film are concerned, perhaps more than ever 
before, with preparedness. 

Preparedness, first, that the problems arising from the concluding stage of 
World War II may be as successfully solved as those which have arisen since that 
fateful December 7 of 1941. 

But even more important than that, preparedness that the industry's own 
reconversion period may be negotiated with a minimum of stress and strain 
and dislocation of the economy of production, distribution and exhibition. 

It is to that dual purpose specifically that this annual encyclopedic volume 
is dedicated, and it is to that end that its content has been subject to full 
revision, re-arrangement and material strengthening. Thus, while the table of 
contents will establish that the developments of 1944 have been fully reported, 
it will also disclose that there is generous attention to the future blueprint. 

In all this, the objective has been service— service primarily to those of the 
industry, but service as well to the thousands of others in newspaper city rooms, 
advertising agencies, public and university libraries who through the year refer 
to and quote from the Year Book, as the authoritative all-embracing reference 
work of motion pictures. 

It must be apparent that the writing and compilation of the volume represents 
the work of man) admirably informed and able co-workers. To all of them, 
whether in New York or Hollywood, Washington or London, Rio or Havana, 
Toronto or Sydney, the Editor offers his thanks and his appreciation. 

<== 3&d&4k*&' 


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<& INDEX ** 

A. F. E. Corp.: 

Personnel 564 

1944 Releases 424 

"A Guy Named Jce," One of The Film 

Daily Ten Best Pictures of 1944 115 

Academic Film Co., Inc., Personnel 564 

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and 

Personnel 629 

"The Academy in 1944," by Walter 

Wanger 760 

Awards, 1943-44 to 1927-28 79 

Academy Foundation, Personnel 629 

Actors and Actresses, Credits for 1943 and 

1944 501 

Actors Equity Association, Personnel . . . . 664 

Acus Pictures Corp., Personnel 564 

Adler Silhouette Letter Co., Personnel . . . 701 
Advertising Code Administration, Per- 
sonnel 636 

Affiliated Property Craftsmen, Personnel. 664 

Agents and Managers 616 

Agents of Players 501 

Air Devices, Inc., Personnel 701 

Ajax Pictures Corp., Personnel 564 

Alabama Motion Picture Theater Owners 

Association, Personnel 649 

Alberta Independent Theater Exhibitors 

Organization, Personnel 655 

Alberta Theaters Association, Personnel. . 655 
Alexander-Stern Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 564 

Alicoate, Jack, "Foreword" 3 

Allied Exhibitors of Nova Scotia, Per- 
sonnel 655 

Allied Independent Theater Owners of 

Eastern Pennsylvania, Inc., Personnel. . 653 
Allied-Independent Theater Owners of 

Iowa-Nebraska, Inc., Personnel 651 

Allied M.P.T.O. of Western Pennsylvania, 

Inc., Personnel 654 

Allied Non Theatrical Film Association, 

Inc., Personnel 629 

Allied States Association of Motion 
Picture Exhibitors: 

Personnel 649 

"Allied in 1944," by Abram F. Myers.. 711 
Allied Theater Owners of New Jersev. 
Inc., Personnel 652 

Allied Theater Owners of Rhode Island, 
Inc., Personnel 654 

Allied Theater Owners of Texas, Per- 
sonnel 654 

Allied Theaters ot Connecticut, Inc., 
Personnel 650 

Allied Theaters of Illinois, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 650 

Allied Theaters of Michigan, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 652 

Allied Theaters of New England, Inc., 
Personnel 651 

Altec Service Corp., Personnel 701 

American Arbitration Association, Per- 
sonnel 629 

American Federation of Musicians, Per- 
sonnel 664 

American Federation of Radio Artists, 
Personnel 665 

American Film Center, The, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 564 

American Guild of Variety Artists, Per- 
sonnel 665 

American Industrial Corp., Personnel... 564 

American Productions, Inc., Personnel . . . 564 

American Society of Cinematographers, 
Inc., Persoyinel 631 

American Society of Composers, Authors 
and Publishers, Personnel 631 

American Theater Wing War Service, 
Inc., Personnel 631 

Ampro Corp., Personnel 703 

Anglo-American Film Corp., Ltd.. Per- 
sonnel 812 

Ansco, A Division of General Aniline & 
Film Corp., Personnel 564 


American Arbitration Association, Per- 
sonnel 629 

Motion Picture Arbitration System, 

Personnel 629 

Arbitration Tribunals 630 

Statistical Resume of Operations 53 

Architects, Theater 697 

Argentina in 1944." by Chas. de Cruz.. 818 

Armstrong Cork Co., Personnel 701 

Army Theaters 773 

Arnold Productions, Inc., Personnel 564 

Art Directors 493 

Artcinema Associates, Inc.. Personnel.... 564 

Artists' Managers Guild. Personnel 631 

Artkino Pictures. Inc.: 

Personnel 565 

1944 Releases 424 

The Trend Today Is RCA Because 


Research, Recording, Theatre Equipment, Service 


RCA's extensive research engineering in all fields of sound enables it to pioneer 
the movie industry's greatest advances in both recording and reproduction. 


Major film companies and industrial producers have been quick to recognize the 
advantages of RCA's ultra-violet light recording systems. Such film leaders as 
Warner Brothers, Columbia, Walt Disney, Pathe, RKO, Twentieth Century- 
Fox, Republic and March of Time use RCA Recording Equipment. RCA rental 
recording facilities are available at 411 Fifth Avenue, New York City, N. Y., 
and 1016 North Sycamore Avenue, Hollywood, California. 


RCA Theatre Equipment is available to you through your RCA Theatre Supply 
Dealer. While the war lasts, most of the equipment produced must go to our 
armed forces. Insure the early delivery of the new equipment you will need after 
the war by signing an RCA Purchase Priority Agreement now. 


For more than twelve years RCA's theatre service organization has rendered 
outstanding service to thousands of theatres with all makes and types of sound 
systems; that's why more and more theatres are contracting for RCA service. 

RCA Theatre Equipment 




Artlee Corp., Personnel 565 

Arrowhead Productions, Inc., Personnel . . 565 
Associated Actors and Artistes of America, 

Personnel 665 

Associated British Cinemas, Ltd.. Per- 
sonnel 815 

Associated British Pictures Corp., Ltd.: 

Personnel 812 

Studio Personnel 814 

Associated Motion Picture Advertisers. 

Personnel 631 

Associated Musicians of Greater New 

York, Person?ieI 665 

Associated Screen News, Ltd., Personnel . 565 
Associated Theater Owners of Indiana. 

Inc., Personnel 651 

Associated Theaters, Ltd., Personnel . . . . 655 
Association of Motion Picture Producers, 

Inc., Personnel 632 

Association of Theatrical Agents & Man- 
agers, Personnel 665 


General, Personnel 628 

Exhibitor, Personnel 649 

Labor, Personnel 664 

Astor Pictures Corp., Personnel 565 

Astor Productions, Inc., Personnel 565 

Atlas Corp., Personnel 565 

Audience Research, Inc.. Personnel 565 

"Australia in 1944," b\ H. Bowden 

Fletcher 816 

Authors, Credits for 1943 and 19-1-1 467 

Authors' Club, Inc.. Personnel 632 

Authors' Guild of the Authors' League of 

America, Inc., Personnel 632 

Authors' League of America. Inc., Per- 
sonnel 632 


Background Processes 623 

Bahn, Chester B., "1944 News High- 
lights" 87 

Baird Television. Ltd., Personnel 812 

Ballantyne Co., Personnel 701 

Banner Productions, Personnel 565 

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Personnel. . 701 

Beaumont Productions, Personnel 565 

Bf.rns, Samuel D.: 

"Color in 1944" 69 

"Plays and Novels Going Hollywood" 73 
Best Picture Selections: 

Film Daily, 1944 Selections 99 

Film Daily, Selections Since l ( >22 121 

National Board of Review, 1944 93 

Academy Awards, 1943-44 to 1927 -2S . . . 79 

New York Film Critics 97 

Riltmore Productions, Personnel 565 

Blanco, Mary Louise, "Cuba in 1 ( >44" . . . 820 
Blue Laws: Sunday Closing Regulations. 754 
Bogeaus, Benedict, Productions, Per- 
sonnel 564 

Bonded Film Storage Corp., Personnel . . 565 

Books on the Motion Picture 715 

Boots and Saddles Pictures, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 566 

Brandon Films, Inc., Personnel 566 

Brandt Automatic Cashier Co., Personnel 701 
"Brazil in 1944," by Oswaldo Leite Rocha 819 
"British Industry Makes Big Strides," 

by Ernest W. Fredman 803 

British Lion Film Corp., Ltd.: 

Personnel 812 

Studio Personnel 811 

British National Films, Ltd.: 

Personnel 812 

Studio Personnel 811 


Insurance 615 

Play and Story 618 

Bronston, Samuel, Pictures, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 566 

Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and 
Paperhangers of America, Personnel . . 665 

Brulatour, J. E., Inc., Personnel 566 

Burkett-Rosen Productions, Personnel . . . 566 
Business Administrators 625 

— —c 

C-O-Two Fire Equipment Co., Personnel 701 
Cagney, William. Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 566 

Calgary Theaters Association, Personnel . 655 
California Pictures Corp.. Personnel.... 566 

California Studios, Inc., Personnel 566 

California Theaters Association, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 649 

Cameramen, Credits for 1941 and 1944.. 495 
C wada: 

A Survey 799 

["heaters, by Proxnnces 932 

Note: Canadian organizations are in- 
cluded in many of the U. S. lists. 
See Personnel, Associations, etc. 
Canadian Film Boards of Trade, Per- 
sonnel 632 

Canadian Motion Picture War Services 

Committee, Personnel 632 

Canadian Performing Right Society, Ltd., 

Personnel 633 

Capital Pictures Corp., Personnel 566 

Carriers, Film 622 

Cartoon Producers 62 1 

Casanave-Artlee Pictures, Inc., Personnel . 567 
Casanave Pictures, Inc., Personnel 567 


Precision Optical Equipment 

16 mm and 35 mm 
Projection Lenses 

16 mm and 35 mm 
Sound Reproducing 
Optical Systems 


Rochester New York 


Casting Directors 192 

Cathedral Films, Inc., Personnel 567 

Catholic Actors Cnihl of America, Inc.. 

Personnel 633 

Catholic Writers Guild of America. Inc. 

Personnel 633 

Celebrity Productions, Inc., Personnel . . . .">(i7 

Censor Boards, State and Local 753 

Central Casting Corp., Personnel 633 

Century Electric Co., Personnel 702 

Century Pictures Co., Personnel 567 

Champion Productions, Inc., Personnel. . 567 
Chaplin, Charles, Productions, Personnel . 567 
Chaplin Studios, The, Inc., Personnel . . . 567 
Chicago Expansion Bolt Co., Personnel. . 702 
Chicago Office, Theater and Amusement 

Building Janitors' Union, Personnel . . . 665 
Chorus Equity Association of America, 

Personnel 665 

Cinecolor Corp., Personnel 567 

Cineffects, Personnel 567 

Cinema Club of Cincinnati, Personnel.. 633 
Cinema I^odge 1366 B'nai B'rith, Per- 
sonnel 633 

Cinematographers, Credits for 1943 and 

1944 495 

CineSimplex Corp., Personnel 703 

Cine-Tone Corp. of America, Personnel 567 

Circuits, Theater 945 

Cisco Kid Productions, Personnel 567 

Clancy, J. A., Co., Personnel 702 

Classic Pictures, Inc., Personnel 567 

Cleveland Motion Picture Exhibitors 

Association, Inc., Personnel 653 

Code of Ethics, Production 751 

Colmes, Walter, Productions, Personnel . 567 
"Color in 1944," by Samuel D. Berns. ... 69 

Color Processes 621 

Columbia (British) Productions, Ltd., 

Personnel 813 

Columbia International Corp., Personnel 568 
Columbia Pictures Corp.: 

Personnel 567 

Financial Summary 786 

1944 Releases 424 

Columbia Pictures Corp., Ltd.. Personnel. 813 
Columbus Coated Fabrics Corp., Per- 
sonnel 702 

Columbus Show Case Co., Personnel. . . 702 
Colvin, Ray G., "Don't Be Too Opti- 
mistic" , 691 

Commission on Motion Pictures in Edu- 
cation of the American Council on 

Education, Personnel 633 

Committees-Councils. Motion Picture. . . 75S 

Company Releases, 1944 121 

Composers. Music, Credits 481 

Conference of Studio Unions, Personnel . . 665 
Confidential Reports, Inc., Personnel ... . 569 

Consolidated Film Industries, Inc.: 

Personnel 569 

Financial Summary 786 

Continental Electric Co., Personnel 702 

Continental Lithograph Corp., Personnel 702 
Continental Pictures, Inc., Personnel.... 569 
Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs- 
Motion Picture Division, Personnel . . . 633 

Correspondents. Foreign 743 

Copyright Protection Bureau, Personnel . 633 
Councils-Committees, Motion Picture. . . 758 
Cowan, Lester, Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 569 

Crescent Productions, Inc., Personnel. .. . 569 

Critics' Forum, 1944 94 

"Cuba in 1944," by Mary Louise Blanco. 820 

Cutler-Hammer, Inc., Personnel 702 


D. 8: P. Studios, Ltd., Personnel 814 

Dales, John, Jr., "SAG in 1944" 767 

Dance Directors, 1944 Credits 492 

Danubia Pictures, Inc., Personnel 569 

Darmour, Inc., Personnel 569 

Dayton Safety Ladder Co., Personnel. . . . 702 

Dealers, Theater Supply 693 

Deaths of 1944 55; 141 

de Cruz, Chas., "Argentina in 1944" 818 

deMille, Cecil B., Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 569 

Denman Picture Houses, Ltd., Personnel. 815 
DeSylva. B. G., Productions. Inc., Per- 
sonnel 570 

DeVry Corp., Personnel 702 

"Dimes Parade Marches On!" by Ernest 

Emerling 134 


Feature, Credits for 1943 and 1944 459 

Short Subject, Credits for 1941 and 

1944 464 

Disney, Walt, Productions, Personnel... 570 

Distribution Percentages 774 

Distribution Statistics 43 


Personnel 564 

New York 604 

Exchanges, Product-Managers 605 

Tiailer 614 

Sixteen mm 603 

Non-Theatrical 598 

"Don't Be Too Optimistic," by Ray C. 

Colvin 691 

"Dragon Seed," One of The Film Daily 

Ten Best Pictures of 1944 109 

Dramatists' Guild of the Author's League 

of America, Inc., Personnel 634 

Dine In Theaters 942 


YtorUwide Lalwratonf 

On far-spread fighting fronts Ampro 16 mm. sound 
projectors have been subjected to the most rigorous 
tests ever devised. As an integral part of the train- 
ing and entertainment equipment of the armed 
services, these machines have had to stand steaming, 
corroding humidity — congealing, sub-zero temper- 
atures — dust storms and jarring vibrations — plus 
day after day operation with a minimum of service 

Add to this more than a decade of pre-war experi- 
ence in building 16 mm. projectors for thousands of 
schools, universities, industrial concerns, government 
agencies, churches, clubs and homes the world over — 
and you will understand why Ampro provides continu- 
ous, efficient operation under the most adverse conditions 

For full details on Ampro 8 mm. and 16 mm 
projection equipment, write to Ampro 
Corporation, Chicago 18, Illinois. 



I)i; Mont, Alien R., Laboratories, Inc.: 

Personnel 570 

Financial Summary 787 

duPont. E. I., de Nemours & Co. (Inc.), 
Personnel 57(1 

Exhibitor Organizations, Personnel 649 

Exhibitors' Association of Chicago, Per- 
sonnel 650 

En porters and Importers 619 


Eagle-Lion Distributors, Ltd., Personnel 813 

Eagle-Lion Films, Inc.. Personnel 570 

Ealing Distribution, Ltd., Personnel . . . . 813 

Epling Studios, Ltd.. Personnel 814 

Eastman Kodak Co.: 

Personnel 570 

Financial Summary 787 

Ebeison, John, "Of Things to Come" . . . . 674 
Editors, Motion Picture, of Newspapers.. 723 
Educational Film Library Association, 

Inc., Personnel 634 

Educational Film Producers Association, 

Personnel 634 

Electra Pictures Corp., Personnel 571 

Electric Storage Battery Co., Personnel. . 702 
Electrical Research Products Division of 

Western Electric Co., Inc., Personnel . . 702 
Emerling, Ernest, "Dimes Parade Marches 

On:' 134 

Empire State Motion Picture Operators 

Union, Inc., Personnel 666 


"British Industry Makes Big Strides," 

by Ernest W. Fredman 803 

England— A Survey 810 

British Circuits, Personnel 815 

British Companies, Personnel 812 

British Studios, Personnel 814 

English Films, Inc.: 

Personnel 57 1 

1944 Releases 424 


"Of Things to Come," b\ John Eberson 674 
"Postwar Notes on Equipment," b\ 

George H. Morris 681 

"Don't Be Too Optimistic," by Ray G. 

Colvin 691 

Equipment Requirements 689 

Theater Supply Dealers 693 

Theater Architects 697 

Equipment Companies, Personnel . . . . 701 
Esquire Films of the U. S., Inc., Per- 
sonnel 571 

Essanay Electric Manufacturing Co., Per- 
sonnel 702 

Este Productions, Inc., Personnel 587 

Eureka Pictures, Inc., Personnel 571 

Eureka Productions, Personnel 571 

European Film Fund, Inc., Personnel. . . 634 

Exchanges, Product-Managers 605 

Exhibition Statistics 45 

Famous Players Canadian Corp.: 

Personnel 57 1 

Financial Summary 788 

Theaters 958 

Famous Players Toronto Suburban Mana- 
gers Association, Personnel 655 

Fan and Trade Publications 707 

Fan Club League, Personnel 634 

Fanchon & Marco, Inc., Personnel 571 


Releases Since 1915 221 

1944, Credits 145 

1944, by Companies 424 

1944, Imported 423 

Fensin Seating Co., Personnel 702 

Film (Raw Stock) 624 

Film Alliance of the United States, Inc., 

Personnel 571 

Film Audit Service, Personnel 571 

Film Carriers 622 

Film Chauffeurs and Carriers Union, Per- 
sonnel 666 

Film Classics, Inc., Personnel 571 

Film Daily, The: 

Personnel 28 

Ten Best Pictures of 1944 99 

Ten Best Pictures, 1943-1922 121 

Critics' Forum, 1944 94 

Filmdom's Famous Fives, 1944 88 

Film Drivers and Helpers Union, Per- 
sonnel 666 

Film Exchange Employees Union, Person- 
nel 666 

Film Institute, Inc., Personnel 571 

Film Players' Club, Inc., Personnel 634 

Film Technicians of the Motion Picture 

Industry, Personnel 666 

Filmack Trailer Co., Personnel 572 

Filmcraft Productions, Personnel 588 

Filmdom's Famous Fives 88 


Company Summaries 785 

1944 Stock Market Summary 53 

Finney. Edward F., Productions, Per- 
sonnel 572 

Flameproof Chemical Co., Inc., Personnel 707 
Fletcher, H. Bowden. -Australia in 1044" 816 
Florida Theaters Owners Association, 

Personnel 650 


"Foreign Film Markets," by Al Steen . . 77 



E. I. du Pont de Nemours 65 Co. (Inc.), Photo Products Dept., Wilmington 98, Del. 

In New York: Empire State Building 

In Hollywood: Smith 8s Aller, Ltd. 

Patterson Screen 



Film Product* 


"British Industry Makes Big Strides," 

by Ernest IF. Fredman 803 

England— A Survey 810 

British Circuits, Personnel 815 

British Companies, Personnel 812 

British Studios, Personnel 814 

"Argentina in 1944," by Cfias. de Cruz. 818 
"Australia in 1944," b\ H. Bowden 

Fletcher 816 

"Cuba in 1944," by Marx Louise Blanco 820 

Mexican Lists 823 

"Puerto Rico in 1944," by E. Sanchez 

Oritz 822 

Survey of Canada and Newfoundland. . 799 

Statistics 51 

Foreign Correspondents 743 

Foreign Language Press Film Critics' 

Circle, Personnel 634 

"Foreword," by Jack Alicoate 3 

Formica Insulation Co., Personnel 703 

France Manufacturing Co., Personnel.. 703 
Franco American Film Corp., Personnel. . 572 
Fredman, Ernest \V., "British Industry 

Makes Big Strides" 803 

Free Wcrld, Personnel 634 

friars National Association, Personnel . . 634 

- G 

Gainsborough Pictures (1928), Ltd., Per- 
sonnel 814 

"Gaslight," One of The Film Daily Ten 

Best Pictures of 1944 113 

Gasparcolor, Inc., Personnel 572 

Gaumont-British Distributors, Ltd., Per- 
sonnel 813 

Gaumont-British Pictures Corp., Ltd., 

Personnel 815 

Gaumont Super Cinemas, Ltd., Personnel 815 
General Aniline & Film Corp.: 

Ansco Division, Personnel 564 

Financial Summary 788 

General Electric Co. Lamp Division, Per- 
sonnel 703 

General Film Library, Inc., Personnel.. 572 
General Precision Equipment Corp.: 

Personnel 703 

Financial Summary 789 

General Register Corp., Personnel 704 

General Service Studios, Personnel 572 

General Theater Corp., Ltd., Personnel . . 815 
General Theater Investment Co., Ltd., 

Personnel 572 

Globe Ticket Co., Personnel 704 

"Going My Way," One of The Film Daily 

Ten Best Pictures of 1944 101 

GoldE Manufacturing Co., Personnel. . 704 
Golden, Edward A., Productions, Per- 
sonnel 572 

Goldwyn, Samuel, Personnel 572 

Goldwyn, Samuel, Studios, Personnel ... . 572 

Granada Theaters, Ltd., Personnel 815 

Grasso, Alfred A., Productions, Personnel 573 
Greater Cincinnati Independent Exhibi- 
tors, Inc., Personnel 653 

Guaranteed Pictures Co., Inc., Personnel 573 


Hall, Worton, Studios (1944), Ltd., Per- 
sonnel 914 

Harman, Hugh, Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 573 

Harmon, Francis S., "Movies at War: 

1944" 137 

Hays, Will H., "Service" 35 

Heroic Film Dead, The 141 

Hertner Electric Co., The, Personnel. . . . 703 

Heywood-Wakefield Co., Personnel 704 

Hottberg Productions, Inc.: 

Personnel 573 

1944 Releases 424 

Hollywood Film Enterprises, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 573 

Hollywood Pictures Corp., Personnel.... 573 
Hollywood Producers, Inc., Personnel . . . 573 
Hollywood Victory Committee, Inc., for 

Stage, Screen and Radio, Personnel . . . . 634 
Hollywood Writers Mobilization, Per- 
sonnel 635 

Hub Electric Corp., Personnel 704 

Hughes, Howard, Productions, Personnel 573 

Hunt, Philip A., Co., Personnel 573 

Hvndman, Donald E., "SMPE in 1944".. 761 

Ideal Pictures Corp., Personnel 573 

Ldeal Sound Studios, Personnel 573 

Ilex Optical Co., Personnel 704 

Important Telephone Numbers 59 

Importers and Exporters 619 

Imports, Feature, 1944 423 

!u Memoriam 55; 141 

Independent Exhibitors, Inc., Personnel 651 
Independent Exhibitors, Ltd., Personnel . 655 
Independent Exhibitors* Forum, Person- 
nel 653 

Independent Motion Picture Exhibitors 

Association of Ontario, Personnel 655 

Independent Motion Picture Operators 

Ui.ion, Personnel 666 

Independent Motion Picture Producers 
Association, Personnel 635 


he character of the 
film is important, too 

Ansco Supreme 

Negative Film 






Independent Poster Exchanges of Amer- 
ica, Personnel 635 

Independent Publicists, Personnel 635 

Independent Theater Owners and Mana- 
gers Association of Akron, Personnel . . 653 

Independent Theater Owners Association, 
Inc., Personnel 652 

Independent Theater Owners of Arkan- 
sas, Personnel 649 

Independent Theater Owners of North- 
ern California, Personnel 649 

Independent Theater Owners of Ohio, 
Personnel 653 

Independent Theater Owners of Oregon, 
Personnel 653 

Independent Theater Owners of Southern 
California, Personnel 649 

Independent Theater Owners of the Dis- 
t'ict of Columbia, Personnel 650 

Independent Theater Owners of Wash- 
ton, Northern Idaho, and Alaska, Per- 
sonnel 655 

Independent Theater Owners of Wis- 
consin and Upper Michigan, Personnel 655 

Insurance Brokers 615 

Fntermountain Theaters Association, Per- 
sonnel 654 

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage 
Employes and Moving Picture Machine 
Operators of the United States and 
Canada, Personnel 666 

International Association of Machinists, 
Personnel 666 

International Federation of Catholic 
Alumnae, Motion Picture Department, 
Personnel 635 

International Film Relations Committee, 
Personnel 637 

International Photographers of the Mo- 
tion Picture Industries, Personnel .666; 667 

International Pictures, Inc., Personnel... 574 

International Projector Corp., Personnel 703 

International Seat Corp., Personnel 704 

International Sound Technicians, Per- 
sonnel 687 

Keith, B. F., Corp., Personnel 584 

Kentucky Association of Motion Picture 

Exhibitors, Personnel 651 

King Bros. Productions, Personnel 574 

Krasne, Philip N., Productions, Personnel 574 

Kuvkendall, Ed, "MPTOA in 1944" 768 


Labor Organizations 663 

"Labor in 1944," by Lou Pelegrine 

and Ralph Wilk 70 

"SAG in 1944," by John Dales, Jr 767 

"SWG in 1944," by Emmet Lavery . . . 764 

Laboratories 620 

Lambs, The, Personnel 635 

Landres, Morris M., Productions, Per- 
sonnel 574 

Lantz, Walter, Productions, Personnel. . 574 
Lasky, Jesse L., Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 574 

Lavery, Emmet, "SWG in 1944" 764 

Lees-Cochrane Co., Inc., Personnel 704 

Lesser, Sol, Productions, Inc., Personnel. . 574 
Levey, Jules, Productions, Inc., Personnel 574 

Lewis-Lesser, 1944 Release 424 

Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co., Personnel 704 

Libraries, Stock Shot 621 

"Lifeboat," One of The Film Daily Ten 

Best Pictures of 1944 119 

Lloyd, Harold, Corp., Personnel 574 

Lloyds Film Storage Corp., Personnel. . . 574 

Loew-Hakim, Inc., Personnel 576 

Loew's, Inc.: 

Personnel 574 

Financial Summary 789 

Theaters 969 

1944 Releases 424 

Loew's International Corp., Personnel . . . 575 
London Film Productions, Ltd., Personnel 813 
Lyricists, Music, Credits 401 

Jewel Productions, Inc., Personnel 574 


Kansas-Missouri Theater Association, Per- 
sonnel • 652 


M-G-M International Films Corp., Per- 
sonnel 574 

MPPDA, See: Motion Picture Producers 

and Distributors of America. 
M. P. T. O. of Arkansas. Mississippi and 

Tennessee, Personnel 652 

M. P. T. O. of Connecticut, Personnel . . 650 

M. P. T. O. of Georgia, Personnel 650 

M. P. T. O. of Kentucky, Personnel ... 651 
M. P. T. O. of Maryland, Personnel 651 


Cooperation Pays Off 

Jlrompt redesigning of projector car- 
bons to wartime needs became essential, 
after Pearl Harbor. Long years of research 
and manufacturing experience enabled 
National Carbon Company not only to 
make the needed changes at once, but also 
to produce "National" carbons that gave 
virtually the same screen brilliance as 

Aiding us was the welcome technical 
cooperation of exhibitor, projectionist, 
and lamp manufacturer. Throughout the 
many months of war, this cooperation has 
"paid off" for all concerned. 

Of special importance is the "dividend" 
paid off to the war effort by the enormous 
quantities of copper saved through re- 
covery of copper drippings and strippings 
of copper from carbon stubs. 

Because of all these cooperative efforts, 
patrons have overflowed theaters every- 
where for the beneficial relaxation of 
good movies. 

Keep Your Eye on the Infantry . . . 

the Doughboy Does It! 

The registered trade-mark "National" distinguishes products 
of National Carbon Company, Inc. 


Unit of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation 

General Offices: 30 East 42nd Street, New York 17, N. Y. 

Division Sales Offices: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, 

New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco 


M. P. T. O. of Mississippi, Personnel... 652 
M. P. T. O. of New York State, Inc., 

Personnel 652 

M. P. T. O. of Rhode Island, Personnel 651 
M. P. T. O. of St. Louis, Eastern Mis- 
souri and Southern Illinois, Personnel . 652 
M. P. T. O. of the District of Columbia, 

Personnel 650 

M. P. T. O. of Virginia, Inc., Personnel 651 
MPTOA, See: Motion Picture Theater 
Owners of America. 

M. S. Productions, Inc., Personnel 576 

"Madame Curie," One of The Film Daily 

Ten Best Pictures of 1044 107 

Major Equipment Co., Inc., Personnel. . 704 
Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists, Per- 
sonnel 667 

Managers and Agents 616 

Manhattan Productions, Inc., Personnel. . 576 

Manley, Inc., Personnel 704 

March of Time. The, Personnel 576 

.Marsh Wall Products, Inc., Personnel 704 

Mascot Pictures Co., Personnel 576 

Masquers, The, Personnel 635 

Massce-Barnett Co., Inc., Personnel 576 

Mayer, Arthur, & Joseph Burstyn, Inc.. 

Personnel 576 

"Mayflower. The," Pictures Corp., Ltd.. 

Personnel 576 

McAuley, J. E.. Manufacturing Co., Per- 
sonnel 703 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, See: Loews, inc. 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer London Films, 

Ltd., Personnel 813 

Metro-Goldw\n-Mayer Pictures, Ltd., Per- 
sonnel 813 

Mexico, Lists 823 

Miles Film Library Corp., Personnel 576 

Modern Film Corp., Personnel 576 

Mohawk Carpet Mills, Inc., Personnel 705 

Mohawk Film Corp. Personnel 577 

Monogram International Corp., Personnel 577 
Monogram Distributing Corp., Personnel 577 
Monogram Pictures Corp.: 

Personnel 577 

Financial Summary 790 

1944 Releases 121 

Monogram Pictures. Inc., Personnel 577 

Monogram Productions. Inc.. Personnel. 577 

Morel ite Co., Inc., Personnel 705 

Morris, George H.. "Postwar Notes on 

Equipment" 681 

Morros, Boris, Company, Personnel 577 

Morros, Boris. Product!! ns, Inc. Person- 
nel 577 

Moss Empires. Lid.. Personnel 815 

Motiograph. Personnel 705 

Motion Picture Arbitration System, Per- 
sonnel 629 

Motion Picture Associates, Inc.. Per- 
sonnel 577; 636 

Motion Picture Bookers Club of New 
York, N. Y., Inc., Personnel 636 

Motion Picture Costumers, Personnel . . . 667 

Motion Picture Councils-Committees . . . 758 

Motion Picture Engineering Corp., Per- 
sonnel 703 

Motion Picture Film Editors Personnel . 667 

Motion Picture Internationals' Commit- 
tee, Personnel 687 

Motion Picture Laboratory Technicians, 
Personnel 667 

Motion Picture Laborers and Utility 
Workers, Personnel 668 

Motion Picture Location Managers' Asso- 
ciation, Personnel 636 

Motion Picture Office Employes Union. 
Personnel 668 

Motion Picture Producers and Distribu- 
tors of America, Inc. (Hays' Office): 

Personnel 636 

Activities in 1944 744 

"Service," by IF/// H. Ha\s 35 

Motion Picture Relief Fund, Inc.. Per- 
sonnel 639 

Motion Picture Society for the America*. 
Personnel 637 

Motion Picture Studio Grips, Personnel 668 

Motion Picture Studio Mechanics, Per- 
sonnel 668 

Motion Picture Studio Projectionists, Per- 
sonnel 668 

"Movies at War: 1944." by Francis S. Har- 
mon 137 

Moving Picture Machine Operators' 
Union, Personnel 668 

Moving Picture Painters and Scenic 
Artists Personnel 668 

Motion Picture Theater Owners of 

Personnel 649 

"MPTOA in 1944," by Ed Kuykendall . 768 

Motion Picture Theaters Association of 
Ontario, Personnel 655 

Motion Picture War Finance Committee. 
Treasury Dept.. Personnel 637 

Movie Film Laboratory Association, Per- 
sonnel 638 

Movietonews. Inc.. Personnel 578 

Museum of Modern Art Film Librarv. 
Personnel 638 

Music Composers. Lyricists, Supervisors, 
Credits 481 

Music Publishers' Protective Association. 
Inc., Personnel 688 

Musicians Mutual Protective Association, 
Personnel 668 

Mutual Productions, Inc. Personnel.... 578 

Myers, Abram F.. '-Allied in 1044" 771 



You have to see them to appreciate their 
modern design— their rugged construc- 
tion—their beautiful finish! You have 
to see them in action— to realize their 
rock-steady, flicker-free screening — the 
high-fidelity of their perfectly synchro- 
nized sound— from the softest whisper 
to the warmest tone, the weirdest shriek! 
No flutter ... No hum ... No WOW! 
Talk with projectionists who've enjoyed 
year-in, year-out trouble-free DeVRY 
performance in practically every corner 

of the globe . . . Designed and built to 
specifications far in excess of generally 
accepted standards— priced so reason- 
ably that ANY theater can NOW afford 
to buy them NEW — DeVRY projectors 
of TODAY are indeed a great pair to 
draw to— for projectionist gratification; 
for audience satisfaction! Request for 
details incurs no obligation. DeVry 
Corporation, 1111 Armitage Ave., Chi- 
cago 14, 111. 





DeVRY alone has been 
awarded four consecu- 
tive Army-Navy E's for 
Excellence in the pro- 
duction of Motion Picture 
Sound Equipment. 




North Dakota Theater Owners, Personnel 653 
Northwest Film Club, Inc.. Personnel... 639 

National Association of Visual Education 

Dealers, Personnel 638 

National Board of Review of Motion 
Pictures, Inc.: 

Personnel 638 

Activities in 1944 757 

1944 Picture and Talent Awards 93 

National Carbon Co., Inc., Personnel. . . 705 
National Council of Independent Exhibi- 
tors of Canada. Personnel 656 

National Film Board of Canada, Per- 
sonnel 638 

National Film Carriers, Inc., Personnel. . 638 
National Film Society of Canada, The, 

Personnel 638 

National Legion of Decency, Personnel.. 638 

National Pictures Corp., Personnel 578 

National Radio Film Critics Circle, Per- 
sonnel 638 

National Roadshows Inc.. Personnel... 578 
National Screen Service Corp., Personnel 578 
National-Simplex-Bludworth, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 704 

National Theaters Corp., Personnel 578 

National Ticket Co., Personnel 705 

National Variety Artists, Inc., Personnel 639 
Navy Motion Picture Liaison Office, Per- 
sonnel 639 

Negro Marches On, Inc.: 

Personnel 579 

1944 Releases 425 

Negro Marches On Distributing Co.. Per- 
sonnel 579 

Negro Theaters 940 

Nero Films, Inc., Personnel 579 

Nettlefold Studios, Personnel 814 

Neufeld, Sigmund, Productions Inc., Per- 
sonnel 579 

New England Educational Film Associa- 
tion, Personnel 639 

New York Film Critics, The: 

Personnel 639 

Awards, 1944-1936 97 

News Highlights 37 

Newspaper Motion Picture Editors 723 

Newsreel Distributors, Inc., Personnel . . 579 

Newsreel Theaters 944 

Newsreels 621 

"1944 News Highlights," bx Chester B. 

Bahn 37 

Non-Theatrical Producers-Distributors. . 598 
"Non-Theatrical Production," b\ Ralph 

WHk 75 

North American Pictures Corp.. Per- 
sonnel 579 

North-Central Allied Independent Thea- 
ters, Inc., Personnel 652 


Odeon Theaters, Ltd. Personnel 815 

O'Donnell, R. J., "Variety Clubs in 

1944" 763 

"Of Things to Come," by John Eberson . . 674 
Office of Censorship (Federal): 

Los Angeles Board of Review, Personnel 639 

New York Board of Review. Personnel 639 
Office of War Information: 

Domestic Motion Picture Bureau, Per- 
sonnel 639 

Los Angeles Overseas Bureau, Personnel 639 

Overseas Motion Picture Bureau, Per- 
sonnel 639 

Older, Andrew H., "Reeling 'Round 

Washington" 765 

Olympic Pictures Corp., Personnel 579 

Original Titles 427 

Ortiz, E. Sanchez, "Puerto Rico in 1944". 822 

PRC Pictures Inc.: 

Personnel 579 

1944 Releases 425 

PRC Productions, Inc., Personnel 579 

Pacific Coast Conferences of Independent 

Theater Owners, Personnel 650 

Pal, George, Productions, Inc.. Personnel 580 
Paramount British Productions, Ltd., Per- 
sonnel 813 

Paramount Film Distributing Corp., Per- 
sonnel 581 

Paramount Film Service, Inc., Personnel 813 
Paramount International Films, Inc.. 

Personnel 580 

Paramount-Pep Club Inc.. Personnel . . . 639 
Paramount Pictures Inc.: 

Personnel 580 

Financial Summary 790 

Theaters ' 975 

1944 Releases 425 

Paramount Theaters Service Corp., Per- 
sonnel 581 

Pari) Research Sen ices. Personnel 581 

Parsons, Lindsley, Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 581 

Pathe Equipment. Ltd.. Personnel 813 

Pathe Industries, Inc., Personnel 581 

Pathe Laboratories, Inc.. Personnel 582 

Pathe Manufacturing Corp., Personnel . . 581 



Kooler- Aire 

Refrigerated Kool- 
er-Aire. "Package", 
Self-contained units 
for single or multi- 
ple installations in 
5 to 25 ton capaci- 
ties for cooling and 


usAIRco Kooler- 
Aire Evaporating 
Cooling Units. Ca- 
pacities from 2,500 
to 10,000 C.F.M. 
Low cost cooling 
with economical 

Heavy Duty 

usAIRco Heavy 
Duty Blowers for 
ventilation through 
any size duct. Ca- 
pacities from 2,000 
to 70,000 C.F.M. 
Available in double 
and single inlet. 


usAIRco Coils. For 
high or low pres- 
sure steam heating; 
for hot water and 
direct expansion; 
for cooling, drying, 
tempering; in every 
capacity and every 
coil purpose. 

Gyra Spray 

Gyra Spray Washed 
Air Unit delivers 
washed and filtered 
air. Can be operated 
with any blower 
of correct capacity . 
Capacities 5,000 to 
20,000 C.F.M. 


usAIRco Air Washers 
and Dehumidifiers. 
Capacities 3,500 to 
100,000 C.F.M. Built 
in single, double and 
triple stages. Special 
units can be designed 
for any application, 
cleansing, cooling with 
cold water or refriger- 
ation, or for humidify- 
ing or dehumidifying. 


Northwestern Terminal, Minneapolis 13 

Specific Data or 
complete catalog 
tent on request 




Pa the News. Inc., Personnel 5X2 

Peerless Pictures Inc., Personnel 582 

Pelegrine. Lou, "Potior in the East" . ... 70 

Percentages, Distribution 77 1 

Permanent Charities Committee of the 

Motion Picture Industry, Personnel . . . 639 

Associations 628 

British Circuits 815 

British Companies 812 

British Studios 814 

Equipment Companies 701 

Exhibitor Organizations 649 

The Film Daily 28 

Labor Organizations 664 

Motion Picture Companies 574 

Phillis, Chris. Productions, Personnel . . . . 582 

Photographers, Portrait 626 

Pickford, Mary. Company, Personnel.... 582 

Pickford Productions, Inc., Personnel . . . 582 

Pictorial Films, Inc., Personnel 582 

Picture Pioneers, Inc.. Personnel 639 

Pine-Thomas Productions, Personnel.... 582 

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Personnel. . 705 

Play and Story Brokers 618 


Credits for 1943 and 1944 501 

Agents 501 

"Plays and Novels Going Hollywood," 

by Samuel D. Berns 73 

Popular Pictures. Inc., Personyiel 582 

Portrait Photographers 626 

"Postwar Notes on Equipment," by 

George H. Morris 681 

Prescott Pictures, Inc., Personnel 582 

Principal Artists Productions, Personnel 582 

Principal Productions, Inc., Personnel.. 583 

Processes, Background 623 


Cartoon 624 

Feature. Credits for 1943 and 1944 451 

Theatrical 595 

Short Subject 597 

16 mm 601 

Non-Theatrical 598 

Trailer 614 

Producers Corp. of America, Personnel . . 583 

Producing Artists, Inc., Personnel 583 


Statistics 41 

Features, 1944 Credits 145 

Features Released Since 1915 221 

Company Releases, 1944 424 

Serial Releases, Since 1920 419 

Producers, Credits for 1943 and 1°44 . . 451 

Directors, Credits for 1943 and 1944.. 459 
Short Subject Directors, Credits for 

1943 and l>>44 459 

Authors. Credits for I'M' and l c >44 467 

Screenplay Writers, Credits for 1943 

and 1944 172 

Cameramen, Credits (or l°4~> and 1944 495 

Players, Credits for 1943 and 1<>44 501 

Production Code of Ethics: 

Production Code Administration, Per- 
sonnel 636 

Text 751 

Production Managers' Guild. Personnel . . 668 

Progress Films, Inc., Personnel 5S3 

Projection Optics Co., Inc., Personnel . . . 705 

Projection Rooms 623 

Provincial Cinematograph Theaters, Ltd., 

Personnel 815 

Public Information Committee of the 

Motion Picture Industry Personnel... 637 

Fan and Trade 707 

Television 711 

Publicity-Public Relations 624 

"Puerto Rico in 1944," by E. Sanchez 

Ortiz 822 

Puritan Pictures Corp., Personnel 583 

Pyramid Pictures Corp., Personnel 583 

Pyrene Manufacturing Co., Personnel... 705 


Quebec Allied Theatrical Industries, Inc., 
Personnel 640 


RCA Photophone, Ltd., Personnel 813 

RCA Service Co., Inc., Personnel 705 

RCA Victor Division of Radio Corp. of 

America, Personnel 705 

R. C. M. Productions, Inc., Personnel... 583 
RKO-Radio British Productions, Ltd., 

Personnel 813 

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.: 

Personnel 583 

1944 Releases 425 

RKO-Radio Pictures Ltd., Personnel. . . 813 

RKO Television Corp., Personnel 584 

Radiant Manufacturing Corp., Personnel 705 
Radio Commentators on Motion Pictures 739 
Radio Corporation of America, Personnel 583 
Radio-Keith Orpheum Corp.: 

Personnel 583 

Financial Summary 791 

Theaters '.' 980 

Range Busters, Inc., Personnel 585 

Raw Stock 624 

Regina Motion Picture Exhibitors \ss<> 

ciation. Personnel 656 

Reel Fellows Club of Illinois, Personnel 640 

"I Q^C The original Alexander Smith Mill on the Bronx River, 


We wish to take the occasion of our one hundredth 
anniversary, which we commemorate this year, to thank the motion 
picture industry for the considerable part it has played in the 
development of CRESTWOOD, America's leading theatre carpet. 

After our war job is done we will again have this 
quality carpet available in the quantities needed. 




"Reeling 'Round Washington," b\ An- 
drew H. Older 765 

Reeves Sound Studios, Inc.. Personnel .. . 585 

Features, Since 1915 221 

Features, 1944 Credits 145 

By Companies. 1 ( >44 424 

Imported, 1944 423 

Serial, Since 1920 419 

Republic Pictures Corp.: 

Personnel 585 

Financial Summary (See: Setay Co., 

Inc.) 792 

1944 Releases 425 

Republic Pictures International Corp. 

Personnel 585 

Republic Productions, Inc., Personnel . . . . 585 

Ritchev International Corp., Personnel . . 586 

Roach, Hal, Studios, Inc., Personnel . . . . 586 

Rocha. Oswaldo Leite, "Brazil in 1944". . 819 

Rocky Mountain Screen Club, Personnel 640 
Rogers, Charles R., Enterprises, Personnel 586 

Rosenheim, J., & Co., Personnel 706 

Ross Federal Service Inc., Personnel.... 586 
Rossi, Charles A., Studios, Personnel . . . . 586 
Roth-Greene-Rouse Productions, Person- 
nel 586 

Ryan, Phil L., Productions, Personnel. . 587 


S & N Productions, Personnel 587 

SMPE, See: Society of Motion Picture 

S. O. S. Cinema Supply Co., Personnel . . . 706 
St. Catharines Theater Managers' Asso- 
ciation, Personnel 656 

Saskatchewan Motion Picture Exhibitors 

Association, Personnel 656 

Scandia Films, Inc. Personnel 587 

Schwarz, Jack, Productions, Personnel . . . 587 

Scientific Films, Inc., Personnel 587 

Scoop Productions, 1944 Release 425 

Scophony Corp. of America, Personnel . . 587 
Screen Actors Guild: 

Personnel 668 

"SAG in 1944," by John Dales, Jr 767 

Screen Cartoonists, Personnel 669 

Screen Children's Guild, Personnel 669 

Screen Directors' Guild, Inc., Personnel. . 669 

Screen Gems, Inc., Personnel 587 

Screen Office and Profession Employees 

Guild, Personnel 669 

Screen Office Employees Guild, Personnel 669 

Screen Players Union Personnel 669 

Screen Publicists Guild, Personnel 669 

Screen Publicists Guild of New York, 

Personnel 670 

Screen Set Designers, Illustrators and Dec- 
orators, Personnel 670 

Screen Story Analysts' Guild, Personnel . . 670 
Screen Writers' Guild, Inc.: 

Personnel 670 

"SWG in 1944," by Emmet Lavery . . , . 764 
Screencraft Pictures, Inc., Personnel . . . . 587 

Screening Rooms 623 

Screenplay Writers, Credits for 1943 and 

1944 472 

Script Clerks' Guild, Personnel 670 

Serials Released Since 1920 419 

"Service," by Will H. Hays 35 

Setay Co., Inc.: 

Personnel 587 

Financial Summary 792 

Sheet Metal Workers International Asso- 
ciation, Personnel 670 

Sherman, Harry, Productions Personnel . 587 
Short Subject Directors, Credits for 1943 

and 1944 464 

Short Subject Producers 597 

"Since You Went Away," One of The 
Film Daily Ten Best Pictures of 1944 . 105 

Sixteen mm. Producer-Distributors 601 

Small, Edward, Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 587 

Smith, Alexander, &: Sons, Carpet Co., 

Personnel 706 

Society of Authors' Representatives, Per- 
sonnel 640 

Society of Independent Motion Picture 

Producers, Personnel 640 

Society of Motion Picture Art Directors, 

Personnel 670 

Society of Motion Picture Engineers: 

Personnel 640 

"SMPE in 1944," by Donald E. Hynd- 

man 761 

"Song of Bernadette, The," One of The 
Film Daily Ten Best Pictures of 1944 . 103 

Song Writers, Credits 481 

Sound Services, Inc., Personnel 588 

Soundies Distributing Corp. of America, 

Inc., Personnel 588 

South Dakota Theater Owners Associa- 
tion, Personnel 654 

Southeastern Theater Owners Association, 

Personnel 650 

Southern California Theater Owners Asso- 
ciation, Personnel 650 

Special Effects and Titles 626 

Special Officers-Guards- Watchmen -Mot ion 
Picture Studio Policemen, Fire Control 

and Prevention, Personnel 670 

Springfield Theater Association, Personnel 651 
Standard Pictures Distributing Co., Inc., 

Personnel 588 

Stanley Company of America: 

Personnel 594 

Financial Summary 792 



Interest in television is assuming flood 
proportions. Within 18 months after Vic- 
tory there is every indication that tele- 
vision service will be available to 30,000,- 
000 people . . . and enjoyment limited only 
by plant capacity of set manufacturers. 

Prospective television station operators 
who reserve DuMont telecasting equip- 
ment now will be prepared to ride a wave 
of unprecedented popular enthusiasm . . . 
to ride the swift and inevitable commercial 
expansion of the greatest scientific ad- 
vance of our time. Valuable prestige and 

good-will are natural windfalls of the 
early bird in this new field. 

A fortune is not required to build a tele- 
vision station, nor years to "break even." 
DuMont designed and constructed 3 of 
the 9 television stations on the air today. 
The low operating cost and rugged de- 
pendability of DuMont equipment has 
been demonstrated week-in and week-out 
for more than 4 years. When and how 
television can turn a profit are questions 
to which DuMont holds factual answers. 
Would you like to hear them? 

TELEFE.ASH1 More than 90 requests for permission to con- 
struct and operate commercial television stations are on file with 
the Federal Communications Commission. As only a few channels are 
available for television, the number of stations in a trading area 
is limited. In consequence, options are already being sought for 
desirable "time." More than 61 advertising agencies have installed 
television departments. The value of riding with public interest 
is attracting more and more advertisers to television every week. 
They are learning to control the terrific sales impact of this 
wonderful new medium. Their experiments are well worth watching! 

Copyright 1945. Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, Inc. 



State Theater Co., Personnel 581 


Distribution 43 

Exhibition 45 

Production 41 

General 11 

War Effort 136 

Arbitration 53 

Foreign 51 

Financial 53 

Steen, Al.: 

"Foreign Film Markets" 77 

"Television Developments of 1944". ... 67 

Stock Shot Libraries 621 

Stone, Andrew, Enterprises, Personnel.. 588 

Storage Vaults 625 

Story and Play Brokers 618 

"Story of Dr. Wassell, The," One of The 

Film Daily Ten Best Pictures of 1944 . 117 
Stromberg, Hunt, Productions, Personnel 588 

Studio Carpenters, Personnel 670 

Studio Electrical Technicians, Personnel . 670 
Studio Electricians, Sound and Broadcast 

Technicians, Personnel 671 

Studio Transportation Drivers, Personnel 671 

Studio Utility Employees, Personnel . ... 671 

Studios, Personnel 564 

Sunday Closing Regulations 754 

Supervisors, Music, Credits 481 

Supply Dealers, Theater 693 

Supreme Pictures Corp., Personnel 588 


Technicolor, Inc.: 

Personnel 588 

Financial Summary 793 

Technicolor, Ltd., Personnel 813 

Technicolor Motion Picture Corp., Per- 
sonnel 588 

Techniprocess & Special Effects Corp.. 
Personnel 588 

Telephone Numbers: 

New York 59 

Los Angeles 63 

Note: Telephone numbers are carried 
with most of the lists in this hook. 


"Television Developments of 1944," by 

Al Steen 67 

Publications 711 

Stations 777 

Television Broadcasters Association, Inc., 
Personnel 640 

Television Motion Pictures Co., Personnel 588 

Television Press Club, Personnel 640 

Ten Best Pictures, The Film Daily: 

1944 Selections 99 

1943-1922 Selections 121 

Terneen Productions. Inc., Personnel ... . 588 

Terre Haute Theaters Association, Per- 
sonnel 651 

Terrytoons, Inc., Personnel 589 

Texas Theater Owners, Inc., Personnel . . 654 
Theater and Amusement Service Em- 
ployees, Personnel 671 

Theater Architects 697 

Theater Authority, Inc., Personnel 640 

Theater Equipment Dealers Protective 

Association, Personnel 641 

Theater Owners of North and South 

Carolina, Inc., Personnel 653 

Theater Owners of Oklahoma, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 653 

Theater Supply Dealers 693 


Alaska 932 

Canada, by Provinces 932 

Circuits, United States and Canada. . . . 945 

Drive-In 942 

Negro 940 

Newsreel 944 

Statistics 45 

United States, by States 826 

Theatrical Protective Union, Personnel . . 671 

Thortel Fireproof Fabrics, Personnel... 706 

Company Releases, 1944 42 1 

Features, Since 1915 221 

Features, 1944 Credits 145 

Original 427 

Serials, Since 1920 419 

Features, Imported in 1944 423 

Titles and Special Effects 626 

Toddy Pictures Co., Personnel 589 

Toronto Board of Trade— Motion Picture 

Branch, Personnel 641 

Trade and Fan Publications 707 

Trailers, Producers-Distributors 614 

Trane Co., Personnel 706 

Trans-Lux Corp.: 

Personnel 589 

Financial Summary 793 

Trans-Lux Theaters Corp.: 

Personnel 589 

Theaters 988 

Triumph Films, Personnel 589 

Troupers, Inc., The Personnel 641 

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Co., Ltd., 

Personnel 813 

Twentieth Century -Fox Film Corp.: 

Personnel 589 

Financial Summary 794 

1944 Releases 425 

Twentieth Century-Fox International*" 

Corp., Personnel 590 

Twentieth Century Productions, Ltd., 

Personnel 814 

Two Cities Films. Ltd., Personnel 811 







U SO -Camp Shows, Inc., Personnel 641 

Unaffiliated Independent Exhibitors, Per- 
sonnel 653 

United Artists Corp.: • 

Personnel 590 

1944 Releases 426 

United Artists Corp., Ltd., Personnel. . . . 814 

United Artists Theaters of California, 
Ltd., Personnel 590 

United Artists Theater Circuit: 

Financial Summary 795 

Theaters 988 

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and 
Joiners of America, Personnel 671 

United Motion Picture Theater Owners 
of Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey 
and Delaware, Inc., Personnel 654 

United Office and Professional Workers 
Association, Personnel 671 

United Picture Theaters, Ltd., Personnel 815 

United Scenic Artists of America, Per- 
sonnel 67 1 

United States Air Conditioning Corp., 
Personnel 706 

United States Rubber Co., Personnel... 706 

United Theater Owners of Illinois, Per- 
sonnel 651 

Universal International Films, Inc. Per- 
sonnel 591 

Universal Pictures Co., Inc.: 

Personnel 591 

Financial Summary 795 

1944 Releases . . 426 

Universal Pictures, Ltd., Personnel 814 

University Film Productions, Inc., Per- 
sonnel 592 

Upholsterers' International Union of 
North America, Personnel 671 

Upstate Theaters, Inc., Personnel 653 


Vanguard Films, Inc., Personnel 592 

Variety Clubs of America: 

Personnel 64 1 

"Variety Clubs in 1944," by R. J. 

O'Donnell 763 

Vaults, Storage 625 

Venus Corp., Personnel 592 

Vershel, Irving, Productions, Personnel . . 592 

Victoria Films, Inc., Personnel 592 

Vitaphone Corp., The, Personnel 594 

Voigt Co., Personnel 706 

Votion, Jack Wm., Productions, Inc., 

Personnel ..., 592 

Wagner Sign Service, Inc., Personnel . . . . 706 
Wallis, Hal, Productions, Inc., Personnel 592 
Wanger, Walter, "The Academy in 1944" 760 
Wanger, Walter, Pictures, Inc., Personnel 593 
War Activities Committee— Motion Pic- 
ture Industry: 

Personnel 643 

"Movies at War: 1944," by Francis 

S. Harmon 137 

Ward Leonard Electric Co.. Personnel . . 706 
Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc., Personnel. 593 
Warner Bros. International Corp., Per- 
sonnel 593 

Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.: 

Personnel 593 

Financial Summary 796 

1944 Releases 426 

Warner Bros. Pictures, Ltd., Personnel.. 814 
Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corp.. 

Personnel 594 

Warner Bros. Teddington Studios, Per- 
sonnel 814 

Warner Bros. Theaters, Inc.: 

Personnel 594 

Theaters 989 

Wartime Prices and Trade Board (Can 

ada), The, Personnel 648 

W 7 arwick Pictures Corp., Personnel 594 

Welgot Trailer Service, Personnel 594 

Welwyn Studios, Ltd., Personnel 815 

Wembley Film Studio, Ltd., Personnel.. 815 
West Virginia Managers Association, Per- 
sonnel 655 

Western Costume Co., Personnel 594 

Western Electric Co.. Ltd., Personnel . . . 814 
Western Electric Exjjort Corp., Personnel 706 
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing 

Co., Lamp Division, Personnel 706 

"White Cliffs of Dover, The," One of 
The Film Daily Ten Best Pictures of 

1944 Ill 

Wilk, Ralph: 

"Labor on the Coast" 71 

"Non-Theatrical Production" 75 

Wood Conversion Co., Personnel 706 

Wood, Sam, Productions, Inc., Personnel 594 

Authors, Credits for 1943 and 1944 467 

Screenplay Writers. Credits for 1943 
and 1944 472 

York Corp., Personnel. 




1501 Broadway, New York 18, N. Y. 
BRyant 9-7117 

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Take this pen being held out to you ... by 
our favorite pin-up boy . . . sign up your 
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how to go all out ... to get 'em all in ... in 
an endless chain of seat-selling . . . You sell 
today's show on the outside . . . (posters, 
heralds, etc.) ... so that you can sell tomor- 
row's show on the inside . . . (trailers, lobby 
displays, etc.) . . . How can you go wrong? 
. . . You've got 'em coming and going . . . 
Hurry! . . . Look at those people going by 

nATiormi Gtfieett service 





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Bankers Trust Company 


Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 



l7m.S SERVICE is the supreme com- 
mitment of all life, so is service the 
supreme commitment of motion pic- 
tures. Their record of service is their 

The steps whereby the screen has 
climbed to the eminence mmmmsmm 
it now occupies, in ap- % 
preciative view of the | 
whole world, were built I 
by many hands. In a com- '• 
paratively short space of | 
time, motion pictures have 
made almost unbelievable 
progress, but in post-war 
years there will be oppor- 
tunity for ever greater and 
more lasting usefulness. 
United effort, the ability of 
pictures to fill leisure hours 
with entertainment, to in- 
form and to inspire, the vis- 
ual impact of the film — given free 
play in a free world— together with 
a deep sense of responsibility and 
an eternal determination to solve 
whatever problems and meet what- 
ever needs the future will bring, 
will ever lead toward heights still 

But in the present every effort of 
body and mind is still intensively di- 
rected, with all we have and are, 

toward total victory in this war. With 
full consciousness that it is not what 
we do for our armed forces, but what 
they are doing for us that will be 
long remembered, we still can feel 
warmly thankful that the Motion 
— — b Picture Industry has been 
privileged to make sig- 
| nificant contributions on 
both the fighting and home 
fronts. In distant and dan- 
gerous places the films have 
brought moments of vital 
relaxation to those who are 
I giving their youth and, if 
need be, their lives to the 
end that freedom shall not 
perish from the earth. At 
home, they have continued 
to furnish hours of more 
than ever needed entertain- 
Individually and with all the lead- 
ership, talent and technical resources 
at its command, the industry has 
given its utmost in an area as large 
as the world. Its reward has been not 
the generous recognition and acclaim 
its accomplishments have received, but 
its own knowledge that it has striven 
only, utterly and united how best to 
give the most. This it will continue to 
do; thus it will continue to serve. 



10 Technicolor Features 

Among First 25 Pictures 

According to 

"All Features Released In 1944" 

Box Office Digest (Jan. 20) 





Lady in the Dark 



Story of Dr. Wassell 



The Princess and the Pirate 



Meet Me in St. Louis 



Cover Girl .... 



Frenchmen's Greek 



Pin-up Girl .... 



Up in Arms ..... 



Buffalo Bill 






HERBERT T. KALMUS, President and General Man 

■ — ■ . 



1944 NEWS 

By CHESTER B. K \ll\ 

Editor, The Filim Daily 

THE WAR, Committed unreservedly to participation in the nation's war effort, the 
American film industry in the 12 months of 1944 added appreciably to its record of distinguished 
service, its contributions at home and overseas winning international recognition. While the 
dollar sign of course is no criterion of patriotism, it may be noted that $50 million in films was 
given to the OWI overseas bureau alone by the industry during the fiscal year. Perhaps the best 
description of the industry's 1944 status, a result of its notable contributions, was that happily 
phrased by Ned E. Depinet: "A semi-public institution." 


ANTI-TRUST LITIGATION. The Department of Justice brought the issues 
involved in the so-called New York equity suit before Judge Henry W. Goddard again in August 
with a move for a modified consent decree and a demand that divorcement become effective in 
three years. In December, the Department sought an interim decree and asked the setting of a 
trial date. The year was marked by several other highly important anti-trust developments. 
The U. S. Supreme Court by a 5-1 division upheld the findings against the Crescent Amusement 
Co. The sweeping decision went beyond that of the local court. The Government's action against 
the Schine circuit was tried at Buffalo, with decision awaited. The trial of a similar suit against 
the Griffith interests was set for May 7, 1945, at Oklahoma City. The $4,950,000 Momand suit 
in Oklahoma City resulted in a victory for the distributors, except for an award of $41,000 
against Paramount and $6,900 against the Griffith Circuit. A second Momand action for $606,000 
was lost. By a directed verdict, the Pickwick Theater anti-trust suit in Connecticut was dismissed. 
The Government intervened as a friend of the court in the appeal of the William Goldman anti- 
trust suit in which the trial court at Philadelphia had found for the defendants. 


CORPORATE. United Artists acquired the stock interest of Sir Alexander Korda by 
purchase and retired it, leaving the corporation's ownership with Mary Pickford, Charles S. 
Chaplin and David O. Selznick. Loew's sold its Metropolis & Bradford Trust holdings to 20th 
Century-Fox and J. Arthur Rank, the deal carrying with it ownership of Gaumont-British. 
Atlas Corp. disposed of its RKO Corp. preferred stock, while retaining its extensive holdings 
of common. National Theaters Corp. stock was reclassified as a preliminary to executive stock 
deals, and 20th-Fox stockholders approved purchase of the company's common by officers. 
Loew's stockholders adopted a comprehensive retirement plan for employes. RKO authorized 
a similar pension plan. PRC moved to establish its own exchanges and announced plans to enter 
the key city exhibition field. 


ADMINISTRATIVE. 1944 was marked by numerous important executive changes, 
both East and West. Neil Agnew left Paramount for Selznick -Vanguard, with Charles Reagan 
taking over the Paramount top sales post. Arthur W. Kelly stepped out of United Artists to 
head Eagle-Lion here for J. Arthur Rank. Joseph H. Hazen and Hal Wallis terminated long 
associations with Warners to form a producing partnership, with Paramount their distribution 
outlet. Mervyn LeRoy, last with Metro, returned to Warners under his own Arrowhead banner. 
O. Henry Briggs resigned as PRC president, a post subsequently filled by Leon Fromkess. Morris 
Siegel left the presidency of Republic Productions to ally with Metro. Sam Dembow, Jr., 







resigned from Paramount to head Golden Productions. Edward L. Alperson left the RKO 
Theaters' top spot to enter production. Robert Schless, former Warners' foreign chief, signed 
a Paramount contract. Harold Hopper resigned from the WPB and shortly thereafter joined 
Metro as studio general manager. B. G. De Sylva stepped down as head of Paramount production 
and formed his own independent unit. Henry Ginsberg, signed to a new contract, assumed 
cotrol of all Paramount production. Sol M. Wurtzel departed from 20th-Fox, Sam Briskin 
from Columbia and John W. Considine, Jr., from Metro. Kenneth Macgowan switched from 
20th-Fox to Paramount, David Lewis from Paramount to International Pictures, and Richard 
Blumenthal from Paramount to Columbia. 


J. ARTHUR RA1VM.. The world-wide plans of J. Arthur Rank left the drawing 
board for the builders' hands in 1944, and among the concrete results were these: Establishment 
of Eagle-Lion on both sides of the Atlantic. A deal with Wesley Ruggles to produce under the 
Rank pennant both in England and in Hollywood. Purchase of a 50 per cent interest in the 
Paul Nathanson Canadian theater holdings grouped as the Odeon circuit. A deal for Canadian 
distribution of British product with Empire-Universal. Alliances with theater and distribution 
companies in Europe, North Africa, India, China and the Near East. And in prospect, the 
establishment of Rank "show windows" in New York, Toronto and possibly other American 
metropolitan cities. 


INTERNATIONAL* SCENE, Parliament in late December approved modified 
British quotas for distributors and exhibitors. Quotas for 1945-46 will be 20 and 15 per cent, 
respectively, increasing in 1946-47 to 22i/o and 17i/£ per cent and in 1947-48 to 25 and 20 per 
cent. RKO Corp. acquired a half interest in a Mexico studio, with at least one other American 
distributor reported contemplating a move in kind. Major American distributors generally 
incorporated new foreign subsidiaries, a move inspired by ambitious post-war plans as well as 
by tax benefits to be derived. Special interest in the future development of the South African 
market was indicated. Republic signed James A. FitzPatrick to make a series of Latin-American 
features apart from his Metro short subject commitment. Paramount acquired an interest in 
the leading Cobian circuit of Cuba. Dubbing in Spanish, Italian and French was revived. 
Responsible industry spokesman urged that films be represented at the peace table that the 
global freedom of the screen be assured. 


TELEVISION. Industry interest in television and its potential impact upon all three 
industry components— production, distribution and exhibition— touched new heights in 1944. 
Companies, including Loew's and Warners, and exhibitors alike filed for television stations with 
the FCC, while RKO launched a new subsidiary, RKO Television Corp. to produce for the audio- 
visual field. The industry was prominently represented at the first annual conference of the 
Television Broadcasters Association, at which one panel session was devoted to theatrical television. 


TAXATION, The Federal admission tax rate was raised to 20 per cent, an increase of 
100 per cent, and the industry faced threats of new imposts in several states and some 
municipalities. Despite the tax uncertainties, however, a move to establish a Round Table 
Conference of Exhibitors Organizations to combat adverse tax proposals failed. 


MPPDA. Conscious of the new place of the motion picture in the educational scheme 
of things, the MPPDA made available funds for a thorough study by the Committee on Motion 
Pictures in Education of the American Council on Education. No less conscious of the industry's 
wider sphere of community service, one of the fruits of the war, Will H. Hays presided at an 
exploratory conference of representatives of civic and public groups looking to the formulation 
of an effective post-war program. Warner Bros, formally tendered its resignation from the 
MPPDA and from the associate West Coast AMPP. Lester Thompson, long identified with the 
MPPDA, resigned as head of the Advertising Code Administration; elected to replace him was 
Gordon White. 


MOURNED. Death came to many to whom the world-wide industry owes much for its 
business advancement and artistic progress during the years. High on the roll of those 
mourned are the names of Wendell L. Willkie, Sydney Towell, Mort H. Singer, Lou Metzgei. 
Jack Partington, John J. McQuirk, Charles A. Buckley, George B. Seitz, Joseph I. Schnitzel. 
Aich M. Bowles, M. H. Hoffman, William Bitzer, Aaron A. Jones, Sr., and Harold B. Robb. 



Exclusive Management 






Capital Invested in the U. S. Film Industry (estimated) $2,070,326/106 

Breakdown: Studios, $127,500,000; Distribution, $25,100,000; Theaters, 
$1,907,726,406; Non-Theatrical $10,000,000. 

Number of People Employed in U. S. Theatrical Film Industry 

(estimated) 205,000 

Breakdown: Production, 31,000; Distribution, 14,000; Exhibition, 160,000. 

Total Industry Payroll (estimated) $382,726,750 

Breakdown: Production in Hollywood, $191,590,400; Production outside of Holly- 
wood, $6,800,000; Distribution, $28,462,500; Exhibition, $155,873,850. 

World Gross of American Motion Pictures (estimated) $2,234,000,000 

Breakdown: U. S., $1,340,000,000; Foreign Markets, $894,000,000. 

Film Industry Expenditures of U. S. Advertising in 1944 (estimated) $60,850,000 

Breakdown: Newspapers, $51,000,000; Accessories and Direct Mail, $4,500,000; 
Outdoor, $1,500,000; Magazines, $3,100,000; Radio, $750,000. 

Number of Ads Placed Daily in Various U. S. Media (estimated) 15,500 

Estimated Cost of U. S. Studio Expansion in 1944 $1,000,000 

Estimated Cost of U. S. Distribution Expansion in 1944 $100,000 

Estimated Cost of U. S. Theater Expansion in 1914 $7,726,406 

Annual Industry Expenditures for Insurance in the U. S. (estimated). . . . $35,000,000 
Number of Hollywood Correspondents and Staff Photographers on Duty 

as of Jan. 1, 1945 360 

Breakdown: Wire Services, 42; Newspapers, 111; Trade Publications, 30; National 
Magazines, 41; Freelance Writers, 56; Foreign Correspondents. 43; Radio News- 
gatherers, 13; Photographers, 24. 


Hollywood Studio Investment $127,500,000 

Number of People Employed in U. S. Production in 1944 31,000 

Annual Hollywood Payroll (estimated) $191,590,400 

Annual U. S. Production Payroll Outside of Hollywood (estimated) $6,800,000 

Hollywood Production Costs for 1944 (estimated) $308,906,000 

Hollywood Production Costs, 1943-1935 (estimated): 

1943, $247,125,000; 1942, $198,500,000; 1941, $185,000,000: 1940. 150.000000; 
1939, $165,000,000; 1938, 165,000,000; 1937, $152,500,000: 1936, $135,000,000: 
1935, $125,000,000. 

Features Produced by U. S. Majors in 1944 340 

Features Approved by the Production Code Authority in 1944 442 

Breakdown: West Coast office, 429; East Coast office, 13. 

Short Subjects Approved by the PCA in 1944 567 

Breakdown: West Coast office, 404; East Coast office, 163. 

Story Purchases in 1944 by Hollywood Studios $6,700,000 

Top Price Paid for a Produced Broadway Play in 1944 (Down Payment). $500,000 

Oscar Serlin's "Life With Father," acquired by Warner Bros, on a profit sharing 

Top Price Paid for a Book in 1944 $200,000 

A. J. Cronin's "The Green Years," acquired by M-G-M. 

Top Price Paid for an Original Story in 1944 $100,000 

Helen Deutsch's "As You Want Me," acquired by M-G-M. 

Average Negative Cost per Feature in the U. S $462,150 

Hollywood's 1944 Bill for Supplies, Including Maintenance Costs $65,334,425 



Percentage of Production Dollar Spent in Los Angeles axid Vicinity 28 per cent 

The Production Dollar is Divided as Follows: 

Cast. 25 per cent; extras, bits and characters, 5 per cent: director, 10 per cent: 
director assistants, 2 per cent; cameramen and crew, 15 per cent; lights, 2 per 
cent: make-up, hair-dressers and supplies, 0.9 per cent: teachers, 0.2 per cent: 
crew and labor, 1.2 per cent; story preparation, 7 per cent; story costs. 5 per 
cent; costumes and designers, 2 per cent; sets and art directors, 12.5 per cent: 
stills and photographs, 0.4 per cent; cutters, 1 per cent; film negative, 1 per cent: 
tests, 1.2 per cent: insurance, 2 per cent; sound engineering and negatives, 3.1 
per cent; publicity, transportation, research, technical, miscellaneous. 2 per cent; 
indirect costs, 15 per cent. 

Actors Under Term Contracts to Hollywood Major Studios in 1941 801 

Producers Under Term Contracts to Hollywood Major Studios in 1941. . . 130 

Directors Under Term Contracts to Hollywood Major Studios in 1944. . . 152 

Writers Under Term Contracts to Hollywood Major Studios in 1944 490 

Producers of Features in Hollywood 65 

Producers of Short Subjects in Hollywood (including Commercial Short 

Subject Producers) 24 

Producers of Cartoons in Hollywood 6 

Producers of News Reels in the U. S 7 

Average Shooting Days for Photographing a Feature 31 

Number of Different Industries, Arts and Professions Involved in the 

Making of a Motion Picture 276 

Total 1944 Extra Payroll for Hollywood Studios Served by Central (last 

ing Corp $4,129,083 

Comparable 1943 Figure S4.I90.060 

Average 1944 Daily Wage of Extras $12.71 

Comparable 1943 Figure $12.63 

Number of Extras Registered with Central Casting Corp. in 1944 5,243 

Breakdown: Men. 2.650; Women. 2.281: Children and Racials. 306. 

Total Placements by Central Casting Corp. in 1944 324,925 

Average Daily Placements by Central Casting Corp. in 1944 1,058 

Number of Theatrical Shorts Produced Annually (estimated) 600 

Number of Feature and Short Subject Titles Registered with the MPPDA 

in 1944 2,645 

Total Number of Feature and Short Subject Titles Used Since the Birth 

of the U. S. Film Industry to Jan. 1, 1945 48,624 


U. S. Industry Distribution Investment (estimated) $25,100,000 

Number of People Employed in U. S. Distribution Field (estimated) . . . . 14,000 

Annual U. S. Distribution Payroll in 1944 (estimated) S28.462.500 

Number of Nation-Wide Distributing Companies 11 

Number of Theatrical Film Distributors in the U. S 64 

Number of Theatrical Film Exchanges in the U. S 433 

Number of Theatrical Film Exchanges in Six Canadian Key Cities 64 

Number of Exchanges of Major Distributors: 

RKO Radio. 33: Universal, 32: 20th Century-Fox, 32: Paramount, 32; Loew's, 32: 
Columbia, 32; Warners, 32; United Artists. 27. 

Film Footage Handled Daily by Exchanges 27,000 miles 

Average Storage Vault Capacity of Exchanges 750 cu. ft. 

Average Number of Prints Required per Feature: 

Majors 280 

Indies 1 25 

Average Number of Prints Required for News Reels [per company) 1,093 

Estimated 1944 U. S. Film Rentals $469,000,000 

Average Distribution Cost for U. S. Industry (estimated) 28 percent 

General Minimum Booking Accounts per Feature Picture 2,000 

Number of Distribution Areas in the U. S 32 

Average Number of Bookings per Print 37 

Average Number of Actual Playing Days per Print 100 

Average Cost of Each Positive Print S210 


Features Released in U. S. Market in 1944 

Breakdown: By Majors, 270; by Indies, 172. 

Foreign Features Released in the U. S. in 1944 

Brekadown: By Majors, 8; by Indies, 33. 

Imported from: England, 22: U. S. S. R.. 11; France, 7; Spain, 1. 

Features Released in U. S. Market, 1917-1944: 


3 £ 

a & 

1944 442 

1943 427 

1942 533 

1941 598 

1940 673 

1939 761 

1938 769 

1937 778 

1936 735 

1935 766 

1934 662 

1933 644 

1932 685 

1931 622 

1930 595 

1929 707 

1928 834 

1927 743 

1926 740 

1925 579 

1924 579 

1923 576 

1922 748 

1921 854 

1920 796 

1919 646 

1918 841 

1917 687 





358 346 



356 340 

361 350 
338 217 
318 300 
324 307 

362 356 
393 379 
462 429 
510 501 



















































Features Released by Major Companies 1928-1944 (calendar years): 

1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 



















Film Booking- Of. 


First National . 





Fox Film Corp.. 



























Paramount .... 






















RKO Pathe .... 


RKO Radio .... 

















20th Century-Fox 










United Artists. . 




































Warner Bros. . . . 





Warner Bros.- 

First National. 














462 393 362 324 318 338 361 356 362 408 362 388 363 379 358 289 262 
t Released by RKO Radio. 


U. S. Film Theater Investment (estimated) $1,907,726,406 

Number of People Employed in U. S. Exhibition Field (estimated) 160,000 

Annual Exhibition Payroll in 1944 (estimated) $155,873,850 


U. S. Film Theaters Gross in 1941, Exclusive of Federal and State Admis- 
sion Taxes (estimated) 31,350,000,000 

U. S. Film Theaters Gross in 1913 (revised estimate) $1,340,000,000 

NOTE: Annual U. S. theater gross was formerly based on a Treasury Department 
estimate that 90 per cent of admission tax collections were from theaters. Recently, 
however, the Treasury reduced that estimate to 87 per cent and the above annual 
grosses are based on that estimate with allowances for taxes collected on passes 
and for "breakage." 

U. S. Film Theaters Gross, 1942-33 (estimated): 

1942, $1,160,000,000; 1941. $1,113,840,000; 1940, $1,003,560,000; 1939, 
$1,016,600,000; 1938, $1,010,600,000; 1937, $1,052,480,000; 1936, $1,144,- 
000,000; 1935, $998,400,000; 1934. $837,200,000; 1933, $717,600,000. 

Average U. S. Film Theater Admission Price in 1944 (estimated) 27.3 cents 

Average Admission Tax on Theater Admissions in 1944 (estimated) 5.6 cents 

Average Total Admission Cost in 1944 (estimated) 32.9 cents 

Average U. S. Theater Admission Price. 1943-1933 (estimated): 

1943, 27.1 cents plus 3 cents tax. 30.1 cents total; 1942, 24.7 cents plus 2.5 cents 
tax, 27.2 cents total; 1941. 25.2 cents; 1940. 24.1 cents; 1939, 23 cents; 1938, 
23 cents; 1937. 23 cents; 1936. 25 cents; 1935. 24 cents; 1934, 23 cents; 1933. 
23 cents. 

NOTE: Figures for 1942 and 1943 have been revised according to the formula 
outlined under U. S. Film Theaters Gross, above. 

Average Weekly Attendance of U. S. Film Theaters in 1944 (estimated). . 95,000.000 

Average Weekly Attendance of U. S. Film Theaters Since 1922 (estimated): 

1943, 95 million; 1942, 90 million; 1941. 85 million; 1940, 80 million; 1939. 85 
million; 1938. 85 million; 1937, 88 million; 1936. 88 million; 1935, 80 million: 
1934. 70 million; 1933. 60 million; 1932, 60 million: 1931, 75 million: 1930. 
90 million; 1929. 80 million; 1928, 65 million; 1927. 57 million; 1926. 50 
million: 1925, 46 million; 1924, 46 million; 1923, 43 million; 1922. 40 million. 

Average Daily Attendance per Film Theater 800 

Average Daily Attendance per Theater, per Show 400 

Average Seating Capacity of U. S. Film Theaters 647 

Total U. S. Film Theaters as of Jan. 1, 1945 20,355 

Seats 12,539,887 

U. S. Film Theaters Operating as of Jan. 1, 1945 18,076 

Seats 11,688,084 

U. S. Film Theaters Closed as of Jan. 1, 1945 2,279 

Seats 851,803 

U. S. Cities and Towns with Film Theaters at Jan. 1. 1945 10.183 

Drive-In Theaters in the U. S. as of Jan. 1, 1945 96 

Negro Theaters in the U. S. as of Jan. 1, 1945 452 

Affiliated Circuit Theaters 2,617 

Cities in Which All First-runs Are Affiliated: 

Albany, Boston, Brooklyn. Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Des 
Moines, Houston, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Newark, New 7 
Haven, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia. Salt Lake City, St. Paul. 
Washington. More than 80 per cent of all metropolitan first-runs are affiliated: 
out of 92 cities with population over 100,000, affiliated circuits control exhibition 
in 73; in 200 of 283 cities with populations between 2'5,000 and 100,000, affiliated 
circuits operate one or more theaters. 

Breakdown of approximate distribution of the year's U. S. Box Office 

Theater retains 65 per cent of total receipts, exclusive of admission 
taxes, for local expenses as follows: 
16% Payroll, theater staff and management 

20% Real Estate-Rent, insurance, taxes, interest, and depreciation 
8% Local advertising and publicity 
8% Light, heat and cooling 
6% Interest, profit and dividends 
\', Other taxes and insurance 
3% Miscellaneous extra attractions, prizes, premiums 

65 '\ 
Distributor receives 35 per cent of total receipts from theater: 
25 '< to studios for producing the film 
10% to distributor for prints, advertising, sales, service costs 

35 ': 

Approximate Number of First-Run Theaters in 95 Cities of Over 100,00(1 

Population ' 450 

There Is One Motion Picture Theater Seat for Everv 12 Inhabitants in 
the U. S. 



United States Theaters (by States): 


g li 

H *5 Si 


o> -cooo 

g 2 WHStO 

• to id • ■* •* 


'lOHH 'NOl 

• rH CO • rH 00 t- N ©CD N 03 rH 

MT*©lONCOM©©©©00eO©^lO00rH©t»NCOT*lO_t»rHt~CO00N©00^©TjlN©©©©©lO©t-t»©CO00 00 
©' N 05 CO* t> ©' H <#' 00* 05 ■*' ©' ©" t-" ©* 00 ©* H ©" lO 00* •*' « lO* 03 ffl" ©" Ol CM rH* ©" CO* © 03* 00* ■*" ©" H 03* t> N 03* ■*" H 03* t> 03* 00* ■*" 
■H rH 00 r-l rH IN tONNHHH rH •* •* N rH CO rH ■* 00 rH ID H H 00 rH lO rH rH rH N 

a £ 

© H 


CM «OHH C0C0rH©ri(©'<j(CMC0rHCMC0©C0eMlOrHC0 CO CM ■* H © ■* CM N HHHrlH KNW* 

lO CM* H ©* ©" 00* CM* ■*' J>" ■*" ■*" ©' 03* CM* rH l> ©' r-J 01 ■** lO i>" ©' t> ©3* 03* 00* t>* CO* N* i>" Ol* rH H 00* lO ■*" ©" CO* t-" 00 00* 00* ©' lO* 00* CO* CO CO 
H HQOHH CM © CM CM rH rH rH rH ^ .* CM rH CO rH Tj< 00 rH © rH rH 00 rH Ifi rH rH rH CM 

CM CO © r-l r-l MCOrtffl^KO^INWHNMCOMNlOHW 05 KilHa^OH i-l H CM CM i-( CM CO CO ■* 

rH rH rH* rH* 

© ©t>C3©rH •©'*lrH©00lOiOCD00©O100©C0Nac0rH©©«O©CO'»H©©'r)<TfliaiO'»H'r)(C0rHlO00©©©©T)(-r)( 

rHt-01rHrHi> •©©©t-T)HiOC0lO00©©©©''tfl©lNC0©©©00C0C3©©©00Ht<©'rXlOCMt>©rH'*©©iO©00© 

C0_ lO © lO © i> © © lO 03 rH CO © © r^ rH ©_ lO IO t-_ ■* lO © •* IO •* CM 00 CM rH Ol lO CO © lO_ 00 00 rH C0_ ©_ C0_ lO_ lO i> © IO © 1Q_ 

C3 •*' lO Tjf ©' ©' CO ©" l> 03* ®" ■*'■*' t^ •* J> t-* lO* CO* ©* CM* lO* lO t>* ©" rH ©" ©* lO* t- 03* CO* tJ* 1> CO* tH* IO* lO lO* ■*' ©' CO* lO* CO «*' ©" CO* 

lOrHrH rH •* CM CM rH rH rH rH IN rH rH ■* CM rH ■* © CON IO ■* rH CM 

" © 4) 
- / — 

rH O CS 



•*" CO* t> ■* 03* ©' (M* l> CO* rH* ■** ©" T)* CO* 00* rH* l> 00* ■*' 00* CO ©" rH* CM* ©* ©' ©" 00* CO* t-' •** 03 ■*" CD* lO 00* 03 rH rH CO* CO* CM* Tt* CO* ©" ■** rH* CO* ©" 
rH H01HH CM t-COCMCMrHrH H^^NHCO H ■* © rH © CM rH 00 rH © rlHHN 

CO rH CO CM CM CM C0C0rH©lOt>'*COC0CMCM'r)<l>'*CMt>rHC0 rHTflrH-rH^CMOlOCMCM CM CM CO 05 CM CM CO 05 ■* 

rH rH* rH rH H* rH 

t>CO©W*©rH ■*rHCO©INrHcM©C»C0©00©Tt<Tt<©Ttlt>C0t-©©lO^t~©**^C0CM©'*t>CM'*00l>CMlO7i< 
rH NTjtrH rHCMrHTJ<CMlOO5rHrHrHrHrHC<!C0rHC0rHCM rH ■* CM rH 05 CM H IO rH rH rH lO rH rH rH CM CM 



I £ . 

•^ o n FT X V.r-.P. .P v> m . i 



**" 5 

- o 


K is co o 


5 o «iij3rC3 » en | 

C)Ci(img^>?fl s l>i'f--'-'S)C2fl3CXiSt- 

■a • -35 

O. >, o O 2 

3S»^w^a£ ot : 

03 t» 

■ ^ 
, '3 

1.3 to 

: S.2 ® 

There Is One Motion Picture Theater Open in the U. S. for Every 8,000 

Average Length of American-Produced Features 

Average Screen Time of American-Produced Features 

Number of U. S. Theaters Showing Double Features 

NOTE: This approximates 59 per cent of all theaters; of the 59 per cent, 30 per 
cent follow a consistent duals policy, 29 per cent play both doubles and singles 
as the occasion dictates. Territorial higrh for duals is the Northeast's 72 per cent; 
territorial low, the South's 28 per cent. 

Number of U. S. Theaters Showing Single Features Only 

General Maximum Bookings per Feature: 



8,100 ft. 

90 m ins. 










International RKO 




Maximum Number of Simultaneous Daily Runs per Feature 250 

Average Screen Times per Print 200 

Average Number of Showings 2i/, dailv 

Largest Percentage of Adult Admissions for Any Single Hour of the Day 

(This Maximum Occurs from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) 7.5-85 percent 

Theater Attendance by Days of the Week: 

Monday, 10 per cent; Tuesday. 10 per cent: Wednesday. 10 per cent: Thursday. 1<> 
per cent: Friday. 15 per cent: Saturday. 20 per cent; Sunday. 25 per cent. 

Ratio of Population to Seats in Cities of 100.000 and Over 9 

U. S. DeLuxe First-Run Rental per Picture (Weekly) $5,000 to $35,000 

U. S. Amusement Fax Receipts in 1944 (Approximately 87 per cent of 
this Tax Is Derived from Theaters) 

S308. 116.530 

U. S. Amusement Tax Receipts Since 1930: 

1943. $168,746,625: 1942. $146,372,271: 1941. $87,819,000; 1940. $43,483,372: 
1939. $19,876,312: 1938. $19,661,337: 1937. $20,974,031.33; 1936. $18,457. 
482.07; 1935. $16,406,021.90: 1934. $15,243,342.55: 1933. $14,097,910.43: 
1932. $9,295,617.83: 1931, $2,474,531.36: 1930. $3,544,554.70. 

Theaters in the U. S.. 1925-1945: 

Year** Total 

1945 20.355 

1944 20.277 

1943 20.196 

1942 20,281 

1941 19.645 

1940 19.032 

1939 17.829 

1938 18.182 

1937 18.192 

1936 15.858 

1935 15.273 

1934 16.885 

'933 18.533 

1932 18.715 

1931 21.993 

1930 *23.000 

1929 23.344 

1 928 22.304 

1927 21.664 

1926 19.489 


























































* 22.544 






* 2 1.644 





January 1. 

War Dept. Theaters in 605 U. S. Army Posts 

Total Seating Capacity 

Average Weeklv Showings at Army Posts 

Prints Per Program for Army Theaters 

Maximum Period to Complete Armv Circuit Playing. 
Standard Armv Theater Admission Price 





45 days 

15 cents 

Range of Army Theater Rental Payments to Distributors. . .$1,000,000 to nearly $2,000,000 

Fnlisted Personnel Emploved as Army Theater Projectionists 5.000 


Number of British Film Theaters {estimated). 

Seats (esiimated) 

Average British Admission Price (estimated) 

Average British Weekly Attendance (estimated) 

Canadian Boxoffice Receipts. 1943-1939: 

1943. $52,567,258; 1942. $45,461,097: 1941, $42,182,000: 1940. $37,858,955: 

1939: $34 010,115. 

Canadian Film Theater Attendance in 1943 

Canadian Film Theaters as of Jan. 1. 1945 

South American Film Theaters as of Jan. 1, 1945 

Breakdown: Brazil. 1.456: Argentina, 1,446; Colombia. 293: Chile. 252: Peru. 
255: Venezuela, 275: Urugruay. 152: Bolivia, 48; Ecuador. 40: British Guiana. 
23, French Guiana, 19: Paraguay, 18: Dutch Guiana, 9. 

Central American Film Theaters as of Jan. 1, 1945 

Breakdown: Mexico. 1.410; Cuba. 422: Puerto Rico, 138: Panama, 65; El 
Salvador, 43: Guatemala. 40: Costa Rica. 44: Honduras, 30: Santa Domingo, 29: 
Trinidad. 27; Jamaica. 17: Nicaragua. "6: Haiti. 10: Bahamas. 6: Barbados. 4: 
Honduras, 2: Martinica, 10: Guadalupe, 15. 




10.2 pence 










New York Stock Market Sales of Film Issues in 1944 

Stock Dividend 

American Seating Co $1.00 

Columbia Pictures 50 

Columbia Pictures, pfd 2.75 

Consolidated Film Industries ... 

Consolidated Film Industries pfd 1.00 

Eastman Kodak Co 5.00 

Eastman Kodak Co. pfd 6.00 

General Precision Equipment 1.00 

Loew's, Inc 2.00* 

Paramount Pictures 2.00 


RKO pfd 6.00 

20th Century-Fox 2.00* 

20th Century-Fox pid 1.50 

20th Century -Fox prior pfd 4.50 

Warner Bros 


* Also extra or extras. 

New York Curb Market Sales of Film Issues in 1944 

Stock Dividend 

Monogram Pictures $ . . . 

RKO option warrants 

Sentry Safety Control 

Sonotone 20 

Technicolor 50 

Trans-Lux 10 

Universal Pictures 2.00 


sues in 1944 









19 % 



+ 4% 





+ 4 





+ 7% 





+ a% 


30 % 



+ 12% 





-hi 7 





+ 4 




23 % 

+ •'!% 





+21 <A 





+ 5% 





+ % 





— 8% 





+ 7 


35 % 



+ 6% 





+ o 





+ 1% 


aes in 1944. 

. .1,710,100 








4y 2 







— % 





+ Vi 









-1-1 1 





— % 





+ 3% 



Statistical Resume of Operation of the Motion Pieture Arbitration System 
(Feb. 1, 1941 to Feb. 21. 1945): 

-Cases Filed- 




-Appeal Decisions 
















Albany .... 









Atlanta . . . 







Boston .... 













Buffalo .... 













Charlotte . . 








Chicago . . . 














Cincinnati . 











Cleveland . . 











Dallas .... 













Denver .... 








Des Moines . 


■ 2 








Detroit .... 
















3 1 







Kansas City. 









Los Angeles . 













Memphis . . 







Milwaukee . 





















New Haven. 









New Orleans 















New York. . 

68 1 














. . City 











Omaha .... 

















Pittsburgh . 







Portland . . . 








San Fr'cisco. 









Salt Lake 

City .... 








Seattle .... 






St. Louis . . 













Washington . 



























Oomb. — Combination of CI. & S.R. — CI. & D.R. — CI., S.R. & D.R. — S.R. & D.R. 
• Including three Consent Appeals. 


3fa Jfflemortam— 1944 

W^7I TH the (lose of 1944, the amusement industry pauses to pay a final tribute to 
*• those affiliates in all branches whose deaths were recorded in the 12-month period. 
In this necrology, the more widely known personalities to pass are given with place of 
death and date obituary was published in The Film Daily. 

Chester Alexander, Midwest-Pa- 
cific Coast agent and vaude 
actor. Miami. FD: 1-25. 

George P. Aarons, assistant gen- 
eral counsel, MPPDA. Phila- 
delphia. PD: 3-10. 

George Ade, humorist and play- 
wright. Brook, Ind. FD: 5-18. 

Charles H. Amos, theater mana- 
ger. Nashville. FD: 10-13. 

Louis Aubert, French film actor. 
Berne. FD: 6-12. 

Carlyle G. Barrett. WB district 
manager. New Haven. FD: 

Arch M. Bowles, FWC general 
manager. San Francisco. FD: 

Joseph Bell, M-G-M Western su- 
pervisor. Hollywood. FD: 3-16. 

William Bitzer, pioneer camera- 
man. Hollywood. FD: 5-2. 

Ellen Barker, author of "The 
Art of Photoplay Writing." 
New York. FD: 6-12. 

Mrs. Dora Berg, pioneer woman 
exhib. Detroit. FD: 7-5. 

Paul M. Bryan, producer of Reel 
Life. Hollywood. FD: 8-8. 

Charles A. Buckley, FWC v-p and 
general counsel. Hollywood. 
FD: 9-14. 

C. N. Belden, veteran exhib. 
Cleveland. FD: 9-22. 

Harry Beresford, actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 10-6. 

William Bausch, B & L board 
chairman. Rochester, N. Y. 
FD: 10-20. 

Kichard Bennett, actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 10-24. 

Charles E. Blayney, theatrical 
producer. Canaan. Conn. FD: 

Isadore Bernstein, pioneer show- 
man. Hollywood. FD: 10-24. 

Earle Brown, film and stage ac- 
tor. Hollywood. FD: 12-1. 

D. B. Bly, Shea partner, theater 
owner. Cleveland. FD: 12-4. 

William Collier, Sr., actor. Holly 
wood. FD: 1-14. 

Mrs. John Cannon, theater op- 
erator. New Haven. FD: 2-16. 

Irvin S. Cobb, author, film actor. 
New York. FD: 3-13. 

Joseph Cardinal, theater owner. 
Montreal. FD: 3-15. 

Benjamin Cohen, veteran circuit 
owner. Detroit. FD: 3-17. 

Humphrey Cobb, writer. Port 
Washington, L. I. FD: 4-27. 

Mitchell Connery, theater opera- 
tor, Ravena, N. Y. FD: 4-28. 

T. W. Case, developer of Movie- 
tone. Auburn, N. Y. FD: 5-16. 

Maurice A. Choynski, pioneer 
exhib. Chicago. FD: 6-14. 

Nat Carr. actor. Hollywood. 
FD: 7-11. 

Ed Collins, Interstate Circuit city 

manager. San Antonio, Tex. 

FD: 7-11. 
Betty Compton, former actress. 

New York. FD: 7-17. 
John Alden Cooke, agent. Holly- 
wood. FD: 8-11. 
EH Cohen, circuit operator. 

Montgomery, Ala. FD: 8-15. 
Kobert L. Charlton, former indie 

producer. New York. FD : 

Henrietta Crosman, actress. New 

York. FD: 11-1. 
Sen. Smith W. Brookhart, author 

of bills against films. Prescott, 

Ariz. FD: 11-16. 
Miss Len Cohen, Loew's assistant 

treasurer. New York. FD: 

Laird Cregar, actor. Hollywood. 

FD: 12-12. 
Daniel J. Danker, Jr., of J. 

Walter Thompson Agency. 

Hollywood. FD: 7-7. 
W. H. ("Bide") Dudley, critic 

and playwright. New York. 

FD: 1-5. 
Lewis Danz, industry pioneer. 

Seattle. FD: 1-20. 
Alan Dinehart, actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 7-19. 
Abe Frankle, veteran exhib. Des 

Moines. FD: 3-3. 
Sam Forrest, veteran stage di- 
rector. New York. FD: 5-4. 
Augustin J. Fink, president, 

Films Mundial. Mexico City. 

FD: 5-8. 
Clarence A. Fullerton, theater 

architect. Detroit. FD: 5-16. 
Dario L. Faralla, Edward Small 

production manager. Holly- 
wood. FD: 6-5. 

A. John Frey, Republic branch 
manager. Los Angeles. FD: 

Frederick Fisher, former circuit 
head. Portland, Ore. FD: 7-7. 

Robert Frazer, film actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 8-22. 

Solomon P. Flayer, former cir- 
cuit operator. Detroit. FD: 

H. A. Fortington, former mem- 
ber Paramount board. Ren- 
frew, Ont. FD: 9-6. 

B. Fassio, producer. FD: 10-27. 
Ernest Freeman, partner, Free- 

man-Newbold Circuit. Cincin- 
nati. FD: 12-6. 

Lawrence Grossmith, English ac- 
tor. Hollywood. FD: 2-25. 

Harry J. Gruvar, treasurer, New 
Theater Co. Baltimore. FD: 

Augustus S. Greening, pioneer 
theater manager. Detroit. FD: 

David Goldenberg, former mana- 
ger, Metro Theater. Bombay. 
FD: 8-31. 


Ferdinand Gottschalk, film and 
stage actor. London. FD: 

Isaac Goldsmith, veteran theater 
executive. Chicago. FD: 12-21. 

Sydney C. Gibson, legit actor. 
New York. FD: 12-27. 

Wedward Hannan, M-G-M film 
library head. Hollywood. FD: 

Frank J. Howard, pioneer ex- 
hib. Boston. FD: 1-13. 

William Howard, film and stock 
actor. Hollywood. FD: 1-27. 

M. H. Hoffman, veteran producer. 
Hollywood. FD: 3-8. 

T. Hayes Hunter, film director. 
London. FD: 4-18. 

Frank Hollis, theater manager. 
Portsmouth, N. H. FD: 6-8. 

John M. Hix, cartoonist. Los An- 
geles. FD: 6-8. 

C. William Hicks, Baltimore cir- 
cuit director. New York. FD: 

Isidore H. Herk, theatrical pro- 
ducer. New York. FD: 7-7. 

Mildred Harris, actress, former 
wife of Charlie Chaplin. Hol- 
lywood. FD: 7-21. 

C. Floyd Hopkins, Wilmer & 
Vincent Circuit. Philadelphia. 
FD: 10-17. 

Saul E. Harrison, pioneer film di- 
rector. New York. FD: 10-17. 

Herbert Hayman, manager, Capi- 
tol. Baltimore. FD: 10-18. 

Ben Heidingsfleld, president. 
United Theaters. Cincinnati. 
FD: 11-10. 

Herbert Ives, industry veteran. 
Detroit. FD: 6-13. 

Aaron J. Jones, Sr., president, 
Jones, Linick & Schaefer. Chi- 
cago. FD: 5-16. 

Myron Johnson, Mills Industries. 
Chicago. FD: 6-8. 

William Jay, Universal represen- 
tative. London. FD: 6-14. 

Sir William Jury, British film 
pioneer. London. FD: 8-3. 

Isabel Irving, stag'e actress. Nan- 
tucket. FD: 9-5. 

Maurice Klein, president, North 
Beach Theater Co. San Fran- 
cisco. FD: 1-10. 

Charles King, U. S. actor Lon- 
don. FD: 1-12: 

Alonzo Klaw, theatrical pro- 
ducer. Winter Park. Fla. FD: 

Arnold Korff, actor. New York. 
FD: 6-8. 

William Kaimann, president, Kai- 
mann Circuit. St. Louis. FD: 

George Kann, Loew theater man- 
ager. New York. FD: 3-21. 

Burton L. King, veteran pro- 
ducer. Hollywood. FD: 5-10. 

Lew Kelley, actor. Hollywood 
FD: 6-14. 

Frank T. Kintzing, booking 
agent. New York. FD: 7-25. 

Carleton Kelsey, orchestra leader. 
Hollywood. FD: 10-18. 

Henry Kaufman, stage producer. 
New York. FD: 11-21. 

George Kitzinger, former At- 
lanta FILM DALLY corre- 
spondent. Milwaukee. FD: 11- 

Merna Kennedy, actress. Holly- 
wood. FD: 12-21. 

John E. Leffler, stage producer- 
manager. New York. FD: 2-25. 

James Felix Lunday, Paramount 
Denver adv. manager. New 
York. FD: 5-12. 

Jacob Lasker, president, Lasker 
Sons Circuit. Chicago. FD: 

John Lancaste, former Metro 
casting chief. Hollywood. FD: 

Edgar A. Licho, actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 10-17. 

Clayton Lynch, M-G-M Los An- 
geles manager. Chicago. FD 

Irving Liner, Fabian manager 
New York. FD: 11-28. 

Fred J. Laurent, film executive 
St. Louis. FD: 12-7. 

Harry Langdon, film comedian 
Hollywood. FD: 12-26. 

Dr. Nathaniel Lief, dentist-com 
poser. New York. FD: 12-26 

Edward MeGoldrick, minstrel 
man. Philadelphia. FD: 1-11 

Fred B. Miller, theater manager, 
Detroit. FD: 1-28. 

Lou Metzger, theater operator 
former Columbia sales man 
ager. Hollywood. FD: 2-15. 

Frederick McKay, drama critic 
theater manager. New York 
FD: 3-2. 

Mrs. Elizabeth McGaffey, RKO 
research dept. head. Los An 
geles. FD: 3-15. 

William Marsh, Loew's traveling 
auditor. Montvale, N. J. FD 

John J. McGuirk, former presi- 
dent, Stanley Co. and First 
National. Philadelphia. FD 

Fred Mitchell, Loew booker. 
New York. FD: 4-6. 

Sig Marcus, aide to Myron Selz- 
nick. Hollywood. FD: 4-6. 

Walter Mendenhall, Paramount 
partner. Boise. FD: 4-24. 

Isaac C. Mishler, retired theater 
owner. Altoona, Pa. FD: 5-10. 

Sam Moscow, Columbia South- 
ern division manager. Atlanta. 
FD: 5-12. 

Sir John Martin-Harvey, actor. 
London. FD: '5-16. 

Edmund Mortimer, director-actor. 
Hollywood. FD: 5-25. 

Mrs. Langdon Elwyn Mitchell, 
actress. New York. FD: 6-12. 

Edgar C. Mayor, director. De- 
troit. FD: 6-21. 

J. S. MacLeod, of M-G-M. Killed 
in Santa Fe wreck. FD: 7-6. 

Carl Mayer, writer-producer. 
London. FD: 7-16. 

Fred Miller, president, Mills In- 
dustries. Chicago. FD: 7-6. 

Otto L. Meiser, pioneer theater 
owner. Milwaukee. FD: 7-12. 

Warren C. Martinson, theatrical 
attorney. Chicago. FD: 7-17. 

Mikhail Mordkin, dancer. New 
York. FD: 7-18. 

William B. Morgan, 20th-Fox 
Spanish-Portuguese rep. New 
York. FD: 7-25. 

Eddie Mack, vaudeville actor. 
Hollywood. FD: 8-3. 

George McDaniel, star of early 
serials. Hollywood. FD: 8-22. 

Richard Marshall, veteran the- 
aterman. San Francisco. FD: 

Henry McRae, Universal director- 
studio manager. Hollywood. 
FD: 10-5. 

Maurice McKenzie, aide to Will 
H. Hays. Hollywood. FD: 10- 

Frank A. Merrick, former WE 
president. Hamilton, Ont. FD: 

Edward McNamara, stage and 
screen actor. Boston. FD: 11- 

Harry T. Nolan, pioneer exhib. 
Denver. FD: 7-6. 

Eugene T. Oliver, former theater 
manager. Little Rock. FD: 5- 

James O'Neill, actor. New York. 
FD: 11-30. 

George F. Perley, founder, Otta- 
wa Film Productions. Ottawa. 
FD: 2-25. 

Richard Purcell, actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 4-12. 

Antonia Paula, theater manager. 
Havana. FD: 5-2. 

Louis N. Parker, dramatist. Lon- 
don. FD: 9-22. 

John Philliber, actor. Elkhart, 
Ind. FD: 11-8. 

Stuart Paton, veteran film direc- 
tor. Hollywood. FD: 12-19. 

Axel Pearson, theater executive. 
Connersville, Ind. FD: 12-27. 

Billy Reeves, actor. Suffolk, Eng- 
land. FD: 1-3. 

Winston J. Ray, theater execu- 
tive. Greenville, Ala. FD: 1-3. 

Frederick D. Raymond, M-G-M 
sound engineer. Hollywood. 
FD: 1-4. 

Louis Reichert, film pioneer. 
San Francisco. FD: 1-10. 

Anita Rothe, actress. New York. 
FD: 1-13. 

Morris Reitman, treasurer. SOS 
Cinema Supplies. New York. 
FD: 1-17. 

Albert Ray, director. Hollywood. 
FD: 2-10. 

W. G. Roost, vice-president. Jar- 
vis Theater Co. Lansing. FD: 

Herman C. Raymake, pioneer 
director. Hollywood. FD: 3-9. 

Jessie Ralph, actress. Gloucester, 
Mass. FD: 6-2. 

John Romwebber, veteran exhib. 
Cleveland. FD: 6-13. 

Ira Riker, former circuit opera- 
tor. New York. FD: 6-13. 

Sam Rosen, Monogram branch 
manager. Philadelphia. FD: 

Edward Rausch, B & L chair- 
man. Rochester, N. Y. FD: 8-1. 

Arthur Richman, playwright. 
New York. FD: 9-13. 

Harold B. Robb, president R & 
R-United Theaters. Dallas. 
FD: 11-1. 

Adolph Ramish, film financier. 
Hollywood. FD: 11-27. 

William E. Raynor, veteran ex- 
change manager. New York. 
FD: 12-15. 

Peter Stelle, Sr., Warner labora- 
tory superintendent. Holly- 
wood. FD: 1-4. 

Charles A. Sandbloom, theater 
architect. New York. FD: 1- 

Dr. F. W. Schanze, theater own- 
er. Baltimore. FD: 1-14. 

Jack C, Smith, actor-song writer. 
Hollywood. FD: 1-18. 

Edgar Selwyn, playwright-direc- 
tor, Hollywood. FD: 2-15. 

Max Schwartz, veteran M-G-M 
salesman. Chicago. FD: 2-15 

J. Barney Sherry, veteran actor 
Philadelphia. FD: 2-24. 

Donald Stuart, screen actor. Hoi 
lywood. FD: 2-25. 

Peter Schaefer, founder, Jones 
Linick & Schaefer. Chicago 
FD: 3-14. 

Walter L. Stokes, Wilmer & Vin 
cent auditor. Atlanta. FD: 3 

Myron Selznick, artists' agent 
Hollywood. FD: 3-24. 

Herman Sussman, Westchester 
theater owner. New York. FD 

Mort H. Singer, theater circuit 
owner. Chicago. FD: 3-30. 

Charles Sonin, Loew's purchasing 
agent. New York. FD: 4-25. 

Newton I. Steers, former presi- 
dent. DuPont Film. White 
Plains. N. Y. FD: 5-18. 

M. S. Schlesinger, theater opera- 
tor. Orange, N. J. FD: 5-24. 

A. M. (Doc) Salomon, WB Ted- 
dington Studios head. London. 
FD: 7-7. 

George B. Seitz, writer-director. 
Hollywood. FD: 7-11. 

Joseph I. Schnitzer, former RKO 
president. Hollywood. FD: 

Albert F. Sulzer, Eastman Ko- 
dak v-p, Rochester, N. Y. FD: 

Sidney Spiegel, Essaness Circuit 
treasurer-v. p. Chicago. FD: 

Ludwig Schindler, pioneer exhib. 
Chicago. FD: 11-30. 

Barnett Tabackman, theater op- 
erator. Bridgeport, Conn. FD: 

Harry Turberg, veteran theater 
manager. Hamilton, O. FD: 

Sydney Towell, 20th-Fox v-p and 
treasurer. New York FD: 12- 

Lupe Velez, actress. Hollywood. 
FD: 12-15. 

Charles Vincent, former theater 
manager. Detroit. FD: 6-27. 

Michael J. White, theater owner. 
Dover, N. H. FD: 1-26. 

Wallace Worsley, director. Holly- 
wood. FD: 3-29. 

Mrs. Thomas G. Winter, AMPP 
director of department of pub- 
lic service. Hollywood. FD: 

Arthur Pat West, actor. Holly- 
wood. FD: 4-13. 

J. Irving White, veteran actor. 
Hollywood. FD: 4-21. 

William Weiland, veteran film 
and theaterman. Pittsburgh. 
FD: 4-21. 

Sigbert Wittman, former Uni- 
versal sales exec. New York. 
FD: 5-8. 

Darrell Ware, producer. Holly- 
wood. FD: 5-31. 

Wendell L. Willkie, 20th-Fox 
board chairman. New York. 
FD: 10-10. 

Be Witt C. Webber, theater own- 
er. Denver. FD: 10-19. 

Charles W. York, veteran the- 
ater manager, Portland, Ore. 
FD: 4-7. 






Astor Theater 

Broadway & 45th St Circle 6-4642 

Capitol Theater 

1639 Broadway COlumbus 5-1250 

Criterion Theater 

1514 Broadway BRyant 9-3839 

Embassy Newsreel Theaters 

33 W. 50th St PEnnsylvania 6-3200 

42nd St. & Park Ave PEnnsylvania 6-3208 

46th St. & Broadway PEnnsylvania 6-3200 

72nd St. & Broadway PEnnsylvania 6-3200 

55th St. Playhouse 

154 W. 55th St COlumbus 5-9438 

Globe Theater 

1555 Broadway Circle 6-0800 

Radio City Music Hall 

1260 Sixth Ave Circle 6-4600 

Palace Theater 

Broadway & 47th St BRyant 9-4300 

Paramount Theater 

1501 Broadway BRyant 9-8738 

Rialto Theater 

1481 Broadway Wisconsin 7-0206 

Hivoli Theater 

1620 Broadway Circle 7-1633 

Roxy Theater 

Seventh Ave. & 50th St Circle 7-6000 

Strand Theater 

Broadway & 47th St Circle 7-59O0 


Algonquin Hotel 

59 W. 44th St MUrray Hill 2-0100 

Ambassador Hotel 

Park Ave. & 51st St WIckersham 2-1000 

Astor Hotel 

Broadway & 44th St Circle 6-6000 

Barbizon-Plaza Hotel 

Sixth Ave. & 58th St Circle 7-7000 

Edison Hotel 

228 W. 47th St Circle 6-5000 

Lincoln Hotel 

Eighth Ave. & 44th St Circle 6-4500 

Lombary Hotel 

111 E. 56th St PLaza 3-8600 

Park Central Hotel 

Seventh Ave. & 55th St Circle 7-8000 

Pierre Hotel 

Fifth Ave. & 61st St REgent 4-5900 

Plaza Hotel 

Fifth Ave. & 59th St PLaza 3-1740 

Plymouth Hotel 

143 W. 49th St Circle 7-8100 

Rltz Tower Hotel 

Park Ave. & 57th St WIckersham 2-5000 

St. Moritz Hotel 

50 Central Park South WIckersham 2-5800 

St. Regis Hotel 

Fifth Ave. & 55th St PLaza 3-4500 

Savoy-Plaza Hotel 

Fifth Ave. & 59th St Volunteer 5-2600 

Sherry-Xetherland Hotel 

Fifth Ave. & 59th St Volunteer 5-2800 

Taft Hotel 

Seventh Ave. & 50th St Circle 7-4000 

Victoria Hotel 

Seventh Ave. & 51st St Circle 7-7800 

Waldorf -Astoria Hotel 

50th St. & Park Ave ELdorado 5-3000 

Waldorf-Astoria Tower Apartments 

50th St. & Park Ave ELdorado 5-3100 

Warwick Hotel 

65 W. 44th St Circle 7-2700 

Air Lines 

American Airlines, Inc. 

80 E. 42nd St HAvemeyer 6-5000 

Kastern Air Lines, Inc. 

80 E. 42nd St MUrray Hill 6-3100 

Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. 

80 E. 42nd St MUrray Hill 2-1122 

United Air Lines 

80 E. 42nd St MUrray Hill 2-7300 

Sport Arenas 

Ebbets Field (Brooklyn) 

Bradford Ave. & Sullivan Place 

BUckminister 4-8500 
Madison Square Garden 

Eighth Ave. & 50th St COlumbus 5-6800 

Polo Grounds 

Eighth Ave. & 155th St EDgecomb 4-8160 

Yankee Stadium 

Riverside Ave. & E. 157th St.. . .JErome 7-3300 

Raw Stock 


245 W. 55th St Circle 7-6270 

Brulatour. J. E„ Inc. (Eastman) 

Fort Lee, N. J FOrt Lee 8-2460 

Gevaert Co. of America 

423 W. 55th St COlumbus 5-1223 


A. F. E. Corp. 

1270 Sixth Ave Circle 6-8927 

Aeus Pictures Corp. 

130 W. 46th St BRyant 9-4755 

American Film Center, Inc. 

30 Rockefeller Plaza Circle 5-5750 

Artcinema Associates, Inc. 

729 Seventh Ave MEdalion 3-4850 

Artkino Pictures, Inc. 

723 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-7680 

Astor Pictures 

130 W. 40th St BRyant 9-2457 

Blake. B. K., Inc. 

1270 Sixth Ave COlumbus 5-1854 

Bondy, AI O. 

63" Ninth Ave Circle 6-6 744 

Casai.^va-Artlee Pictures, Inc. 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-1647 

Columbia Pictures Corp. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-7900 

('■■minings, Samuel 

165 W. 46th St LOngacre 3-2576 

Disney. Walt, Productions 

1270 Sixth Ave Circle 7-8282 

Horfman, Edmund, Productions 

1270 Sixth Ave COlumbus 5-7370 

English Films, Inc. 

1560 Broadway BRyant 9-6072 

Golden, Edward A., Productions 

1270 Sixth Ave Circle 7-2085 


Goldwyn, Samuel 

1270 Sixth Ave COlumbus 5-4482 

Guaranteed Pictures Co., Inc. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-4368 

Hoffberg Productions, Inc. 

620 Ninth Ave Circle 6-9031 

Levey, Jules 

1270 Sixth Ave Circle 7-7956 

Loew's, Inc. (Metro-Goldwn-Mayer) 

1540 Broadway BRyant 9-7800 

March of Time, Inc. 

369 Lexington Ave Circle 5-4400 

Monogram Pictures Corp. 

1270 Sixth Ave COlumbus 5-7674 

Movietone News 

460 W. 54th St COlumbus '5-7200 

News of the Day 

450 W. 56th St COlumbus 5-0402 

Newsreel Distributors, Inc. 

1560 Broadway PEnnsylvania 6-3200 

PRC Pictures, Inc. 

625 Madison Ave PLaza 3-6100 

Paramount News 

544 W. 43rd St MEdalion 3-4300 

Paramount Pictures, Inc. 

1501 Broadway BRyant 9-8700 

Pathe News, Inc. 

625 Madison Ave PLaza 3-4400 

RKO Radio Pictures 

1270 Sixth Ave COlumbus 5-6500 

Republic Pictures Corp. 

1790 Broadway COlumbus 5-2500 

Rice, Grantland, Sport-Pictures Corp. 

22 W. 48th St BRyant 9-4564 

Roach, Hal, Studios, Inc. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-7266 

Scandia Films, Inc. 

220 W. 42nd St Wisconsin 7-7059 

Small. Edward, Productions, Inc. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-2230 

Stromberg, Hunt, Productions, Inc. 

729 Seventh Ave LOngacre 3-6692 

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. 

444 W. 56th St COlumbus 5-3320 

United Artists Corp. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-7300 

United Newsreel Corp. 

625 Madison Ave ELdorado 5-6317 

Universal Newsreel 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-8115 

Universall Pictures Co., Inc. 

12'50 Sixth Ave Circle 7-7100 

Vanguard Films, Inc. 

400 Madison Ave ELdorado 5-5323 

Warner Bros. Pictures 

321 W. 44th St Circle 6-1000 

Vorke, Emerson 

35 W. 45th St BRyant 9-9091 

Excelsior Pictures Corp. 

723 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-0581 

Exclusive Pictures Corp. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-4369 

Film Classics Distributing Co. 

362 W. 44th St COlumbus 5-7111 

Loew's, Inc. (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-6200 

Monogram Pictures Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-8886 

PRC Pictures of New York 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-8866 

Paramount Pictures Inc. 

331 W. 44th St Circle 6-6160 

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-4700 

Republic Pictures Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-0760 

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. 

345 W. 44th St Circle 6-6700 

United Artists Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-5480 

Universal, See: Big "U" 

Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corp. 

315 W. 44th St Circle 6-1000 


Brooks Costume Co. 

1150 Sixth Ave VAnderbilt 5060 

Eaves Costume Co. 

151 W. 46th St BRyant 9-7212 

Film Libraries 

General Film Library 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-0081 

Miles Film Library 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-5600 

Progress Film Library 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-5600 

Stone, Dorothy T. 

155 Riverside Drive SChuyler 4-1148 

Projection Room 

Bonded Film Storage Co. 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-0081 

Lloyd's Projection Room 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-5600 

Miles Projection Room 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-5600 

Preview Theater 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-0865 

RCA Victor 

411 Fifth Ave AShland 4-7605 

Rttilroad Terminals 

Grand Central Terminal 

E. 42nd St. & Vanderbilt Ave. 

MUrray Hill 6-9100 
Pennsylvania Station 

Eighth Ave. & 32nd St .. .PEnnsylvania 6-5600 



460 W. 54th St COlumbus 5-7200 

Paramount Newsreel 

544 W. 43rd St MEdalion 3-4300 

Reeves Sound" Studios, Inc. 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-6686 

West Coast Sound Studios, Inc. 

510 W. 57th St Circle 7-2062 


A. F. E. Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-8710 

Astor Pictures Film Exchange 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-0980 

Big "U" Film Exchange, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-4747 

Brandon Films, Inc. 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-4868 

Columbia Pictures Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-0900 


Cinema-Craft Co. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-9565 

National Screen Service Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-5700 

Special Screen Service, Inc. 

653 Eleventh Ave Circle 6-6950 

Welgot Trailer Service 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-6450 

Film Carriers 

Daily Film Delivery, Inc. 

690 Eighth Ave LOngacre 5-4567 

Highway Express Lines, Inc. 

692 Eleventh Ave COlumbus 5-8496 

Prudential Film Distributors Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave COlumbus 5-6884 

State Film Delivery, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-4994 

Tacme Film Service, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-0662 


Ace Film Laboratories (Warner Bros) 

1227 E. 14th St., B'klyn. . .Nightingale 4-8700 
Consolidated Film Industries, Inc. 

1790 Broadway COlumbus 5-1776 

DeLuxe Laboratories, Inc. (20th-Fox) 

850 Tenth Ave Circle 7-3220 


I)u-Art Film Laboratories, Inc. 

245 W. 55th St COlumbus 5-5584 

Film Laboratories of Canada, Inc. 

American Representative, Arthur Gottlieb 

245 W. 55th St COlumbus 5-5584 

Filmlab, Inc. 

126 W. 46th St BRyant 9-4981 

Film Service Laboratories, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-6690 

H. E. R. Laboratories 

457 W. 46th St Circle 6-5232 

Major Film Laboratories, Inc. 

653 Eleventh Ave Circle 6-6950 

Malcolm Film Laboratories, Inc. 

244 W. 49th St Circle 6-61'50 

Mecca Film Laboratories, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-5290 

Mercury Film Laboratories, Inc. 

723 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-2790 

Movielab Film Laboratories 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-9855 

Paramount Laboratory 

Sixth & Pierce Sts., Astoria. RAvenswood 8-8000 
Paramount News Laboratory 

544 W. 43rd St MEdallion 3-4300 

Pathe Laboratories, Inc. 

625 Madison Ave PLaza 5-9600 

Precision Film Laboratories, Inc. 

21 W. 46th St BRyant 9-8396 

Producers Laboratories, Inc. 

1600 Broadway Circle 6-6446 

Star Safety Film 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-0888 

Theater Supply Dealers 

Amusement Supply Co. 

341 W. 44th St Circle 6-0850 

Capitol Motion Picture Supply Corp. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-0340 

Crown Motion Picture Supplies Corp. 

346 W. 44th St Circle 6-4780 

Hornstein, Joe, Inc. 

630 Ninth Ave Circle 6-6285 

National Theater Supply 

356 W. 44th St Circle *o-6900 

SOS Cinema Supply Co. 

449 W. 42nd St LOngacre 3-4040 


Allied Non Theatrical Film Association, Inc. 

299 Broadway WOrth 2-3354 

American Arbitration Association 

9 Rockefeller Plaza Circle 5-4700 


30 Rockefeller Plaza COlumbus 5-7464 

Authors' Guild-Authors' League 

6 E. 39th St MUrray Hill 5-6930 

Catholic Actors Guild 

Hotel Astor Circle 6-5566 

Catholic Writers Guild 

128 W. 71st St ENdicott 2-0411 

Cinema Lodge 1366 B'nai B'rith 

321 W. 44th St Circle 6-1010 

Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs 

444 Madison Ave PLaza 5-3939 

Copyright Protection Bureau 

1270 Sixth Ave Circle 7-1934 

Dramatists' Guild 

6 E. 39th St MUrray Hill 5-6930 

Educational Film Library Association 

45 Rockefeller Plaza Circle 5-5750 

Film Players' Club, Inc. 

251 W. 51st St COlumbus 5-9222 

Friars National Association 

226 W. 47th St Circle 6-5835 

Lambs, The 

130 W. 44th St BRyant 9-8020 

MPPDA (Hays Office) 

28 W. 44th St BRyant 9-4000 

Museum of Modern Art Film Library 

11 W. 53rd St Circle 5-8900 

Music Publishers' Protective Ass'n 

45 Rockefeller Plaza Circle 6-3084 

National Board of Review 

70 Fifth Ave ALgonquin 4-8344 

National Legion of Decency 

35 E. '51st St WIckersham 2-3143 

National Variety Artists, Inc. 

233 W. 46th St COlumbus 5-2638 

Office of Censorship (Federal) 

253 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-8600 

OWI-Overseas Motion Picture Bureau 

35 W. 45th St BRyant 9-9455 

Paramount-Pep Club 

1501 Broadway BRyant 9-8700 

Picture Pioneers, Inc. 

729 Seventh Ave BRyant 9-7900 

Society of Authors' Representatives 

522 Fifth Ave MUrray Hill 2-0166 

Society of Motion Picture Engineers 

Hotel Pennsylvania PEnnsylvania 6-0620 

Television Broadcasters Association 

500 Fifth Ave LAckawanna 4-4788 

USO-Camp Shows, Inc. 

8 W. 40th St PEnnsylvania 6-4641 

War Activities Committee 

1501 Broadway Wisconsin 7-9350 

Labor Unions 


45 W. 47th St BRyant 9-3550 

Actors Equity Association 

45 W. 47th St BRyant 9-3550 

American Federation of Musicians 

570 Lexington Ave PLaza 8-0600 

Empire State Motion Picture Operators 

251 W. 42nd St LOngacre 3-1342 

Film Exchange Employees Union 

690 Eighth Ave LOngacre 5-5893 


630 Fifth Ave Circle 5-4370 

Independent Motion Picture Operators Union 

358 W. 44th St COlumbus 5-0159 

International Photographers 

1697 Broadway Circle 7-2091 

Motion Picture Film Editors 

369 Lexington Ave MUrray Hill 5-2630 

Motion Picture Laboratory Technicians 

165 W. 46th St BRyant 9-3281 

Motion Picture Office Employees 

251 W. 42nd St Wisconsin 7-8161 

Motion Picture Studio Mechanics 

251 W. 42nd St Wisconsin 7-3490 

Moving Picture Machine Operators (Local 306) 

251 W. 42nd St Wisconsin 7-3808 


30 E. 29th St MUrray Hill 3-9080 

Screen Publicists Guild 

1560 Broadway BRyant 9-6872 

Theatrical Protective Union 

254 W. 54th St COlumbus 5-2394 


30 E. 29th St MUrray Hill 3-9080 

Trade Publications 


1564 Broadway MEdalion 3-1615 


9 Rockefeller Plaza COlumbus 5-6370 

Film Bulletin 

1270 Sixth Ave COlumbus 5-2125 


1501 Broadway BRyant 9-7117 

Harrison's Reports 

1270 Sixth Ave Circle 7-4622 

Hollywood Reporter 

229 W. 42nd St Wisconsin 7-2470 

Independent, The 

Hotel Astor Circle 6-6460 

International Projectionist 

19 W. 44th St MUrray Hill 2-2948 

Jay Emanuel Publications 

1600 Broadway Circle 5-6282 

Motion Picture Daily 

Rockefeller Center Circle 7-3100 

Motion Picture Herald 

Rockefeller Center Circle 7-3100 

Radio Daily 

1501 Broadway Wisconsin 7-6336 

Showmen's Trade Review 

1501 Broadway BRyant 9-5606 


154 W. 46th St BRyant 9-8153 







Advance Productions 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

Alexander-Stern Productions, Inc. 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 3414 

Ameche's, Don, Command Pictures 

1626 N. Vine St Hillside 3188 

Abbott, George-Hugh Herbert-Sol Siegel 

Columbia 'Studios Hollywood 3181 

Alperson, Edward 

20th Century-Fox Studios. . . .CRestview 6-2211 
American Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Angelus Pictures, Inc. 

9138 Sunset Blvd CRestview 5-1028 

Arnold Productions, Inc. 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave. . . .HEmpstead 3231 
Arrowhead Productions 

Warner Bros. Studios HOIlywood 12'51 

Banner Productions 

4378 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 2-1101 

Bogeaus, Benedict, Productions 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

Boland, John J. 

1585 Cross Roads of the World. Hollywood 7349 

Monogram Studio NOrmandie 1-2131 

Bronston, Samuel, Pictures, Inc. 

1041 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 5111 

Biltmore Productions 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

Blake, B. K.. Inc. 

PRC Studios Hillside 8111 

Bragg, Harry, Productions 

PRC Studios Hillside 8111 

Burkett Productions 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

Cagney Productions, Inc. 

1401 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

California Pictures Corp. 

5255 Clinton St HOIlywood 1101 

Cathedral Films, Inc. 

6404 Sunset Blvd GLadstone 3743 

Chadwick Productions 

738 Irola St FItzroy 4827 

Cassidy, James B., Productions 

5255 Clinton St HOIlywood 1101 

Cinema Artists 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Champion Productions, Inc. 

RKO-Pathe Studios AShley 4-2931 

Colmes, Walter, Productions 

9113 Sunset Blvd BRadshaw 2-3782 

Continental Pictures, Inc. 

6362 Hollywood Blvd GRanite 3546 

Cowan, Lester, Productions 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

Crosby, Blng, Productions 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

DeSylva, B. G„ Productions, Inc. 

Paramount Studios HOIlywood 2411 

Darmonr, Larry, Productions 

5823 Santa Monica Blvd GRanite 1166 

DeMille, Cecil B., Productions 

5451 Marathon St Hollywood 2411 

Este Productions 

5255 Clinton St HOIlywood 1101 

Forum Films 

649 S. Olive St TRinity 4881 

Frank, W. K., Productions 

5255 Clinton St HOIlywood 1101 

Gilliam, Rodney, Productions 

7904 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 2220 

(■olden, Edward A. 

569 N. Rossmore Ave HOIlywood 3661 

(ioldstone. Phil, Productions 

6912 Hollywood Blvd Hillside 7561 

Goldwyn, Samuel 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Great Western Pictures 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

Gourfain, Harry, Productions 

PRC Studios Hillside 8111 

Hughes, Howard, Productions 

7000 Romaine St Hillside 8121 

International Pictures, Inc. 

1401 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Katzman, Sam-Jack Dietz 

Monogram Studios NOrmandie 2-1101 

King Bros. Productions 

6605 Hollywood Blvd HEmpstead 23 75 

Kleinert-Vershel Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Kosloff, Maurice, Productions, Inc. 

8800 Wilshire Blvd BRadshaw 2-2546 

Krasne Productions 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

f.andres, M. M. 

1426 Beachwood Drive HEmpstead 1191 

I. ant/., Walt, Productions 

Universal Studios STanley 7-1211 

Lloyd, Harold, Corp. 

1225 Benedict Canyon CRestview 6-2024 

Levine, Nat 

6331 Hollywood Blvd Hillside 6311 

Loew-Hakim, Inc. 

General Service Studios GRanite 3111 

I.ysander Productions 

1041 N. Las Palmas GRanite 3111 

Mascot Pictures Co. 

321 Hollywood Guarantee Bldg. . .Hillside 6311 
Monogram Pictures Corp. 
Monogram Productions, Inc. 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

Mutual Productions 

General Service Studios GRanite 3111 

Neufeld, Sig, Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Pine-Thomas Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

PRC Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Prescott Productions 

11563 Ventura Blvd SUnset 1-7844 

Manhattan Productions 

California Studios HOIlywood 1101 

Principal Productions, Inc. 

9336 W. Washington Blvd AShley 4-2931 

Producing Artists, Inc. 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

Producers Corp. of America 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Range Busters. Inc. 

11315 Ventura Blvd SUnset 2-1159 

R. C. M. Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Keed, Rowland, Productions 

8627 Sunset Blvd CRestview 6-1101 

Rogers, Charles R., Enterprises 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 


Roth, Greene & Rouse Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Ryan, Phil L. 

9172 Sunset Blvd CRestview 1-7197 

Schwarz, Jack, Productions 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Sherman, Harry, Productions 

5255 Clinton St HOllywood 1101 

Small, Edward, Productions, Inc. 

9336 Washington Blvd AShley 4-2931 

Stephens-Lang Productions, Inc. 

8949 Sunset Blvd CRestview 5-6193 

Stone, Andrew, Productions, Inc. 

1041 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

Stromberg, Hunt, Productions, Inc. 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

Sturges, Preston, Productions 

5255 Clinton St Hollywood 1101 

Supreme Pictures Corp. 

1509 N. Vine St Hillside 7178 

Skirball, Jack H.-Bruce Manning Productions 

California Studios HOllywood 1101 

Triangle Film Productions 

2800 W. Olive St CHapman 8-8412 

Television Productions 

5451 Marathon St HOllywood 2411 

United Artists Productions, Inc. 

1040 N. Las Palmas Ave GRanite 3111 

Vanguard Films, Inc. 

9336 W. Washington Bldg AShley 4-2931 

Wallis, Hal B., Productions 

Paramount Studios HOllywood 2411 

Wanger, Walter, Productions, Inc. 

Universal Studios STillwell 7-1211 

Westen, Carry, Productions, Inc. 

1357 N. Gordon St Hillside 9085 


California Studios, Inc. 

5255 Clinton St HOllywood 1101 

Chaplin, Charles, Studios 

1416 N. La Brea Ave HEmpstead 2141 

Columbia Pictures Corp. 

1438 Gower St HOllywood 3181 

1422 N. Lyman Place OLympia 2131 

Darmour, Larry, Studios 

5823 Santa Monica Blvd GRanite 1166 

Disney, Walt, Inc. 

2400 West Alameda, Burbank. .STillwell 7-1281 
General Service Corp. 

6625 Romaine St GRanite 3111 

Goldwyn, Samuel, Studios 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Gordon Street Studio 

1357 Gordon St Hillside 9085 

Harman, Hugh, Productions 

9713 Santa Monica Blvd., Bev. Hills 

CRestview 1-8184 
Hollywood Film Enterprises, Inc. 

6060 Sunset Blvd Hillside 2181 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios 

10202 Wa-aington Blvd., Culver City 

AShley 4-3311 
Monogram Studios 

4376 Sunset Drive NOrmandie 1-2131 

National Screen Service Studio 

7026 Santa Monica Blvd GLadstone 3136 

PRC Studios 

7324 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 8111 

Pal, George, Productions, Inc. 

1041 N. McCadden Place HOllywood 1466 

Paramount Studios 

5451 Marathon St HOllywood 2411 

Pickford, Mary 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Popular Pictures, Inc. 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Quality Pictures Co. 

5634 Santa Monica Blvd GLadstone 4088 

RKO Radio Pictures Studios 

780 Gower St HOllywood 5911 

RKO-Pathe Studios 

9336 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City 

AShley 4-2931 
Republic Studios 

4024 Radford Ave., N. Hollywood 

SUnset 2-1121 
Roach, Hal E., Studios, Inc. 

8822 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City 

AShley 4-2761 


PRC Studio Hillside 8111 

Scientific Films, Inc. 

6052 Sunset Blvd GLadstone 7101 

Screen Gems, Inc. 

861 N. Seward St HOllywood 2907 

Telefilm, Inc. 

6039 Hollywood Blvd GLadstone 5748 

Twentieth Century-Fox Studios 

10201 W. Pico Blvd., Bev. Hills 

CRestview 6-2211 

Sunset Blvd. & Western Ave., Bev. Hills 

HOllywood 3141 
Universal Pictures Studios 

Universal City STanley 7-1211 

Venus Productions 

1041 N. Formosa Ave GRanite 5111 

Warner Bros. Studios 

Burbank HOllywood 1251 

1703 Talmadge St NOrmandy 1-7010 

5842 Sunset Blvd HOllywood 5811 

Wolf, Raphael G., Studios 

1741 N. Wilton Place GRanite 6126 


Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences 

1201 Taft Bldg GLadstone '5131 

American Federation of Labor 

815 S. Hill St TRinity 5481 

Association of Motion Producers 

5504 Hollywood Blvd GLadstone 6111 

California Research Bureau 

6331 Hollywood Blvd GRanite 0881 

Independent Motion Picture Producers Association 

738 Irola St FItzroy 4827 

Independent Theater Owners of Southern Calif. 

1914 S. Vermont Ave Rochester 1171 

Motion Picture Society for the Americas 

6331 Hollywood Blvd HEmpstead 4133 

Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers 

6233 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 6371 

War Activities Committee-Motion Picture Industry 

6233 HollywooS Blvd HOllywood 6371 

Call Bureau 

5504 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 2921 

Central Casting Corp. 

5504 Hollywood Blvd GArfield 3711 

Masquers, The 

1765 N. Sycamore Ave HOllywood 2164 

Hollywood Writers Mobilization 

1655 N. Cherokee Ave HOllywood 3601 

Southern California Theater Associates 

1914 S. Vermont Ave Rochester 1194 


Motion Picture Internationals Committee 

1651 Cosmo St Hillside 8331 

Actors Equity Association 

6331 Hollywood Blvd Hillside 5121 

American Federation of Radio Artists 

6331 Hollywood Blvd Hillside 5121 

American Guild of Variety Artists 

1586 Cross Roads of the World. . .Hillside 8«19 
Screen Actors Guild 

7046 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 7311 

Screen Children's Guild 

1597 Cross Roads of the World. HOllywood 1810 
Studio Air Conditioning Engineers 

1509 N. Vine St GRanite 5129 

Society of Motion Picture Art Directors 

9172 Sunset Blvd CRestview 1-8774 

American Society of Cinematographers 

1782 N. Orange Drive GRanite 2135 

International Photographers 

6461 Sunset Blvd Hillside 0125 

Studio Carpenters 

'5164 Santa Monica Blvd. . .MOrningside 1-1101 
Screen Cartoonists 

6272 Yucca St Hillside 4197 

Screen Directors Guild, Inc. 

1508 Cross Roads of the World. . . Hillside 8165 
Motion Picture Film Editors 

1525 Cross Roads of the World. . .Hillside 0275 
Motion Picture Electricians 

7579 Melrose Ave WEbster 9144 

Motion Picture Studio Police & Firemen 

4151 W. Fifth St DRexel 3128 

Motion Picture Studio Grips 

6472 Santa Monica Blvd Hillside 7588 i 

Motion Picture Location Managers 

P. O. Box 900, Bev. Hills. . . .CRestview 6-2211 ; 

Screen Office Employees Guild 

1515 Cross Roads of the World . HEmpstead 51S1 
Screen Players Union 

723 N. Western Ave HYperion 3301 

Screen Publicists Guild 

1515 Cross Roads of the World. HEmpstead 5181 
Script Clerks Guild 

1710 S. Garth Ave AShley 4-3012 

Motion Picture Costumers 

7046 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood 8207 

Screen Writers Guild 

1655 N. Cherokee Ave Hollywood 3601 

Hotels and Apartments 

Ambassador Hotel 

3400 Wilshire Blvd DRexel 7011 

Beverly Hills Hotel 

9641 Sunset Blvd CRestview 1-8131 

Beverly Wilshire Hotel 

0514 Wilshire Blvd CRestview 6-7111 

Biltmore Hotel 

515 S. Olive St Michigan 1011 

Castle Argyle Arms Apartments 

1919 Argyle Ave Hollywood 2141 

Chapman Park Hotel 

6155 Alexandria Ave FItzroy 1181 

Chateau Elysee Apartments 

5930 Franklin Ave Hollywood 2171 

Fontenoy Apartments 

1811 N. Whitley Ave Hillside 5191 

Garden of Allah Hotel 

8152 Sunset Blvd Hollywood 3581 

Gaylord Apartments 

3355 Wilshire Blvd Exposition 4150 

Hermoyne Apartments 

569 N. Rossmore Ave Hollywood 3661 

Hollywood Athletic Club 

6525 Sunset Blvd HEmpstead 1161 

Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel 

1714 Ivar Ave Gladstone 3171 

Hollywood Plaza Hotel 

1637 N. Vine St Gladstone 1131 

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 

7000 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood 2442 

Hotel Mayfair 

1256 W. Seventh St Hollywood 2442 

Los Angeles Athletic Club 

431 W. Seventh St MAdison 2211 

Montecito Apartments 

6650 Franklin Ave GLadstone '5124 

Ravenswood Apartments 

570 N. Rossmore Ave Hollywood 5391 

Langham Apartment Hotel 

715 S. Normandie Ave FItzroy 5241 

Lido Apartment Hotel 

6500 Yucca St Hollywood 2961 

Los Altos Hotel & Apartments 

4121 Wilshire Blvd DRexel 1181 

Town House, The 

639 S. Commonwealth Ave. . . .Exposition 1234 
Sunset Towers 

8358 Sunset Blvd Hillside 7171 

Villa Italia 

1201 N. Crescent Heights Blvd. . Hollywood 5361 
Voltaire Apartments 

1428 N. Crescent Heights Blvd. 

HEmpstead 8089 

Newspapers, Trade Publica- 
tions and Fan Magazines 

American Cinematographer 

1782 N. Orange Drive GRanite 2135 

Billboard, The 

1509 Vine St Hollywood 1866 

Daily News 

1257 S. Los Angeles St Richmond 6565 


1243 Trenton St Richmond 4141 


1111 S. Broadway Richmond 1212 


6404 Hollywood Blvd GLadstone 1186 


6425 Hollywood Blvd GRanite 8607 

Hollywood Citizen-News 

1545 N. Wilcox Ave Hollywood 1235 

Hollywood Reporter 

6715 Sunset Blvd Hillside 7411 

Hollywood Review 

6060 Sunset Blvd GRanite 5149 

International Photographer 

6461 Sunset Blvd Hillside 9189 

Motion Picture Daily 
Motion Picture Herald 

6305 Yucca St GRanite 2145 

Pacific Coast Showman 

2020 S. Vermont Ave REpublic 4163 

Radio Artists Directory 

1509 N. Vine St Hillside 0101 

Radio Daily 

6425 Hollywood Blvd GRanite 6607 


202 W. First St MAdison 2345 


1708 N. Vine St HOllywood 1141 


Bar of Music 

7551 Beverly Blvd., B. H WEbster 7811 

Beachcomber Cafe 

1727 N. McCadden Place HOllywood 3968 

Biltmore Bowl 

Biltmore Hotel MIchig-an 6439 

Bit of Sweden 

9051 Sunset Blvd BRadshaw 2-2800 

Brown Derby 

9537 Wilshire Blvd., B. H. . .CRestview 6-2311 

1628 N. Vine St HOllywood 5151 

4500 Los Feliz Blvd OLympia 2913 

3377 Wilshire Blvd FItzroy 5151 

Ella Campbell's 

8351 Sunset Blvd HOllywood 0556 


9039 Beverly Blvd CRestview 1-2168 


Roosevelt Hotel HOllywood 2442 


8433 Sunset Blvd HEmpstead 2381 

Clover Club 

8477 W. Sunset Blvd HEmpstead 7141 

Cock'n Bull 

9170 Sunset Blvd BRadshaw 2-1397 

Cocoanut Grove 

Ambassador Hotel DRexel 7011 

Sari Carroll 

6230 Sunset Blvd HOllywood 7101 

Florentine Garden 

9599 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 6311 

Gotham Cafe 

7050 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 1438 

Hollywood Palladium 

6215 Sunset Blvd HOllywood 7356 

House of Murphy 

410 S. Van Vicente Blvd CRestview 5-0191 

La Rue Restaurant 

8633 Sunset Blvd BRadshaw 2-2733 

Les Comiqules 

Plaza Hotel GLadstone 5166 

Mike Lyman's 

1623 N. Vine St HEmpstead 3191 


8588 Sunset Blvd BRadshaw 2-3443 

Musso & Frank 

6667 Hollywood Blvd GRanite 7788 


3927 Wilshire Blvd FEderal 1221 

The Players 

8225 Sunset Blvd Hillside 7303 

Roosevelt Hotel 

7000 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 2442 


6351 Hollywood Blvd HOllywood 2131 

Slapsy Maxie's 

5665 Wilshire Blvd WEbster 6181 

Somerset House 

155 N. La Cienega Blvd BRadshaw 2-1052 

Tail O' the Cock 

477 S. La Cienega Blvd BRadshaw 2-2214 

Trocadero Cafe 

8610 Sunset Blvd BRadshaw 2-3128 

The Tropics 

421 N. Rodeo Dr., B. H BRadshaw 2-2045 


7953 Sunset Blvd HOllywood 7203 





Exclusive Management 






Associate Editor, The Film Daily 


■ O say that television moved ahead in 1944 would be an understatement, for its progress 
from both the standpoints of technical advancements and program development was, to be trite, 
on the sensational side. While 1943 in the field of television was devoted largely to experimenta- 
tion, the succeeding year saw a rapid gain in public interest and the initial steps in a wider 
application of the use of advertising; in other words, sponsored television. It can be said justly 
that television is here. 

The motion picture industry's participation in the so-called video is ample proof that the 
business will be closely allied with this new form of entertainment. What television's effect will 
be on motion pictures as a whole is still problematical; not until the war is over and receiving 
sets are plentiful can it be determined whether the public will take television to its heart as 
readily as it did sound pictures. Industry leaders believe that it will. In any event, the industry 
has no intentions to be caught short. 

RK.O made the initial plunge as a television film producer in June when it formed a sub- 
sidiary known as RKO Television Corp. for the purpose of producing news and entertainment 
shorts exclusively for the new medium. Paramount already held a 50 per cent interest in DuMont 
Laboratories, in addition to an interest in Scophony Corp. of America in which General Precision 
Equipment Corp. also held an interest. In April, the first television premiere of a film to be 
televised was M-G-M's "Patrolling the Ether." Later in the year, Metro announced that it had 
applied for tele station permits in three cities. 

While television progressed, the year was not without its controversial issues, the most important 
of which was the question of whether video should be frozen at its present standards for the 
duration of the war and whether television should move to the higher spectrum under the FCC's 
allocation plan. Then, to the interest of the film business, there was the question of whether 
motion pictures or "live" programs should dominate the early stages of television for public 
consumption. Ralph Austrian, head of RKO Television Corp., insisted at the first annual conven- 
tion of the Television Broadcasters Association that film would and should be the backbone of 
the programs. Others at the convention took the opposite stand, and the controversy probably 
will not be settled until there is a receiving set in the majority of homes. 

Television's place in the motion picture theater was the subject for wide discussion during the 
last year. The entrance of the United States into the war in 1941 cut short initial experiments in 
theater television, following demonstrations on screens 15 by 20 feet in two New York theaters. 
At the FCC hearings last year, it was pointed out that the major companies had indicated that 
as soon as wartime restrictions were lifted, or as soon after the war as possible, they would start 
experiments with the production and exhibition of television programs in local theaters, the 
programs to be transmitted to theaters in other cities. It was pointed out that theater television, 
insofar as the immediate post-war period was concerned, probably would be presented in mono- 
chrome, using 525 lines, the present tele standard. To satisfy the public and assure its favorable 
reception, the presence of color would be required, according to testimony at the hearings. Because 
theater television is still in such an embryonic stage, the FCC declined to allocate any specific 

The growing interest in television was evidenced early in 1944 when the Television Broadcasters 
Association was formed by broadcasters and manufacturers. The interest was further enhanced in 
December when the association held its first convention and drew more than 800 persons to the 
Commodore Hotel. Another important event in the cavalcade of television in 1944 was the 
inauguration of the first television network, linking WNBT in New York, WRGB in Schenectady 
and WPTZ in Philadelphia. The network had one of its first programs on Nov. 11 when the 
Army-Notre Dame football game was televised over the three-city stations. Television played its 
part in the Presidential elections on Nov. 7, returns having been televised over WNBT, WABD, 

Something of a historical event was the presentation of the first full length original two-hour 

(Continued on Page 776) 






The Film Daily Stajj 


RAWING the reins on production in color, war time restrictions have stymied what began 
as a bullish 1944 year in the marketing of color film fare. 

The indication shown in Technicolor's activity during the year and the bids for recognition 
of Cinecolor, Magnacolor, Thomascolor, and Ansco, as processes ready to reap their share of the 
production crop, gives rise to the possibility of a general switch to the printing of all postwar 
major features in color. 

Demand for Technicolor features exceeded the ability to supply them. Yet, a new high mark 
was set in production, 30 Hollywood features having been photographed with this process during 
1944, in addition to short subject production and work for the armed forces. It was estimated 
at the year's end that 1945 might see the production of 35 features in Technicolor. 

In 1944, for the first time, the Monopack process was used for complete photography on interiors 
as well as the exteriors of three features: M-G-M's "Son of Lassie" and "Hold High the Torch," 
and 20th-Fox's "Thunderhead, Son of Flicka." A fourth Monopack feature, M-G-M's "Early 
to Wed," has been scheduled for early in 1945. 

By the Monopack method, ordinary studio black-and-white cameras may be used to photograph 
Technicolor originals for processing in the Technicolor plant and subsequent print making by 
the Technicolor process. General application of Monopack probably will have to wait upon the 
Technicolor postwar program, as will introduction of many improvements which have been 
worked out in the research laboratory. 

Being groomed for intensive use in the postwar era by the motion picture industry, Ansco's 
new color film was previewed at a press demonstration this year.. Ansco color film is a type 
which can be processed by any laboratory with minor modification of equipment. The film re- 
quires no special cameras, since a complete record is made on a single film during exposure in 
standard camera equipment. Natural or simulated daylight illumination can be used. 

Ansco officials assert that distribution of the new film "will be expanded as rapidly as possible" 
with provisions being made for availability not only in sheet and 16mm but also in 35mm, and 
providing suitable duplication in both gauges. 

The company is cooperating with the armed services at present in color photography and is 
furnishing them with newly perfected products for special uses where the necessity exists for the 
development of negatives on the spot. 

In 1942 the technical staff of Cinecolor Corp. perfected a system of obtaining prints in three- 
color. This plant has recently installed new equipment to handle the printing and blowup of 
film from 16mm to 35mm, both in the two- and three-color process. 

Some of the features produced by the Cinecolor process are Monogram's "The Gentleman 
from Arizona," and three produced in Mexico: "Asi se Quiere en Jalisco," "China Poblana," 
and "The Adventures of Pinnochio." 

At present Magnacolor is processing the "Popular Science" and "Unusual Occupations" series, 
produced by Jerry Fairbanks for Paramount Pictures release. 


LABOR ^ 1944 

In the East 


By LOU rillCKIM 

The Film Daily Staff 

WO developments in the labor field stood out above all others in 1944. One was the growth 
of the power of the unions through further consolidation of their gains and the negotiation 
of new contracts and adjustments bringing additional benefits to industry workers. The other 
was the burgeoning of the unions into a political force. Both the AFL and CIO labor groups, 
notably the latter, injected themselves into the political picture to push issues and candidates 
favored by them. 

Huddles on new contracts between the film companies and all studio unions dominated 
labor negotiations last year. It took six weeks to reach an agreement on the issues involved. 
Participating in the conferences, which were held at the New York offices of Pat Casey, producers' 
labor contact, were 11 IATSE unions, the Conference of Studio Unions and the basic-agreement 
group, all affiliated with the AFL. The unions came out of the meetings with contracts calling 
for better working conditions and wage increases to meet the rise in living costs. 

Other unions took steps to improve the lot of film workers through contract negotiations. 
The Screen Office and Professional Employes Guild, Local 109 of the United Office and Profes- 
sional Workers of America, CIO, started talks with Paramount, Loew's, 20th-Fox, RKO and 
Columbia on new contracts, but was unable to reach an accord with the companies. The dispute 
had to be submitted to arbitration, with the outcome still in doubt at this writing. The Screen 
Publicists Guild of New York, Local 114, UOPWA, CIO, obtained wage hikes and approval of a 
plan of merit increases in a contract dispute with the majors. The Motion Picture Film Editors, 
Local 771, IATSE, won a number of benefits for its members in negotiating its first contract with 
the five newsreels. Applications seeking wage increases for exchange workers in all key centers 
were filed jointly by the IATSE and the companies. Some already have been approved by the 
Regional War Labor Boards. 

Managers and assistants in RKO houses in the New York City area gave expression to dissatis- 
faction in the ianks of managerial help when they organized themselves into the Motion Picture 
Theater Operating Managers and Assistant Managers Guild, which won recognition as their 
accredited collective bargaining agent. Efforts to work out an agreement with the circuit 
ended in a dispute which went to the Regional War Labor Board when the State Board of 
Mediation failed to bring about a settlement. There the matter stood at press time. 

In February of this year the Eastern processors met collectively with the Motion Picture 
Laboratory Technicians Union, Local 702, IATSE, to work out a basic agreement to apply 
equally to all firms having agreements with the union. The negotiations hastened banding of 
the smaller Eastern processors into the Movie Film Laboratory Association, improvement of 
conditions in the laboratory field being their main purpose. Understood to have been prompted 
by the growth in buying and booking combines, film salesmen in the New York territory took 
action looking to their organization into a guild to make their jobs secure. Salesmen outside 
of New York were said to be interested observers. Interest in this development was heightened 
by the IATSE's announcement that it was studying a proposal to organize film salesmen through- 
out the country. 

Labor rivalry in the white-collar field was sharpened, coming to a head when the Motion 
Picture Office Employes, Local 23169, AFL, tried to draw into its fold office workers over whom 
the SOPEG claimed jurisdiction. The MPOE, which had signed a new contract with Warner 
Bros, calling for higher wages, added to its strength by absorbing office help at Universal affili- 


ated with the American Federation of Office Employes, Local 20940, AFL. The SOPEG made 
its own bid for greater strength by voting for a merger with Local 1 of the UOPWA. 

Chartering of the AFL Office Workers International Union was interpreted as a move to 
eliminate the possibility of jurisdictional dispute within the AFL which might eventually involve 
office employes in the business already under the IATSE banner. Efforts were being made to 
affiliate all white-collar groups in the industry with the new international. 

The IATSE resumed its campaign to unionize front-of-the-house help in the New York 
theaters. The drive had been halted by the heavy turnover of ushers, doormen and cashiers 
resulting from the war. 

The proposed labor draft filled the industry and the unions with concern. The manpower 
situation stirred new feeling against the featherbedding practices of certain unions. 

Consolidation of Empire State Motion Picture Operators Union with the IATSE's Local 306 
was upheld by the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court in the action brought by 
a group of Empire operators to upset the merger. 

The only serious strike was that of St. Louis County (Mo.) exchange workers and projection- 
ists called in protest over the hiring of non-union operators by three theaters. The walkout 
darkened a majority of the theaters in the county before it was settled. 

Richard F. Walsh was re-elected president of the IATSE. 

New pacts signed with the major sound servicing companies contained provisions protecting 
the jurisdiction of the IATSE in that field. 

On the Vou&t 



West Coast Representative, The Film Daily 

URIXG the year 1944 there was very little delay in production due to union activities. 
Late in the year members of the Screen Set Designers, Local 1421, did not appear at work at 
five studios, and painters and machinists who were pledged to support them also took a holiday. 
The designers insisted it was not a real strike, but to show their displeasure with the action of 
producers in failing to give them jurisdiction over their type of work. 

At this writing, Attorney Thomas Tongue of Portland, Ore., named by the National War 
Labor Board to settle the dispute, which also involved the Prop Men's local, affiliated with the 
IATSE, has ruled that the producers must bargain with the set designers, whose local took 
over a contract made with the producers by the former Society of Interior M. P. Directors. The 
IATSE and the producers can appeal to the NLRB or the union can ask the American Federation 
of Labor to settle the conflicting claims, but the producers are required to continue negotiations 
with the designers pending any appeal that may be taken. 

The Tenth Regional WLB, with headquarters in San Francisco, rejected the Screen Cartoonists 
Guild's demand for a 20 per cent slice of the gross income of Walt Disney Productions from 
re-issues and the sale of television rights to old subjects. Ruling was a reversal of the findings 
of a Los Angeles panel of the WLB, which considered the Guild's proposal for a share of the 
gross from re-issues and sale of tele rights "a proper subject for collective bargaining." Disney 
had maintained the issue involved property rights and could be settled only by the courts. The 
Guild had demanded the cut retroactively, with the union to disburse the money to its unem- 
ployed and members who are in the service. 

One of the biggest fights has been between the new Screen Players Union and the Screen 
Actors Guild. At an NLRB election, the SPU won over the SAG, but at this writing both 
unions and the producers are awaiting a decision on the appeal made by the producers to the 
NLRB to reverse its certification, which gave the SPU jurisdiction over extras and extras doing 
bits, parts, songs and stunts. The SAG has contended that its contract with the producers 
give it exclusive jurisdiction over any speaking parts, no matter how minor. 


Fenchon & Marco Theatres 

Paramount Theatres 




The Film Daily Staff 

-B- HIS YEAR the flirtation carried on between Hollywood and Broadway stage hits, with 
best-seller books winking from the third angle of a triangle, will cost the Hollywood segment 
an unprecedented figure. Magazine stories and original screenplays will always maintain their 
spot in the sun, but, the planting of a closer-knit development by major producers for yarns 
from the drama and novel sources appears to have taken root. 

Topping the purchases for 1944 and setting an all time high for the screen rights to a play, 
Warner Bros, parted with $500,000 as a down-payment for "Life With Father" on a 50-50 partner- 
ship deal with producer Oscar Serlin and his associates. Next in importance for the same 
company was the purchase of "The Voice of the Turtle," at a reported $600,000 against a smaller 
percentage. A new high for story value was also reached at Columbia with its acquisition of 
"Jacobowsky and the Colonel" and "Over 21," at a reported price of $350,000 each, while 
"Junior Miss" is said to have nestled in 20th-Fox's lap for $400,000. 

Paralleling this activity, in the novel field M-G-M paid $200,000 for A. J. Cronin's "The Green 
Years," with the same figure reported paid by Mike Todd for Edna Ferber's "The Great Son," 
and 20th-Fox agreeing on this sum for "Forever Amber" subject to approval by the Hays office. 
Warner Bros, is understood to have paid $150,000 for Ellin Berlin's "Land I Have Chosen." 

The "scavenger hunt" policy for story material in the pre-consent decree days, when exhibi- 
tors, lured by a company's star lineup for the year, contracted for numbers of "untitled" films, 
has, under the present sales system, become a highly competitive search by the film producers 
for proven properties. This transition is the combined result of increased production costs, 
the use of fewer "B" films, the decreasing number of feature releases, and the ultimate bid for 
extended playing time. 

In the drama field, activity by the companies in sponsoring new productions has increased 
considerably. Apropos to this, plans and agreements which have been used or suggested during 
the year, as a basis of negotiation for the purchase of film rights, have been under consideration 
by a motion picture committee of the Dramatist Guild Council. It is expected that the finer 
points of all these plans will be combined to form an amendment to the Guild's current "basic 

One of these plans, submitted by H. William Fitelson, film attorney, was designed to 
encourage unrecognized playwrights. This plan allows a film company or producer to secure 
the film rights to a stage vehicle upon a downpayment of $25,000 with a sliding scale upwards 
to a maximum of $250,000, predicated on the number of Broadway performances. 

In an effort to foster creative writing and to produce motion pictures based on the best 
novels available, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer created an Annual Novel Award for the novel con- 
sidered most outstanding by a distinguished board of judges. A maximum total of $200,000, 
contingent upon book sales, with a minimum of $125,000 for the author, was established as the 
prize money. This year's prize-winning author was Elizabeth Goudge, for her "Green Dolphin 

The purchase of screen rights to approximately 77 novels and 38 plays during 1944 gives 
rise to the expectation of another peak year to follow for these two fields. 



Charles P. Skouras, President 







West Coast Representative, THE FILM DAILY 

_H_ HE year 1944 was one of the busiest in the history of West Coast-produced films 
made by industrial producers for private companies, various branches of the armed 
services, principally the Navy, and Government agencies. 

One of the most expensive of the productions was "Red Wagon," a feature-length offering 
based on the life of Gustavus F. Swift, founder of the Chicago packing company. It was filmized 
by the American Film Center, Inc., a non-profit organization endowed by the Rockefeller Foun 
dation. The picture will be shown to the 60,000 employes of Swift & Co., and may later be 
exhibited in schools. Sixteen millimeter Kodachrome was used in the making of the picture. 

Roland Reed had an active year, and one of his most interesting productions was "Youth 
For the Kingdom," dealing with juvenile delinquency and showing the church's approach to the 
problem. It is feature length and will be shown in the 15,000 churches comprising the Lutheran 
Synod, which has headquarters in St. Louis. 

Reed also produced "A Million-Dollar Partner," a three-length subject for the American 
States Insurance Co. It deals with the rehabilitation of the returning soldier. Gene Lockhart. 
Stuart Erwin and Kathleen Lockhart were among the players used in the cast. Reed also filmed 
"Music In The Air," a two-reel subject based on John Charles Thomas' radio program. It will 
be shown under the auspices of the Westinghouse Corp. 

The Becton-Dickinson Foundation, Rutherford, N. J., is sponsoring "Bill Proctor's Choice," 
which was made to stimulate the interest of students to embrace the pharmaceutical profession. 
It was produced by Reed's organization as a three-reel subject. Reed also produced "In The 
Service," a three-reel offering picturizing the production of Liberators by Ford at Willow Run, 

The Raphael G. Wolff organization made a one-reel Technicolor subject for the Governor's 
office of Hawaii, designed to arouse the interest of Hawaiians in war production. Wolff also 
made technical subjects for General Motors, General Electric and other large industrial concerns. 
He produced four single-reel Kodachrome films for Coca-Cola designed for entertainment of 
American servicemen in the various theaters of war. In addition, Wolff fashioned numerous 
subjects for the Navy. 

Wilding Picture Productions had a busy year, producing 283 subjects, one to seven reels in 
length, for the Navy and Government agencies, in addition to several productions for industrial 
companies and associations. 

Carl Dudley, formerly a writer at MGM and Warner Bros., and a comparative newcomer to 
the non-theatrical field, produced a three-reel subject for the Association of American Railroads, 
and also made "The Time Is Now," for the Santa Fe, and one for the American States Insurance 
Co., Minneapolis. Tradefilms continued active, as did Frederick K. Rockett, a pioneer pro- 
ducer, and Jack Boland. 






Associate Editor, The Film Daily 


-■- HE foreign film market has never been in a more interesting situation than it is today, 
nor have as many climactic changes been so imminent. What has happened, is happening and 
will happen on the continent of Europe is of primary interest. Today, the continent presents 
a kaleidoscope picture commencing in Portugal which is normal, and going eastward on the 
Iberian Peninsula to Spain, where Franco and his forces appear to be exerting their utmost 
strength to force American pictures off the Spanish screens. Decree law follows decree law, 
each succeeding decree raising new obstacles and bringing forth new difficulties to be placed 
in the path of free American motion picture enterprise within the borders of the Spanish 

In France, most of the film companies are operating in their old offices with many of their 
former staff members. The DeGaullist regime, however, has not as yet deigned to extend visas 
to American managers destined for the key posts in France and has given no reason for such 
withholding. There exists in France a governmental newsreel monopoly which, until cessation 
of hostilities, will prevent the appearance of American newsreels as such on French screens. 
Great difficulties are being encountered in the shipment of new film into France, the difficulties 
being occasioned in part by wartime shipping conditions and in part by governmental difficulties 
within France. Beyond these factors, however, free and open business is permitted and most 
American companies are doing a remarkable gross in France, using their old stock to accomplish it. 

American motion pictures are being distributed in Italy under the auspices of the Office of 
War Information. Some 40 American features have been released thus far and, as in France, 
have met with great success. Italy has experienced great material damage as a result of the 
war and until civil life returns to something like normal conditions it is doubtful that the 
military authorities will permit the American motion picture concerns to handle their own 
business. It is likely, therefore, that the OWI will continue distribution in Italy for some 
time to come. 

From the monetary standpoint, the situation on the continent does not appear very bright. 
These countries, with the exception of Portugal and the possible exception of Spain, will not be 
able to acquire gold balances for a long time, so that the remarkable business being done in local 
currencies is not likely to be translated into dollars during 1945. In Spain, governmental 
restrictions have set up artificial barriers to the free exchange of money even though Spain 
has a limited gold balance available. 

Business in England continues unusually high for all American companies due to a box 
office condition which has been created by the presence of foreign troops and millions of pounds 
which have been coming in in the form of foreign currency expended in England. 

Of extreme interest is the advent of dubbing in Latin America. The American producers 
have finally taken the plunge and have shown determination to send their pictures into Latin 
America in the language of its people. Sharp increases in the over-all Latin American grosses 
are expected, as it is hoped in the first instance to attract many new customers to the Hollywood- 
made films and in the second instance to combat the inroads made by the native-language pic- 
tures. The situation in Australia is similar to that in England and is subject to the same influences. 

In the movements of American troops northward, there is a possibility that many of the 
Japanese-invaded territories will be liberated during the next 12 months. Certainly the 
Philippines should be free of the Nipponese, but unfortunately the burning of Manila will 
greatly restrict any possible revenues through the destruction of theaters which included some 
of the finest in the Far East. For the time being, at least, the OWI will supervise the re-introduc- 
tion of American films into the Philippines. 

The year 1945, therefore, is likely to witness the return of American films into many parts of 
the war- torn world. 





In Preparation 


To Be Followed By 


To Be Released 
Through Warner Bros. 




Best Production— Going My Way (Paramount) 
Actress— Ingrid Bergman (Gaslight) 
Actor— Bing Crosby (Going My Way) 
Supporting Actor— Barry Fitzgerald (Going 

My Way) 
Supporting Actress— Ethel Barrymore (None 

But the Lonely Heart) 
Direction— Leo McCarey (Going My Way) 
Screenplay— Frank Butler, Frank Cavett (Go- 
ing My Way) 
Original Screenplay— Lamar Trotti (Wilson) 
Original Story— Leo McCarey (Going My Way) 
Scoring, Musical— Morris Stoloff, Carmen Dra- 
gon (Cover Girl) 
Scoring, Drama— Max Steiner (Since You 

Went Away) 
Original Song— "Swinging on a Star," (Going 
My Way) music, James Van Heusen; Lyrics, 
Johnny Burke 
Art Direction, Black and White— Edwin B. 

Willis, Paul Huldschinsky (Gaslight) 
Art Direction, Color— Thomas Little (Wilson) 
Film Editing— Barbara McLean (Wilson) 
Sound Recording— E. H. Hansen (Wilson) 
Cinematography, Black and White— Joseph 

LaShelle (Laura) 
Cinematography, Color— Leon Shamroy (Wil- 
Special Effects, Photographic— A. Arnold Gil- 
lespie, Donald Jahraus, Warren Newcombe 
(Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo) 
Special Effects, Sound — Douglas Shearer 

(Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo) 
Short Subjects— Cartoon: Mouse Trouble 
(M-G-M); One-reel: Who's Who in Animal 
Land (Jerry Fairbanks-Paramount); Two- 
reel: I Won't Play (Gordon Hollingshead- 
Warners) ; 

Thalberg Memorial Award— Darryl F. Zanuck 
Special Award— Margaret O'Brien (as the out- 
standing child actress of the year) 
Documentary Production— Teature: Fighting 
Lady (20t'h-Fox-U. S. Navy); Short Subject: 
With the Marines at Tarawa (U. S. Marine 


Best Production— Casablanca (Warners) 
Actress— Jennifer Jones (The Song of Berna- 

Actor— Paul Lukas (Watch on the Rhine) 
Supporting Actor— Charles Coburn (The 

More the Merrier) 

Supporting Actress— Katina Paxinou (For 
Whom the Bell Tolls) 

Direction— Michael Curtiz (Casablanca) 

Screenplay— Jules J. Epstein, Philip G. Ep- 
stein, Howard Koch (Casablanca) 

Original Screenplay— Norman Krasna (Prin- 
cess O'Rourke) 

Original Story— William Saroyan (The Hu- 
man Comedy) 

Song— "You'll Never Know," music, Harry 
Warren; Lyric, Mack Gordon (Hello, 
Frisco, Hello) 

Scoring, Musical— Ray Heindorf (This is the 

Scoring, Drama— Alfred Newman (The Song 
of Bernadette) 

Art Direction, Black and White— James Basevi, 
William Darling (The Song of Bernadette) 

Art Direction, Color— Alexander Colitzen and 
John B. Goodman (The Phantom of the 

Film Editing— George Amy (Air Force) 

Sound Recording— Stephen Dunn (This Land 
Is Mine) 

Cinematography, Black and White— Arthur 
Miller (The Song of Bernadette) 

Cinematography , Color— Hal Mohr, W. How- 
ard Green (The Phantom of the Opera) 

Special Effects, Photographic— Fred Sersen 
(Crash Dive) 

Special Effects, Sound— Roger Heman (Crash 

Short Subjects— Cartoon: Yankee Doodle 
Mouse (M-G-M); One-reel: Amphibious 
Fighters (Grantland Rice— Paramount); 
Two-reel: Heavenly Music (M-G-M) 

Thalberg Memorial Aiuard— Hal B. Wallis 

Special Award— George Pal (for his novel 
technique in producing Puppetoon shorts) 


Best Production— Mrs Miniver (M-G-M) 
Actress— Greer Garson (Mrs. Miniver) 
Actor— James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy) 
Supporting Actor— Van Heflin (Johnny Eager) 
Supporting Actress— Teresa Wright (Mrs. 

Direction— Maj. William Wyler (Mrs. Mini- 
Screenplay— Arthur Wimperis, George Froes- 
chel, James Hilton, Claudine West (Mrs. 
Original Screenplay — Ring Lardner, Jr., 

Michael Kanin (Woman of the Year) 
Original Story— Emeric Pressburger (The In- 





In Preparation: 




Art Direction, Black and White— Richard 
Day, Joseph Wright (This Above All) 

Art Direction, Color— Richard Day, Joseph 
Wright (My Gal Sal) 

Cinematography, Black and White— Joseph 
Ruttenberg (Mrs. Miniver) 

Cinematography, Color— Leon Shamroy (The 
Black Swan) 

Sound Recording— Nathan Levinson (Yankee 
Doodle Dandy) 

Short Subjects— Cartoon: Der Fuehrer's Face 
(Walt Disney); One Reel: Speaking of 
Animals and Their Families (Paramount- 
Fairbanks & Carlisle); Two Reels: Beyond 
the Line of Duty (Warner Bros.) 

Film Editing— Daniel Mandell (The Pride of 
the Yankees) 

Special Effects, Photographic— Gordon Jen- 
nings, Farciot Edouard, William L. Pereira 
(Reap the Wild Wind) 

Special Effects, Sound — Louis Masenkop 
(Reap the Wild Wind) 

Musical Picture Score— Ray Heindorf, Heinz 
Roemheld (Yankee Doodle Dandy) 

Dramatic Picture Score— Max Steiner (Now, 

Song— "White Christmas," music and lyrics 
by Irving Berlin (Holiday Inn) 

Documentaries — Features: Moscow Strikes 
Back (Artkino-Republic), Prelude to War 
(U. S. Army Special Services); Short Sub- 
jects: The Battle of Midway (U. S. Navy), 
Kokoda Front Line (Australian News Infor- 
mation Bureau) 

Special Awards— Charles Boyer (for the crea- 
tion of the French Research Foundation); 
In Which We Serve (for outstanding inter- 
national foreign production); M-G-M (for 
production of the Andy Hardy series which 
best reflects the American Way of Life) 

Thalberg Memorial Award— Sidney Franklin 
(Mrs. Miniver and Random Harvest) 


Best Production— How Green Was My Valley 

(20th Century-Fox) 
Actress— Joan Fontaine (Suspicion) 
Actor— Gary Cooper (Sergeant York) 
Supporting Actor— Donald Crisp (How Green 

Was my Valley) 
Supporting Actress— Mary Astor (The Great 

Direction— John Ford (How Green Was My 

Original Story— Harry Segall (Here Comes 

Mr. Jordan) 

(Here Comes Mr. Jordan) 
Screenplay— Sidney Buchman, Seton I. Miller 
Original Screenplay— John Mankiewicz, Orson 

Welles (Citizen Kane) 
Thalberg Memorial Award— Walt Disney 
Art Direction, Black and White— Richard 

Day, Nathan Juran (How Green Was My 

Art Direction, Color— Cedric Gibbons, Uric 

McCleary (Blossoms in the Dust) 

Cinematography, Black and White— Arthur 
Miller (How Green Was My Valley) 

Cinematography, Color— Ernest Palmer, Ray 
Rennahan (Blood and Sand) 

Sound Recording— Jack Whitney, General 
Service Studios (That Hamilton Woman) 

Short Subjects— Cartoon: Lenda Paw (Walt 
Disney). One reel: Of Pups and Puzzles 

(M-G-M); Two-reel: Main Street on the 
March (M-G-M) 

Film Editing— William Holmes (Sergeant 

Special Effects, Photographic— Farciot Ed- 
ouard, Gordon Jennings (I Wanted Wings) 

Special Effects, Sound— Louis Mesenkop (I 
Wanted Wings) 

Musical Picture Score— Frank Churchill, 
Oliver Wallace (Dumbo) 

Dramatic Picture Score— Bernard Hermann 
(All That Money Can Buy) 

Song— "The Last Time I Saw Paris," music 
Jerome Kern, Lyrics by Oscar Hammer- 
stein, II (Lady Be Good) 

Documentaries — Two - reelers: Churchill's 
Island (Canadian Film Board-United Ar- 
tists). Features: Kukan (Reynold Scott- 
Adventure Films) and Target for Tonight 
(British Information Library-Warner Bros.) 

Interior Decoration, Black and White- 
Thomas Little (How Green Was My 

Interior Decoration, Color— Edwin B. Willis 
(Blossoms in the Dust) 

Special Awards— Walt Disney, William Gar- 
rity, John A. Hawkins, RCA Manufactur- 
ing Co. (use of sound in Fantasia); Leo- 
pold Stowkowski and associates (unique 
creation of visualized music in Fantasia) 


Best Production— Rebecca (Selznick Inter- 

Actress— Ginger Rogers (Kitty Foyle) 
Actor— James Stewart (The Philadelphia 

Supporting Actor— Walter Brennan (The 

Supporting Actress— Jane Darwell (The 

Grapes of Wrath) 
Direction— John Ford (The Grapes of Wrath) 
Original Story— Benjamin Glazer, John S. 

Toldy (Arise My Love) 
Screenplay— Donald Ogden Stewart (The 

Philadelphia Story) 
Original Screenplay— Preston Sturges (The 

Great McGinty) 
Original Score— Leigh Harline, Paul J. Smith, 

Ned Washington (Pinocchio) 
Song— Music, Ned Washington; lyric, Leigh 

Harline (When You Wish Upon a Star— 

Scoring— Alfred Newman (Tin Pan Alley) 
Art Direction, Black and White— Cedric Gib- 
bons, Paul Groesse (Pride and Prejudice) 
Art Director, Color- Vincent Korda (The 

Thief of Bagdad) 




Film Editing— Anne Bauchens (North West 

Mounted Police) 
Sound Recording— Douglas Shearer (Strike 

Up the Band) 
Black and White Cinematography— George 

Barnes (Rebecca) 
Color Cinematography— George Perinal (The 

Thief of Bagdad) 
Photographic Effects— Lawrence Butler (The 

Thief of Bagdad) 
Sound Effects— Jack Whitney (The Thief of 

Short Subjects— Cartoon: The Milky Way 

(M-G-M); One-Reeler: Quicker'n a Wink 

(M-G-M); Two-Reeler: Teddy the Rough 

Rider (Warners) 
Special Awards— Bob Hope, Col. Nathan Lev- 



Best Production— Gone With the Wind (Selz 

nick-International— M-G-M) 
Actress— Vivien Leigh (Gone With the Wind) 
Actor— Robert Donat (Goodbye, Mr. Chips) 
Supporting Actress— Hattie McDaniel (Gone 

With the Wind) 
Supporting Actor— Thomas Mitchell (Stage 

Direction— Victor Fleming (Gone With the 

Original Story— Louis R. Foster (Mr. Smith 

Goes to Washington) 
Screenplay— Sidney Howard (Gone With the 

Original Music Score— Herbert Stothart (The 

Wizard of Oz) 
Scoring— Richard Hageman, Frank Harling, 

John Leipold, Leo Shuken (Stagecoach) 
Song—E. Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen ("Over 

the Rainbow" in The Wizard of Oz) 
Art Direction— Lyle Wheeler (Gone With the 

Film Editing— Hal Kern, James Newcome 

(Gone With the Wind) 
Sound Recording— Bernard B. Brown (When 

Tomorrow Comes) 
Black and White Cinematography — Gregg 

Toland (Wuthering Heights) 
Color Cinematography— Ernest Haller, Ray 

Rennahan (Gone With the Wind) 
Special Effects— E. H. Hansen (The Rains 

Short Subjects— Cartoon: The Ugly Duckling 
(Walt Disney); One-Reeler: Busy Little 

Bears (Paramount); More than One Reel; 

Sons of Liberty (Warner Bros.) 
Thalberg Memorial Award— David O. Selz- 

Special Awards— Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Tech- 
nicolor, The Motion Picture Relief Fund, 

Judy Garland, William Cameron Menzies. 


Best Production— You Can't Take It With 

You (Columbia) 
Actress— Bette Davis (Jezebel) 
.4 cror— Spencer Tracy (Boys Town) 
Supporting Actress— Fay Bainter (Jezebel) 

Supporting Actor— Walter Brennan (Ken- 

Direction— Frank Capra (You Can't Take It 
With You) 

Original Story— Dore Schary and Eleanore 
Griffin (Boys Town) 

Screenplay— George Bernard Shaw (Pygma- 

Adaptation— W. P. Lipscomb, Cecil Lewis, 
Ian Dalrymple (Pygmalion) 

Cinematography— Joseph Ruttenberg (The 
Great Waltz) 

Art Direction— Carl Weil (The Adventures 
of Robin Hood.) 

Sound Recording- T '. Moulton (The Cowboy 
and the Lady) 

Musical Composition— "Thanks for the Mem- 
ory" by Ralph Ranger and Leo Robin 
(The Big Broadcast of 1938) 

Film Editing— Ralph Dawson (The Adven- 
tures of Robin Hood) 

Original Score—Eric Wolfgang Korngold 
(The Adventures of Robin Hood) 

Scoring— Alfred Newman (Alexander's Rag- 
time Band) 

Short Subjects— One-reeler: That Mothers 
Might Live (M-G-M); Two-reeler: The 
Declaration of Independence (Warner 
Bros.); Cartoon: Ferdinand the Bull (Walt 
Disney-RKO Radio) 

Thalberg Memorial Award— Hal B. Wallis 

Special Awards— H. M. Warner, Oliver Marsh 
and Allen Davies, Deanna Durbin and 
Mickey Rooney, Walt Disney, Gordon Jen- 
nings, Farciot Edouard and Loren Ryder, 
J. Arthur Ball. 


Best Production— The Life of Emile Zola 

(Warner Bros.) 
Actress— Luise Rainer (The Good Earth) 
Actor— Spencer Tracy (Captains Courageous) 
Supporting Actress— Alice Brady (In Old 

Supporting Actor— Joseph Schildkraut (The 

Life of Emile Zola) 
Direction— Leo McCarey (The Awful Truth) 
Assistant Director— Robert Webb (In Old 

Original Story— William A. Wellman, Rob- 

bert Carson (A Star Is Born) 
Screenplay— Norman Riley Raine, Heinz Her- 
ald, Geza Herczeg (The Life of Emile 

Cinematography — Karl Freund (The Good 

Art Director— Stephen Gooson (The Lost 

Sound Recording— Thomas Moulton (The 

Musical Composition— "Sweet Leilani," by 

Harry Owens (Waikiki Wedding) 













Dance Direction— Hermes Pan (A Damsel in 

Film Editing— Gene Havlick, Gene Melford 

(Lost Horizon) 
Scoring— 100 Men and a Girl (Universal) 
Short Subjects— One-reeler: The Private Life 
of the Ganets (Educational); Two-reeler: 
Torture Money (M-G-M); Cartoon: The 
Old Mill (Walt Disney); Color Subject: 
Penny Wisdom (Pete Smith-M-G-M) 
Thalberg Plaque— Darryl F. Zanuck 
Special Awards— Mack Sennett, Edgar Ber- 
gen, W. Howard Green, Museum of Mod- 
ern Art Film Library. 


Outstanding Production— The Great Zieg- 
feld (M-G-M) 

Actress— Luise Rainer (The Great Ziegfeld) 

Actor— Paul Muni (The Story of Louis Pas- 

Supporting Actress— Gail Sondergaard (An- 
thony Adverse) 

Supporting Actor— Walter Brennan (Come 
and Get It) 

Director— Frank Capra (Mr. Deeds Goes to 

Assistant Director — Jack Sullivan (The 
Charge of the Light Brigade) 

Original Story— Sheridan Gibney, Pierre Col- 
lings (The Story of Louis Pasteur) 

Screenplay— Sheridan Gibney, Pierre Collings 
(The Story of Louis Pasteur) 

Cinematography— -Tony Gaudio (Anthony 

Art Direction— Richard Day (Dodsworth) 

Sound Recording— M-G-M Sound Depart- 
ment, headed by Douglas Shearer (San 

Musical Composition— The Way You Look 
Tonight, from Swing Time; music by 
Jerome Kern; lyrics by Dorothy Fields. 

Dance Director— Seymour Felix (A Pretty Girl 
Number from The Great Ziegfeld) 

Film Editing— Ralph Dawson (Anthony Ad- 

Scoring— Leo Forbstein (Anthony Adverse) 

Short Subjects— One-reeler: Board of Educa- 
tion (M-G-M-Hal Roach); Two-reeler: The 
Public Pays (M-G-M-Jack Chertok); Car- 
toon: Country Cousin (United Artists- 
Disney); Color Subject: Give Me Liberty 
(Warner Bros.). 

Special Award— The March of Time, as a 
distinct novelty. 


Best Production— Mutiny on the Bounty (M- 

Actress— Bette Davis (Dangerous) 
A ctor— Victor McLaglen (The Informer) 
Direction— John Ford (The Informer) 
Original Story— Ben Hecht and Charles Mac- 

Arthur (The Scoundrel) 
Screenplay— Dudley Nichols (The Informer) 
Cinematography— Hal Mohr (A Midsummer 

Night's Dream) 
Art Direction— Richard Day (The Dark An- 
Sound Recording — William Steinkampf 

(Naughty Marietta) 
Musical Compositon— Lullaby of Broadway, 

from Gold-Diggers of 1935; Music by Harry 

Warren, Lyrics by Al Dubin 
Dance Direction— Dave Gould (I've a Feelin' 

You're Foolin', from Broadway Melody of 

1936 and Straw Hat number from Folies 

Film Editing— Ralph Dawson (A Midsummef 

Night's Dream) 
Assistant Direction— Clem Beauchamp (Lives 

of a Bengal Lancer) 
Scoring— Max Steiner (The Informer) 
Short Subjects— Cartoon: Three Orphan K it- 
tens, (Walt Disney); Comedy: How i<« 

Sleep, (M-G-M); Novelty: Wings Ove 

Mount Everest (Educational) 


Outstanding Production— It Happened On» 

Night (Columbia) 
Actress— Claudette Colbert (It Happened One 

Actor— Clark Gable (It Happened One Nigln) 
Direction— Frank Capra (It Happened One- 
Original Story— Arthur Caesar (Manhaiian 

Screenplay— Robert Riskin (It Happened One 

Art Direction— The Merry Widow 
Cinematography— -Victor Milner (Cleopatra) 
Sound Recording— One Night of Love 
Assistant Director— Johnny Waters 
Short Subjects— Tortoise and the Hare 

La Cucaracha, City of Wax 
Scoring— One Night of Love 
Musical Composition— The Continental 


Actress— Katherine Hepburn (Morning Glory) 
Actor— Charle Laughton (Henry VIII) 
Direction— Frank Lloyd (Cavalcade) 
Outstanding Production— Cavalcade (Fox) 
Original Story— Robert Lord (One Way Pas- 






Yvonne DeCarlo, Rod Cameron, 

David Bruce, Walter Slezak, 

Albert Dekker, Marjorie Rambeau, 

J. Edward Bromberg, Abner Biberman 

Screenplay by LAURENCE STAlllNGS 
From an original story by Michael J. Phillips 
Associate Producer, Alexander Golitien 


A FRITZ LANG Production 

Edward G. Robinson 
Joan Bennett 


with Dan Duryea 



Merle Oberon 
Turhan Bey 




Gale Sondergaard, Ray Collins, 

Thomas Gomez, Ernest Truex, 

George Dolenz, Jerome Cowan, 

Paul Cavanagh 

Screenplay by ERNEST PASCAL, Adaptation by Emmet lavery 

From the novel "Peacock's Feather" by George S. Hellman 
Directed by ARTHUR LUBIN, Produced by WALTER WANGER 

Htlilll" 1 " 


The Great Saturday Evening Post Serial 
by the Author of "Stagecoach" 


Screenplay by ERNEST PASCAL 



A dap tation— Sarah V. Mason, Victor Heerman 
(Little Women) 

Photography— Charles Lang (Farewell to 

Art Direction— William Darling (Cavalcade) 

Sound Recording— Harold C. Lewis (Farewell 
to Arms) 

Short Subjects— Three Little Pigs (Walt Dis- 
ney); So This Is Harris (RKO Radio); Kra- 
katoa (Educational) 


Actress— Helen Hayes (Sin of Madelon Clau- 

Actor— Fredric March (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. 

Extra Award— Wallace Beery (The Champ) 
Outstanding Production— Grand Hotel (M- 

Direction— Frank Borzage (Bad Girl) 
Original Story— Frances Marion (The Champ) 
Adaptation— Edwin Burke (Bad Girl) 
Photography— Lee Garmes (Shanghai Express) 
Art Direction— Gordon Wiles (Transatlantic) 
Sound Recording— Paramount (Shanghai Ex- 
press, A Broken Lullaby, One Hour With 
You, etc.) 
Short Subjects— Flowers and Trees (Walt 
Disney). A Wrestling Swordfish (Mack Sen- 
nett), Laurel and Hardy in The Music Box 
(Hal Roach) 
Special Award— Walt Disney (for creation of 

Mickey Mouse) 
Certificate of Honorable Men tion— Techni- 
Honorable Mention— Eastman Kodak Co. 


Actress— Marie Dressier (Min and Bill) 
Actor— Lionel Barrymore (A Free Soul) 
Direction— Norman Taurog (Skippy) 

Best Produced Picture— Cimarron (Radio Pic- 

Original Story— John Monk Saunders (Dawn 

Adaptation— Howard Estabrook (Cimarron) 

Cinematography— Floyd Crosby (Tabu) 

Art Direction— Mux Ree (Cimarron) 

Sound Recording— Paramount 

Scientific Achievements 

Noise Reduction Recording Equipment- 
Electrical Research Products, RCA Photo- 
phone and RKO Radio Pictures 

Super-Sensitive Panchromatic Film—Du Pont 
Film Mfg. Co. and Eastman Kodak Co. 

Honorable Mention for Synchro-Projection 
Composite Photography— Fox Film Co. 


Actress— Norma Shearer (The Divorcee) 

Actor— George Arliss (Disraeli) 

Direction— Lewis Milestone (All Quiet on the 

Western Front) 
Outstanding Production— (All Quiet on the 

Western Front) (Universal) 
Cinematography— Joseph T. Tucker and Wil- 

lard Vander Veer (With Byrd at the South 

Art Direction— Herman Rosse (King of Jazz) 
Sound Recording — Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer 

Studio (The Big House) 
Writing— Frances Marion (The Big House) 


Actress— Mary Pickford (Coquette) 
Actor— Warner Baxter (In Old Arizona) 
Direction— Frank Lloyd (Weary River, Divine 

Lady, Drag) 
Outstanding Production— The Broadway Mel- 
ody (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) 

Cinematography — Clyde DeVinna (White 
Shadows of the South Seas) 

Art Direction— Cedric Gibbons (Bridge of San 
Luis Rey) 

Writing— Hans Kraly (The Patriot) 


Actress — Janet Gaynor (Seventh Heaven, 
Street Angel, Sunrise) 

Actor— Emil Jannings (Way of All Flesh, Last 

Directors— Frank Borzage (Seventh Heaven), 
Lewis Milestone (Two Arabian Knights) 

Outstanding Productions — Wings (Para- 
mount), Sunrise (Fox) 

Cinematography— Charels Rosher and Karl 
Struss (Sunrise) 

Art Direction— William Cameron Menzies 
(Temptation, The Dove) 

Writing Achievements— -Ben Hecht (Under- 
world), Benjamin Glazer (Seventh Heaven) 

Title Writing— Joseph W. Farnham (Telling 
the World, Fair Co-ed) 

Etigineering Achievement— Roy J. Pomeroy, 

For Marking An Epoch In Motion Picture 
History— Warner Bros, for producing The 
Jazz Singer. 



SELECTED by the nation's critics, reviewers and commentators, 
representing newspapers, magazines, syndicates and radio stations, 
in a national poll conducted by The Film Daily. 

Best Performances hy Male Stars 

BING CROSBY as Father "Chuck" O'Malley 
in Paramount's "Going My Way." 

SPENCER TRACY as Pete Sandidge in 
M-G-M's "A Guy Named Joe." 


GARY COOPER as Dr. Corydon M. Wassell 

in Paramount's "The Story of Dr. Wassell." 

FREDRIC MARCH as Mark Twain in 

Warners' "The Adventures of Mark Twain." 

Mr. Skeffington in 

Warners' "Mr. Skeffington. 

Rest Performances by Feminine Stars 

JENNIFER JONES as Bernadette Soubirous 
in 20th-Fox's "The Song of Bernadette." 

INGRID BERGMAN as Paula Alquist in 
M-G-M's "Gaslight." 


GREER GARSON as Madame Curie in 

M-G-M's "Madame Curie." 
BETTE DAVIS as Fanny Trellis in Warners' 
"Mr. Skeffington." 
Susan Ashwood in 

M-G-M's "The White Cliffs of Dover." 

Best Performances by Supporting Actors 

BARRY FITZGERALD as Father Fitzgibbon 
in Paramount's "Going My Way." 

WALTER PIDGEON as Pierre Curie in 
M-G-M's "Madame Curie." 

VAN JOHNSON as Ted Randall in M-G-M's 
"A Guy Named Joe." 

* Tied. 

MONTY WOOLLEY* as Colonel Smollett in 
UA-Selznick's "Since You Went Away." 

KEEN AN WYNN* as Private Mulvihill in 
M-G-M's "See Here, Private Hargrove." 

WALTER HUSTON* as Ling Tan in 
M-G-M's "Dragon Seed." 

Best Performances by Supporting Actresses 

ALINE MacMAHON as Ling's wife 
M-G-M's "Dragon Seed." 

RKO's "None But the Lonely Heart." 

MIRIAM HOPKINS* as Milly Drake 
Warners "Old Acquaintance." 

DIANA LYNN* as Emmy Kockenbocker in 
Paramount's "The Miracle of Morgan's 

ANGELA LANSBURY as Nancy in M G-M's 

* Tied. 

Best Performances by Juvenile Actors 

RODDY McDOWALL as Joe Carraclough in RODDY McDOWALL as John Ashwood II 

M-G-M's "Lassie Come Home." (as a boy) in M-G-M's "The White Cliffs 

of Dover." 
TED DONALDSON as Pinky in Columbia's LON McCALLISTER as Sparke Thornton in 

"Once Upon a Time." 20th-Fox's "Home in Indiana." 

DONALD O'CONNOR as Jimmy Monahan 
in Universale "The Merry Monahans." 

Best Performances by Juvenile Actresses 

MARGARET O'BRIEN as Alpha in M-G-M's SHIRLEY TEMPLE as Bridget Hilton in 

"Lost Angel." UA-Selznick's "Since You Went Away." 

JOYCE REYNOLDS as Janie Conway in PEGGY ANN GARNER as Jane (as a child) 

Warners' "Janie." in 20th-Fox's "Jane Eyre." 

MARGARET O'BRIEN as Adele Varens in 
20th -Fox's "Jane Eyre." 

Best Direction 

LEO McCAREY for "Going My Way"- ALFRED HITCHCOCK for "Lifeboat" - 

Paramount. 20th-Fox. 

HENRY KING for "The Song of Berna- JOHN CROMWELL for "Since You Went 

dette"— 20th-Fox. Away"— UA-Selznick. 

GEORGE CUKOR for "Gaslight"-M-G-M. 

Outstanding Screenplays 


Cavett— Paramount. Seaton— 20th -Fox. 


mond Chandler— Paramount. Selznick— UA-Selznick. 

"LIFEBOAT" Joe Swerling-20th-Fox. 

Outstanding Photography 

LADY IN THE DARK" (Technicolor) Ray "LASSIE COME HOME" George Seaton- 

Rennahan— Paramount. M-G-M. 


Harold Rosson-M-G-M. Miller-20th-Fox. 

"JANE EYRE" George Barnes-20th-Fox. 

"Finds" of the Year 


DANNY KAYE, Samuel Goldwyn. VAN JOHNSON, M-G-M. 




Released thru RKO 

Released thru RKO 



"WOMAN in the WINDOW" 


"BELLE of the YUKON" 



(in Technicolor) 


(in Technicolor) 


A Gary Cooper Production 




'in Technicolor) 


Producer — Writer 

International Pictures 

Producer and Writer . 



in the WINDOW" 












Starring Gary Cooper and Loretta Young 

International Pictures 






1% $&&&, 


J j 





tfiiir* j^n&l^^^ for * 





Production Designer 






Best Drama Films 

'None But the Lonely Heart" (RKO) 
'Going My Way" (Paramount) 
'The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" (Para- 
'Hail the Conquering Hero" (Paramount) 
'The Song of Bernadette" (20th-Fox) 

"Wilson" (20th-Fox) 
"Meet Me in St. Louis" (M-G-M) 
"Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" (M-G-M) 
"Thunder Rock" (English Films) 
"Lifeboat" (20th-Fox) 

Best Documentaries 

'Memphis Belle" 
'With the Marines at Tarawa" 

"Battle for the Marianas' 
"Tunisian Victory" 

Outstanding Acting 

Ethel Barrymore in "None But the Lonely 

Ingrid Bergman in "Gaslight" 
Eddie Bracken in "Hail the Conquering 

Himphrf.v Bogart in "To Have and Have 

Bing Crosby in "Going My Way" 

June Duprez in "None But the Lonely 

Barry Fitzgerald in "Going My Way" 
Betty Hutton in "The Miracle of Morgan's 

Margaret O'Brien in "Meet Me in St. Louis" 
Franklin Pangborn in "Hail the Conquering 



Jflost Popular Films 

'Going My Way" (Paramount) 
'Wilson" (20th-Fox) 
'The Song of Bernadette" (20th-Fox) 
'Since You Went Away" (UA-Selznick) 
None But the Lonely Heart" (RKO) 

Meet Me in St. Louis (M-G-M) 

"Dragon Seed" (M-G-M) 

"Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" (M-G-M) 

"Laura" (20th-Fox) 

"The White Cliffs of Dover" (M-G-M) 





'OVERING a wide variety of topics of interest to both the public and the 
industry, The Film Daily in September presented the 1944 Critics' Forum. 
Material represents the views of motion picture editors and commentators of 
newspapers, magazines, syndicates and radio stations across the nation on a series 
of eight questions. 

Question I 

Looking forward to Victory and the post-war period, what types of stories do you feel 
Hollywood studios should produce? 
Critics feel that post-war film fare should be diversified and lighter than much of the wartime 
product. Many call for the discarding of war themes; there were heavy votes for comedies and 
musicals, although a not inconsiderable number of Forum participants held out for all kinds 
of motion pictures, so long as they entertain. 

On the other hand, not a few of the scriveners believe that films should become more socially 
conscious; should emphasize post-war problems, democracy, religious themes, American ideals ot 
international matters. There were some boosters for documentary or instructional subjects. 

Question Mi- A 

Is there, in your immediate territory, any marked public interest in television? 
Only 38 per cent of Forum contributors could see any appreciable degree of public interest 
in television. To most critics, excepting those on the Coasts where programs are being televised, 
the medium is just something they and their readers or listeners have read about, but of which 
they have little first-hand knowledge. 

Question II-B 

Granting that theatrical television is assured, do you regard it as a threat to the motion 

picture theater as now constituted} 
But a small part— 27 per cent— of critical America see television as a threat to the film theater. 
Balance believe that the industry will continue much as it is now constituted when theatrical 
television becomes a reality. 

Question III 

British interests from time to time have contended that English quality pictures have 
not found a welcome in the United States. Would you say that audiences in your city 
are not disposed to accept such pictures? 
Forty-five per cent of the critics believe that their audiences are not disposed to accept most 
British pictures. A number qualified their answers by noting that outstanding British-made 
films are welcomed in their cities, but many cited the difference in pace between U. S. and British 
product, the thick accents in some English films, or a lack of technical qualities in the general 
run of British pictures. 

Question TV 

In your opinion, will the post-war period bri?xg a recession in film attendance in your 

area as a result of such factors as the end of ban on 'recreational motoring, counter-lure 

of sports, population shifts, etc.? Which of these factors would you consider major? 

Half of the critics expect a recession in film theater attendance with the end of the war. 

Return to unlimited gasoline is considered the major factor, with population shifts, including 

the closing of camps used to train personnel for the armed forces, as the next strongest. Many 

critics argue that sports have not been curtailed in their localities and only a few believe that 

field will add to competition. Payroll reductions as war plants return to normal working hours, 

other unspecified recreations, and the end of train and bus travel difficulties are listed as factors 

threatening theater box-offices in the post-war period. 


Quality of product is considered a determining factor by one group which hold that the cost 
of a theater ticket, or the time required to attend a worthwhile attraction, can always be spared. 

Question V 

The post-ivar period will see many new theaters constructed and many more modernized 
and re-fitted. As a more-frequent-than-most movie-goer, what innovations, improvements 
and changes in architecture and equipment would you like to see? 

Comfort, eye, ear and body, and elimination of distractions from the screen are sought by 
film critics in the post-war theater. Topping their list of looked for equipment improvements 
are pleas for better air conditioning, including Summer cooling and ventilation in both warm 
and cool seasons. Tied in second place are demands for comfortable chairs and for more leg 
room between rows so that patrons will not have to stand up to let people in and out of 
adjacent seats. 

Coupled with the latter, the critics would like improved seating arrangements to eliminate 
bad perspective from front and side seats, with chairs staggered and the auditorium sloped to 
assure a clear view of the screen from all seats. Wider aisles are also proposed. 

Modernized lighting was mentioned by many of the constant movie-goers, with the most 
repeated suggestion one to graduate lights so that a person coming from the bright outdoors will 
be eye-accustomed to interior darkness by the time he seeks a place to sit down. Critics hold 
that isle lights should be arranged to adequately illuminate the aisles but not so they can shine 
in the eyes of patrons in aisle seats. 

Proper acoustics and improved sound reproduction are sought with many complaining that 
their local houses have dead spots so far as sound is concerned. 

As for new theaters, critics feel they should be small, featuring functional architecture and 
less gaudy decoration. Some call for stadium type houses, eliminating balconies. There were 
scattered suggestions of glass enclosed standee space, hard-of-hearing devices, check rooms, chil- 
dren's sections, improved rest rooms, soda fountains, nurseries, or "cry" rooms for babies, recrea- 
tion space, more drinking fountains, clocks visible to audiences, and parking space adjacent 
to theaters. One chap suggested an escalator between the main floor and balcony of his 
local theater. 

Critics would eliminate candy and popcorn machines from theaters and a number would 
eliminate those who eat candy or popcorn during performances. 

Question VI 

You are familiar with the motion picture industry's splendid record of war-time service. 

Do you feel that the general public is fully acquainted with what the industry has done 

for the war effort? Or do you feel that the industry has been remiss in not publicizing 

its contributions as have such industries as motors, aviation, etc.? 
While almost all of the critics* feel that the motion picture industry is doing a bang-up war 
effort job, only slightly more than half— 59 per cent— believe the public is familiar with the 
effort. At the same time, only 38 per cent believe that the industry has been remiss in not 
publicizing its contributions. Scribes seem to feel that films have not suffered from a lack of 
publicity during the war as have industries whose products were off the market. 

Question VII 

Hollywood during the war years has reduced the number of features made annually. 

Do you feel such a policy should be continued in the post-war period? 
Sixty-three per cent of the scribes favor continuance of fewer features after the war. Points 
in the policy's favor include the hope that fewer pictures will mean generally better productions, 
while many of the commentators see the eventual end of dual features— a long standing horror 
among critics. 

Question VIII 

Does your paper give preference to motion picture stories and art originating with news 
services and syndicates, to publicity supplied by studio publicity departments or to 
material you develop locally? 
Material developed locally by critics is given top preference by motion picture editors, while 
radio commentators depend equally on news services and studio publicity for their information, 
using little self-developed material. 

Breakdown shows that 38 per cent of newspaper editors prefer local material, 30 per cent 
favor the syndicates and news services, 12 per cent like studio matter and 17 per cent concede 
that they use all mediums as background information or in some other way. 





A Selznick International Picture 


An RKO Radio Picture 




Best Motion Picture: "Going M\ Wa\" (Para 

Best Male Performance: Barry Fitzgerald, 
"Going My Way." 

Best Feminine Performance: Tallulah Bank- 
head, "Lifeboat" (20th-Fox). 

Best Direction: Leo McCarey, "Going My 

Special Award: U. S. Army for its factual 
films, with specific commendation for 
"Memphis Belle" and "Attack." 


Best Motion Picture: "Watch on the Rhine" 

Best Male Performance: Paul Lukas, "Watch 

on the Rhine" (Warners). 
Best Feminine Performance: Ida Lupino, 

"The Hard Way" (Warners). 
Best Direction: George Stevens, "The More 

the Merrier" (Columbia). 
Special Award: U. S. Army Signal Corps, for 

its fact films and for "Report from the 



Best Motion Picture: "In Which We Serve" 
(UA-Noel Coward). 

Best Male Performance: James Cagney, "Yan- 
kee Doodle Dandy" (Warner Bros.). 

Best Feminine Performance: Agnes Moore- 
head, "The Magnificent Ambersons" (RKO- 
Orson Welles). 

Best Direction: John Farrow, "Wake Island" 


Best Motion Picture: "Citizen Kane" (RKO- 

Best Male Performance: Gary Cooper, "Ser- 
geant York" (Warners). 

Best Feminine Performance: Joan Fontaine 
"Suspicion" (RKO Radio). 

Best Direction: John Ford, "How Green Was 
My Valley" (20th Century-Fox). 


Best Motion Picture: "The Grapes of Wrath" 

(20th Century-Fox). 
Best Male Performance: Charles Chaplin*, 

"The Great Dictator" (UA-Chaplin). 

Best Feminine Performance: Katharine Hep- 
burn, "The Philadelphia Story" (M-G-M). 

Best Direction: John Ford, "The Grapes of 

Best Foreign Film: "The Baker's Wife" 
(Baker's Wife, Inc). 

Award refused. 


Best Motion Picture: "Wuthering Heights" 

Best Male Performance: James Stewart, "Mr. 
Smith Goes to Washington" (Columbia). 

Best Feminine Performance: Vivien Leigh, 
"Gone With the Wind" (M-G-M-Selznick 

Best Direction: John Ford, "Stagecoach" 

Best Foreign Film: "Harvest" (French Cin- 
ema Center). 


Best Motion Picture: "The Citadel" 

Best Male Performance: James Cagney, "An- 
gels With Dirty Faces" (Warners). 

Best Feminine Performance: Margaret Sul- 
lavan, "Three Comrades" (M-G-M). 

Best Direction: Alfred Hitchcock, "The Lady 
Vanishes" (Gaumont-British). 

Best Foreign Film: "Grand Illusion" (World). 


"The Life of Emile 

Paul Muni, "The 

Best Motion Picture: 

Zola" (Warners). 
Best Male Performance: 

Life of Emile Zola." 
Best Feminine Performance: Greta Garbo, 

"Camille" (M-G-M). 
Best Direction: Gregory La Cava, "Stage 

Door" (RKO-Radio). 
Best Foreign Film: "Mayerling" (Pax Film). 



Best Motion Picture: "Mr. Deeds Goes 

Town" (Columbia). 
Best Male Performance: Walter Huston, 

"Dodsworth" (UA-Goldwyn). 
Best Feminine Performance: Luise Rainer, 

"The Great Ziegfeld" (M-G-M). 
Best Direction: Rouben Mamoulian, "The 

Gay Desperado" (UA-Lasky). 
Best Foreign Film: "La Kermese Herioque" 





1944 TEN BEST 

W^ELECTED by 479 representative critics and commentators 
of newspapers, magazines, syndicates, and radio stations in the 
23rd annual poll conducted by The Film Daily. 

Picture Distributor Votes 

Going My Way Paramount 428 

The Song of Bernadette 20th Century-Fox 325 

Since You Went Away UA-Selznick 231 

Madame Curie M-G-M 207 

Dragon Seed M-G-M 191 

The White Cliffs of Dover M-G-M 190 

Gaslight M-G-M 187 

A Guy Named Joe M-G-M 175 

The Story of Dr. Wassell Paramount 161 

Lifeboat 20th Century-Fox 154 


Picture and Distributor lotes 

Lassie Come Home (M-G-M) 152 

Double Indemnity (Paramount) 133 

Arsenic and Old Lace (Warners) 123 

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (Para- 
mount) 117 

Destination Tokyo (Warners) 103 

Mr. Skeffington (Warners) 98 

See Here, Private Hargrove (M-G-M) 88 

Jane Eyre (20th-Fox) 85 

The Sullivans (20th-Fox) 85 

The Adventures of Mark Twain (War- 
ners) 81 

Cover Girl (Columbia) 70 

Lady in the Dark (Paramount) 68 

Two Girls and a Sailor (M-G-M) 65 

Home in Indiana (20th-Fox) 63 

Up in Arms (RKO-Goldwyn) 61 

Hail the Conquering Hero (Paramount). 60 

Guadalcanal Diary (20th-Fox) 53 

None But the Lonely Heart (RKO) 51 

Thousands Cheer (M-G-M) 49 

The Purple Heart (20th-Fox) 47 

Old Acquaintance (Warners) 44 

The Eve of St. Mark (20th -Fox) 42 

Lost Angel (M-G-M) 42 

The Uninvited (Paramount) 40 

Janie (Warners) 38 

Picture and Distributor Votes 

An American Romance (M-G-M) 36 

Casanova Brown (RKO-International). . . 30 

The Lodger (20th-Fox) 29 

Happy Land (20th-Fox) 27 

The North Star (RKO-Goldwyn) 25 

Flesh and Fantasy (Universal) 23 

Bathing Beauty (M-G-M) 20 

Tender Comrade (RKO) 18 

Wing and a Prayer (20th-Fox) 18 

Christmas Holiday (Universal) 17 

Passage to Marseille (Warners) 16 

The Mask of Dimitrios (Warners) 15 

Between Two Worlds (Warners) 14 

In Our Time (Warners) 14 

Phantom Lady (Universal) 14 

The Woman in the Window (RKO-Inter- 
national) 14 

Buffalo Bill (20th-Fox) 13 

The Impatient Years (Columbia) 13 

Once Upon a Time (Columbia) 13 

Kismet (M-G-M) 12 

Show Business (RKO) 12 

Shine On, Harvest Moon ( Warners) 11 

Address Unknown (Columbia) 10 

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (UA- 

Bogeaus) 10 

The Hitler Gang (Paramount) 10 





(Paramount Release) 


"The Bells of St. Mary's" 

A Rainbow Production 
(RKO Release) 



"Going My 

A Paramount Picture 

CREDITS; Executive Producer, B. G. DeSylva; Producer-Director, Leo McCarey; Screenplay, 
Frank Butler, Frank Cavett; Story, Leo McCarey; Director of Photography, Lionel Lindon; Art 
Directors, Hans Dreier, William Flannery; Special Photographic Effects, Gordon Jennings; Editor, 
Leroy Stone; Costumes, Edith Head; Makeup Artist, Wally Westmore; Sound Recording, Gene 
Merritt, John Cope; Set Decorator, Steve Seymour; Music Director, Robert Emmett Dolan; Vocal 
Arrangements, Joseph J. Lilley; Music Associate, Troy Sanders; Songs, "Day After Tomorrow," 
"Would You Like to Swing on a Star?" and "Going My Way," by Johnny Burke and James 
van Heusen. 

CAST: Bing Crosby, Rise Stevens, Barry Fitzgerald, James Brown, Jean Heather, Eily 
Malyon, Frank McHugh, Stanley Clements, Gene Lockhart, Porter Hall, Fortunio Bonanova. 

One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 



ihe Song of 
Bernaaette n 

A 20th Century-Fox Picture 

CREDITS: Director, Henry King; Producer, William Perlberg; Screenplay, George Seaton; 
Novel, Franz Werfel; Music, Alfred Newman; Director of Photography, Arthur Miller; Art 
Directors, James Basevi, William Darling; Set Decorator, Thomas Little; Associate, Frank E. 
Hughes; Film Editor, Barbara McLean; Costumes, Rene Hubert; Special Photographic Effects, 
Fred Sersen; Makeup Artist, Guy Pearce; Sound, Alfred Bruzlin, Roger Heman; Orchestral 
Arrangements, Edward Powell. 

CAST: Jennifer Jones, William Eythe, Charles Bickford, Vincent Price, Lee J. Cobb, Gladys 
Cooper, Anne Revere, Roman Bohnen, Mary Anderson, Patricia Morison, Aubrey Mather, 
Charles Dingle, Edith Barrett, Sig Ruman, Blanche Yurka, Ermadean Walters, Marcel Dalio, 
Pedro De Cordoba, Jerome Cowan, Charles Waldron, Moroni Olsen, Nana Bryant, Manart 
Kippen, Merrill Rodin, Nino Pipitone, Jr., John Maxwell Hayes, Jean Del Val, Nestor Paiva, 
Tala Birell, Eula Morgan, Alan Napier, Dorothy Shearer, Frank Reicher, Charles La Tone. 
Nino Pipitone, St., Edwin Stanley, Lionel Braham, Ian Wolfe, Andre Chariot. 

One of THE FILM DAMLY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 








^ m 


S3****" " 

Since You Went Away" 

A David O. Selznick Picture 
Released through United Artists 

CREDIXSs Producer, David O. Selznick; Director, John Cromwell; Screenplay, David O. 
Selznick; Production Designer, William L. Pereira; Photography, Stanley Cortez, Lee Garmes; 
Music, Max Steiner; Associate, Louis Forbes; Settings, Mark Lee Kirk; Special Effects, Jack 
Cosgrove; Associate, Clarence Slifer; Supervising Film Editor, Hal C. Kern; Sound Editor, 
Charles L. Freeman; Interior Decorations, Victor A. Gangelin; Recorder, Percy Townsend; 
Technical Advisor, Lt. Col. J. G. Taylor, USA; Dance Director, Charles Walters; Make-up Super- 
visor, Robert Stephanoff; Wardrobe Director, Elmer Ellsworth; Associate, Adele Sadler. 

CAST: Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Shirley Temple, Joseph Cotten, Lionel Barrymore, 
Robert Walker, Monty Woolley, Hattie McDaniel, Jane Devlin, Lloyd Corrigan, Gordon Oliver, 
Agnes Moorehead, Robert Anderson, Irving Bacon, Aileen Pringle, Charles Williams, Wallis Clark, 
Neila Hart, Leonide Mostovoy, Dorothy Garner, James Carlisle, George Chandler, John A. 
James, Mary Anne Durkin, Joyce Home, Anne Gillis, Grady Sutton, Ruth Valmy, Jackie Moran, 
Buddy Gorman, Patricia Peters, Andrew McLaglen, Addison Richards, George Lloyd, Barbara 
Pepper, Guy Madison, Jill Warren, Byron Foulger, Harry Hayden, Edwin Maxwell, Russell Hoyt, 
Loudie Claar, Don Najarian, Helen Koford, Florence Bates, Conrad Binyon, Theodore Von Eltz, 
Adeline de Walt Reynolds, Christopher Adams, Jimmy Dodd, Martha Outlaw, Verna Knopf, 
Robert Cherry, Kirk Barron, Earl Jacobs, Cecil Ballerino, Jack Gardner, Doodles Weaver, Dorothy 
Adams, James Westerfield, Warren Hymer, Paul Esburg, Richard C. Wood, Ralph Reed, Willard 
Jillson, Dorothy Mann, Peggy Maley, Robert Johnson, Dorothy Dandridge, Shelby Bacon, Eddie 
Hall, Warren Burr, Lela Bliss, Eilene Janssen, Harlan Miller, Mrs. Ray Feldman, Neyle Marx, 
Johnny Bond, Ruth Roman, Betsy Howard, Stephene Wayne, William B. Davidson, Tom Dawson, 
Marilyn Hare, Jonathan Hale, Walter Baldwin, Eric Sinclair, Craig Stevens, Albert Basserman, 
Jerry Revell, Nazimova, Jimmy demons, Jr., Keenan Wynn. 

• One of THE FIIM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 « 









Ci . » 

An M-G-M Picture 

CREDITS? Director, Mervyn LeRoy; Producer, Sidney Franklin; Screenplay, Paul Osborn, 
Paul H. Rameau; Book, Eve Curie; Narrator, James Hilton; Director of Photography, Joseph 
Ruttenberg; Musical Score, Herbert Stothart; Recording Director, Douglas Shearer; Art Director, 
Cedric Gibbons; Associate, Paul Groesse; Set Decorations, Edwin B. Willis; Associate, Hugh Hunt; 
Special Effects, Warren Newcombe; Costume Supervision, Irene; Associate, Sharaff; Men's 
Costumes, Gile Steele; Make-Up, Jack Dawn; Film Editor, Harold F. Kress. 


CAST: Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Henry Travers, Albert Basserman, Robert Walker, 
C. Aubrey Smith, Dame May Whitty, Victor Francen, Elsa Basserman, Reginald Owen, Van 
Johnson, Margaret O'Brien. 

• One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 • 




(Betty Grable-Robert Young) 


(Rosalind Russell-Brian Aherne) 








An m-G-M Picture 

CREDITS: Directors, Jack Conway, Harold S. Bucquet; Producer, Pandro S. Berman; 
Screenplay, Marguerite Roberts, Jane Murfin; Novel, Pearl S. Buck; Director of Photography, 
Sidney Wagner; Musical Score, Herbert Stothart; Recording Director, Douglas Shearer; Art 
Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Lyle R. Wheeler; Set Decorations, Edwin B. Willis; Associate, Hugh 
Hunt; Special Effects, Warren Newcombe; Costume Supervisor, Irene; Costume Designer, 
Valles; Make-Up, Jack Dawn; Film Editor, Harold F. Kress. 

CAST: Katharine Hepburn, Walter Huston, Aline MacMahon, Akim Tamiroff, Turhan Bey, 
Hurd Hatfield, J. Carrol Naish, Agnes Moorehead, Henry Travers, Robert Bice, Robert Lewis, 
Frances Rafferty, Jacqueline De Wit, Clarence Lung, Paul E. Burns, Anna Demetrio. 

One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 







of Dover" 

An M-G-M Picture 

CREDITS! Director, Clarence Brown; Producer, Sidney Franklin; Screenplay, Claudine 
West, Jan Lustig, George Froeschel; Based on the poem by Alice Duer Miller; Additional poetry 
for the picture, Robert Nathan; Director of Photography, George Folsey; Musical Score, Herbert 
Stothart; Art Director, Cedric Gibbons; Associate, Randall Buell; Set Decorations, Edwin B. 
Willis; Associate, Jacques Mersereau; Special Effects, Arnold Gillespie, Warren Newcombe; 
Costume Supervision, Irene; Men's Costumes, Gile Steele; Make-Up, Jack Dawn; Technical 
Advisor, Maj. Cyrl Seys Ramsey-Hill; Film Editor, Robert J. Kern; Recording Director, Douglas 

CAST: Irene Dunne, Alan Marshal, Roddy McDowall, Frank Morgan, Van Johnson, C. 
Aubrey Smith, Dame May Whitty, Gladys Cooper, Peter Lawford, John Warburton, Jill 
Esmond, Brenda Forbes, Norma Varden. 

• One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 • 









4 " 


An M-G-M Picture 

CREDITS: Director, George Cukor; Producer, Arthur Hornblow, Jr.; Screenplay, John Van 
Druten, Walter Reisch, John L. Balderston; Play, Patrick Hamilton; Director of Photography, 
Joseph Ruttenberg; Musical Score, Bronislau Kaper; Piano Solos, Jakob Girapel; Art Director, 
Cedric Gibbons; Associate, William Ferrari; Set Decorations, Edwin B. Willis; Associate, Paul 
Huldschinsky; Special Effects, Warren Newcombe; Costume Supervision, Irene; Associate, Marion 
Herwood; Make-Up, Jack Dawn; Film Editor, Ralph E. Winters; Recording Director, Douglas 

CAST: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Dame May Whitty, Angela Lansbury, 
Barbara Everest, Emil Rameau, Edmund Breon, Halliwell Hobbes, Tom Stevenson, Heather 
Thatcher, Lawrence Grossmith, Jakob Gimpel. 

One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 








- flflflflfl| 

Named Joe 

An JW-G-JW Picture 


CREDITS: Director, Victor Fleming; Producer, Everett Riskin; Screenplay, Dalton Trumbo; 
Adaptation, Frederick Hazlitt Brennan; Original Story, Chandler Sprague, David Boehm; Direc- 
tors of Photography, George Folsey, Karl Freund; Musical Score, Herbert Stothart; Technical 
Advisor, Maj. Edward G. Hillery, USAAC; Recording Director, Douglas Shearer; Art Director, 
Cedric Gibbons; Associate, Lyle Wheeler; Set Decorations, Edwin B. Willis; Associate, Ralph 
Hurst; Special Effects, Arnold Gillespie, Donald Jahraus. Warren Newcombe; Costume Supen'isor, 
Irene; Film Editor, Frank Sullivan. 

-<m> — — 

CAST: Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson, Ward Bond, James Gleason, Lionel 
Barrvmore. Barrv Nelson, Esther Williams, Henrv O'Neill, Don De Fore, Charles Smith. 

• One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 • 


lhe Story of 
Dr. Wassell" 

A Paramount Picture 

CREDITS? Producer-Director, Cecil B. DeMille; Directors of Photography, Victor Milner, 
William Snyder; Technical Director, Natalie Kalmus; Associate, Robert Brower; Special Photo- 
graphic Effects, Gordon Jennings; Process Photography, Farciot Edouart, Wallace Kelley; Tech- 
nical Supervisor, Lt. Com. H. D. Smith, USN (Ret.); Music Score, Victor Young; Art Directors, 
Hans Dreier, Roland Anderson; Editor, Anne Bauchens; Sound Recording, Hugo Granzbach, 
John Cope; Costumes, Natalie Visart; Make-Up Supervision, Edwin Maxwell; Set Decorator, 
George Sawley; Screenplay, Alan LeMay, Charles Bennett; Associate Producer, Sidney Biddell; 
Second Unit Director, Arthur Rosson. 

CAST: Gary Cooper, Laraine Day, Signe Hasso, Dennis O'Keefe, Carol Thurston, Carl Esmond, 
Paul Kelly, Elliott Reid, Stanley Ridges, Renny McEvoy, Oliver Thorndike, Philip Ahn, 
Barbara Britton. 

One of THE FILM DAILY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 





Under Contract To 
Producers Releasing Corp. 



A 20th Century-Fox Picture 

CREDITS: Director, Alfred Hitchcock; Producer, Kenneth Macgowan; Author, John 
Steinbeck; Screenplay, Jo Swerling; Director of Photography, Glen MacWilliams; Art Directors, 
James Basevi, Maurice Ransford; Set Decorator, Thomas Little; Associate, Frank E. Hughes; 
Film Editor, Dorothy Spencer; Costumes, Rene Hubert; Make-Up Artist, Guy Pearce; Special 
Photographic Effects, Fred Sersen; Technical Advisor, Thomas Fitzsimmons; Sound, Bernard 
Freericks, Roger Heman; Music, Hugo W. Friedhofer; Musical Director, Emil Newman. 

CAST: Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, Walter Slezak, Mary Anderson, John Hodiak, 
Henry Hull, Heather Angel, Hume Cronyn, Canada Lee. 

• One of THE FILM DAMKY Ten Best Pictures of 1944 • 








In Preparation 

Warner Bros. 





Random Harvest— 305 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Ronald Colman, Greer Garson; Direc- 
tor: Mervyn LeRoy. 

For Whom the Bell Tolls-285 votes; Dist.: 
Paramount; Stars: Gary Cooper, Ingrid 
Bergman; Director: Sam Wood. 

Yankee Doodle Dandy— 285 votes; Dist.: War- 
ners; Star: James Cagney; Director: Michael 

rhis Is the Army— 276 votes; Dist.: Warners; 
Director: Michael Curtiz. 

Casablanca— 259 votes; Dist.: Warners; Stars: 
Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman; Direc- 
tor: Michael Curtiz. 

The Human Comedy— 241 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M; Stars: Mickey Rooney, Frank Mor- 
gan; Director: Clarence Brown. 

Watch on the Rhine- -220 votes; Dist.: War- 
ners; Stars: Bette Davis, Paul Lukas; Di- 
rector: Herman Schumlin. 

In Which We Serve-208 votes; Dist.: United 
Artists; Star: Noel Coward; Directors: Noel 
Coward, David Lean. 

So Proudly We Hail!— 201 votes; Dist.: Para- 
mount; Stars: Claudette Colbert, Paulette 
Goddard, Veronica Lake; Director: Mark 

Stage Door Canteen— 162 votes; Dist.: United 
Artists (Sol Lesser); Director: Frank 


Mrs. Miniver— 555 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon; Di- 
rector: William Wyler. 

How Green Was My Valley— 500 votes; Dist.: 
20th Century-Fox; Stars: Walter Pidgeon, 
Maureen O'Hara, Donald Crisp; Director: 
John Ford. 

Kings Row— 269 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; 
Stars: Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, 
Ronald Reagan, Betty Field; Director: Sam 

Wake Island— 260 votes; Dist.: Paramount; 
Stars: Brian Donlevy, Robert Preston, Mac- 
donald Carey; Director: John Farrow. 

The Pride of the Yankees— 241 votes; Dist.: 
RKO (Samuel Goldwyn); Stars: Gary 

Cooper, Teresa Wright; Director: Sam 

The Man Who Came to Dinner— 238 votes; 
Dist.: Warner Bros.; Stars: Monty Woolley, 
Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan; Director: Wil- 
liam Keighley. 

One Foot in Heaven— 197 votes; Dist.: War- 
ner Bros.; Stars: Fredric March, Martha 
Scott; Director: Irving Rapper. 

Suspicion— 197 votes; Dist.: RKO Radio: 
Stars: Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine; Director: 
Alfred Hitchcock. 

Woman of the Year— 185 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn; 
Director: George Stevens. 

The Pied Piper— 176 votes; Dist.: 20th Cen- 
tury-Fox; Stars: Monty Woolley, Roddy 
McDowall; Director: Irving Pichel. 


Gone With The Wind— 452 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M (Selznick International); Stars: 
Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mit- 
chell, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard; 
Director: Victor Fleming. 

Sergeant York— 413 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; 
Star: Gary Cooper; Director: Howard 

The Philadelphia Story— 358 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M; Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Cary 
Grant, James Stewart; Director: George 

Citizen Kane-341 votes; Dist.: RKO; Star: 
Orson Welles; Director: Orson Welles. 

Here Comes Mr. Jordan— 248 votes; Dist.: 
Columbia; Star: Robert Montgomery; Di- 
rector, Alexander Hall. 

The Little Foxes-243 votes; Dist.: RKO; 
Star: Bette Davis; Director: William Wyler. 

Kitty Foyle-233 votes; Dist.: RKO; Star: 
Ginger Rogers; Director: Sam Wood. 

The Great Dictator- 229 votes; Dist.: United 
Artists; Star: Charles Chaplin; Director: 
Charles Chaplin. 

Meet John Doe— 218 votes; Dist.: Warner 
Bros.; Stars: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stan- 
wyck; Director: Frank Capra. 

Blossoms in the Dust— 153 votes; Dist.: M- 
G-M; Star: Greer Garson; Director: Mervyn 


Of "ECSTASY" And Other 

Sensational European Pictures 



an nr^ z\ n ^n na^aa 


Starring John Loder, Karen Morley, Jane Randolph, 

With Hugo Haas and Nils Asther) 

Based on an Original Idea by Dalton Trumbo 

Screenplay By Arnold Phillips 





Rebecca— 391 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Stars: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine; 
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. 

The Grapes of Wrath- 367 votes; Dist.: 20th 
Century-Fox; Stars: Henry Fonda, Jane 
Darwell; Director: John Ford. 

Ninotchka— 269 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas; Director: 
Ernst Lubitsch. 

Foreign Correspondent— -247 votes; Dist.: 
United Artists; Stars: Joel McCrea, Laraine 
Day; Director: Alfred Hitchcock. 

All This, And Heaven Too— 230 votes; Dist.: 
Warner Bros.; Stars: Bette Davis, Charles 
Boyer; Director: Anatole Litvak. 

Abe Lincoln in Illinois— 221 votes; Dist.: RKO 
Radio; Star: Raymond Massey; Director: 
John Cromwell. 

Boom Town— 215 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Col- 
bert, Hedy Lamarr; Director: Jack Con- 

Northwest Passage— 198 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Spencer Tracy, Robert Young; Direc- 
tor: King Vidor. 

Our Town— 198 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists; Stars: William Holden, Martha Scott; 
Director: Sam Wood. 

The Mortal Storm-172 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Margaret Sullivan, James Stewart; 
Director: Frank Borzage. 


Goodbye, Mr. Chips— 472 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Robert Donat, Greer Garson; Direc- 
tor: Sam Wood; Produced in England. 

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington— 433 votes; 
Dist.: Columbia; Stars: Jean Arthur, James 
Stewart; Producer-Director: Frank Capra. 

Pygmalion— 349 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller; Directors: 
Anthony Asquith, Leslie Howard; Produced 
in England. 

Wuthering Heigh ts— 283 votes; Dist.: United 
Artists (Goldwyn); Stars: Merle Oberon, 
Laurence Olivier, David Niven; Director: 
William Wyler. 

Dark Victory— 280 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; 
Star: Bette Davis; Director: Edmund 

The Women-254 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind 
Russell; Director: George Cukor. 

The Wizard of Oz-244 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray 
Bolger, Bert Lahr, Jack Haley; Director: 
Victor Fleming. 

Juarez— 216 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; Stars: 
Paul Muni, Bette Davis; Director: William 

Stanley and Livingstone— 213 Votes; Dist.: 
20th Century-Fox; Stars: Spencer Tracy, 
Nancy Kelly, Richard Greene; Director: 
Henry King. 

The Old Maid— 166 votes; Dist.: Warner 
Bros.; Stars: Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins; 
Director: Edmund Goulding. 


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs— 419 
votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; Producer: Walt 
Disney; Cartoon. 

You Can't Take It With You— 372 votes; 
Dist.: Columbia; Stars: Jean Arthur, Lionel 
Barrymore, James Stewart, Edward Arnold; 
Director: Frank Capra. 

Alexander's Ragtime Band— 324 votes; Dist.: 
20th Century-Fox; Stars: Tyrone Power, 
Alice Faye, Don Ameche; Director: Henry 

Boys Town— 313 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney; Director: 
Norman Taurog. 

Marie Antoinette— 287 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power; Di- 
rector: W. S. Van Dyke, II. 

In Old Chicago-243 votes; Dist.: 20th Cen 
tury Fox; Stars: Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, 
Don Ameche; Director: Henry King. 

The Adventures of Robin Hood— 218 votes; 
Dist.: Warners; Star: Errol Flynn; Direc- 
tors: Michael Curtiz, William Keighley. 

The Citadet-210 votes; Dist.: M-G-M (Pro- 
duced in England); Stars: Robert Donat, 
Rosalind Russell; Director: King Vidor. 

Love Finds Andy Hardy— 180 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M; Stars: Mickey Rooney, Lewis 
Stone, Judy Garland, Cecilia Parker, Fay 
Holden; Director: George B. Seitz. 

The Hurricane— 172 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists (Samuel Goldwyn); Stars: Dorothy 
Lamour, Jon Hall. Mary Astor; Director: 
John Ford. 


The Life of Emile Zola— 453 votes; Dist.: 
Warner Bros.; Star: Paul Muni; Director: 
William Dieterle. 

The Good Earth-424 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Paul Muni, Luise Rainer; Director: 
Sidney Franklin. 

Captains Courageous— 380 votes; Dist.: M- 
G-M; Stars: Freddie Bartholomew, Spencer 
Tracy, Lionel Barrymore; Director: Victor 

Lost Horizon— 325 votes; Dist.: Columbia; 
Star: Ronald Colman; Director: Frank 

A Star Is Born— 287 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists (Selznick International); Stars: Janet 



Gaynor. Fredric March; Director: William 
A. Wellman. 

Romeo and Juliet— 251 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard; Di- 
rector: George Cukor. 

Stage Door— 235 votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; 
Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, 
Adolphe Menjou; Director: Gregory La 

Dead End— 197 votes; Dist.: United Artists 
(Samuel Goldwyn); Stars: Sylvia Sidney, 
Joel McCrea; Director: William Wyler. 

Winterset— 165 votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; 
Stars: Burgess Meredith, Margo; Director: 
Alfred N. Santell. 

The Awful Truth— 160 votes; Dist.: Colum- 
bia; Stars: Irene Dunne, Cary Grant; Di- 
rector: Leo McCarey. 


Mutiny On The Bounty— 416 votes; Dist.: 

M-G-M; Stars: Charles Laughton, Clark 

Gable, Franchot Tone; Director Frank 

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town— 372 votes; Dist.: 

Columbia; Star: Gary Cooper; Director: 

Frank Capra. 
The Great Ziegfeld—145 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 

Stars: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise 

Rainer, Frank Morgan; Director: Robert 

Z. Leonard. 
San Francisco— 264 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 

Stars: Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, 

Spencer Tracy; Director: W. S. Van Dyke. 
Dodsworth— 254 votes; Dist.: United Artists 

(Goldwyn); Stars: Walter Huston, Ruth 

Chatterton, Mary Astor, Paul Lukas, David 

Niven; Director: William Wyler. 
The Story of Louis Pasteur— 250 votes; Dist.: 

Warner Bros.; Star: Paul Muni; Director: 

William Dieterle. 
A Tale of Two Cities— 235 votes; Dist.: M- 

G-M; Star: Ronald Colman; Director: Jack 

Anthony Adverse— 231 votes; Dist.: Warner 

Bros.; Star: Fredric March; Director: 

Mervyn LeRoy. 
The Green Pastures— 197 votes; Dist.: Warner 

Bros.; Directors: Marc Connelly, William 

A Midsummer Night's Dream— 166 votes; 

Dist.: Warner Bros.; Stars: James Cagney, 

Joe E. Brown, Dick Powell; Directors: Max 

Reinhardt, William Dieterle. 


David Copperfield-339 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Freddie Bartholomew, W. C. Fields, 
Lionel Barrymore; Director: George Cukor. 

Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The— 278 votes; 
Dist.: Paramount; Stars: Gary Cooper, 
Franchot Tone, Richard Cromwell; Di- 
rector: Henry Hathaway. 

Informer ,The-256 votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; 
Star: Victor McLaglen; Director: John 

Naughty Marietta— 250 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy; 
Director: W. S. Van Dyke. 

Les Miserables— 235 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists, (20th Century); Stars: Fredric March, 
Charles Laughton, Cedric Hardwicke; Di- 
rector: Richard Boleslawski. 

Ruggles of Red Gap- 222 votes; Dist.: Para- 
mount; Stars: Charles Laughton, Mary Bo- 
land, Charles Ruggles; Director: Leo Mc- 

Top Hat-174 Votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; 
Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers; Direc- 
tor: Mark Sandrich. 

Broadway Melody of 1936—166 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M; Stars: Jack Benny, Eleanor Pow- 
ell; Director: Roy Del Ruth. 

Roberta— 155 votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; Stars: 
Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers; 
Director: William A. Seiter. 

Anna Karenina— 129 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Greta Garbo, Fredric March; Direc- 
tor: Clarence Brown. 


The Barrets of Wimpole Street— 348 votes; 
Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: Norma Shearer, Fred- 
ric March, Charles Laughton; Director: 
Sidney Franklin. 

The House of Rothschild- 338 votes; Dist.: 
United Artists; Star: George Arliss; Direc- 
tor: Alfred Werker. 

It Happened One Night— 281 votes; Dist.: 
Columbia; Stars: Clark Gable, Claudette 
Colbert; Director: Frank Capra. 

One Night of Love— 265 votes; Dist.: Colum- 
bia; Star: Grace Moore; Director: Victor 

Little Women- 264 votes; Dist.: RKO Radio; 
Star: Katharine Hepburn; Director: George 

The Thin Man-249 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: William Powell, Myrna Loy; Direc- 
tor: W. S. Van Dyke. 

Viva, Villa!-188 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Star: 
Wallace Beery; Director: Jack Conway. 

Dinner at Eight- 172 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Marie Dressier, John Barrymore, 
Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, Lionel Barry- 
more, Lee Tracy, Edmund Lowe; Direc- 
tor: George Cukor. 

The Count of Monte Cristo— 145 votes; 
Dist.: United Artists; Stars: Robert Donat, 
Elissa Landi; Director: Rowland V. Lee. 

Berkeley Square— 119 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars: 
Leslie Howard, Heather Angel; Director: 
Frank Lloyd. 



"United in determination to enhance and pro- 
tect the art of motion picture producing . . . 
to encourage creative talent ... to maintain 
economic equality ... to foster broader public 
appreciation. . . ." 


LOYD WRIGHT, president & general counsel 
JOHN C. FLINN, executive secretary 


6233 Hollywood Blvd. 
Hollywood 6371 



Cavalcade— 304 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars: Clivc 
Brook, Diana Wynyard; Director: Frank 

42nd Street— 209 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; 
Stars: Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, Ruby 
Keeler, Dick Powell; Director: Lloyd Bacon. 

Private Life of Henry VIII— 187 votes; Dist.: 
United Artists; Star: Charles Laugh ton; 
Director: Alexander Korda; Produced in 
England. * 

Lady for a Day— ITS votes; Dist.: Columbia; 
Director: Frank Capra. 

State Fair— 169 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars: Will 
Rogers, Janet Gaynor, Lew Ayres, Sally 
Eilers; Director: Henry King. 

A Farewell to Arms— 167 votes; Dist.: Para- 
mount; Stars: Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper; 
Director: Frank Borzage. 

She Done Him Wrong— 158 votes; Dist.: 
Paramount; Star: Mae West; Director: 
Lowell Sherman. 

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang— 156 
votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; Star: Paul 
Muni; Director: Mervyn LeRoy. 

Maedchen in Uniform— 137 votes; Dist.: 
Filmchoice; Stars: Dorothea Wieck. Hertha 
Thiele; Director: Leontine Sagan; Produced 
in Germany. 

Rasputin and the Empress— 128 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M; Stars: John, Ethel, and Lionel 
Barrymore; Director: Richard Boleslawski. 


Grand Hotel- 296 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Joan Craw- 
ford, Wallace Beery, Lionel Barrymore, 
et al; Director: Edmund Goulding. 

The Champ- -214 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper; Director: 
King Vidor. 

Arrow smith— 192, votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Stars: Ronald Colman, Helen Hayes; Di- 
rector: John Ford. 

The Guardsman— \1Q votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne; Direc- 
tor: Sidney Franklin. 

Smilin' Through— 168 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Star: Norma Shearer; Director: Sidney 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde— 161 votes; Dist.: 
Paramount; Star: Fredric March; Director: 
Rouben Mamoulian. 

Emma— 154 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Star: Marie 
Dressier; Director: Clarence Brown. 

Bill of Divorcement— 141 votes; Dist.: RKO 
Radio; Stars: John Barrymore, Katharine 
Hepburn; Director: George Cukor. 

Back Street— 136 votes; Dist.: Universal; Stars: 
Irene Dunne, John Boles; Director: John 
M. Stahl. 

Scarface— 135 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Star: Paul Muni; Director: Howard Hawks. 


Cimarron- 273 votes Dist.: RKO Radio; Star: 
Richard Dix; Director: Wesley Ruggles. 

Street Scene— 200 votes; Dist.: United Artists' 
No star; Director: King Vidor. 

Skippy— 178 votes; Dist.: Paramount; Star: 
Jackie Cooper; Director: Norman Taurog. 

Had Girl— 172 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars: James 
Dunn, Sally Eilers; Director: Frank Bor- 

Min and Bill— 464 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Marie Dressier, Wallace Beery; Director: 
George Hill. 

Front Page— 162 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
No star; Director: Lewis Milestone. 

Five Star Final— 138 votes; Dist.: Warner 
Bros; Star: Edward G. Robinson; Direc- 
tor: Mervyn LeRoy. 

City Lights— 128 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Star and Director: Charles Chaplin. 

A Free Soul— 114 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Star: 
Norma Shearer; Director: Clarence Brown. 

Sin of Madelon Claudet— 99 votes; Dist.: 
M-G-M; Director: Edgar Selwyn. 


All Quiet on the Western Front— 271 votes; 

Dist; Universal; No star; Director: Lewis 

Abraham Lincoln— 167 votes; Dist.: United 

Artists; No star; Director: D. W. Griffith. 
Holiday— 166 votes; Dist.: Pathe; Star: Ann 

Harding; Director: Edward H. Griffith. 
Journey's End— 151 votes; Dist.: Tiffany; Star: 

Colin Clive; Director: James Whale. 
Anna Christie— 141 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Star: 

Greta Garbo; Director: Clarence Brown. 
The Big House- 141 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; No 

star; Director: George Hill. 
With Byrd at the South Pole— 121 votes; Dist.: 

Paramount; No star or director. 
The Divorcee— 94 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Star: 

Norma Shearer; Director: Robert Z. Leon- 
Hell's Angels— 91 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 

No star; Director: «™«'ard Hughes. 
Old English— 87 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; 

Star: George Arliss; Director: Alfred E. 



Disraeli— 192 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; Star: 
George Arliss; Director: Alfred E. Green. 

Broadway Melody— 163 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
No star; Director: Harry Beaumont. 




Charles K. feldman 

Ralph H. Blum 


}ack Gordean 


tfed Marin 

Al Rockett 

William B. Dover 

Grace Dobish 

Minna W«»« 


Tony Owen 

Kubey Cowan 

,,. i Smith 
Militant )■ ' 

Michael Baird 

Emil Corwin 


Milt Grossman 










Madame X— 161 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Star: 
Ruth Chatterton; Director: Lionel Barry- 

Rio Rita-l5S votes; Dist.: Radio; Star: Bebe 
Daniels; Director: Luther Reed. 

Gold Diggers of Broadway— 139 votes; Dist.: 
Warner Bros; No star; Director: Roy Del 

Bulldog Drummond— 125 votes; Dist.; United 
Artists; Star: Ronald Colman; Director: 
F. Richard Jones. 

In Old Arizona— 121 votes; Dist.: Fox; No 
star; Directors: Raoul Walsh and Irving 

Cock-Eyed World-112 votes; Dist.: Fox; 
Stars: Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe; Di- 
rector: Raoul Walsh. 

Last of Mrs. Cheney— 110 votes; Dist.: M- 
G-M; Star: Norma Shearer; Director: Sidney 
Director: King Vidor. 

Hallelujah— 101 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; No star; 


The Patriot— 210 votes; Dist.: Paramount; 
Star: Emil Jannings; Director: Ernst Lu- 

Sorrell and Son— 180 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists; Stars: H. B. Warner, Alice Joyce; Di- 
rector: Herbert Brenon. 

Last Command— 135 votes; Dist.: Paramount 
Star: Emil Jannings; Director: Josef von 

Four Sons— 125 votes; Dist.: Fox; No star; 
Director: John Ford. 

Street Angel— 124 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars: 
Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell; Director: 
Frank Borzage. 

The Circus— 122 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Star and Director: Charles Chaplin. 

Sunrise-- 119 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars: George 
O'Brien, Janet Gaynor; Director: F. W. 

The Crowd— 105 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
James Murray, Elinore Boardman; Direc- 
tor: King Vidor. 

King of Kings— 99 votes; Dist.: Pathe; Stars: 
H. B. Warner, Joseph and Rudolph Schild- 
kraut; Director: Cecil B. De Mille. 

Sadie Thompson— 95 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists; Star: Gloria Swanson; Director: Raoul 


{*) Beau Geste— 235 votes; Dist.: Pammount; 
Stars: Ronald Colman, Noah Beery; Di- 
rector: Herbert Brennon. 

* During: the early stagres of THE FILM DAILY 
polls, certain productions were 6elected twice. 
Voting- system has been altered so that critics now 
vote from a ballot supplied by THE FILM DAILY. 
This ballot includes pictures actually released 
during- the fiscal year. 

(*) Big Parade— 205 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: John Gilbert, Renee Adoret; Direc- 
tor: King Vidor. 

(*) What Price Glory?-\79 votes; Dist.: Fox; 
Stars: Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe; Di- 
rector: Raoul Walsh. 

Way of All Flesh— \61 votes; Dist.: Para- 
mount; Star: Emil Jannings; Director: Vic- 
tor Fleming. 

(*) Ben Hur— 164 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Ramon Novarro, Francis X. Bushman; Di- 
rector: Fred Niblo. 

Seventh Heaven— 162 votes; Dist.: Fox; Stars; 
Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell; Director: 
Frank Borzage. 

Chang— 146 votes; Dist.: Paramount; No star; 
Directors: Merian Cooper, Ernest Schoed- 

Underworld— 91 votes; Dist.: Paramount; 
Stars: George Bancroft, Clive Brook; Direc- 
tor: Josef von Sternberg. 

Resurrection— 91 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Star: Rod La Rocque; Director: Edwin 

Flesh and the Devil— -71 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Star: John Gilbert; Director: Clarence 


Variety— 169 votes; Dist.: Paramount; Star: 
Emil Jannings; Director: E. A. Dupont. 

(*) Ben Hur— 114 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Ramon Novarro, Francis X. Bushman; Di- 
rector: Fred Niblo. 

(*) Big Parade-108 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; 
Stars: John Gilbert, Renee Adoree; Direc- 
tor: King Vidor. 

Black Pirate— 108 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists; Star: Douglas Fairbanks; Director: 
Albert Parker. 

(*) Beau Geste— 100 votes; Dist.: Paramount; 
Stars: Ronald Colman, Noah Beery; Direc- 
tor: Herbert Brennon. 

Stella Dallas— 95 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Star: Belle Bennett; Director Henry King. 

J'olga Boatman— 94 votes; Dist.: PDS; Star: 
William Boyd; Director: Cecil B. De Mille. 

(*) What Price Glory- 66 votes; Dist.: Fox; 
Stars: Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe; 
Director: Raoul Walsh. 

Sea Beast— 62 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; Star: 
John Barrymore; Director: Millard Webb. 

La Boheme— 49 votes; Dist.: M-G-M; Stars: 
Lillian Gish, John Gilbert; Director: King 


Gold Rush— 63 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Star and Director: Charles Chaplin. 




and 31 Key Cities, Coast to Coast 

Unholy Three— 60 votes; Dist.: Metro-Gold- 
wyn; Star: Lon Chaney; Director: Tod 

Don Q Son of Zorro—51 votes; Dist.: United 
Artists; Star: Douglas Fairbanks; Director: 
Donald Crisp. 

Merry Widow— 57 votes; Dist.: Metro- Gold- 
wyn; Stars: Mae Murray, John Gilbert; Di- 
rector: Erich von Stroheim. 

Last Laugh— 55 votes; Dist.: Universal; Star: 
Emil Jannings; Director: F. W. Murnau. 

The Freshman— 52 votes; Dist.: Pathe; Star: 
Harold Lloyd; Directors: Fred Newmeyer, 
Sam Taylor. 

Phantom of the Opera— 38 votes; Dist.: Uni- 
versal; Star: Lon Chaney; Director: Rupert 

Lost World— 36 votes; Dist.: First National; 
Stars: Bessie Love, Lewis Stone; Director: 
Harry Hoyt. 

(•) Big Parade— SO votes; Dist.: Metro-Gold- 
wyn; Stars: John Gilbert, Renee Adoree; 
Director: King Vidor. 

Kiss Me Again— 29 votes; Dist.: Warner Bros.; 
Stars: Marie Prevost, Monte Blue; Direc- 
tor: Ernst Lubitsch. 


Thief of Bagdad— 52 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists; Star: Douglas Fairbanks; Director: 
Raoul Walsh. 

Sea Hawk— 51 votes; Dist.: First National; 
Stars: Milton Sills, Enid Bennett, Wallace 
Beery; Director: Frank Lloyd. 

Monsieur Beaucaire— 36 votes; Dist.: Para- 
mount; Star: Rudolph Valentino; Director: 
Sidney Olcott. 

Beau Brummel— 35 votes; Dist.: Warner 
Bros.; Star: John Barrymore; Director: 
Harry Beaumont. 

Secrets— 33 votes; Dist.: First National; Star: 
Norma Talmadge; Director: Frank Borzage. 

Marriage Circle— 32 votes; Dist.: Warner 
Bros.; Stars: Monte Blue, Florence Vidor; 
Director: Ernst Lubitsch. 

Ten Commandments— 30 votes; Dist.: Para- 
mount; No star; Director: Cecil B. De 

Girl Shy-30 votes; Dist.: Pathe; Star: Harold 
Lloyd; Directors: Fred Newmeyer, Sam 

Abraham Lincoln— 30 votes; Dist.: First 
National; Stars: George Billings, Louise 
Fazenda; Director: Philip Rosen. 

America— 23 votes; Dist.: United Artists; 
Stars: Carol Dempster, Lionel Barrymore; 
Director: D. W. Griffith. 


Covered Wagon— 53 votes; Dist.: Paramount; 
Stars: Ernest Torrence, J. Warren Kerrigan, 
Lois Wilson; Director: James Cruze. 

Merry-Go-Round— 26 votes; Dist.: Universal; 
Stars: Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry; Di- 
rector: Rupert Julian. 

Hunchback of Notre Dame— 25 votes; Dist.: 
Universal; Star: Lon Chaney; Director: 
Wallace Worsley. 

(*) Robin Hood— 25 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists; Star: Douglas Fairbanks; Director 
Allan Dwan. 

Green Goddess— 22 votes; Dist.: Goldwyn; 
Star: George Arliss; Director: Sidney Ol- 

Scaramouche— 20 votes; Dist.: Metro; No star; 
Director: Rex Ingram. 

Safety Last— 18 votes; Dist.: Pathe; Star: 
Harold Lloyd; Directors: Fred Newmeyer, 
Sam Taylor. 

Rosita— 18 votes; Dist.: United Artists; Star: 
Mary Pickford; Director: Ernst Lubitsch. 

Down to the Sea in Ships— 17 votes; Dist.: 
Hodkinson; Star: Raymond McKee; Direc- 
tor: Elmer Clifton. 

Little Old New York— 17 votes; Dist.: Gold- 
wyn (Cosmopolitan); Star: Marion Davies; 
Director: Sidney Olcott. 


Orphans of the Storm— 81 votes; Dist.: United 
Artists; Stars: Gish Sisters, Monte Blue; 
Director: D. W. Griffith. 

Grandma's Boy— 29 votes; Dist.: Asso. Exhibi- 
tors; Star: Harold Lloyd; Director: Fred 

Blood and Sand— 28 votes; Dist.: Paramount; 
Star: Rudolph Valentino; Director: Fred 

Prisoner of Zenda— 25 votes; Dist.: Metro; 
All Star; Director: Rex Ingram. 

When Knighthood Was in Flower— 22 votes; 
Dist.: Paramount; Star: Marion Davies; 
Director: Robert G. Vignola. 

Nanook of the North— 21 votes; Dist.: Pathe; 
Native cast; Director: R. J. Flaherty. 

Smilin' Through— 20 votes; Dist.: First Na- 
tional; Star: Norma Talmadge; Director: 
Sidney Franklin. 

Tol'able David— \9 votes; Dist.: First Na- 
tional; Star: Richard Barthelmess; Director: 
Henry King. 

(•) Robin Hood— 17 votes; Dist.: United Ar- 
tists Star: Douglas Fairbanks; Director: 
Allan Dwan. 

Oliver Twist— 13 votes; Dist.: First National; 
Star: Jackie Coogan; Director: Frank Lloyd. 





j4^ju^ io^JUsf 







Publicity Director 
National March of Dimes Committee 


-■. ERRIFIC! Stupendous! and Colossal! are favorite and much-overworked adjectives amongst 
the motion picture fraternity— so we'll modestly call the 1945 March of Dimes a gargantuan 
achievement and qualify our "understatement" with facts and figures. When all of the reports 
are in, the adding machines have stopped their clicking, and the accountants 
have certified the figures, the total sum raised for infantile paralysis sufferers 
will be a target to shoot at in years to come. American moviegoers have 
contributed more generously than ever before to their favorite charity! 
The estimated results at the moment are $5,500,000— with optimists 
predicting $6,000,000! 

To refresh your memory, here are a few facts: Motion picture theaters 
were first invited to participate in the March of Dimes in 1941, when lobby 
collections totaled $435,000. .In 1942, with many theaters making auditorium 
collections, the total shot up to $1,403,000. In 1943, it soared to $2,116,000 
and in 1944 it leaped to an amazing $4,667,000. Including the current year, 
moviegoers will have given over $14,000,000 to this most worthy of causes. 
More than 13,000 theaters participated in the 1945 drive, an increase of 
2,000 over the previous year. It is hoped that 1945 will see another 2,000 
theaters joined in the battle against the Crippler. 

Theater managers and their staffs are no longer novices at the art of 
collecting money. Their experiences in past "Dimes" drives, Red Cross and 
United Nations campaigns have developed their "know-how" along these 
lines. Therefore, the only problem of the national committee is to recruit as many theaters as 
possible, to urge these theaters to make collections at EVERY performance, and to have enough 
collectors on hand to insure quick and thorough coverage of every nook and cranny of a theater. 
The plus effort must be spontaneous. The activities that have been developed by imaginative 
showmen during the last two campaigns has resulted in several hundred thousands of dollars 
additional for the fund. The money is around— the question is how to get it. Most good 
showmen are exploiteers and publicists at heart. They know that a "Dimes" stand at a busy 
corner, or in a department store, hotel lobby or railroad station will pick up many an extra 
dime and dollar. Coin collection boxes near the cashiers of restaurants, drug stores, taverns, 
bowling alleys, and other places, siphon off an amazing amount of loose change. No one 
has been able to prove that a store tie-up or street ballyhoo on a motion picture has actually 
brought extra money into the theater. We all think these things help, but with the March of 
Dimes we can prove they do. 

Plans for the 1945 drive were made last October, just as soon as the 1944 report book was off 
the presses. We decided that the infantile paralysis epidemics which swept a number of states 
last Summer had awakened the public to the existence of this dread affliction. Since a high 
pearcentage of polio victims are children, we decided to slant our appeal to the hearts of both 
exhibitors and moviegoers through the use of child photographs and drawings. The lovely 
drawing of the little girl at prayer, drawn by Lucile Patterson March, made up our minds. 
We asked other famous artists to contribute child drawings. These were amplified by photos 
from the U. S. Army and news services made during the recent epidemics. 

We then made a survey of several hundred theaters which led their cities and states in the 
1944 drive. "How did you do it?" was the question. The response, which was magnificent, 


boiled down to nine points: (1) Collections at every show. (2) Plenty of volunteers. (3) Pretty 
girl collectors. (4) Use open containers. (5) Lights up during collections. (6) Strong screen 
attractions during drive. (7) Cover events away from theater. (8) Wishing wells and other un- 
usual lobby collection devices. (9) Arouse enthusiasm of entire theater staff. These opinions and 
excerpts from exhibitors' letters were used in the campaign book. 

The appeal trailer is the most important of all. We again asked Greer Garson to make the 
trailer, which she graciously consented to do. Frank Whitbeck of MGM agreed to produce and 
direct the film. He cut in a number of actual scenes filmed at Hickory, N. C, last Summer. The 
result was "The Miracle of Hickory," the most sincere and emotion-arousing appeal that has 
been made in any drive to date. 

No activity is closer to the heart of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt than the infantile 
paralysis cause. He invited some 90 exhibitor sfate chairmen and members of the national 
committee to a conference at the White House on December 19. There, each showman was 
introduced to the Chief Executive, who expressed his appreciation for the work that had been 
done and the urgent need for the continued cooperation of members of our industry. 

The White House meeting was preceded by a business luncheon at the Hotel Statler where 
plans for the 1945 drive were outlined. Each chairman was presented with a "kit" containing 
photostatic blow-ups of the individual theater collections in his state in 1944, a list of all 
operating theaters in his state, the names of National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis county 
chairmen, samples of all report forms, complete campaign book, poster samples, National Founda- 
tion coin cards and collection boxes, and miscellaneous literature pertaining to the drive. 

In addition to the 48 States and the District of Columbia, the territories of Alaska and 
Hawaii, and Puerto Rico and the Canal Zone joined in the drive. 

In New York, a giant demonstration planned for Times Square had to be called off owing 
to a severe cold spell. However, the trailer was shown on a special screen on the War Activities' 
Statue of Liberty for the first seven days of the campaign. 

Thousands of theaters held over their collections for an additional four to seven days, hoping 
to offset a drop in attendance caused by the worst weather in nearly 25 years. 

For the record, the same national committee which officiated in former years handled the 
1945 drive, with the addition of a few new and active members. Nicholas M. Schenck was again 
National Chairman. Members of the Executive Committee included: Barney Balaban, Joseph 
Bernhard, Harry Brandt, Oscar A. Doob, Gus Eyssell, S. H. Fabian, Harry Kalmine, Malcolm 
Ringsberg, Charles C. Moskowitz, Herman Robbins, Spyros Skouras, Joseph R. Vogel, Richard 
Walsh, Ernest Emerling, Tom Connors, Leonard Goldenson and Walter Vincent. 

Now let's think about the March of Dimes for '46! 

,.*— «#*•"* 



A Statistical Report On 

Industry men and women in the Armed Forces (estimated) 40,000 

Breakdown: Production, 7,000: Distribution. 5.400; Exhibition, 27,600. 


Theatres Pledged to WAC Cooperation 16,203 


National Collections in Motion Picture Theaters (1941-1944) $21,407,242.42 

Greek War Relief (1941), $777,586.26; USO (1941), $997,885.95; March of 
Dimes (1942), $1,420,568.72; Army-Navy Emergency Relief (1942), $2,120,212.66; 
United Nations Week (1943), $1,644,723.40; March of Dimes (1943), $2,116.- 
539.18; Red Cross Week (1943), $3,067,236.25; March of Dimes (1944), $4,618, 
419.00; Red Cross (1944), $4,844,071.00.* 


Industry's 16 mm. Gift to the Armed Forces (to Dec. 31, 1944): 

Feature Prints 24,867 

Short Subject Prints 26,341 

(Industry now delivers 117 of three new pictures each week selected by 
the Army Overseas Motion Picture Bureau.) 


Average Bookings of War Information Films During 1944 13,500 


Percentage of Newsreel Subjects covering the Fighting Fronts 48% 


Hollywood Victory Committee to 1944: 

Total Events for Which HVC Supplied Talent 5,680 

Total Appearances 37,979 

Artists in Overseas Tours 139 

Players in 324 USO-Camp Show Tours 341 

Performances in Hospitals for Servicemen 1,545 

Personalities in War Bond Tours 233 

Hollywood Charity Contributions, 1944 $1,876,887.67 

War Chest $1,170,407.67 

March of Dimes 49,101.00 

Red Cross 657,379.00 

* In addition $657,379.00 was contributed to Red Cross in Hollywood and $634531.04 
contributed as corporate sifts. 




Executive Vice-Chairman, WAC 

around the world. 


i HE YEAR AHEAD, 1945, is challenging 
institutions. The task that confronts us is 
premium is precious. Freedom is the reward, 

There is one objective for America,— the 
same objective of freedom loving men 
There cannot be a 
divided endeavor i n 
this country. We must 
resist the very human 
urge to plan for a fu- 
ture beyond the end 
of the war. Reconver- 
sion must be shelved 
and all of us must con- 
sider our interests and 
the future only in con- 
nection with what we 
need to do to success- 
fully conclude the war. 

The War Activities 
Committee has fallen 
into a pattern of ser- 
vice that enables it to 
be the industry's agent 
in all regular war activities and at the same 
time handle expeditiously the emergency 
tasks that occasionally face us. 

During 1944 there were three War Loan 
Campaigns, the 4th, 5th and 6th. In each, 
motion picture people— producers, distribu- 
tors and exhibitors, as well as the allied 
crafts and arts, performed gloriously. It 
would be fairly easy to estimate the millions 
of dollars of property that the motion pic- 
lure industry gave away in the interest of 
war bond selling. None could evaluate the 
unselfish generosity and patriotism of the 
thousands of motion picture people who 
gave their time and their energy to these 
three campaigns. 

The same devotion and attention was given 
to assisting the Red Cross and National War 
Fund drives, while the March of Dimes, as 
usual, had its brilliant direction and exe- 

On several occasions the motion picture 
industry, with difficulty, met the Govern- 
ment's demands in connection with the cir- 
culation of information films which was 


and threatening to Americans and their 

gigantic. If successfully carried out the 

Peace among men is not beyond prob- 

deemed important to the public. The day 
after the American forces invaded France, 
the War Department urged the showing of a 
fdm titled "Eve of Invasion." It was dis- 
tributed as quickly as possible as a substi- 
tute for the current newsreels. This was a 
generous and patriotic action on the part of 
the newsreel companies in handling the film 
instead of their own product. There were 
other and equally important instances of 
emergency action by the War Activities Com- 
mittee to channel between the Government 
and the industry the activities which were 
considered important in the national war 

For 1945 the War Activities Committee 
hopes that its service will be more effective 
and efficient for both the industry and the 


S. H. Fabian, Chairman 

The President of the United States in a 
letter to Nicholas M. Schenck, president of 
Loew's, Inc., referred to the motion picture 
theater as a community institution. He meant 
by that reference that all community activities 
of municipal emergency demands, of war- 
ime needs find a common meeting place in 
the metropolitan and neighborhood motion 
picture house. During the past year the 
motion picture theaters— 16,463 of them— 
gave unusual outstanding assistance to three 
War Bond campaigns, the usual March of 
Dimes, Red Cross and National War Fund 
collections, besides playing Government spon- 
sored information films and taking part in a 
variety of local war activities, almost too 
numerous to mention. During 1944 the 
motion picture theater men strengthened 
their reputation for being leaders in every 
community need. 

The Theaters Division of WAC functions 
through 31 exhibitor exchange area chair- 

men— a group of devoted and patriotic show- 

The chairmen of the special committees of 
the WAC which directed the motion picture 
industry's participation in the three War 
Bond campaigns were theater men. Under 
their direction all agencies and branches of 
the industry work harmoniously and suc- 
cessfully. The Government recognized that 
the motion picture industry is the chief sales- 
man for Bonds and the outstanding exploiter 
of all Bond Sales. 

The Red Cross has recognized that theaters 
are one of the chief agencies for recruiting 
blood donors. There is no more worthwhile 
patriotic task. None can know until the war 
is over how many lives have been saved by 
blood plasma. 

The two theater collections during the 
past year resulted as follows: Infantile 
Paralysis (March of Dimes), $4,667,520.00; 
Red Cross, $6,793,060.04. 

The total for the past three years from 
theater collections was $24,646,182.27 and the 
money came out of the ppckets of movie- 

sent overseas each week. In addition the 
newsreels cooperating with the OWI dis- 
tribute to neutral countries, and wherever 
possible to countries in enemy hands, com- 
posite newsreel information. This film 
called United News is produced in 14 lan- 

It is not necessary to enumerate all of the 
battle action films which have been shown 
on motion picture theater screens through- 
out the past year. Wherever the men of 
Eisenhower, Clark, Mountbatten, Stalin and 
DeGaulle plunged against the enemy there 
were newsreel cameras present to record 
the heroic and historic scenes. Newsreels 
were with Nimitz, Halsey and MacArthur 
in the Pacific. They recorded our bom- 
bardment of Tokio. They wrote in an 
everlasting language of America's heroism 
and sacrifice. When the last enemy flag is 
furled a newsreel man will be there to tell 
that story. 


Ned E. Depinet, Chairman 


Walton C. Anient, Chairman 

The newsreels during this war and par- 
ticularly during the past year, 1944 have 
demonstrated that they are the most accurate 
historians of the present day. Every week 
more than one hundred million people in 
the United States see at least one of the 
twice weekly releases of the several companies. 
More than 85 per cent of the newsreel pic- 
tures during the past year dealt with the 
war. About 25 per cent of this total dealt 
with home front war activities, while more 
than 60 per cent were shots taken outside 
of the United States. A large part of the 
newsreel showings are from overseas war 
combat pictures. 

Besides this direct recording of history in 
the making the newsreels are an important 
instrument for governmental information re- 
quiring widespread distribution. Film bulle- 
tins produced in conjunction with the Office 
of War Information have been attached to 
newsreels. The shortage of film footage has 
made it necessary to reduce the length of 
these bulletins without distorting or dimin- 
ishing the message. Special newsreels are 
made up for servicemen and women and 

The distributors of films performed a 
difficult task with commendable zeal during 
the past year. Ned E. Depinet, Chairman, 
was the successor to his able predecessors, 
William F. Rodgers and William A. Scully. 
There was tremendous difficulty in the ar- 
ranging of films for special movie days, bond 
premieres, children's premieres and other 
extraordinary campaign events. The dis- 
tributors throughout the United States did 
a remarkable job, not only in handling 
those films that were necessary for these 
needs but in stimulating an interest in 
theater operators, many of whom had be- 
come fatigued because of the great extra 
demands upon their time. 

The distributors are responsible for the 
handling of governmental short subjects of 
which there are 52 a year. Not only do the 
distributors undertake to see that these films 
reach all of the pledged theaters but they 
have in many cases where unusual exploita- 
tion was required assumed much of the job 
of exploitation. I am listing the govern- 
ment sponsored films distributed during 

AT HIS SIDE — a ten-minute subject made by 
March of Time for the American Red Cross, 
and depicting' the activities of that organization 
here and abroad. 35mm. Rel. 1/27/44. War- 
ner Bros. 

WHY OF WARTIME TAXES — a ten-minute sub- 
ject made by Columbia for the OWI, explaining- 


in ABC language what happens to the $6.00 
that is being deducted from Joe Doakes' pay 
check every week for Government taxes. 35mm. 
Rel. 3/9/44. Col. 

PRICES UNLIMITED — a ten-minute subject made 
by Universal for the OWL A powerful pre- 
sentation of what would happen to prices in 
this country if we did not have rationing. 
35mm. Rel. 3/16/44. RKO. 

subject made by Warner's for the OWL The 
weapon is food, and the subject shows how 
American farmers worked together in 1943 to 
turn out the greatest food crop in the nation's 
history. Rel. 3/30/44. Warner. 

een-minute pay subject in Technicolor, filmed 
by the Marine Corps Photographic Unit, and 
recording the bloodiest engagements in Marine 
history. 35mm. Rel. 3/2/44. Univ. 

THE NEGRO SOLDIER — a full length feature, 
approximately forty-three minutes running 
time, distributed gratis. Rel. 4/10/44. G 

THE MEMPHIS BELLE — a forty-five-minute 
Technicolor pay subject showing a famous Fly- 
ing Fortress in a thrilling raid on Wilhelms- 
haven. Rel. 4/13/44. Para. 

IT'S YOUR WAR TOO — ten-minute subject. The 
Signal Corps of the War Department has pro- 
duced the story of the WACS. General Marshall, 
Chief of Staff for the Army pays a tribute to 
women in uniform. Rel. 4/20/44. U.A. and 

NO ALTERNATIVE — ten-minute subject showing 
the why of gasoline rationing. This picture is 
going to make every operator of a motor vehicle 
who has ever used black market coupons realize 
exactly how he is undermining the nation's war 
effort. Rel. 4/27/44. Fox. 

minute subject on Economic Stabilization. Made 
by Paramount Pictures. Includes such stars as: 
Alan Ladd, Betty Hutton, Susan Hayward and 
William Bendix. Script written by Charles 
Brackett. Rel. 5/11/44. Para. 

ROAD TO VICTORY — ten-minute subject made by 
Warner Bros., on the Fifth War Loan Cam- 
paign. It features Bing Crosby, Cary Grant. 
Frank Sinatra, Charles Ruggles and other fine 
performers. Rel. 5/18/44. Warner Bros. 

REWARD UNLIMITED — ten-minute subject writ- 
ten by Mary C. McCall, Jr., produced by Selz- 
nick and starring Dorothy McGuire and James 
Brown. It dramatizes the great need and ex- 
citing work of Cadet Nurses. Rel. 5/25/44. 
U.A. MGM Exchanges handling subject in Al- 
bany. Des Moines, Memphis, Oklahoma City and 

MOVIES AT WAR — ten-minute subject made by 
the War Department and showing the handling 
and distribution of 16mm prints of feature pic- 
tures contributed by the industry to the military 
services for showing to our troops. Rel. 6/8/44. 

LIBERATION OF ROME — a twenty-one-minute 
subject produced by the Army Pictorial Services 
in collaboration with British Service Units. 
Rel. 7/13/44. MGM. 

BATTLE STATIONS — a ten-minute subject show- 
ing how the SPARS of the Coast Guard are 
taking over practically all shore jobs formerly 

filled by men. The voices of James Cagney and 
Ginger Rogers. Rel. 7/27/44. Fox. 

MEMO FOR JOE — a ten-minute National War 
Fund subject produced by RKO-Pathe under the 
general supervision of the Public Relations De- 
partment of Community Chests and Councils. 
Queiitin Reynolds starring in this story of the 
Community Chest services. Rel. 8/10/44. RKO. 

REPORT TO JUDY — a ten-minute subject. Ex- 
cellent action footage of the part that the 
Navy has played in the invasion of Europe, in 
the South Pacific, and in the clearing of the 
Atlantic of Nazi submarines. The music track 
is an original score, played by the New York 
Philharmonic Orchestra. A mother telle of 
her experiences as a Navy WAVE. Rel. 
8/24/44. Univ. 

THE WAR SPEEDS UP — a fifteen-minute subject 
showing the rapidly expanding requirements for 
artillery, ammunition, and other types of ex- 
pendable material. The home front likewise 
must increase the production tempo to meet 
the increasing demand of our military as THE 
WAR SPEEDS UP. Rel. 9/7/44. Col. Army 

twenty-minute subject taken from some 260,000 
feet of action footage shot during the invasion 
and conquest of the islands of Saipan. Guam 
and Tinian in the Mariannas. Rel. 7/21/44. 
Warner Bros. 

six-minute War Department subject showing 
the Arawe Beach attack on December 16th and 
the drive on to Cape Gloucester, December 25th. 
Rel. approx. 6/20/44. RKO. 

IT'S MURDER — a ten-minute subject produced by 
Columbia. A new approach to the security of 
information story centering around action in 
the Pacific. Rel. 10/12/44. Col. 

TARGET — JAPAN — a ten-minute subject made 
by March of Time for the Navy. A dramatic 
story of the job that the Navy has accom- 
plished in the past year in the Pacific. Secre- 
tary Forrestal and Admiral King tell of the 
vastness of the job ahead. Rel. 10/26/44. 

V-l — THE ROBOT BOMB — a nine-minute subject 
produced for the British Ministry of Informa- 
tion by the Crown Film Unit and released for 
the U. S. Government. Contains spectacular 
shots of the destruction of robot bombs by anti- 
aircraft fire and by fighter planes. Will tie in 
with 6th War Loan and War Bond premieres. 
Rel. 11/16/44. RKO. 


Mary C. McCall, Jr., Chairman 

Virtually all of the short subjects and 
news bulletins used in the War Bond and 
other industry drives were made in Holly- 
wood. A large percentage of the Govern- 
ment sponsored information films were 
either made in Hollywood or assembled and 
edited there. The Pacific Coast motion pic- 
ture capital also sent out many of its screen 
stars during War Bond campaigns and in 
addition through the Hollywood Victory 
Committee thousands of actors and actresses 
enrolled under the USO-Camp Shows for 
overseas and domestic tours. As the casu- 
alty totals increased as a result of the wide- 


spread conflicts, the motion picture stars 
extended and enlarged their hospital visita- 
tions. Nothing that the film artists have 
done in this war has been more important 
and appealing than their visits to war hos- 
pitals in this country. 

Hollywood individuals and motion picture 
corporations also gave generously to all of 
the war and peace time charities supported 
by popular contributions. This figure for 
1944 was $1,170,407.67. 

Hollywood's contribution of talent for the 
entertainment of service personnel, overseas 
and at home, was generous in 1944. Overseas 
engagements were filled by 94; 90 played 
hospital dates, and 138 made camp tours on 
this side. Additionally, talent appeared in 
485 one-night shows, whose casts averaged 
seven to 10 performers. 

Thousands of men and women recruited 
from the motion picture industry, the Holly- 
wood branch, are serving in the Army, Navy 
and Marine Corps. A regrettably large 
number have lost their lives in combat serv- 
ice. Nothing that the stay-at-homes of the 
industry do can approximate the sacrifice 
they made. 


Joseph McConville, Chairman 

The 16 mm. gift film service for combat 
areas was extended during 1944 because of 
the increased number of service men and 
women assigned to duty outside of con- 
tinental United States. The circuit set-up 
by the Army was extended and the number 
of prints required was much greater than a 
year before. The latest entertainment films, 
many of them before exhibition in the 
United States, were shown to more than a 
million combat troops each week. A sub- 
stantially larger number of top rate film 
stories had thelk premieres in the battle 
zones. At one tiSie one of the blue ribbon 
films of the industry was having its first 
presentation in 18 spots in France not long 
after Eisenhower's men invaded the Nor- 
mandy coast. 

More than a million service men and 
women on overseas duty nightly see the 
16 mm. gift films. The circuit which pro- 
vides for the distribution of the gift films 
has 19 exchange centers around the world. 
Wherever and whenever possible the films 
are shipped by airplane but there have been 
instances where dog sleds, camel caravans 
and foot messengers made the film deliv- 
eries. From the initial contribution of four 
prints a week the industry's contribution to 
morale building and entertainment for the 

lighting man has grown to 750 prints a 
week. During the past year the Army, 
Navy and Marine Corps have been able to 
obtain more projection machines and as a 
result the service of gift films has been 
greatly enhanced. 


Oscar A. Doob, Chairman 

The public relations area chairmen in 
I hose cities of 25,000 population or more 
are the jacks of all trades in the motion 
picture industry's local war work. There 
are 31 area chairmen and 636 city chair- 
men. They not only localize publicity for 
all of the campaigns and drives in which 
WAC has a part but they contribute valu- 
able information as advisers to civic com- 
mittees as idea men for local groups and 
as exploitation experts wherever necessary. 

The public relations men working with 
the national committee of WAC have done 
an outstanding job during the past year, 
particularly in the War Bond Drives. In a 
large measure through their work the slo- 
gans and objectives of the campaigns become 
battle cries for the entire population. They 
are chiefly responsible for the excellent co- 
operation the industry receives from trade 
press, the general newspaper business, radio 
and magazines. All of these mediums of ex- 
pression joined with the industry to make 
the War Bond Drives vivid examples of 
American unity in its war effort. 


Jack Alicoate, Chairman 

Each year since the formation of the WAC 
the Trade Press Committee has been an ac- 
tive assistant to the WAC officers and the 
special committee chairmen who were called 
upon to do specific jobs in the war effort. 
In 1944 437 pages of advertising space were 
contributed by the trade press members. 
In the year previous the advertising space 
contributed was almost 200 pages, while in 
1942 the contribution of advertising space 
was 96 pages. 

Special sections of regular editions, pic- 
ture stories and articles by staff w r riters were 
generously employed by all of the trade 
papers to help the War Bond Drives and 
other campaigns in behalf of national activi- 
ties and sponsored by the WAC. The trade 
press during 1945 will as in the past years 
do everything possible to assist the motion 
picture industry in its war activities. 


Wbt heroic Jftlm Beab 

?W*HESE arc not dead. In the heart of every America?!, they live. In the pride of children, 
the love of youth and the reverence of age, they live. . In undone deeds of heroism to come, 
they live, hi the litany of Liberty which the unborn yet shall sing, they live. In the song of 
the lathe, the hymn of the hammer, the roar of the locomotive, the prayer of the persecuted, 
they live. 

These are not dead. They have arisen above death. In that world of tomorrow where 
women and children are safe, where hearthstones are inviolate, where man's campus sltall be 
kindness and his sanctuary God, these shall know abiding life. 

— Charles Francis Coe. 

Lt. Charles M. Baer, AAF, of 
RCA Victor. FD: 1-4. 

Russell Suchy, doorman at a WB 
theater in Cleveland; killed in 
Bouganville. FD: 1-4. 

S/Sgt. James J. O'Donnell, man- 
ager RKO's 23rd St. Theater, 
N. Y. C; in raid over Bremen. 
FD: 1-10. 

Pfc. John R. Hargrove, of staff 
of State Theater, Nashua. N. 
H.; in the Southwest Pacific. 
FD: 1-19. 

Pvt. Willie W. Mercier, Berlin, 
N. H. theater employe; in ac- 
tion in Italy. FD: l-2'5. 

Pvt. Richard C. McArthur, usher 
at Roosevelt Theater. Detroit; 
in Italy. FD: 1-25. 

Corp. Henry Larner of the Para- 
mount publicity dept.; of 
wounds in Italy. FD: 2-1. 

Arthur Meehan, son of Geo. Mee- 
han. Columbia cameraman in 
Hollywood; in the Navy. FD: 

Corp. PanI E. Holland, USMC, 
usher in Fort Theater, Rock 
Island. 111.: in So. Pacific. FD: 

Lt. Earle Lieberman, shipper, 
Columbia exchange; in plane 
crash in Arizona. FD: 2-29. 

Lt. Donald L. Lembcke, of 

Bausch & Lomb; in raid over 
Germany. FD: 3-1. 

S Sgt. James W. Riley, of Robb 
& Rowley Circuit; in Medi- 
terranean battle. FD: 3-2. 

Lt. Benjamin F. Farber of Spot 
Films; in plane crash in Pa- 
cific. FD: 3-3. 

Lt. (j.g.) Edward Martin, co- 
owner and general manager of 
Southern Amusement Co. of 
Lake Charles, La.; at Great 
Lakes training station. FD: 

Lt. Lambert C. Root, AAF, RKO 
messenger; in action over Eng- 
land. FD: 3-24. 

Lt. Robert Yentes, of 20th-Fox's 
New York exchange; at Cas- 
sino. FD: 4-4. 

Lt. William Murphy, brother of 
John Murphy; in plane smash- 
up. FD: 4-11. 

Lt. Daniel Boone Bruce, of 

Metro's Atlanta branch; in air 
collision. FD: 4-21. 

Lt. Albert Grant, AAF, exec, of 
Pantheon Theater, Chicago; 
over Germany. FD: 4-21. 

Ensign Gerald Thoman, of 

Bausch & Lomb; in Allied ter- 
ritory outside the U. S. FD: 

Lt. Monroe E. Billings, USN., of 
Eastman Kodak; in Kansas 
plane crash, FD: 4-25. 

Lt. George Halaby, staff chief at 
New York Strand Theater; in 
New Guinea. FD: 5-3. 

Lt. John E. Daly, Jr., son of the 

head of Loew's mailing depart- 
ment; a Fortress pilot, in 
Europe. FD: 5-3. 

Flying Officer Charles Olmstead, 

actor; in plane crash in Can- 
ada. FD: 5-4. 

Capt. G. Oglietti, Jr. of Lynch- 
burg, Pa.; of wounds in Italy. 
FD: 5-8. 

Lt. Nicholas Loukides, USMC, 
usher in New Haven; in Flor- 
ida training accident. FD: 5-9. 

Frederick Faust ("Max Brand"), 
war correspondent; in Italy. 
FD: 5-17. 

George Brennan. AFS, Ideal Pic- 
tures executive: of wounds in 
India. FD: 5-17. 

Lt. Harold A. Dew, AAF, RCA 
employe in Indianapolis: over 
Italy. FD: '5-24. 


Joseph Weisman, of the New 
York Roxy Theater staff; in 
Italy. FD: 6-13. 

T/Sgt. Frederick H. Homnick. 

brother of Curtis Homnick, 
Wilkes-Barre. FD: 6-15. 

David Cohen of the De Luxe 
Lab.; at Anzio. FD: 6-20. 

Walter Oakes, Chicago projec- 
tionist; in New Guinea. FD: 

Lt. James G. Schaefer, son of 

George J. Schaefer; in Nor- 
mandy. FD: 6-27. 

S/Sgt. John S. Chaklos, of DeVry 
Corp.; in France. FD: 7-12. 

Corp. Joseph Libel, DeVry Corp.: 
in South Pacific. FD: 7-12. 

PFC. Elliott Auclair of Geneva. 
N Y.; in Marshall Islands. 
FD: 7-12. 

T/Sgt. Harold E. Rogers, film 
stunt man; in Europe. FD: 

Corp. Leonard J. Giverson, usher 
in Plymouth. N. H.. theater; 
in action on D-Day. FD: 7-21. 

Burdette Page, son of Stanley 
Page (New Haven projection- 
ist). FD: 7-25. 

Sgt. Robert D. Fowler, De6 

Moines theater employe; in 
Italy. FD: 7-25. 

Lt. Robert Pearman, husband of 
secretary to Charles Einfeld; 
in jungle bomber crash. FD: 

Capt. Lewis S. Mentlik, N. Y. 
Rep. of Jay Emanuel Publi- 
cations; in Normandy. FD: 

Sydney Lande, son of Harry A. 
Lande (Cleveland distributor) ; 
in France. FD: 8-2. 

Pvt. Herbert Kaufman, son of 

Abe Kaufman (Terre Haute 

exhibitor); in France. FD: 

Capt. James P. Parish, assistant 
manager Paramount Theater, 
Montgomery, Ala.; in air bat- 
tle in France. FD: 8-15. 

Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., USN, 

son of Joseph Kennedy; in 
plane explosion over England. 
FD: 8-16. 

William Langyher, ex- manager 
Princess Theater, Washington, 
D. C: in France. FD: 8-18. 

Lt. Charles E. Coleman, Para- 
mount auditor; in combat over 
Germany. FD: 8-21. 

Pvt. William J. Walker, Para- 
mount shipping clerk in Phila- 
delphia; in Italy. FD: 8-21. 

Pvt. John F. Morrell, Metro home 
office employe; in France. FD: 

Lt. Nick Ermolieff, foreign pub- 
licity head at RKO Studios; in 
Normandy. FD: 8-24. 

Harlan Steincamp, son of Ted 

Mendenhall (manager Para- 
mount Theater, Des Moines) ; 
in France. FD: 8-25. 

Lt. Frederick F. Striby, RCA 

Victor; in France. FD: 8-31. 

Pfc. Charles N. Bess, manager 
Woodbine Theater. Nashville; 
in France. FD: 8-31. 

Sgt. Lee Powell, screen actor; in 
action. FD: 9-1. 

Capt. Hal Freeman, son of Al 
Freeman: in Pacific. FD: 9-1. 

Jerome Potrykusoff, Bausch & 
Lomb; in Italy. FD: 9-5. 

Lt. Morton C. Enstis, associate 
editor Theater Arts Magazine; 
in France. FD: 9-6. 

Douglas F, Harris, nephew of 
J. J. O'Connor; in France. FD: 

Lt. Bernard Pollock, assistant 
manager. Omaha Theater. 
Omaha; in France. FD: 9-13. 

Lt. Newton Goldman, son of 

Harry Goldman of Boston; in 
European area. FD: 9-19. 

Lt. John S. Schultz, manager 
Columbia Theater, Erie, Pa.; 
in airplane crash. FD: 9-19. 

Lt. Frank Hanskowski, of South- 
town Theater, Chicago; in 
New Guinea. FD: 9-20. 

Rene Descateaux, son of New 

Hampshire theater owner; in 
South Pacific. FD: 9-22. 

Nick Kurls, Jr., son of Theater 
owner in Muskegon, Mich.; in 
France. FD: 9-25. 

Danaien Parer, Paramount News 
ace; in Peleliu. FD: 9-26. 

Lt. Roy Zesser, nephew of Alex- 
ander Zesser, Detroit theater 
owner. FD: 9-27. 

Pvt. James S. Noel, formerly 
with Republic in Charlotte, 
N. C. FD: 9-27. 

Lt. C. J. Kontos, nephew of Har- 
old Abbott, equipment dealer 
of Chicago. FD: 9-27. 

Sgt. John K. Mullen, manager, 
Warners' Ardmore, Philadel- 
phia; in France. FD: 10-3. 

Pfc. Pan! W. Winter, projection- 
ist, Philadelphia; in France. 
FD: 10-3. 

Pvt. John W. Krivo, Local B-179, 
Detroit: in France. FD: 10-9. 

Cpl. Eric G. Svenson, staff of 
Pantheon. Chicago; in sinking 
of ship in Mediterranean. FD: 

Lt. Channing Trafford, doorman 
at Empire, Montgomery, Ala.; 
in N. M. air crash. FD: 10-13.. 

Corp. Grover Brown, actor; in 
France. FD: 10-18. 

Jimmy Smith, Cincinnati booker; 
in France. FD: 10-23. 

Corp. Alton T. Brown, of Queen 
Theater, Austin, Tex.: on 
Tinian Island. FD: 10-25. 

T/Sgt. Arthur Sorenson, Jr., son 

of editor of Movietone News; 
in Germany. FD: 10-31. 

Lt. Jerry Marcus, former Metro 
booker, Omaha; in France. 
FD: 11-2. 

Lt. Bernard Pollock, Tri-State, 
Sioux City, la.; in France. FD: 

Robert Chasa, Zephyr Theater, 
Burlington, la.; in France. 
FD: 11-3. 

Lt. Monroe Samsalig, S.O.S. ship- 
ping clerk; in France. FD: 

Harry Born, manager New York 
Globe Theater; in Europe. FD: 

Lt. Jack B. Dougherty, WB home 
office; in Germany. FD: 11-13. 

Glen Schwartz, brother of Don 
and Abbott Schwartz, Minne- 
apolis; in Italy. FD: 11-13. 

T/Sgt. Edward J. Wall, Jr., son 

of E. J. Wall of Londonville, 
N. Y.; in France. FD: 11-14. 

Sgt. Howard B. Craven, head 
usher Art Theater, Springfield, 
Mass.: in Germany. FD: 11-14. 

Lt. Joseph T. Dandrea, Essaness 
theater manager, Chicago; in 
France. FD: 11-17. 

S/Sgt. Henry S. Rosenwald, New 

York theater operator; in 
Italy. FD: 11-17. 

Lt. Robert L. Kuhl, owner of two 
Iowa theaters; in plane crash 
in Texas. FD: 11-20. 

John Engst, Essaness theater 
manager; in France: FD: 11- 

Pvt. Roy Algeo, Jr., Republic 
shipper, Pittsburgh ; on 

Saipan. FD: 11-24. 

J. Samuel Weltman. Syracuse 
theater owner; in France. FD: 

Lt. Gerald Steinberg, son-in-law 
of I. J. Hoffman, New Haven; 
in France. FD: 12-1. 

Lt. Richard H. Fitzgerald, son of 

Harold J. Fitzgerald, Fox, Wis. 
Amusement head; on Leyte. 
FD: 12-4. 

Pvt. James J. Galizia, Famous 
Music Corp. employe; in air 
accident in Georgia. FD: 12-7. 

Corp. Mike Renda, service staff. 
Loew's Theater, St. Louis; in 
Italy. FD: 12-7. 

Gene Hensley, of Black Diamond 
Circuit, W. Va.; over France. 
FD: 12-13. 

Pfc. Edward Planine, G-S man- 
ager in Joliet, 111.; in Holland. 
FD: 12-16. 

Joseph P. De Conco, still lab. 
employe at Universal studio; 
on Leyte. FD: 12-19. 

Lt. Robert Drew, former Mono- 
gram rep. for W. Va.; in 
bomber crash. FD: 12-20. 

Lt. James B. Crawley, manager 
Keresotes theater in Chilli- 
cothe. 111.; in Holland. FD: 

F/O David Coleck, son of Dora 
Koleck of B & K's Uptown 
Theater, Chicago; over Rou- 
mania. FD: 12-22. 

Walter Oakes, member of Chi- 
cago operators' union; in 
South Pacific. FD: 12-22: 

Pfc. Edward Suttell, former 
manager Old Vienna Theater, 
Buffalo; in Germany. FD: 12- 

Pvt. Robert W. Woolums, former 
manager Drexel Theater, Co- 
lumbus, O., in France. FD: 

Pvt. Joseph Smith, son of Harry 
Smith, RKO booker in Boston: 
in Europe. FD: 12-29. 












"Swinging impact''' tests assure maximum 

durability for chair backs, back fastenings to 

standards, and floor anchorage. 

If industry awards wore given for 

"Mechanical sitter" tests apply 100,000 sits, 

equivalent to those of a heavy person, to 

spring units in chair cushions. 

today's winner 
would be' the 




..ul\ Chairs 

the world's finest 
theatre chairs 

"Drop cylinder" tests, with repeated impacts 

by a heavy sand-filled cylinder, guard against 

structural fractures or failures. 

ricats Seating Company's New }5<><li- 

form is the finest \ alue ever achieved in 

theatre chairs. Tested by the most vigilant! 

rigorous methods, built to the veryhigheSj 

standards. the> \>\k\ all others in beauty* 
comfort- long service, and housekeeping 
econoun . 


yul 7l£l Wr}v7//7J \0f//ni( 3fi 



wom.irs 1^: aim: it iiv rum.ic .seating 

Manufacturers of Theatre, Auditorium, School, Church, Transportation and Stadium Seat 
Branch Offices and Distributors in Principal Cities 


V K AT I J It ti S 


— A — 

A Wave, a Wac and a Marine 

Monogram; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-31-44: Released, 10-7-44. 

Cast, Elyse Knox, Anne Gillis, Sally Eilers, 
Richard Lane, Marjorie Woodworth, Ramsay 
Ames, Henry Youngman. Charles Marshall, Alan 
Dinehart, Billy Mack, Cy Kendall, Aileen Pringle, 
Jack Mulhall, Mabel Todd, Milton Bronson, Elvia 
Allman, Sid Tomack, Rose Murphy, The Music 
Maids, Freddie Rich Orchestra, Connie Haines. 

Producer, Edward Sherman; Director, Phil Karl- 
stein; Author, Hal Firnberg; Screenplay, Hal Firn- 
berg; Art Director, Georg-e Van Marter; Musical 
Score, Freddie Rich; Cameraman, Maury Gertz- 
man; Editor, William Austin. 

Abroad With Two Yanks 

United Artists; 80 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-24-44; Released, 8-4-44. 

Cast, William Bendix, Helen Walker. Dennis 
O'Keefe, John Loder, George Cleveland, Janet Lam- 
bert, James Flavin, Aruthur Hunnicutt, William 
Jillson, Herbert Evans, William Forrest, John 

Producer, Edward Small; Director, Allan Dwan: 
Author, Fred Guiol; Screenplay, Charles Rogers. 
Wilkie Mahoney, Ted Sills; Musical Director, Lud 
Gluskin; Art Director, Joseph Sternad: Camera- 
man; Charles Lawton, Jr.; Editor, Richard Heer- 

Action in Arabia 

RKO; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-18-44. 

Cast, George Sanders, Virginia Bruce, Lenore 
Aubert, Gene Lockhart, Robert Armstrong, H. B. 
Warner, Alan Napier, Andre Chariot, Marcel Dalio. 
Robert Anderson, Jamiel Hasson, John Hamilton, 
Rafael Stern, Mike Ansara. 

Producer, Maurice Geraghty; Director, Leonide 
Moguy; Screenplay, Philip MacDonald, Herbert 
Biberman; Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Al 
Herman; Musical Score, Roy Webb; Cameraman, 
Roy Hunt; Editor, Robert Swink. 

Address Unknown 

Columbia; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-24-44: Released, 6-1-44. 

Cast, Paul Lukas, Carl Esmond. Peter Van Eyck. 
Mady Christians, Morris Carnovsky, K. T. Stevens. 
Emory Parnell. Mary Young-, Frank Faylen. 
Charles Halton, Erwin Kaiser, Frank Reicher. 
Dale Cornell, Peter Newmeyer, Larry Joe Olsen. 
Gary Gray. 

Producer, William Cameron Menzies; Assistant 
Producer, Lonnie D'Sora; Director, William Cam- 
eron Menzies; Author, Kressmann Taylor; Screen- 
play. Herbert Dalmas; Art Directors, Lionel Banks. 
Walter Holscher; Musical Score, Ern6t Toch; 
Musical Director, M. W. Stolon*: Cameraman, 
Rudolph Mate; Editor, Al Clark. 

Adventure in Bokhara 

Artkino : 84 mins. 

Reviewed. 8-28-44: Released, 8-19-44. 

Produced in the U. S. S. R. 

Cast, Lev Sverdlin, M. Mirzakarimova, K. Mik- 
hailov, E. Heller. 

Director. Y. Protozov: Authors. L. Soloview. 
V. Vitkovitch; Music, N. Gainiev, Briunchugin. 

Adventure in Music 

AFE Corp.; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-18-44. 

Cast, Jose Iturbi, Emanuel Feuermann, Mildred 
Dilling, Bronsky and Babin, the Coolidgre String 

Producers, Walter Lowendahl, Rudolph Polk; 
Directors, Ernest Matray, S. K. Winston, Reginald 
LeBorg-; Cameramen, Jackson Rose, Paul Ivano. 
Walter Lundin, Harry Jackson: Editors, Harvey 
Pergament, Tom Biggart, Dick Wray. 

Adventures of Mark Twain, 

Warners; 130 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-3-44: Released, 5-6-44. 

Cast, Fredric March, Alexis Smith, Donald 
Crisp, Alan Hale, C. Aubrey Smith, John Carra- 
dine, William Henry, Robert Barrat, Walter Hamp- 
den, Joyce Reynolds, Whitford Kane, Percy Kil- 
bride, Nana Bryant, Dennis Donnelly, Hooper Atch- 
ley, Georg-e Reed, Sam McDaniel, Dudley Dickerson, 
Betty Roadman, Viola Callahan, Frank Wilcox, 
Libby Taylor, Lillian Randolph, Mildred Gover. 
Dickie Jones, Kay Johnson, Jackie Brown, Eugene 
Holland, Michael Miller, Frederick Spencer, Russell 
Gleason, Victor Kilian, Christian Rub, Harry 
Woods, Eddie Waller, John (Skins) Miller, Willie 
Fungr, Creighton Hale, Fred Kelsey, Oliver Prickett. 
Leo White, Joseph Crehan, Cliff Saum, Harry 
Tyler, Ronald Drew, Walter Soderling-, Sailor Vin- 
cent, Richard Kipling, Bill Edwards, Bill Kennedy, 
Stuart Holmes, Joan Winfield, Sarah Edwards, 
Leah Baird, Frank Reicher, George Haywood, 
Frank Drien, Douglas Wood, Willie Best, Burr 
Caruth, Harry Hilliard, Brandon Hurst, Davison 
Clark, Harry Holman, Frank Dae, Henry Blair, 
Francis Pierlot, Joseph Crehan, Jessie Grayson, 
Bobby Larson, Earl Dewey, Lee Powell, Sammy 
McKim, Harry Worth, Lee "Lasses" White, Ernie 
Adams, William Gould, Arthur Aylesworth, Jack 
Mower, Frank Mayo, William Haade, Robert 
Homans, Lew Kelly, Paul Panzer, Monte Blue. 
Paul Newlan, Ernest Whitman, Emmett Smith, 
Pat O'Malley, Georg-e Sherwood, Charles Marsh, 
Charles McAvoy, Jim Farley, Frank Pharr, Norman 
Willis, Dick Elliott, Bud Osborne, Thurston Hall. 
George Humbert," Chester Conklin, Georg-e Lessey, 
Dorothy Vaug-han, Gloria Ann Crawford, Lynne 
Bag-grett, Carol Joyce Coombs, Charlene Salerno, 
Joyce Tucker, Charles Waldron, Paul Scardon, 
Paul Lawford, Robert Herrick, Charles Peck, 
Bill Lechner, Jack Gardner, Jack Gargan, Francis 
Sayles, Charles Irwin, Rose Ford, Rosina Galli. 

Producer, Jesse L. Lasky; Director, Irving Rap- 
per; Author, Harold M. Sherman; Screenplay, 
Alan LeMay; Musical Score, Max Steiner; Art 
Director, John Hughes; Musical Director, Leo F. 
Forbstein; Camerman, Sol Polito; Special Effects, 
Lawrence Butler, Edwin Linden; Editor, Ralph 


Monogram; 76 mins. 

Reviewed. 10-10-44; Released, 12-22-44. 

Cast, Kent Taylor, Margaret Lindsay, John 
Carradine, Dean Jagger, Nils Asther, Iris Adrian, 
George Cleveland, Dewey Robinson, Lee "Lasses" 
White, John Rogers, Jack Gorton, John Maxwell, 
Warren Jackson, Dick Scott. 

Producer, Lindsley Parsons: Director, George 
Archainbaud: Screenplay, George Wallace Sayre. 
Harrison Orkow. Malcolm Stuart Boyland, from 
"Flush of Gold," by Jack London; Art Director, 



... We Do a Factory lob! 

WE CAN REHABILITATE your old theatre 
chairs and make them look like NEW and 
GUARANTEE that they will last from 
EIGHT TO TEN YEARS — and our price 
is reasonable. 

To Our Credit- 

Lafay ette The.* , 
MiCh,g3n Del" -mount 

E£ « £*■■• saenger 

Th e !' New Orleans; 
T T he „ a es r s e Theatre, Knox- 
T r ramount Theatre, 
Artarfa Orpheum Theatre, 
A Arizona, and many 

Phoenix, Arizona, 
others too numerous 



We have all the materials, parts for replacement, craftsmen to 
assure your complete satisfaction. You can continue to offer 
seating comfort in your theatre and save money, too. TODAY . . . 
NOW . . . IMMEDIATELY . . . without disrupting your operation, 
without wartime restriction just by contacting us at once. Ours is 
the practical answer to your seating problem. We are experts in 
our line. Write or wire TODAY! 


45 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

Phone: BRyant 9-4245 


E. R. Hickson; Musical Director. Edward Kay: 
Lyrics and Music, Kay and Cherkose; Dance 
Director, Jack Boyle: Cameraman, Mack Stengler, 
Archie Stout; Editor, Richard Currier. 

All Baba and the Forty 

Universal; 87 mine. 

Reviewed, 1-10-44; Released, 1-14-44. 

Cast. Maria Montez, Yvette Duguay, Jon Hall, 
Scotty Beckett, Turhan Bey, Kurt Hatch, Andy 
Devine, Frank Puglia, Moroni Olsen, Fortunio 
Bonanova, Harry Cording-, Ramsay Ames, Noel 
Cravet, Belle Mitchell, Crispin Martin. 

Producer, Paul Malvern; Director, Arthur 
Lubin; Screenplay, Edmund L. Hartmann; Art 
Director, Richard H. Riedel; Musical Score, Ed- 
ward Ward; Cameraman, George Robinson. 

Allergic to Love 

Universal; 66 mins. 

Reviewed. 5-13-44; Released, 7-21-44. 

Cast. Noah Beery, Jr., Martha O'Driscoll, David 
Bruce, Franklin Pangborn, Max Rosenbloom, Fuzzy 
Knight. Marek Windheim, George Chandler, Olin 
Howlan, John Hamilton, Henry Armetta, Grady 
Sutton. Olive Blakeney. Paul Stanton, William 
Davidson. Dudley Dickerson, Lotte Stein, Edna 
Holland, Antonio Triana & Montes, Chinita, 
Guadalajara Trio. 

Associate Producer, Warren Wilson; Director, 
Edward Lilley; Authors, Warren Wilson, Jack 
Townley, John Larkin; Screenplay. Warren Wilson: 
Art Director, John Goodman; Cameraman, George 
Robinson; Editor. Philip Cahn. 

Amazing Mr. Forrest, The 

PRC; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-26-44; Released. 3-29-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Edward Everett Horton, Otto Kruger, 
Jack Buchanan, Jack LaRue, Googie Withers, Syd 
Walker, David Burns, Walter Rilla, Charles Car- 
son, Leslie Perrins, Ronald Shiner. 

Producer, Jack Buchanan; Director, Thornton 
Freeland; Screenplay, Ralph Spence (from "The 
Gang's All Here"); Cameraman, C. Friese-Greene. 

An American Romance 

M-G-M; 151 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-3-44; Released, October, 1944. 

Cast. Brian Donlevy, Ann Richards, Walter 
Abel, John Qualen, Horace McNally. 

Producer, King Vidor; Director, King Vidor; 
Author, King Vidor; Screenplay, Herbert Dalmas, 
William Ludwig; Technicolor Director, Natalie 
Kalmus; Musical Score, Louis Gruenberg: Art 
Director, Cedric Gibbons; Associate, Urie McCleary; 
Cameraman, Harold Rosson; Special Effects, 
Arnold Gillespie; Editor, Conrad A. Nervi*. 

And Now Tomorrow 

Paramount; 85 mins. 
Reviewed, 10-18-44. 

Cast, Alan Ladd, Loretta Young, Susan Hay- 
ward, Barry Sullivan, Beulah Bondi, Cecil Kella- 
way. Grant Mitchell, Helen Mack, Darryl Hick- 
man, Anthony L. Caruso, Jonathan Hale, Conrad 
Binyon, Connie Leon, George M. Carleton, Leo 

Associate Producer, Fred Kohlmar; Director, 
Irving Pichel; Author, Rachel Field: Screenplay, 
Frank Partos, Raymond Chandler; Musical Score. 
Victor Young; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Hal 
Pereira; Cameraman, Daniel L. Fapp; Special 
Effects, Farciot Edouart: Editor, Duncan Mans- 

And the Angels Sing 

Paramount; 96 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-25-44. 

Cast, Dorothy Lamour, Fred MacMurray, Betty 
Hutton, Diana Lynn, Mimi Chandler, Raymond 
Walburn, Eddie Foy, Jr., Frank Albertson, Mikhail 
Rasumny, Frank Faylen, George McKay, Harry 
Harris, Donald Kerr, Perc Launders, Tom Kennedy. 

Associate Producer, E. D. Leshin; Director, 
Claude Binyon; Screenplay, Melvin Frank, Norman 
Panama; Art Directors, Hand Dreier, Hal Pereira: 
Musical Director, Victor Young; Musical Numbers, 
Danny Dare; Cameraman, Karl Struss; Editor, 
Eda Warren. 

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 

M-G-M; 107 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-24-44; Released, May, 1944. 

Cast, Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney, Fay Holden, 
Sara Haden, Herbert Marshall, Bonita Granville, 
Jean Porter, Keye Luke. Lee Wilde, Lyn Wilde, 
Marta Linden. 

Director, George B. Seitz; Screenplay, Harry 
Ruskin, William Ludwig, Agnes Christine Johnston; 
Musical Score, David Snell; Art Director, Cedric 
Gibbons; Cameraman, Lester White; Editor, George 

Are These Onr Parents? 

Monogram; 73 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-16-44; Released, '6-27-44. 

Cast, Helen Vinson, Lyle Talbot, Noel Neill. 
Richard Byron, Emma Dunn, Addison Richards, 
Anthony Warde, Robin Raymond, Ian Wolfe, 
Jean Carlin, Claire McDowell, Emmett Vogan. 

Producer, Jeffrey Bernerd; Director, William 
Nigh; Author, Hilary Lynn; Screenplay, Michel 
Jacoby; Score-Musical Director, Edward Kay; 
Technical Director, Dave Milton; Cameraman, 
Harry Neumann; Editor Johnny Link. 

Arizona Trail 

Universal; 57 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-10-44. 

Cast, Tex Ritter, Fuzzy Knight, Dennis Moore, 
Janet Shaw, Jack Ingram, Erville Alderson, Joseph 
Greene, Glenn Strange, Dan White, Art Fowler, 
Johnny Bond and his Red River Valley Boys. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director, 
Vernon Keays; Screenplay, William Lively; Musi- 
cal Director, Paul Sawtell; Art Directors, John 
B. Goodman, Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, 
William Sickner; Special Effects, John P. Fulton; 
Editor, Alvin Todd. 

Arizona Whirlwind 


Released, 2-21-44. 

Cast, Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele. 
Ian Keith, Myrna Dell, Don Stewart, Charles 
King, Karl Hackett, George Chesebro. Dan White, 
Charles Murray, Jr., Frank Ellis. 

Producer, Robert Tansey; Director, Robert Tan- 
sey; Screenplay, Frances Kavanaugh; Musical Di- 
rector, Frank Sanucci; Cameraman, Edward Hull; 
Editor, John C. Fuller. 

Army Wives 

Monogram; 68 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Elyse Knox, Marjorie Rambeau, Rick 
Vallin, Dorothea Kent, Hardie Albright, Murray 
Alper, Ralph Lewis, Ralph Sanford, Jimmy San- 
ford, Jimmy Conlin, Kenneth Brown, Billy Lenhart. 

Producer, Lindsley Parsons; Director, Phil 
Rosen; Screenplay, B. Harrison Orkow; Art Direc- 
tor, David Milton; Musical Director, Edward Kay; 
Cameraman, Mack Stengler. 

Arsenic and Old Lace 

Warners; 18 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-1-44; Released, 9-23-44. 

Cast, Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane, Raymond 
Massey, Jack Carson, Edward Everett Horton, 
Peter Lorre, James Gleason, Josephine Hull, Jean 
Adair, John Alexander, Grant Mitchell, Edward 
McNamara, Garry Owen, John Ridgely, Vaughan 
Glaser, Chester Clute. Charles Lane, Edward 

Producer, Frank Capra; Director, Frank Capra: 
Author. Joseph Kesselring; Screenplay, Julius J. 
and Philip G. Epstein; Art Director, Max Parker: 
Musical Score, Max Steiner; Musical Director, Leo 
F. Forbstein; Cameraman, Sol Polito: Special 
Effects, Byron Haskin, Robert Burks; Editor, 
Daniel Mandell. 


JUSXI'l-MNITT I'inil'IW. Inc. 

723 Seventh Avenue 
NEW YORK 19, U. S. A. 

Established 1887 


U. S. Bonded Warehouse 

Complete facilities for the handling of export 
and import shipments of films and accessories. 

Other offices at: 

2. J >-25 Beaver Street, New York 4, N. Y. 

Marine Terminal 
LaGuardia Airport, New York 

6160 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Hollywood 38, Cal. 

Queen & Crescent Building 
New Orleans 12, La. 


Cable: "MASSECO" New York 



Atlantic City 

Republic; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-3-44; Released, 9-15-44. 

Cast, Constance Moore, Brad Taylor, Charley 
Grapewin, Jerry Colonna, Robert B. Castaine, 
Adela Mara, Pierre Watkin, Harry Tyler, Stanley 
Andrews, Donald Kerr, Charles Williams, Daisy 
Mothershed, Paul Whiteman orchestra, Louis Arm- 
strong; orchestra; Buck and Bubbles, Dorothy 
Dandridge, Belle Baker. Joe Frisco. Jack Kenny, 
Al Shean. Gus Van, Charles Marsh. 

Associate Producer, Albert J. Cohen; Director, 
Ray McCarey; Author, Arthur Caesar; Screenplay, 
Doris Gilbert, Frank Gill, Jr.. George Carleton 
Brown; Musical Director, Walter Scharf: Musical 
Supervisor, Albert Newman ; Art Director, Rus- 
sell Kimball; Cameraman, John Alton. 

— B — 

Babes on Swing Street 

Universal; 70 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-18-44; Released 10-13-44. 

Cast, Ann Blyth, Peggy Ryan. Andy Devine. 
Leon Errol, Anne Gwynne, Kirby Grant, June 
Preisser, Alma Kruger, Billy Dunn, Sidney Miller. 
Marion Hutton, Freddie Slack orchestra, Ruben- 

Associate Producer, Bernard W. Burton; Di- 
rector, Edward Killey; Author, Brenda Weisberg; 
Screenplay, Howard Dimsdale, Eugene Conrad: 
Art Directors. John B. Goodman, Abraham Gross- 
man; Musical Director, Sam Freed, Jr., Dance 
Director, Louis Da Pron; Cameraman, Jerome Ash; 
Special Effects, John P. Fulton; Editor, Fred R. 
Reitschans, Jr. 

Barbary Coast Gent 

M-G-M; 87 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-3-44; Released, September. 1944. 

Cast, Wallace Beery, Binnie Barnes, John Car- 
radine, Bruce Kellogg, Frances Raftery, Chjill 
Wills, Noah Beery, Sr., Henry O'Neill. Ray Collins. 
Morris Ankrum, Donald Meek, Addison Richards. 
Harry Hayden. Paul E. Burns, Paul Hurst, Victor 
Kilian, Cliff Clarke, Louise Beavers. 

Producer, Orville O. Dull; Director, Roy Del 
Ruth; Screenplay, William R. Lipman, Grant Gar- 
rett;; ;;Mu;s;i;c;a;l; ;Score, David Snell; Art 
Directors, Cedric Gibbons, William Ferrari: Cam- 
eraman, Charles Salerno, Jr.;; Editor, Adrienne 

Bathing Beauty 

M-G-M; 101 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-31-44; Released, July, 1944. 

Cast, Red Skelton, Esther Williams, Basil Rath- 
bone, Bill Goodwin, Ethel Smith, Nana Bryant. 
Ann Codee, Francis Pierlot, Jean Porter, Carlos 
Ramirez, Donald Meek, Harry James, Helen For- 
rest, Xavier Cugat, Lina Romay, William Hayden. 

Producer. Jack Cummings; Director, George 
Sidney; Authors, Kenneth Earl, M. M. Mueselman. 
Curtis Kenyon; Screenplay, Dorothy Kingsley, 
Allen Boretz, Frank Waldman; Musical Director, 
Johnny Green; Dance Directors, Jack Donohue. 
Robert Alton ; Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, 
Stephen Goosson, Merrill Pye; Cameraman, Harry 
Stradling; Editor, Blanche Sewell. 

Beautiful but Broke 


Released, 1-28-44. 

Cast, Joan Davis, John Hubbard, Jane Frazee. 
Judy Clark, Bob Haymes, Danny Mummert; Byron 
Foulger, George McKay, Ferris Taylor, Isabel 
Withers, John Eldredge, Grace Hayle, John Dilson. 

Producer, Irving Briskin; Director, Charles Bar- 
ton; Author, Arthur Housman; Screenplay, Monte 
Brice; Art Director, Lionel Banks; Musical Direc- 
tor, M. W. Stoloff; Cameraman, L. W. O'Connell; 
Editor, Richard Fantl. 

Belle of the Yukon 

RKO-Intemational; 84 mins. 
Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Randolph Scott, Gypsy Rose Lee, Din all 
Shore. Bob Burns, Charles Winninger, William 
Marshall, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Robert 
Armstrong, Florence Bates, Edward Fielding. 

Producer, William A. Seiter; Director, William 
A. Seiter; Author, Houston Branch; Screenplay, 
James Edward Grant; Art Director, Perry Fergu- 
son; Musical Score, Arthur Lange; Musical Di- 
rector, Arthur Lange; Dance Director, Don Loper; 
Cameraman, Ray Rennahan; Editor, Ernest Nims. 

Beneath Western Skies 

Republic: 55 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44; Released. 3-3-44. 

Cast, Bob Livingston, Smiley Burnette, Erne 
Laird, Frank Jaquet, Tom London, Charles Miller, 
Joe Strauch, Jr., Leroy Mason, Kenne Duncan, 
Charles Dorety, Jack Kirk, Bud Geary. 

Associate Producer, Louis .Gray; Director, Spen- 
cer Bennet; Screenplay, Albert DeMond, Bob 

Bermuda Mystery 

20th-Fox; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-24-44; Released, May, 1944. 

Cast, Preston Foster, Ann Rutherford, Charles 
Butterworth, Helen Reynolds, Jean Howard, Rich- 
ard Lane, Roland Drew, John Eldredge, Theodore 
von Eltz, Pierre Watkin, Jason Robards, Kane 
Richmond, Emmett Vogan, Edward Keane, Ches- 
ter Clute, Holmes Herbert, Jack Chefe, Margaret 
Brayton, Frances Morris, Harry Seymour, Leslie 
Denison, Eddie Dunn, Olin Howlin, Tom Dugan, 
James Flavin, Ralph Sanford, Pat Davis, Edwin 
Mills, Harry Wilson, Frank Dawson, Edward 

Produced, William Girard; Director, Benjamin 
Stoloff; Author, John Larkin; Screenplay, W. 
Scott Darling: Art Directors. James Basevi. Rus- 
sell Spencer; Musical Score, Arthur Lange; Musi- 
cal Director, Emil Newman; Cameraman, Joseph 
La Shelle; Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, 
Norman Colbert. 

Between Two Women 

M-G-M; 83 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Van Johnson, Lionel Barrymore, Gloria lie 
Haven, Keenan Wynn, Marilyn Maxwell, Almn 
Kruger, Marie Blake. Keye Luke. Nell Craig 1 , Edna 
Holland, Lorraine Miller, Walter Kingsford, Tom 
Trout, Shirley Patterson. 

Director. Willis Goldbeck; Screenplay, Harrj 
Ruskin; Musical Score, David Snell: Dance Direc- 
tor, Jeannette Bate; Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, 
Edward Carfagno; Cameraman, Harold Rosson: 
Editor, Adrienne Fazan. 

Between Two Worlds 

Warners; 112 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-5-44; Released, 5-20-44. 

Cast, John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Sydney Green - 
street, Eleanor Park, Edmund Gwenn, George 
Tobias, George Coulouris. Faye Emerson, Sara 
Allgood, Dennis King, Isobel Elsom, Gilbert 
Emery, Lester Matthews, Pat O'Moore. 

Producer, Mark Hellinger; Director, Edward A. 
Blatt; Screenplay, Daniel Fnehs; from "Outward 
Bound," by Sutton Vane: Music. Erich Wolfgang 
Korngold; Art Director, Hugh Reticker; Musical 
Director, Leo F. Forbstein; Cameraman. Carl 
Guthrie: Editor, Rudi Fehr. 

Big Noise, The 

20th-Fox; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-22-44; Released. October, 1944. 

Cast, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Doris Merrick, 
Arthur Space, Veda Ann Borg. Bobby Blake. 
Frank Fenton. James Bush. Phil Van Zandt, 
Esther Howard, Robert Rudley, Edgar Dearing, 
Selmar Jackson, Harry Hayden, Francis Ford. 
Jack Norton, Charles Wilson, Ken Christy, Beal 
Wong, Louis Areo. 

Producer, Sol M. Wurtzel; Director. Mai St. 
('lair; Screenplay, W. Scott Darling; Art Director*, 
Lyle Wheeler, John Ewing; Musical Score, Cyril 
J. Mockridge; Musical Director, Emil Newman; 




En tertainmen t 

Associated Fil makers is an organization devoted 
to the problems of producing and distributing ad- 
vertising pictures to motion picture audiences all 
over the country. Staffed by experienced analysts 
in marketing, sales, production and distributing 
your "advertising thru entertainment" is assured 
of the type of audience that brings results. 

Purchasers of advertising insist on audited 
circulation reports. Our distribution is proven 
through an arrangement with a recognized organ- 
ization who check for many of the prominent 
picture companies. Their reports, mailed directly 
to you, indicate the type of audience, the atten- 
dance and the number of times your production 
was shown over a given period. 

Our Staff is available for consultation by any 
company planning to use advertising pictures for 
theatre presentation. 


NEW YORK 20, N. Y. 


Cameraman, Joe MacDonald: Special Effects, Fred 
Sersen; Editor, Norman Colbert. 

Black Magic 

Monogram; 67 mine. 

Reviewed, 7-26-44; Released, 8-19-44. 

Cast, Sidney Toler, Manton Moreland, Frances 
Chan, Joe Crehan, Jacqueline DeWit, Ralph Peters, 
Helen Beverley, Frank Jaquet, Dick Gordon, Charles 
Jordan, Claudia Dell, Geraldine Wall, Harry Depp. 
Edward Earle. 

Producers, Philip N. Krasne, James S. Burkett; 
Director, Phil Rosen; Author, George Callahan; 
Screenplay, Georgre Callahan; Cameraman, Arthur 
Martinelli; Editor, John Link. 

Black Parachute, The 

Columbia; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-5-44; Released, 5-4-44. 

Cast, John Carradinc, Osa Massen, Larry Parks, 
Jeanne Bates, Jonathan Hale, Ivan Triesault, 
Trevor Bardette, Art Smith, Robert Lowell, Charles 
Wagenheim, Charles Waldron, Ernie Adams. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Lew Landers; 
Screenplay. Clarence Upson Young; Art Directors, 
Lionel Banks, Carl Anderson; Cameraman, Georgre 
Meehan; Editor, Otto Meyer. 

Block Busters 

Monogram; 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-15-44; Released. 8-19-44. 

Cast, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, 
Billy Benedict, Jimmy Strand, Bill Chaney, Minerva 
Urecal, Roberta Smith, Noah Beery, Sr., Harry 
Langdon, Fred Pressel, Jack Gilman, Kay Marvis, 
Charles Murray, Jr. 

Producers, Sam Eatzman, Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, Wallace Fox; 
Author, Houston Branch; Cameraman, Marcel 

Blonde Fever 

M-G-M; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-5-44. 

Cast, Philip Dorn, Mary Astor, Felix Bressart, 
Gloria Grahame, Marshall Thompson, Curt Bois, 
Elisabeth Risdon, Arthur Walsh. 

Producer, William H. Wright; Director, Richard 
Whorl; Author, Ferenc Molnar; Screenplay, Pa- 
tricia Coleman; Musical Score, Nathaniel Shilkret; 
Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Preston Ames; 
Cameraman, Lester White; Editor, George Hively. 


PRC: 73 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-19-44; Released, 11-11-44. 

Cast, John Carradine, Jean Parker, Nils Asther, 
Ludwig Stossel, George Pembroke, Teala LorLng, 
Sonia Sorell, Iris Adrian, Henry Kolker, Emmett 
Lynn, Patti McCarty, Carrie Deven, Anne Sterling. 

Producer, Leon Fromkess; Associate Producer, 
Martin Mooney; Director, Edgar Ullmer; Authors, 
Arnold Phillips, Warner H. Furst; Screenplay, 
Pierre Gendron; Art Director, Paul Palmentola; 
Musical Director, Leo Erdody; Cameraman, Jockey 
A. Feindel; Editor, Carl Pierson. 

Border ton n Trail 


Released, 8-11-44. 

Cast, Smiley Burnette, Sunset Carson, Ellen 
Lowe, Weldon Heyburn, Addison Richards, Francis 
McDonald, Jack B. Luden, Rex Lease, John James, 
Jack Kirk, Henry Wills, Cliff Parkinson. 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray; Director, Lesley 
Selander; Screenplay, Bob Williams, Jesse Duffy; 
Art Director, Gano Chittenden; Musical Score. 
Joseph Dubin; Cameraman, Ernest Miller; Editor, 
Charles Craft. 

Boss of Boonitown 


Released. 5-26-44. 

Cast, Rod Cameron, Tom Tyler, Fuzzy Knight. 
Vivian Austin, Jack Ingram, Ray Whitley, Robert 
Barron, Marie Austin, Max Wagner, Sam Flint, 
Dick Alexander. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director, Ray 
Taylor; Screenplay, William Lively; Art Directors. 
John B. Goodman, Abraham Grossman; Camera- 
man, William Sickner; Editor, Ted Kent, 

Boss of Bawhide 

PRC; 57 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-15-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, 
Neil O'Day, Edward Cassidy, Jack Ingram, Billy 
Bletcher, Charles King, Jr., George Chesebro, 
Robert Hill, Dan White, Lucille Vance. 

Producer, Alfred Stern; Director, Elmer Clifton; 
Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Musical Director, Lee 
Zahler; Cameraman, Robert Cline; Editor, Charles 
Henkel, Jr. 

Bowery Champs 

Monogram; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-8-44; Released, 11-25-44. 

Cast, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Billy Benedict, 
Jimmy Strand, Bobby Jordan, Bud Gorman, Anne 
Sterling, Gabriel Dell, Frank Jaquet, Francis Ford, 
Evelyn Brent, Eddie Cherkose, Wheeler Oakman, 
Ian Keith, Thelma White, Bill Rhul. 

Producers, Sam Katzman, Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, William 
Beaudine; Screenplay, Earle Snell; Cameraman, 
Ira Morgan; Editor, John Link. 

Bowery to Broadway 

Universal; 94 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-25-44; Released, 11-3-44. 

Cast, Jack Oakie, Donald Cook, Susanna Foster, 
Turhan Bey, Maria Montez, Louise Allbritton, 
Andy Devine, Frank McHugh, George Dolenz, 
Rosemary DeCamp, Ann Blyth, Thomas Gomez, 
Leo Carrillo, Evelyn Ankers, Maude Eburne, Don- 
ald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan, Ben Carter, Mantan 
Moreland, Richard Lane, Robert Warwick. 

Producer, John Grant; Director, Charles Lamont; 
Screenplay, Edmund Joseph, Bart Lytton; Art 
Director, John B. Goodman; Musical Director, 
Edward Ward; Dance Directors, Carlos Romero, 
John Boyle, Louis Da Pron; Cameraman, Charles 
Van Enger; Editor, Arthur Hilton. 

Brand of the Devil 


Released, 7-30-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, 
Ellen Hall, I. Stanford Jolley, Charles King, Jr., 
Reed Howes, Budd Buster, Carl Hackett, Kermit 
Maynard, Edward Cassidy. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Harry 
Fraser; Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Musical Direc- 
tor, Lee Zahler; Cameraman, Edward Kull; Editor, 
Charles Henkel, Jr. 


Republic; 91 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-27-44; Released, 11-30-44. 

Cast, Tito Guizar, Virginia Bruce, Edward 
Everett Horton, Robert Livingston, Veloz and 
Yolanda, Fortunio Bonanova, Richard Lane, Frank 
Puglia, Auroa Miranda, Alfredo de Sa, Henry Da 
Silva, Rico de Montez, Leon Leonoir, Roy Rogers. 

Associate Producer, Robert North; Director, 
Joseph Santley; Author, Richard English; Screen- 
play, Frank Gill, Jr., Laura Kerr; Musical 
Director, Walter Scharf; Music, Ary Barroso; Art 
Director, Russell Kimball; Dance Director, Billy 
Daniels; Cameraman, Jack Marta; Editor, Fred 

Bride by mistake 

RKO; 81 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-27-44. 

Cast, Alan Marshal, Laraine Day, Marsha Hunt, 
Allyn Joslyn, Edgar Buchanan, Michael St. Angel, 
Marc Carmer, William Post, Jr., Bruce Edwards, 
Nancy Gates, Slim Summerville, John Miljan,' 
Robert Anderson. 

Producer, Bert Granet; Director, Edward Wal- 
lace: Author, Norma Krasna; Screenplay, Phoebe 
and Henry Ephron; Art Directors, Albert S. 
D'Agostino, Walter E. Keller; Musical Score, Roy 



Webb; Musical Director, C. Bakaleinikoff ; Camera- 
man, Nicholas Musuraca; Editor, Les Millbrook. 

Bridge of San Luis Hey, The 

United Artists. 

Released, 2-11-44. 

Cast, Lynn Bari, Francis Lederer, Akim Tamiroft", 
Nazimova, Louis Calhern, Blanche Yurka, Donald 
Woods, Emma Dunn, Barton Hepburn, Joan Lor- 
ringr, Abner Biberman, Minerva Urecal. 

Producer, Benedict Bogeaus; Director, Rowland 
V. Lee; Author, Thornton Wilder; Screenplay, 
Howard Estabrook; Art Director. Charles Odds; 
Musical Director, Dimitri Tiomkin; Cameraman, 
John Boyle; Editor, Harvey Mang-er. 

Broadway Rhythm 

M-G-M; 115 mine. 

Reviewed. 1-19-44; Released, March, 1944. 

Cast, George Murphy, Ginny Simms, Charles 
Winninger, Gloria DeHaven, Nancy Walker, Ben 
Blue, Lena Home, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, 
Hazel Scott, Ray Kent, Ross Sisters, Dean Murphy, 
Louis Mason, Bunny Waters, Walter B. Lone. 
Tommy Dorsey and orchestra. 

Producer, Jack Cummings; Director, Roy Del 
Ruth; Screenplay, Dorothy Kingsley, Harry Clork; 
from "Very Warm for May," by Jerome Kern, 
Oscar Hammerstein, II; Musical Director, Johnny 
Green; Dance Directors, Charles Walters, Jack 
Donahue, Robert Alton, tton Loper; Art Director, 
Cedric Gibbons; Cameraman, Leonard Smith; Edi- 
tor, Albert Akst. 

Buffalo Kill 

20th-Fox; 90 mins. 

Reviewed. 3-17-44; Released, April, 1944. 

Cast, Joel McCrea, Maureen O'Hara, Linda 
Darnell, Thomas Mitchell, Edgar Buchanan, An- 
thony Quinn, Moroni Olsen, Frank Penton, Matt 
Briggs. George Lessey, Frank Orth, George Chand- 
ler, Chief Many Treaties, Nick Thompson, Chief 
Thundercloud, Sidney Blackmer, Edwin Stanley, 
John Dilson, Evelyn Beresford, William Haade, 
Merrill Rodin, Talzumbia Dupea. 

Producer, Harry A. Sherman; Director, William 

A. Wellman; Author, Frank Winch; Screenplay, 
Aeneas MaeKenzie, Clemen te Ripley, Cecile Kramer; 
Art Directors, James Basevi, Lewis Creber; Musical 
Director, Emil Newman; Cameraman, Leon Sham- 
roy; Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, James 

B. Clark. 

— c — 

California Joe 

Republic; 55 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-17-44. 

Cast, Don Barry, Wally Vernon, Helen Talbot, 
Twinkle Watts, Brian O'Hara, Terry Frost. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White: Director, 
Spencer Bennett; Screenplay, Norman S. Hall; Art 
Director, Fred Ritter; Musical Score, Mort Glick- 
man; Cameraman, Ernest Miller, Editor, Harry 

Call of the Jungle 

Monogram; 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44; Released. 7-29-44. 

Cast, Ann Corio, James Bush, John Davidson. 
Claudia Dell, Edward Chandler, Muni Seroff, I. 
Stanford Jolley, J. Alex Havier, Phil Van Zandt, 
Harry Burns. 

Producers, Philip N. Krasne, James S. Burkett; 
Director, Phil Rosen: Screenplay, George Callahan: 
Art Director, Dave Milton; Musical Director, David 
Chudnow; Cameraman, Arthur Martinelli; Editor, 
Richard Currier. 

Call of the Rockies 


Released, 7-14-44. 

Cast, Smiley Burnette, Sonny Carson, Harry 
Woods, Kirk Alyn, Ellen Hall. Frank Jaquet, 
Charles Williams. Jack Kirk, Tom London, Robert 
Kortman. Edmund Cobb. 

Associate Producer. Louis Gray: Director, Les- 

ley Selarider; Screenplay, Bob Williams; Art Direc- 
tor. Fred A. Ritter: Musical Score, Joseph Dubin; 
Cameraman, John MacBurnie; Editor, Harry Keller. 

Call of the South Seas 


Released, 7-7-44. 

Cast, Janet Martin, Allan Lane, William Henry. 
Roy Barcroft, Wally Vernon, Adele Mara* Duncan 
Renaldo, Frank Jaquet, Anna Demetrio, Dick 
Alexander, Nena Campana, Satini Puailoa, Budd 
Buster, John Eberts, Marga Dean. 

Associate Producer, Walter H. Goetz; Director, 
John English; Screenplay, Albert DeMond; Art 
Director, Gano Chittenden; Musical Director, Mor- 
ton Scott: Dance Director, Jerry Jarrette; Camera- 
man, William Bradford: Editor, Richard Van 

Candlelight in Algeria 

20th-Fox; 85 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, July, 1944. ■ 

Produced in England. 

Cast, James Mason, Carla Lehmann, Raymond 
Lovell, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Walter Rilla, Pamela 
Sterling, Lea Seidl, Rella Kurty, Leslie Bradley. 
MacDonald Parke, Michel Morel, Albert Whelan. 
Minehart Maur, Paul Bonifas, Harold Berens. 
Richard George, Bart Norman, John Slater, Berke- 
ley Sehultz, Jacques Metadier, Graham Penley. 
Richard Mollainas, Cecile Chevreau, Cot D'Ordan, 
Paul Sheridan. 

Producer, John Stafford; Director, George King; 
Author, Dorothy Hope; Screenplay, Brock Wil- 
liams, Katherine Strueby; Art Director, Norman 
Arnold; Musical Director, Jack Beaver; Musical 
Score, Roy Douglas, James Turner; Cameraman. 
Otto Heller; Editors, Terrence Fisher, Winifred 

Can't Help Singing 

Universal; 89 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44; Released, 12-29-44. 

Cast, Deanna Durbin, Robert Paige, Akim 
Tamiroff. David Bruce, Leonid Kinskey, Ray Col- 
lins, June Vincent, Andrew Tombes, Thomas 
Gomez, Clara Blandick, Olin Howlin, George 

Producer, Felix Jackson; Associate Producer. 
Frank Shaw; Director, Frank Ryan; Authors, John 
Klorer, Leoji Townsend. from "Girl of the Over- 
land Trail," by Samuel J. and Curtis B. Warshaw- 
sky; Screenplay, Lewis R. Foster, Frank Ryan; 
Music, Jerome Kern; Lyrics, E. Y. Harburg; Tech- 
nicolor Director, Natalie Kalmus; Art Directors, 
John B. Goodman, Robert Clatworthy; Cameramen 
Woody Bredell, W. Howard Greene. 

Canterville Ghost, The 

M-G-M; 96 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-31-44: Released, July, 1944. 

Cast, Charles Laughton, Robert Young, Mar- 
garet O'Brien, William Gargan, Reginald Owen. 
"Rags" Ragland, Una O'Connor, Donald Stuart, 
Elisabeth Risdon, Frank Faylon, Lumsden Hare, 
Mike Mazurki, William Mossi, Bobby Readick, 
Marc Cramer, William Tannen, Peter Lawford. 

Producer, Arthur L. Field; Director, Jules 
Dassin; Author, Oscar Wilde; Screenplay, Edwin 
Harvey Blum; Dance Director, Jack Donohue; Art 
Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Edward Carfagno; Cam- 
eraman, Robert Planck; Editor, Chester W. 

Career Girl 


Released, 1-11-44. 

Cast, Frances Langford, Edward Norris, Iris 
Adrian, Craig Woods, Linda Brent, Alec Craig. 
Ariel Heath, Lorraine Krueger, Renee White. 
Gladys Blake. Charles Judels, Charles Williams. 

Producer, Jack Schwarz; Associate Producer. 
Harry D. Edwards; Director, Wallace W. Fox; 
Authors, Dave Silverstein. Stanley Rauh; Screen 
play, Sam Neuman; Musical Director, Rudy 
Schrager; Musical Supervisor, David Chudnow; 



5 th 


PARTY of the YEAR! 

Art Director, Frank Sylso; Cameraman, Gustave 
Peterson; Editor, Robert Crandall. 

Casanova Brown 

RKO; 94 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-3-44. 

Cast, Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Frank Mor- 
gan, Anita Louise, Patricia Collinge, Edmond 
Breon, Jill Esmond, Mary Treen, Emory Parnell, 
Isabel Elsom, Halliwell Hobbes. 

Producer, Nunnally Johnson; Director, Sam 
Wood; Author, Floyd Dell (from "Bachelor 
Father"); Screenplay, Nunnally Johnson; Musical 
Score, Arthur Lange; Art Director, Perry Fergu- 
son; Cameraman, John Seitz; Editor, Thomas Neff. 

Carolina Bines 

Columbia; 81 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-20-44; Released, 9-26-44. 

Cast, Kay Kyser, Ann Miller, Victor Moore. 
Jeff Donnell, Howard Freeman, Georgia Carroll. 
M. A. Bogue, Harry Babbitt, Sully Mason, Diane 
Pendleton, Robert Williams. Doodles Weaver. 
Dorothea Kent, Eddie Acuff, Harold Nicholas, The 
Christianis, Layson Bros., Four Step Bros. 

Producer. Samuel Bisehoff; Director, Leigh 
Jason: Authors, M. M. Musselman, Kenneth Earl; 
Screenplay, Joseph Hoffman, Al Martin; Art Di- 
rectors, Lionel Banks, Edward Jewell; Musical 
Director, M. W. Stoloff: Dances, Sammy Lee; Cam- 
eraman, Franz F. Planer; Editor, James Sweeney. 

Casanova in Burlesque 

Republic: 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-31-44; Released, 2-19-44. 

Cast. Joe E. Brown, June Havoc, Dale Evans, 
Marjorie Gatesson, Lucien Littlefleld, Ian Keith, 
Roger Imhof, Harry Tyler, Patricia Knox, Sugar 
Geise, Jerome Franks, Jr., Marga Dean. 

Associate Producer, Albert J. Cohen; Director. 
Leslie Goodwins; Screenplay, Frank Gill, Jr.; 
Musical Director, Walter Scharf; Art Director. 
Russell Kimball; Set Decorator, Charles Thompson; 
Cameraman, Reggie Lanning: Editor, Ernest Nlm. 

Castle of Crimes 


Released, 12-22-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Kenneth Kent, Diana Churchill, Belle 
Chrystall, Peter Murray-Hill, Clifford Evans, Louise 
Hampton, Catherine Lacey, Aubrey Dexter, James 
Harcourt. Ivor Barnard. 

Producer, Walter C. Mycroft; Director, HaroM 
French; Screenplay, Doreen Montgomery, from "The 
Arrow," by A. E. W. Mason; Cameraman, Walter 
Harvey; Editor, E. B. Jarvis. 

Charlie Chan in the Secret 

Monogram; 63 mins. 

Reviewed. 1-19-44; Released, 2-14-44. 

Cast, Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Gwen 
Kenyon, Arthur Loft, Sarah Edwards, George 
Lewis, Marianne Quon, Benson Fong, George 
Lessey, Muni Seroff, Barry Berhard, Gene Oliver, 
Eddie Chandler, Lelah Tyler, Dave Clark. 

Producers, Philip N. Krasne, James S. Burkett; 
Director, Phil Rosen; Screenplay, George Calla- 
han; Musical Director, Karl Hajos; Cameraman, 
Ira Morgan; Editor, Martin G. Cohn. 

Cheyenne Wildcat 


Released. 9-30-44. 

Cast, Bill Elliott, Bobby Blake. Alice Fleming, 
Peggy Stewart, Francis McDonald, Roy Barcroft. 
Tom London, Tom Chatterton, Kenne Duncan, 
Bud Geary. Jack Kirk. Sam Burton. 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray; Director, Lesley 
Selander; Screenplay, Randall Faye; Art Director. 
Fred A. Ritter: Musical Score, Joseph Dubin : 
Cameraman, Bud Thackery; Editor, Charles Croft. 

Chinese Cat, The 

Monogram; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-3-44; Released, 6-20-44. 

Cast, Sidney Toler, Benson Fong, Joan Wood- 
bury, Mantan Moreland, Weldon Heyburn, Sam 
Flint, Cy Kendall, Anthony Warde, Dewey Rob- 
inson, John Davidson, Betty Blythe, I. Stanford 
Jolley, Jack Norton, Luke Chan, Ian Keith. 

Producers, Philip N. Krasne, James S. Burkett; 
Director, Phil Rosen; Author, George Callahan: 
Art Director, Dave Milton; Cameraman, Ira Mor- 
gan; Editor, Fred Allen. 

Chip Off the Old Block 

Universal; 82 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-14-44; Released, 2-25-44. 

Cast, Donald O'Connor, Peggy, Ann Blyth, Helen 
Vinson, Helen Broderick, Arthur Treacher, Patric 
Knowles, J. Edward Bromberg, Ernest Truex, 
Minna Gombell, Samuel S. Hinds, Irving Bacon, 
Joel Kupperman. 

Associate Producer, Bernard W. Burton: Direc- 
tor, Charles Lamont; Screenplay, Eugene Conrad, 
Leo Townsend; Art Directors, John B. Goodman, 
Ralph M. Delacy; Musical Director, Charles Previn; 
Cameraman, Charles Van Enger; Editor, Charles 

Christmas Holiday 

Universal; 92 mins. 

Reviewed. 6-7-44; Released, 6-30-44. 

Cast, Deanne Durbin, Gene Kelly. Richard 
Whorf, Dean Harens, Gladys George, Gale Sonder- 
gaard, David Bruce. 

Producer, Felix Jackson; Associate Producer, 
Frank Shaw; Director, Robert Siodmak; Author, 
W. Somerset Maugham ; Screenplay, Herman J. 
Mankiewicz; Art Directors, John B. Goodman. 
Robert Clatworthy; Music Score-Direction, H. J. 
Salter: Cameraman, Woody Bredell; Special Pho- 
tography, John P. Fulton: Editor, Ted Kent. 

Climax, The 

Universal; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-25-44; Released, 10-20-44. 

Cast, Boris Karloff, Susanna Foster, Turhan 
Bey, Gale Sondergaard, Thomas Gomez, June Vin- 
cent, George Dolenz, Ludwig Stossel, Jane Farrar, 
Erno Verebes, Lotte Stein, Scotty Beckett, William 
Edmunds, Maxwell Hayes, Dorothy Lawrence. 

Producer, George Waggner; Director, George 
Waggner: Author, Edward Locke: Screenplay. 
Curt Siodmak, Lynn Starling; Art Directors, John 
B. Goodman, Alexander Golitzen; Musical Score, 
Edward Ward; Musical Director, Edward Ward: 
Cameramen, Hal Mohr, W. Howard Greene: Editor. 
Russell Schoengarth. 

Cobra Woman 

Universal; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-16-44; Released. 5-12-44. 

Cast, Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Sabu. Edgar 
Barrier, Mary Nash, Lois Collier, Samuel S. Hinds, 
Moroni Olsen, Lon Chaney. 

Producer, George Waggner; Director, Robert 
Siodmak; Author, W. Scott Darling; Screenplay, 
Gene Lewis, Richard Brooks: Art Directors, John 
B. Goodman, Alexander Golitzen; Musical Score, 
Edward Ward; Dance Director, Paul Oscard: Cam- 
eramen, George Robinson, W. Howard Greene; 
Special Effects, John Fulton; Editor, Charles 

Code of the Prairie 


Released, 10-6-44. 

Cast, Smiley Burnette, Sunset Carson, Peggy 
Stewart, Weldon Heyburn, Tom Chatterton, Roy 
Barcroft, Bud Geary, Tom London, Jack Kirk, 
Tom Steele. 

Associate Producer. Louis Gray; Director, Spen- 
cer Bennet; Author, Albert Demond: Screenplay 
Albert Demond, Anthony Coldwey; Art Director 
Fred A. Ritter; Musical Score, Joseph Dubin 
Cameraman, Bud Thackery; Editor, Harry Keller 

Conspirators, The 

Warners: 101 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-17-44; Released, 10-21-44. 

Cast. Hedy Lamarr, Paul Henreid, Sydney Green- 


BRycmt 9-7680 

723 Seventh Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Nicholas Napoli 


street, Peter Lorre, Victor Francen, Joseph Calleia. 
Carol Thurston, Vladimir Sokoloff, Edward Cian- 
nelli, Stephen Geray, Kurt Hatch, Gregory Gay, 
Marcel Dalio, George Macready, Doris Lloyd, Louis 
Mercier, Monte Blue, Billy Roy, David Hoffman, 
Otto Reichow, Leon Belasco, Frank Reicher. 

Producer, Jack Chertok; Director, Jean Neg- 
ulesco; Screenplay, Vladimir Posner, Leo Rosten; 
Music, Max Steiner; Art Director, Anton Grot: 
Music Arrangements; Leonid Raab; Musical Di- 
rector, Leo F. Forbstein; Cameraman, Arthur 
Edeson; Special Effects, William McGann: Editor. 
Rudi Fehr. 

Crazy Knights 

Contender, The 

PRC; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-10-44; Released, 5-10-44. 

Cast, Buster Crabbe, Arline Judge, Julie Gibson, 
Donald Mayo, Glenn Strange, Milton Kibbee. 
Roland Drew, Sam Flint, Duke York, George 

Producer, Bert Sternbach; Director, Sam New- 
field; Authors, George Sayre, Jay Doten; Screen- 
play, George Sayre, Jay Doten, Raymond Schrock; 
Art Director, Paul Palmentola; Musical Score. 
Albert Glasser; Musical Supervisor, David Chud- 
now; Cameraman, Robert Cline; Editor, Holbrook 
N. Todd. 

Cover Girl 

Columbia; 107 mins. 

Reviewed. 3-7-44; Released, 4-6-44. 

Cast, Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly, Lee Bowman, 
Phil Silvers, Jinx Falkenburg, Leslie Brooks, Eve 
Arden, Otto Kruger, Jess Barker, Anita Colby, Curt 
Bois, Ed Brophy, Thurston Hall, Jean Colleran, 
Francine Counihan, Helen Mueller, Cecilia Meagher, 
Betty Jane Hess, Dusty Anderson, Eileen McClory, 
Cornelia B. von Hessert, Karen X. Gaylord, Cheryl 
Archibald, Peggy Lloyd, Betty Jane Graham, Mar- 
tha Outlaw, Susann Shaw, Rose May Robson. 

Producer, Arthur Schwartz ; Associate Producer, 
Norman Deming: Director, Charles Vidor; Screen- 
play, Virginia Van TJpp, Musical Director, M. W. 
Stoloff; Art Directors, Lionel Banks, Cary Odell; 
Cameramen, Rudolph Mate, Allen M. Davey; Edi- 
tor, Viola Lawrence. 

Cowboy and the Senorita, The 

Republic; 78 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-5-44; Released, 5-12-44. 

Cast, Roy Rogers, Mary Lee, Dale Evans, John 
Hubbard, Guinn Williams, Fuzzy Knight, Dorothy 
Christy, Lucien Littlefield, Hal Taliaferro, Jack 
Kirk, Capella and Patricia, Jane Beebe, Ben 
Roehelle, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. 

Associate Producer, Harry Grey; Director, Joseph 
Kane; Author, Bradford Ropes; Screenplay, Gordon 
Kahn; Musical Director, Walter Scharf; Art 
Director, Fred A. Ritter; Dance Director, Larry 
Ceballos; Cameraman, Reggie Lanning, Editor, 
Tony Martinelli. 

Cowboy Canteen 


Released, 2-8-44. 

Cast, Charles Starrett, Jane Frazee, Vera Vague. 
Tex Ritter, Max Terhune, Dub Taylor, Guinn 
Williams, Edythe Elliott, Emmett Lynn, The Mills 
Brothers, Jimmy Wakely, Roy Acuff. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Lew Landers; 
Screenplay, Paul Gangelin: Art Director, Lionel 
Banks; Musical Director, M. W. Stoloff; Camera- 
man, George Meehan; Editor, Aaron Stell. 

Cowboy from Lonesome River 


Released, 9-21-44. 

Cast, Charles Starrett, Vi Athens, Dub Taylor. 
Jimmy Wakely, Ozie Waters, Arthur A. WenzeJ. 
Shelby D. Atchison, Foy Willingham, Al Sloe.v . 
Ian Keith, John Tyrrell, Craig Woods, Bud Geary, 
Steve Clark, Kenneth MacDonald. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Benjamin Kline; 
Screenplay, Luci Ward; Art Director, Lionel Banks: 
Cameraman, David Ragin; Editor, Aaron Stell. 


Released, 12-8-44. 

Cast, Billy Gilbert, Shemp Howard, Maxie Rosen- 
bloom, Tim Ryan, Jayne Hazard, Bernie Sell, Tay 
Dunn, Minerva Urecal, mister Brodie, Art Miles, 
Dan White, John Hamilton, Betty Sinclair. 

Producer, Sam Katzman, Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, William 
Beaudine; Screenplay, Tim Ryan; Cameraman. 
Marcel LePicard; Editor, Dick Durrier. 

Crime by Night 

Warners; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-27-44; Released, 9-9-44. 

Cast, Jane Wyman, Jerome Cowan, Faye Emer- 
son, Charles Lang, Eleanor Parker, Stuart Craw- 
ford, Cy Kendall, Charles Wilson, Juanita Stark. 
Creighton Hale, George Huhl, Hank Mann, Bill 
Kennedy, Dick Rich, Fred Kelsey. 

Director, William Clemens; Author, Geoffrey 
Homes; Screenplay, Richard Weil, Joel Malone; 
Art Director, Charles Novi; Cameraman, Henry 
Sharpe; Editor, Doug Gould. 

Cry of the Werewolf 

Columbia; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-23-44; Released, 8-17-44. 

Cast, Nina Foch, Stephen Crane, Osa Massen, 
Blanche Yruka, Barton MacLane, Ivan Triesault. 
John Abbott. Fred Graff. John Tyrrell, Robert 
Williams, Fritz Lieber, Milton Parsons. 

Producer, Wallace MacDonald; Director, Harold 
Levin; Screenplay, Griffin Jay, Charles O'Neal; Art 
Directors, Lionel Banks, George Brooks; Musical 
Director, Mischa Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman, L. W. 
O'Connell ; Editor, Reg Browne. 

Curse of the Cat People, The 

RKO; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-21-44. 

Cast, Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Jane Randolph, 
Ann Carter, Elizabeth Russell, Eve March, Julia 
Dean, Erford Gage, Sir Lancelot, Joel Dayid, 
Juanita Alvarez. 

Producer, Val Lewton; Directors, Gunther V. 
Pritsch, Robert Wise; Screenplay, DeWitt Bodeen; 
Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Walter E. 
Keller; Musical Score, Roy Webb: Cameraman. 
Nicholas Musuraca; Editor, J. R. Whittredge. 

Cyclone Prairie Rangers 


Released, 11-9-44. 

Cast, Charles Starrett, Dub Taylor, Constance 
Worth, Jimmy Davis, Jimmy Wakely, Robert Fiske. 
Clancy Cooper, Ray Bennett, Stan Jolley, Edward 
M. Phillips, Edmund Cobb, Forrest Taylor, Paul 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Benjamin Kline; 
Screenplay, Elizabeth Beecher; Art Director. 
Lionel Banks; Cameraman, Fayte M. Brown; Edi- 
tor, Aaron Stell. 

— D — 

Dancing in Manhattan 


Released, 12-14-44. 

Cast, Fred Brady, Jeff Donnell, William Wright. 
Ann Savage, Cy Kindall, Howard Freeman, Eddie 
Kane, Sally Bliss, Adelane Roberts, Jean Stevens. 
George McKay, Dorothy Vaughan. 

Producer, Wallace MacDonald; Director, Henry 
Levin; Screenplay, Erna Lazarus; Art Director. 
George Brooks; Cameraman, L. W. O'Connell; 
Editor, Richard Fantl. 

Dangerous Passage 

Paramount: 61 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-18-44. 

Cast, Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks, Charles 
Arnt, Jack LaRue, Victor Kilian, William Edmunds. 
Alec Craig, John Eldredge. 

Producer, William Pine, William Thomas; Di- 
rector, William Berke: Author, Geoffrey Homes; 


Where all the BIG MAJOR company releases 
go for reissue and continued BIG grosses. 

We are now adding newly produced feature 
length product for national distribution and 
invite producers to come to us with their 
release problems. 

A sixteen year record of unparalleled success 
by the Company specializing in this field with 
distribution offices in all hey cities. 

130 W. 46th ST. 





General Mgr. 

16 MM Division 

ASTOR operates the largest international 
business in the 16mm sound field in both 
features and shorts. 


Sales Mgr. 


Art Director, F. Paul Sylos; Musical Score, Alex 
Laszlo; Cameraman, Fred Jackman, Jr.; Editor, 
Henry Adams. 

Dark Mountain 

Paramount; 56 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-6-44. 

Ca9t, Robert Lowery, Ellen Drew, Regis Toomey. 
Eddie Quillan, Elisha Cook, Jr., Ralph Dunn, Wal- 
ter Baldwin, Rose Plumber, Virginia Sale, Byron 
Foulger, Johnny Fisher, Alex Callam, Eddie Kane, 
Angelos Desfis. 

Producers, William Pine, William Thomas; Di- 
rector, William Berke; Authors, Paul Franklin, 
Charles Royal; Screenplay, Maxwell Shane; Art 
Director, F. Paul Sylos; Cameraman, Fred Jack- 
man, Jr.; Editor, Henry Adams. 

Dark Waters 

United Artists; 90 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-31-44; Released, 11-10-44. 

Cast, Merle Oberon, Franchot Tone, Thomas 
Mitchell, Fay Bainter, John Qualen, Eli9ha Cook, 
Jr,. Rex Ingram, Odette Myrtil, Eugene Borden, 
Eileen Coghlan, Nina May McKinney, Alan Napier. 
Rita Beery. 

Producer, Benedict Bogeaus; Director, Andre De 
Toth; Authors, Frank and Marion Cockrell; Screen- 
play, Joan Harrison, Marion Cockrell; Art Director, 
Charles Odds; Musical Score, Dr. Miklos Rosza; 
Dance Director, Jack Crosby; Cameramen, Archie 
Stout, John Mescall; Editor, James Smith. 

Days of Glory 

RKO; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-27-44. 

Cast, Tamara Toumanova, Gregory Peck, Alan 
Reed, Maria Palmer, Lowell Gilmore, Hugh Haas, 
Dena Penn, Glenn Vernon, Igor Dolgoruki, Edward 
L. Durst, Lou Crosby, William Challee, Joseph 
Vitale, Erford Gage, Ivan Triesalt, Maria Bibikov, 
Edgar Licho, Gretl Dupont, Peter Helmers. 

Producer, Casey Robinson; Director, Jacques 
Tourneur; Author, Melchior Lengyel; Screenplay, 
Casey Robinson; Musical Score, Daniele Amfl- 
theatrof; Musical Director, C. Bakaleinikoff ; Art 
Directors, Albert S. D'Agrostino, Carroll Clark; 
Production Designer, Mordecai Gorelik; Camera- 
man, Tony Gaudio; Editor, Joseph Noriega. 

Dead Man's Eyes 

Universal; 64 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44; Released, 11-10-44. 

Cast, Lon Chaney, Jean Parker, Paul Kelly, 
Thomas Gomez, Jonathan Hale, Edward Fielding, 
George Meeker, Pierre Watkin, Eddie Dunn, 

Associate Producer, Will Cowan; Director, Regi- 
nald LeBorg; Screenplay, Dwight V. Babcock; Mu- 
sical Director, Paul Sawtell: Art Directors, John 
B. Goodman, Martin Obzina; Cameraman, Paul 
Ivano; Speci? 1 Photography, John P. Fulton; Edi- 
tor, Milton Carruih. 

Dead or Alive 


Released, 11-9-44. 

Cast, Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien. Guy Wilkerson. 
Marjory Clements, Rebel Randall, Ray Bennett, 
Charles King, Bud Osborne, Henry Hall, Ted Mapes. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Elmer 
Clifton; Screenplay, Harry Fraser; Cameraman. 
Robert Cline; Editor, Hugh Winn. 

Delinquent Daughters 

PRC; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, 8-10-44. 

Cast, June Carlson, Fifi D'Orsay, Teale Loring. 
Mary Bovard, Marga Dean, Johnny Duncan, Joe 
Devlin, Jimmy Zaner, Don Dawson, Frank McGlynn. 
Parker Gee, Warren Mills, John Christian, Frank 
Stephens, Floyd Criswell, John Valentine, Belle 
Thomas, Sheila Roberts, Norval Mitchell, Juan 
De La Cruz, Sheila Roddick. 

Producers, Donald C. McKean, Albert Herman; 
Director. Albert Herman; Author, Arthur St. Claire- 
Screenplay, Arthur St. Claire; Art Director, Paui 

Palmentola; Musical Director, Lee Zahler; Cam- 
eraman, Ira Morgan; Editor, George Merrick. 


Universal; 6'5 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-21-44; Released, 12-22-44. 

Cast, Gloria Jean, Alan Curtis, Frank Craven, 
Grace McDonald, Vivian Austin, Frank Fenton, 
Minna Gombell. 

Associate Producer, Roy William Neill; Director, 
Reginald Le Borg: Screenplay, Roy Chanslor, 
Ernest Pascal; Music, Frank Skinner, Alexandre 
Tansman; Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Abra- 
ham Grossman, Richard Riedel; Cameramen, 
George Robinson, Paul Ivano: Editor, Paul 

Detective Kitty O'Day 

Monogram; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-5-44; Released, 5-13-44. 

Cast, Jean Parker, Peter Cookson, Tim Ryan, 
Veda Ann Borg, Edward Gargan, Douglas Fowley, 
Herbert Heyes, Pat Gleason, Olaf Hytten. 

Producer, Lindsley Parsons; Director, William 
Beaudine; Author, Victor Hammond; Screenplay, 
Victor Hammond, Tim Ryan; Art Director, E. R. 
Hickson; Musical Director, Edward Kay; Camera- 
man, Ira Morgan; Editor, Richard Currier. 

Dixie Jamboree 

PRC; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-12-44; Released, 8-15-44. 

Cast, Frances Langford, Guy Kibbee, Eddie 
Quillan, Charles Butterworth, Fifi D'Orsay, Lyle 
Talbot, Frank Jenks, Elmira Sessions, Joe Devlin, 
Louise Beavers, Ben Carter, Gloria Jetter, Edward 
Shattuck, Ethel Shattuck, Tony Warde, Angel 

Producer, Jack Schwarz; Associate Producer, 
Harry D. Edwards; Director, Christy Cabanne; 
Author, Lawrence E. Taylor; Screenplay, Sam 
Neuman; Art Directors, Paul Palmentola, Frank 
Sylos; Music and Lyrics, Michael Breen, Sam 
Neuman; Musical Conductor, Rudy Schrager; Cam- 
eraman, Jack MacKenzie; Editor, Robert Crandall. 

Double Exposure 

Paramount; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Phillip Terry. 
Jane Farrar, Richard Gaines, Charles Arnt, Claire 
Rochelle, Roma Aldrich. 

Producers, William Pine, William Thomas; 
Director, William Berke; Authors, Ralph Graves, 
Winston Miller; Screenplay, Winston Miller, Max- 
well Shane; Art Director, F. Paul Sylos; Musical 
Score, Alex Laszio; Cameraman, Fred Jackman, 
Jr.; Editor, Henry Adams. 

Double Indemnity 

Paramount; 106 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-24-44. 

Cast, Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Ed- 
ward G. Robinson, Porter Hall, Jean Heather, 
Tom Powers, Byron Barr, Richard Gaines, Fortunio 
Bonanova, John Philliber. 

Producer, Joseph Sistrom; Director, Billy Wilder; 
Author, James M. Cain; Screenplay, Billy Wilder, 
Raymond Chandler; Musical Score, Miklos Rozsa: 
Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Hal Pereira; Camera- 
man, John Seitz; Process Photography, Farciot 
Edouart; Editor, Doane Harrison. 

Doughgirls, The 

Warners; 102 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-30-44; Released, 11-25-44. 

Cast, Ann Sheridan, Alexis Smith. Jack Carson, 
Jane Wyman, Irene Manning, Charlie Ruggles, 
Eve Arden, John Ridgely, Alan Mowbray, John 
Alexander, Craig Stevens, Barbara Brown, Stephen 
Richards, Francis Pierlot, Donald MacBride. Regis 
Toomey, Joe De Rita. 

Producer, Mark Hellinger; Director, James V. 
Kern: Author, Joseph A. Fields: Screenplay, James 
V. Kern, Sam Hellman; Art Director. Hugh 
Reticker; Cameraman, Ernest Haller; Special 


Effects, William McCann; Editor, Folmer Blang- 

Dragon Seed 

M-G-M; 145 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-18-44; Released, August, 1944. 

Cast, Katharine Hepburn, Walter Huston, Aline 
MaeMahon, Akim Tamiroff, Turhan Bey, Hurd 
Hatfield, J. Carrol Naish, Agnes Moorehead, Henry 
Travers, Robert Bice, Robert Lewis, Frances 
Rafferty, Jacqueline DeWit, Clarence Lung, Paul 
E. Burns, Anna Demetrio. 

Producer, Pandro S. Berman; Directors, Jack 
Conway, Harold S. Bucquet; Author, Pearl S. 
Buck: Screenplay, Marguerite Roberts, Jane Mur- 
fin- Musical Score, Herbert Stothart; Art Direc- 
tors, Cedric Gibbons, Lyle R. Wheeler; Cameraman, 
Sidney Wagner; Special Effects, Warren Newcombe; 
Editor, Harold F. Kress. 

Drifter, The 

PRC; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-14-44. 

Cast, Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Carol Parker, 
Kermit Maynard, Jack Ingram, Roy Brent, George 
Chesebro, Ray Bennett, Jimmy Aubrey, Slim 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam 

Escape to Danger 

— E — 


Artkino; 95 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-18-44; Released. 9-9-44. 

Produced in the U. S. S. R. 

Cast, A. Dykki, N. Okhlophov, S. Zakanadze. 
V. Gotovzev, E. Kaluzhski, E. Brilling, A. Polia- 
kov, A. Stephanov, N. Timchenko, N. Ruzhov, S. 
Blinnikov, B. Chirkov, I. Skuratov, G. Terkhov. 

Director, Vladimir Petrov; Screenplay, V. Solo- 
viev; Musical Score, U. Shaporin; Cameraman, M. 

End of the Road 

Republic; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44; Released, 11-10-44. 

Cast, Edward Norris, John Abbott, June Storey. 
Jonathan Hale, Pierre Watkin, Ted Hecht, Kenne 
Duncan, Eddy Fields, Ferris Taylor, Emmett Vogan, 
Charles Williams, Edward Van Sloan. 

Associate Producer, George Blair; Director. 
George Blair; Author, Alva Johnson; Screenplay. 
Denison Clift, Gertrude Walker; Art Director, Fred 
A. Ritter; Musical Score, Richard Sherwin; Cam- 
eraman, William Bradford; Editor, Arthur Roberts. 

Enemy of Women 

Monogram; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44; Released, 10-21-44. 

Cast, Claudia Drake, Paul Andor, Donald Woods, 
H. B. Warner, Sigrid Gurie, Ralph Morgan, Gloria 
Stuart, Robert Barrat, Beryl Wallace, Byron 
Foulger, Lester Dorr, Craig Whitley, Charles Hal- 
ton, Marian Sais. 

Producer, W. R. Frank; Associate Producer, 
Fred W. Kane; Director, Alfred Zeisler; Authors, 
Alfred Zeisler, Herbert O. Phillips; Screenplay, 
Alfred Zeisler, Herbert O. Phillips; Art Director, 
Stanley Fleischer; Music, Arthur Guttman: Cam- 
eraman, John Alton; Editor, Douglas W. Bagier. 

Enter Arsene Lupin 

Universal; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-5-44; Released, 11-24-44. 

Cast, Charles Korvin, Ella Raines, J. Carrol 
Naish, George Dolenz, Gale Sondergaard, Miles 
Mander, Leland Hodgson, Tom Pilkington, Lillian 
Bronson, Holmes Herbert, Charles LaTorre, Gerald 
Hamer, Ed Cooper, Art Foster, Clyde Kenny, 
Alphonse Martell. 

Producer, Ford Beebe; Director, Ford Beebe; 
Screenplay, Bertram Millhauser; Musical Score, 
Milton Rosen; Musical Director, Milton Rosen; 
Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Abraham Gross- 
man; Cameraman, Hal Mohr; Editor, Saul A. Good- 

RKO; 84 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-14-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Eric Portman, Ann Dvorak, Karel Ste- 
panek, Ronald Ward, Ronald Adam, A. E. Mat- 
thews, David Peel, Ivor Barnard, Brefni O'Rorke. 
Hay Petrie. 

Producer, Victor Hanbury; Directors, Lance 
Comfort, Mitz Greenbaum; Author, Patrick Kir- 

Eve of St. Mark, The 

20th-Fox; 96 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-22-44; Released, June, 1944. 

Cast, Anne Baxter, William Eythe, Michael 
O'Shea, Vincent Price, Ruth Nelson. Ray Collins. 
Stanley Prager, Henry Morgan, Robert Bailey, 
Joan Dolan, Toni Favor, George Mathews, John 
Archer, Murray Alper, Dickie Moore, Joven E. 
Rola, Harry Shannon, David Essex, Arthur Hohl. 
Roger Clark, Jimmy Clark. 

Producer, William Perl berg; Director, John M. 
Stahl; Author, Maxwell Anderson; Screenplay. 
George Seaton; Art Directors, James Basevi, Rus- 
sel Spencer; Musical Score, Cyril J. Mockridge; 
Musical Director, Emil Newman; Cameraman. 
Joseph La Shelle; Special Effects, Fred Sersen; 
Editor, Louis Sackin. 

Ever Since Venus 

Columbia; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-22-44; Released, 9-14-44. 

Cast, Ina Ray Hutton Band; Hugh Herbert. 
Ann Savage, Billy Gilbert, Glenda Farrell, Ross 
Hunter, Alan Mowbray, Marjorie Gateson, Thurs- 
ton Hall, Fritz Feld, Dudley Dickerson. 

Director, Arthur Dreifuss; Screenplay, McElbert 
Moore, Arthur Kreifuss; Dance Director, Jack 
Boyle; Art Directors, Lionel Banks, Cary Odell; 
Cameraman, Benjamin Kline; Editor, Otto Meyer. 

Experiment Perilous 

RKO; 91 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Hedy Lamarr, George Brent, Paul Lukas. 
Albert Dekker, Carl Esmond, Olive Blakeney. 
George N. Neise, Margaret Wycherly, Stephanie 
Bachelor, Mary Servoss, Julia Dean, William Post. 
Jr., Billy Bond. 

Producers, Robert Fellows, Warren Duff; Direc- 
tor, Jacques Tourneur; Author, Margaret Car- 
penter; Screenplay, Warren Duff; Art Directors. 
Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack Okey; Music, Roy 
Webb; Musical Director, C. Bakaleinikoff ; Camera- 
man, Tony Gaudio; Special Effects, Vernon L. 
Walker; Editor, Ralph Dawson. 

— F — 
Faces in the Fog 

Republic; 71 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-27-44; Released, 11-30-44. 

Cast, Jane Withers, Paul Kelly, Lee Patrick. 
John Litel, Eric Sinclair, Dorothy Peterson, Ger- 
trude Michael, H. B. Warner, Richard Byron. 
Roger Clark, Adele Mara, Bob Stebbins, Charles 
Trowbridge, Helen Talbot, Joel McGinnis, Tom 
London, Emmett Vogan. 

Associate Producer, Herman Millakowsky; Di- 
rector, John English; Screenplay. Jack Townley ; 
Art Director, Frank Hotaling; Musical Director. 
Richard Cherwin; Cameraman, Reggie Lanning; 
Editor, Tony Martinelli. 

Falcon in Hollywood, The 

RKO; 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Tom Conway, Barbara Hale, Veda Ann 
Borg, John Abbott, Sheldon Leonard, Konstantin 
Shayne, Emory Parnell, Frank Jenks, Jean Brooks. 
Rita Corday, Walter Soderling, Useff Ali, Robert 

Producer, Maurice Geraghty; Director, Gordon 
Douglas; Screenplay, Gerald Geraghty; Art Diree- 


It's a BIG Year! 





^/"iniiA'f i itti p i\pifiirn 


Sam Jack 

Katzman Dietz 

Banner Productions 

In Current Release 







In Production 












Starring JANE DARWELL and 



Scott R. Dunlap 


Golden G i r I' 

Starring Belita 

Sunbonnet Sue 

Starring Gale Storm and Phil Regan 

Flame of the West 

Special Outdoor Epic Starring Johnny Mack Brown 



Maurice Franklin 

In Current Release 





tor, Albert D'Agostino, L. O. Croxton; Musical 
Director, C. Bakaleinikoff; Dance Director, Theo- 
dore Rand: Cameraman, Nicholas Musuraca; Edi- 
tor, Gene Milford. 

Falcon in Mexico, The 

RKO: 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-31-44. 

Cast, Tom Conway, Mona Maris, Martha Mac- 
Vicar, Nestor Paiva. Mary Currier, Cecilia Callejo, 
Emory Parnell, Joseph Vitale, Pedro de Cordoba. 
Fernando Alvarado. Bryant Washburn, George 
Lewis, Julian Rivero, Juanita. Ruth Alvarez. 

Producer, Maurice Geraghty: Director, William 
Berke; Screenplay, George Worthington Yates. 
Gerald Geraghty; Art Director, Albert S. D'Agos- 
tino; Musical Director, C. Bakaleinikoff: Camera- 
man, Prank Redman: Special Effects, Vernon L 
Walker; Editor, Joseph Noriega. 

Falcon Out West, The 

RKO; 64 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-3-44. 

Cast, Tom Conway, Barbara Hale, Don Douglas. 
Carole Gallagher. Joan Barclay. Cliff Clark. Ed 
Gargan, Minor Watson, Lyle Talbot, Lee Trent, 
Perc Landers, Wheaton Chambers, Chief Thunder- 

Producer, Maurice Geraghty; Director. William 
Clemens; Screenplay, Billy Jones. Morton Grant: 
Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Alfred 
Herman; Musical Score. Roy Webb; Musical Direc- 
tor. C. Bakaleinikoff; Cameraman, Harry Wilk; 
Editor, Gene Milford. 

Farewell My Lovely 

RKO; 95 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-8-44. 

Cast, Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, 
Otto Kruger. Mike Mazurki. Miles Mander. Dousrlas 
Walton. Don Douglas, Ralf Harokle, Esther 

Producer. Adrian Seott; Director. Edward 
Dmytryk; Author, Raymond Chandler: Screenplay, 
John Paxton; Art Directors. Albert S. D'Agostino. 
Carroll Clark: Musical Score. Roy Webb; Musical 
Director, C. Bakaleinikoff; Cameraman, Harry J. 
Wild: Special Effects, Vernon L. Walker; Editor, 
Joseph Noriega. 

Fighting Seabees, The 

Republic: 100 mins. 

Reviewed. 1-19-44; Released. 3-10-44. 

Cast, John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Dennis 
O'Keefe, William Frawley, Leonid Kinskey, J. M. 
Kerrigan, Grant Withers, Paul Fix, Ben Welden, 
William Forrest, Addison Richards, Jay Norris, 
Duncan Renaldo. 

Associate Producer, Albert J. Cohen; Director, 
Edward Ludwig; Author, Borden Chase; Screen- 
play, Borden Chase, Aeneas MacKenzie; Musical 
Score, Walter Scharf: Art Director, Duncan 
Cramer; Cameraman, William Bradford: Special 
Effects, Theodore Lydecker; Editor, Richard Van 

Firebrands of Arizona 


Released, 12-1-44. 

Cast, Smiley Burnette, Sunset Carson, Peggy 
Stewart, Earle Hodgins, Roy Barcroft, LeRoy 
Mason, Tom London, Jack Kirk, Bud Geary. Rex 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray; Director. Lesley 
Selander; Screenplay. Randall Faye; Art Director. 
Frank Hotaling; Cameraman, Bud Thackery; Edi- 
tor. Harry Keller. 

Follow the Boys 

I'niversal. 122 mins. 

Reviewed. 3-27-44; Released. 5-5-44. 

last. Georre Raft. Vera Zorina. Grace McDon- 
ald. Charley Grapewin, Charles Butterworth. 
Ramsay Ames. Elizabeth Patterson. Regis Toomey. 
George M.-i'ieaily. Frank Jenks. Addison Richards. 
Emniett Vogan, Cyril King. Theodore von Eltz. 
Maxie Rosenbloom, Martha O'Driscoll, Jeanette 

MacDonald, Orson Welles, Marlene Dietrich, Dinah 
Shore, Donald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan, W. C. Fields, 
Andrews Sisters, Artur Rubinstein, Carmen 
Amaya, Sophie Tucker, Delta Rhythm Boys. 
Leonard Gautier, Ted Lewis, Freddie Slack, Charlie 
Spivak, Louis Jordan, Maria Montez, Susanna 
Poster, Louise Beavers, Louise Allbritton, Robert 
Paige, Alan Curtis, Lon Chaney, Gloria Jean. 
Andy DeVine, Turhan Bey, Evelyn Akers, Noah 
Beery, Jr., Samuel S. Hinds, Clarence Muse, Gale 
Sondergaard, Peter Coe, Nigel Bruce, Thomas 

Producer, Charles K. Feldman; Associate Pro- 
ducers, Albert L. Rockett; Director, Edward 
Sutherland; Screenplay, Lou Breslow, Gertrude 
Purcell; Dance Director, George Hale; Art Direc- 
tors, John G. Goodman, Harold H. MacArthur; 
Musical Director, Leigh Harline; Cameraman, 
David Abel. 

Follow the Leader 

Monogram; 64 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-8-44; Released, 6-3-44. 

Cast. Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall. Gabriel Dell, 
Billy Benedict, Joan Marsh, Jack LaRue, Mary 
Gordon, J. Farrell McDonald. Dave Durand, Bobby 
Stone, Jimmy Strand, Bud Gorman. 

Producers, Sam Katzman, Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, William Beau- 
dine: Author, Ande Lamb; Screenplay, William X. 
Crowley, Beryl Sachs; Cameraman, Marcel Le 
Picard; Editor, Carl Pierson. 

48 Hours 

AFE Corp.; 94 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-5-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Leslie Banks, Basil Sydney. Frank Lawton, 
Elizabeth Allan, Valerie Taylor, Marie Lohr. 
C. V. France, John Slater, Johnny Schofield, 
Edward Rigby, Mervyn Johns, Muriel George, 
Thora Hird, Patricia Hayes, Harry Fowler, Eric 
Micklewood, David Farrar, Norman Pierce. 

Producer, Michael Balcon; Associate Producer, 
S. C. Balcon; Director, Cavalcanti; Author, 
Graham Greene: Screenplay, Diana Morgan, Angus 
MacPhail; Music. William Walton; Art Director, 
Tom Morahan; Musical Director, Ernest Irving: 
Cameraman, Wilkie Cooper; Special Effects, Roy 

Forty Thieves 

United Artists; 60 mins. 

Reviewed. 7-12-44: Released. 6-23-44. 

Cast, William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, 
Douglas Dumbrille, Louise Currie, Kirk Alyn, 
Herbert Rawlinson, Robert Frazer, Glenn Strange, 
Hal Taliaferro, Jack Rockwell, Bob Kortman. 

Producer, Harry A. Sherman; Director, Leslie 
Selander; Screenplay, Michael Wilson, Bernie 

Four Jills in a Jeep 

20th-Fox; 89 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-17-44; Released. March, 1944. 

Cast. Kay Francis, Carole Landis, Martha Raye, 
Mitzi Mayfair, Jimmy Dorsey and Orchestra, John 
Harvey, Phil Silvers, Dick Haymes, Alice Faye, 
Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda, George Jessel, 
Lester Matthews, Glen Langan, Paul Harvey, Miles 
Mander, Winifred Harris, Mary Servoss, B. S. 

Producer, Irving Starr; Director. William A. 
Seiter; Authors, Froma Sand, Fred Niblo, Jr.; 
Screenplay, Robert Ellis. Helen Logan. Snag Wer- 
ris; Art Directors, James Basevi. Albert Hogsett; 
Musical Numbers, Don Loper: Cameraman, Peverell 
Mai-ley; Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, Ray 

I 'Ul'llss. 

Frenchman's Creek 

Paramount: 113 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-20-44. 

Cast, Joan Fontaine. Arturo de Cordova, Basil 
Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Cecil Kellaway, Ralph 
Forbes. Harold Ramond. Billy Daniels. Moyna 
MaeGill. Patricia Barker, David James, Mary 




IjIor many years wc have specialized in Wilton Carpets woven by Hardwick 

& Magee Company. These are the carpets with the "Hidden Value." 

woven by the Jacquard Process, 1)}' which each color which shows on the surface 

is backed up underneath by every other color in the pattern. Thus there are 

always several thicknesses of yarn, forming a cushion of great wear resistance. 

Even with the present great curtailment of production this Jacquard 
process is still proving its worth and the Wilton carpets which we have 
installed are fine examples of 

The Beuuty That Endures 

Let us discuss with you NOW your POSTWAR requirements using the Imperial 
Aldine and Bundhar Imperial Wilton qualities that are now showing their 
enduring value in a great many theatres. 

A partial list of our installations: 

• Skouras Theatres 

• Loew's Theatres 

• Randforce Amusement Co. 

• Centurv Theatre Circuit 

• Newsreel Theatres 

• Wilmer 8c Vincent Theatres 

• Capitol Theatre, New York 

• Metro Theatres, Foreign 


Years of dependable service have earned a worthy reputation" 





Representing the Best in Show Business 







Warner Bros. Theatre Bldg., Hollywood 28, Calif. 
HEmpstead 6841 



If All I. FISHM A N 

Artist and Orchestra Management 

6425 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 

GLadstone 6303 




"Public Seating Specialists — Maintenance 
Supplies for All Chairs" 

62 East 13th Street 

Chicago 5 

JANES ii. nssuv 

Current Film Production 


Current Stage Production 


Now Preparing for the Stage 






NEW YORK, (19) N. Y. 
PHONES: Circle 6-6252-3 



BLACK and WHITE or COLOR * 16 or 35 mm 


Field. David Clyde, Charles Coleman, Paul Oman, 
Arthur Gould Porter, Evan Thomas, Leslie Deni- 
son. Denis Green, George Kirby. 

Producer, B. G. DeSylva; Associate Producer, 
David Lewis; Director, Mitchell Leisen; Author. 
Daphne du Maurier; Screenplay, Talbot Jennings: 
Musical Score, Victor Young:; Art Directors, Hans 
Dreier. Ernst Fegte; Process Photography, Farciot 
Edouart; Cameraman, George Barnes; Special 
Effects, Gordon Jennings; Editor. Alma Macrorie. 

Frontier Outlaws 

PRC; 56 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-27-44; Released, 3-4-44. 

Cast. Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Frances Glad- 
win, Marin Sais, Charles King, Jack Ingram, 
Kermit Maynard, Edward Cassidy, Emmett Lynn, 
Bud Buster. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field; Author, Joe O'Donnell; Screenplay, Joe 
O'Donnell; Cameraman, Robert Cline; Editor, Hol- 
brook N. Todd. 

Fuzzy Settles Down 


Released, 7-25-44. 

Cast. Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Patti Mc- 
Carthy, Charles King, John Merton, Frank McCar- 
roll, Hal Price, John Elliott, Ed Cassidy, Robert 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field; Screenplay, Louis Rousseau; Cameraman, 
Jack Greenhalgh; Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

— G — 

Gambler's Choice 

Paramount; 05 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-27-44. 

Cast, Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Russell Hay- 
den, Lee Patrick, Lloyd Corrigan, Sheldon Leonard, 
Lyle Talbot. Maxine Lewis, Tom Dugan, Charles 
Arnt, Billy Nelson. 

Producers, William Pine, William Thomas; Di- 
rector, Frank McDonald: Authors, Howard Em- 
mett Rogers, James Edward Grant; Screenplay. 
Maxwell Shane. Irving Reis; Art Director, F. 
Paul Sylos; Musical Director, Mort Glickman : 
Cameraman, Fred Jackman, Jr.; Editor, Howard 

Gangsters of the Frontier 


Released, 9-21-44. 

Cast, Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, 
Patti McCarthy, Harry Harvey, Betty Miles, I. 
Stanford Jolley, Marshall Reed, Charles King, Jr. 
Clarke Stevens. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Elmer 
Clifton; Screenplay, Elmer Clifton: Cameraman. 
Robert Cline; Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 


M-G-M; 114 mina. 

Reviewed, 5-11-44; Released, May, 1944. 

Cast, Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph 
Cotten, Dame May Whitty, Angela Lansbury, Bar- 
bara Everest, Emil Rameau, Edmund Breon, Halli- 
well Hobbes, Tom Stevenson, Heather Thatcher, 
Lawrence Grossmith, Jakob Gimpel. 

Producer, Arthur Hornblow, Jr.: Director, George 
Cukor; Author, Patrick Hamilton; Screenplay, 
John Van Druten, Walter Reisch; John L. Nalder- 
ston; Musical Score. Bronislau Kaper; Art Direc- 
tor, Cedric Gibbons; Cameraman, Joseph Rutten- 
berg; Special Effects, Warren Newcombe; Editor, 
Ralph E. Winters. 

Gentle Annie 

M-G-M; 80 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-20-44. 

Cast. James Craig. Donna Reed. Marjorie Main. 
Henry Morgan. Paul Langton. Barton MaeLane. 
John Philliber, Morns Ankrum. 

Producer, Robert Sisk; Director, Andrew Martin: 
Author. MacKinlay Kantor; Screenplay, Lawrence 

Hazard; Musical Score, David Snell; Art Directors, 
Cedric Gibbons, Leonid Vasian; Cameraman, 
Charles Salerno, Jr.; Editor, Chester W. Schaeffer. 

Ghost Catchers 

Universal; 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-8-44; Released, 6-16-44. 

Cast, Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Gloria Jean, 
Martha O'Driscoll, Leo Carrillo, Andy Devine, Lon 
Chaney, Kirby Grant, Walter Catlett, Ella Mae 
Morse, Morton Downey, Walter Kingsford. 

Producer, Edmund L. Hartmann; Director, Ed- 
ward L. Cline; Screenplay, Edmund L. Hartmann; 
Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Richard H. 
Riedel; Musical Director, Edward Ward; Musical 
Numbers, Louis DaPron; Cameraman, Charles Van 
Enger; Editor, Arthur Hilton. 

Ghost That Walks Alone, The 


Released. 2-10-44. 

Cast, Arthur Lake, Janis Carter, Lynne Roberts, 
Frank Sully, Warren Ashe, Arthur Space, Barbara 
Brown, Matt Willis, Ida Moore, Jack Lee, Paul 
Hurst, Robert Williams, John Tyrrell. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Lew Landers; 
Author, Richard Shattuck; Screenplay, Clarence 
Upson Young; Art Directors, Lionel Banks, Paul 
Murphy; Musical Director, M. W. Stoloff; Camera- 
man, L. W. O'Connell; Editor, Jerome Thorns. 

Gildersleeve's Ghost 

RKO; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 9'-6-44. 

Cast, Harold Peary, Marion Martin, Richard 
LeGrand, Amelita Ward, Freddie Mercer, Margie 
Stewart, Marie Blake. Emory Parnell, Frank 
Reicher, Joseph Vitale, Lillian Randolph, Nico- 
demus Stewart. 

Producer, Herman Schlom; Director, Gordon 
Douglas: Screenplay, Robert E. Kent: Art Directors, 
Alert D'Agostino, Carroll Clark: Musical Director, 
C. Bakaleinikoff; Cameraman, Jack Mackenzie: 
Editor, Les Milbrook. 

Girl in the Case 


Released. 4-20-44. 

Cast, Edmund Lowe, Janis Carter. Robert Wil- 
liams. Richard Hale. Stanley Clements, Carole 
Mathews, Robert Scott, Dick Elliott, Gene Stuten- 

Producer, Sam White: Director, William Berke; 
Author, Charles F. Royal; Screenplay, Joseph Hoff- 
man, Dorcas Cochran: Art Directors, Lionel Banks. 
Paul Murphy; Musical Director, M. W. Stoloff: 
Cameraman. L. W. O'Connell; Editor, Paul Borof- 

Girl Rush 

RKO; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-25-44. 

Cast. Wally Brown. Alan Carney. Frances Lang- 
ford, Vera Vague. Robert Mitchum, Paul Hurst. 
Patti Brill. Sarah Padden. Cy Kendall, John Merton. 

Producer, John Auer: Director. Gordon Douglas; 
Authors, Laszlo Vadnay, Aladar Laszlo; Screen- 
play, Robert E. Kent: Art Directors, Albert S. 
D'Agostino, Walter Keller; Musical Director, C. 
Bakaleinikoff; Cameraman. Nicholas Musuraca: 
Special Effects, Vernon L. Walker; Editor, Duncan 

Girl Who Dared, The 


Reviewed, 12-5-44: Released. 8-5-44. 

Cast, Lorna Gray, Peter Cookson. Grant Witheri. 
Veda Ann Borg. John Hamilton. Willie Best, Vivien 
Oakland. Roy Barcroft. Kirk Alyn. 

Associate Producer. Rudolph E. Abel; Director. 
Howard Bretherton: Author. Medora Field (from 
"Blood on Her Shoe") ; Screenplay. John K. But- 
ler; Art Director, Gano Chittenden; Musical Direc- 
tor, Morton Scott; Cameraman, Bud Thackery; 
Editor, Arthur Roberts. 



George A. Hirliman, President 

Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies 


Executive Offices: 25 West 45th Street New York 19, N. Y. 



Goin* to Town 

RKO; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-29-44. 

Cast, Chester Lauck, Norris Goff, Barbara Hale, 
Florence Lake, Dick Elliott, Grady Sutton, Herbert 
Rawlinson, Dick Baldwin, Ernie Adams, Jack Rice, 
Sam Flint, Andrew Tombes, George Chandler, Ruth 
Lee, Danny Duncan, Marietta Canty, Niles T. 

Producer, Frank Melford; Director, Leslie Good- 
wins; Screenplay, Charles E. Roberts, Charles R. 
Marion; Musical Director, Lud Gluskin; Art Di- 
rector, Alfred C. Ybarra; Dance Director, Paul Os- 
card; Cameraman, Robert Pittack; Editor, Hanson 
T. Fritch. 

Going My Way 

Paramount; 130 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-28-44. 

Cast, Bing Crosby, Rise Stevens, Barry Fitz- 
gerald, James Brown, Gene Lockhart, Jean Heather, 
Eily Malyon, Frank McHugh, Stanley Clemens, 
Porter Hall, Fortunio Bonanova, Carl "Alfalfa" 
Switzer, Robert Mitchell Boy Choir. 

Producer, Leo McCarey; Director, Leo McCarey; 
Author, Leo McCarey; Screenplay, Frank Butler, 
Frank Cavett; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, William 
Flannery; Musical Director, Robert Emmett Dolan; 
Cameraman, Lionel Lindon; Special Effects, Gor- 
don Jennings; Editor, Leroy Stone. 

Goodnight, Sweetheart 

Republic; 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-12-44; Released, 6-17-44. 

Cast, Robert Livingston, Ruth Terry, Henry 
Hull, Grant Withers, Thurston Hall, Lloyd Corri- 
gan. Maude Eburne, Olin Howland, Lucien Little- 
field, Ellen Lowe, Chester Conklin, Emmett Lynn, 
Billy Benedict. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White; Director, Jo- 
seph Santley; Authors, Frank Fenton, Joseph Hoff- 
man; Screenplay, Isabel Dawn, Jack Townley; Art 
Director, Fred A. Ritter; Musical Director, Morton 
Scott; Cameraman, Bud Thackery; Editor, Ralph 


RKO; 105 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44. 

Produced in Spain. 

Cast, Imperio Argentina, Rafael Rivelles, Ar- 
mando Calvo, Ramon Moryori, Jose Latorre, Eloise 
Muro, Antonio Casas, Manuel Moran, Manueel 
Requena, Marta Flores, Juan Calvo, Antonio 
Bayon, Marina Torres, Maria Vera. 

Director, Benito Quiroga; Author, Fernando 
Periquet; Music, Enrique Granados; Musical 
Adaptor-Director, M. Manoz Mollanda; Ballet Di- 
rector, Vicente Escudero. 

Great Mike, The 

PRC; 70 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-1-44: Released, 11-5-44. 

Cast, Stuart Erwin, Robert Henry, William Halli- 
gan, Carl Switzer. Edythe Elliott, Pierre Watkin, 
Gwen Kenyon, Bob Meredith, Lane Chandler, 
Marion Martin, Ed Cassidy, Eddie Rocco, Charlie 
King, Leon Tyler. 

Producer, Leon Fromkess; Associate Producer, 
Martin Mooney; Director, Wallace W. Fox; Author, 
Martin Mooney; Screenplay, Raymond L. Schrock; 
Art Director, Paul Palmentola; Musical Score, 
lee Zahler; Cameraman, J. A. Feindel : Editor, 
Hugh Winn. 

Great Moment, The 

Paramount: 83 mins. 

Reviewed. 6-9-44. 

Cast, Joel McCrea, Betty Field, Harry Carey, 
William Demarest, Louis Jean Heydt. Julius Tan- 
nen, Edwin Maxwell, Porter Hall, Franklin Pang- 
born, Grady Sutton. Donivee Lee, Harry Hayden, 
Torben Meyer, Vic Potel, Thurston Hall, J. Farrell 
MacDonald. Robert Dudley, Robert Frandsen, "Syl- 

via Field, Reginald Sheffield, Robert Greig, Shela 
Sheldon, Harry Rosenthal, Frank Moran. 

Director, Preston Sturges; Author, Rene Fulo- 
Miller; Screeenplay, Preston Sturges; Musical 
Score, Victor Young; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, 
Ernst Fegte; Cameraman. Victor Milner: Editor, 
Stuart Gilmore, 

Greenwich Village 

20th-Fox; 82 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-15-44; Released, September, 1944. 

Cast, Carmen Miranda, Don Ameche, William 
Bendix, Vivian Blaine, Felix Bressart, Tony and 
Sally De Marco, The Revuers, B. S. Pully, Four 
Step Brothers, Emil Remeau, Frank Orth, Torben 
Meyer, Herbert Evers, Hal K. Dawson, William B. 
Davidson, Eddie Dunn, Sherry Hall, Paul Hurst, 
Tom Dugan, Billy Wayne, Charles Arnt, Oliver 
Prickett, Charles Williams. 

Producer, William Le Baron ; Director, Walter 
Lang; Author, Frederick Hazlitt Brennan; Screen- 
play, Earl Baldwin, Walter Bullock; Songs, Leo 
Robin, Nacio Herb Brown; Dance Director, Sey- 
mour Felix; Art Directors, James Basevi, Joseph C. 
Wright; Musical Directors, Emil Newman, Charles 
Robinson; Cameraman, Leon Shamroy, Harry Jack- 
son; Special Effects. Fred Sersen; Editor, Robert 

Guest in the House 

. United Artists; 121 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-4-44; Released, 12-8-44. 

Cast, Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy, Aline Mac- 
Mahon, Ruth Warrick, Scott McKay, Jerome 
Cowan, Marie McDonald. Percy Kilbride, Margaret 
Hamilton, Connie Laird. 

Producer, Hunt Stromberg; Dicertor. John 
Brahm; Authors, Hagar Wilde, Dale Eunson: 
Screenplay, Ketti Frings; Musical Score, Werner 
Janssen ; Production Designer, Nicolai Remisoff ; 
Cameraman, Lee Garmes: Editor. James Newcom. 

Guns of the Law 


Released, 4-10-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, 
Jennifer Holt, Budd Buster, Charles King, Jr., 
Jack Ingram, Robert Kortman, Robert Barron, 
Frank McCarroll. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director Elmer 
Clifton; Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Cameraman, 
Edward Kull; Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

Gunsnioke Mesa 

PRC; 59 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-23-44; Released, 1-3-44. 

Cast, Jim Newill, Dave O'Brien. Guy Wilkerson ] 
Patti McCarty, Jack Ingram, Kermit Maynard; 
Robert Barron, Dick Alexander, Michael Vallon, 
Roy Brent, Jack Rockwell. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Harry 
Fraser; Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Musical Direc- 
tor, Lee Zahler; Songs, Aleth Hansen; Camera- 
man, Ira Morgan; Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

Gypsy Wildcat 

Universal; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-7-44; Released. 9-1-44. 

Cast, Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Peter Coe, Nigei 
Bruce, Leo Carrillo, Gale Sondergaard, Douglas 
Dumbrille, Curt Bois, Harry Cording. 

Producer, George Waggner; Director, Roy Wil- 
liam Neill; Authors, James Hogan, Ralph Stock; 
Screenplay, James Hogan, Gene Lewis, James M. 
Cain: Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Martin 
Obzina; Musical Score. Edward Ward; Musical 
Director, Edward Ward; Dance Director, Lester 
Horton: Song. George Waggner. Edward Ward; 
Cameraman, George Robinson; Special Photogra- 
phy. John P. Fulton; Editor, Russell Schoengarth. 

— H — 

Hail the Conquering Hero 

Paramount: 101 mins. 






... are turned into 


SPECIALISTS count these days. And as always there is room at 
the top for the best. In the field of re-issues, FILM CLASSICS by 
performance, by manpower, by its unusual facilities for national 
distribution, and BY ITS PERFORMANCE RECORD, is definitely 
TOPS. The Record is VISIBLE for all to see . . . and that record 
will PROVE that in our handling of 31 Samuel Goldwyn features; 
7 Selznick-International Productions; Hal Roach's "Topper" and 
over 300 of his short subjects, FILM CLASSICS puts a NEW 
MERCHANDISING PUNCH into OLD record-breakers for NEW 




COWBOY and the LADY 

















Released thru 

*Not a Re-Issue. 


Reviewed, 6-7-44. 

Cast. Eddie Bracken. Ella Raines, Bill Edwards. 
Kaymond Walburn, William Demarest, Jimmy Dun- 
dee, Georgia Caine. Alan Bridge, James Damore, 
Freddie Steele, Stephen Gregory, Len Hendry, Es- 
ther Howard, Elizabeth Patterson, Jimmy Conlin, 
Arthur Hoyt, Harry Hayden, Franklin Pangborn, 
Victor Potel. Torben Meyer, Jack Norton, George 
Melford, Frank Morgan, Chester Conklin, Merrill 
Rodin, Marjean Neville, Dot Farley, Julie Gibson. 
Miriam Franklin, Paul Porcasi. 

Director, Preston Sturgess; Screenplay, Preston 
Sturgess; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Haldane 
Douglas; Musical Score, Werner Heymann; Musi- 
cal Director. Sigmund Krumgold; Cameraman, 
'ohn Seitz: Editor. Stuart Giltnore. 

Hairy Ape, The 

Uniteeu Artists; 90 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-18-44; Released, 0-16-44. 

Cast, William Bendix, Susan Haywood, John 
Loder, Dorothy Comingore, Roman Bohuen, Tom 
Fadden, Alan Napier, Charles Cane, Raphael Storm, 
Charles La Torre, Don Zolaya, Mary Zavian, George 
Sorrel, Paul Weigel, Egon Brecher. Gesia Werbsek, 
Carmen Rachel, Jonathan Lee, Dick Baldwin, 
Ralph Dunn, William Halligan, Tommy Hughes, 
Bob Perry, Ruth Robinson, Rod De Medici, Eddie 

Producer, Jules Levey; Associate Producer, Jo- 
seph H. Nadel; Director. Alfred Santell; Author, 
Eugene O'Neil; Screenplay, Robert D. Andrews, 
Decla Dunning; Art Director, James Sullivan; 
Musical Director, Edward Paul; Cameraman. Lucien 
Andriot: Special Effects, Harry Redmond: Editor, 
William Ziegler. 

Hat Check Honey 

Universal; 69 mins. 

Reviewed. 3-17-44; Released. 3-10-44. 

Cast, Grace McDonald, Leon Errol, Waller Cat- 
lett, Ramsay Ames, Richard David, Jimmy Cash, 
Milburn Stone, Emmett Vogan, Russell Hicks, Lee 
Bennett. Freddy Slack and Orchestra; Harry Owns 
and Orchestra; Ted Weems and Orchestra. 

Associate Producer, Will Cowan ; Director, Ed- 
ward F. Cline; Author, Al Martin; Screenplay, 
Maurice Leo, Stanley Davis; Art Director, John 
Goodman; Cameraman, Milton Krasner; Editor, 
Saul Goodkind. 

Heavenly Days 

RKO; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-4-44. 

Cast, Jim Jordan, Marian Jordan, Eugene Pal- 
lette, Gordon Oliver. Raymond Walburn, Barbara 
Hale, Don Douglas, Frieda Inescort, Irving Bacon, 
t'liarles Trowbridge, the King's Men. 

Producer, Robert Fellows; Director, Howard 
Estabrook; Author, Howard Estabrook; Screeen- 
play, Howard Estabrook, Don Quinn; Art Direc- 
tors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Ralph Berger; Musical 
Score, Leigh Harline; Musical Director, C. 
Bakaleinikoff; Cameraman. Roy Hunt; Special 
Effects, Vernon L. Walker; Editor, Robert Swink. 

Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout 

Paramount: 66 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-13-44. 

Cast, Jimmy Lydon. Charles Smith, John Litel. 
Olive Blakeney. Joan Mortimer, Minor Watson, 
Darryl Hickman, David Holt, Richard Haydel. 

Associate Producer, Michel Kraike; Director, 
Hugh Bennett: Author. Agnes Christine Johnson; 
Screeenplay, Muriel Roy Bolton; Art Directors. 
Hans Dreier. Walter Tyler; Musical Director. Irvin 
Talbot; Cameraman, Daniel Fapp; Editor. Everett 

Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid 

Paramount: 65 mins. 
Reviewed. 4-24-44. 

Cast, Jimmy Lydon, Charles Smith, John Litel, 
Olive Blakeney, Diana Lynn, Vaughn Glaser. Vera 

Vague, Paul Harvey, Harry Bradley, Betty Har- 
rington, Gladden James, Shirl«y Coatea. 

Associate Producer, Michel Kraike; Director, 
Hugh Bennett; Author, Aleen Leslie; Screenplay, 
Muriel Roy Bolton, Val Burton,; Musical Director, 
Irvin Talbot; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Franc 
Bachelin; Cameraman, Daniel Fapp; Editor, Ev- 
erett Douglas. 

Henry Aldrich's Little Secret 

Paramount; 75 mins. 

Reveiwed. 6-12-44. 

Cast, Jimmy Lydon. Charles Smith, Joan Morti- 
mer, John Litel. Olive Blakeney, Ann Doran. John 
David Robb, Tina Thayer, Sarah Edwards, Harry 
Bradley, Lucille Ward, Almira Sessions, Tom Fad- 
den, George Carleton, Byron Fouiger, Fern Emmett, 
Dorothy Vaughn, Eddie Dunn, Hal K Dawson, 
Noel Ncill. 

Associate Producer, Michel Kraike; Director, 
Hugh Bennett; Author, Aleen Leslie: Musical Di- 
rector. Irvin Talbot; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, 
Franz Bachelin: Cameraman, Daniel L. Fapp: 
Editor, Everett Douglas. 

Her Primitive Man 

Universal; 79 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-16-44; Released. 4-21-44. 

Cast, Louise Allbritton, Robert Paige, Robert 
Benchley, Edward Everett Horton, Helen Brod- 
crick. Stephanie Bachelor. Ernest Trues, Walter 
Catlett, Louise Jean Heydt, Nydia Westman, Oscar 
O'Shea. Sylvia Field, Ian Wolfe, Irving Bacon. 

Producers, Michael Fessier, Ernest Pagano; 
Director, Charles Lamont; Author, Dick Irvine 
Hyland: Screenplay, Michael Fessier. Ernest Pa- 
gano; Musical Director, Edward Ward: Art Di- 
rectors, John B. Goodman. Richard H. Riedel; 
Cameraman, rharles Van Enger; Editor. Ray 

Here Come the Waves 

Paramount; 99 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton. Sonny Tufts, 
Ann Doran, Gwen Crawford, Neol Neill. Catherine 
Craig, Mariorie Henshaw. 

Producer, Mark Sandrich; Director, Mark Sand- 
rich; Screenplay, Allan Scott, Ken Englund. Zion 
Myers; Music, Harold Arlen; Lyrics. Johnny 
Mercer: Musical Director, Robert Emmett Dolan; 
Art Directors. Hans Dreier. Roland Anderson: 
Process Photography, Farciot Edouart; Special 
Effects, Gordon Jennings, Paul Lerpae; Cameraman, 
Charles Lang; Editor, Ellsworth Hoagland. 

Hey, Rookie 


Released, 3-9-44. 

Cast, Joe Besser, Ann Miller, Larry Parks, Joe 
Sawyer, Jimmy Little, Selmer Jackson, Larry 
Thompson, Barbara Brown, Charles Trowbridge, 
Charles Wilson. Syd Saylor. Doodles Weaver: Hi, 
Lo-Jack and the Dame; Condos Brothers; Jack 
Gilford, Judy Clark, Bob Evans, Jerry O'Leary. 
Hal Mclntyre Orchestra. 

Producer, Irving Briskin: Associate Producer, 
Henry Myers, Edward Eliscu. Jay Gorney: Director, 
Charles Barton; Screenplay, Henry Myers. Edward 
Eliscu, Jay Gorney; Art Director. Lionel Banks; 
Dance Director, Val Raset : Musical Director, M. 
W. Stoloff; Cameraman, L. W. O'Connell; Editor, 
James Sweeney. 

Hi, Beautiful 

Universal; 64 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-18-44: Re'eased, 12-8-44. 

Cast. Martha O'Drieeoll. Noah Beery. Jr.. Hat tic 
McDauiel. Walter Catlett. Tim Ryan. Florence 
Lake, Grady Sutton. Lou Lubin. Virginia Sale. 
Tom Dugan. Dick Elliot, James Dodd. 

Associate Producer, Dick Irving Hyland: Direc- 
tor, Leslie Goodwins: Authors. Eleanor Griffin. 
William Rankin: Screenplay. Dick Irving Hyland: 
Musical Score-Direction. Frank Skinner: Art Di- 
rectors, John B. Goodman. Alexander Golitzen : 
Cameraman, Paul Ivano: Editor, Edward Curtiss. 


iflemberd j-^re&5 i^notoarapnerA ^rddoclation 

Satisfaction is assured to you when we 
handle your photo work because we 
consider your satisfaction the most 
important part of our business. 


1564 Broadway BRyant 9-8213-4 New York City 


Hi, Good Look in' 

Universal; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 3-24-44. 

Cast. Harriet Hilliard, Kirby Grant, Roscoe 
Karns, Milburn Stone, Betty Eean, Eddie Quillan, 
Frank Fenton, Marie Harmon, Vivian Austin, 
Marjorie Gatcson, Fuzzy Knight, Robert Emmett 
Keane, Elizabeth Dow, Sidney Miller, Ozzie Nel- 
son Orchestra, Jack Teagarden Orchestra, Delta 
Rhythm Boys; Tip, Tap and Toe. 

Associate Producer, Frank Gross; Director, Ed- 
ward Lilley; Author, Paul Gerard Smith; Screen- 
play, Paul Gerard Smith, Bradford Ropes, Eugene 
Conrad; Art Director, John Goodman; Musical 
Director, H. J. Salter; Cameraman, Jerome Ash; 
Editor, Edgar Zane. 

Hidden Valley Outlaws 


Cast, Bill Elliott, George "Gabby" Hayes, Ann 
Jeffreys, Roy Barcroft, Kenne Duncan, Charles 
Miller, John James. Fred Toones, Budd Buster, 
Tom London, LeRoy Mason, Earle Hodgins, Yakima 
Canutt. ' 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray; Director, How- 
ard Bretherton: Author, John K. Butler: Screen- 
play, John K. Butler, Bob Williams; Art Director. 
Fred Ritter; Musical Score, Mort Glickman; Cam- 
eraman, Reggie Lanning; Editor, Tony Martinelli. 

Hitler Gang, The 

Paramount; 101 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-26-44. 

Cast, Robert Watson, Roman Bohnen, Martin 
Kosleck. Victor Varconi, Luis Van Rooten, Alex- 
ander Pope, Ivan Triesault, Poldy Dur, Helene 
Thimig, Reinhold Schunzel, Sig Ruman, Alexander 
Grannch, Fritz Kortner, Tonio Selwart, Richard 
Ryen, Rav Collins. Ludwig Donath, Erno Verebes. 
Walter Kinisford. Fred Nurney, Arthur Loft. 
Lionel Royee. 

Producer, B. G. DeSylva: Associate Producer. 
Joseph Sistrom: Director, John Farrow; Screen- 
play, Frances Goodrich, Albert Haekett; Musical 
Score, David Buttolph; Art Directors, Hans Dreier. 
Franz Bachelin: Cameraman. Ernest Laszlo; Edl 
tor. Eda Warren. 

Hollywood Canteen 

Warners; 124 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-5-44; Released. 12-30-44. 

Cast, Andrews Sisters. Jack Benny. Joe E. 
Brown. Eddie Cantor. Kitty Carlisle. Jack Carson. 
Dane Clark. Joan Crawford. He'nuit Dantine. Bette 
Davis, Faye Emerson, Victor Franeen. John Gar- 
field. Sydney Greenstrppt. Alan Hale, Paul Henreid. 
Robert Hutton, Andrea King, Joan Leslie. Peter 
f.orre. Ida Lupino. Irene Manning. Nora Martin, 
Joan McCracken. Dolores Moran. Dennis Morgan, 
.Tanis Paige, Eleanor Parker. William Prince. Joyce 
Reyno'd*. John Ridgely, Roy Rogers, S. Z. Sakall, 
Zachary Scott, Alexis Smith. Barbara Stanwyck. 
Craig Stevens. Joseph Szigeti. Donald Woods. Jane 
Wyman. Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. Carmen Caval- 
laro Orchestra, Golden Gates Quartette, Rosario 
& Antonio, Sons of the Pioneers, Julie Bishop. 
Barbara Brown. Theodore Von Eltz. Mary Gordon, 
Betty Bordel, Eddie Marr, Chef Milani, Robert 

Producer, Walter Gottlieb; Director, Delmer 
Daves: Screenplay, Delmer Daves: Musical Num- 
bers, LeRoy Prinz; Art Director, Leo Kilter; Mu- 
sical Director, Leo F. Forbstein; Cameraman, Bert 
Glennon; Editor, Christian Nyby. 

Home in Indiana 

20th-Fox; 103 mins. 

Reviewed. 5-25-44: Released, July. 1944. 

Cast, Walter Brennan. Lon McCallister, Jeanne 
Crain, June Haver, Charlotte Greenwood. Ward 
Bond, Charles Dingle, Robert Condon, Charles Sag- 
gau, Willie Best,- George Reed. Noble "Kid" Chissel, 
Walter Baldwin. George Cleveland, Arthur Ayles- 
worth, Llbby Taylor. Roger Imhof, Matt Me- 

Hugh, Eddy Waller, Billy Mitchell, Tom Dugan, 
Sam McDaniel, Emmett Smith. 

Producer, Andre Daven; Director, Henry Hatha- 
way; Author, George Agnew Chamberlain; Screen- 
play; Winston Miller; Art Directors, James Basevi, 
Chester Gore; Dance Director, Geneva Sawyer; Mu- 
sical Score, Hugo W. Friedhofer; Musical Director, 
Emil Newman; Cameraman, Edward Cronjager; 
Editor, Harmon Jones. 

Hot Rhythm 

Monogram; 77 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-14-44; Released, 4-22-44. 

Cast, Dona Drake, Robert Lowery, Tim Ryan, 
Irene Ryan, Sidney Miller, Robert Keut, Jerry 
Cooper, Harry Langdon, Paul Porcasi, Joan Curtis, 
Lloyd Ingraham, Cyril Ring. 

Producer, Lindsley Parsons; Director, William 
Beaudine; Author, Tim Ryan, Charles Marion; 
Screenplay, Tim Ryan, Charles Marion; Art Di- 
rector, E. R. Hickson; Musical Director, Edward 
Kay; Cameraman, Ira Morgan. 

Hour Before the Dawn, The 

Paramount; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-28-44. 

Cast, Franchot Tone, Veronica Lake, John Sut- 
ton, Binnie Barnes, Henry Stephenson, Philip 
Merivale, Nils Asther, Edmond Breon, David Le- 
land, Aminta Dyne, Morton Lowry, Ivan Simpson, 
Donald Stuart, Harry Allen, Mary Gordon, Ernest 
Severn, Raymond Severn. 

Associate Producer, William Dozier; Director, 
Frank Tuttle; Author, W. Somerset Maugham; 
Screenplay, Michael Hogan; Adaptation, Lesser 
Samuels; Musical Score, Miklos Rozsa; Art Direc- 
tors, Hans Dreier, Earl Hedrick; Cameraman. John 
F. Seitz; Special Effects, Gordon Jennings; Editor. 
Stuart Gilmore. 

I Accuse IHy Parents 

PRC: 68 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-27-44: Released, 11-4-44. 

Cast, Mary Beth Hughes, Robert Lowell, John 
Miljan, Vivienne Osborne. George Meeker, Edward 
Earle, George Lloyd, Patricia Knox, Florence 
Johnson, Richard Bartell. 

Producer, Max Alexander; Director, Sam New- 
field; Author, Arthur Caesar; Screenplay, Harry 
Fraser, Marjorie Dudley: Art Director, Paul Pal- 
mentola; Musical Director, Lee Zahler; Music- 
Lyrics, Ray Evans, Jay Livingston; Cameraman, 
Robert Cline; Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

I Love a Soldier 

Paramount: 106 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-14-44. 

Cast, Paillette Goddard. Sonny Tufts, Beulah 
Bondi, Walter Sande, Mary Treen, Ann Doran, 
Marie MacDonald, James Bell, Barry Fitzgerald, 
Frank Albertson. 

Producer, Mark Sandrich; Director. Mark Sand- 
rich: Screenplay, Allan Scott: Musical Score. Rob- 
ert Emmett Dolan; Art Directors. Hans Dreier, 
Earl Hedrick; Cameraman, Charles Lang: Process 
Photography, Farciot Edouart ; Editor, Ellsworth 

Ill Be Seeing You 

United Art ; sts: 85 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-20-44. 

Cast. Ginger Rogers. Joseph Cotten. Shirley 
Temple Sprint Bvin-rton. Tom Tully, Chill Wills, 
Dare Harris, Kerrny Bowers. 

Producer. Dore Schary; Director. William 
Dieterle: Author. Charles Martin: Screenplay, 
Marion Parsonnet: Musical Score. Daniele Am- 
fitheatrof: Art Director. Mark Lee Kirk: Camera- 
man, Tony Gaudio; Editor, William H. Ziegler. 

I'm from Arkansas 

PRC; 68 mins. 




Warner Bros 






Reviewed, 10-6-44; Released, 10-31-44. 

Cast, Slim Summerville, El Brendel, Iris Adrian, 
Bruoe Bennett, Maude Eburne, Cliff Nazarro, Al 
St. John, Carolina Cotton, Danny Jackson, Paul 
Newlan. Harry Harvey, Arthur Q. Bryan, John 
Hamilton, Douglas Wood, Walter Baldwin, Flo 
Bert, Jimmy Wakely, Pied Pipers, Sunshine Girls. 
Milo Twins. 

Producers, E. H. Kleinert, Irving- Vershal ; Dine 
tor. Lew Landers; Author, Marcy Klauber; Screen 
play, Marcy Klauber, Joseph Carole; Art Director, 
P. Paul Sylos: Musical Director, Eddie Paul; 
Cameraman, Robert Pittaek; Editor, John Link. 

Impatient Years, The 

Columbia; 91 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-25-44; Released, 9-7-44. 

Cast. Jean Arthur, Lee Bowman, Charles Coburn, 
Edgard Buchanan, Charley Grapewin, Phil Brown. 
Harry Davenport, Jane Darwell, Grant Mitchell, 
Frank Jenks, Frank Orth, Charles Arnt, Robert 
Emmett Keane. 

Producer, Irving- Cummings; Associate Producer, 
Virginia Van Upp; Director, Irving Cummings; 
Screenplay, Virginia Van Upp; Art Directors, Lionel 
Banks. Cary Odell: Musical Score, Artlin Skiles; 
Musical Director, M. W. Stoloff; Cameramen, Hal 
Mohr, W. Howard Greene; Editor, Russell Sehoen- 
earth . 

Impostor, The 

Universal; 95 mins. 

Reviewed. 2-10-44: Released, 2-11-44. 

Cast: Jean Gabin, Richard Whorf, Allyn Joslyn, 
Ellen Drew, Peter Van Eyck, Ralph Morgan, Ed- 
die Quillan, John Qualen, Dennis Moore, Milburn 
Stone, John Philliber, Charles McGraw, Otho 
Gaines, John Forrest, Fritz Leiber, Ian Wolfe, 
William Davidson, Frank Wilcox, Warren Ashe, 
Peter Cookson, Leigh Whipper, Ernest Whitman. 
Grandon Rhodes, George Irving. 

Producer, Julien Dnvivier; Director, Julien 
Duv'ivier; Screenplay. Julien Duvivier; Musical 
Score. Dimitri Tiomkin; Art Directors, John B. 
Goodman, Eugene Lourie: Cameraman, Paul Ivano; 
Special Effects, John P. Fulton: Editor, Paul 

In Our Time 

Warners; 110 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-4-44; Released. 2-19-44. 

Cast, Ida Lupion, Paul Henreid, Nancy Coleman. 
Mary Boland, Victor Francen, Nazimova, Michael 
Chekhov. Marek Windheim, Ivan Triesault, John 
Bleiffer, Lotte Palfe. Wolfgang Zilser, Richard 

Producer, Jerry Wald: Director, Vincent Sher- 
man: Screenplay, Ellis St. Joseph, Howard Koch: 
Musical Score, Franz Waxman; Art Director, Hugh 
Reticker: Cameraman. Carle Guthrie: Editor, Fudi 

In Society 

Universal; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-15-44; Released, 8-18-44. 

Cast, Bud Abbott. Lou Costello, Marion Button. 
Kirby Grant, Anne Gillis, Arthur Treacher, Thomas 
Gomez, George Dolenz, Steven Geray, Margaret 
Irving, Murray Leonard, Thurston Hall, Nella 
Walker, William B. Davidson, Will Osborne Orches- 
tra, Three Sisters. 

Producer, Edmund L. Hartmann; Director, Jean 
Yarbrough; Authors, Hugh Wedlock, Jr., Howard 
Snyder; Screenplay, John Grant, Edmund L. Hart- 
mann, Hal Fimberg; Musical Director, Edgar 
Fairchild: Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Eugene 
Lourie; Musical Numbers, George Dobbs; Camera- 
man, Jerome Ash; Special Effects, John P. Fulton: 
Editor, Philip Cahn. 

In the Meantime, Darling 

20th-Fox; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-22-44; Released, October, 1944. 
Cast, Jeanne Crain, Frank Latimore. Eugene 
Pallette, Mary Nash, Stanley Prager, Gale Robbins. 

Jane Randolph, Doris Merrick, Cara Williams, Ann 
Corcoran, Reed Hadley, Heather Angel, Bonnie 
Bannon, William Colby, Cliff Clark, Elisabeth RiB- 
don, Marjorie Massow, Lee March, Ruth Clifford, 
Frank Wilcox, Glenn Langan. Clarence Muse, Blake 
Edwards, Mary McCarty, Olin Howlin, Evelyn Mul- 
hall, Geraldine Wall, Don Hayden, Lillian Bronson, 
Eddie Acuff, Merrill Rodin, Janet Burston, Paul 
Harvey, Milton Kibbee, Marvin Davis, Charles 
Hayes. Frank McLure, B. S. Pully. 

Producer. Otto Preminger; Director. Otto Prem- 
inger; Screenplay, Arthur Robert, Michael Uris; 
Art Directors, James Basevi, John Ewing; Dance 
Director, Geneva Sawyer; Musical Score, David 
Buttolph; Musical Director, Emil Newman; Cam- 
eraman, Joe MacDonald; Editor, Louis Loeffler. 

Invisible Man's Revenge, The 

Universal; 77 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-9-44; Released. 6-9-44. 

Cast, Jon Hall, Alan Curtis, Evelyn Ankers, 
Leon Errol, John Carradine, Doris Lloyd, Ian 
Wolfe, Gale Sondergaard, Lester Matthews, Halli- 
well Hobbes, Leland Hodgson, Billy Bevan. 

Producer, Ford Beebe; Director, Ford Beebe; 
Screenplay, Bertram Milllianser: Art Director. 
John B. Goodman; Cameraman. Milton Krasner; 
Special Effects, John Fulton; Editor, Saul Good- 

Irish Eyes Are Smiling 

20th-Fox; 90 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-6-44; Released. October, 1944. 

Cast, June Haver, Dick Haymes, Monty Woolley, 
Anthony Quinn, Beverly Whitney, Maxie Rosen- 
bloom, Veda Ann Borg, Clarence Kolb, Leonard 
Warren, Blanche Thebom, Chick Chandler, Kenny 
William, Michael Dalmatoff, Marion Martin. 

Producer, Damon Runyon; Director, Gregory 
Ratoff; Author, A. E. Ellington; Screenplay, Earl 
Baldwin, John Tucker Battle; Dance Director, 
Hermes Pan ; Art Directors, Lyle Wheeler, Joseph 
C. Wright; Musical Directors, Allied Newman. 
Charles Henderson: Cameraman, Harry Jackson; 
Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, Harmon 

It Happened Tomorrow 

United Artists; 84 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 4-7-44. 

Cast, Dick Powell, Linda Darnell, Jack Oakle, 
Edgar Kennedy, John Philliber, Edward Brophy, 
George Cleveland, Sig Riunann. Paul Guilfoyle. 
George Chandler, Eddie Acuff, Marion Martin, 
Jack Gardner, Eddie Coke, Robert Homans, Robert 
Dudley, Emma Dunn. 

Producer, Arnold Pressburger; Associate Pro- 
ducer, T. W. Braumfeld: Director, Rene Clair; 
Screenplay, Dudley Nichols, Rene Clair; Technical 
Director, Eugen Shufftan; Art Director, Erno Metz- 
tier; Musical Score, Roboit Stoltz; Musical Director, 
Robert Stoltz; Cameraman. Archie Stout; Editor. 
Fred Pressburger. 

Jam Session 

Columbia: 77 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-9-44; Released, 4-13-44. 

Cast, Ann Miller, Jess Barker, Charles D. Brown, 
Eddie Kane, George Eldredge, Renie Riano, Clarence 
Muse, Pauline Drake, Charles LaTorre, Anne Loos, 
Ray Walker, Charlie Barnet Orchestra, Louis Arm- 
strong Orchestra, Alvino Rey Orchestra, Jan Garber 
Orchestra, Glen Gray Orchestra, Teddy Powell Or- 
chestra, The Pied Pipers, Nan Wynn. 

Producer, Irving Briskin ; Director, Charles Bar- 
ton; Authors, Harlan Ware, Patterson MeNutt: 
Screenplay, Manny Seff; Art Directors, Lionel 
Banks, Paul Murphy: Musical Director, M. W. 
Stoloff; Cameraman, L. W. O'Connell; Editor, 
Richard Fantl. 


Republic; 71 mins. 




9122 Sunset Blvd. 
Los Angeles 46, Calif. 


Associate Producer 



Production Manager 



Reviewed, 4-24-44; Released, 6-6-44. 

Cast, Ruth Terry, George Byron, Paul Harvey, 
Edwin Stanley, Freddie Fisher, The Music Maids, 
Ernest Bubb, Don Wilson, Isabel Randolph, Rufe 
Davis, Shirley Mitchell, George "Shu" Fisher. 

Associate Producer, Armand Schaefer; Director, 
Joseph Santley; Authors, Jack Townley, Taylor 
Cavan; Screenplay, Jack Townley; Musical Director, 
Morton Scott; Art Director, Russell Kimball; 
Cameraman, William Bradford; Editor, Richard 
Van Enger. 

Jane Eyre 

20th Fox; 96 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-3-44; Released, Feb., 1944. 

Cast, Orson Welles, Joan Fontaine, Margaret 
O'Brien, Peggy Ann Garner, John Sutton, Sara 
Allgood, Henry Daniell, Agnes Moorehead, Aubrey 
Mather, Edith Barrett, Barbara Everest, Hillary 
Brooke, Ethel Griffies, Mae Marsh, Eily Malyon, 
Mary Forbes, Thomas Loudon, Ivan Simpson, John 
Abbott, Ronald Harris, Charles Irwin. 

Producer, William Goetz; Director, Robert Ste- 
venson; Author, Charlotte Bronte; Screenplay, 
Aldous Huxley, Robert Stevenson, John Houseman; 
Art Directors, James Basevi, Wiard B. Ihnen; 
Cameraman, George Barnes; Special Effects. Fred 
Sersen; Editor. Walter Thompson. 


Warners: 106 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-25-44; Released, 9-2-44. 

Cast, Joyce Reynolds, Robert Button, Edward 
Arnold, Ann Harding, Robert Benchley, Alan Hale, 
Clare Foley, Barbara Brown, Hattie McDaniel, Dick 
Erdman, Jackie Moran, Ann Gillis, Ruth Tobey, 
Virginia Patton, Colleen Townsend, William Frabes, 
Georgia Lee Settle, Peter Stackpole, Michael Har- 
rison, Russell Hicks. 

Producer, Alex Gottlieb; Director, Michael Cur- 
tiz; Authors, Josephine Bentham, Herschel W. 
Williams, Jr.; Screenplay, Agnes Christine John- 
ston, Charles Hoffman; Art Director, Robert Haas; 
Musical Score, H. Roemheld; Musical Director, Leo 
F. Forbstein; Song, Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn; 
Cameraman, Carl Guthrie; Special Effects, Law- 
rence Butler, Warren Lynch; Editor, Owen Marks. 

Johnny Doesn't Live Here 
Any More 

Monogram; 77 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-16-44; Released, 6-24-44. 

Cast, Simone Simon, James Ellison, William 
Terry, Minna Gombell, Chick Chandler, Alan Dine- 
hart, Gladys Blake, Robert Mitchum, Dorothy 
Grainger, Grady Sutton, Fern Emmett, Chester 
Clute, Jerry Maren, Janet Shaw. 

Producer, Maurice King; Associate Producer. 
Franklin King; Director, Joe May; Author, Alice 
Means Reeve; Screenplay; Philip Jordan, John 
Kafka; Art Directors, Paul Palmentola, George 
Moskov; Musical Score, Frank W. Harling; Camera- 
man, Ira Morgan; Special Effects, Ray Mercer: 
Editor, Martin G. Cohn. 

Jungle Woman 

Universal; 54 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-24-44; Released, 7-7-44. 

Cast, Acquanetta, Evelyn Ankers, J. Carrol Kaish, 
Samuel S. Hinds, Lois Collier, Milburn Stone. 
Douglas Dumbrille, Richard David, Nana Bryant, 
Pierre Watkin, Christian Rub, Alec Craig, Edward 
M. Hyams, Jr., Richard Power. 

Associate Producer, Will Cowan; Director, Regi- 
nald LeBorg; Screenplay, Bernard Schubert, Henry 
Sucher, Edward Dein; Art Directors, John B. 
Goodman, Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, Jack 
MacKenzie; Editor, Ray Snyder. 

— K — 

Kansas City Kitty 

Columbia; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-1-4: Released. 8-24-44. 

Cast. Joan Davis, Bob Crosby, Jane Frazee, Erik 
Rolf, Tim Ryan, Robert Emmett Keane, Matt 
Willis, John Bond, Charles Wilson, Lee Gotch. 
Charles Williams, William Newell. 

Producer, Ted Richmond: Director, Del Lord: 
Screenplay, Manny Seff; Art Director, Lionel Banks: 
Musical Director, Marlin Skiles: Cameraman, Bur- 
nett Guffey; Editor, Gene Havlick. 

Keys of the Kingdom 

20th-Fox; 137 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-15-44. 

Cast, Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent 
Price, Rosa Stradner, Roddy McDowall, Edmund 
Gwenn, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Peggy Ann Garner, 
Jane Ball, James Gleason, Anne Revere, Ruth Nel- 
son, Benson Fong, Leonard Strong, Philip Ahn, 
Arthur Shields, Edith Barrett, Sara Allgood, 
Richard Loo, Ruth Ford, Kevin O'Shea, H. T. 
Tsiang, S-Lan Chen, Eunice Soo-Hoo, Dennis Hoey, 
Ethel Griffies, Terry Kilburn, Lumsden Hare, J. 
Anthony Hughes, Abner Biberman, George Nokes. 

Producer, Joseph L. Mankiewicz; Director, John 
M. Stahl; Author, A. J. Cronin; Screenplay, Joseph 
L. Mankiewicz, Nunnally Johnson; Musical Score, 
Alfred Newman; Art Directors, James Basevi, Wil- 
liam Darling; Cameraman, Arthur Miller; Special 
Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, James B. Clark. 


M-G-M; 100 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-22-44; Released, October, 1944. 

Cast, Ronald Colman, Marlene Dietrich, James 
Craig, Edward Arnold, Hugh Herbert, Joy Ann 
Page, Florence Bates, Harry Davenport, Hobart 

Producer, Everett Riskin; Director, William Die- 
terle; Author, Edward Knoblock; Screenplay, John 
Meehan; Musical Score, Herbert Stothart; Songs, 
Harold Arlen; E. Y. Harburg; Art Directors. Cedric 
Gibbons, Daniel B. Cathcart; Cameraman, Charlei 
Rosher; Special Effects, Warren Newcombe; Editor, 
Ben Lewis. 

Knickerbocker Holiday 

United Artists: 85 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-29-44; Released, 3-17-44. 

Cast, Nelson Eddy, Charles Coburn, Constance 
Dowling, Ernest Cossart, Shelley Winter, Johnny 
"Scatt" Davis, Percy Kilbride, Otto Kruger, Richard 
Hale, Fritz Feld, Chester Conklin, Carmen Amaya 
and company. 

Producer, Harry Joe Brown ; Director, Harry Joe 
Brown; Screenplay, David Boehm, Rowland Leigh: 
Musical Director, Jacques Samassoud; Musical 
Score, Werner Heymann; Cameraman, Phil Tan- 
nura; Editor, John F. Link. 

Ladies Courageous 

Universal; 88 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 3-17-44. 

Cast, Loretta Young, Geraldine Fitzgerald Fraser, 
Anne Gwynne, Diana Barrymore, Evelyn Ankers, 
David Bruce, June Vincent, Lois Collier, Phillip 
Terry, Samuel S. Hinds, Frank Jenks, Kane Rich- 
mond, Marie Harmon, Janet Shaw, Dorothy Moore, 
Gwen Crawford, Eleanor Lawson, Betty Brodel, 
Mary O'Brien, June Millarde, Audrey Manners, 
Jackie Warrington, Carrie Devon, Betsay Howard, 
Ruth Roman, Sandra Coles, Mary Moore, Patsy 

Producer, Walter Wangrer; Director, John Raw- 
lins; Screenplay, Norman Reilly Raine, Doris Gil- 
bert; Art Director, John Goodman; Cameraman, 
Hal Mohr; Editor, Philip Cahn. 

Ladies of Washington 

20th-Fox; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44; Released, June, 1944. 

Cast, Trudy Marshall, Ronald Graham, Anthony 
Quinn, Sheila Ryan, Robert Bailey, Beverly Whit- 
ney, Jackie Palet, Carleton Young 1 , John Philliber. 
Robin Raymond, Dorris Merrick, Barbara Booth, 




Score for 




Soon to be Released 




Jo-Carroll Dennieon, Lillian Porter, Harry Shannon, 
ftuby Dandrldgre, Charles D. Brown, Pierre Watkin, 
Nella Walker, Inna Gest, Rosalind Keith, Edna 
Mae Jones. 

Producer, William Girard; Director, Louis King; 
Screenplay, Wanda Tuchock; Art Directors, James 
Basevi, Leland Fuller; Cameraman, Charles Clarke; 
Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, Nick De 
M aggie 

Lady and the Monster, The 

Republic; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 4-17-44. 

Cast, Vera Hruba Ralston, Richard Arlen, Erich 
von Stroheim, Helen Vinson, Mary Nash, Sidney 
Blackmer. Janet Martin, Bill Henry, Charles Cane, 
Juanita Quigley, Josephine Dillon, Antonio Triana. 
Lola Montes. 

Associate Producer, George Sherman; Director. 
George Sherman; Screenplay, Dane Lussier, Fred- 
erick Kohner, from "Donovan's Brain," by Curt 
Siodmak; Musical Score, Walter Scharf; Art Direc- 
tor, Russell Kimball; Cameraman, John Alton; 
Special Effects, Theodore Lydecker; Editor, Arthur 

Lady in the Dark 

Paramount; 100 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-10-44. 

Cast, Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Jon Hall, 
Warner- Baxter, Barry Sullivan, Mischa Auer, Mary 
Philips, Phyllis Brooks, Edward Fielding, Don 
Loper, Mary Parker, Catherine Craig, Marietta 
Canty; Virginia Farmer, Fay Helm, Gail Russell, 
Marian Hall, Kay Linaker, Harvey Stephens, 
Billy Daniels, Georgia Backus, Rand Brooks, 
Pepito Perez, Charles Smith, Mary MacLaren, Paul 
McVey, Paul Pierce, George Mayon. 

Producer, Richard Blumenthal; Director, Mitchell 
Leisen; Screenplay, Frances Goodrich, Albert 
Hackett; Musical Score, Robert Emmett Dolan; 
Art Director, Hans Dreier; Cameraman, Ray 
Reunahan; Special Effects, Gordon Jennings; Editor, 
Alma Macorie. 

Lady in the Death House 

PRC* 56 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 3-15-44. 

Cast, Jean Parker, Lionel Atwill, Douglas Fowley, 
Marcia Mae Jones, John Maxwell, Cy Kendall, 
Robert Middlemass, George Irving, Forrest Taylor. 

Producer, Jack Schwarz; Associate Producer, 
Harry D. Edwards; Director, Steve Sekely: Author, 
Frederick C. Davis; Screenplay, Harry O. Hoyt; Art 
Director, Frank Sylos; Music, Jan Gray; Musical 
Supervisor, David Chudnow; Cameraman, Gus 
Peterson; Editor. Robert Crandall. 

Lady, Let's Dance! 

Monogram; 88 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-26-44: Released. 3-T44. 

Cast, Belita, James Ellison, Frick and Frack, 
Walter Catlett, Lucien Littlefield. Maurice St. 
Clair, Eugene Mikeler, Henry Busse, Harry Harvey, 
Jack Rice, Emmett Vogan, Barbara Wooddell; 
orchestras of Henry Busse. Eddie LeBarron, Mitch 
Ayres, Lou Bring. 

Producer, Scott R. Dunlap; Associate Producer. 
William D. Shapiro; Director, Frank Woodruff; 
Authors, Bradbury Foote, Scott R. Dunlap; Screen 
play, Michael Panaieff:, Peter Milne; Musical 
Director, Edward Kay; Cameraman, Mack Stengler; 
Editor, Richard Currier. 

Lake Placid Serenade 

Republic; 85 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-21-44. 

Cast, Vera Hruba Ralston, Eugene Pallette, Vera 
Vague, Robert Livingston, Stephanie Bachelor. 
Walter Catlett, Lloyd Corrigan, Ruth Terry, Wil 
liam Frawley, John Litel, Ludwig Stossel, Andrew 
Tombe9, Roy Rogers, Ray Noble Orchestra, Harry 
Owens Orchestra, McGowan and Mack, Twinkle • 
Watts, Merry Meisters. 

Associate Producer, Harry Grey; Director, Steve 

Sekely; Author, Frederick Kohner; Screenplay. 
Dick Irving Hyland, Doris Gilbert; Musical Direc- 
tor, Walter Scharf; Art Director, Russell Kimball: 
Cameraman, John Alton; Special Effects, Howard 
and Theodore Lydecker; Editor, Arthur Roberts. 

Land of the Outlaws 

Monogram; 56 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-5-44; Released, 9-16-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, 
Stephen Keyes, Nan Holliday, Hurh Prosser, 
Charles King, John Merton, Steve Clark, Art 
Fowler, Tom Quinn, Ray Elder, Chick Hannon. 
Bob Cason, Kansas Moehring. 

Director, Lambert Hillyer; Screenplay, Joseph 
O'Donnell; Musical Director, Edward Kay; Camera- 
man, Harry Neumann; Editor, John C. Fuller. 

Laramie Trail, The 


Released, 4-3-44. 

Cast, Bob Livingston, Smiley Burnette, Linda 
Brent, Martin Garralaga, Emmett Lynn, John 
James, George J. Lewis, Leander de Cordova, 
Charles Whitaker, Bud Osborne, Bud Geary, Roy 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray; Director, John 
English: Author, Jack Gregory (from "Mystery at 
Spanish Hacienda") ; Screenplay, J. Benton Cheney: 
Art Director, Fred Ritter; Musical Score, Nort 
Glickman; Cameraman, Ellis Thackery; Editor, 
Harry Keller. 

Last Horseman, The 


Reviewed, 10-27-44; Released, 6-22-44. 

Cast, Russell Hayden, Dub Taylor, Bob Wills, 
Ann Savage, John Maxwell, Frank LaRue, Nick 
Thompson, J, T. Whiteford, Ted Mapes. Forre«t 

Producer, Leon Barsha; Director, William Berke: 
Screenplay, Ed Earl Repp; Art Director, Lionel 
Banks: Cameraman, George Meehan; Editor, Jer»me 

Last Ride, The 

Warners; 56 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44; Released, 10-7-44. 

Cast, Richard Travis, Charles Lang, Eleanor 
Parker, Jack LaRue, Cy Kendall, Wade Boteler, 
Mary Gordon, Harry Lewis, Michael Ames. Virginia 
Patton, Ross Ford, Jack Mower, Frank Mayor, 
Stuart Holmes, Leah Baird. 

Director, D. Ross Lederman; Screenplay, Ray- 
mond L. Schrock: Art Director, Leo E. Kuter; 
Cameraman, James Van Trees; Editor, Harold 


20th-Fox: 88 mins 

Reviewed, 10-17-44: Released, November. 1944. 

Cart. Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb. 
Vincent Price, Judith Anderson, Dorothy Adams, 
James Flavin. Clyde Fillmore. Ralph Dnnn, Grant 
Mitchell, Kathleen Howard, Lee Tung Foo, Cy 
Kendall, Harold Schlickenmayer, Harry Strang, 
Lane Chandler. 

Producer, Otto Pieminger; Director, Otto Prem- 
inger; Author, Vera Caspary; Screenplay, Jay 
Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein. Betty Reinhardt: Art 
Directors, Lyle Wheeler, Leland Fuller; Musical 
Score, David Raskin: Musical Director, Emil New- 
man; Cameraman, Joseph La Shelle; Editor, Louis 

Law Men 


Released, 5-6-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, 
Jan Wiley, Kirby Grant, Robert Frazer, Edmund 
Cobb, Art Fowler, Harry F. Price, Marshall Reed. 
Isabel Withers, Ben Corbett, Ted Mapes, Steve 
Clark, Bud Osborne. 

Director, Lambert Hillyer; Screenplay, Glenn 
Tryon; Musical Director, Edward Kay: Cameraman, 
Harry Neuman; Editor, John C. Fuller. 




Rene Clair Prod. — U.A. 


Hunt Stromberg Prod. — U.A. 


Edward Small Prod. — U.A. 



Law of the Saddle 

PRC; 59 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-7-44. 

Cast, Bob Livingston, Al (Fuzzy) St. John, Betty 
Miles, Lano Chandler, John Elliott, Reed Howes, 
Curley Dresden, Al Ferguson, Frank Ellis. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Merville 
De Lay: Screenplay, Fred My ton; Cameraman, 
Robert Cline: Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

Law of the Valley 


Released, 11-4-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, 
Lyune Carver, Kirk Barron, Hal Price, Edmund 
Cobb, Tom Quinn, Charles King, Marshall Reed, 
Gsorge DeNorrnand, Steve Clark, George Morrell. 

Director, Howard Bretherton; Screenplay, Joseph 
O'Donnell; Musical Director, Edward Kay; Camera- 
man, Marcel LePicard; Editor, Pierre Janet. 

Leave It to the Irish 

MonogTam; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44; Released, 8-5-44. 

Cast, James Dunn, Wanda McKay, Dick Purcell, 
Arthur Loft, Vince Barnett, Barbara Woodell, 
Jack LaRue, Joe DeVillard, Eddie Allen, Dick 
Scott, Ted Stanhope, Olaf Hytten. 

Producer, Lindsley Parsons: Director, William 
Beaudine; Screenplay, Tim Ryan, Eddie Davis: Art 
Director, David Milton; Cameraman, Ira Morgan; 
Editor, Dick Currier. 


20th-Fox; 96 mins. 

Reviewed. 1-12-44: Released, 1-28-44. 

Cast, Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, Walter 
Slezak, Mary Anderson. John Hodiak, Henry Hull, 
Heather Angel, Hume Cronyn, Canada Lee. 

Producer, Kenneth Macgowan; Director, Alfred 
Hitchcock; Author, John Steinbec: Screenplay, Jo 
Swerling; Art Directors, James Basevi, Maurice 
Ransford; Musical Score, Hugo W. Friedhofer: 
Musical Director, Emil Newman; Cameraman, Glen 
MacWilliams: Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, 
Dorothy Spencer. 

Lights of Old Sante Fe 

Republic: 78 mins. 

Reviewed. 12-5-44; Released. 11-6-44. 

Cast, Roy Rogers. George "Gabby" Hayes, Dale 
Evans, Lloyd Corrigan, Richard Powers, Claire 
Du Brey, Arthur Loft, Roy Barcroft, Lucien Lit- 
tlefie'd, Sam Flint, Bob Nolan and the Sons of 
the Pioneers. 

Associate Producer, Harry Grey; Director, Frank 
McDonald; Screenplay, Gordon Kahn, Bob Williams; 
Musical Director, Morton Scott: Art Director, 
Frank Hotaling; Dance Director, Larry Ceballos; 
Cameraman, Reggie Lanning; Editor, Ralph Dixon. 

Lodger, The 


20th-Fox: 84 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-7-44: Released, 1-7-44. 

Cast, Merle Oberon, George Sanders, Laird 
Cregar, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Sara Allgood. Aubrey 
Mather, Queeme Leonard, Doris Lloyd, David Clyde, 
Helena Pickard. Lumsden Hare, Frederick Worlock, 
Olaf Hytten, Colin Campbell, Harold De Becker, 
Anita Bolster, Billy Bevan, Forrester Harvey, 
Charles Hall, Skelton Knaggs, Edmund Breon, 
Harry Allen. 

Producer, Robert Bassler; Director, John Brahm; 
Author. Marie Belloc Lowndes: Screenplay, Barre 
Lyndon: Musical Score, Hugo W. Friedhofer; 
Dance Director, Kenny Williams: Art Directors, 
James Basevi, John Ewing: Musical Directors, 
Thomas Little. Walter M. Scott: Cameraman, 
Lucien Ballard: 9ppc»al Effects, Fred Sersen: Edi- 
tor, J. Watson Webb. Jr. 

Lost in a Harem 

M-G-M: 89 mins. 

Reviewed. 8-31-44: Released, December, 1944. 

Cast, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marilyn Max- 
well, John Conte, Douglas Dumbrille, Lottie Har- 
rison, J. Lockard Martin, Murray Leonard, Adia 
Kuznetzoff, Milton Parsons, Ralph Sanford. Jimmy 
Dorsey Orchestra. 

Producer, George Haight; Director, Charles Ries- 
ner; Screenplay, Harry Ruskin, John Grant, Harry 
Crane; Musical Director, David Snell; Art Direc- 
tors, Cedric Gibbons, Daniel B. Cathcart; Camera- 
man, Lester White; Editor, George Hively. 

Louisiana Hayride 

Columbia; 67 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-1-44; Released. 7-13-44. 

Cast, Judy Canova, Ross Hunter, Richard Lane. 
Lloyd Bridges, Matt Willis, George McKay, Minerva 
Urecal, Hobart Cavanaugh, Eddie Kane, Nelson 
Leigh, Arthur Loft, Robert Homans, Russel Hicks. 

Director, Charles Barton; Author, Paul Yawitz, 
Manny Seff; Screenplay, Paul Yawitz; Art Direc- 
tors, Lionel Banks, Walter Holschier; Musical 
Director, M. R. Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman, L. W. 
L'Connell; Editor, Otto Meyer. 


United Artists: 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-27-44; Released, 4-28-44. 

Cast, William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, 
Herbert Rawlinson, Ellen Hall, Ethel Wales, 
Douglas Dumbrille, Francis McDonald, John Whit- 
ney, Hal Taliaferro, Henry Wills, Charles Morton, 
Frances Morris, Jack Rockwell, Bob Burns. 

Producer, Harry A. Sherman; Associate Pro- 
ducer, Lewis Rachmil; Director, Lesley Selander; 
Screenplay, Norman Houston; Cameraman, Russell 

— M — 

Machine Gun Mama 

PRC; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-29-44; Released, 8-18-44. 

Cast, Armida, El Brendel, Wallace Ford, Jack 
La Rue, Luis Alberni, Ariel Heath, Julian Rivero. 
Eumonio Blanco, Anthony Warde. 

Producer, Jack Sehwarz; Director, Harold Young; 
Screenplay, Sam Neuman; Art Director, Frank 
Sylos; Musical Directors, Mort Glickman, David 
Chudnow; Cameraman, Gus Peterson; Editor, 
Robert O. Crandall. 

Mademoiselle Fifi 

RKO; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-28-44. 

Cast, Simone Simon, John Emery, Kurt Kreuger. 
Alan Napier, Helen Freeman, Jason Robards, 
Norma Varden, Romaine Callendar, Fay Helm, 
Edmund Glover, Charles Waldron, Mayo Newhall, 
Lillian Bronson, Alan Ward, Daun Kennedy, Wil- 
liam Von Wymetal, Max Willenz, Marc Carmer. 
John Good. 

Producer, Val Lewton; Director, Robert Wise: 
Author, Guy de Maupassant: Screenplay, Josef 
M'ischel, Peter Ruric; Art Directors, Albert D'Agos- 
tino, Walter E. Keller: Musical Score, Werner 
Heymann; Musical Director, C. Bakaleinikoff: 
Cameraman. Harry Wild. Special Effects, Vernon 
L. Walker: Editor, J. R. Whitredge. 

Main Street After Dark 

M-G-M: '67 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Edward Arnold. Selena Royle. Tom Trout. 
Audrey Totter, Dan Duryea, Hume Cronyn, Doro- 
thy Ruth Morris. 

Producer, Jerry Bresler: Associate Producer, 
Herbert Moulton; Director. Edward Cahn; Author, 
John C. Higgins; Screenplay, Karl Kamb, John C. 
Higgins; Musical Score, George Bassman; Art 
Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Richard Duce; Camera- 
man, Jackson Rose; Editor, Harry Komer. 

Maisic Goes to Reno 

M-G-M-; 90 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-16-44; Released, September, 1944. 


i i ' ;gsBsse 





Super-DeLuxe Productions 



Cast, Ann Sothern, John Hodiak, Tom Drake, 
.Maria Linden, Paul Cavanagh, Ava Gardner, Ber- 
nard Nedell, Roland Dupree, Chick Chandler, 
Bunny Waters, Donald Meek. 

Producer, George Haight; Director, Harry Beau- 
mont; Authors, Harry Ruby, James O'Hanlon; 
Screenplay, Mary C. McCall. Jr.; Musical Score, 
David Snell; Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Howard 
Campbell; Song, Sammy Fain, Ralph Freed; 
Cameraman, Robert Planck; Editor, Frank E. 

Make Your Own Bed 

Warners; 82 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-22-44; Released, 6-10-44. 

Cast, Jack Carson, Jane Wyman, Allan Hale, 
Irene Manning, George Tobias, Robert Shayne, Tala 
Birell, Ricardo Cortez, Majorie Hoshelle, Kurt 
Hatch, Harry Bradley, William Kennedy. 

Producer, Alex Gottlieb; Director, Peter Godfrey; 
Authors, Harvey J. O'Higgins, Harriet Ford; 
Screenplay, Francis Swann, Edmund Joseph; 
Adaptation, Richard Weil; Art Director, Stanley 
Fleischer; Musical Score, H. Roemheld; Musical 
Director, Leo F. Forbstein; , Cameraman, Robert 
Burke; Special Effects, Willafd Van Enger. 

Man Front Frisco 

Republic; 91 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-10-44; Released, 7-1-44. 

Cast, Michael O'Shea, Anne Shirley, Gene Lock- 
hart, Dan Duryea, Stephanie Bachelor, Ray Walker, 
Tommy Bond, Robert Warwick, Olin Howlin, Ann 
Shoemaker, Russell Simpson, Stanley Andrews, 
Forbes Murray, Erville Alderson, Michael Barnitz. 

Associate Producer, Albert J. Cohen; Director, 
Robert Florey; Authors, George Worthington Yates, 
George Carlton Brown; Screenplay, Ethel Hill, 
Arnold Manoff; Musical Score, Marlin Skiles; Art 
Director, Russell Kimball; Cameraman, Jack Marta: 
Editor, Ernest Nims. 

Man in Half Moon Street, The 

Paramount; 92 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-19-44. 

Cast, Nils Asther, Helen Walker, Reinhold 
Schunzel, Paul Cavanagh, Edmund Breon, Morton 
Lowry, Matthew Boulton, Brandon Hurst, Aminta 
Dyne, Arthur Mulliner, Edward Fielding, Reginald 
Sheffield. Eustace Wyatt, Forrester Harvey, Kon- 
s tan tin Shayne. 

Director, Ralph Murphy; Author, Bane Lyndon: 
Screenplay, Charles Kenyon; Musical Score, Miklos 
Rozsa; Art Directors. Hans Dreier, Walter Tyler; 
Cameraman, Henry Sharp: Editor. Tom Neff. 

Marine Raiders 

RKO; 91 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-11-44. 

Cast, Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan, Ruth Hussey, 
Frank McHugh, Barton MacLane, Richard Martin, 
Edmund Glover, Russell Wade, Robert Anderson, 
Michael St. Angel, Martha MacVicar, Harry 

Producer, Robert Fellows; Director, Harold 
Schuster; Authors, Martin Rackin, Warren Duff; 
Art Directors, Albert D'Agostino, Walter E. Keller; 
Music, Roy Webb; Musical Director, C. Bakalei- 
nikoff; Cameraman, Nicholas Musuraca; Special 
Effects, Vernon L. Walker; Editor, Philip Martin. 

Mark of the Whistler, The 

Columbia; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-9-44; Released. 11-2-44. 

Cast. Richard Dix, Jan is Carter, Porter Hall. 
Paul Guilfoyle. John Calvert, Matt Willis, Matt 
McHugh, Howard Freeman. 

Producer, Rudolph C. Flothow; Director. Wil- 
liam Castle; Author, Cornell Woolrich; Screen- 
play, George Bricker; Art Director. John Datul; 
Music. Wilbur Hatch: Cameraman. George Meehan; 
Editor, Reg Browne. 

Reviewed, 1-6-44; Released, 7-29-44. 

Cast, Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, Veda Ann Borg, 
Mauritz Hugo, Steve Clark, Charles Stevens, Ralph 
Lewis, Lynton Brent, Bud Osborne, George Morrell, 
Allen B. Sewall, Benny Corbett. 

Director, J. P. McCarthy; Screenplay, J. P. 
McCarthy, Victor Hammond; Musical Director, 
Frank Sanucci; Cameraman, Harry Neumann: 
Editor, John C. Fuller. 

Marriage Is a Private Affair 

M-G-M; 116 mins. 

Reviewed. 8-23-44; Released, October, 1944. 

Cast, Lana Turner, James Craig, John Hodiak, 
Frances Gifford, Hugh Marlowe, Natalie Schafer, 
Keen an Wynn, Herbert Rudley, Paul Cavanaugh, 
Morris Ankrum, Jane Green, Tom Drake. 

Producer, Pandro S. Berman ; Director, Robert 
Z. Leonard; Author, Judith Kelly; Screenplay, 
David Hertz, Lenore Coffee; Musical Score, Bronis- 
lau Kaper; Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Hubert 
B. Hobson: Cameraman, Ray June; Editor, George 

Marshal of Gunsmoke 


Released, 1-21-44. 

Cast, Tex Ritter, Russell Hayden, Fuzzy Knight, 
Jennifer Holt, Harry Woods, Herbert Rawlinson. 
Ethan Laidlaw, Ray Bennett, Michael Vallon, 
Ernie Adams, Slim Whitaker, Johnny Bond. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director, 
Vernon Keays; Screenplay William Lively; Musical 
Director, H. J. Salter; Art Directors, John B. 
Goodman, Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, Harry 

Marshal of Reno 


Released, 7-2-44. 

Cast. Bill Elliott, Bobby Blake, Alice Fleming, 
George "Gabby" Hayes, Herbert Rawlinson, Jay 
Kirby, LeRoy Mason, Blake Edwards, Fred Graham. 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray; Director, Wal- 
lace Grissell; Authors. Anthony Coldewey, Taylor 
Caven; Screenplay, Anthony Coldewey; Art Direc- 
tor, Gano Chittenden; Musical Score, Joseph Dubin; 
Cameraman, Reggie Lanning; Editor, Charles Craft. 

Mask of Diniitrios, The 

Warners; 95 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-8-44; Released, 7-1-44. 

Cast, Sydney Greenstreet, Zachary Scott, Faye 
Emerson, Peter Lorre, Victor Francen, Steven 
Geray, Florence Bates. Edward Ciannelli, Kurt 
Katch, Majorie Hoshelle, Georges Metaxa, John 
Abbott, Monte Blue, David Hoffman. 

Producer, Henry Blanke; Director, Jean Negu- 
lesco; Screenplay, Frank Gruber; Art Director. Ted 
Smith; Musical Score, Adolps Deutseh, from "Coffin 
for Dimitrios," by Erie Ambler: Musical Director, 
Leo F. Forbstein; Cameraman. Arthur Edeson; 
Editor, Frederick Richards. 

Master Race, The 

RKO: 96 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-22-44. 

Cast, George Coulouris, Stanley Ridges. 09a 
Massen, Carl Esmond. Nancy Gates, Morris Car- 
novsky, Lloyd Bridges. Eric Feldary, Helen Beverly, 
Gavin Muir, Paul Gilfoyle, Richard Nugent, Louis 
Donath, Herbert Rudley, Jason Robards, Merrill 
Roden, Ghislaine Porreau. 

Producer, Robert Golden; Director, Herbert J. 
Biberman; Author, Herbert J. Biberman; Screen- 
play, Herbert J. Biberman, Anne Froelick, Rowland 
Leigh; Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack 
Okay; Musical Score, Ray Webb; Musical Director, 
• C. Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman, Russell Metty: 
Editor, Ernie Leadley. 

Marked Trails 


Meet Me in St. Louis 

M-G-M: 113 mins. 
Reviewed. 11-1-44. 


Radio City 
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Cast. Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Mary 
Astor, Lucille Bremer, Tom Drake, Marjorie Main. 
Leon Ames, Harry Davenport, June Lockhart. 
Henry H. Daniels. Jr.. Joan Carroll. Hugh Mar- 
lowe, Robert Sully, Chill Wills. 

Producer, Arthur Freed; Director, Vineente Min- 
nelli; Author, Sally Benson; Screenplay, Irving 
Breeher. Fred F. Finklehoffe; Musical Director, 
Georgie Stoll; Dance Director, Charles Walters; 
Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons. Lemuel Ayers; 
Cameraman, George Folsey; Editor, Albert Akst. 

Meet Miss Bobby Soeks 

Columbia; 08 mins. 

Reviewed. 1 a -2 2-44; Released. 10 12-44. 

Cast, Bob Crosby, Lynn Merrick, Louise Erick- 
9au, Robert White, Howard Freeman, Mary Cur- 
rier, Pat Parrish. Sally Bliss, John Hamilton, 
Douglas Wood. Pierre Watkin. 

Producer, Ted Richmond; Director, Glenn Tryon; 
Screenplay, Muriel Roy Bolton; Art Directors, 
Lionel Banks, Carl Anderson ; Musical Director, 
Marlin Sidles; Cameraman, George Meehan ; Editor, 
Jerome Thorns. 

Meet the People 

M-G-M: 100 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-21-44: Released. June. 1944. 

Cast, Lucille Ball, Dick Powell. Virginia O'Brien. 
Bert Lahr, "Rags" Ragland, June Allyson. Steve 
Geray, Paul Ragland, Howard Freeman, Betty 
Jaynes. John Craven, Morris Anltrum, Miriam 
LaVellc, Ziggie Talent, Mata and Mari, Vaughn 
Monroe Orchestra, Spike Jones and His City 

Producer, E. Y. Harburg; Director, Charles Reis- 
ner; Authors, Louis Lantz, Sol and Ben Barzman; 
Screenplay, S. M. Herzig. Fred Saidy; Art Direc- 
tor, Cedric Gibbons; Musical Director, Lennie 
Hayton; Dance Directors, Sammy Lee, Charles 
Walters, Jack Donahue; Songs. Sammy Fain. E. 
Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen. Burton Lane, Earl 
Brent, Richard Rodgers. Lorenz Hart, Henry 
Myers, Jay Gorney; Cameraman. Robert Surtees; 
Editor, Alexander Troffey. 

Men of the Sea 


Released, 5-30-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Wilfrid Lawson. Mary Jerrold, William 
Freshman, Kathleen O'Regan, Hubert Harben. 
Oharles Rolfe, Trefor Jones. 

Director, Norman Walker: Author. Manning 
Haynes; Screenplay Harold Simpson. Lydia Hay- 
ward: Art Director, Sidney Gausden; Musical 
Director, Albert Cazabon: Cameraman, Eric Cross: 
Editor, Sam Simmonds. 

Men On Her Mind 

PRC: 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-4-44; Released. 2-12-44. 

Cast. Mary Beth Hughes, Edward Norris. Ted 
North, Alan Edwards, Luis Alberni. Kay Linaker, 
Claire Rochelle, Lyle Latell, Claire McDowell, Eva 
Hamil. Isabel La Mai. Lane Chandler. 

Producer. Alfred Stern: Director, Wallace W. 
Fox; Author, Raymond L. Schrock; Screenplay, 
Raymond L. Schrock; Art Director. Paul Palmen- 
tola; Musical Director. Lee Zahler: Cameraman, 
Robert Cline: Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

Merry Monahans, The 

Universal; 91 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-24-44; Re'eased. 9-15-44. 

Cast, Donald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan, Jack Oakie, 
Ann Blyth, Rosemary De Camp. John Miljan. 
Gavin Muir, Isabel Jewell. Ian Wolfe, Robert 
Homans, Marion Martin. Lloyd Ingraham. 

Producers, Michael Fessier, Ernest Pagano: 
Director, Charles Lamont; Screenplay, Michael Fes- 
sier, Ernest Pagano; Art Directors, John B. Good- 
man. Martin Obzina; Musical Director, H. J. Salter; 
Dance Directors, Louis Da Pron, Carlos Romero; 
Cameraman. Charles Van Enger; Editor. Charles 

Million Dollar Kid 

Monogram; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-25-44; Released, 2-28-44. 

Cast, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Billy 
Benedict, Louise Currie, Noah Beery, Sr., Iris 
Adrian, Herbert Heyes, Robert Grieg, Johnny 
Duncan, Stanley Brown, Patsy Moran, Mary Gor- 
iluii. Al Stone, Dave Durand. Bud Gorman. Jimmy 
Strand, Pat Costello. 

Producers, Sam Katzman. Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, Wallace Fox; 
Author, Frank Young: Screenplay, Frank Young; 
Cameraman, Marcel Le Picard: Editor, Carl Pierson. 

Ministry of Fear 

Paramount; 84 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-19-44. 

Cast, Ray Milland. Marjorie Reynolds, Carl 
Esmond, Hillary Brooke, Percy Waram, Dan 
Duryea, Alan Napier, Erskine Stanford, Thomas 
Louden, Aminta Dyne, Eustace Wyatt, Mary Freid, 
Byron Foulger. Lester Mathews. 

Associate Producer, Seton I. Miller; Director, 
Fritz Lang; Author, Graham Greene: Screenplay, 
SHnii I. Miller; Musical Score. Victor Young; Art 
Directors, Hans Dreier. Hal Pereira; Cameraman. 
Henry Sharp; Editor, Archie Marshek. 

Minstrel Man 

PRC; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-21-44; Released. 8-1-44. 

Cast, Benny Fields, Gladys George, Alan Dine- 
hart, Roscoe Earns, Judy Clark, Gloria Petroft. 
Molly Lamont, Jerome Cowan, John Raitt, Eddie 
Kane, Lee White, The Ernestos. 

Producer, Leon Fromkess; Associate Producer, 
Harry Revel; Director, Joseph H. Lewis; Authors, 
Martin Rooney, Raymond L. Schrock; Screenplay, 
Irwin Franklyn, Pierre Gendron ; Art Director, Paul 
Palmentola; Production Designer, Edgar Ulmer; 
Dance Director, Johnny Boyle; Music Score, Ferde 
Grofe; Musical Director, Leo Erdody; Cameraman, 
.Marcel Le Picard: Editor, Carl Pierson. 

Miraele of Morgan's Creek, 

Paramount: 99 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-5-44. 

Cast, Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton, Diana Lynn. 
William Demarest. Brian Donlevy, Akim Tamiroff. 
Porter Hall. Emory Parnell, Alan Bridge, Julius 
Tannen. Victor Potel, Almira Sessions, Esther 
Howard. J. Farrell McDonald. Frank Moran. Connie 
Tompkins, Georgia Caine. Torben Meyer, George 
Melford, Jimmy Conlin, Harry Rosenthal. 

Director. Preston Sturges; Screenplay, Preston 
Sturges; Musical Score, Leo Shuken, Charles 
Bradshaw: Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Ernst Fegte; 
Cameraman, John Seitz; Editor. Stuart Gilmore. 

Missing Juror, The 


Released. 11-16-44. 

Cast. Jim Bannon, Janis Carter, George Macready. 
.lean Stevens. Joseph Crehan, Carole Mathews, 
Cliff Clark, Edmund Cobb, Mike MaBUrW. Oflorta 

Producer, Wallace MacDonald; Director, Oscar 
Boetticher, Jr.; Authors, Leon Abrams. Richard 
Wilkinson; Screenplay, Charles O'Neal; Art Direc- 
tor, George Brooks; Musical Director, Mischa 
Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman, L. W. O'Connell; Edi- 
tor, Paul Borofsky. 

Mr. Skeffington 

Warners; 146 mins 

Reviewed, 5-31-44; Released, 8-12-44. 

Cast, Bette Davis, Claude Rains, Walter Abel 
Richard Waring, George Coulouris, Marjorie Bior 
dan, Robert Shayne, John Alexander, Jerome Cowan 
Charles Drake, Dorothy Peterson, Peter Whitney 
Bill Kennedy, Tom Stevenson, Halliwell Hobbes 
Sylvia Arslan, Bunny Sunshine, Gigi P«rreau 
Dolores Gray, Walter Kingsford, Molly Lamont. 

Producers, Philip G- and Julius J. Epstein 









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and experienced personnel for 
animation and trick photography 

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We are fully equipped and experienced to make 
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Eastern Office: 2836 Decatur Ave., Bronx, N. Y. FOrdham 7-9300 

Director, Vincent Sherman: Author, Elizabeth: 
Screenplay, Philip Q. and JuliU9 J. Epstein; 
Musical Score, Franz Waxman ; Art Director, 
Robert Haas; Musical Director, Leo P. Forbstein; 
Cameraman, Ernest Haller; Editor, Ralph Dawson. 

Mr. Winkle Goes to War 

Columbia: 80 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-19-44: Released, 8-3-44. 

Cast, Edward G. Robinson. Ruth Warrick, Ted 
Donaldson, Roy Haymes, Richard Lane, Robert 
Armstrong, Richard Gaines. Walter Baldwin, Art 
Smith, Ann Shoemaker, Paul Stanton, Buddy 
Tarus, William Forrest, Bernadine Hayes. 

Producer. Jack Moss: Associate Producer. Nor- 
man Deming; Director, Alfred E. Green: Author, 
Theodore Pratt: Screenplay, Waldo Salt, George 
Corey, Louis Solomon: Art Directors, Lionel Banks, 
Rudolph Sternad: Musical Score. Carman Dragon; 
Musical Director. M. W. Stoloff; Cameraman, 
Joseph Walker; Editor, Richard Fantl. 

Mojave Firebrand 


Re'eased. 3-19-44. 

Cast, Bill Elliott. George "Gabby" Hayes, Anne 
Jeffreys, LeRoy Mason. Jack Ingram, Harry McKim, 
Karl Hackelt. Forrest Taylor, Hal Price. Marshall 
Reed, Kenne Duncan, Bud Geary. Jack Kirk. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White; Director, Spen- 
cer Bennet: Screenplay, Norman S. Hall; Art 
Director, Fred Ritter; Musical Score. Mort Glick- 
man: Cameraman, Ernest Miller: Editor, Harry 

Monster Maker, The 

PRC: 62 mins. 

Reviewed. 3-10-44: Released. 4-15-44. 

Cast, J. Carrol Naish. Ralph Morgan, Tala 
Birell, Wanda McKay. Terry Frost, Glenn Strange, 
Alexander Pollard. Sam Flint. 

Producer. Sigmund Neufeld: Director, Sam New- 
field: Author, Lawrence Williams: Screenplay, 
Pierre Gendrnn, Martin Mooney; Art Director, 
Paul Palmpntola: Musical Score. Albert Glasser; 
Musical Supervisor, David Chudnow: Cameraman, 
Robert Cline; Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

Moon Over Las Vegas 

Universal; 69 mins. 

Reviewed. 4-27-44: Released. 4-28-44. 

Cast, Anne Gwynne, David Bruce, Vera Vague, 
Vivian Austin. Alan Dinehart, Lee Patrick, Joe 
Sawyer. Milburn Stone. Addison Richards, Manton 
Moreland. Eddie Dunn, Tom Dugan, Pat West, 
Muni Seroff. Gene Austin, Sherrell Sisters. Connie 
Haines. Capelia and Patricia, Lillian Cornell, Ann 
Triola. Jimmy Dodd. The Sportsmen. 

Producer, Jean Yarbrough; Director, Jean Yar- 
brough; Author. George Jeske; Screenplay, George 
Jeske, Clyde Bruckman: Art Directors, John B. 
Goodman. Abraham Grossman: Cameraman. Je- 
rome Ash; Editor, Milton Carruth. 

Moonlight and Cactus 

Universal; 60 mins. 

Reviewed. 10-23-44; Released, 9-8-44. 

Cast. Andrews Sisters. Leo Carrillo, Elyse Knox, 
Tom Seidel. Eddie Quillan. Shemp Howard, Tom 
Kennedy, Mitch Ayres Orchestra, Murray Alper, 
Frank Lackteen. Minerva Urecal. 

Associate Producer. Frank Gross: Director. 
Edward F. Cline; Art Directors, John B. Goodman, 
Martin Obzina; Music Arranger, Vic Schoen; 
Dances, Charles Curran; Cameraman, Jerome Ash; 
Editor, Ray Snyder. 

Mrs. Parkington 

M-G-M: 124 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44: Released. November, 1044. 

Cast, Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Edward 
Arnold, Agnes Moorehead, Cecil Kellaway, Gladys 
Cooper, Frances Rafferty, Tom Drake, Peter Law- 
ford, Dan Duryea, Hugh Marlowe, Selena Royle, 

Fortunio Bonanova, Lee Patrick, Harry Cording, 
Celia Travers, Mary Servoss. 

Producer, Leon Gordon: Director, Tay Garnett; 
Author, Louis Bromfield: Screenplay, Robert 
Thoeren, Polly James; Musical Score, Bronislau 
Kaper; Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Randall 
Duell; Cameraman, Joseph Ruttenberg; Editor, 
George Boemler. 

Mummy's Curse, The 

Universal; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-20-44. 

Cast, Lon Chaney, Peter Coe, Virginia Christine, 
Kay Harding, Dennis Moore, Martin Kosleck, Kurt 
Katch, Addison Richards, Holmes, Herbert, Charles 
Stevens, William Farnum, Napoleon Simpson. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director, Les- 
lie Goodwins; Authors, Leon Abrams, Dwight V. 
Babcock; Screenplay, Bernard Schubert; Musical 
Director, Paul Sawtell; Art Director, John B. 
Goodman; Songs, Oliver Drake, Frank Orth; 
Cameraman, Virgil Miller; Editor, Fred R. Feit- 

Mummy's Ghost, The 

Universal; 60 mins. 

Reviewed. 7-12-44; Released, 7-7-44. 

Cast, John Carradine, Lon Chaney, Robert 
Lowery, Ramsay Ames, Barton MacLane, George 
Zucco, Frank Reicher, Harry Shannon, Emmett 
Vogan, Lester Sharpe, Claire Whitney, Oscar 

Associate Producer, Ben Pivar; Director, Regi- 
nald Le Borg; Screenplay, Griffin Jay, Henry 
Sucher, Brenda Weisberg; Musical Director, H. J. 
Salter; Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Abraham 
Grossman; Cameraman, William Sickner; Editor 
Saul Goodkind. 

Murder in the Blue Room 

Universal: 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-8-44; Reused, 12-1-44. 

Cast, Anne Gwynne, Donald Cook, John Litel, 
Grace McDonald, Betty Kean, June Preisser, Regis 
Toomey, Nella Walker, Andrew Tombes, Ian Wolfe. 
Emmett Vogan, Bill MacWilliams, Frankie Mar- 

Associate Producer, Frank Gross: Director, Les- 
lie Goodwins; Author, Erich Philippi; Screenplay, 
I. A. L. Diamond, Stanley Davis: Musical Director, 
Sam Freed, Jr.; Art Directors, John B. Goodman, 
Harold H. MaeArthur; Dance Director, Carlo9 
Romero; Cameraman, George Robinson; Special 
Effects, John F. Fulton; Editor, Charles Maynard. 

Music for Millions 

M-G-M: 120 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Margaret O'Brien, Jose Iturbi, Jimmy 
Durante, June Allyson, Marsha Hunt, Hugh Her- 
bert, Harry Davenport, Marie Wilson, Larry Adler. 
Ben Lessy, Connie Gilchrist. Katharine Balfour, 
Helen Gilbert, Mary Parker, Madeleine LeBeau. 

Producer, Joe Pasternak; Director, Henry Koster; 
Screenplay. Myles Connolly; Musical Director, 
Georgie Stoll; Musical Adaptor, Georgie Stoll; 
Orchestration, Joseph Nussbaum: Ted Duncan. 
Calvin Jackson; Art Directors. Cedric Gibbons, 
Hans Peters: Cameraman, Robert Surtees; Editor. 
Douglas Biggs. 

Music in Manhattan 

RKO: 81 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-27-44. 

Cast, Anne Shirley, Dennis Day, Philip Terry. 
Raymond Walburn, Jane Darwell, Patti Brill. 
Charlie Barnet Orchestra; Nilo Mendendez Rhumba 

Producer, John H. Auer; Director, John H. 
Auer; Authors, Maurice Tombragel, Hal Smith, 
Jack Scholl; Screenplay, Lawrence Kimble; Mu- 
sical Score, Leigh Harline; Musical Director, C. 
Bakaleinikoff ; Musical Numbers, Charles O'Cur- 
ran; Art Directors, Albert D'Agostino, Al Herman; 
Cameraman, Russell Metty; Editor, Harry Marker. 





Outstanding Added Attractions 



Also an outstanding Novelty Series 


Produced for 




RKO Building — Radio City New York 

Highly Specialized Distribution of American and Foreign Features and Shorts 


Starring Ronald Colman, Madeleine Carroll, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 


Marlene Dietrich, Charles Boyer 


With an All Star Cast 

Personal Representation 


Producers and Distributors of lOrnm Pictures oj Distinction 

1600 BROADWAY charles l. casanave TELEPHONE 

NEW YORK President Circle 6-1647-8-9 


My Best Gal 

Republic: 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 3-28-44. 

Cast, Jane Withers, Jimmy Lydon, Frank Craven, 
Fortunio Bonanova, George Cleveland, Franklin 
Pangborn, Mary Newton, Jack Boyle. 

Associate Producer, Harry Grey; Director, An- 
thony Mann; Author, Richard Brooks; Screenplay, 
Olive Cooper, Earl Felton; Musical Director, Mor- 
ton Scott; Songs, Kim Gannon, Walter Kent; Art 
Directors, Russell Kimball, Gano Chittenden; Dance 
Director, Dave Gould; Cameraman, Jack Marta: 
Editor, Ralph Nixon. 

My Buddy 

Republic; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-27-44; Released, 10-12-44. 

Cast, Donald Barry, Ruth Terry, Lynne Roberta, 
Alexander Granach, Emma Dunn, John Litel, 
George E. Stone, Jonathan Hale, Ray Walker, Joe 
Davlin, Matt McHugh. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White; Director, Steve 
Sekely; Author, Prescott Chaplin; Screenplay, 
Arnold Manoff. Art Director, J. Frank Hotaling; 
Musical Director. Morton Scott; Cameraman, Reg- 
gie Lanning: Editor, Tony Martinelli. 

My Gal Loves Music 

Universal ; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-5-44; Released, 12-15-44. 

Cast, Bob Crosby, Alan Mowbray, Grace Me- 
Donald, Betty Kean, Walter Catlett, Freddie Mercer. 
Paulina Carter, Tom Daly, Gayne Whitman. 

Producer. Edward Lilley; Director, Edward 
Lilley; Author, Patricia Harper; Screenplay, 
Eugene Conrad; Art Directors, John B. Goodman. 
Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, Hal Mohr; Spe- 
cial Photography, John P. Fulton; Editor, Russell 

My Pal, Wolf 

RKO; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-25-44. 

Cast, Sharyn Moftett, Jill Esmond, Una O'Con- 
nor, George Cleveland, Charles Arnt, Claire Carle- 
ton, Leona Maricel, Bruce Edwards, Edward 
Fielding, Olga Fabian, Larry Olsen, Jerry Michel- 
sen, Bobby Larson, Marc Carmer. 

Producer, Adrian Scott; Director, Alfred Werker; 
Author, Frederick Hazlitt Brenna; Screenplay, 
Lillie Hay ward, Leonard Praskins, Jack Paxton: 
Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Carroll Clark; 
Musical Score, Werner Heymann; Musical Director, 
C Bakaleinikoff : Cameraman. Jack Mackenzie; 
Editor, Harry Marker. 

Mystery Man 

United Artists. 

Released, 5-31-44. 

Ca6t, William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, 
Don Costello, Francis McDonald, Forrest Taylor, 
Eleanor Stewart, Jack Rockwell, Bill Hunter, John 
Merton, Pierce Lyden, Bob Burns. 

Producer, Harry A. Sherman; Director, George 
Archainbaud: Screenplay, J. Benton Cheney. 

— JV — 



Released, 1-25-44. 

Cast, Buster Crabbe, Fifi D'Orsay, Barton Mac- 
Lane, Julie London, Bryant Washburn, Herbert 
Rawlinson, Price Modupe, Jackie Newfield. 

Producer,, Sigmund Neufeld: Director, Sam 
Newfield; Screenplay, Fred Myton; Musical Super- 
visor, David Chudnow; Cameraman, Robert Cline; 
Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

National Barn Dance, The 

Paramount; 76 mins. 
Reviewed, 9-5-44. 

Cast, Jean Heather, Charles Quigley, Robert 
Benchley, Mabel Paige, Charles Dingle, Pat But- 

iram, Joe Kelly, Lulu Belle and Scotty, Dinning 
Sisters, Hoosier Hot Shots, Luther W. Ossenbrink. 
Director, Hugh Bennett; Screenplay, Lee Loeb. 
Hal Fimberg; Musical Director, L-vin Talbot; Art 
Directors, Hans Dreier, Walter Hyler: Dance Direc- 
tor, Jack Crosby: Cameraman. Henry Sharp; Editor, 
Everett Douglas. 

National Velvet 

M-G-M; 125 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Mickey Rooney, Donald Crisp, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Amie Revere, Angela Lansbury, Jackie 
Jenkins, Juanita Quigley, Arthur Treacher, Regi- 
nald Owen, Norma Varden, Terry Kilburn. 

Producer, Pandro S. Berman; Director, Clarence 
Brown; Author, Enid Bagnold; Screenplay, Theo- 
dore Reeves, Helen Deutsch ; Musical Score, Herbert 
Stothart; Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Urie 
McCleary; Cameraman, Leonard Smith; Special 
Effects, Warren NVwcombe; Editor, Robert J. 

Navy Way, The 

Paramount; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-25-44. 

Cast, Robert Lowery. Jean Parker, Bill Henry, 
Roscoe Karns, Sharon Douglas, Robert Armstrong. 
Richard Powers, Larry Nunn, Mary Treen, Joseph 

Producers, William Pine, William Thomas; As- 
sociate Producer, L. B. Merman; Director, William 
Berke; Author, Maxwell Shane; Screenplay, Max- 
well Shane; Art Director, F. Paul Sylos; Musical 
Score, Willy Stahl; Cameraman, Fred Jaekman, 
Jr.; Editor, Howard Smith. 


RKO; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-20-44. 

Cast, Bob Mitchum, Anne Jeffreys, Guinn "Big 
Boy" Williams, Nancy Gates, Richard Martin, 
Craig Reynolds, Harry Woods, Edmund Glover. 
Alan Ward, Harry McKim, Wheaton Chambers. 
Philip Morris. 

Producers, Sid Rogell, Herman Schlom; Director, 
Edward Killy; Author, Zane Grey; Screenplay, 
Norman Houston. 

Night Club Girl 

Universal; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Vivian Austin, Edward Norris, Maxie 
Rosenbloom, Mina Gombell, Judy Clark, Billy 
Dunn, Leon Belasco, Andrew Tombes, Fred San- 
born, Clem Bevans, Virginia Brissac, Emmet t 
Vogan, George Davis, The Mulcays, Paula Drake. 
Delta Rhythm Boys. 

Associate Producer, Frank Gross; Director. 
Eddie Cline; Author, Adele Commandini; Screen- 
play, Henry Blankf ort, Dick Irving Hyland ; Art 
Directors, John B. Goodnjan, Martin Obzina; Dance 
Director, Louis DaPron; Cameraman, Charles Van 
Enger; Editor, Charles Maynard. 

Night of Adventure, A 

RKO; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-9-44. 

Cast, Tom Conway, Audrey Long, Edward Bro- 
phy, Louis Borell, Addison Richards, Jean Brooks. 
Nancy Gates, Russell Hopton, Claire Carleton. 
Emory Parnell, Edmund Glover. 

Producer, Herman Schlom ; Director, . Gordon 
Douglas; Author, Wilhelm Speyer (from "Hat. 
Coat and Glove"); Screenplay, Crane Wilbur; Art 
Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Ralph Berger; 
Music, Leigh Harline; Music Director, C. Bakaleini- 
koff; Cameraman, Frank Redman; Editor, Les 

Nine Girls 


Released, 2-17-44. 

Cast, Ann Harding, Evelyn Keyes, Jinx Falken- 
burg, Anita Louise, Leslie Brooks, Lynn Merrick, 
Jeff Donnell, Nina Foch, Shirley Mills, Marcia Mae 




NEW YORK 19, N. Y. 





Musical Direction 

March of Time 
Universal Pictures 
Columbia Pictures 

Producer - Director 

Triumph Films 


Sound ies Dist. Corp. 



460 WEST 54th STREET 

NEW YORK 20, N. Y. 


Jones, Wlllard Robertson. William Demarest, Lester 

Producer, Burt Kelly: Director, Leigh Jason: 
Author, Wilfrid H. Pettit; Screenplay, Karen 
DeWolf, Connie Lee: Art Directors, Lionel Banks, 
Ross Bellah; Music Director, M. W. Stolofl; Mu- 
sical Score, John Leopold; Cameraman, James 
Van Trees: Editor, Otto Meyer. 

No Greater Love 

Artkino: 68 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-3-44; Released, 2-23-44. 

Produced in the U. S. S. R. 

Cast, Vera Maretskaya, Anna Smirnova, Peter 
Aleinkov, Alexander Violinov, Nikolai Bogroliubov, 
trina Fedorova, I. Peltzer, W. Gremin, B. Dom- 
chovsky, G. Kozshoun, V. Medvedyev, E. Memt- 
chenko, G. Semenov, A. Chepurnov. 

Producer, Frederick Ermler; Director, Frederick 
Ermrler; Screenplay, M. Bleiman, I. Bondin: Mu- 
sical Score, G. Popov: English Dialogue, William 
C. White, Alexander Bakshy, I. Elman; English 
Version, I. E. Lopert, W. A. Pozner; Cameramen. 
V. Rappaport. A. Zavialov: Editor, Geraldin^ 

None But the Lonely Heart 

RKO; 113 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-3-44. 

Cast, Cary Grant, Ethel Barrymore, Barry Fitz- 
gerald. June Duprez, Jane Wyatt, George Coulouris. 
Dan Duryea, Roman Bohnen, Konstantin Shayne, 
Eva Leonard Boyne, Morton Lowry, Helen Thimig, 
William Chalee. 

Producer, David Hempstead: Associate Producer, 
Sherman Todd; Director, Clifford Odets: Author, 
Richard Llewellyn; Screenplay, Clifford Odets; Art 
Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack Okey; Musical 
Score, Hanns Eisler; Musical Director, C. Bakaleini- 
koff; Cameraman, George Barnes; Special Effects, 
Vernon L. Walker; Editor, Roland Gross. 

None Shall Escape 

Columbia; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-28-44; Released, 2-3-44. 

Cast, Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox. Henry 
Travers, Erik Rolf, Richard Crane, Dorothy Morris, 
Richard Hale, Ruth Nelson, Kurt Kreuger, Shirley 
Mills, Elvin Field, Trevor Bardette, Frank Jaquet, 
Ray Teal, Art Smith, George Lessey. 

Producer. Samuel Bischoff; Associate Producer, 
Burt Kelly; Director, Andre DeToth; Authors, Al- 
fred Neumann, Joseph Than; Screenplay, Lester 
Cole: Art Director, Lionel Banks; Musical Score, 
Ernst Toch; Cameraman, Lee Garmes; Editor, 
Charles Nelson. 

Oh, What a Night 

Norway Replies 

J. H. Hoffberg; 62 mins. 
Reviewed, 3-2-44. 

Director, F. Herrick: Author, F. Herrick; Mu- 
sical Director, Jack Shaindlin. 

Nothing But Trouble 

M-G-M; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mary Boland. 
Philip Merivale, Henry O'Neill, David Leland, John 
Warburton, Matthew Boulton. Connie Gilchrist. 

Producer, B. F. Zeidman; Director, Sam Taylor; 
Screenplay, Russell Rouse, Ray Golden; Musical 
Score, Nathaniel Shilkret; Art Directors, Cedric 
Gibbons, Harry McAfee; Cameraman, Charles 
Salerno, Jr.; Editor, Conrad A. Nervig. 


Oath of Vengeance 


Released, 12-9-44. 

Cast, Buster Crabbe, Al (Fuzzy) St. John, Mady 
Lawrence, Jack Ingram, Charles King, Marin Sais, 
Karl Hackett, Kermit Maynard, Hal Price, Frank 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field; Screenplay, Fred My ton; Cameraman, Robert 

Monogram: 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-10-44; Released, 9-2-44. 

Cast, Edmund Lowe, Marjorie Rambeau, Jean 
Parker, Alan Dinehart, Pierre Watkin, Claire 
DuBrey, Ivan Lebedeff, Olaf Hytten, Karin Lang, 
Charles Miller, George Lewis, Charles Jordan, 
Crane Whitley, Dick Rush. 

Producer, Scott Dunlap; Director, William 
Beaudine; Author, Marion Orth; Screenplay, Paul 
Gerard Smith; Musical Director, Edward Kay; 
Cameraman, Mack Stengler; Editor, Dan Milner. 

Oklahoma Raiders 


Released, 3-17-44. 

Cast, Tex Ritter, Fuzzy Knight, Dennis Moore, 
Jennifer Holt, Jack Ingram, George Eldredge, John 
Elliott, Slim Whitaker, I. Stanford Jolley, Dick 
Alexander, Herbert Rawlinson, Ethan Laidlaw. 
Johnny Bond. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake: Director, 
Lewis D. Collins; Screenplay, Betty Burbridge; 
Musical Director, Paul Sawtell; Cameraman, Wil- 
liam Sickner. 

Old Texas Trail, The 


Released, 12-15-44. 

Cast, Rod Cameron, Eddie Dew, Fuzzy Knight, 
Ray Whitley, Virginia Christine, Joseph J. Greene, 
Marjorie Clements, George Eldredge. Edmund Cobb. 
Jack Clifford. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director, 
Lewis D. Collins; Screenplay. Wililam Lively; 
Musical Director, Paul Sawtell; Art Directors, John 
B. Goodman, Harold H. MacArthur; Cameraman, 
William Sickner; Editor, Saul Goodkind. 

Once Upon a Time 

Columbia; 89 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-27-44; Released, 5-11-44. 

Cast, Cary Grant, Janet Blair, James Gleason 
Ted Donaldson, Howard Freeman, William Dem 
arest, Art Baker, Paul Stanton, Mickey McGuire 

Producer, Louis F. Edelman; Director, Alex 
ander Hall; Screenplay, Lewis Meltzer, Oscar Saul 
from "My Client Curly," by Norman Corwin 
Musical Score, Frederick Hollander: Musical Di 
rector, M. W. Stoloff; Art Directors, Lionel Banks 
Edward Jewell: Cameraman, Franz F. Planer 
Editor, Gene Havlick. 

One Body Too Many 

Paramount; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-19-44. 

Cast, Jack Haley, Jean Parker, Bela Lugosi, 
Bernard Nedell, Blanche Yurka, Douglas Fowley. 
Dorothy Granger, Lyle Talbot, Lucien Littlefleld, 
Fay Helm, Maxine Fife, William Edmunds. 

Producers, William Pine, William Thomas: 
Director, Frank McDonald; Authors, Winston 
Miller, Maxwell Shane; Screenplay, Winston Miller, 
Maxwell Shane; Art Director, F. Paul Sylos; 
Cameraman, Fred Jackman, Jr.; Editor, Howard 

One Inch From Victory 

Scoop Productions; 67 mins. 
Reviewed, 5-10-44. 

Producer, Noel Madison; Supervisor, Maurice 
Levy, Narration, Quentin Reynolds. 

One Mysterious Night 

Columbia; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-31-44; Released. 9-19-44. 

Cast, Chester Morris, Richard Lane, Janis Carter, 
William Wright, Robert Williams, George E. Stone 
Dorothy Maloney, Robert E. Scott, Lyle Latell 
George McKay, Early Cantrell, Joseph Crehan. 

Producer, Ted Richmond: Director, Oscar Boet 
ticher, Jr.; Screenplay, Paul Yawitz; Art Direc 
tors, Lionel Banks, George Brooks: Musical Direc 
tor, Mischa Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman, L. W 
O'Connell; Editor, Al Clark. 




One of the Ten Best— Nat'l Bd. of Re- 


Daring Comedy — Time Magazine 


Thrilling Espionage Drama — Film Daily 


Glorious Technicolor Musical — New 
York Times 


Best Comedy of the Year — Time Maga- 


A Film Delight— -N. Y. Daily News 


Amusing Farce. — N. Y. Daily News 


*Soon to be Released 
Exciting Mystery Thriller 


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 
Dolores Del Rio 



Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 
Valerie Hobson — Alan Hale 


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 
Margaret Lockwood 


Paul Cavanaugh 
Margot Grahame 

Cngltei) Jftlmsf, Int. 

1560 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y. — 

BRyant 9-6073 

[ HINTS '•< AIR C 

b, UN llll« 

During war times, restrictions on copper, refrigerants and other vital materials 
make the insulation of mechanical air conditioning system difficult if not impos- 
sible. Owners of existing mechanical systems can prevent breakdowns by frequent 
check-ups and by using a leak detector to prevent the loss of irreplaceable 

A mechanical system in disuse due to loss of refrigerant like Freon. can be con- 
verted to use deep well water or ice in Typhoon's "HYDR0K00L'' or "ICED- 
AIRE" system. These systems are available because they do not require cooling 
coils (copper tubes and fins) for smooth operation. A well-built multi-stage 
Typhoon Air Washer does the work of the cooling coils. 


"Hydrokool" system is possible where an adequate supply of deep well water 
is easily available at temperatures not higher than 50°. If an ideal water supply 
is not obtainable, ice may be considered as an alternative. 


Hundreds of installations attest to the efficiency and practicability of "Icedaire." 
'I. It is a simple system with few working parts. 2. Produces same results as 
mechanical system: 3. Maintains constant temperature economically; 4. Easy to 
operate: 5. Uses no gas or chemicals, odorless and noiseless: 6. Low operating, 
repair and replacement costs. (Operating cost depends on the size and capacity 
of theatre). 

Complete Information, Literature and Estimates on Request. 

Diagram showing the ice bunker 
of an "ICEDAIRE" system with 
connecting multi-stage Air Washer. 

Typhoon Air Conditioning Co., Inc. 

2 52 West 26th Street 

New York, N. Y 


Our Hearts Were Young and Passage to Marseille 


Paramount; 81 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-31-44. 

Cast, Gail Russell, Diana Lynn, Charlie Rubles. 
Dorothy Gish, Beulah Bondi, James Brown. Bill 
Edwards, Jean Heather, Alma Kruger, Helene 
Freeman, Joy Harington, Valentine Perkins, 
Georges Renavent, Roland Varno, Holmes Herbert, 
Reg-inald Sheffield, Edmond Breon, Nina Koshetz. 

Associate Producer, Sheridan Gibney; Director, 
Lewis Allen; Authors, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Smily 
Kimbrough; Screenplay, Sheridan Gibney; Art 
Directors, Hans Dreier, Earl Hedrick; Musical 
Score, Werner Heymann; Special Effects, Gordon 
Jennings; Process Photography, Farciot Edouart; 
Cameraman, Theodor Sparkuhl; Editor, Paul 

Outlaw Roundup 


Released. 2-10-44. 

Cast. Jim Newill, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson. 
Helen Chapman, Jack Ingram, I. Stanford Jolley, 
Charles King, Reed Howes, Bud Osborne, Frank 
Hllie, Bud Buster. 

Producer, Alfred Stern; Director, Harry Fraser. 
Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Cameraman, Ira Mor- 
gan; Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

Outlaw Trail 


Released, 4-18-44. 

Cast, Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, Chief Thunder- 
cloud, Jennifer Holt, Cy Kendall, Rock Cameron. 
George Eldridge, Charles King, Hal Price, John 
Bridges, Bud Osborne, Jim Thorpe. 

Producer, Robert Tansey; Director, Robert 
Tansey; Author, Alvin Neitz; Screenplay, Frances 
Kavanaugh; Musical Director, Frank Sanucci; 
Cameraman, Edward Kull; Editor, John C. Fuller. 

Outlaws of Santa Fe 

Republic; 56 mine. 

Reviewed, 7-24-44; Released, 4-4-44. 

Cast, Don "Red" Barry, Wally Vernon, Helen 
Talbot, Twinkle Watts, Charles Morton, Herbert 
Heyes, Bud Geary, LeRoy Mason, Kenneth Duncan. 
Nolan Leary, Walter Soderling, Edmund Cobb. 
Frank McCarroll, Nan Kortman, Emmett Lynn. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White; Director, How- 
ard Bretherton: Screenplay, Norman S. Hall; Art 
Director, Fred Ritter; Musical Score. Mort Glick- 
man; Cameraman, John McBurnie; Editor, Charles 

Warners; 110 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-17-44; Released. 3-11-44. 

Cast, Humphrey Bogart, Michele Morgan, Claude 
Rains, Philip Dorn, Sidney Greenstreet, Peter 
Lorre, John Loder, George Tobias, Vladimir Soko- 
loff, Edward Ciannelli, Konstantin Shayne, Victor 
Francen, Helmut Dantine, Louis Mercler, Monte 
Blue, Stephen Richards, Hans Conried, Frederick 
Brunti, Billy Roy, Charles La Torre, Gerald Perreau. 

Producer, Hal B. Wallis; Director, Michael 
Curtiz; Authors, Charles Nordhoff, James Norman 
Hall; Screenplay, Casey Robinson, Jack Moffit; 
.Musical Score, Max Steiner; Art Director, Carl 
Jules Weyl; Cameraman, James Wong Howe: Spe- 
cial Effects, Jack Cosgrove, Edwin DuPar; Editor, 
Owen Marks. 

Passport to Destiny 

RKO; 64 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-31-44; {Reviewed as "Passport to 


Cast, Elsa Lanchester, Gordon Oliver, Lenore 
Aubert, Lionel Royce, Fritz Feld, Joseph Vitale, 
Gavin Muir, Lloyd Corrigan, Anita Bolster, Lydia 
Bilbrook, Lumsden Hare, Hans Schumm. 

Producer, Herman Schlom; Director, Ray 
McCarey; Screenplay, Val Burton, Muriel Roy 
Bolton; Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack 
Okey; Musical Score, Rob Webb; Cameraman, 
Jack Mackenzie: Special Effects, Vernon L. 
Walker; Editor, Robert Swink. 

Pearl of Death, The 

Universal; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44; Released, 9-22-44. 

Cast, Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Evelyn 
Ankers, Miles Mander, Dennis Hoey, Rondo Hat- 
ton, Richard Nugent, Ian Wolfe, Charles Francis. 
Holmes Herbert, Mary Gordon. 

Producer, Roy William Neill; Director. Roy 
William Neill; Screenplay, Bertram Millhauser: 
Musical Director, Paul Sawtell; Art Directors. 
John B. Goodman, Martin Obzina; Cameraman, 
Virgil Miller; Editor, Ray Snyder. 

Phantom Lady 

Universal; 87 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-26-44; Released, 1-28-44. 

Cast, Ella Raines, Franchot Tone, Alan Curtis. 
Thomas Gomez, Fay Helm, Aurora Miranda, An- 
drew Tombes, Elisha Cook, Jr., Jay Novello, Joseph 
Ciehan, Regis Toomey. 

Associate Producer, Joan Harrison; Director. 
Robert Siodmak; Author, William Irish; Screen- 
play, Bernard C. Schoenfeld; Musical Director. 
H. J. Salter; Art Director, John B. Goodman: 
Cameraman, Elwood Bredell; Editor, Arthur Hilton. 

Pardon My Rhythm 

Universal; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-12-44; Released, 6-19-44. 

Cast, Gloria Jean, Patric Knowles. Evelyn Ank- 
ers, Marjorie Weaver, Walter Catlett, Mel Tonne. 
Patsy O'Connor, Ethel Griffies, Jack Slattery. Boh 
Crosby Orchestra. Saul Grauman. 

Associate Producer, Bernard W. Burton; Direc- 
tor, Felix E. Feist; Author, Hurd Barrett; Screen- 
play, Val Burton, Eugene Conrad; Musical Direc- 
tor, H. J. Salter; Art Directors, John B. Goodman. 
Ralph M. DeLacy; Cameraman, Paul Ivano: Edi 
tor, Edward Curtiss. 

Partners of the Trail 


Released, 3-28-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, 
Christine Mclntyre, Craig Woods, Robert Frazer, 
Harry F. Price, Jack Ingram, Lynton Brent. Mar- 
shall Reed, Ben Corbett, Steve Clark, Lloyd In 

Producer, Scott R. Dunlap; Director, Lambert 
Hillyer; Screenplay, Frank H. Young; Musical 
Director, Edward Kay; Cameraman, Harry Neu- 
mann; Editor, Carl Heim. 

Pinto Randit, The 


Released, 4-27-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson. 
Mady Lawrence, James Martin, Jack Ingram. Ed- 
ward Cassidy, Budd Buster, Karl Hackett, Robert 
Kortman, Charles King, Jr. 

Producer, Alfred Stern; Director, Elmer Clifton: 
Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Musical Director, Lee 
Zahler; Cameraman, Edward Kull; Editor, Charles 
Henkel, Jr. 

Pin-up Girl 

20th-Fox; 83 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-25-44; Released, May, 1944. 

Cast, Betty Grable, John Harvey, Martha Raye. 
Joe E. Brown, Eugene Pallette, Dorothy Kent, 
Dave Willock, Condos Brothers, Charlie Spivak 
Orchestra, Robert Homans, Marcel Dalio, Roger 
(lark, Leon Belasco, Irving Bacon, Walter Tetley, 
Ruth Warren, Max Willenz, Mantan Moreland. 
Charles Moore. 

Producer, William LeBaron; Director, Bruce 
Humberstone; Author, Libbie Block; Screenplay. 
Robert Ellis, Helen Logan, Earl Baldwin: Dance 
Director, Hermes Pan; Musical Supervisor. Fan- 
chon; Art Directors. James Basevi. Joseph C. 


Wright; Musical Directors, Emil Newman, Charles 
Henderson: Cameraman, Ernest Palmer; Special 
Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, Robert Simpson. 

Port of Forty Thieves, The 

Republic: 58 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-23-44; Released, 8-13-44. 

Cast, Stephanie Bachelor, Richard Power, Lynn 
Roberts, Olive Blakeney, Russell Hicks, George 
Meeker, Mary Field, Ellen Lowe, Patricia Knox, 
John Hamilton, Harry Depp. 

Associate Producer, Walter H. Goetz; Director, 
John English; Screenplay, Dane Lussier; Art Direc- 
tor, Russell Kimball; Musical Director, Morton 
Scott; Cameraman, Jack Marta; Editor, Richard 
Van Enger. 

Practically Yours 

Paramount; 90 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-20-44. 

Cast, Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Gil 
Lamb, Cecil Kellaway, Robert Benchley, Tom 
Powers, Jane Frazee, Rosemary De Camp, Isabel 
Randolph, Mikhail Rasumny. 

Producer, Mitchell Leisen; Associate Producer, 
Harry Tugend: Director, Mitchell Leisen; Author, 
Norman Krasna; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, 
Robert Usher; Musical Score, Victor Young; Songs, 
Sam Coslow; Cameraman, Charles Lang, Jr.; Editor, 
Doane Harrison. 

Pride of the Plains 


Released, 1-5-44. 

Cast, Bob Livingston, Smiley Burnette, Nancy 
Gay, Stephen Barclay, Kenneth MacDonald, Charles 
Miller, Kenne Duncan, Jack Kirk, Bud Geary, 
Yakima Canutt. 

Associate Producer, Louis Gray: Director, Wal- 
lace Fox; Author, Oliver Drake; Screenplay, John 
K. Butler, Bob Williams: Art Director, Fred Ritter; 
Musical Score, Mort Glickman; Cameraman, John 
MacBurnie; Editor, Charles Craft. 

Princess and the Pirate, The 

RKO; 94 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-17-44. 

Cast, Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo, Walter Brennan, 
Walter Slezak, Victor McLaglen, Marc Kuznetzoff, 
Brandon Hurst, Tom Kennedy, Stanley Andrews, 
Robert Warwick. 

Producer, Sam Goldwyn; Associate Producer, 
Don Hartman; Director, David Butler; Author, Sy 
Bartlett; Screenplay, Don Hartman, Melville Shavel- 
son, Everett Freeman; Musical Score, David Rose; 
Art Director, Ernst Fegte; Cameraman, Victor 
Milner; Special Effects, R. O. Binger, Clarence 
Slifer; Editor, Daniel Mandell. 

Purple Heart, The 

20th-Fox; 99 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-23-44; Released, March, 1944. 

Cast, Dana Andrews, Richard Conte. Farley 
Granger, Kevin O'Shea, Donald Barry, Trudy Mar- 
shall, Sam Levine, Charles Russell, John Craven, 
Tala Birell, Richard Lee, Peter Chong, Gregory 
Gaye, Torben Meyer, Kurt Katch, Martin Gar- 
ralaga, Erwin Kaiser, Igor Dolgoruki. Nestor 
Paiva, Alex Papana, H. T. Tsiang, Benson Fong, 
Key Chang, Allen Jung, Wing Foo, Pavil Fung, 
Joseph Kim, Luke Chan, Beal Wong, Marshall 

Producer, Darryl F. Zanuck; Director, Lewis 
Milestone; Author, Melville Crossman: Screenplay, 
Jerome Cady; Art Directors, James Basevi, Lewis 
Creber; Musical Score, Alfred Newman: Camera- 
man, Arthur Miller; Editor, Douglas Biggs. 

— R — 

Racket Man, The 


Released, 1-18-44. 

Cast, Tom Neal, Hugh Beaumont. Jeanne Bates, 
Larry Parks, Douglas Fowley. Lewis Wilson. Clar- 
ence Muse, Mary Gordon, Anthony Caruso, Warren 
Ashe. Pauline Drake. 

Producer, Wallace MacDonald: Director. D. Ross 
Lederman; Author, Casey Robinson: Screenplay. 
Paul Yawitz, Howard J. Green; Art Director, 
Lionel Banks; Musical Director, M. W. St»lofl; 
Editor, Paul Borofsky. 

Raiders of the Border 


Released, 1-31-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton. 
Craig Woods, Ellen Hall, Raphael Bennett, Edmund 
Cobb, Ernie Adams, Dick Alexander, Lynton 
Brent, Stanley Price. 

Producer, Scott R. Dunlap; Director. John P. 
McCarthy; Author, Johnston McCulley: Screen- 
play, Jess Bowers: Musical Director, Edward Kay: 
Cameraman, Harry Neumann; Editor, Carl Pierson. 

Rainbow, The 

Artkino; 93 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-20-44; Released, 10-21-44. 

Produced in the U. S. S. R. 

Cast, Natasha Uzhvey, Natalia Alisova, Elena 
Tiapkina, Vera Ivasheva, Anton Dunaysky, Anna 
Lisyanskaya, G. Klering, N'klai Bratersky, Vitya 
Vinogradov, Alik Letichevsky, Emma Peralstein, 
Vova Ponomariov. 

Director, Mark Donsky; Author, Wanda Wasil- 
ewska; Music, Lev Shvartz; English Titles, 
Charles Clement; Cameraman, Boris Manastireky. 

Rainbow Island 

Paramount; 97 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-5-44. 

Cast, Dorothy Lamour, Eddie Bracken, Sil Lamb. 
Barry Sullivan, Forrest Orr, Anne Revere. Reed 
Hadley, Marc Lawrence, Adia Kuznetzoff, Olga San 
Juan, Elena Verdugo. 

Associate Producer, E. D. Leshin: Director, 
Ralph Murphy; Author, Seena Owen: Screenplay, 
Walter DeLeon, Arthur Phillips: Art Directors, 
Hans Dreier, Haldane Douglas: Musical Score, Roy 
Webb; Dances, Danny Dare: Cameraman. Karl 
Struss; Special Effects, Gordon Jennings: Process 
Photography, Farciot Edouart. 

Range Law 

Monogram: 57 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-22-44: Reused, fi-24-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown. Raymond Hatton. 
Sara Padden, EPen Hall, Lloyd Ingraham. Marshall 
Reed, Steve Clark. Jack Ingram. Hugh Prosser, 
Stanley Price. Art Fowler, Harry F. Price, Ben 
Corbett. Bud Osborne. 

Producer. Trem Carr: Director. Lambert Hillyer; 
Author, Frank H. Young: Screenplay, Frank H. 
Young: Musical Director, Edward, Kay: Camera- 
man, Harry Neumann; Editor, John C. Fuller. 


M-G-M: 93 mins. 

Reviewed. 1-28-44: Released. March. 1944. 

Cast, Wallace Beery, Marjorie Main. Donald 
Meek, Dorothy Morris, Howard Freeman, Connie 
Gilchrist, Tommy Batten, Gloria Dickson, Henry 
O'Neill. Richard Hall, Char'es Halton, Morris 
Ankrum, Carol Ann Beery. Douglas Fowley, Chester 

Producer. Orville O. Dull; Director. Willis Gold- 
beck: Screenplay. William R. Lipman. Grant Gar- 
rett. Harry Ruskin: Art Director. Cedric Gibbons; 
Musical Score. David Snell; Cameraman, Sidney 
Wagner; Editor, Ferris Webster. 

Reckless Age 

Universal: 63 mins. 

Reviewed. 8-31-44; Released, 11-17-44. 

Cast, Gloria Jean, Henry Stephenson. Kathleen 
Howard, Franklin Pangborn, Andrew Tombes, 
Marshal Thompson. Jane Darwell. Lloyd Corrigan. 
Judy Clark. Jack Gilford, Chester Clute, The Delta 
Rhythm Boys. Harold Nicholas. 

Producer. Felix E. Feist: Director. Felix E. 
Feist: Author, Al Martin: Musical Director, Sam 
Freed; Art Directors, John B. Goodman. Harold H. 
MaeArthur; Cameraman, Jerome Ash; Editor, Ray 







big: ar 







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h story 













P h 


Return of the Ape Man 

Monogram; 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, 7-17-44. 

Cast, Bela Lugosi, John Carradine. George Zucco. 
Frank Moran, Judith Gibson, Mary Currier, Mi- 
chael Ames, Mike Donovan, George Eldridge, Ed 
Chandler, Ernie Adams. 

Producers, Sam Katzman, Jack Dietz; Associ- 
ate Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, Philip 
Rosen; Author, Robert Charles; Screenplay, Robert 
Charles; Musical Director, Edward Kay; Camera- 
man, Marcel Le Picard; Editor, Carl Pierson. 

Return of the Rangers, The 

PRC: 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-4-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, 
Nell O'Day, Glenn Strange, Emmett Lynn. I. Stan- 
ford Jolley, Robert Barron, Henry Hall, Harry 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Elmer 
Clifton; Screenplay. Elmer Clifton; Musical Direc- 
tor, Lee Zahler; Cameraman, Robert Cline: Editor, 
Charles Hankel, Jr. 

Return of the Vampire, The 

Columbia; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-25-44. 

Cast, Bela Lugosi, Frieda Inesecort, Nina Foch, 
Roland Varno, Miles Mander, Matt Willis. Ottola 
Nesmith, Gilbert Emery, Leslie Denison, William 
C. P. Austin. 

Producer, Sam White; Director, Lew Landers; 
Screenplay, Griffin Jay; Art Director, Lionel Banks; 
Musical Director, M. W. Stoloff; Cameraman, John 
Stumar, L. W. O'Connell; Editor, Paxil Borofsky. 

Riders of the Deadline 

United Artists: 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-31-44. 

Cast, William Boyd. Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, 
Richard Crane, Frances Woodward, Tony Ward, 
Bob Mitchum, Jim Bannon, Hugh Prosser, Her- 
bert Rawlinson, Montie Montana, Earle Hodgins, 
Bill Beckford, Pierce Lyden. 

Producer, Harry A. Sherman; Associate Pro- 
ducer, Lewis Rachmil: Director, Lesley Selander: 
Screenplay, Bennett Cohen; Art Director, Ralph 
Berger; Cameraman, Russell Harlan; Editor, Fred 

Riders of the Santa Fe 


Released, 11-10-44. 

Cast, Rod Cameron, Eddie Dew, Fuzzy Knight. 
Jennifer Holt. Ray Whitley, Lane Chandler, Earle 
Hodgins, George Douglas, Dick Alexander, Budd 
Buster, Ida Moore. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director, 
Wallace W. Fox; Screenplay, Ande Lamb; Musical 
Director, Paul Sawtell; Art Directors, John B. 
Goodman, Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, Maury 
Gertsman; Editor, Ray Snyder. 

Riding West 

Columbia; 58 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-25-44; Released, 5-18-44. 

Cast, Charles Starrett, Arthur Hunnicutt, Shirley 
Patterson, Ernest Tubb, Steve Clark, Wheeler 
Oakman, J. P. Whitefield, Clancy Cooper, Bill 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, William Berke; 
Screenplay, Luci Ward; Art Director, Lionel 
Banks; Cameraman. Benjamin Kline; Editor, Jer- 
ome Thomas. 

Roger Touhy, Gangster 

20th-Fox; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, July. 1944. 

Cast, Preston Foster, Victor McLaglen, Lois 
Andrews, Kent Taylor, Anthony Quinn, William 
Post. Jr.. Henry Morgan, Matt Briggs, Moroni 
Olsen, Reed Hadley, Trudy Marshall, John Archer, 
Frank Jenks. George E. Stone, Charles Lang, Kane 
Richmond. George Holmes, Ralph Peters. Roy 
Roberts. John Harmon, Horace MacMahon, Ed- 

mund Macdonald, Cy Kendall, William Pawley, 
Murray Alper, Selmer Jackson, Joseph Crehan, 
Byron Foulger, George Lessey, Addison Richards, 
Ralph Dunn, Arthur Aylesworth. 

Producer, Lee Marcus: Director, Robert Florey: 
Author, Crane Wilbur; Screenplay, Crane Wilbur. 
Jerry Cady; Art Directors, James Basevi, Lewis 
Creber; Musical Score, Hugo W. Friedhofer: 
Musical Director, Emil Newman; Cameraman, Glen 
MacWilliams; Editor, Harry Reynolds. 

Rogues' Gallery 


Released, 12-6-44. 

Cast, Frank Jenks, Robin Raymond, H. B. 
Warner, Ray Walker, Davison Clark, Bob Homans. 
Frank McGlynn, Pat Gleason, Edward Keane, Earl 
Dewey, Milton Kibbee, Gene Stutenroth, George 
Kirby, Norval Mitchell, John Valentine, Jack 
Raymond, Parker Gee. 

Producers, Donald C. McKean, Albert Herman; 
Director, Albert Herman; Screenplay. John T. 
Neville; Musical Director, Lee Zahler; Art Director, 
Paul Palmentola; Cameraman, Ira Morgan; Editor, 
Fred Bain. 

Rosie, the Riveter 

Republic; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-5-44; Released, 4-9-44. 

Cast, Jane Frazee, Frank Albertson, Vera Vague, 
Frank Jenks, Lloyd Corrigan, Frank Fenton, Maud 
Eburne, Carl Switzer, Louise Erickson, Ellen 
Lowe, Arthur Loft, Tom Kennedy. 

Associate Producer, Armand Schaefer; Director, 
Joseph Santley: Author, Dorothy Curnow Handley 
(from "Room for Two") ; Screenplay, Jack Town- 
ley, Aleen Leslie: Musical Director, Morton Scott; 
Art Director, Russell Kimball; Dance Director, 
Dave Gould; Cameraman, Reggie Lanning; Editor, 
Ralph Dixon. 

Rustlers' Hideout 


Reviewed, 11-8-44; Released, 9-2-44. 

Cast, Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Patti McCarty, 
Charles King, John Merton, Terry Frost, Hal 
Price, Lane Chandler, Al Ferguson, Frank McCar- 
roll, Ed Cassidy. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director. Sam 
Newfield; Screenplay. Joe O'Donnell; Cameraman. 
Jack Greenhalgh; Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

— s — 

Saddle Leather Law 


Released, 12-21-44. 

Cast, Charles Starrett, Dub Taylor, Vi Athens, 
Lloyd Bridges, Reed Howes, Robert Kortman, 
Frank La Rue, Ted French. Ed Cassidy, Steve 
Clark, Frank O'Connor, Bud Buster, Franklin Far- 
num, Jimmy Wakely, Salty Holmes. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Benjamin Kline: 
Screenplay, Elizabeth Beeeher; Art Directors. 
Lionel Banks, Perry Smith: Cameraman, George 
Meehan; Editor, Aaron Stell. 

Sagebrush Heroes 


Cast, Charles Starrett, Dub Taylor, Constance 
Worth, Elvin Field, Bobby Larson, Forrest Taylor. 
Jimmy Wakely, Ozie Waters, Joel Friedkin. Lane 
Chandler, Paul Zaremba, Eddie Laughton, Johnny 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Benjamin Kline; 
Screenplay, Luci Ward; Art Directors, Lionel 
Banks, Perry Smith; Cameraman, George Meehan; 
Editor, Aaron Stell. 

Sailor's Holiday 

Columbia; 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-29-44; Released, 2-24-44. 

Cast, Arthur Lake, Jane Lawrence, Bob Haymes. 
Shelley Winter, Lewis Wilson, Edmund MacDonald, 
Pat O'Malley, Herbert Rawlinson, Buddy Yarus, Vi 
Athens, George Ford. 






Producer, Wallace MacDonald; Director. William 
Berke: Screenplay, Manny Sen"; Art Directors, 
Lionel Banks, Victor Greene; Musical Director, 
M. W. Stoloff; Cameraman, Burnett Guffey: Edi- 
tor. Paul Borofsky. 

San Antonio Kid, The 


Released, 8-16-44. 

Cast, Bill Elliott, Bobby Blake, Alice Fleming:. 
Linda Stirling", Earle Hodgins, Glenn Strange. 
LeRoy Mason, Duncan Renaldo, Tom London, 
Jack Kirk, Bob Wilke, Cliff Parkinson, Jack O'Shea. 

Associate Producer, Stephen Auer; Director, 
Howard Bretherton; Screenplay, Norman S. Hall; 
Art Director, Gano Chittenden: Musical Score. 
Joseph Dubin; Cameraman, William Bradford: 
Editor, Tony Martinelli. 

San Diego, I Love You 

Universal; 83 mine. 

Reviewed, 9-5-44; Released. 9-29-44. 

Cast, Jon Hall, Louise Allbritton, Edward Ever- 
ett Horton, Eric Blore, Buster Keaton, Irene Ryan. 
Rudy Wissler, Gerald Perreau, Charles Bates. Don 
Davis, Florence Lake, Chester Clute, Sarah Selby, 
Fern Emmett. 

Producers, Michael Fessier, Ernest Pagano; 
Director, Reginald LeBorg: Authors, Ruth Me- 
Kenney, Richard Bransten; Screenplay, Michael 
Fessier, Ernest Pagano; Musical Score, H. J. 
Salter; Musical Director, H. J. Salter; Art Direc- 
tors, John B. Goodman, Alexander Golitzen: Cam- 
eraman. Hal Mohr; Special Effects. John P. Ful- 
ton; Editor, Charles Maynard. 

San Fernando Valley 

Republic; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44; Released, 9-15-44. 

Cast, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Jean Porter. 
Andrew Tombes, Charles Smith, Edward Gargan, 
Dot Farley, LeRoy Mason, Bob Nolan and the 
Sons of the Pioneers, Vernon and Draper, Mor- 
rell Trio. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White: Director, John 
English; Screenplay, Dorrell and Stuart McGowan; 
Musical Director, Morton Scott: Dance Director, 
Larry Ceballos; Cameraman, William Bradford; 
Editor, Ralph Dixon. 

Searlet Claw, The 

Universal; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, 5-26-44. 

Cast, Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Gerald 
Hamer, Paul Cavanaugh, Arthur Hohl, Miles 
Mander, Kay Harding', David Clyde, Ian Wolfe. 
Victoria Home. 

Producer, Roy William Neill; Director, Roy 
William Neill; Authors, Paul Gangelin, Brenda 
Weisberg; Screenplay, Edmund L. Hartmann, Roy 
William Neill; Musical Director, Paul Sawtell; 
Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Ralph M. DeLacy: 
Cameraman, George Robinson; Editor, Paul 
Landres; Special Photography, John P. Fulton. 

Secret Command 

Columbia; 82 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-5-44; Released, 7-20-44. 

Cast. Pat O'Brien, Caole Landis, Chester Morris, 
Ruth Warrick, Barton MacLane, Tom Tully, Wal- 
lace Ford, Howard Freeman, Erik Rolf, Matt 
McHugh, Frank Sully, Frank Fenton, Charles D. 
Brown, Carol Nugent, Richard Lyon, George 
McKay, Cyril Ring. 

Producer, Phil L. Ryan; Director, Edward 
Sutherland; Authors. John Hawkins, Ward Haw- 
kins (from "Pilebuek" ) ; Screenplay, Roy Chans- 
lor; Art Directors, Lionel Banks, Edward Jewell; 
Musical Score, Paul Sawtell; Musical Director. 
M. W. Stoloff: Cameraman. Franz F. Planer; 
Special Effects. Robert Wright; Editor. Viola 

Secret Mission 

English Films. Inc.: 82 mins 
Reviewed, 8-28-44. 
Produced in England. 

Cast. Hugh Williams, Carla Lehmann, James 
Mason, Roland Culver, Michael Wilding, Nancy 
Price, Percy Walsh, Anita Gombault. David Page. 
Betty Warren, Nicholas Stuart. Brefni O'Rourke. 
Karel Stepanek, F. R. Wendhausen, John Salew. 
Herbert Lom, Yvonne Andre, Beatrice Varley. 
Stewart Granger. 

Producer, Marcel Helman: Director, Harold 
French: Author, Shaun Terence Young: Screen- 
play, Anatole de Grunwald. Basil Bartlett: Camera- 
man, Bernard Knowles; Editor. E. B. Jarvis. 

Secrets of Scotland Yard 

Republic; 68 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-21-44; Released, 7-26-44. 

Cast, Edgar Barrier, Stephanie Bachelor, C. 
Aubrey Smith, Lionel Atwill, Henry Stephenson. 
John Abbott, Walter Kingsford, Martin Kosleck. 
Forrester Harvey, Frederick Worlock. Matthew 
Boulton, Bobby Cooper. 

Associate Producer, George Blair; Director, 
George Blair; Screenplay, Denison Clift (from 
"Room 4, O. B.," by Denison Clift) ; Art Direc- 
tor, Gano Chittenden: Musical Director. Morton 
Scott; Cameraman, William Bradford; Editor, Fred 

See Here, Private Hargrove 

M-G-M; 101 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-18-44; Released. March, 1944. 

Cast, Robert Walker, Donna Reed, Keenan 
Wynn. Robert Benchley, Ray Collins, Chill Wills. 
Bob Crosby, Marta Linden, Grant Mitchell, George 
Offerman, Jr.. Edward Fielding, Donald Curtis. 
William Phillips, Douglas Fowley. 

Producer, George Haight; Director, Wesley 
Ruggles: Author, Marion Hargrove: Screenplay. 
Harry Kurnitz; Musical Score, David Snell; Art 
Director, Cedric Gibbons; Cameraman, Charles Law- 
ton; Editor, Frank E. Hull. 

Sensations of 1345 

United Artists; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-23-44; Released, 6-30-44. 

Cast, Eleanor Powell, Dennis O'Keefe, C. 
Aubrey Smith, Eugene Pallette, Mimi Forsythe, 
Lyle Talbot. Hubert Castle, W. C. Fields, Sophie 
Tucker, Dorothy Donegan, The Christians, Pallen- 
berg Bears, Cab Calloway Band, Woody Herman 
Band, David Lichine, Richard Hageman, Marie 
Blake. Stanley Andrews, Louise Currie, Betty Wells. 
Bert Roach, Crandon Rhodes, Earl Hodgins, Con- 
stance Purdy, Joe Devlin, George Humbert, Wen- 
dell Niles, Anthony Warde, Gene Rodgers, Ruth 
Lee, Les Paul Trio, The Copelands, Mel Hall. The 
Johnson Brothers. 

Producer, Andrew Stone; Associate Producer. 
James Nasser; Director, Andrew Stone; Author. 
Frederick Jackson; Screenplay, Dorothy Bennett. 
Andrew Stone; Art Director, Charles Odds; Music. 
Al Sherman; Lyrics, Harry Tobias; Musical Direc- 
tor, Mahlon Merrick; Cameramen, Peverell Marley, 
John Mescall; Editor, James E. Smith. 

Sergeant Mike 


Released, 11-9-44. 

Cast. Larry Parks, Jeanne Bates, Loren Tindall. 
Jim Bannon, Robert Williams. Richard Powers. 
Larry Joe Olsen, Eddie Acuff, John Tyrrell, Charles 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director. Henry Levin; 
Screenplay, Robert Lee Johnson; Art Director. 
Edward Jewell; Musical Director, Mischa Bnk;i- 
leinikoff; Cameraman. L. W. O'Connell; Editor. Reg 

Seven Days Ashore 

RKO; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-21-44. 

Cast, Wally Brown. Alan Carney, Marcy McGuire. 
Gordon Oliver, Virginia Mayo, Amelita Ward. 
Elaine Shepard. Dooley Wilson, Marjorie Gateson. 
Alan Dinehart. Miriam LaVelle, Margaret Dumonl. 
Emory Parnell. Ian Wolfe, Freddie Fisher Or- 

Produce! John H. Auer; Director. John H 







Auer; Author, Jacques Deval; Musical Director, 
C. Bakaleinikoff; Dance Director, Charles O'Curran; 
Art Director, Albert S. A'Agostino; Songs, Mort 
Grene, Lou Pollock, Freddie Fisher; Cameraman, 
Russell Metty; Special Effects, Vernon Walker; 
Editor, Harry Marker. 

Seven Doors to Death 

PRC; 64 mins. 

Reviewed. 8-3-44: Released, 8-5-44. 

Cast, June Clyde, Chick Chandler, George 
Meeker, Michael Raffetto, Gregory Gaye, Edgar 
Dearing, Rebel Randall, Milton Wallace, Casey 

Producer, Alfred Stern; Director, Elmer Clifton: 
Author, Helen Kiely; Screenplay, Elmer Clifton: 
Musical Director. Lee Zahler; Cameraman, Robert 
('line; Editor, Charles Henkle, Jr. 

Seventh Cross, The 

M-G-M; 110 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-24-44: Released. September, 1944. 

Cast, Spencer Tracy, Signe Hasso, Hume Cronyn, 
Jessica Tandy, Agnes Moorehead, Herbert Rudley. 
Felix Bressart. Ray Collins, Alexander Granach, 
Katherine Locke. George Macready, Paul Guilfoyle, 
Steven Geray, Kurt Hatch, Karen Verne, Konstantin 
Shayne, George Suzanne, John Wengraf, George 
Zucco, Steven Muller, Eily Malyon. 

Producer, Pandro S. Berman; Director, Fred 
Zinnemann; Author, Anna Seghers; Screenplay. 
Helen Deutsch; Musical Score, Roy Webb; Art 
Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Leonid Vasian; Camera- 
man, Karl Freund; Editor, Thomas Richards. 

Shadow of Suspicion 

Monogram; 68 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-9-44: Released, 9-23-44. 

Cast, Marjorie Weaver, Peter Cookson. Tim 
Ryan, Pierre Watkin, Clara Blandick, J. Farrell 
MacDonald, John Hamilton, Tom Herbert, Anthony 
Warde, George Lewis, Frank Scanell, Ralph Lewis. 

Producer, A. W. Hackel; Director, William 
Beaudine; Author, Harold Goldman; Screenplay. 
Albert DeMond, Earle Snell; Musical Director, 
Lee Zahler; Cameraman, Marcel LePicard; Editor, 
William Austin. 

Shadows in the Night 


Released, 10-19-44. 

Cast, Warner Baxter, Nina Foch, George Zucco. 
Minor Watson, Lester Matthews. Ben Welden. 
Edward Norris, Charles Wilson, Charles Halton, 
Jeane Bates. 

Producer, Rudolph C. Flothow; Director. Eugene 
J. Forde; Screenplay, Eric Taylor; Art Director, 
John Datu; Cameraman, James S. Brown, Jr.; 
Editor, Dwight Caldwell. 

Shake Hands With Murder 

PRC; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-23-44: Released, 4-22-44. 

Cast, Iris Adrian, Frank Jenks, Douglas Fowley 
Jack Raymond, Claire Rochelle, Herbert Rawlinson, 
Juan De La Cruz, Stan Jolley, Forrest Taylor, 
George Kirby, Gene Stutenroth, Anita Sparrow, 
Buck Harrington. 

Producers, Donald C. McKean, Albert Herman: 
Director, Albert Herman; Author, Martin Mooney; 
Screenplay, John T. Neville; Musical Director, Lee 
Zahler; Art Director, Paul Palmentola; Camera- 
man, Robert Cline; Editor, George Merrick. 

She's a Soldier Too 

Columbia; 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-29-44: Released, 6-29-44. 

Cast, Beulah Bondi, Nina Foch, Jess Barker, 
Lloyd Bridges, Percy Kilbride, Ida Moore, Erik 
Rolf, Jeanne Bates, Shelley Winter, Marilyn John- 

Producer. Wallace MacDonald; Director, William 
Castle; Author, Hal Smith; Screenplay, Melvin 
Levy; Art Directors, Lionel Banks, George Brooks; 
Cameraman, Benjamin Kline: Editor, Aaron Stell. 

She's a Sweetheart 


Released. 12-7-44. 

Cast, Jane Frazee, Larry Parks, Jane Darwell, 
Nina Foch, Ross Hunter. Jimmy Lloyd. Loren 
Tindall. Carole Mathews. Eddie Bruce. Pat Lane. 
Danny Desmond, Ruth Warren. Dave Willock. 

Producer, Ted Richmond; Director, Del Lord; 
Screenplay, Muriel Roy Bolton; Art Director, Carl 
Anderson; Cameraman, Benjamin Kline; Editor, 
Al Clark. 

Sheriff of Sundown 


Released, 11-7-44. 

Cast, Allan Lane, Linda Stirling, Max Terhune, 
Twinkle Watts, Roy Barcroft, Duncan Renaldo, 
Hud Geary, Jack Kirk, Herbert Rawlinson, Tom 
London, Kenne Duncan, Bob Wilke. 

Associate Producer, Stephen Auer; Director, 
Lesley Selander; Screenplay, Norman S. Hall; Art 
Director, Fred A. Ritter; Musical Score, Joseph 
Dubin; Cameraman, Bud Thackery; Editor, Harry 

Sherlock Holmes and the 
Spider Woman 

Universal; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-13-44: Released, 1-21-44. 

Cast, Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Gale Sonder- 
gaard, Dennis Hoey, Vernon Downing, Alec Craig, 
Mary Gordon, Arthur Hohl, Teddy Infuhr. 

Producer, Roy William Neill; Director, Roy 
William Neill; Author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: 
Screenplay, Bertram Millhauser; Art Director, John 
B. Goodman; Cameraman, Charles Van Enger: 
Editor. James Gibbon. 

Shine On, Harvest Moon 

Warners; 112 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-10-44; Released, 4-8-44. 

Cast, Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan, Jack Car- 
son, Irene Manning, S. Z. Sakall, Marie Wilson, 
Robert Shayne, The Ashburns, Four Step Brothers, 
William Davidson, James Bush, Joseph Crehan, 
Betty Bryson, Don Kramer, George Rogers, Harry 
Charles Johnson, Walter Pietilla. 

Producer, William Jacobs; Director, David But- 
ler; Author, Richard Weil; Screenplay, Sam Hell- 
man, Richard Weil, Francis Swann, James Kern: 
Art Director, Charles Novi; Musical Director. Leo 
F. Forbstein; Cameraman, Authur Edeson; Special 
Effects, Edwin A. DuPar; Editor, Irene Morra. 

Show Business 

RKO; 92 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-20-44. 

Cast, Eddie Cantor, George Murphy, Joan Davis, 
Nancy Kelly, Constance Moore, Don Douglas. 

Producer, Eddie Cantor; Director, Edwin L. 
Marin; Author, Bert Granet; Screenplay, Joseph 
Quillan, Dorothy Bennett: Musical Director, C. 
Bakaleinikoff; Musical Numbers, Nick Castle; 
Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack Okey; 
Cameraman, Robert DeGrasse; Special Effects, 
Vernon L. Walker; Editor, Theron Warth. 

Silent Partner 

Republic; 55 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-14-44; Released, 6-9-44. 

Cast, William Henry, Beverly Lloyd, Grant 
Withers, Ray Walker, Joan Blair, Roland Drew, 
George Meeker, Wally Vernon, John Harmon, Dick 
Elliott, Eddie Fields, Pat Knox. 

Associate Producer, George Blair: Screenplay. 
Gertrude Walker; Musical Director, Morton Scott; 
Art Director, Russell Kimball ; Cameraman, Wil- 
liam Bradford; Editor, Ralph Dixon. 

Silver City Kid 


Released, 7-20-44. 

Cast, Allan Lane, Peggy Stewart. Wally Vernon, 
Twinkle Watts, Harry Woods, Frank Jaquet, Lane 
Chandler, Glenn Strange, Bud Geary, Tom Steele, 
Tom London, Jack Kirk, Sam Flint, Frank Mc- 






Associate Producer, Stephen Auer; Director, 
John English; Author, Bennett Cohen; Screenplay, 
Taylor Caven; Art Director, Fred A. Ritter; Musical 
Score, Joseph Dubin; Cameraman, Reggie Lan- 
ning; Editor, Charles Craft. 

Since You Went Away 

United Artists; 172 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-19-44; Released, 7-20-44. 

Cast, Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph 
Cotten, Shirley Temple, Monty Woolley, Lionel 
Barrymore, Robert Walker, Hattie McDaniel, Nazi- 
mova, Keenan Wynn, Gordon Oliver, Lloyd Cor- 
rigan, Jane Devlin, Agnes Moorehead, Albert Bas- 
serman, Guy Madison, Craig Stevens, Jackie Moran, 
Anne Gillis, Robert Anderson, Irving Bacon, Aileen 
Pringle, Charles Williams, Wallis Clark, Neila 
Hart, Leonide Mostovoy, Dorothy Garner, James 
Carlisle, George Chandler, John A. James, Mary 
Anne Durkin, Joyce Horn, Ruth Valmy, Grady 
Sutton, Buddy Gorman, Patricia Peters, Andrew 
McLaglen, Addison Richards, George Lloyd, Bar- 
bara Pepper, Jill Warren, Byron Foulger, Harry 
Hayden, Edwin Maxwell, Russell Hoyt, Loudde 
Claar, Don Majarian, Helen Koford, Florence Bates. 
Conrad Binyon, Theodore von Eltz, Adeline de Walt 
Reynolds, Christopher Adams, Jimmy Dodd, Martha 
Outlaw, Verna Knopf, Robert Cherry, Kirk Barron, 
Earl Jacobs, Cecil Ballerino, Jack Gardner, Doodles 
Weaver, Dorothy Adams, James Westerfield, War- 
ren Hymer, Paul Esburg, Richard C. Wood, Ralph 
Reed, William Jillson, Dorothy Mann, Peggy Maley, 
Robert Johnson, Dorothy Dandridge, Shelby Bacon, 
Eddie Hall, Warren Burr, Lela Bliss, Eileen Jansen, 
Harlan Miller, Mrs. Ray Feldman, Neyle Marx, 
Johnny Bond, Ruth Roman, Betsy Howard, 
Stephen Wayne, William B. Davidson, Tom Daw- 
son, Marilyn Hare, Jonathan Hale, Walter Baldwin, 
Eric Sinclair, Craig Stevens, Jerry Revell, Jimmy 
demons, Jr. 

Producer, David O. Selznick; Director, John 
Cromwell; Screenplay, David O. Selznick; Produc- 
tion Designer, William L. Pereira; Music, Max 
Steiner; Dance Director, Charles Walters; Camera- 
man, Stanley Cortez, Lee Garmes; Special Effects, 
Jack Cosgrove; Editor, Hal C. Kern. 

Sing a Jingle 

Universal; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-3-44; Released, 1-7-44. 

Cast, Allan Jones, June Vincent, Edward Norris, 
Gus Schilling, Betty Kean, Samuel S. Hinds, Jerome 
Cowan, Joan Castle, Dicky Love, Vivian Austin, 
Lorin Raker, William Newell. 

Producer, Edward C. Lilley; Director, Edward 
C. Lilley; Screenplay, John Grey, Eugene Conrad, 
Lee Sands, Fred Rath; Musical Director, Charles 
Previn; Art Director, John Goodman; Cameraman, 
Jerry Ash; Editor, Charles Maynard. 

Sing, Neighbor, Sing 

Republic; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-23-44; Released, 8-12-44. 

Cast, Brad Taylor, Ruth Terry, Virginia Brissac, 
Beverly Lloyd, Charles Irwin, Olin Howlin, Maxine 
Doyle, Mary Kenyon, Roy Acuff, Lulubelle and 
Scotty, Harry "Pappy" Cheshire, Milo Twins, Caro- 
lina Cotton. 

Associate Producer, Donald H. Brown; Director, 
Prank McDonald; Screenplay, Dorrell and Stuart 
McGowan; Art Director, Gano Chittenden; Musical 
Director, Morton Scott; Dance Director, Jerry Jar- 
rette; Cameraman, Reggie Lanning, Editor, Ralph 

Singing Sheriff, The 

Universal; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44; Released, 10-9-44. 

Cast, Bob Crosby, Fay McKenzie. Fuzzy Knight, 
Iris Adrian, Samuel S. Hinds, Edward Norris, 
Andrew Tombes, Joe Sawyer, Walter Sande, 
Doodles Weaver, Pat Starling, Louis Da Pron, 
Spade Cooley Orchestra. 

Associate Producer, Bernard W. Burton; Direc- 
tor, Leslie Goodwins; Author, John Grey; Screen- 
play, Henry Blankfort, Eugene Conrad; Musical 
Director, Sam Freed, Jr.; Art Directors, John B. 

Goodman, Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, 
Charles Van Enger; Editor, Edward Curtiss. 

Slightly Terrific 

Universal; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-27-44; Released, 5-5-44. 

Cast, Leon Errol, Anne Rooney, Eddie Quillan, 
Betty Kean, Lorraine Krueger, Ray Malone, Lee 
Bennett, Richard Lane, Jayne Forrest, Donald 
Novis, Lillian Cornell, Star Dusters, Maritza 
Dancers, Eight Rhythmers. 

Associate Producer, Alexis Thurn-Taxis; Direc- 
tor, Edward F. Cline: Authors, Edith Watkins, 
Florence McEnany; Screenplay, Edward Dein, 
Stanley Davis; Art Director, John B. Goodman; 
Musical Director, Don George; Cameraman, Paul 
Ivano; Editor, Norman A. Cerf. 

Smart Guy 

Monogram; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-3-44. 

Cast, Rick Vallin, Bobby Larson, Veda Ann Borg, 
Wanda McKay, Jack LaRue, Mary Gordon, Paul 
McVey, Addison Richards, Roy Darmour, John 

Producer, John T. Coyle; Director, Lambert Hill- 
yer; Screenplay, Charles R. Marion, John W. 
Krafft; Musical Director, Edward Kay; Camera- 
man, Mack Stengler; Editor, Carl Pierson. 

Something for the Boys 

20th-Fox; 87 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-1-44; Released, November, 1944. 

Cast, Carmen Miranda, Michael O'Shea, Vivian 
Blaine, Phil Silvers, Sheila Ryan, Perry Como, 
Glenn Langan, Roger Clark, Cara Williams, Thurs- 
ton Hall, Clarence Kolb, Paul Hurst, Andrew 

Producer, Irving Starr; Director, Lewis Seiler; 
Screenplay, Robert Ellis, Helen Logan, Frank 
Gabrielson; Dance Director, Nick Castle; Art Di- 
rectors, Lyle Wheeler, Albert Hogsett: Musical 
Directors, Emil Newman, Charles Henderson; Cam- 
eraman, Ernest Palmer; Editor, Robert Simpson. 

Song of Nevada 

Republic; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-16-44; Released, 8-5-44. 

Cast, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Mary Lee, Lloyd 
Corrigan, Thurston Hall, John Eldredge, Forrest 
Taylor, Emmet Vogan, LeRoy Mason, William 
Davidson, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. 

Associate Producer, Harry Grey; Director, Joseph 
Kane; Screenplay, Gordon Kahn, Oliver Cooper; 
Musical Director, Fred A. Ritter; Dance Director, 
Larry Ceballos; Cameraman, Jack Marta; Editor, 
Tony Martinelli. 

Song of the Open Road 

United Artists; 93 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-3-44; Released, 6-21-44. 

Cast, Edgar Bergen, Jane Powell, W. C. Fields, 
Bonita Granville, Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Peggy 
O'Neill, Jack Moran, Bill Christy, Reginald Denny, 
Regis Toomey, Rose Hobart, Sig Arno, Irene 
Tedro, Pat Starling, Condos Brothers, Lipham 
Four, Chuck Faulkner Band, Catron and Popp. 

Producer, Charles R. Rogers; Director, S. Sylvan 
Simon; Authors, Irving Phillips, Edward Verdier; 
Screenplay, Albert Mannheimer; Musical Director, 
Charles Previn ; Art Director, Bernard Herzbrun ; 
Musical Presentations, George Dobbs; Songs, Wal- 
ter Kent, Kim Gannon; Cameraman, John W. 
Boyle; Editor, Truman K. Wood. 

Song of the Range 


Released, 12-1-44. 

Cast, Jimmy Wakely, Dennis Moore, Lee "Lasses" 
White, Gay Forester, Pierre Watkin, George 
Eldridge, Hugh Prosser, Steve Clark. Edmund Cobb, 
Bud Osborne, Kenneth Terrell, Carl Mathews. 

Producer, Phillip N. Krasne; Associate Prodiicer. 
Dick L'Estrange; Director, Wallace Pox; Screen- 
play, Betty Burbridge; Cameraman, Marcel Le- 
Pieard; Editor, Martin G. Conn. 



'I Love a Soldier" 
'Here Come the Waves' 
'The Virginian" 

'Miss Susie Slagle's' 
'Cross My Heart" 
'Bring on the Girls" 


Sonora Stagecoach 

Monogram; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44; Released, 6-10-44. 

Cast, Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, Chief Thunder- 
cloud, Rocky Cameron, Betty Miles, Glen Strange. 
George Eldridge, Karl Hackett, Henry Hall, Charles 
King', Bud Osborne, Charlie Murray, Jr., John 
Bridges, Al Ferguson, Forrest Taylor. 

Producer, Robert Tansey; Director, Robert Tan- 
sey; Author, Robert Emmett; Screenplay, Frances 
Kavanaugh; Musical Director, Frank Sanucci; 
Cameraman, Edward Kull; Editor, John C. Fuller. 

Soul of a Monster, The 


Reviewed, 10-31-44; Released. 8-17-44. 

Cast, Rose Hobart, George Macready, Jim Ban- 
non, Jeanne Bates. Erik Rolf, Ernest Hilliard. 

Producer, Ted Richmond; Director, Will Jason: 
Screenplay, Edward Dein; Art Directors, Lionel 
Banks, George Brooks; Musical Director, Mischa 
Bakaleinikoff; Cameraman, Burnett Guffey; Editor. 
Paul Borofsky. 

South of Dixie 

Universal; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, 6-23-44. 

Cast, Anne Gwynne, David Bruce, Jerome Cowan, 
Ella Mae Morse, Joe Sawyer, Samuel S. Hinds, 
Eddie Acuff, Marie Harmon, Oscar O'Shea, Louise 
Beavers, Pierre Watkin, Bill Bevans, Marie Blake. 
Rita Gould, Edward Keane, Mantan Moreland. 
Ray Walker, Eddie Bruce, Jack Mulhall, Bobby 
Brooks Quartette, Lester Cole, The Debutantes, 
The Charmers. 

Producer, Jean Yarbrough; Director, Jean Yar- 
brough; Author, Sam Coslow; Screenplay, Clyde 
Bruckman; Musical Director, Sam Freed, Jr.; Art 
Directors, John B. Goodman, Harold H. Mac- 
Arthur; Cameraman, Jerome Ash; Editor, Paul 

Spook Town 


Released, 6-3-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, 
Mady Lawrence. Dick Curtis, Harry Harvey, Ed- 
ward Cassidy, Charles King, Jr., Robert Barron, 
Dick Alexander. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Elmer 
Clifton; Screenplay, Elmer Clifton; Musical Direc- 
tor, Lee Zahler; Cameraman, Robert C. Cline; 
Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

Stagecoach to Monterey 


Released, 9-15-44. 

Cast, Allan Lane, Peggy Stewart, Wally Vernon. 
Twinkle Watts, Tom London, LeRoy Mason. Roy 
Barcroft, Kenne Duncan, Bud Geary, Carl Sepul- 
veda, Jack Kirk, Fred Graham. 

Associate Producer, Stephen Auer; Director, 
Lesley Selander; Screenplay, Norman S. Hall: Art 
Director, Gano Chittenden: Musical Score. Joseph 
Dubin; Cameraman, William Bradford; Editor. 
Harry Keller. 

Standing Room Only 

Paramount: 83 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-7-44. 

Cast, Fred MacMurray, Paulette Goddard, Ed- 
ward Arnold, Hillary Brooke, Roland Young, Anne 
Revere, Clarence Kolb, Isobel Randolph, Porter 
Hall, Marie McDonald, Josephine Whittell, Veda 
Ann Borg. 

Associate Producer, Paul Jones; Director, Sidney 
Lanfleld; Author, Al Martin; Screenplay, Darrel 
Ware, Karl Tunberg: Musical Score, Robert Em- 
mett Dolan ; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Earl 
Hedrick; Cameraman, Charles Lang; Editor, Wil- 
liam Shea. 

Stars on Parade 


Released, 5-25-44. 

Cast. Larry Parks, Lynn Merrick, Ray Walker, 

Jeff Donnell, Robert Williams, Selmer Jackson, 
Edythe Elliott, Mary Currier, Danny O'Neil, Frank 
Hubert, Jean Hubert, The Chords, King Cole Trio, 
Ben Carter Choir. 

Producer, Wallace MacDonald; Director, Lew 
Landers: Screenplay, Monte Brice; Art Directors, 
Lionel Banks, Walter Holscher; Cameraman, L. W. 
O'Connell; Editor, Jerome Thorns. 

Step Lively 

RKO; 88 mins 

Reviewed, 6-21-44. 

Cast, Frank Sinatra, George Murphy, Adolphe 
Menjou, Gloria De Haven, Walter Slezak, Eugene 
Pallette, Wally Brown, Alan Carney, Grant Mit- 
chell, Anne Jeffreys. 

Producer, Robert Fellows; Director, Tom 
Whelan: Screenplay, Warren Duff, Peter Milne," 
Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino, Carroll Clark; 
Musical Numbers. Ernst Matray: Musical Director, 
C. Bakaleinikoff: Cameraman, Robert de Grasse: 
Editor, Gene Milford. 

Storm Over Lisbon 

Republic; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-5-44; Released. 10-16-44. 

Cast, Vera Hruba Ralston, Richard Arlen, Erich 
von Stroheim, Otto Kruger, Eduardo Cianelli, 
Robert Livington, Mona Barrie, Frank Orth, Sarah 
Edwards, Alice Fleming, Leon Belasco, Kenne 
Duncan, Aida Broadbent Girls. 

Associate Producer, George Sherman; Director, 
George Sherman: Author, Elizabeth Meehan; 
Screenplay, Doris Gilbert; Musical Director, Mor- 
ton Scott; Art Director, Russell Kimball; Camera- 
man, John Alton; Special Effects, Theodore Ly- 
decker; Editor, Arthur Roberts. 

Story of Dr. Wassell, The 

Paramount; 140 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-26-44. 

Cast, Gary Cooper, Laraine Day, Signe Hasio, 
Dennis O'Keefe, Carol Thurston, Carl Esmond, 
Paul Kelly, Elliot Reid, Stanley Ridges, Renny 
McEvoy, Oliver Thorndike, Philip Ahn, Barbara 

Producer, Cecil B. deMille: Associate Producer, 
Sidney BiddeTl; Director, Cecil B. deMille; Screen- 
play, Alan LeMay, Charles Bennett; Technicolor 
Director, Natalie Kalmus; Musical Score, Victor 
Young; Art Directors, Hans Dreier. Roland Ander- 
son; Cameramen, Victor Milner. William Snyder; 
Process Photography, Farciot Edouart, Wallace 

Strange Affair 

Columbia; 78 mins 

Reviewed, 12-21-44: Released, 10-5-44. 

Cast, Allyn Joslyn, Evelyn Keyes, Marguerite 
Chapman, Edgar Buchanan. Nina Foch, Hugo Haas, 
Shemp Howard. Frank Jenks. Erwin Kaiser, Tonio 
Selwart, John Wengraf, Erik Rolf, Carole Mathews, 
Edgar Dearing. Ray Teal. 

Producer, Burt Kelly; Director, Alfred E. Green; 
Screenplay, Oscar Saul, Eve Greene, Jerome Odium, 
from "Stalk the Hunter," by Oscar Saul: Art 
Directors, Lionel Banks, Walter Holscher; Musical 
Score, Marlin Skiles; Musical Director, M. W. 
Stoloff; Cameraman, Franz F. Planer; Editor. 
Richard Fantl. 

Strangers in the Night 

Republic; 56 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-8-44; Released, 9-12-44. 

Cast, William Terry. Virginia Grey, Helene 
Thimig, Edith Barrett, Anne O'Neal. 

Associate Producer, Rudolph E. Abel; Director, 
Anthony Mann: Author, Phillip MacDonald; Screen- 
play, Bryant Ford. Paul Gangelin; Art Director, 
Gano Chittenden; Musical Director, Morton Scott: 
Cameraman, Reggie Lanning; Editor, Arthur 

Sullivans, The 

20th-Fox; 111 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-3-44; Released, Feb., 1944. 

Cast, Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell, Selena 





Royle, Edward Ryan, Trudy Marshall, John 
Campbell, James Cardwell, John Alvin, George 
Offerman, Jr., Roy Roberts, Ward Bond, Mary 
McCarthy, Bobby Driscoll, Nancy June Robinson, 
Marvin Davis, Buddy Swan, Billy Cummings, 
Johnny Calkings, John Nesbitt, Selmer Jackson, 
Harry Shannon, Barbara Brown, Larry Thompson, 
Addison Richards. 

Producer, Sam Jaffe: Associate Producer, Robert 
T. Kane; Director, Lloyd Bacon; Screenplay, Mary 
C. McCall, Jr.; Art Directors, James Basevi, Leland 
Fuller; Cameraman, Lucien Andriot; Special 
Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, Louis Loeffler. 

Summer Storm 

United Artists- Angelus. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44; Released, 7-14-44. 

Cast, George Sanders, Linda Darnell, Anna Lee, 
Edward Everett Horton, Hugo Haas, Lori Lahner, 
John Philliber, Sig Ruman, Andre Chariot, Mary 
Servoss, John Abbott, Robert Greig, Paul Hurst, 
Charles Trowbridge, Byron Foulger, Charles Wagen- 
heim, Frank Orth, Elizabeth Russell, Ann Staunton, 
Johnny Conlin, Kate MacKenna, Fred Kurney, 
Sarah Padden, Gabriel Lionoff, Mike Mazurki, John 

Producer, Seymour Nebenzal; Associate Pro- 
ducer, Rudolph Joseph; Director, Douglas Sirk; 
Author, Anton Chekhov; Screenplay, Rowland 
Leigh; Musical Score, Earl Hajos; Musical Director. 
Karl Majos; Art Director, Rudi Feld; Cameraman, 
Archie M. Stout; Editor, Greg Tallas. 

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier 

20th-Fox; 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-8-44; Released, December, 1944. 

Cast, Anne Baxter, John Hodiak, Charles Win- 
ninger, Anne Revere, Connie Marshall, Chill Wills, 
Robert Bailey, Bobby Driscoll, Jane Darwell, Billy 
Cummings, Marietta Canty, Barbara Sears, Larry 
Thompson, Bernie Sell, Charles Conklin. 

Producer, Walter Morosco; Director, Lloyd 
Bacon; Author, Martha Cheavens; Screenplay, 
Wanda Tuchock, Melvin Levy; Musical Score, 
Alfred Newman; Art Directors, Lyle Wheeler, Rus- 
sell Spencer; Cameraman, Joe MacDonald; Special 
Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, J. Watson Webb. 

Sundown Valley 

Columbia; 55 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-24-44; Released, 3-23-44. 

Cast, Charles Starrett, Dub Taylor, Jeanne 
Bates, Jessie Arnold, Clancy Cooper, Jack Ingram, 
Wheeler Oakman, Joel Friedkin, Grace Lenard, 
Eddie Laughton, Forrest Taylor, Tennessee Ram- 
blers, Jimmy Wakely. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Benjamin Kline; 
Screenplay, Luci Ward; Art Director, Lionel Banks; 
Cameraman, George Meehan; Editor, Aaron Stell. 

Suspect, The 

Universal; 85 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-22-44. 

Cast, Charles Laughton, Ella Raines, Dean 
Harens, Stanley C. Ridges, Henry Daniell, Rosalind 
Ivan, Molly Lamont, Raymond Severn, Eve Amber, 
Maude Eburne, Clifford Brooke. 

Producer, Islin Auster; Director, Robert Siod- 
mak; Author, James Ronald; Screenplay, Bertram 
Millhauser; Musical Score, Frank Skinner; Musical 
Director, Martin Obzina; Cameraman, Paul Ivano; 
Editor, Arthur Hilton. 

Sweet and Lowdown 

20th-Fox; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-7-44: Released, September, 1944. 

Cast, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Linda Darnell. 
Lynn Bari, Jack Oakie, James Cardwell, Allyn 
Joslyn, John Campbell, Roy Benson, Dickie Moore, 
Buddy Swan, Beverly Hudson. Dorothy Vaughan. 
George Lessey, Ray Mayer, Billy Dawson, Harry 
McKim, Robert Emmett Keane, Hope Landin, 
Cara Williams, Roger Clark, William Colby. 

Producer, William LeBaron ; Director, ' Archie 
Mayo; Authors, Richard English, Edward Halde- 
man; Screenplay, Richard English; Art Directors, 
Lyle Wheeler, Maurice Ransford; Musical Directors, 

Emil Newman, Charles Henderson; Songs, Mack 
Gordon, James Monaco; Cameraman, Lucien Bal- 
lard; Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor, Doro- 
thy Spencer. 

Sweethearts of the I . S. A. 

Monogram; 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-25-44; Released, 2-7-44. 

Cast, Una Merkel, Parkyakarkus, Donald Novis, 
Lillian Cornel, Judith Gibson, Joel Friend, Cobina 
Wright, Sr., Marion Martin, Vince Barnett, Ralph 
Sanford, Joseph Kirk, Jan Garber, Henry King 
and Phil Ohman orchestras. 

Producer, Lester Cutler; Associate Producer, 
George M. Merrick, Max Kravetz: Director, Lew 
Collins; Screenplay, Arthur St. Claire, Sherman 
Lowe, Mary Sheldon; Musical Director, Dave 
Chudnow; Cameraman, Ira Morgan; Editor, George 
M. Merrick. 

Swing Hostess 


Released, 9-8-44. 

Cast, Martha Tilton, Iris Adrian, Charles Collins, 
Cliff Nazarro, Harry Holman, Emmett Lynn, Betty 
Brodel, Claire Rochelle, Paul Porcasi, Terry Frost, 
Phil Van Zandt, Earle Bruce. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field; Screenplay, Louise Rousseau, Gail Davenport; 
Cameraman, Jack Greenhalgh; Editor, Holbrook 
N. Todd. 

Swing in the Saddle 


Released, 8-31-44. 

Cast, Jane Frazee, Guinn Williams, Slim Sum- 
merville, Sally Bliss, Mary Treen, Red River Dave, 
Carole Mathews, Byron Foulger, Hoosier Hot 
Shots, King Cole Trio, Jimmy Wakely. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Lew Landers; 
Author, Maurice Leo; Screenplay, Elizabeth 
Beecher, Morton Grant, Bradford Ropes; Art Direc- 
tors, Lionel Banks, Charles Clague; Cameramen, 
George Meehan, Glen Gano; Editor, Aaron Stell. 

Swingtime Johnny 

Universal; 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-3-44; Released, 2-4-44. 

Cast, Andrews Sisters, Harriet Hilliard, Peter 
Cookson, Tim Ryan, Matt Willis, William Phillips. 
Tom Dugan, Ray Walker, Marion Martin, John 
Hamilton, John Sheehan, Mitch Ayres Band. 

Producer, Warren Wilson; Director, Edward F. 
Cline; Author, Warren Wilson; Screenplay, Clyde 
Bruckman; Art Director, John B. Goodman; Mu- 
sical Director, Vic Schoen; Cameraman, Jerome 
Ash: Editor, Edward Curtiss. 

— T — 
Tahiti Nights 


Released, 12-28-44. 

Cast, Jinx Falkenburg, David O'Brien. Eddie 
Bruce, The Vagabonds, Pedro De Corboda, Hila 
Hattie. Carole Mathews, Isabel Withers. Peter 
Cusanelli, Charles Opunui, Chris Willowbird. 

Producer, Sam White; Director, Will Jason: 
Cameraman, Burnett Guffey; Editor, James 

Take It Big 

Paramount; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-9'-44. 

Cast, Jack Haley, Harriet Hilliard, Mary Beth 
Hughes, Richard Lane, Arline Judge, Fritz Feld. 
Lucile Gleason, Fuzzy Knight, Frank Forest, 
George Meeker, N. T. Granlund, Ozzie Nelson 
Orchestra, Ralph Peters. 

Producers, William H. Pine. William C. Thomas; 
Associate Producer, Maxwell Shane; Director, 
Frank McDonald; Author. Howard J. Green; 
Screenplay, Howard J. Green; Art Director, F. 
Paul Sylos; Musical Score, Rudy Schrager; Songs, 
Lester Lee, Jerry Seelen, Johnny Burke, James 
Van Heusen; Cameraman, Fred Jackman, Jr.; Edi- 
tor, Howard Smith, 


KHTinfl P R x i n u 


Take It or Leave It 

20th-Fox; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-17-44; Released, August, 1944, 

Cast, Phil Baker, Edward Ryan, Marjorie Mas- 
sow, Stanley Prager, Roy Gordon, Carleton Young, 
Ann Corcoran, Nella Walker, Nana Bryant, Renie 
Riano, Frank Jenks. 

Producer, Bryan Foy; Director, Benjamin Stoloff: 
Screenplay, Harold Buchman, Snag Werris, Mac 
Benoff; Art Directors, Lyle Wheeler, Leland Fuller; 
Musical Director, Emil Newman; Cameraman, 
Joseph LaShelle; Special Effects, Fred Sersen; 
Editor, Harry Reynolds. 

Tall in the Saddle 

RKO; 87 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-29-44. 

Cast, John Wayne, Ella Raines, Ward Bond. 
George "Gabby" Hayes, Audrey Long-, Elisabeth 
Risdon, Don Douglas, Paul P. Fix, Russell Wade, 
Emory Parnell, Raymond Hatton, Harry Woods. 
Wheaton Chambers, Frank Puglia, Bob McKenzie. 

Producer, Robert Fellows; Associate Producer, 
Theron Warth; Director, Edwin L. Marin: Author. 
Gordon Ray Young; Screenplay, Michael Hogan, 
Paul P. Fix; Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino. 
Ralph Berger; Score, Roy Webb; Musical Director, 
C. Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman, Robert de Grasse; 
Special Effects, Vernon L. Walker; Editor. Philif 
Martin, Jr. 


20th-Fox; 75 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-5-44; Released, April, 1944. 

Cast, Edward G. Robinson, Lynn Bari, Victor 
McLaglen, Robert Bailey, Marc Lawrence, E. J. 
Ballan'tine, Mona Maris, Tonio Selwart, Carl Ek- 
berg, Roy Roberts, George Sorel, Charles Lang, 
Ralph Byrd, Louis Hart, Paul Kruger. Martin 
Cichy, Constance Romanoff, Oscar Handrian, 
Antonio Moreno, Nestor Paiva, Muni Seroff, Juan 
Varro, Ben Erway, Helene Brown, Martin Gar- 
ralaga, Margaret Martin, David Cota, Arno Frey. 
Chris-Pin Martin, Trevor Bardette, Peter Helmers. 
Otto Reichow, Ludwig Donath, Rudolph Lindau, 
Jean Del Val, Hans Von Morhart. 

Producer, Robert Bassler; Director, Lothar 
Mendes; Author, Ladislas Fodor; Screenplay, Ken- 
neth Garnet, Fred Niblo, Jr., Richard Maeaulay; 
Dance Director, Geneva Sawyer; Art Directors. 
James Basevi, Albert Hogsett; Musical Director, 
Emil Newman; Cameraman, Charles Clarke; Editor, 
Robert Frit eh. 

Taxi to Heaven 

Artkino; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44: Released, 5-24-44. 

Produced in the TJ. S. S. R. 

Cast, Mikhail Zharov, Ludmila Tselikovskaya. 
Georgi Spiegel, Boris Glinov, B. Grigkov, Tamara 
Govorkova, K. Sorokin, L. Shabaldina, Boris 
Shiskin, Mikhail Kuznetzov. 

Producer, Frederick Ermler; Director, Henry 
Rappaport; Screenplay, Eugene Petrov; Musical 
Score, U. Birkukov; Cameraman, A. Halpern: 
Special Effects, B. Khrennikov, M. Kortkin. 

Texas Masquerade 

United Artists; 59 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-4-44; Released, 2-18-44. 

Cast. William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, 
Mady Correll, Don Costello. Russell Simpson, Nel- 
son Leigh, Francis McDonald, J. Farrell McDonald, 
June Pickerell, John Merton, Pierce Lyden, Robert 
McKenzie, Bill Hunter. 

Producer, Harry A. Sherman; Associate Pro- 
ducer, Lewis Rachmil; Director, George Archain- 
baud; Screenplay, Norman Houston, Jack Lait, 
Jr.; Art Director. Ralph Berger; Cameraman, 
Russell Harlan; Editor, Walter Hannemann. 

That's My Baby! 

Republic; 68 mins. 
Reviewed, 9-14-44: Released, 9-14-44. 
Cast, Richard Arlen, Ellen Drew, Leonid Kinskey, 
Richard Bailey, Minor Watson, Marjorie Manners, 

Madeline Grey, Alex Callam, P. J. Kelly, Billy 
Benedict, Jack Chafe, Mike Riley, Freddie Fisher, 
Isabelita, Gene Rodgers, Peggy and Peanuts, Frank 
Mitchell, Lyle Latell, Alphonse Berge, Doris Du»ne, 
Aida Kuznetzoff, Chuy Reyes, Al Mardo, Pigmean 

Producer, Walter Colmes; Associate Producer, 
David Fleischer; Director, William Berke; Author, 
Irving Wallace; Screenplay, Nicholas Barrows, 
William Tunberg; Art Director, Frank Dexter; 
Musical Director, Jay Chernis; Cameraman, Robert 
Pittack; Editor, Robert Jahns. 

They Live in Fear 


Reviewed, 10-6-44; Released. 6-15-44. 

Cast, Otto Kruger, Clifford Severn, Pat Parrish, 
.Jimmy Carpenter, Erwin Kaiser, Danny Jackson, 
Jimmy Zaner, Jimmy Clark, Danny Desmond, Billy 
Benedict, Kay Dowd, Eileen McClory, Douglas 
Wood, Frederick Giermann. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Josef Berne; 
Author, Wilfrid Pettitt; Screenplay, Michael L. 
Simmons, Sam Ornitz; Art Directors, Lionel 
Banks, Carl Anderson: Cameraman, George Meehan; 
Editor, James Sweeney. 

They Met in Moscow 

Artkino; 80 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-9-44; Released, 6-6-44 

Produced in the U. S. S. R. 

Cast, Marina Ladynina, Vladimir Zeldin, Nikolai 
Kruichkov, Elena Schastlivtseva, Grigori Alexeyev. 

Producer, Ivan Piriev ; Director, Ivan Piriev ; 
Screenplay, Victor Gusev; Musical Score, Tikhon 
Khrennikov; English Titles, Charles Clement; Eng- 
lish Lyrics, Philip Sterling. 

They Shall Have Faith 

Monogram; 83 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44. 

Cast, Gale Storm, Sir Aubrey Smith, John Mack 
Brown, Conrad Nagel, Mary Boland. Frank Craven, 
Johnny Downs, Catherine McLeod, Selmer Jackson. 
Matt Willis, Maurice St. Clair, Leo Diamond. 

Producer, Jeffrey Bernerd; Director, William 
Nigh; Authors, William Nigh, Neil Rau, George 
W. Sayre; Screenplay, William Nigh, George W. 
Sayre; Musical Director, Dimitri Tiomkin; Camera- 
man, Harry Neumann; Editor, Richard Currier. 

Thin Man Goes Home, The 

M-G-M: 100 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-6-44. 

Cast, William Powell, Myrna Loy. Lucile Watson. 
Gloria DeHaven, Anne Revere, Helen Vinson. Harry 
Davenport, Leon Ames, Donald Meek, Edward 
Brophy, Lloyd Corrigan, Anita Bolster, Ralph 
Brooke, Donald MacBride. Asta. 

Producer, Everett Riskin : Director, Richard 
Thorpe; Author, Robert Riskin; Screenplay, Robert 
Riskin, Dwight Taylor: Musical Score, David Snell : 
Art Director, Cedric Gibbons, Edward Carfagno: 
Cameraman, Karl Freund; Editor, Ralph E. 

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 

M-G-M; 138 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-15-44. 

Cast, Van Johnson, Robert Walker, Spencer 
Tracy, Phyllis Thaxter. Tim Murdock, Scott 
McKay, Gordon McDonald, Don DeFore, Robert 
Mitchum, John R. Reilly. Horace McNally, Donald 
Curtis, Louis Jean Heydt. William "Bill" Phillips. 
Douglas Cowan, Paul Langton, Leon Ames. 

Producer, Sam Zimbalist; Director, Mervyn 
LeRoy; Authors, Capt. Ted W. Lawson, Robert 
Considine; Screenplay, Dalton Trumbo; Musical 
Score, Herbert Stothart; Art Directors, Cedric Gib- 
bons, Paul Groesse; Cameramen, Harold Rosson, 
Robert Surtees; Editor, Frank Sullivan. 

This Is the Life 

Universal; 87 mins. 
Reviewed, 5-10-44; Released, 6-2-44. 
Cast, Donald O'Connor, Susanna Foster, Patric 
Knowles, Louise Allbritton, Dorothy Peterson. 




In Technicolor 


In Production 


For Paramount 


Peggy Ryan. Jonathan Hale, Frank Puglia, Eddie 
Quillan. Maurice Marsae, Otto Hoffman, Frank 
Jenks, Ray Eberle, Virginia Brissae, Bobby Brooks 

Associate Producer, Bernard Burton; Director. 
Felix Feist: Authors, Sinclair Lewis, Fay Wray 
(from "Ang-ela Is 22"); Screenplay, Wanda 
Tuchock; Musical Director, Charles Previn; Art 
Director, John B. Goodman: Cameraman, Hal 
Mohr; Editor, Ray Snyder. 

Three Caballeros, The 

RKO; 70 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-15-44. 

Producer, Walt Disney; Production Supervisor- 
Director, Norman Ferguson; Production Manager, 
Dan Keefe; Sequence Directors, Clyde Geronimi, 
Jack Kinney. Bill Roberts: Story. Ernest Terrazzas, 
Ted Sears, Bill Peed, Ralph Wright. Elmer Plum- 
mer, Homer Brightman, Roy Williams, William 
Cottrell, Del Connell, James Bodrero; Musical 
Directors, Charles Woleott, Paul J. Smith. Edward 
Plumb: Lyrics, Ray Gilbert; Art Supervision. Mary 
Blair. Ken Anderson. Robert Cormack; Process 
Effects, UB Iwerks: Film Editor. Don Halliday: 
Sound. C. O. Sly field: Live Action Sequences 
Photography, Ray Rennahan: Art Director, Rich- 
ard F. Irvine: Choreography, Billy Daniels, Aloysio 
Oliveira, Carmelita Maraeci. 

Three Is a Family 

United Artists: 81 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-22-44: Released, 11-23-44. 

Cast, Mariorie Reynolds, Charlie Ruggles. Fay 
Bainter. Helen Broderick. Arthur Lake, Hattie 
McDaniel. Jeff Donnell, John Philliber. Walter 
Catlett, Clarence Kolb, William Terry. Cheryl 
Walker, Fred Brady. Margaret Early. Else Jansen, 
Renie Riano. Warren Hymer, Clyde Fillmore. 
Christian Rub. Donna and Elissa Lambertson. 

Producer. Sol Lesser: Director. Edward Ludwig: 
Authors. Phoebe and Henry Ephron: Screenplay. 
Harry Chandlee, Marjorie L. Pfaelzer: Musical 
Score. Werner R. Hevmann: Musical Director, 
rharles Previn: Art Director. Al Ybarra: Produc- 
tion Designers. Phil Paradise. J. Patrick; Camera- 
man, Charles Lawton, Jr.; Editor, Robert Crandall. 

Three Little Sisters 

Republic: 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-28-44: Released, 7-31-44. 

Cast, Mary Lee. Ruth Terry, Cheryl Walker. 
William Terry, Jackie Moran, Charles Arnt. Frank 
Jenks. William Shirley. Tom Fadden, Tom London. 
Milt Kibbee. Addison Richards, Lillian Randolph. 
Sam McDaniel. Forrest Taylor. 

Associate Producer. Harry Grey: Director, Joseph 
Santley; Authors, Maurice Clark. Olive Cooper: 
Screenplay, Olive Cooper; Art Director. Gano 
Chittenden: Musical Director. Morton Scott; Cam- 
eraman. Reggie Lanning; Editor, Fred Allen. 

Three Men in White 

M-G-M: 85 mins. 

Reviewed. 5-10-44: Released. June. 1944. 

Cast. Lionel Barrymore, Van Johnson, Marilyn 
Maxwell, Keye Luke. Ava Gardner, Alma Kruger, 
"Rags" Ragland, Nell Craig, Walter Kingsford, 
George H. Reed, Patricia Barker, Addison Richards, 
Violet Wilson. 

Director. Willis Goldbeck ; Screenplay, Martin 
Berkeley, Harry Ruskin; Musical Score, Nathaniel 
Shilkret: Art Directors, Cedric Gibbons, Harry- 
McAfee ; Cameraman, Ray June; Editor, George 

Three of a Kind 


Released. 7-22-44. 

Cast, Billy Gilbert. Shemp Howard. Maxie 
Rosenbloom, Helen Gilbert, June Lang. Buzzy 
Henry, Paul Phillips, Wheeler Oakman. Franklyn 
Parker, Marie Austin. Sheila Roberts, Bob McKen- 
zie, Sid Saylor, Harris Ashburn. 

Producers. Sam Katzman, Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney A. Sareeky; Director. D. Ross 

Lederman; Screenplay, Earle Snell, Arthur Caesar; 
Cameraman, Marcel Le Picard; Editor, Lloyd 

Thunder Rock 

English Films, Inc.; 90 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Michael Redgrave, Barbara Mullen, James 
Mason, Lilli Palmer, Finlay Currie, Frederick 
Valk, Sybilla Binder, Frederick Cooper, Jean Shep- 
erd, Barry Morse, George Carney, A. E. Matthews. 

Producer, John Boulting; Director, Roy Boult- 
ing; Attthor, Robert Ardrey; Screenplay, Jeffrey 
Dell, Bernard Miles; Music, Hans May; Camera- 
man, Mutz Greenbaum. 

Thundering Gun Slingers 

PRC; 59 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-22-44; Released, 3-25-44. 

Cast. Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Frances Glad- 
win, Karl Hackett, Charles King, Jack Ingram, 
Kermit Maynard, Budd Buster, George Chesbro. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field; Author, Fred Myton; Screenplay, Fred Myton : 
Cameraman, Robert Cline. 

Till We Meet Again 

Paramount; 88 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-30-44. 
, Cast, Ray Milland, Barbara Britton, Walter 
Slezak, Lucile Watson, Konstantin Shayne, Vladi- 
mir Sokoloff, Marguerite D'Alvarez, Mona Free- 
man, William Edmunds, George Davis, Peter Hel- 
mers, John Wengraf. Mira McKinney, Tala Birell. 

Associate Producer, David Lewis; Director, 
Frank Borzage; Author, Alfred Maury; Screen- 
play, Lenore Coffee; Musical Score, David But- 
tolph; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Robert Usher: 
Cameraman, Theodor Sparkuhl; Special Effects, 
Gordon Jennings; Editor, Elmo Vernon. 

Timber Queen 

Paramount; 66 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-13-44. 

Cast, Richard Arlen, Mary Beth Hughes, June 
Havoc, Sheldon Leonard, George E. Stone, Dick 
Purcell, Tony Hughes, Edmund MacDonald, Bill 
Haade. Clancy Cooper, Dewey Robinson, Horace 
McMahon, Jimmy Ames. 

Producers, William Pine, William Thomas: Di- 
rector, Frank McDonald; Screenplay, Maxwell 
Shane, Edward T. Lowe; Musical Score, Willy 
Stahl: Art Director, F. Paul Sylos; Cameraman, 
Fred Jackman, Jr.; Editor, Howard Smith. 

To Have and Have Not 

Warners; 100 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-18-44. 

Cast. Humphrey Bogart, Walter Brennan, Lauren 
Bacall, Dolores Moran, Hoagy Carmichael, Walter 
Melnar, Sheldon Leonard, Marcel Dalio, Walter 
Sande, Dan Seymour, Aldo Nadi, Paul Marion. 
Patricia Shay, Pat West, Emmett Smith, Sir 

Producer, Howard Hawks; Director. Howard 
Hawks: Author, Ernest Hemingway; Screenplay. 
Jules Furthman, William Faulkner: Art Director, 
Charles Novi; Musical Director, Leo F. Forbstein; 
Cameraman, Sid Hickox; Special Effects. Roy 
Davidson, Rex Wimpy; Editor, Christian Nyby. 

Together Again 

Columbia; 93 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-8-44; Released, 12-22-44. 

Cast, Irene Dunne. Charles Boyer, Charles 
Coburn, Mona Freeman. Jerome Courtland, Eliza- 
beth Patterson, Charles Dingle, Walter Baldwin 
Fern Emmett. Frank Puglia. 

Producer, Virginia Van Upp: Director, Charles 
Vidor; Authors, Stanley Russell, Herbert Biber- 
man; Screenplay, Virginia Van Upp. F. Hugh 
Herbert; Art Directors. Stephen Goosson. Van Nest 
Polgalse; Musical Score. Werner R. Heymann: 
Musical Director. M. W. Stoloff: Cameraman. 
Joseph Walker: Editor, Otto Meyer. 







William H. Pine 

William C. Thomas 


Tomorrow the World 

United Artists: 86 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-18-44; Released, 12-29-44. 

Cast, F'redric March, Betty Field. Agnes Moore- 
head, Skippy Homeier, Joan Carroll, Edith Angold, 
Rudy Wissler, Boots Brown, Marvin Davis, Patsy 
Ann Thompson, Marry Newton, Tom Fadden. 

Producer. Lester Cowan: Associate Producer, 
David Hall; Director, Leslie Fenton; Authors. 
James Gow, Arnaud D'Usseau; Screenplay, Ring 
Lardner. Jr., Leopold Atlas; Art Director, James 
Sullivan: Cameraman, Henry Sharp; Editor, Ann 

Town Went Wild, The 

PRC; 77 mins. 

Reviewed. 11-9-44; Released, 12-15-44. 

Cast, Freddie Bartholomew, James Lydon. Ed- 
ward Everett Horton, Tom Tully, Jill Browning, 
Minna Gombell, Ruth Lee, Roberta Smith, Maude 
Eburne, Charles Halton, Ferris Taylor, Jimmy 
Conlin, Monte Collins, Olin Howlin, Charles Mid- 
dleton, Emmett Lynn, Dorothy Vaughan. 

Producers, Bernard B. Roth. Clarence Greene. 
Russell Rouse: Director Ralph Murphy; Authors. 
Bernard B. Roth. Clarence Greene. Russell Rouse: 
\rt Director, George Van Marter; Musical Director. 
Davis Chudnow; Cameraman, Philip Tannura : 
Editor, Thomas Neff. 

Trail of Terror 

PRC: 63 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-3-44. 

Cast, Dave O'Brien. Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson. 
Patricia Knox, Jack Ingram, Stanford Jolley, Bud 
Buster, Kenne Duncan, Frank Ellis. Robert Hill. 

Producers, Alfred Stern, Arthur Alexander; 
Director, Oliver Drake; Screenplay, Oliver Drake: 
Musical Score, Lee Zahler; Art Director, Fred 
Preble: Cameraman, Ira Morgan; Editor, Charlees 
Henkel, Jr. 

Trail to Gunsight 


Released. 8-18-44. 

Cast. Eddie Dew, Lyle Talbot, Fuzzy Knight. 
Ray Whitley, Maris Wrixon, Buzzy Henry, Marie 
Austin, Sarah Padden, Glenn Strange, Ray Ben- 
' nett, Charlie Morton. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake: Director, 
Vernon Keays; Author, Jay Karth; Screenplay. 
Bennett Cohen; Musical Director, Paul Sawtell; 
Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Abraham Gross- 
man; Cameraman, Maury Gertsman; Editor, Rus- 
sell Schoengarth. 

Trigger Law 


Released. 9-30-44. 

Cast, Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson, Beatrice Gray. 
Ralph Lewis, Ed Cassidy, Jack Ingram, George 
Eldridge, Pierce Lyden, Lane Chandler, Bud Os- 
borne, George Morell. 

Producer, Charles J. Bigelow; Director, Vernon 
Keays; Screenplay, Victor Hammond; Musical 
Director, Frank Sanucci; Cameraman, Marcel 
LePicard; Editor, John M. Fuller. 

Trigger Trail 


Released, 7-7-44. 

Cast, Rod Cameron, Fuzzy Knight, Eddie Dew, 
Vivian Austin, Lane Chandler, George Eldredge, 
Buzzy Henry, Davison Clark, Michael Vallon, Dick 
Alexander, Jack Rockwell, Budd Buster. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake; Director. 
Lewis D. Collins: Screenplay, Ed Earl Repp; Art 
Directors, John B. Goodman, Abraham Grossman; 
Cameraman, William Sickner; Editor, Milton Car- 


Republic; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-24-44; Released, 4-24-44. 

Cast, Rosemary Lane, Johnny Downs, 


Morgan, Dick Purcell, Sheldon Leonard, Cliff 
Nazarro, Marjorie Manners, Erskine Johnson. 
Dave Fleischer, Emmett Vogan, Charles Calvert, 
Dewey Robinson, Ruth Hilliard, Eddie Bartell, 
Bob Chester Orchestra, Matty Malneck Orchestra. 
Gus Arheim Orchestra, Eddie LeBaron Orchestra. 
Wingy Mannone, The Radio Rogues, The Star- 
dusters, Ida James, Patricia Kay, Betty Bradley, 
Jane Ellison. 

Producer, Walter Colmes; Director, William 
Nigh; Authors, Charles F. Chaplin, Garret Holmes: 
Screenplay. Allen Gale: Musical Director, Jay 
Chernis; Cameraman, Jackson Rose; Editor, Robert 

Tucson Raiders 

Republic; 55 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44; Released, 5-14-44. 

Cast, Bill Elliott, George "Gabby" Hayes. 
Bobby Blake. Alice Fleming, Ruth Lee, Peggy 
Stewart, LeRoy Mason, Stanley Andrews, John 
Whitney, Bud Geary, Karl Hackett, Tom Steele, 
Marshall Reed, Tom Chatterton, Edward Cassidy. 

Associate Producer, Eddy White; Director, 
Spencer Bennett: Aiithor, Jack O'Donnell; Screen- 
play, Anthony Coldeway; Art Director, Gano Chit- 
tenden; Musical Score, Joseph Dubin; Cameraman, 
Reggie Lanning; Editor, Harry Keller. 

Twilight on the Prairie 

Universal; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44; Released, 7-14-44. 

Cast, Johnny Downs, Vivian Austin, Leon Errol, 
Connie Haines, Eddie Quillan, Jack Teagarden 
Orchestra, Milburn Stone, Jimmie Dodd, Olin 
Howlin, Perc Launders, Dennis Moore, Ralph 
Peters, Foy Willing. 

Associate Producer, Warren Wilson; Director, 
Jean Yarbrough; Author, Warren Wilson; Screen- 
play, Clyde Bruckman; Art Directors, John B. Good- 
man, Abraham Grossman; Cameraman, Jerome 
Ash; Editor, Fred R. Feitshans, Jr. 

Two Girls and a Sailor 

M-G-M; 124 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-27-44; Released, June, 1944. 

Cast, Van Johnson, June Allyson, Gloria De- 
Haven, Jose Iturbi, Jimmy Durante, Gracie Allen. 
Lena Home, Tom Drake, Henry Stephenson, Henry 
O'Neill, Ben Blue, Carlos Ramirez, Frank Sully, 
Albert Coates, Donald Meek. Amparo Iturbi. 
Virginia O'Brien, Wilde Twins, Frank Jenks, Harry 
James Orchestra. Helen Forrest, Xavier Cugat 
Orchestra, Lina Romay. 

Producer, Joe Pasternak: Director, Richard 
Thorpe: Screenplay, Richard Connell, Gladys Leh- 
man; Musical Director, Georgie Stoll; Dance Direc- 
tor, Sammy Lee; Art Director, Cedric Gibbons; 
Cameraman, Robert Surtees; Editor, George Boem- 

Two-Man Submarine 

Columbia; 62 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-2'9-44; Released, 3-16-44. 

Cast, Tom Neal, Ann Savage, J. Carrol Naish. 
Robert Williams, Abner Biberman, George Lynn 
J. Alex Havier. 

Producer, Jack Fier; Director, Lew Landers: 
Author, Bob Williams; Screenplay, Griffin Jay, 
Leslie T. White: Art Directors, Lionel Banks, 
Cary Odell; Musical Director, M. W. Stoloff; Cam- 
eraman, James Van Trees: Editor, Jerome Thorns. 

Two Soldiers 

Artkino; 72 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-31-44; Released, 7-26-44. 

Produced in the U. S. S. R. 

Cast, Mark Bernes, Boris Andreyev, Vera Sher- 
shevna, Yannina Zheimo, Maxim Straukh, I. 
Kuznetzof, S. Krilov, Peter Masokha. 

Director, L. Lukov; Screenplay, Eugene Ga- 
brilovich; Music, N. Bogoslavsky; Songs, V. 
Agatov, M. Colovny; English Titles, Charles Cle- 














1945 ■ 1946 

Tenth Year for Paramount 


— 1/ — 

U-Boat Prisoner 

Columbia: 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-22-44; Released, 7-25-44. 

Cast. Bruce Bennett, Erik Wolf, John Abbott, 
John Wengraf, Robert Williams, Kenneth Mac- 
Donald, Erwin Kaiser, Egon Brecher, Frederick 
Giermann, Arno Frey, Sven-Hugo Borg, Nelson 
Leigh, Fred Graff, Trevor Bardette, Paul Conrad, 
Eric Feldary. 

Producer, Wallace MacDonald; Director, Lew 
Landers; Author, Archie Gibbs; Sreenplay, Audrey 
Wisberg; Art Directors. Lionel Banks. Perry Smith: 
Cameraman, Bernard Guffey. 


20th-Fox; 83 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-20-44; Released, 1-21-44. (Produced 

in England.) 

Cast, Eric Portman, Phyllis Calvert, Griffith 
Jones, Peter Glenville, Frederick Culley, Raymond 
Lovell. Irene Handl, Carl Jaffe, Stuart LindseU, 
Felix Aylmer, Eliot Makeham, J. H. Roberts, 
Walter Hudd, Aubrey Mallalieu. Ben Williams. 
Arthur Goulett, John Slater, Philip Godfrey, 
Lloyd Pearson, Phyllis Monkman. Kathleen Boutall. 

Producer, Edward Black; Director, Anthony 
Asquith; Author, Oscar E. Millard: Screenplay. 
Rodney Ackland, Terrence Ratigan; Art Director. 
Velchinsky; Musical Director, Louis Levy: Cam- 
eraman, Arthur Crabtree. 

Producer. Sam White: Director, Herman Rotsten ; 
Authors, Charles Kenyon, Robert Wilmot: Screen- 
play, Leslie T. White, Charles Kenyon; Art Direc- 
tor, Perry Smith: Musical Director. Mischa 
Bakaleinikoff ; Cameraman. Burnett Guffey; Editor. 
Gene Havlick. 

Uncertain Glory 

Warners; 102 mins. 

Reviewed, 4-24-44; Released, 4-22-44. 

Cast, Errol Flynn, Paul Lukas, Jean Sullivan. 
Lucile Watson, Faye Emerson, James Flavin. 
Douglas Dumbrille, Dennie Hoey, Sheldon Leonard. 
Odette Myrtil, Francis Pierlot, Wallis Clark. Vic- 
tor Kilian, Ivan Triesault, Van Antwerp, Art 
Smith, Carl Harbaugh, Mary Servoss, Charles La- 
Torre, Pedro de Cordoba, Bobby Walberg, Erskine 
Sanford, Felix Basch, Joel Friedkin. 

Producer, Robert Buckner; Director, Raoul 
Walsh; Authors, Joe May, Laszlo Vadnay; Screen- 
play, Laszlo Vadnay, Max Brand; Art Director, 
Robert Haas: Musical Score, Adolph Deutsch: 
Musical Director, Leo Forbstein: Cameraman, Sid 
Hickox; Special Effects, Roy Davidson; Editor. 
George Amy. 

Underground Guerrillas 

Columbia; 82 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-22-44: Released. 5-18-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, John Clements. Tom Walls, Rachel Thomas. 
Stephen Murray. Mary Morris, Godfrey Tearle. 
Robert Harris, Michael Wilding, Charles Victor, 
Niall MacGuinnis. Ivor Bernard. 

Producer, Michael Balcon; Director, Sergei 
Xolbandov: Author. George Slocombe; Screenplay, 
John Dighton. M. Manischewsky; Cameraman, W. 
Cooper; Special Effects, Roy Kellino. 

Uninvited, The 

Paramount; 98 mins. 

Reviewed, 1-6-44. 

Cast, Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Donald Crisp, 
Cornelia Otis Skinner, Dorothy Stickney, Barbara 
Everest, Alan Napier, Gil Russell, Jessica New- 
combe, John Kieran, Rita Page. 

Associate Producer, Charles Brackett; Director. 
Lewis Allen; Author, Dorothy Macardle; Screen- 
play, Dodie Smith, Frank Partos; Musical Score, 
Victor Young; Art Directors, Hans Dreier, Ernst 
Fegte; Cameraman, Charles Lang; Special Effects, 
Farciot Edouart; Editor, Doane Harrison. 

Unwritten Code, The 

Columbia; 61 mins. 

Reviewed, 12-20-44; Released. 10-26-44. 

Cast. Ann Savage, Tom Neal, Roland Varno, 
Howard Freeman, Mary Currier, Bobby Larson. 
Teddy Infuhr. Otto Reichow. Fred Essler. Frederick 
Giermann. Tom Holland. Phil Van Zandt, Car] 
Ekberg. Alan Bridge. 

Up in Arms 

RKO; 106 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-7-44. 

Cast, Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore, Dana Andrews. 
Constance Dowling. Louis Calhern. George Mathews. 
Benny Baker, Elisha Cook, Jr., Lyle Talbot, Wal- 
ter Catlett, George Meeker, Richard Powers. 
Margaret Dumont, Donald Dickson, Charles Arnt. 
Charles Halton, Tom Dugan, Sig Arno, Harry 
Hayden, Charles D. Brown, Maurice Cass, Fred 
Essler, Rudolf Friml, Jr. 

Producer, Samuel Goldwyn; Associate Producer, 
Don Hartman; Director, Elliott Nugent: Author. 
Owen Davis (from "The Nervous Wreck") ; Screen- 
play, Don Hartman, Allen Boretz, Robert Pirosh; 
Musical Director, Lou Forbes; Art Directors, Perry 
Ferguson, Stewart Chanev: Dance Director. Danny 
Dare; Cameraman, Ray Rennahan; Special Effects. 
Clarence Slifer, R. O. Binger; Editors. Daniel 
Mandell, James Newcom. 

Up in Mabel's Room 

United Artists; 76 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-24-44; Released, 4-28-44. 

Cast, Marjorie Reynolds. Dennis O'Keefe Gail 
Patrick, Mischa Auer, Charlotte Greenwood, Lee 
Bowman, John Hubbard, Binnie Barnes, Janet 
Lambert, Fred Kohler, Jr.. Harry Hayden. 

Producer, Edward Small; Director, Allan Dwan; 
Authors, Otto Harbach, Wilson Collison; Screen- 
play, Tom Reed; Musical Director, Edward Paul: 
Art Director, Joseph Sternad; Cameraman, Charles 
Lawton, Jr.; Special Effects, George Emick; Edi- 
tor, Grant Whytock. 

Utah Kid, The 


Released. 7-26-44. 

Cast, Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson, Beatrick Grey. 
Evelyn Eaton. Maurice Hugo. Ralph Lewis. James- 
son Shade, Mike G. Letz, Dan White. 

Director, Vernon Keays; Screenplay, Victor 
Hammond: Cameraman, Harry Neumann; Editor. 
John C. Fuller. 

— V — 

Valley of Vengeance 

PRC; '56 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-28-44: Released. 5-5-44. 

Cast, Buster Crabbe. Al St. John, Evelyn Finley. 
Donald Mayo, David Pononsky, Glenn Strange. 
Charles King, John Merton, Lynton Brent, Jack 
Ingraham, Bud Osborne. Nora Bush, Steve Clark. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field; Screenplay, Joseph O'Donnell; Cameraman. 
Jack Greenhalgh; Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

Very Thought of You, The 

Warners; 99 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-20-44: Released, 11-11-44. 

Cast, Dennis Morgan, Eleanor Parker. Dane 
Clark, Faye Emerson, Beulah Bondi. Henry Travers. 
William Prince, Andrea King, John Alvin, Marianne 
O'Brien, Georgia Lee Settle, Dick Erdman. Francis 

Producer, Jerry Wald; Director. Delmer Daves: 
Author, Lionel Wiggam: Screenplay, Alvah Bessie. 
Delmer Daves; Musical Score, Franz Waxman: 
Art Director, Leo Kuter; Musical Director, Leo 
F. Forbstein; Cameraman. Bert Glennon; Editor. 
Alan Crosland, Jr. 

Vigilantes of Dodge City 


Released, 11-15-44. 

Cast, Bill Elliott. Bobby Blake. Alice Fleming. 
Linda Stirling. LeRoy Mason. Hal Taliaferro. Tom 
London. Stephen Barclay, Bud Geary. Kenne Dun- 
can. Bob Wilke. 


n i. m 

L Y I I 

Thanks to my many friends ior 

remembering me during my 18 

months in the U. S. Navy. 


Under Contract to 


M. C. A. 


Associate Producer, Stephen Auer; Director. Wal- 
lace Grissell: Author, Norman S. Hall; Screenplay. 
Norman S. Hall, Anthony Coldewey; Art Director. 
Fred A. Ritter; Musical Score, Joseph Dubia; 
Cameraman, William Bradford; Editor, Charles 

Vigilantes Ride, The 


Released. 2-3-44. 

Cast, Russell Hayden, Dub Taylor. Bob Wills. 
Shirley Patterson, Tristram Coffin, Jack Rockwell, 
Robert Kortman, Dick Botiller, Jack Kirk, Stanley 

Producer, Leon Barsha; Director, William Berke; 
Screenplay, Ed Earl Repp; Art Director, Lionel 
Banks; Cameraman, Benjamin Kline; Editor, Jer- 
ome Thomas. 

Voice in the Wind 

United Artists; 85 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-3-44; Released, 4-21-44. 

Cast, Francis Lederer, Sigrid Gurie, J. Edward 
Bromberg. J. Carrol Naish, Alexander Granach, 
Da vie Cota. Olga Fabian, Howard Johnson, Hans 
Schumm, Luis Alberni, George Sorel, Martin Gar- 
ralaga. Jacqueline Dalya, Rudolph Myzet, Fred 
Nurney, Bob Stevenson, Otto Reichow, Martin 

Producers. Rudolph Monter, Arthur Ripley; Di- 
rector, Arthur Ripley; Author, Arthur Ripley; 
Screenplay, Frederick Torberg; Musical Score. 
Michel Michelet; Art Director. Rudy Feld; Musical 
Director, Yascha Paii: Cameraman, Dick Fryer: 
Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

Voodoo Man 

Monogram: 62 mins. 

Reviewed. 2-15-44: Released, 2-21-44. 

Cast, Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, George 
Zucco, Wanda McKay, Louise Currie, Michael 
Ames, Ellen Hall, Terry Walker, Mary Currier, 
Claire James. Henry Hull, Dan White, Pat McKee, 
Mici Goty. 

Producers. Sam Katzman, Jack Dietz; Associate 
Producer, Barney Sarecky; Director, William Beau- 
dine; Author, Robert Charles; Screenplay, Robert 
Charles: Art Director, Dave Milton; Musical Di- 
rector, Edward Kay; Cameraman, Marcel Le Picard: 
Editor, Carl Pierson. 

— w — 


PRC: 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44; Released. 6-10-44. 

Cast. John Carradine, J. Carrol Naish, Maris 
Wrixon, Edwin Maxwell, Terry Frost. John Bleifer, 
Marten Lamont, Olga Fabian, Claire Rochelle, Billy 

Producer, Arthur Alexander: Director, Steve 
Sekely; Screenplay. Martin Mooney, Irwin F. 
Franklyn; Art Director. Paul Palmentola: Mu- 
sical Director, Lee Zahler; Cameraman, Robert 
Cline; Editor, Charles Henkel, Jr. 

Weekend Pass 

Universal; 65 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-14-44; Released, 2-18-44. 

Cast, Martha O'Driscoll, Noah Beery, Jr., George 
Barbier, Dennis Moore, Pierre Watkin, John James, 
Lotte Stein, Irving Bacon, Andrew Tombes, Mayris 
Chaney, Delta Rhythm Boys, Leo Diamond Quin- 

Associate Producer, Warren Wilson: Director, 
Jean Yarbrough; Author, Warren Wilson; Screen- 
play, Clyde Bruckman: Art Director, John B. Good- 
man; Musical Director, Don George; Cameraman, 
William Siekner. 

We've Come a Long, Long 

Negro Marches On, Inc.; 70 mins. 
Reviewed, 6-6-44. 

Producer, Jack Goldberg; Director. Jack Gold- 

Weird Woman 


Released, 4-14-44. 

Cast, Lon Chaney. Anne Gwynne, Evelyn Ankers, 
Ralph Morgan, Elizabeth Risdon, Lois Collier. 
Elizabeth Russell, Harry Cayden, Phil Brown, 
Jackie Lou Harding, Hanna Kaapa. 

Associate Producer, Oliver Drake: Director, Regi- 
nald Le Borg; Author, Fritz Leiber, Jr.; Screen- 
play, Brenda Weisberg: Musical Director, Paul 
Aawtell; Art Directors, John B. Goodman, Richard 
Riedel; Cameraman, Virgil Miller; Editor, Milton 

West of the Rio Grande 


Reviewed, 10-3-44; Released, 8-9-44. 

Cast, Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton. 
Dennis Moore, Christine Mclntyre, Lloyd In- 
graham. Kenneth MacDonald, Frank LaRue, Art 
Fowler, Hugh Prosser, Edmund Cobb, Steve Clark, 
Jack Rockwell, Hal Price, John Merton. 

Director, Lambert Hillyer; Screenplay, Betty 
Burbridge; Musical Director, Edward Kay: Camera- 
man, Arthur Martinelli; Editor, John C. Fuller. 

Westward Round 


Released. 1-10-44. 

Cast. Ken Maynard. Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele. 
Betty Miles, John Bridges. Harry Woods, Karl 
Hackett, Weldon Heyburn, Hal Price, Roy Brent, 
Frank Ellis, Curley Dresden. 

Producer. Robert Tansey; Director, Robert Tan- 
sey; Screenplay, Frances Kavanaugh; Musical 
Director, Frank Sanucci; Cameraman, Marcel Le 
Picard: Editor, John C. Fuller. 

When Strangers Marry 

Monogram; 67 mins. 

Reviewed. 9-21-44; Released, 10-44. 

Cast, Dean Jagger, Jim Hunter, Robert Mitchum. 
Neil Hamilton, Lou Lubin, Milt Kibbee, Dewey 
Robinson, Claire Whitney, Edward Jeane, Virginia 
Sale, Dick Elliott, Lee White. 

Producers, Maurice King, Franklin King; Direc- 
tor, William Castle; Author, George V. Moscov; 
Screenplay, Philip Yrujan. Dennis Cooper; Art Di- 
rector, F. Paul Sylos; Music Editor, Leon Birn- 
baum; Musical Score, Dimitri Tiomkin; Camera- 
man, Ira Morgan; Editor, Martin G. Conn. 

When the Lights Go On Again 

PRC; 74 mins. 

Reviewed, 9-14-44; Released, 10-23-44. 

Cast, James Lydon, Regis Toomey, George Cleve- 
land, Grant Mitchell. Dorothy Peterson, Harry 
Shannon, Lueien Littlefield, Luis Alberni, Emmett 
Lynn. Joseph Crehan, Warren Mills, Jill Brown- 
ing, Roberta Carling\ Larry Thompson, James 
Hope, Barbara Belden. 

Producer, Leon Fromkess; Director, William 
K. Howard; Author, Frank Craven; Screenplay. 
Milton Lazarus; Art Director, Paul Palmentola: 
Musical Score, W. Franke Harling; Music Super- 
visor, David Chudnow; Cameraman, Ira Morgran. 

Whispering Skull, The 


Released, 12-29-44. 

Cast, Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, 
Denny Burke, I. Stanford Jolley, Henry Hall. 
George Morrell, Edward Cassidy, Robert Kortman. 
Wen Wright. 

Producer, Arthur Alexander; Director, Elmer 
Clifton; Screenplay, Harry Fraser; Cameraman, 
Edward Kull; Editor, Hugh Winn. 

Whistler, The 

Columbia; '59 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-6-44; Released, 3-30-44. 

Cast, Richard Dix, J. Carrol Naish, Gloria 
Stuart, Alan Dinehart, Don Costello, Joan Wood- 
bury, Cy Kendall, Trevor Bardette, Robert E. 
Keane, Clancy Cooper, George Lloyd, Byron Foul- 
ger. Charles Coleman, Robert Homans. 





Producer, Rudolph C. Flothow: Director, Wil- 
liam Castle; Author, J. Donald Wilson: Screen- 
play, Eric Taylor; Art Director, George Van Mar- 
ten; Musical Score, Wilbur Hatch; Cameraman, 
James S. Brown; Editor, Jerome Thorns. 

White Cliffs of Dover, The 

M-G-M; 126 mins. 

Reviewed, 3-13-44; Released, June, 1944. 

Cast, Irene Dunne, Alan Marshal, Frank Morgan, 
Roddy McDowall, Van Johnson, C. Aubrey Smith, 
Dame May Whitty, Gladys Cooper, Peter Lawford, 
John Warburton, Jill Esmond, Brenda Forbes, 
Norma Varden. 

Producer, Sidney Franklin; Director, Clarence 
Brown; Author, Alice Duer Miller; Screenplay, 
Claudine West, Jan Lustig, George Froeschel; 
Art Director, Cedric Gibbons; Musical Score, Her- 
bert Stothart; Cameraman, George Folsey; Spe- 
cial Effects, Arnold Gillespie, Warren Newcombe; 
Editor, Robert J. Kern. 


20th-Fox; 154 mins. 

Reviewed, 8-2-44. 

Cast, Alexander Knox, Charles Coburn, Gerald- 
ine Fitzgerald, Thomas Mitchell, Ruth Nelson, 
Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Vincent Price, William Eythe, 
Mary Anderson, Ruth Ford, Sidney Blackmer, 
Madeleine Forbes, Stanley Ridges, Eddie Foy, 
Jr., Charles Halton, Thurston Hall, J. M. Kerri- 
gan, James Rennie, Katherine Locke, Stanley 
Logan, Marcel Dalio, Edwin Maxwell, Clifford 
Brooke, Tonio Selwart, John Ince, Charles Miller, 
Anne O'Neal, Arthur Loft, Russell Gaige, James- 
son Shade, Reginald Sheffield, Robert Middlemass, 
Matt Moore, George Anderson, Robert Barron, 
Paul Everton, Arthur Space, George MacCready, 
Roy Roberts, Frank Orth, Dewey Robinson, Fran- 
cis X. Bushman, Cy Kendall, Emory Parnell, 
Farris Taylor, Ken Christy, Guy D'Ennery, An- 
tonio Filauri, Hilda Plowright, Joseph J. Greene, 
Gus Glassmire, Ralph Dunn, Davidson Clark, Tony 
Hughes, Isabel Randolph, Jess Lee Brooks, Glad- 
den James, Frank Dawson, Larry McGrath, Josh 
Hardin, Ralph Linn, Russ Clark, Harold Schlicke- 
meyer, Ed Mundy, Aubrey Mather, Jesse Graves, 
Del Henderson, John Ardell, George Matthews, John 
Whitney, Harry Tyler, William Forrest, Harry 
Carter, Jessie Grayson. 

Wing and a Prayer 

20th-Fox; 97 mins. 

Reviewed, 7-24-44; Released, August, 1944. 

Cast, Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, William 
Eythe, Charles Bickford, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, 
Kevin O'Shea, Richard Jaeckel, Henry Morgan, 
Richard Crane, Glenn Langan, Renny McEvoy, 
Robert Bailey, Reed Hadley, George Mathews, B. 
S. Pully, Dave Willock, Murray Alper, Charles 
Lang, Irving Bacon, John Miles, Joe Haworth, 
Charles Smith, Ray Teal, Matt MeHugh, Charles 
Trowbridge, John Kelly, Larry Thompson, Billy 

Producers, William A. Bacher, Walter Morosco: 
Director, Henry Hathaway; Screenplay, Jerome 
Cady; Art Directors, Lyle Wheeler. Lewis Creber; 
Cameraman, Glen MacWilliams; Special Effects, 
Fred Sersen; Editor, J. Watson Webb. 

Winged Victory 

20th-Fox; 130 mins. 

Reviewed, 11-22-44; Released, 12-44. 

Cast, Lon MoCallister, Jeanne Crain, Edinond 
O'Brien, Jane Ball, Mark Daniels, Jo-Carroll Den- 
nison, Don Taylor, Judy Holliday, Lee J. Cobb. 
Peter Lind Hayes, Alan Baxter, Geraldine Wall, 
Red Buttons, Barry Nelson, Rune Hultman, Garry 
Merrill, George Reeves, George Petrie, Alfred 
Ryder, Karl Maiden, Martin Ritt, Harry Lewis, 
Henry Rowland. Sascha Brastoff. Archie Robbins. 
Jack Slate, Henry Slate, George Humbert, Richard 
Hogan, Phillip Bourneuf, Damian O'Flynn. Ray 
Bidwell, Carroll Riddle. 

Producer, Darryl F. Zanuck; Director, George 
Cukor; Author, Moss Hart; Screenplay, Moss Hart; 
Musical Score, David Rose: Art Directors, Lyle 
Wheeler, Lewis Creber; Cameraman, Glen Mac- 

Williams: Special Effects, Fred Sersen; Editor. 
Barbara McLean. 

Wolves of the Range 

PRC; 60 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-14-44. 

Cast, Bob Livingston, Al "Fuzzy" St; John, 
Frances Gladwin, I. Stanford Jollye, Karl Hackett. 
Ed Cassidy, Jack Ingraham, Kenne Duncan, Bud 
Buster, Bob Hill. 

Producer, Sigmund Neufeld; Director, Sam New- 
field: Screenplay, Joe O'Donnell; Cameraman, Rob- 
ert Cline; Editor, Holbrook N. Todd. 

Woman in the Window, The 

RKO-International; 99 mins. 

Reviewed, 10-10-44. 

Cast, Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Ray- 
mond Massey, Edmond Breon, Dan Duryea, 
Thomas E. Jackson, Dorothy Peterson, Arthur 
Loft, Frank Dawson, Carol Camerson, Bobby Blake. 

Producer, Kunnally Johnson; Director, Fritz 
Lang; Author, J. H. Wallis; Original Title, "Once 
Off Guard"; Screenplay, Nunnally Johnson; Mu- 
sical Score, Arthur Lang; Art Director, Duncan 
Cramer; Cameraman, Milton Krasner; Special 
Effects, Vernon Walker; Editor, Marjorie Johnson. 

— Y — 

Yellow Canary, The 

RKO; 84 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-12-44. 

Produced in England. 

Cast, Anna Neagle, Richard Greene. Nova Pil- 
beam, Albert Lieven, Lucie Mannheim, Margaret 
Rutherford, Marjorie Fielding, Valentine Dyall, 
David Home, Claude Bailey. 

Producer, Herbert Wilcox; Director, Herbert 
Wilcox: Author, P. M. Bower; Screenplay, Miles 
Malleson, DeWitt Brodeen; Art Director, W. C. 
Andrews; Musical Score, Clifford Parker; Camera- 
man, Mase Greene; Editor, Vera Campbell. 

Yellow Rose of Texas, The 

Republic; 69 mins. 

Reviewed, 5-25-44; Released, 6-24-44. 

Cast, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Grant Withers, 
Harry Shannon, George Cleveland, William Haade, 
Weldon Heyburn, Hal Taliaferro, Tom London, 
Dick Botiller, Janet Martin, Brown Jug Reynolds, 
Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. 

Associate Producer, Harry Grey; Director, Jo- 
seph Kane; Screenplay, Jack Townley; Musical 
Director, Morton Scott; Art Director, Fred A. 
Ritter; Dance Director, Larry Ceballos; Camera- 
man, Jack Marta; Editor, Tony Martinelli. 

Yon Can't Ration Love 

Paramount; 79 mins. 

Reviewed, 2-28-44. 

Cast, Betty Rhodes, Johnny Johnston, Bill Ed- 
wards, Marjorie Weaver, Marie Wilson, Johnnie 
"Scat" Davis, Mabel Paige, Jean Wallace, Roland 
Dupre, Christine Forsythe, D'Artega and His 
All-Girl Orchestra. 

Associate Producer, Michel Kraike; Director. 
Lester Fuller; Author, Muriel Roy Bolton: Screen- 
play, Val Burton, Hal Fimberg; Art Directors, 
Hans Dreier, Walter Tyler; Musical Director, 
Irvin Talbot: Cameraman, Stuart Thompson; Edi- 
tor, Tom Neff. 

Youth Runs Wild 

RKO; 67 mins. 

Reviewed, 6-5-44. 

Cast, Bonita Granville, Kent Smith, Jean Brooks, 
Glenn Vernon, Tessa Brind, Ben Bard, Mary Ser- 
voss, Arthur Shields, Lawrence Tierney, Dickie 
Moore, Johnny Walsh, Rod Rodgers, Elizabeth 

Producer, Val Lewton; Director, Mark Robson: 
Authors, John Fante, Herbert Kline; Screenplay, 
John Fante; Art Directors, Albert S. D'Agostino. 
Carroll Clark; Music, Paul Sawtell; Musical Di- 
rector, C. Bakaleinikoff : Cameraman. John J. 
Mescall; Special Effects, Vernon L. Walker: Editor. 
John Locker t. 






(For Paramount) 


'Columbia Pictures 




In Preparation 








HTITLES, distributors and The Film Daily review dates for features released since 
1915 are listed hereafter. Distributors are noted with code letters, the key to these 
codes starting on this page and the actual list of titles beginning on page 231. 

Features released before talking pictures are shown with a star ("A"), indicating a silent 
picture. (PT) indicates a part-talking release, and (SSE) synchronized sound effects. 

Code to Distributors 

ABA — A. B. A. Films. 

ABR — Abrams. 

ACA — American Committee for 

Relief of Armenia. 
ACD — Academy Pictures. 
ACE — Ace Pictures. 
ACI — American Cinema. 
ACT — Action Pictures. 
ADC — Adventure Epics. 
ADP — Adolph Pollak. 
ADV — Advanced. 
AE — Associated Exhibitors. 
AEO — Aeolian Pictures. 
AEP — Affiliated European Pro- 
AFE — A. F. E. Corp. 
AFF — Affiliated. 

AGF — American General Films. 
AGR — Dept. of Agriculture. 
AHR — Asher. 

AI — Associated Independent Pro- 
AID — Aida Films. 
AJ — Ajax. 
ALA — Atlantic. 
ALD — Alder. 
ALE — Alexander. 
ALI — Allied Pictures. 
ALL — Alliance. 
ALP — All Art Pictures. 
ALW — William Alexander. 

AM — Amkino. 
AM A — Amer Anglo. 

AMB — Ambassador. 

AME — American. 

AMG — Amalgamated, 

AMR — American-Roumanian 
Film Co. 

AMT — American Tobis. 

AMU — American Mutual. 

AN — Anchor. 

ANG — Anglo Films. 

ANT — Anti-Vice Motion Pic- 

AP — Allied Pictures. 

APA — A-l Producer and Dis- 

APD — Allied Producers and Dis- 

APF — Oscar Apfel. 

APH — Associated Photoplays. 

APO — Apollo. 

APP — A. P. Plays. 

APQ — Approved . 

APR — Associated Producers. 

APX — Apex. 

AR — American Releasing Co. 

ARA — Arfa Films. 

ARB — Arc Films. 

ARC — Art class Pictures (Weiss 

ARF — Ar-Fllms. 

ARI — Arista. 

ARK — Arkay Film Exchange. 

ARN — Arnaud. 

ARO — Aristocrat. 

ART — Artcraft Pictures. 

ARQ — Artkino. 

ARTArteraft Pictures. 

ARU — Arcturus Pictures. 

ARW — Arrow. 

ASA — Asta. 

ASF — Associated Features. 

ASS — Associated Cinemas. 

AST — Astor. 

ATA — American Trading Assn. 

ATN — Atlantic. 

ATL — Atlas. 

AUC — Audio Cinema. 

ATJD — Audible Pictures. 

AUH — Harold Austin. 

AUR — Aurora Film Corp. 

ACS — Australian Films. 

AUT — Capt. Harold Auten. 

AV — Avramenko. 

AY — Aywon. 

AYC — Aycie. 

AZ — Azteca. 

BAB — The Baker's Wife, Inc. 
B AC — Backer-Hoffman . 
BAE — Banner. 
B AK — Baker-Hoffman . 
BAN — Bancroft. 
BAR — Barsky. 
BAT — Bartlett. 
BAC — Bavarian Film A-O. 
BAY — Bacon-Aywon. 
BB — B. B. Features. 
BBF. — . Bacon - Backer . Four- 
BD — British A Dominions. 
BE — Beacon. 
BEA — Beacon. 
BEB — George Beban. 
BEF — Better Films. 
BEH — Behrman Productions. 
BEK — Beekman Film Co. 
BEL — Berlin Films. 
BEN — Chester Bennett. 
BLR — Bertad. 
BES — Best Film Co. 
BET — Bernstein. 
BETJ — Beaumont. 
BEW — Walldemar D. Bell. 
BFP — Byron Foy. 
BHA — Bert Hall. 
BI — British International. 
BIF — Big Four. 
BIG — Big Three. 
BIL — Blltmore Productions. 
BIS — Blschoff. 
BL — Bluebird. 
BLA — Blalr-Coan. 
BLC — Blackton. 
BLO — Richard Block. 
BLR — Blue Ribbon. 
BLTJ — Blumenthal. 


BLZ — Samuel Blitz. 

BM — Balboa-Mutual. 

BNE — British New Era. 

BOL — H. Bollman. 

BON — H. 0. Bondy. 

BOT — Bottonelli. 

BOW — Bowes Productions. 

BOX — Box Office Attractions. 

BOY — John W. Boyle. 

BPI — Bureau of Public Informs 

BR — C. C. Burr. 

BRA — Brady-World. 

BRB — Brenda Pictures. 

BRC — Brewster. 

BRD — Bradley. 

BRE — Brentwood-Mutual. 

BRF — Broadcast Films. 

BRH — Broadway-Hollywood Pro- 

BRI — Briskin. 

BRL — Brill. 

BRO — Lee Brody Co. 

JRTJ — Bran ton-Paradise. 

BRY — Bryant Productions 

8RX — Leo Breeher. 

BSB — B. 8. B. Corp. 

BTZ — Bu rrou ght -Tarzan . 

BC — Butterfly. 

BCF — Buffalo Motion Picture 

BCL — Butler Productions. 

BUN — Bumside. 

BDR — H. B. Burroughs. 

BUT — Butterfly. 

CAF — Capital Foreign Attrac- 

CAL — California Motion Pic- 
ture Co. 

CAM— Cameo. 

CAN — Canyon. 

CAO — Casino. 

CAP — Capitol Film Exchange. 

CAS — Castleton-Shipman. 

CAT — Capitol Productions. 

CBC — Cohen-Brandt-Cohen (Co- 
lumbia) . 

CBP — C. B. Price. 

CC — Clark-Cornelius. 

CEL — Celebrity Pictures. 

CEN — Century Pictures. 

CF — Cinema Franeals. 

CFP — Collective Film Producers. 

CHA — Chadwick Pictures. 

CHE — Chesterfield; Chesterfield- 

CHR — Charter. 

CIE — Clnes. 

CIG — Cine Grand Films. 

CTL — Cine-Lux. Inc. 

CIN — Cinema Attractions. 

CIR — Circle Film Attractions. 

CTX — Cinexport. 





Production Manager 



Released Thru PARAMOUNT 




tl.A — Claridge. 

CLP — Classplay. 

CLK — Russell Clark 

CI, H — W. H. Clone. 

CM — Columbia-Metro. 

CMA — C. & M. Pictnrei. 

CNN — Conn Pictures. 

COA — E. B. Coane. 

COB — Contemporary Amuse- 
ments, Inc. 

COC — Concord Films. 

COD — C. O. D. Blanchfleld. 

CUE! — Commodore. 

COG — Congo Pictures. 

COH — Max Cohen. 

COL — Columbia. 

COM — Commonwealth. 

CON — Consolidated-Met . 

COO — Colony. 

COP — Congo Pictures. 

COQ — Conquest. 

COR — Corona. 

COS — Cosmos. 

COT — Continental Pictures. 

COU — Cos mart. 

COV — Cort. 

CP — Collywn Pictures. 

CBA — Crea. 

CBB — Crest. 

CRD — Certified. 

CRE — J. V. Cremonim. 

CUE — Crescent Pictures. 

I'Kl — Criterion Films. 

CBO — Credo Pictures. 

CRT — Creative. 

CRY — Crystal Pictures. 

CCC— Compagnle Universelle. 

CUE — Enrico Cutali. 

CUM — Cuminings. 

CCO— Samuel Cummins. 

CUB — Bichard Currier Produc- 

CUT — Curtis* 

CWO — Comstock-World. 


DAB — Dansk-Blograf. 
DAI — Daily Productions. 
DAN — Danubia. 
DAV — Davis Distributing Co. 
DAW — Norman Dawn Produc- 
DEM — Democracy Photoplays. 
DEN — Denver-Dixon. 
DIE — Dletrich-Kenyon . 
DII, — Di Lorenzo. 
DIS — Walt Disney. 
DIV — Diversion. 
DIX — Dixie National. 
DOM — Dome Films. 
DOO — Doo-Lee. 
DRR — Drkik-Martel. 
DUB — Dublin Film Co. 
DUD — Dudley-Unity. 
DUW — Du World. 


EAG — Eagle Productions. 
EAS — Eastern Films. 
EC — East Coast. 
EDO — Edgar. 
EDK — Edlson-Klelne. 
EDP — Edison Perfection. 
EDU — Educational. 
EKE — Edison-K. E. S. E. 
EKO — E. K. 0. Film Co. 
ELB — Ellbee Pictures. 
ELD — El Dorado Productions. 
ELF — C. 8. Elfelt. 
ELK — Edward L. Klein. 
ELL — William Elliot Produc- 
EMP — Empire. 
EMU — Empire Mutual. 
ENO — English Films, Inc. 
ENC — European Newt Co. 
ENR — Enterprise. 
ENT — Entente. 

EP — Epco. 

EPA — EMP A Films. 

EPI — Export and Import. 

EPP — Dr. 1. J. Eppel. 

EQ — Equitable. 

EQA — Equality. 

EQU — Equity. 

EQW — Equitable-World. 

ERA — New Era. 

ERB — Erbograph Art. 

ERM — Ermine. 

ERO — Eron Pictures, Inc. 

ES — Essanay. 

ESP — Esperia. 

ETR — Eastern Triangle. 

ECK — Eureka Prods. 

EL'P — Europa. 

Kl'K — European Productions. 

El S— Captain H. Eustace. 

EX A — Excelsior. 

EXC — Exceptional. 

EXD — Exclusive. 

EXE — Exhibitors Film E 

EXH — Exhibitors' Film Corp. 
EXL — Exhibitors Mutual. 
EXO — Explorers Film Co. 
EXP — Excellent Pictures. 
EXQ — Exploitation Pictures. 
EXR — Express. 


F — Fox Film Corp.; 80th Cen- 

FA — Fine Arts. 

FAB — Jacob Fabian. 

FAF — Foreign American Films. 

FAH — Faith Pictures. 

FAI — Fairmont. 

FAM — Foreign American Films. 

FAT — Fine Arts-Triangle. 

FBO — Film Booking Offices. 

FBW — F. B. Warren. 

FCA — Foreign Cinema Arts. 

FCC — French Cinema Center. 

FCH — Film Clearing House. 

FD — First Division. 

FDC — Film Distributing Co. 

FED — Federated. 

FEL — Felson-Europa Produc- 

FER — Fery Film (Germany) . 

FF — Franco Films (France). 

FFA — Future Farmers of Amer- 

FFF — Foreign Feature Films. 

FFS — Fifty-fifth St. Playhouse 

FGC — Film Guild Cinema. 

FGU — Film Arts Guild. 

FHG — Foreign-Hanover-Genernl. 

FIA — Film Alliance of the 
United States. 

FID — Fidelity. 

FIL — Film Market. 

FIM — Film Exchange. 

FTP — Filippine Films. 

FIT — James A. FitzPatriek. 

FLE — J. J. Fleming. 

FLI — Joseph Fliesler. 

FMA — Famous Attractions. 

FN — First National. 

FOF — Foreign Films. 

FOP — Fort Pitt. 

FOR — Forward. 

FOY — Foy Productions, Ltd. 

FRA — Franco American Export 
& Import Co. 

FRE — Freuler Film Associates. 

FRF — Frontier Films. 

FRM — French Motion Pictur* 

FRN — France Films. 

FRO — Frohman. 

FTA — First Anglo. 

FTP — Foreign Talking Pictures. 

PUT — Walter Futter (Wafilms). 

FW — F. * W. Films. 

FWA — Franklyn Warner. 

FWO — Frohman-World. 


(■ — Samuel Goldwyn 
GAF — Garfield. 
GAG — Leon Garganoff. 
GAL — Gallic Films. 
GAR — Garson. 
GAS — Garrison Films. 
GAT — Gateway Productions. 
G A U — Gaumont. 
dit — Gaumont-British. 
GUG — Henry Ginsburg. 
GEF — General Films. 
OEG — German ia. 
GE1 — Irving Geist. 
U EN — Geneva. 
CEO — Genius. 
(.EC — General Pictures. 
GER — Gerson. 

GFF — General Foreign Sales. 
(JGR — Al Griffith-Grey. 
GHA — G. Hamilton. 
Li LA — Gladiator Films. 
G LB — Gladstone. 
GLD — Symon Gould. 
GLE — Goldie Films. 
GLO — Amer- Anglo Corp. 
GN — Grand National. 
GOB — Globe. 
GOG — Golgothia Corp. 
G O I — G oldstone. 
GON — Goodman. 
GOO — Goodwill. 
GOR — Gordon Film Co. 
GOS — Goldsmith Prods. 
GOT — Gotham Productions. 
i.oi — M. J. Gourland. 
GRA — Graphic Film Corp. 
GRB — Great Wall Film Co. 
GRC — Arthur Greenblatt. 
GRE — Greater. 

(iRI — D. W. Griffith Produc- 
GRN — Great Northern. 
GSF — Golden Stars Films. 
GCA — Guaranteed Pictures. 

HAD — Horsley-Art Dramas. 

HAL — Hallmark. 

HAM — Arthur Hammerstein 

HAN — Hensen-Marine. 

HAP — High Art Pictures. 

HAR — Harm a. 

HAS — Harris-Hanover. 

HAT — Hatch. 

HAW — Hall-Abrahams- Werner. 

HEA — Headline Pictures. 

IIEL — Helber Pictures. 

HEM — Herman. 

HEN — Henley-Seng. 

HEP — Hepworth. 

HER — Hercules Productions. 

HES — Hesperia. 

HEW — Herman Wohl. 

III! — Hampton-Hodkinson. 

HHA — H. & H. 

HIM — Himalaya Films. 

HIR — Hirliman Florida Produc- 

HIS — Historic Films. 

HM — Hi-Mark. 

HMU — Horsley-Mutual. 

HNE — Robert J. Horner. 

HOB — J. H. Hoffberg. 

HOC — Hooper-Conneii. 

HOD — W. W. Hodkinson Co. 

HOF — M. H. Hoffman. 

HOI, — Hollywood. 

HOP — Hopp Hadley. 

HOR — Horkheimer. 

HOU — Houdini. 

HOW — Howell. 

HPI — Hollywood Pictures. 

HRM — Hampton-Mutual. 

HUG — Howard Hughes. 

HUM — Hutton-Mutual. 

HUN — Hungaria Pictures. 

HUR — Hugo Reisenfeld. 

HWA — Haworth. 


Composer and Conductor 



HWF— Hlller A Wllk. 
HYP — Hyperion . 

IAM — Irish-American Film Corp. 

ICE— International Cinema Ex- 

IDE — Ideal Pictures. 

1FC — Independent Film Clear- 
ing House. 

[ML — Imperial Dlst. 

IMM — Indo-American . 

IMP — Imported Picture*. 

INC — Inee-Trlangle. 

IND— Independent. 

INE — Inter-Continental. 

INF — Inter-Continent. 

INL — Industrial Films. 

INK — International Roadshows. 

INS — International Stageplay 

INT — International. 

INV — Invincible. 

INW — Interworld. 

IRO — Iroquls. 

IRV — Irving Exchange. 

ITA — Itala Films. 

IV — Ivan. 

J A — Jans. 

JAC — Jacobs-Hall. 

JAF — Jaffe Art Films 

JAW — Jawltz. 

JDK — Jay Dee Kay Productions. 

JEF — Jewish Film Productions. 

JEN — Jennings-Shlpman. 

JEP — Jeffrey Pictures. 

JEW — Jewell. 

JFA — Jafa. 

JO — Joan. 

JOE — Buck Jones Productions. 

JOH — Ray Johnston. 

JUD — Judea Films. 

JUL — Ben Judell. 

JT7N — Juno Films. 

JW — J. W. Films. 


KAC — Krimsky-Cochran. 

KAJ — M. J. KandeU. 

KAL — Kalem. 

KAN — Kane. 

KAS — Frank Kessler. 

KAC — Henry Kaufman. 

KEA — James Keane. 

KEL — Kelly. 

KEM — John M. Kelley. 

KEN — Willis Kent. 

KER — Kerman. 

KES — K. E. S. E. 

KIN — Burton King. 

KIO — Klnotrade. 

KIP — Kinopol. 

KIT — Klnematrade. 

KLA — Captain F. Klelnschmldt. 

KLE — George Klelne Service. 

KLU — R. H. Klumb. 

KR — R. A R. Film Co. 

KRA — Kremer. 

KRB — Sherman S. Krellberg. 

KRE — Krelbar. 

KCR — F. W. Kurtz. 

LAB — Labor Film Service. 
LAF — Latin Films. 
LAM — Lamont Pictures. 
LAT — Latin-Artists Pictures. 
LBR — Lee-Bradford Co. (Art- 
LED — Lederer. 
LEE — Artlee Pictures. 
LEL — Lewis-Lesser 
LEM — Levey. 

LEN — Lenauer-Internatlonal. 
LEO — Leo Films. 

LES — Sol Lesser. 

LEV — Levlnson. 

LEW — Lenwal Productions. 

LIB — Liberty Productions. 

LIC — Llchtman. 

LIE — Llebfreed A Miller. 

LIN — Lincoln Prods. 

LLV — Edgar E. Lloyd. 

LON — London Film-Cosmofoto 

LOP — I. E. Lopert. 
LOU — Louben Films. 
LOW — Lowell. 
LST — Jack Lustberg 
LUB — Bert Lubln. 
LUM — Lumas (Gotham). 
LUR — Lumlnar 
LYC — Lyceum. 
LYN — Lynn Productions. 
LYR — Lyric Films. 


M — Metro. 

MA — Modern Arts. 

MAB — Arthur Mayer and Joseph 

MAC — Marey Exchange. 
MAD — Madison Pictures. 
MAF — Mayfair. 
MAJ — Majestic Pictures. 
MAK — Marketed. 
HAL — Ernst Mattsson. 
MAM — Mammoth. 
MAN — Manson. 
MAO — Mascot Pictures. 
MAP — Mascot. 
MAQ — Mabel Attractions. 
MAR — H. B. Marinelll. 
MAS — Mastodon. 
MAT — Frank Mattison. 
MAU — Master. 
MAV — Masterpiece. 
MAW — Malvlna. 
MAX — Max Graf. 
MAY — Mayf alr-Shallenberger A 

MAZ — Maimer. 
MBR — Malcolm-Browne. 
MCA — McArthur. 
MCF — Bernarr McFadden. 
MCL — Douglas MacLean. 
MCM — MeManus. 
MIC — Merit. 

MEL— Melody Pictures. 
MEN — Mena. 
MEO — Metropolis. 
MEP — Metropolitan . 
MER — Mercury Pictures. 
MES — Metropolis Pictures. 
MET — Men tone. 
MG — Metro-Goldwyn . 
MGM — Metro-Gold wyn-Mayer, 
MGR — M-G-R Productions. 
MHM — Maxim Prod. 
MIC — Mickey. 
MIF — Midfllm. 
MIL — Million Dollar 

MIN — Michael Mlndlln. 
MOD — Modern Film Corp. 
MOE — Moeler. 
MON — Monopol. 
MOP — Monogram . 
MOS — B. S. Moss. 
MOV — Movlegraphs, Ine. 
MOZ — Mozart Film, Inc. 
MPG — Motion Picture Guild. 
MPS — Metropolis. 
MT — Mutual. 
MUN — Mundus. 
MUR — Murray Productions. 


NAM — N. A. M. P. I. 

NAN — National Pictures. 

NAP — Napoll FUms. 

NAT — National Players, Ltd. 

NBR — New Brunswick. 

NEG — Negro Marches On, Inc. 


NER — New Era. 

NES — New Star Films. 

NEW — New Cal. 

NF — National Films. 

NOB — Noble-Duplex. 

NOC — Harold Noce. 

NOF — Northern Films. 

NOL — Nola. 

NOR — Norwegian American 

NPI — National Pioneer. 
NUO — Nuovo Mondo. 


OCE — Ocean-Raver. 

OCP — Olcott Players. 

OD — Od-Fllms. 

OG — Ogden. 

OLM — Olympic Pictures. 

OLY — Olympia Macrl Excelsior. 

ORE — Ore-Bernstein. 

OSO — Osso Productions. 

PAA — Palestine-American. 

PAC — Play Choice. 

PAF — Pacific. 

PAG — Paragon Pictures. 

PAI — Patriot, 

PAL — Paralta. 

PAM — Paragon. 

PAN — Panelllnias Film Co. 

PAP — Parthenon Pictures (Os- 
car Price). 

PAR — Paramount (Famous- 

Lasky, etc.) 

PAS— Passion Flay Committee. 

PAT — Pathe A RKO Pathe 

PAX — Pax Films, Inc. 

PBA — Paragon-Brady-World. 

PBW — Peerless-Brady-World. 

PDC — Producers Distributing 

PEA — Peacock. 

PEE — Peerless. 

PEN — Pennant. 

PER — Perfeet. 

PES — Harry C. Pearson. 

PET — Petrova. 

PFT — Perfection. 

PFC — Polish Film Corp. 

PGO — Play Co. 

PHD — Photo-Dramas . 

PHE — Phoenix. 

PHF — Public Health Films. 

PHI — Chris Phillis Productions. 

PHL — Photoplay Library. 

PHO — Phoebus Films. 

PI — Pioneer. 

PIC — Picture Classics. 

PIE — Piedmont. 

PIN — Pinnacle. 

PIT — Pittaluga. 

PIZ — Pizor. 

PLA — Plaza Pictures. 

PLC — Plunkett A Carroll. 

PLC — Plurograph Unity. 

PLY — Plymouth. 

PMU — Powell-Mutual. 

POA — Polish American Film 

POB — Bud Pollard Prods. 

POL — Pole Pictures. 

POL — Polish Government Films. 

PON — Pollner Distributing Co. 

POW — Peerless-Power. 

POM — Pollard-Mutual. 

POP — Powers Pictures. 

POR — Portale Pictures. 

PPR — Photo-Producers. 

PRC — Producers Releasing Corp.; 
PRC Pictures, Inc. 

PRE — Preferred. 

PRG — Progressive Pictures. 

PRI — Principal. 

PRM — Prime. 

PRO — Pro Patria Films. 

PRP — Producers Pictures Corp. 

PRR — Prizma. 

PRS — Presidio Pictures. 

PRW — Premo-World. 

PRX — Protex Trading Corp. 

PS — Producers Security. 

PSR — Pacific. 

PUB — Public Rights. 

PUR — Puritan. 

PWO — Pearless-World. 

PWP — Public Welefare Pictures. 

PYM — Pyramid. 

PYR — Pyramid-World. 


QDE — Quigley-Davenport-Ex- 
QU — Quality Distributors. 


R — Rex Film Co. 

RA — Ray art Pictures. 

RAD — Radin. 

RAE — Raleigh Pictures. 

RAF — Radiosol. 

RAI — Rainbow. 

RAL — General. 

RAO — Roma. 

RAS — Raspin Productions. 

RAT — Harry Rathner. 

RAV — Raver. 

RAY — B. B. Ray. 

RB — Rex Beach Producelons. 

RBG — Rex Beach-Goldwyn. 

RC — R. C. 

REA — Realart. 

REB — Reliable. 

REC — Ritchey Export Corp. 

RED — Red Films. 

REE — J. P. Reed. 

REF — Reformation Films. 

REG — Regal. 

REH — Record Pictures. 

REI — Reliance. 

REK — Edwin S. Relkin. 

REL — Realistic. 

REM — Remington Pictures. 

REN — Regent Pictures. 

REP — Republic. 

RGR — Russel-Griever. 

RHF — Rapf -Hoffman-Four 

RIA — Rialto. 
RIE — Jack Rieger. 
RIM — Rimax Productions. 
RKO — RKO Radio. 
ROA — Roadshow Pictures. 
ROB — Roberts & Cole. 
ROC — Roma Film Co. 
ROG — F. B. Rogers. 
ROL — Rolfe. 
ROM — Romayne. 
ROM — Cines-Rome. 
ROP — H. H. Rosenfleld. 
ROS — Rosemary Films. 
ROU — Roubert. 
ROW — Rowland-Wagner. 
ROY — Fanchon Royer. 
RSR — Rapf. 
RUL — Russell. 
RUS — Russian Student Club of 


SA — Sherrill-Art. 

SAB — Sable. 

SAC — Sack Amusement Co. 

SAG — S. & G. Films. 

SAL — Edward Salisbury. 

SAM — Samwick. 

SAN — San ford. 

SAS — Sascha Films. 

SAZ — Walter S. Sazela. 

SCA — Scandinavian Pictures. 

SCE — Schenck-Select. 

SCH — B. P. Schulberg. 

SCI — Schomer. 

SCL — Schlesinger. 

SCN — George Schneider. 

SCO — Lester F. Scott. 

SCP — Scoop Productions 

SCR — Screencraft. 

SCW — Schwab. 

SDC — Stanley Dist. Corp. 

SE — Select. 

SEA — Red Seal. 

SEC — Second National. 

SEE — S. & E. 

SEI — Joseph Seiden. 

SEL — Selig-V. L. 8. E. 

SET — Marie Seton. 

SEV — Seventh Avenue Film Co. 

SEX — Selexart. 

SEZ — Selznick. 

SFI — Sflnks Films. 

SGE — Super Golden Eagle. 

SHE — Sherry 

SHI — Shipman. 

SHO — Shockuchi (Japan). 

SHP — Showmen's Pictures. 

SHU — Sherman-United. 

SIE — Sierra Films. 

SIG — Signet. 

SIN — Dr. Alexander Singelow. 

SKT — Sennett-Keystone- 

SL — S-L Films. 
SM — S. & L. Film Co. 
SMI — William H. Smith. 
SNO — Sidney A. Snow. 
SOA — Sofar Films. 
SOF — So. Feature Films. 
SOL — Solitary Sin Corp. 
SON — Sonora. 
SOU — Southland Pictures. 
SPE — Spectrum. 
SPI — Sphinx Films. 
SR — State Rights. 
SS — Stage & Screen. 
ST — Steiner. 
STA — Star Film Co. 
STB — States Cinema Corp. 
STC — A. G. Stern. 
STD — Stein. 
STE — Sterling. 
STF — M. F. Stearns. 
STG — Steger. 
STH — Standard. 
STI — William Steiner. 
STJ — Standard Pictures. 
STL — Stoll. 
STN — Z. Stanczweskl. 
STO — Goldstone. 
STP — Scandinavian Talking 

SU — Sunset. 
SUA — Super Art. 
SUB — Sunbeam. 
SUM — Supreme. 
SUN — Sun. 
SUO — Superior. 
SUP — Superlative. 
SUR — Superb Pictures. 
SUS — Sunshine Pictures. 
SUT — Sunray Films. 
SWE — Swedish Biograph. 
SWI — Bruno Zwicker. 
SWO — Shubert-World. 
SWP — Swedish Talking Pictures. 
SYA — Synchro Art. 
SYN — Syndicate. 
SYR — Syracuse. 

TAP — John S. Tapernoux; Ta- 

pernoux-MetropoIis. — ' 
TAR — Tarzan. 

TCS — Tucker-Cosmofotofllm- 


TE — Triumph-Equitable. 
TEL — Telepictures. 
TEM — Temple. 
TER — Tom Terriss. 
THC — Theater Classics. 
THH — T. Hayes Hunter. 
THL — Thalia. 

THP — Thornby Productions. 
TIF — Tiffany Productions. 
TIM — Times Pictures. 
TOB — Tobis Forenfllms. 
TOD — Today Film Corp. 
TOF — Tomtllms, Inc. 
TOM — Tom Arnold. 
TOP — Topical. 
TOW — Tower. 
TPC — Trinity Pictures. 
TPE — Talking Picture Epics. 
TRA — Transatlantic. 
TRB — Tribune-United. 
XRC — Tr«,o Productions. 
TRE — Trans-Oceanic. 
TRF — Trans-America Films. 
XRG — True Life Photoplays. 
TRI — Triangle. 
TRK — Trekolog Films. 
TRL — Transcontinental Pic- 
TRN — Tri-National. 
TRO — J. D. Trop. 
TRP — Otto Trippel. 
TRS — Treasure Pictures. 
TRU — Truart. 
TY — Tyrad. 


U — Universal. 

UA — United Artists. 

UED — Ufa Eastern Division. 

UCO — Unique-Fotofllms. 

UFA — Ufa Films. 

UG — Eugenic. 

UKR — Ukrafilm Productions 

ULT — Ultra Films. 

UNA — Unity. 

UNG — Charles Unger. 

UNI — United Picture Theaters. 

UNP — Unusual Photoplays. 

UNV — University Film Products. 

UPC — United Pictures Co. 

URF — Universal Red Films. 

USA — U. S. Amusement Art 

USF — Usa Film Distributors. 
USL — Usla. 
USP — U. S. Public Service. 

VAL — Bruno Valletti. 

VAN — Van Dyke-Art. 

VED — Vedis Films. 

VIC — Victory. 

VIE — Viennese Film Co. 

VIK — Viking Productions. 

VIO — Victory. 

VIT — Vitagraph. 

VIU — Vitullo Films. 

VLS — V. L. S. E. 

VTL — Vital. 


WA — Warner Bros. 

WAC — War Activities Committee. 

WAD — Worldart. 

WAF — Worldart Film Corp. 

WAL — Waldorf. 

WAN — Aloha Wanderwell. 

WAR — Wharton-Sherriott. 

WAS — Walch Film Corp. 

WAW — Warwick Pictures. 

WEB — Weber-North. 

WEB — Weber-North. 

WEB — Webster. 

WEI — Jesse Weil Productions. 

WEL — Carveth Wells. 


and why shouldn't we be 


Yes, why shouldn't we be producer proud . . .we have the greatest 

group of motion picture producers in the business... and we're mighty 

proud of the boxoffice records their pictures have built up in the past — and will in 

the future. ..and we're also very, very proud of the fact that these producers mc 


£Re/e€i&ed $t/iu fyfttifed 'jwiti&fo 







AvVx P' 






*j4M ' Actn 


WES — Westart. 

WET — West. 

WH — W. H. 

WHI — 3. R. Whitney. 

WIB — William Berke. 

WID — Frank R. Wilson. 

WIE — G. H. Wiley. 

WIK — Jacob Wilk. 

WIL — Wilke-Independent. 

WIM — Willamson-Submarlne. 

WIN — Hans Winter. 

WIO — J. D. Williams. 

WIP — Windsor Pictures. 

WK — Willis Kent. 

WO — World. 

IS — Wistara. 

WOD — World's Trade Ex- 
WOK — Worldkino. 
WOO — A. H. Woods. 
WOW — World Wide. 
WPX — W. P. Exchange. 
WRI — Wright. 
WSR — Western. 
WTL — Wharton-International. 
WW — Sono Art-World Wide. 

XX — Distributor unknown. 
XYD — A. J. Xydias. 

TAN — Yankee. 

YID — Yiddish Talking Pictures. 

YOR — York Pictures. 

YOU — Robertson-Young. 

ZAK — Zakoro. 

ZBY — Zbyszko Polish-American 

Film Corp. 
ZER — Zerner. 
ZIE — Arthur Ziehm, Inc. 
ZIO — Zion. 


Code to Distributors is Started on Page 221 

A. B. C. of Love * PAT 

A Brivele der Mamen 

( Yiddish )-SPI. .9-21-39 
A Csunya Lany ( Hungarian ) - 

DAN. . .10-21-35 
A Donto Pillanat (Hun- 
garian) -HUN. .10-12-38 
A Falu Fossza (Hun- 
garian) -HUN. .4-20-38 
A Fifi Mind Orult (Hun- 
garian) -DAN. .4-18-38 
A Ill-es ( Hungarian )- 

DAN. .4-18-38 

A Kek Balvany-XX 4-19-33 

A Kiralyne Huszarja (Hun- 
garian)-. .1-18-36 
A Nous La Liberte 

(French) -AUT. .5-22-32 
A Wave, A Wac and a 

Marine-MOP 7-31-44 
Abduction ( German )- 

CAO. .1938 
Abdul the Damned-ALL. . 6-1-35 
Abe Lincoln in Illinois 

-RKO. .1-19-40 
Abel Mit Der Mundharmonika 

-UFA . . 9-5-34 
Abie's Irish Rose (S-SE) 

PAR. .4-22-28 
Able Minded Lady if 

PSR 1922 

About Face-UA 4-16-42 

Above All Law ir PAR (re- 
viewed as Mysteries of 

India) 7-30-22 

Above All, the Truth 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Above Suspicion-MGM. .4.28-43 
Above the Clouds-COL. .12-19-33 
Abraham Lincoln-UA . . . 8-31-30 
Abraham Lincoln ir FN. 1-27-24 
Abroad With Two Yanks- 

UA. .7-24-44 
Absent Minded, The 

(Italian) -XX. .2-28-40 
Absolute Quiet-M-G-M. .4-6-36 
Abus de Confiance 

(French) -COL. .12-7-38 
Abused Confidence ( French )- 

AFE. .1944 
Abysmal Brute if U. . .4-15-23 

Abyssinia if AM 12-10-36 

Accent on Love-F 7-9-41 

Accent on Youth-PAR. .8-10-36 
Accidental Honeymoon if 

RSR. .5-19-18 
Accidents Will Happen 

-WA. .4-27-38 
Accomplice ir SA. .. .2-22-17 
According to Hoyle ir 

WSR. .1922 
According to Law if MT. 3-9-16 

According to the Code if 

ES.. 7-20-16 

Accused if Ind 1926 

Accused-UA 12-17-36 

Accusing Finger, The 

-PAR. .11-17-36 
Accusing Post (Spanish) 

-COL. .1938 

Ace High if F 6-30-18 

Ace of Aces-RKO 11-11-33 

Act of Action if AE 1926 

Ace of Cactus if SR....1924 

Ace of Cads if PAR 10-24-26 

Ace of Clubs * RA 1926 

Ace of Hearts if G. . . .10-30-21 
Ace of the Saddle if U. 7-13-19 
Aces and Eights-PUR . . . 8-8-36 

Aces Wild-COE 1-20-37 

Acht Tage Glueck ( Ger- 
man )-FLI. .8-2-31 
Acquittal, The •*• U... 10-21-23 

Acquitted ■*• FAT 4-27-16 

Acquitted-COL 12-22-29 

Across the Atlantic (S-SE) 

-WA. .5-13-28 
Across the Border if AY. 1-29-22 
Across the Continent if 

PAR. .4-30-22 
Across the Dead Line ir 

U. .1-8-22 
Across the Deadline it 

ST. .4-26-25 
Across the Divide if AE.1922 
Across the Pacific if 

WA. .10-17-26 
Across the Pacific-WA. .8-18-42 
Across the Plains if AI.1928 
Across the Plains-MOP. .1939 
Across to Singapore if 

M-G-M. .5-6-28 

Across to Sierra-COL 1941 

Across the World With Mr. & 
Mrs. Martin Johnson if 

TPE 1-26-30 

Action if U 9-4-21 

Action Craver if RA....1927 
Action for Slander-UA . 1-24-38 
Action Galore if ARC... 1926 
Action in Arabia-RKO. . 2-18-44 
Action in the North Atlantic- 

WA 5-17-43 

Action of Souls ir FN.. 6-1-19 
Actress, The if M-G-M. 7-15-28 
Ada, To Nie Wypada ! 

(Polish) -XX. 5-7-37 
Adam and Eva * PAR. 2-18-23 
Adam and Evil if M-G-M 

Adam Had Four Sons 

-COL.. 2-24-41 
Adam's Rib if PAR... 3-4-23 
Address Unknown-COL. .4-24-44 

Adele if U 1-19-19 

Adieu Les Beaux Jours 

-XX. .4-24-34 


Adios Nicanor (Spanish) 

-XX. .3-17-38 
Adolf Armstarke (Swedish) 

-SCA. .10-8-37 

Adopted Son if M 11-8-17 

Adorable-F 5-19-33 

Adorable Cheat if CHE. 4-1 5-28 
Adorable Deceiver if 

FBO. .1926 
Adorable Savage if U. . 8-8-20 
Adoration (S-SE)-FN. . 12-16-28 
Adventure ir PAR. .. .4-26-25 
Adventure Girl-RKO. ... 8-3-34 
Adventure in Bokhara 

(Russian) -ARQ. .8-28-44 
Adventure in Blackmail- 

ENG 8-5-43 

Adventure in Diamonds 

-PAR.. .4-5-40 
Adventure in Hearts if 

PAR 1919 

Adventure in Iraq-WA . . 9-27-43 
Adventure in Manhattan 

-COL. . .10-23-36 
Adventure in Music- AFE .4-18-44 
Adventure in Sahara 

-COL. . .12-23-38 
Adventure in Washington 

COL. . .5-29-41 
Adventure Mad • PAR. 5-12-28 
Adventures of Mark Twain. 

The-WA. .5-3-44 
Adventure Shop ir VIT. 1-5-19 
Adventurer. The ir M-G-M 

Adventurer, The * US A. 2-22-1 7 
Adventurer, The ■*■ F . . . . 3-7-20 
Adventure's End-U. .. .11-11-37 
Adventures in Pygmy Land ir 

HOD. .3-11-28 
Adventures of a Rookie, 

The-RKO 8-20-43 

Adventures of Carol ir WO. 1927 
Adventures of Chico-MOP. 3-3-38 
Adventures of Huckleberry 

Finn. The-M-G-M 2-17-39 

(Reviewed as "Huckleberry 
Adventures of Jane Arden 

-WA. . .1939 
Adventures of Martin Eden, 

The-COL. .2-26-42 
Adventures of Marco Polo 

-UA. .2-15-38 
Adventures of Maya if 

ELK. .4-28-29 
Adventures of Prince Achmed 

(German) -XX. .1942 
Adventures of Robin Hood 

-WA. .4-29-38 
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 
-F. .8-28-39 
Adventures of Tartu, 

The-See: Tartu. 
Adventures of Tom Sawyer 

UA. .2-16-38 





Releasing Through 


•IrUidiiceb = ^'tcutl 


Adventuress * SEZ 1920 

Adventurous Blonde, The 

-WA. .11-30-37 
Adventurous Knights 

-AJ.. .6-7-35 
Adventurous Sex if AE. 6-21-25 
Adventurous Soul if HM.1928 
Advice to the Lovelorn 

- UA.. 12-14-33 

Aelita * AM 1929 

Aerial Gunner-PAR 1943 

Affair Lafont, The 

( French )-TRA. .10-24-39 
Affair of Cappy Ricks, The 

-REiP 5-29-37 

Affair of Susan-U 9-17-35 

Affair of the Follies, An if 

-FN. ..3-13-27 
Affair of Three Nations, An if 
PAT.. 11-4-15 
Affairs of a Gentleman 

-U.. 6-23-34 
Affairs of Anatol if 

PAR.. 9-1 8-21 
Affairs of Annabel-RKO. 7-13-38 
Affairs of Cellini-UA . . 5^5-34 
Affairs of Jimmy Valentine- 

REP. .3-31-42 
Affairs of Lady Hamilton if 

HOD. .4-29-23 
Affairs of Martha, The-MGM 
(Reviewed as "Once Upon a 

Thursday") . .5-21-42 
Affairs of Maupassant (Ger- 
man) -GAL. .2-17-38 
Affectionately Tours-WA . 5-9-41 

Affinities if HOD 1922 

Afghanistan if AM... 10-6-29 
Aflame in the Sky if FB0.1927 
Afraid to Fight if U.. 7-23-22 
Afraid to Love * PAR. 4-17-27 

Afraid to Talk-U 1932 

Africa (Spanish)-XX 1941 

Africa Speaks if COL. 9-21-30 
African Holidays if PES. 6-7-37 
After a Million if SU. . 5-18-24 
After Business Hours if 

PDC. .6-28-25 
After His Own Heart -fcM.1919 
After Marriage if SU. . .11-8-25 
After Mein Kampf — ?-CRY 

After Midnight if SEZ. 9-25-21 
After Midnight with Boston 

Blackie-COL 1943 

After Office Hours 

-M-G-M. .2-16-35 
After Six Days if ARC. 1922 
After the Ball * FBO . . . 1924 

After the Ball-F 3-18-33 

After the Dance-COL. .8-14-35 

After the Fog-BE 1-19-30 

After the Show if PAR. 10-9-21 
After the Storm if COL. 5-27-28 
After the Thin Man 

-M-G-M.. 12-7-36 
After the Verdict if 

BNE 1-26-30 

After the War if U 12-1-18 

After Tomorrow-F 3-6-32 

After Tonight-RKO . . . 10-26-33 
After Tour Own Heart if 

F... 8-7-21 

Aftermath if CP 12-17-27 

Aftermath if P|AR 1914 

Against All Odds if F. 7-27-24 
Against the Law if EP. .1922 
Against the Law-COL. .11-21-34 
Age for Love-UA. . .11-16-31 
Age of Consent-RKO. .8-25-32 
Age of Desire, The if 

FN 1-20-24 

Age of Indiscretion-MGM 

Age of Innocence. The if 

WA . . . 1924 
Age of Innocence-RKO 

Aggie Appleby, Maker of 

Men-RKO.. .10-19-33 

Agulis Frente Al Sol 

( Spanish) -LST 1932 

A-Haunting We Will Go-F. 7-8-42 
Ah. Wilderness-M-G-M . 11-15-36 
Ai Vostri Ordini Signora 

(Italian) -ESP.. .1940 
Ain't Love Funny if FBO. 1926 

Air Circus (PT)-F 9-9-28 

Air Devils-U 9-15-38 

Air Eagles-COT 12-27-31 

Air Force-WA 2-3-43 

Air Hawks if FBO 1926 

Air Hawks-COL 6-1-35 

Air Hostess-COL 1-21-33 

Air Legion if RKO. . .11-25-28 

Air Mail-U 1932 

Air Mail if PAR 3-29-26 

Air Mail Pilot if HM.. 5-13-28 

Air Patrol if U 1928 

Air Police-WW 3-22-31 

Air Police-KK 3-22-31 

Air Raid Wardens-MGM. 3-18-43 
Al Zuio Insieme (Italian) 

-CIL... 8-19-37 

Al Yeman if AM 1-11-31 

Alabaster Box if VIT...1917 
Aladdin and the Wonderful 

Lamp* F.. 10-11-17 
Aladdin from Broadway if 

VIT... 3-16-17 
Aladdin's Other Lamp if 

M... 7-5-17 
Alarm Clock Andy if PAR 


Alarma (Spanish) -XX 1939 

Alaska Highway-PAR . . . 6-24-43 

Alaska-MOP 10-10-44 

Alaskan if PAR 9-21-24 

Alaskan Adventures if 

PAT.. 1916 
Albany Night Boat if 

TIF ... 9-23-28 
Alcatraz Island- WA . . 1-21-38 
Alchet ( Polish ) - JEF ... 9-17-37 
Aldebaran (Italian) -XX 

Alex the Great if FBO. .3-18-28 
Alexander Hamilton-WA 

Alexander Nevsky (Russian) 

-AM. .3-29-39 
Alexander's Ragtime Band 

-F.. 5-28-38 

Alfs Button if FN 3-19-22 

Algiers-UA 6-28-38 

Ali Baba and the Forty 

Thieves if F. .12-1-18 
Ali Baba and the Forty 

Thieves-U 1-10-44 
Ali Baba Goes to Town 

-F.. 10-21-37 
Alias Boston Blackie-COL. .1942 
Alias Bulldog Drummond 

-GB... 9-10-35 
Alias French Gertie-RKO 

Alias Jimmy Valentine if 

M.. 4-11-20 
Alias Jimmy Valentine (PT 

-M-G-M.. 11-18-2 8 
Alias Julius Caesar if FN. 1922 
Alias Mary Brown if TRI. 8-4-18 

Alias Mary Dow-U 6-29-35 

Alias Mary Flynn if FBO 

Alias Mary Smith-MAF . 8-24-32 
Alias Mike Moran if PAR 

Alias Miss Dodd * U. . 6-13-20 
Alias Mrs. Jessup if M..1917 
Alias Phil Kennedy if FBO. 1922 
Alias the Bad Man-TLF 

Alias the Deacon if U. 6-26-27 
Alias the Deacon-U. . .5-20-40 
Alias the Dootor>FN. .3-6-32 
Alias the Lone Wolf if 

COL. .10-2-27 
Alias the Night Wind if 

F... 8-19-23 


Alibi-UA 4-14-29 

Alibi. The * VIT 8-10-16 

Alibi for Murder-COL. 10-2-36 

Alibi Ike-WA 7-17-36 

Alibi (French)AFE 1944 

Alibi-REP 3-31-43 

Alice Adams if AE ...6-24-23 
Alice Adams-RKO ...8-14-35 
Alice in Wonderland if PAT 

Alice in Wonderland 

UCO.. .9-20-31 
Alice in Wonderland-PAR 

Alice Through a Looking 

Glass if PAT. 1928 

Alien Souls if PAR 6-11-16 

Alimony if FBO 1-20-24 

Alimony Madness-MAF. . .6-5-33 

All Aboard if FN 4-10-27 

All American. The-U 1932 

All American Chump- M-G-M 

All-American Co-ed-UA 

All-American Sweetheart 

-COL 2-24-38 

All Around Frying Pan if 

FBO... 11-15-26 
All At Sea * M-G-M. . .6-6-29 

All By Myself -U 6-1-43 

All Dolled Up * U... 3-6-21 
All For a Husband if 

F.. .1917 
All For a Woman if FN 


All Man if PBW 11-30-16 

All Man if VIT 8-4-18 

All Men Are Enemies-F. 4-26-34 

All Night if U 12-1-18 

All of a Sudden Norma if 

BB. .1-5-19 
All of a Sudden Peggy if 

PAR. .1920 
All of Life in One Night 

(Italian) -XX 1940 

All of Me-PAR 2-3-34 

All Over Town-REP. . .8-26-37 
All Quiet on the Western Front 
-U... 4-27-30 
All Souls Eve if RE A.. 2-20-21 
All That Money Can Buy 

-RKO... 7-16-41 
(Reviewed as "Here Is a 
All the Brothers Were Valiant if 
M.. 1-21-23 
All the King's Horses 

-PAR. .2-13-35 
All the World To Nothing if 

PAT... 1918 
All the World's a Stage if 

PRI. .1922 
All This, and Heaven Too 

-WA... 6-17-40 
All Through the Night- 

WA.. 1-28-42 

All Woman if G 6-26-18 

All Women Have Secrets 

-PAR 1939 

All Wrong if PAT. . .5-18-19 
All's Fair in Love if G 

Alia En El Rancho Grande 

(Spanish) -XX. . .11-24-36 
Alle Tage 1st Kein Sonntag 

(German) -XX. . .7-16-36 
Allegheny Uprising-RKO 

Allergi Masnadieri (Italian) 

-XX 10-20-39 

Allergic to Love-U 5-12-44 

A lies um eine Frau (German) 

-XX... 12-24-35 
Alles Wesg'n Dem Hund 

(German) -XX. . .4-1-36 
All o tri a ( German ) -XX .... 1941 
Alma Jarocha (Spanish) 

-XX. 1938 
Aknas Encontradas-XX 7-7-33 

MARY I'll' kill II II 


for UNITED ARTISTS release 



from the smash Broadway musical 




Sam Coslow, Associate Producer 


Almighty Dollar if PBA 

Almost a Gentleman-RKO. . 1939 
Almost a Honeymoon-BI 

Almost a Husband if 

(J.. 10-19-19 
Almost a Lady if 

PDC. .9-19-26 
Almost Human * PAT.. 1927 

Almost Married-F 7-29-32 

Almost Married it M... 6-8-19 

Almost Married-U 6-10-42 

Aloha-TIF 2-1-31 

Aloha-ee * TRI 11-8-15 

Aloma of the South Seas it 

PAR. .5-23-26 
Aloma of the South Seas 

-PAR. . .8-28-41 

Alone ( S-SE ) -AM 6-6-32 

Along: Came Love-PAR. 10-6-36 
Along- Came Ruth if 

MG. .7-20-24 
Along Came Sally-GB. .6-16-34 
Along Came Youth-PAR. 1-11-31 
Along the Rio Grande-RKO 

Along the Sunset Trail- 

PRC. .1942 
Alpine Love ( Italian )-NUO 

Alpine Passion (German) -XX 


Alraune-UPA 5-7-34 

Alster Case if ES 12-16-15 

Altar Stairs, The if U.. 12-3-22 
Altars of Desire if MGM. 5-1-27 
Alte Kameraden (German) 

-XX. .4-29-36 
Altitude 3,200 ( French I - 

AFE. .1944 
Always a Bride-WA. . . .11-28-40 
Always a Bridesmaid-U. 9-29-43 
Always Audacious if PAR 


Always Goodbye-F 5-24-31 

Always Goodbye-F 6-27-38 

Always in My Heart-WA. 3-5-42 
Always in the Way if M. .1915 

Always in Trouble-F 8-19-38 

Always the Woman if 

G. .7-16-22 
Am Seidenen Faden 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Vmaneeldy ( Russian) -AM .. 1939 
Amarilly of Clothesline Alley if 

ART. .3-21-18 
Amateur Adventuress if 

M. .1919 

Amateur Daddy -F 4-24-32 

Amateur Devil. An if 

PAR. .1920 
Amateur Gentleman if 

FN. .9-12-26 
Amateur Gentleman, The 

-UA. .4-27-36 
Amateur Orphan if 

PAT. .5-24-17 
Amateur Widow ■*■ WO... 1919 
Amateur Wife if PAR.. 5-2-20 
Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 

WA. .6-21-38 
Amazinsr Mr. Forrest. Thp- 

PRC. .6-26-44 
Amazing Imposter it 

PAT. .1-26-19 
Amazing Lovers it JA. . . .1922 
Amazing Mr. Williams, The 

-COL. .11-22-39 
Amazing Mrs. Holliday, 

The-U 2-10-43 

Amazing Quest it HEP... 1924 
Amazing Vagabond if 

RKO. .4-28-29" 

Amazing Wife if U 3-9-19 

Amazing Woman if SEZ 

Amazon Head Hunters, The 

-PRI. .11-17-32 

Amazons if PAR 8-30-17 

Ambassador Bill-F 11-15-31 

Ambition if F 7-6-16 

Ambush-PAR 1-18-39 

Ambush Valley-REB. . .10-26-36 

America if UA 3-2-24 

America's Answer it 

BPI. .8-4-18 
American Aristocracy if 

FAT. .11-9-16 
American Beauty, An if 

FN. .10-2-27 
American Beauty if 

PAR. .6-29-16 
American Buds if F . . . .4-18-18 
American Consul if 

PAR. .2-22-17 
American Empire-UA. . 12-11-42 
American Gang Busters 

-TIM . . 4-3-40 
American Live Wire if 

VIT. .4-11-18 
American Madness-COL. .7-1-32 
American Maid if MT. . .12-6-17 
American Manners if 

FBO. .8-31-24 
American Methods if F. .5-24-17 
American Pluck if 

CHA. .10-18-25 
American — That's All if 

FAT. .6-7-17 
American Toreador it 

AN. .1922 
American Venus if 

PAR. .1-31-26 
American Way if WO... 7-6-19 
American Widow it 

M. .12-20-17 

Americano it FAT 1-4-17 

Amicizia (Italian ) -ESP. ... 1940 
Amo Te Sola (Italian) - 

NUO. .7-22-36 
Among Cannibals of the South 

Pacific •*• IND.. 7-28-18 
Among Human Wolves 

-FIA. .1940 
Among the Living-PAR. .9-4-41 
Among the Missing 

-COL. .9-25-34 
Among Those Present it 

PAT. .1921 
Amor Que Vuelve 

(Spanish) -KIT. .1935 
Amore E Dolore 

(Italian) -XX. .5-18-37 
Amore E Morte 

( Italian )-AUR. .10-6-32 
Amore Sulle Alpi 

(Italian) -ESP. .1939 
Amphitryon (French) 

GOB. .3-30-37 

An Alien if R 1915 

An Alien Enemy ir 

HOD. .4-25-18 
An Amateur if WO. .. .5-18-19 
An American Romanoe- 

MGM. .6-3-44 
An American Tragedy 

PAR. .8-9-31 
An Angel From Texas 

-WA. .5-15-40 
An Leva De Gamla Sudar 

( Swedish )-EUP. .11-16-37 
An Old Spanish Custom 

-HOF. .1-17-36 
An Old Sweetheart of Mine it 

M. .4-29-23 
An Orphan Boy of Vienna 

( German )-GFF. .9-17-37 

Anabel Lee •*■ JO 1921 

Ancestor, The ( Italian 1 

XX. .1938 
Ancient Highway it 

PAR. .11-22-25 
Ancient Law it MA... 12-7-24 
Ancient Mariner ■*■ F. . .1-10-26 
And a Still Small Voice it 

NF. .12-15-18 
And Now Tomorrnw- 

PAR. .10-18-44 
And One Was Beautiful 

-MGM. .4-17-4^ 
And So They Were Married 

-COL. .5-14 3'" 


And Sudden Death-PAR. . 6-6-36 
And the Angels Sing- 

PAR. .4-24-44 
And the Children Pay -ft 

TY. .1919 
Andalusian Nights 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
Andy Hardy's Double Life- 

MGM. .12-2-42 
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever 

-MGM . . 7-12-33 
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante 

-MGM. .7-2-40 
Andy Hardy's Blonde 

Trouble-MGM. .4-24-44 
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary 
-MGM. .2-20-41 

Angel-PAR 9-17-37 

Angel Child if HOD.. 9-15-18 

Angel Citizen •*• ME 7-30-32 

Angel Factory if PAT.. 9-13-17 
Angel of Broadway if 

PAT. .10-30-27 
Angel of Crooked Street if 

VIT 5-28-22 

Angel's Holiday-F 4-27-37 

Angelita ( Spanish ) -F ... 9-13-35 
Angels Over Broadway 

-COL. .11-22-40 
Angels Wash Their Faces 

-WA. .9-8-39 
Angels With Broken Wings 

-REP. .6-3-41 
Angels With Dirty Faces 

-WA. .10-24-38 
Animal Crackers-PAR . . . .8-3-30 
Animal Kingdom, The 

-RKO. .12-23-32 
Ankles Preferred it F.. 3-13-37 
Ann Carver's Profession 

-COL. .6-9-33 

Ann Vickers-RKO 9-29-33 

Ann's Finish it AMU... 4-4-18 
Anna (Russian)-AM. ... 7-18-36 
Anna Ascends it PAR. . 11-19-22 

Anna Christie-MGM 2-9-30 

Anna Christie if FN.. 11-25-23 

Anna Karenina if F 1915 

Anna Karenina-MGM. . .8-31-35 
Annabel Takes a Tour- 

RKO. .12-28-38 
Annabelle's Affairs-F. . .6-28-31 
Annapolis ( S-SE) -PAT. . .1928 
Annapolis Farewell 

-PAR. .8-23-35 
Annapolis Salute-RKO. . 8-17-37 
Anne Against the World if 

RA . 7-7-29 
Anne for Spite if AMU. '. 5-24-17 
Anne of Green Gables 

-RKO. .11-16-34 
Anne of Green Gables it 

REA. .11-23-19 
Anne of Little Smoky if 

AE. .1-15-22 
Anne of Windy Poplars 

-RKO. .6-19-40 
Annemarie, Die Braut der 

Companie-XX 1934 

Annette in Paradise 

( German ) -XX . . 3-10-36 
Annexing Bill if PAT.. 6-30-1 8 
Annie Laurie if M-G-M . . 6-5-27 
Annie Oakley-RKO. ... 10-29-35 

Another Dawn-WA 6-18-37 

Another Face-RKO. .. .11-18-35 
Another Language MGM . . 8-5-33 
Another Man's Boots if 

AY. .10-29-22 
Another Man's Shoes if 

U. .11-5-22 
Another Man's Wife it 

PDC. .1924 
Another Scandal ir 

PDC. .9-21-24 
Another Thin Man 

-MGM. .11-14-39 

Answer it TRI 4-18-18 

Anthony Adverse-WA . . .5-12-36 
Anticipated Day (Polish) 

-XX. .1939 
Antics (German)-XX 1938 


«_y« /^reparation 


Story by Elliot Paul 


By Harold Shumate from his novel 
in Technicolor 


Original by Gita Lewis and Silvia Lardner 
Screen story by I. A. L. Diamond 


Screenplay by Franz Spencer 


Virginia Perdue's best-selling psychological drama 


Based on Thompson Buchanan's stage play 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' 


by Griffin Jay and Marjorie Pfaelzer 
and for the Broadivay stage 


a dramatization of Ketti Frings' best-seller 

Now being Released by United Artists 
The Comedy of a Careless Stork 


Based on John Golden's 
hilarious stage hit 

Soon to Be Released by RKO 

Edgar Rice Burroughs' 


starring Johnny Weismuller, 
Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield 

•TiOflttcvl = ^tottd 


Antics of Ann * PAR. .12-13-17 
Anton the Terrible if 

fAit. .10-5-16 

Anush * -AM 11-11-32 

Any Wight •* AMU 1922 

Any Wile if F 1922 

Any Woman if PAR. .6-31-26 
Anybody Here been Kelly? if 

U. .10-21-28 
Anybody's Blonde-ACT. .11-1-31 
Anybody's War-PAR. .. .7-13-30 
Anybody's Woman 

-PAR. .8-17-30 
Anything: for a Thrill 

-CNN.. 6-22-37 
Anything- Once if CLP .. 6-21-36 
Anything Once if BL.. 10-18-1 7 

Apache if COL, 2-3-29 

Apache Kid, The-REP. . 9-19-41 
Apache Raider if PAT. .2-12-28 

Apache Trail-MGM 6-25-42 

Apaches of Paris if WW.. 1929 
Apaches of Paris if 

UFA.. 9-9-28 
Apartment Above (Polish) 

-XX.. 1938 
Apartment 29 if VIT. . .4-19-17 

Apassionata if FF 4-4-29 

Ape Man. The-MOP 3-1-43 

Ape, The-MOP 10-26-40 

Apostle of Vengeance if 

INC.. 6-15-16 
Appearance if PAR ...... 7-3-21 

Appearance of Evil if 

WO.. 10-13-18 

Applause-PAR 10-13-29 

Apple-Tree Girl if 

EDP. .10-11-17 
Appointment for Love 

U.. 10-28-41 
Appointment in Berlin- 

COL 7-26-43 

April Blossoms-MGM 1936 

April Folly if PAR 2-29-20 

April Fool if CHA 11-7-26 

April Romance-MGM 2-2-37 

April Showers if PRE. .11-11-23 
Arab, The * MG 7-6-24 

Arabian Knight * RC .' .' 8-1*5-26 

Arabian Nights-U 12-23-42 

Arabian Knightmare if 

PS. .1922 

Arabian Love if F 4-2-22 

Aranyember (Hungarian) 

DAN.. 5-11-37 
Are All Men Alike? if 

M.. 10-31-20 
Are Children to Blame? if 

CRD . . 1922 
Are Husbands Necessary?- . 

PAR.. 6-15-42 
Are Parents People? if 

PAR. .7-14-25 
Are These Our Children? 

-RKO. .11-15-31 
Are These Our Parents ?- 

MOP. .6-16-44 
Are We Civilized ?-RAS. .6-14-34 
Arc Women to Blame? if 

FD. .1928 
Are You a Failure? if 

PRE. .3-18-23 
Are You a Mason? if 

PAR. .1915 
Are You a Mason? 

-KAJ. .10-30-34 
Are You Legally Married? if 

THP. .4-6-19 
Are You Listening? 

-MGM. .4-24-32 

Are You There ?-F 1931 

Aren't We A11?-PAR 7-1-32 

Argentine Love if PAR. 12-28-24 
Argentine Nights-U. ... 10-15-40 

Argyle Case-WA 9-1-29 

Argyle Case * RSR 2-8-17 

Aria del Continente (AT- 

Italian) if ESP. .1939 

Ariane-BLR 3-8-34 

Arise, My Love-PAR. . .10-17-40 

Aristocracy if PAR 1914 

Arizona-COL 1931 

Arizona if ART 12-16-18 

Arizona-CUL 11-20-40 

Arizona Bound if PAR.. 6-1-27 
Arizona Bound-M OP. .. .7-18-41 
Arizona Cyclone if U....1928 

Arizona Cyclone-U 3-6-42 

Arizona Cyclone-FD 1935 

Arizona Cyclone-U 1941 

Arizona Days if SYW.. 4-28-29 

Arizona Days-GN 2-2-37 

Arizona Express ■*■ F . . 3-23-24 
Arizona Frontier-MOP. .10-28-40 
Arizona Gun Busters-PRC. .1940 
Arizona Gunflghter 

-REP. .9-24-37 

Arizona Kid-F 5-18-30 

Arizona Kid. The-REP. .10-3-39 

Arizona Legion-RKO 1939 

Arizona Mahoney-PAR . . 6-4-37 
Arizona Outlaw if WO... 1920 
Arizona Raiders, The 

PAR. .6-30-36 
Arizona Romeo ^F... .1-18-25 
Arizona Roundup-MOP. . . .1942 

Arizona Speed if AI 1928 

Arizona Stagecoach-MOP. . .1942 
Arizona Streak if FB0...1926 
Arizona Sweepstake if 

U.. 11-15-25 

Arizona Terror-TLF 9-27-31 

Arizona Terrors-REP 1-9-42 

Arizona to Broadway 

F. .7-22-33 

Arizona Trail-U 5-10-44 

Arizona Whirlwind-MOP. . .1944 
Arizona Whirlwind if 

PAT. .3-20-27 
Arizona Wildcat if F.. 1-29-28 
Arizona Wildcat-F ... .11-8-38 
Arizonian, The-RKO. . .7-27-35 
Arkansas Judge-REP. . .1-22-41 
Arkansas Traveler 

-PAR. .10-4-38 
Arm of the Law-MOP. . .7-1-32 

Armored Car-U 6-22-37 

Armored Vault if UFA . . . 1928 
Arms and the Girl if 

PAR.. 10-25-17 
Arms and the Woman -^r 

PAR.. 11-1 6-16 
Armstrong's Wife if 

PAR.. 11-25-15 

Army Girl-REP 7-19-38 

Army Surgeon-RKO. . . .10-26-42 

Army Wives-MOP 12-6-44 

Around the Corner-COL . . 5-4-30 

Around the World in 80 Minutes 

with Douglas Fairbanki- 

UA . . 11-22-31 

Around the World-RKO. 11-24-43 

Around the World Via Graf 

Zeppelin ( S-SE ) -TPE 

Arrest Bulldog Drummond 

-PAR.. 1-17-39 

Arrowsmith-UA 12-13-31 

Arsenal if AM 11-17-29 

Arsene Lupin-MGM. .. .2-28-32 
Arsene Lupin if GRE . . 2-22-17 
Arsene Lupin xteiaraw 

-MGM. .1-26-38 
Arsenic and Old Lace- 

WA. .9-1-44 
Arshim Mai Alan (Armenian) 

-XX. .3-15-37 
Arson Gang Busters 

REP. .4-4-38 
Artie, the Millionaire Kid if 

VIT. .1916 
Artists and Models-PAR. . 8-5-37 
Artists and Models Abroad 

-PAR . . 8-5-37 

Aryan. The if TRI 3-30-16 

Arzt Aus Leidenschaft 

(German) -XX. .1941 
As a Man Desires if 

FN. .2-22-25 
As a Man Lives if 

SEZ. .12-17-22 


As a Man ThiriKs if 

HOD. .4-xIU. 19 
As Dream and Shadow 

(Finnish) -XX. .1131 
As Good as Married-U . . 4-22. )> 

As Husbands Go-F l-27> / 4 

As in a Looking Glass if 

WO . . 3-9. 16 
As Man Made Her if 

PBW. .3-15 17 
As Men Love if PAR . . . 6-24- 17 
As No Man Has Loved if 

F. .2-15-25 
(Reviewed as "The Man With- 
out a Country") 
As the Devil Commands 

-COL. .9-1-33 
As the Earth Turns 

-WA. .2-15-34 
As the Sun Went Down if 

M. .1918 
As You Desire Me 

MGM.. 6-5-32 

As You Like It-F 11-6-36 


(German) -XX. .3-12-3* 
Asegure a Su Mujer 

( Spanish )-F. .3-12-35 
Ashamed of Parents if 

WA. .12-18-21 

Ashes if EC 1922 

Ashes of Embers if 

PAR. .10-12-16 
Ashes of Hope if TRI.. 10-4-17 
Ashes of Love if GRA. .10-6-18 
Ashes of Vengeance if 

FN.. 8-19-23 
Asi Es La Mujer (Spanish) 

-XX.. 10-22-36 

Asphalt if AP 5-11-30 

Assignment in Brittany- 

MGM 3-11-43 

At Bay if PAT 1922 

At Dawn We Die-REP. .3-25-43 
At Devil's Gorge if ARW. .1923 
At First Sight if PAR. .6-28-17 
At Piney Ridge ■* SEL. .4-27-16 

At the Circus-MGM 11-17-39 

At the Crossroads if AR. . .1922 
At the Edge of the World if 

UFA . . 6-23-29 
At the End of the World if 

PAR. .8-21-21 

At the Front-WA 2-25-43 

At the Mercy of Men if 

SEZ. .4-25-18 
At the Sign of the Jack 

O'Lantern if HOD.. 1-22-22 
At the South Pole if 

POL. .3-3-29 
At the Stage Door if 

FBO. .12-18-21 
At Your Orders, Madame 

(Italian) -ESP. .6-31-40 

Atlantic-BI 5-31-40 

Atlantic Adventure 

-COL. .9-10-35 

Atlantic City-REP 8-3-44 

Atlantic Convoy-COL. . .7-10-42 

Atlantic Flight-MOP 9-20-37 

Atom if TRI 9-15-18 

Atonement if PI 1920 

Atta Boy * PAT 10-3-26 

Atta Boy's Last Race if 

FAT. .10-19-16 

Attack !-RKO 6-8-44 

Attorney for the Defense 

-COL. .5-8-32 
Auction Block if MGM. .2-28-26 
Auction Block if RBG. .12-20-17 
Auction of Virtue if 

USA. .5-17-17 

Auctioneer if F 1-23-27 

Audrey * PAR 3-30-16 

Aufforderung Zum Tanz 

(German) -GFS. .11-26-35 
Aufruhr In Damaskus 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
August Week-End-CHE. .7-18-36 
Aunt of the Girls 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 


Aus Liebe Zum Vaterland 

( German )-AMT. .12-2-37 

Autumn if URE 3-9-16 

Autumn Crocus-AUT. . 10-25-34 
Autumn Love if AEP. .11-18-28 
Autumn Maneuvers 

( German )-CAO. .1939 
Avec L'Assurance (French) 

-PAR. .5-9-35 

Avenger, The-COL 4-19-31 

Aveng-er, The-MOP 10-4-33 

Avengers, The-PAR 1943 

Avenging- Rider, The- 

RKO 2-15-43 

Avalanche if ART 7-6-19 

Avalanche-FD 3-27-32 

Avalanche if PAR. ... 12-9-28 
Ave Maria (Italian) -KIT. . 1935 
Ave Maria (German) 

-UFA. .10-8-37 
Avec Le Sourire (French) 

MAZ. .2-9-39 
Avenging Fangs if 

PAT. .5-29-27 
Avenging- Rider if 

FBO. .11-11-28 
Avenging- Shadow if 

PAT. .4-1-28 
Avenging- Trail if M . . . .1-10-18 
Avenging- Waters-COL. .. .7-8-36 
Averag-e Woman if BR . . 2-3-24 

Aviator-WA 1929 

Avocate D'Amour (French) 

-REG. .9-14-38 
Awakening (S-SE)- 

UA. .11-18-28 
Awakening if PWO. ... 12-6-17 
Awakening- of Helen Ritchie if 

M. .1-18-17 
Awakening- of Jim Burke 

-COL. .5-18-35 
Awakening of Ruth if 

-EDP. .9-27-17 
Away Goes Prudence if 

PAR. .7-11-20 

Awful Truth-PAT 8-4-29 

Awful Truth if PDC. ... 7-5-25 
Awful Truth, The-COL. 10-11-37 
Aycie J. Pilsukskieg-o (Polish) - 

MPS. .3-13-35 
Az Ember Neha Tevd (Hun- 
garian )-HU. . .4-9-38 
Az Okos Mama (Hungarian! - 

XX. . .4-15-36 
Az uj Rokon (Hungarian )- 

XX. . .3 13 35 
Az Uj Foldesur (Hungarian) - 

DAN. .10-2-36 


Bab, the Fixer if BM. 8-30-17 
Bab's Burglar if PAR. 11-15-17 
Bab's Candidate if VIT. 7-4-20 
Bab's Diary if PAR. . .10-18-17 
Bab's Matinee Idol if PAR 

Babes on Broadway-M-G-M 

Babes on Swing Street-U. 9-18-44 

Babbitt-FN 12-15-34 

Babbitt if WA 7-20-24 

Babbling- Tongues if IV 

Babe Comes Home if FN 

Babes in Arms-M-G-M . 9-19-39 
Babes in the Woods if F. .1917 
Babes in Toyland-M-G-M 


Babette •*■ VIT 3-22-17 

Babies for Sale-COL. . 6-14-40 

Baboona-F 1-22-35 

Baby Cyclone (S-SE)- 

M-G-M. .10-7-28 
Baby Doll Bandit, A if U.... 

Baby Face-WB 6-24-33 

Baby Face Harrington- 

M-G-M. .6-19-35 

Baby Face Morgran-PRC. 7-22-42 
Baby Marie's Roundup if 

PAT. . .1919 
Baby Mine •*■ M-G-M ... 1-15-28 

Baby Mine if G 10-4-17 

Baby, Take a Bow-F . . 6-30-34 

Baby's Diplomacy if PAT 

Bachelor Apartment-RKO. 3-8-31 
Bachelor Apartments if 

ARW. .1921 

Bachelor Bait-RKO 7-20-34 

Bachelor Brides if PDC. 5-16-26 
Bachelor Daddy if PAR. 5-7-22 

Bachelor Daddy-U 7-3-41 

Bachelor Father-M-G-M. 2-1-31 
Bachelor Girl (PT)-COL 

Bachelor Mother-HOL. . 12-14-32 
Bachelor Mother- RKO. . .7-3-39 
Bachelor of Arts-F. .. 12-29-34 
Bachelor Quarters to Let 

(Hungarian) -XX. . .1940 
Bachelor's Affairs-F ... 6-25-32 
Bachelor's Baby if COL 

Bachelor's Children if VIT 

Bachelor's Club (S-SE)- 

PAP. . .1929 
Bachelor's Folly-WW. . 6-24-32 
Bachelor's Paradise if TIF 

Bachelor's Paradise 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Bachelor's Wife, A if 

PAT. .5-18-19 
Back Door to Heaven-PAR 

Background to Danger- 

WA 6-9-43 

Back From Shanghai if 

RAL. .3-23-30 
Back Home and Broke if 

PAR. .12-31-22 
Back in Circulation-WA 

Back in the Saddle-REP 

Back of the Man if INC 


Back Page-GEP 6-13-34 

Back Pay-FN 6-1-30 

Back Pay if PAR .... 2-19-22 

Back Stage •*■ TIF 6-26-27 

Back Staere-OB 8-12-37 

Back Street-TT 1032 

Back Street -U 2-5-41 

Back to God's Country if 

FN. .11-9-19 
Back to God's Country if 

U. .7-17-27 
Back to Liberty if 

EXP. .1-29-28 

Back to Life if AE 1925 

Back to Nature-F 8-14-36 

Back to the Woods if G 

Back to Yellow Jacket if 

ARW. .1922 

Back Trail if U 6-15-24 

Backbone if G 5-6-23 

Bad Boy if FAT 2-15-17 

Bad Boy-GAT 7-10-39 

Bad Boy-F 10-29-35 

Bad Company if AE... 3-29-25 

Bad Company-PAT 11-8-31 

Bad Girl-F 8-9-31 

Bad Guy-MGM 8-26-37 

Bad Lands-RKO 8-28-39 

Bad Lands if PDC 10-4-25 

Badlands of Dakota-U. . 8-29-41 
Bad Little Angel-M-G-M 


Bad Man if FN 10-7-23 

Bad Man, The-FN 9-28-30 

Bad Man, The-M-G-M. .4-4-41 


Bad Man from Red Butte- 

U.. 6-14-40 
Bad Man from Brimstone- 

M-G-M. .1-18-38 
Bad Man's Bluff * PAT. 1-30-27 
Bad Man's Money if SYN 

Ban Man of Deadwood- 

REP.. .9-16-41 
Bad Men of Missouri-WA 

Bad Men of the Hills- 

COL. .10-26-42 

Bad One, The-UA 3-18-30 

Bad Sister-U 4-5-31 

Badge of Couragre if VIT 

Badere of Honor-MAF. . 5-19-34 

Baffled •*• IND 1924 

Bag and Baggage if SEZ 

Bahama Passage-PAR . 12-10-41 

Bait • PAR 1-9-21 

Baited Trap •*■ RA 1926 

Baker's Wife. The (French) - 

BAB. .2-28-40 

Balalaika-M-O-M 12-15-39 

Baldevins Brollop ( Swedish )- 

SCA. .1-23-39 
Balinese Love •*■ TPE. .12-13-31 
Ball in Metropol (German) - 

XX. .1938 

Ball of Fire-RKO 12-2-41 

Ball of Glass ( German 1- 

XX . . 1 939 
Ballad of Cossack Golta 

(Russian) -AM. . . .3-2-38 
Ballerina ( French > - 

MAB. .11-9 38 

Ballet Girl + BRA 2-3-16 

Ballyhoo Buster if PAT 

Baltic Deputy (Russian )- 

AM. .9-16-37 

Bambi-RKO 5-27-42 

Band Plays On-M-G-M . . 1 2-22-34 

Bandbox -*■ HOD 11-30-19 

Bandit Buster • PAT... 1927 

Bandit Raneer-RKO 1942 

Bandit Trail, The-RKO. 9-5-41 
Bandit's Baby + FBO. 6-7-25 
Bandit's Son if FBO... 1927 
Bandolero The + W fl ol "4 
Bam'o On My Knee-F. . .12-1 -36 

Bank Alarm-GN 6-4-37 

Bank Dick. The-U 12-3-40 

Bantam Cowboy if FBO 


Bar 20-UA 7-21-43 

Bar-C Mystery ir PAT. 3-21 -26 

Bar-L Ranch-BTF 8-20-35 

Bar Nothin' if F 10-16-21 

Bar Sinister if HAW. .4-26-17 
Bar 20 Rides Asrain- 

PAR. .11-30-35 
Bar 20 .Tustiee-PAR ... .4-14-38 
Bar Z Bad Men-REP. .4-22-37 
Baratsasros Arcot Kerek 

(Hungarian) -XX. .10-8-36 

Barb-Wire if ARW 1922 

Barbara Frietchie * PDC 

Barbara Fritchie if M. 12-2-1 5 

Barbarian if PI 1921 

Barbarian. The-M-G-M. 5-13-33 
Barbarina Die Taenzerin Von 
Sanssouci (German) -CAP 


Barbary Coast-UA 9-24-35 

Birbary Coast Gent-MGM 8-3-44 
Barbary Sheep ir ART. 9-20-17 
Barbed Wire + PAR . . . 8-14-27 
Barcarole (German) -UFA 

Bardely's, The Magnificent if 

M-G-M. . .10-17-26 
Bare-Fisted Gallagher if 

HRM. . .6-29-19 


' 7wOuc MARCH • g^ FIELD 

lies Moorehead • Joan Carroll • Edit Angold 
and 1«ti*duct*u} SKIPPY HOMEIER 








Released thru United Artists 

SPiocUice/i = S^Umd 


Bare Fists if U 4-20-19 

Bare Knees * GOT. . .1-29-28 

Bare Knuckles ■*■ F 3-6-21 

Baree, Son of Kazan if 

VIT.. 5-21-18 
Baree. Son of Karzan + 

VIT.. 5-24-25 

Barefoot Boy -MOP 9-1-38 

Barefoot Boy. The if CBC 

Bargain-FN (Reviewed as 

"You and I") .. .9-6-31 
Bargain, The if PAR... 1914 

Bargains if BR 1923 

Barker ■* SEL 8-23-17 

Barker, The (PT) -FN. 12-9-28 

Barnacle Bill-MGM 7-2-41 

Barnstormer if FN 1922 

Barnum Was Right 

U.. 10-27-29 

Barnyard Follies-REP. .11-22-40 

Baroness and the Butler, The- 

F.. 2-15-38 

Barretts of Wimpole St.- 

M-G-M. ..9-8-34 

Barricade if FBO 10-9-21 

Barricade + M 3-8-17 

Barricade-F 12-14-3*9 

Barrier if M-G-M 4-4-26 

Barrier * RB 2-15-17 

Barrier, The-PAR 11-6-37 

Barriers Aflame if FN. .10-25-25 
Barriers Burned Away if 

AE. .12-21-24 
Barriers of Folly if RUL. .1922 

Barriers of Society if U 

Barriers of the Law if IND 


Bars of Hate-VIC 1935 

Bars of Iron if STL. . .3-6-21 
Bashful Bachelor, The- 

RKO. .3-19-42 
Bashful Buccaneer if RA 


Bat, The if UA 3-21-26 

Bat Whispers-UA 1-18-31 

Bataan-MGM 5-28-43 

Batalion (Czechoslovakian) 

XX 1939 
Bathing- Beauty -MGM . . 5-31-44 

Battle, The-GAG 11-21-34 

Battle Cry of Peace if 

VIT.. .9-16-15 
Battle for Siberia (Russian) - 

Battle of Broadway-F. .4-27-38 
Battle of Coronel and Falk- 
land Islands if LEE. 2-19-28 
Battle of Galopoli-CAP. 12-6-31 
Battle of Greed-CRE . . . 1-4-37 

Battle of Hearts if F 5-25-16 

Battle of Life if F 12-14-16 

Battle of Mons if ERA. 3-31-29 
Battle of Paris-PAR. . . .1929 

Battle of Russia-F 1943 

Battle of the Sexes- (S-SE) 

UA.. 10-14-28 
Battle With the Dragon 

(German) -XX. .1939 

Battler if WO 8-31-19 

Battlin' Kid if PS 1926 

Battling Buddy •*• ARC. 9-14-24 
Battling Bunyan if AE 

Battling Butler if M-G-M 


Battling Fool if GOL 1924 

Battling Jane if PAR.. 10-6-18 
Battling Orioles if PAT 

Battling Thru if PIZ...1928 

Bava if U 4-15-23 

Bawbs o' Blue Bridge if INC 

Be a Little Sport if F. 7-6-19 
Be Mine Tonight-U. .. .3-16-33 
Be My Wife if G 6-12-21 

Be Yourself-UA 3-0-30 

Beach of Dreams if RC. 6-26-21 
Beachcomber if PAR... 1916 
Beachcomber, The-PAR 


Beans if U 9-15-18 

Bear Cat if U 4-2-22 

Beast if F 7-27-16 

Beast of Borneo-DUW. 12-28-34 
Beast of the City, The- 

MGM. .3-13-32 
Beasts of Berlin, See Goose Step 
Beating the Game if G 

Beating the Odds if VIT 

Beatrice Fairfax if WTL 


Beau Bandit-RKO 6-15-30 

Beau Broadway if M-G-M 

Beau Brummell if WA. 4-13-24 

Beau Geste * PAR 8-15-26 

Beau Geste-PAR 7-24-39 

Beau Ideal-RKO 1-11-31 

Beau Revel if PAR 3-20-21 

Beau Sabreur if PAR. . .1-29-28 
Beautiful Adventure if 

EMU. .10-25-17 
Beautiful and Damned if 

WA... 12-17-23 
Beautiful Blue Danube if 

AY.. 1929 
Beautiful But Broke-COL. .1944 
Beautiful But Dumb if 

TIF.. 9-9-2 8 
Beautiful Cheat * U... 2-7-26 
Beautiful City if FN.. 11-1-25 
Beautiful Gambler if U. 6-26-21 
Beautiful Liar if FN... 1921 
Beautiful Lie if M... 5-31-17 
Beautiful Sinner if PFT. 5-24-25 
Beautifully Trimmed if U 

Beauty and Bullets if 

U. .1-20-29 
Beauty and the Bad Man if 

PDC. . .1925 
Beauty and the Barge if 


Beauty and the Boss-WA 

Beauty and the Rogue if 

AMU.. .2-21-18 
Beauty for the Asking- 

RKO.. 2-16-39 
Beauty for Sale-M-G-M . . 9-13-33 
Beauty in Chains if BL. 4-11-18 
Beauty of the Pustra (Hun- 
garian) -XX. . .1938 
Beauty Market if FN... 1919 

Beauty Parlor-CHE 10-4-32 

Beauty Prize if MG 10-5-24 

Beauty-Proof if VIT... 6-8-19 
Beauty Shop if PAR . . . 5-14-22 
Beauty Shoppers if TIF. 7-3-27 
Beauty's Daughter-F .... 9-17-35 
Beauty's Worth if PAR. 4-9-22 
Because I Love You ( German )- 

AGF . . . 2-2-30 
Because of a Woman if 

TRI. . .12-13-17 
Beckoning Flame if TRI 

Beckoning Roads if RC 

Beckoning Trail if RED 


Becky if M-G-M 10-16-27 

Becky Sharp-RKO 6-14-35 

Bed of Roses-RKO 7-1-33 

Bedroom Window if PAR 


Bedside-FN 3-6-34 

Bedtime Story. A-PAR . . 4-22-33 
Bedtime Story-COL. . . . 12-10-41 


Bedzie Llepel (Polish) - 

KIP.. .4-9-37 
Beethoven Concerto (Russian) - 
AM. . .3-3-37 
Beethoven's Great Love 

(French) -FRM. . .1-29-37 
Befehl 1st Befehl ( German )- 

XX. . .11-30-36 
Before Dawn-RKO .... 10-17-33 
Before I Hang-COL. . .10-4-40 
Before Midnight * GBG. .7-5-26 

Before Midnight-COL 1933 

Before Morning if 

GRC. 10-19-33 
Before the White Man Came if 
ARW. . .1920 
Beg, Borrow or Steal-M-G-M 

Beggar in Purple if 

PAT.. 11-7-20 
Beggar of Cawnpore if 

INC. .4-27-16 
Beggar on Horseback if 

PAR. . .7-14-25 
Beggar Prince if RC... 2-1-20 
Beggar Student if AGF.. 1929 
Beggar Woman if PAT. 3-14-18 
Beggar's Holiday-TOW. 8-17-34 
Beggars in Ermine- 

MOP. .2-14-34 
Beggars of Life (PT)- 

PAR. .9-30-28 
Behind Closed Doors if 

COL.. .8-4-29 
Behind Closed Doors if TE 

Behind Jury Doors- 

MAF. .3-15-33 
Behind Masks if PAR. 7-10-21 
Behind Office Doors-RKO 

Behind Prison Bars-MOP 

Behind Prison Gates-COL 

Behind Prison Walls-PRC. 2-4-43 
Behind Stone Walls-MAF 


Behind that Curtain-F 1929 

Behind the Altar * AEP 

Behind the Curtain if U 

Behind the Curtain (Egyp- 
tian) -XX. . .1939 
Behind the Door if PAR 

Behind the Eight Ball- 

U.. 12-21-42 
Behind the Evidence-COL 

Behind the Front if PAR 

Behind the German Lines if 

PAR. . .12-9-28 
Behind the Rising Sun- 

RKO 7-21-43 

Behind Green Lights-MAO 

Behind the Headlines-RKO 

Behind the Lines if BL. . .9-7-16 
Behind the Lines in Italy if 

ROM.. .9-22-18 
Behind the Makeup-PAR 

Behind the Mask-COL. . 5-1-32 
Behind the Mask * NF 

Behind the Mike-U. .. 11-2-37 
Behind the News-REP. 12-23-40 
Behind the Scenes if PAR 

Behold This Woman if 

VIT . . . 7-27-24 
Behold My Wife if PAR 


.TMitfacek = 3%cud 


Behold My Wife-PAR. 2-16-36 
Bei Der Blonden Kathrein- 

BAU. 12-5-34 
Being Respectable if WA 

Belgian, The * OCP. .. 11-1-17 
Believe Me, Xantippe if 

PAR. 5-19-18 
Bell Boy 13 * FN... 2-11-23 
Bella Donna -* PAR... 2-9-18 
Bella Donna * PAR.. 4-22-23 

Bella Donna-OLM 2-26-36 

Bella of Brutte Si Sposan Tutte 

(Italian) -ESP. .1940 
Bellamy Trial (PT)-M-G-M 

Belle of Alaska * AR. 2-26-22 
Belle of Broadway * COL 

Belle of New York if 

SEZ. . .1919 
Belle of the Nineties-PAR 

Belle of the Season if M 


Be:ie of the Yukon-RKO. 12-6-44 

PWO. .7-19-17 

Belle Starr -F 8-22-41 

Bells + PAT 9-22-18 

Bells * CHA 10-31-26 

Bells of Capistrano-REP. 9-16-42 
Bells of San Juan if 

F. .10-15-22 

Beloved-U 1-27-34 

Beloved Adventuress if 
Beloved Bachelor 

-PAR. .10-18-31 
Beloved Blackmailer if 

WO. .8-18-18 

Beloved Brat-WA 5-5-38 

Beloved Brute * VIT. . 11-16-24 
Beloved Cheater if RC. .11-16-19 

Beloved Enemy-UA 12-12-36 

Beloved Imposter if 

VIT. .11-15-18 

Beloved Jim if BL 12-20-17 

Beloved Rogue if UA. .12-15-18 

Beloved Traitor if G 3-7-18 

Beloved Vagabond if 

PAT. .12-9-15 
Beloved Vagabond if 

FBO. .4-13-24 
Beloved Vagabond, The 

COL. .2-9-37 
Below the Border-MOP. . . .1942 
Below the Deadline if 

AHR. .1921 
Below the Deadline if 

CHE. .6-23-29 
Below the Deadline 

CHE . . 6-6-36 
Below the Line if WA . . 9-27-25 

Below the Sea-COL 6-3-33 

Below the Surface if 

PAR. .6-13-20 

Ben Blair * PAR 3-9-16 

Ben Hur if MGM 1-24-26 

Ben Hur * MGM 12-6-31 

Beneath Western Skies- 

REP. .5-25-44 

Bengal Tiger- WA 7-7-36 

Benson Murder Case 

PAR. .4-13-30 
Bergslagsfolk ( Spanish )- 

SCA. .3-15-38 

Berkeley Square-F 9-15-33 

Berlin After Dark if 

WW. .6-2-29 
Berlin Alexanderplatz- 

XX. .5-13-33 
Berlin Correspondent-F. . 8-17-42 
Berlin, the Symphony of a 

Big City if F. .1928 
Bermuda Mystery -F .... 4-24-44 
Bertha the Sewing Machine 

Girl if F. .1-16-27 
Best Bad Man if F. . . .12-6-25 
Best Foot Forward-MGM . 6-30-43 
Best Man if RAL 1917 

Best Man if HH 4-27-19 

Best Man Wins-COL 1-2-36 

Best of Enemies if 

SKT. .11-11-15 

Best of Enemies-F 7-17-33 

Best of Luck * M 7-11-20 

Best People if PAR. . .11-1-25 
Besuch Am Abend ( German )- 

XX. .7-8-37 

Betrayal if GLO 5-5-29 

Betrayal ( French ) - 

WO. .9-21-39 
Betrayal, The (S-SE)- 

PAR. .5-12-29 

Betrayed * F 9-27-17 

Betsy Ross * PWO 10-18-17 

Betsy's Burglar * FAT.. 3-1-17 

Better Days if TPC 1928 

Better Half * SE 9-15-18 

Better Man * AY 11-13-21 

Better Man * FBO. ... 8-15-26 
Better Man Wins if 

SAN. .10-22-22 
Better 'Ole if WA. ... 10-17-26 

Better 'Ole if WO 3-9-19 

Better Times if BRE.. 6-15-19 

Better Way if COL 1926 

Better Wire if SE .... 7-13-19 
Better Woman if TE.. 11-11-15 
Bettina Loved a Soldier If 

BL. .8-3-16 
Betty and the Buccaneers if 

MT. .1917 
Betty Takes a Hand * 

TRI. .1-3-18 
Betty to the Rescue if 

PAR. .1-18-17 
Between Dangers if 

PAT. .1-30-27 
Between Fighting Men- 

WOW. .10-16-33 
Between Friends if 

VIT. .4-20-24 
Between Men if TRI. . . .12-9-15 
Between Men-SUM .... 10-29 35 
Between Parents ( German )- 

UFA . . 1938 
Between Two Women- 

MGM. .12-18-44 
Between Two Women- 

MGM. .6-29-37 
Between Two Worlds- 

WA. .5-5-44 
Between Two Worlds if 

ARC. .7-15-23 
Between Two Worlds 

(Italian) -ESP. .2-12-40 

Between Us Girls-U 9-3-42 

Beverly of Graustark if 

MGM. .5-2-26 
Beware of Bachelors (PT)- 

WA. .1-20-29 
Beware of Blondes if 

COL. .8-26-28 
Beware of Ladies-REP. . 1-12-37 
Beware of Married Men 

(S-SE)-WA. .1-29-28 
Beware of Strangers if 

FIL. .1918 
Beware of the Bride if 

F. .10-24-20 
Beware of the Law if 

JAW. .4-8-23 
Beware of Widows if 

U. .4-17-27 
Beware, Spooks !-COL. .. 11-9-39 

Beyond if PAR 9-11-21 

Beyond All Odds •* CHE.. 1926 
Beyond Bengal-SHP. .. .4-25-34 
Beyond London's Lights if 

FBO. .2-19-28 

Beyond Price if F 5-8-21 

Beyond Shadows if TRI 

Beyond the Bend ■*• SEZ.. 1922 
Beyond the Blue Horizon- 

PAR. .5-7-42 
Beyond the Border if PDC. .1928 
Beyond tfce Crossroads if 

PI. .1922 
Beyond the Last Frontier- 

REP 11-12-43 








Beyond the Law-SYN. .11-2-30 
Beyond the Law if 

SOF. .12-8-18 
Iejond the Law-COL. .. 7-31-34 
b. yoiid the Rainbow if 

BEN. .2-26-22 
Beyond the Rio Grande 

BIF. .5-4-30 
Beyond the Rockies if 

FBO. .1926 
Beyond the Roekies- 

Beyond the Rocks -fc 

PAR. .5-14-22 
Beyond Sacramento 

COL. .5-8-41 
Beyond the Sierras if 

MGM. .12-16-28 
Beyond the Trail if 

CHE. .1926 
Beyond the Wall if 

PHO. .4-29-28 
Beyond Tomorrow- 

RKO. .9-30-40 
Beyond Victory-PAT. . .4-12-31 
Biif Bang Buddy * ARC. 10-5-24 
Big Adventure if U.... 4-17-21 
Bluff, The-TOW. .10-11-33 
Bonanza, The-REP. . . .1944 

Boss Tht-COL 5-20-41 

Boy-WA 9-14-30 

Boy Rides Again-FD. . 1935 

Brain, The-RKO 8-5-33 

Big Broadcast, The- 

PAR. .10-15-32 
Big Broadcast of 1936 
Big Broadcast of 1937- 

PAR. .10-6-36 
Big Broadcast of 1938 

Big Brother if PAR 12-30-23 

Big Brown Eyes-PAR. . . .5-2-36 

Big Business-F 4-13-37 

Big Business Girl-FN. . . .6-14-31 

Big Cage, The-U 5-10-33 

Big Calibre-COE 1935 

Big Chance, The-GRC. . 8-30-33 

Big City if MGM 4-1-28 

Big City, The-MGM. . .8-30-37 

Big City Blues-WA 9-10-32 

Big Dan if F 10-28-23 

Big Diamond Robbery if 

RKO. .4-21-29 
Big Drive, The (S-SE)- 

FD. .1-20-33 
Executive-PAR. . .10-19-33 

Fight- WW 5-11-30 

Gamble-PAT 9-27-31 

Game if M 8-21-21 

Big Game. The-RKO 9-29-36 

Big Guy, The-U 1-8-40 

Big Happiness if RC 9-5-20 

Big Hearted Herbert- 

WA. .11-13-34 

Hop if JOE 10-7-28 

House-MGM 6-29-30 

Jim Garrity if 

Killing * PAR . . 
Little Person if U. 
Big Money-PAT . . 
Big News-PAT. . . 
Big Noise if FN 
Big Noise. The-F . 
Big Noise, The-WA 
Big Pal if ROY . . 
Big Parade •*■ MGM 

Big Party -F 

Big Pond, The-PAR 
Big Punch if F. . . 
Big Race-SHP. . . . 
Big Shakedown-FN 

• AE.. 

• PAR. 
• EC. 

Big Stampede, The- 
WA. .11-11-32 



















. .7-8-28 
. . .1919 
. . .1926 
. . 2-9-34 
. . 6-4-42 
. .9-7-16 
. . .1922 



Direction by DOUGLAS SIRK 


tficduceh - SPtcttd 






Store. The-MGM 6-18-41 

Street, The-RKO 8-7-42 

Timber * PAR 6-28-17 

Timber * U 8-3-24 

Timber-COL 7-11-32 

Time-F 9-15-29 

Big Time or Bust-TOW. .1-10-34 

Big- Town-INV 12-22-32 

Big Town Czar-U 5-11-39 

Big: Town Girl-F 11-13-36 

Big Town Ideas if F. . 5-15-21 
Town Round-up if 

F. .7-10-21 

Trail-F 10-12-30 

Tremaine if M.... 12-7-16 

Bigamist if FBO 4-2-22 

Bigger Man if M 9-23-15 

Bigger Than Barnum's if 

FBO. .7-4-26 
Biggest Show on Earth, The if 

PAR. .5-2-18 
Bill Apperson's Boy if 

FN. .7-20-19 
Bill Cracks Do wn-REP. .3-22-37 

Bill Henry if PAR 9-7-19 

Bill of Divorcement if 

AE. .10-15-22 
Bill of Divorcement- 

RKO . . 9-17-32 
Bill of Divorcement, A- 

RKO. .4-8-40 
Billion Dollar Scandal 

PAR. .1-7-33 

Billions if M 12-5-20 

Billy Jim * FBO 2-12-22 

Billy the Kid-MGM 10-19-30 

Billy the Kid-MGM 5-29-41 

Billy the Kid in Texas- 

K'uy rhe Kid UPturns- 

^RP .9-16-38 
Billy the Kid Outlawed- 

PRC. .1940 
Billy the Kid Trapped- 

PRC. .4-21-42 
Billy the Kid Wanted- 

PRC. .11-28-41 
Billy the Kid's Fighting- Pals- 

PRC. .4-10-41 
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice 

PRC. .1940 
Billy the Kid's Roundup- 

PRC. .12-24-41 
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns- 

PRC. .8-17-42 
Biography of a Bachelor Girl- 

MGM. .1-9-35 
Bird of Paradise- 

RKO. .8-12-32 

Bird of Prey * F 8-11-18 

Birds of Prey if COL.. 5-22-27 
Birobidjan (Russian) 

AM. .10-8-36 

Birth if UG 4-19-17 

Birth of a Man if 

MOS. .5-18-16 
Birth of a Nation if UA. .1915 
Birth of a Soul if VIT. .2-1-20 
Birth of Democracy if 

FRA. .1-17-18 
Birth of Patriotism if 

RED. .4-26-17 
Birth of the Blues- 

PAR . . 9-3-41 
Biscuit Eater, The- 

PAR. .4-12-40 
Bishop Misbehaves. The- 
MGM. .9-28-35 
Bishop Murder Case- 

MGM. .2-2-30 
Bishop of the Ozarks if 

FBO . . 1 923 
Bishop's Carriage if PAR. .1922 
Bishop's Emeralds if 

PAT. .6-1-19 
Bit of Heaven if EXP.. 8-19-28 
Bit of Jade if AMU. .4-18-18 
Bit of Kindling- ■*• BM.. 6-28-17 
Bit of Music ( German )- 

XX 1940 
Bits of Africa if MGM '.'.1938 

Bits of Life if FN 9-4-21 

Bitter Apples if WA .... 6-5-27 

Bitter Fruit if ARW 1921 

Bitter Sweet-UA 8-25-33 

Bitter Sweet-MGM 10-20-40 

Bitter Sweets * PEE. . .9-23-28 
Bitter Tea of General Yen- 

COL. .1-12-33 

Bitter Truth if F 1-18-17 

Bizarre Bizzarre (French) - 

LEN. .4-14-39 

Black Ace if PAT 9-2-28 

Black Aces-U 8-25-37 

Black Bag if U 6-4-22 

Black Bandit-U 11-21-38 

Black Beauty * VIT 1-9-21 

Black Beauty-MOP. . . .8-23-33 

Black Bird if MGM 2-7-26 

Black Butterflies if 

QU. .10-14-28 
Black Butterfly if M.. 12-21-16 

Black Camel-F 7-5-31 

Black Cargoes of The South 

Seas if BIG. .7-23-29 

Black Cat-U , 5-19-34 

Black Cat, The-U . .... .4-28-41 

Black Circle if WO 10-19-19 

Black Churl, The ( Spanish) - 

XX. . 1940 
Black Crook if KAL . . i -13-16 
Black Cruise (PT)- 

BER. .1929 
Black Cyclone if PAT.. 5-24-25 
Black Diamond Express if 

WA 7-3-27 
Black Diamonds-U 9-11-40 

. .10-3-20 
. .10-6-29 
. .9-16-39 
WA. .3-2-39 

Black Doll-U 1-25-38 

Black Dragons-MOP. .. .3-12-42 

Black Eyes •*■ TRI 1919 

Black Fear if RA 3-10-29 

Black Fear * M 1-13-16 

Black Feather if DAI 1928 

Black Friday * RED.. 8-31-16 

Black Friday-U 4-5-40 

Black Fury -FN 3-28-35 

Black Gate if VIT 1920 

Black Gold * ST 1924 

Black Hills if BIG 6-30-29 

Black Hills Express, The- 

REP 9-22-43 

Black Jacket ( Chinese )- 

XX 1939 
Black is White if PAR. .3-14-20 
Black King-, The- 

SOU. .7-15-32 

Black Legion-WA 12-30-36 

Black Lightning- if 

GOT. .11-16-24 
Black Limelight- ALL. .. .7-6-39 

Black List if PAR 3-2-16 

Black Magic-MOP 7-26-44 

Black Magic (S-SE)-F. .9-1-29 
Black Market Rustlers- 

MOP 8-31-43 

Black Moon-COL 6-28-34 

Black Orchids if U 1917 

Black Oxen if FN 1-13-24 

Black Panther's Cub if 

EQU. .2-20-21 
Black Parachute, The- 

COL. .6-5-44 
Black Paradise if F. . . .6-13-26 

Black Pirate * UA 3-21-26 

Black Raven, The-PRC .... 1943 

Black Room-COL 8-13-35 

Black Roses if RC. .. .4-17-21 
Black Sea Fighters-ARQ. 8-20-43 
Black Shadows if PAT. .5-13-23 

Black Sheep-F 6-28-35 

Black Sheep of the Family if 


. Black Shirts 4-12-34 

Black Spider if PS 

Black Stork * WAR 4-5-17 

Black Swan. The-F. .. 10-16-42 
Black Tears if HPI. .. .7-3-27 

Black Tulip if PS 

Black Watch-F 5-26-39 

Black Waters-WW 4-7-29 

Black Wolf if PAR 2-15-17 

Blackbirds if REA .... 12-12-20 


Blackbirds if PAR 10-15-21 

Blackguard if LBR 1926 

Blackie's Redemption if 

Blackjack if F. 
Blackmail if M. 
Blackmail-WW . 
Blackout-UA . . . 
BlackweU's Island- 
Blame the Woman- 

PRI. .10-22-32 
Blanchette if PPR. .. .11-6-21 

Blarney if MGM 10-10-26 

Blarney Kiss-PRI 8-19-33 

Blaze Away if PIL 4-16-22 

Blaze O' Glory- WW. ... 1-5-30 
Blazing Arrows if AP0..1922 
Blazing Barriers-MOP . . 11-16-37 

Blazing Days if U 1927 

Blazing Guns-MOP. ... 10-19-43 
Blazing Justice-SPE .... 1-29-36 

Blazing Love if F 5-4-16 

Blazing Six Shooters- 
- . COL.. 3-12-40 

Blazing Sixes-WA 1937 

Blazing Trail if U 1921 

Blessed Event-WA 8-23-32 

Blind Adventure if VIT. . 1-10-18 
Blind Adventure-RKO. .10-31-33 

Blind Alibi-RKO 6-24-38 

Blind Alibi-COL 5-29-39 

Blind Alleys if P 3-20-27 

Blind Bargain * G. . . .12-10-22 

Blind Circumstances if 

_,. J CC. .1922 

Blind Date-COL 8-31-34 

Blind Goddess * PAR.. 4-18-26 

Blind Hearts if FN 10-16-21 

Blind Husbands if U. . 10-19-19 
Blind Justice if DAB. . . .9-28-16 

Blind Love if BAT 1-18-20 

Blind Man's Eyes if M 1919 

Blind Man' Luck if 

Blind Wives if F. . . . 
Blind Youth if NF..!.„ 
Blinde Passagiere (German)- 

XX.. 3-12-37 
Blinded Trail if U.... 4-20-19 

Blindfold (S-SE)-F 12-30-28 

Blindfolded if HOD 5-2-18 

Blindfolded Eyes (Spanish) - 

„,. „ XX. .1939 

Blinding Trail if U 1919 

Blindness of Devotion if 

MI M F. .11-18-15 

Blindness of Divorce if 

„,. a F.. 5-2-18 

Blindness oj Love if 

„,. , ROL. .8-16-16 

Bhnky if U 8-26-23 

Blitzkreig in the West- 

( German) -XX. .1940 

Blizzard if F 2-24-24 

Block Busters-MOP . . . 8-15-44 
Block Signal if LUM. . 10-10-26 
Blockade (PT)-RKO. .. .12-9-28 

Blockade-UA 6-9-38 

Blocked Trail, The-REP. . . 1043 

Blockheads-MGM 8-19-38 

Blonde Captive-IML. .. 12-13-31 
Blonde Carmen, The 

(German) -XX. .1939 

Blonde Cheat-RKO 1938 

Blonde Comet. The-PRC. . 1941 

Blonde Crazy-WA 12-6-31 

Blonde Fever-MGM .... 12-5-44 
Blonde for a Night if 

PAT. .9-23-28 
Blondie for Vict ory-COL. . 1942 
Blonde from Singapore, The- 

COL. .8-29-41 
Blondie Goes to College- 

COL. .3-2-42 
Blonde Inspiratlon- 

MGM. .2-17-41 
Blonde or Brunette if 

PAR. .1-16-27 
Blonde Saint if FN. . . .11-18-96 

. .1-9-21 


Currently in Production on 







•fmditcii - Srwiid 


Blonde Trouble-PAR 8-11-37 

Blonde Vampire if FBO. . .1922 

Blonde Venus-PAR 9-24-32 

Blondes at Work-WA. .3-10-38 
Blondes by Choice if 

LUM. .1927 

Blondie-COL 11-7-38 

Blondie Brings Up Baby- 

COL. .11-8-39 
Blondie Goes Latin- 

COL. .2-27-41 
Blondie Has Servant Trouble- 

COL. .10-9-40 
Blondie in Society-COL. . . 1941 
Blondie Johnson-FN. .. .3-1-33 
Blondie Meets the Boss- 

COL. .5-1-39 
Blondie of the Follies- 

MGM. .9-2-32 
Blondie on a Budget- 

COL. .4-10-40 
Blondie Plays Cupid- 

COL. .12-6-40 
Blondie Takes a Vacation- 

COL. .9-14-39 
Blondie's Blessed Event- 

COL. .1942 
Blood and Sand ir 

PAR. .8-13-22 

Blood and Sand-F 5-22-41 

Blood and Steel if 

IND. .3-1-25 
Blood Barrier if PAT. . .4-3-20 
Blood Marriage ( Spanish )- 

XX 1939 

Blood Money-UA 11-11-33 

Blood of His Fathers if 

HAD. .11-29-17 

Blood Ship if COL 7-31-27 

Blond Will Tell if F 1-15-28 

Blood Will Tell * INC. .3-29-17 

Bloodhound * FBO 1925 

Blooming Angel if G 2-15-20 

Blossom Time-BI 7-26-34 

Blossoms in the Dust- 

MGM. .6-23-41 
Blossoms on Broadway- 

PAR.. 11-17-37 

Blot. The if FBW 8-21-21 

Blow Your Own Horn if 

FBO.. 11-4-23 

Bludgeon if EQW 10-28-13 

Blue Angel-PAR 11-16-30 

Blue Bandanna if RC....1919 

Blue Bird * ART 4-4-18 

Blue Bird, The-F 1-22-40 

Blue Blazes if RGR. .. .2-21-18 

Blue Blazes if U 1-10-26 

Blue Blood * CHA 1926 

Blue Blood if G 5-2-18 

Blue Blood and Red ir 

F. .4-6-16 
Blue Bonnet if HOD. . . .8-31-19 

Blue Danube-MUN 11-7-34 

Blue Danube ir PAT 1928 

Blue Eagle if F 9-19-26 

Blue Envelope Mystery if 

VIT. .10-19-16 
Blue Eyed Mary if F. . 5-26-18 

Blue Grass if EQW 1<*21-15 

Blue Jeans * M 3-28-18 

Blue Light-DUW 6-8-34 

Blue Montana Skies-REP. 5-4-39 

Blue Moon if PAT 1921 

Blue Mountain Mystery if 

FBO . . 1922 

Blue Pearl if SEZ 3-7-20 

Blue Skies (S-SE)-F. . .7-7-29 
Blue Squadron ( Spanish )- 

XX. . 1938 

Blue Steel-MOP .'5-5-34 

Blue Streak if FBO 3-7-26 

Blue Streak. The if F. .4-12-17 
Blue Streak McCoy if U. .8-1-20 

Blue Sunday if U 1921 

Blue, White and Perfect- 

F.. 12-19-41 

Blue Waters if NBR 1924 

Bluebeard, Jr. if ARL 1922 

Bluebeard-PRC 10-19-44 

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife if 

PAR. .8-12-23 

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife- 

PAR. .3-18-38 

Bluebeard's Seven Wives if 

FN. .1-3-26 

Blues in the Night- 


Bluff if AMU 

Bluff if PAR 

Bluffer if WO 

Blushing Bride if F. 

Blyge Anton 

. . . 5-4-24 
. .1-26-19 
( Swedish) - 

XX. .1941 
Boarding House Filoda 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Boaster, The if GER. .. .2-6-27 
Boat from Shanghai, The- 

FTA. .1932 
Bob Hampton of Placer if 

FN. .5-8-21 

Bobbed Hair if PAR 3-26-22 

Bobbed Hair if WA 11-8-25 

Bobbie of the Ballet if 

BL. .6-1-16 
Bobby Burnit if PAR.... 1914 
Bockbierf est ( German ) - 

BLO. .4-5-31 

Body and Soul-F 3-15-31 

Body and Soul if FWO. .12-2-15 

Body and Soul * M 10-17-20 

Body and Soul if 

MGM. .11-13-27 
Body Disappears, The-WA. .1941 

Body Punch if U 10-28-28 

Bolero-PAR 2-17-34 

Bohemian Dancer if 

SYN 5-19-29 
Bohemian Girl if SEZ.. 2-11-23 
Bohemian Girl, The- 

MGM. .2-6-36 
Bohemian Life ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1939 
Bohemios (Spanish) -CIX. . 8-7-35 
Boiling Point, The-AP. . 11-3-32 
Bold Caballero, The- 

REP. .12-3-36 

Bolibar if BI 1928 

Boliche (Spanish) -XX. .6-31-35 
Bolshevism on Trial if 

SE. .5-11-19 

Bolted Door if U 2-25-23 

Bombardier-RKO 5-13-43 

Bombay Clipper-U 1-19-42 

Bombay Mail-U 1-6-34 

Bomben Auf Monte Carlo- 

XX. .9-28-33 

Bomber's Moon-F 7-9-43 

Bombs Over Burma-PRC. 7-16-42 
Bombs Over London- 

FIA 9-18-39 

Bombshell-MGM !io-ll-33 

Bonanza Buckaroo if AE . .1926 
Bond Between if PAR. .4-5-17 

Bond Boy if FN 10-15-22 

Bond of Fear if TRI. . 9-20-17 

Bondage if BL 1917 

Bondage if UFA 12-16-28 

Bondage-F 4-22-33 

Bondage of Barbara if 

G. .1919 
Bondage of Fear if 

PBW. .1-18-17 
Bonded Woman if PAR. .8-13-22 
Bondman, The if F. . . .3-23-16 

Bondman if WW 1929 

Bonds of Honor if 

HWA. .1-26-19 
Bonds of Love •*• G. . 11-8-19 
Bondwoman if KLE. . 12-23-15 
Bonnie Annie Laurie if 

F. .10-6-18 
Bonnie, Bonnie Lassie if 

U. .1919 
Bonnie Briar Bush. The if 

PAR. .12-4-21 
Bonnie May if FED.... 1921 
Bonnie Scotland-MGM . . 8-24-35 

Boob if MGM 6-6-26 

Boogie Men Will Get You. The- 
COL. .1942 


Book Agent if F 6-7-17 

Booloo PAR 8-1-38 

Boom Town-MGM 8-6-40 

Boomerang if NPI 5-4-19 

Boomerang if SCH. .. .3-15-25 
Boomerang BUI if 

PAR. .2-12-22 
Boot Hill Bandits-MOP. . .1942 
Bootbill Brigade-REP. . .8-11-37 
Bootleggers if FBO. . . .4-12-22 
Bootlegger's Daughter if 

AE. .1922 

Boots if PAR 3-2-19 

Boots and Saddles if 

BM. .11-2-16 
Boots and Saddles- 

REP. .10-26-37 

Boots of Destiny-GN 1937 

Bor Borson, Jr. (Norwegian) - 

MAL. .11-10-39 
Border Blackbirds if 

PAT. .8-28-27 

Border Brigands-U 6-4-35 

Border Buckaroos-PRC . . . 8-4-43 
Border Caballero-PUR . . 5-26-36 

Border Cafe-RKO 6-9-37 

Border Cavalier if U 9-25-27 

Border Devils-ARC .... 3-20-32 
Border Flight-PAR. ... 6-23-36 

Border G-Man-RKO 1938 

Border Intrigue if IND. 6-17-26 
Border Justice if IND.... 1924 

Border Law-COL 9-13-31 

Border Legion, The- 

REP. .11-28-40 
Border Legion-PAR. .. .6-29-30 
Border Legion if PAR.. 11-9-24 
Border Legion if THH..8-4-18 
Border Patrol if PAT. . .12-9-28 

Border Patrol-UA 6-10-43 

Border Patrolman, The- 

F. .6-20-36 
Border Phantom-REP. . .6-7-37 
Border Raiders if PAT. .9-22-18 

Border Rider if SIE 1926 

Border Romance-TIF . . . 5-25-30 

Border Scouts if BHA 1922 

Border Sheriff * U 3-14-26 

Border Vengeance if 

AY. .8-2-25 
Border Vigilantes-PAR. .. 6-3-41 
Border Whirlwind if 

FBO. .1926 
Border Wildcat if U. .4-21-29 
Border Wireless if 

ART. .10-6-18 

Border Wolves-U 1917 

Border Wolves-U 2-24-38 

Border Women if 

GOL. .10-12-24 

Borderland ■*■ PAR 7-30-22 

Borderland-PAR 2-15-37 

Bordertown Trail-REP. . . . 1944 

Bordertown-WA 1-24-35 

Bordertown Gun Fighters- 

REP 10-1-43 

Born Anew-AM 7-25-33 

Born for Glory-GB 10-21-66 

Born Reckless-F 5-25-30 

Born Reckless-F 6-22-37 

Born Rich if NF 1924 

Born to Battle ■* PAT. . .9-4-27 

Born to Battle-COE 1935 

Born to Be Bad-UA 6-1-34 

Born to Be Wild-REP. .2-18-38 
Born to Dance-MGM. . 11-17-36 

Born to Fight-CNN 4-27-36 

Born to Gamble-REP. .10-4-35 
Born to Love-PAT. .. .4-26-31 

Born to Sing-MGM 1-21-42 

Born to the Saddle ir V . . 4-7-29 
Born to the West-PAR. .4-8-38 
Born to the West if 

PAR. .8-15-26 

Borneo if F 9-10-37 

Borosa Amerikaban 

(Hungarian) -HUN. .3-6-39 
Borrowed Castle 

( Hungarian ) -XX . .1938 
Borrowed Clothes if U. . . .1918 
Borrowed Finery if TIF.. 1926 














sricdacvl = tyltrnd 



Borrowed Hero-MOP. .12-12-41 
Borrowed Husbands if 

VIT.. 5-18-24 
Borrowed Plumage if 

TBI. .7-5-17 
Borrowed Wives-TIF . . 10-12-30 
Borrowing: Trouble-F. .10-26-37 

Boss of Boomtown-U 1944 

Boss of Camp 4 if F... 11-9-22 
Boss of Lonely Valley- 

U. .12-22-37 
Boss of Rawhide-PRC. . .9-15-44 
Boss of Rustler's Roost if 

PAT.. 1-15-28 
Boss of the Lazy "Y" if 

TRI. .1917 
Boss of Big- Town-PRC. 10-15-42 
Boss Rider of Gun Creek- 

U. .12-16-36 
Boss of Hang-town Mesa, The- 
ir. .9-16-42 
Boston Blackie •*• F.. 5-20-23 
Boston Blackie Goes to 

Holly wood-COL. .1942 
Boston Blackie's Little Pal if 

M. .9-8-18 

Bottle Imp -k PAR 3-29-17 

Bottom of the Well if 

VIT. .10-25-17 
Bottom of the World if 

RC. .4-3-20 
Bottom of the World. The if 

TPE. .8-10-30 

Bottoms Up-F 3-23-34 

Boudoir Diplomat-U .... 12-7-30 

Boug-ht-WA 8-16-31 

Bought if WO 12-30-15 

Bought and Paid For if 

BRA. .11-2-16 
Bought and Paid For if 

PAR. .3-19-22 

3oulder Dam-WA 2-25-36 

Bound in Morroceo if 

ART. .8-4-18 
Bouquets from Nicholas 

(French) -WAS. .3-6-39 
Bowery Champs-MOP. .. 11-8-44 

Bowery. The-UA 10-7-33 

Bowery at Midnight- 

MOP. .10-5-42 
Bowery Bishop if SEZ. .9-28-24 
Bowery Blitzkrieg- 

MOP. .10-3-41 

Bowery Boy-REP 1-3-41 

Bowery Cinderalla if 

EXP. .11-20-27 
Bowery to Broadway-U. 10-25-44 

Boy Crazy if FBO 3-5-22 

Boy Friend if MGM .... 9-5-26 

Boy Friend-F 6-27-39 

Boy-Girl if BL 3-8-17 

Boy Meets Girl-WA 7-22-38 

Boy of Flanders -*■ MG. .3-30-24 

Boy of Mine • FN 12-30-23 

Boy of the Streets if 

RA .10-2-27 
Boy of the Strpet=-MOP. 1 2-2-37 
Boy Rider •*• FBO. ... 11-27-27 
Boy from Stalingrad. The- 

COL 1943 

Boy Slaves-RKO 1-18-39 

Boy Trouble-PAR 1939 

Boy's Reformatory- 

MOP. .5-17-39 
Boy's School (French) - 

COL. .6-29-39 
Boys from Syracuse-U. .7-15-40 
Boys of the City- 

MOP. .7-22-40 

Boys Town-MGM 9-R-38 

Boys Will Be Boys if G. .5-22-21 

Brace Up ir BL 3-21-18 

Bramble Brush if VIT. .9-28-19 

Brand * G 2-23-19 

Brand in Der Oper 

(Germ an) -CAP. .7-14-32 
Brand of Cowardice ir 

M. .11-2-16 
Brand of Cowardice if 

TRU. .7-5-25 
Brand of Hate-STI 11-7-34 

Brand of Lopez if RC. .4-3-20 
Brand of Satan ■£ 

PWO. .7-12-17 
Brand of the Devil-PRC. . .1944 
Brand's Daughter if 


Branded ■*• LBR 1922 

Branded-COL 11-1-31 

Branded Man * RA 1928 

Branded Men-TIP 12-13-31 

Branded Sombrero if F. . 1-8-28 

Branded Soul -*• F 1917 

Branded Soul if STO. . 2-13-21 
Branded Woman if 

FN. .9-12-20 
Branding Broadway if 

ART. .12-22-18 
Branding Iron if G.. 11-14-20 

Brass if WA 3-18-23 

Brass Bottle •*- FN 7-29-23 

Brass Bowl if F 11-16-24 

Brass Buttons if PAT. .4-13-19 

Brass Check if M 3-28-18 

Brass Commandments if 

F. .1923 
Brass Knuckles if 

WA. .12-25-27 

Brat-F 8-2-31 

Brat, The if M 9-14-19 

Brave and Bold if F. . 5-19-18 

Braveheart if PDC 1-17-26 

Bravest Way if PAR. ... 6-9-18 
Brawn of the North ie 

FN. .11-19-22 
Brazen Beauty if U. . . .9-15-18 

Brazil-REP 10-27-44 

Breach of Promise- 

WW. .11-23-32 

Bread * MG 7-20-24 

Bread * U 8-4-18 

Bread Carrier if GLA .... 1928 
Break of Hearts-RKO. . 5-16-35 
Break the News-MOP. .1-10-41 
Break the News to Mother if 

SE. .5-29-19 

Breaker, The -*■ ES 12-7-16 

Breakers Ahead if M.. 4-11-18 
Breakfast at Sunrise if 

FN. .10-16-27 
Breakfast for Two- 

RKO. .10-7-37 
Breaking Home Ties if 

AE. .11-26-22 
Breaking Into Society if 

FBO. .1923 
Breaking the Ice-RKO. . 9-1-38 
Breaking Point if PAR. .4-13-24 
Breaking Point if HOD.. 2-6-21 
Breath of Scandal + 

SCH. .8-24-24 
Breath of the Gods if 

U. .8-1-20 
Breathless Moment if 

U. .2-3-24 
Bred in Old Kentucky + 

FBO. .1926 
Bred in the Bone if 

MU. .12-30-15 
Breed of Courage if FBO. .1927 
Breed of Men if ART.. 2-9-19 
Breed of the Border -^ 

FBO. .1925 
Breed of the Border- 

MOP. .5-10-33 
Breed of the Border- 

BEU. .1935 
Breed of the Sea •*• FBO. .1926 
Breed of the Sunsets -*■ 

FBO. .1928 
Breed of the West-BIF. . . .1930 

Breezing Home-TT 2-2-37 

Breezy Bill -*- KYN. ... 9-14-30 

Breezy Jim -*• TRI 1919 

Brewster's Millions ir 

PAR. .2-6-21 
Brewster's Millions-UA .. .4-5-35 

Bridal Suite-MGM 5-29-39 

Bride by Mistake-RKO .7-27-44 
Bride Came C. O. D.. The- 

WA. .7-2-41 


Bride Comes Home, The 

PAR. .12-27-35 
Bride for Henry, A- 

MOP.. 9-27-37 
Bride of Fear, The if 

F. .4-25-18 
Bride of Frankenstein- 

U. .4-11-35 
Bride of Hate if INC.. 1-25-17 
Bride of the Desert- 

RA. .11-24-29 
Bride of the Lake- 

AMA. .9-11-34 
Bride of the Regiment- 

FN. .5-25-30 
Bride of the Storm if 

WA. .4-11-2C 
Bride of Torockoi 

(Hungarian) -XX. . 193£ 
Bride 68 (PT-German)- 

TOB. .4-20-30 
Bride Walks Out, The- 

RKO. .7-1-36 
Bride Wore Crutches, The- 

F. .5-29-41 
Bride Wore Red, The- 

MGM.. 10-12-37 
Bride's Awakening- if 

U. .5-12-18 
Bride's Confession if 

GRA. .1922 
Bride's Play if PAR.. 1-15-22 

Bride's Silence if MU 1917 

Bridegroom for Two- 
POP. .1-31-32 
Brides Are Like That- 

FN. .3-24-36 

Bridge, The * M 1915 

Bridge of San Luis Rey, 

The-UA. .1944 
Bridge of San Luis Rey PT)- 

MGM. .4-28-29 
Bridge of Sighs if WA. .4-5-25 

Bridge of Sighs-INV 5-1-36 

Bridges Burned if M 2-8-17 

Brief Moment-COL 8-31-33 

Brigadier Gerard if U.. 3-23-16 
Brigham Young — Frontiers- 

man-F. .8-27-40 

Bright Eyes if BI 7-6-30 

Bright Eyes-F 12-11-34 

Bright Lights-FN 2-15-31 

Bright Lights if MG.. 11-22-25 

Brig-ht Lig-hts-FN 7-27-35 

Bright Lights of Broadway if 

PRI. .9-30-23 
Bright Shawl if FN... 4-22-23 

Bright Skies * RC 1920 

Brilliant Marriage- 

INV. .9-19-36 
Bring 'Em Back Alive 

RKO. .6-5-32 
Bring Him In if VIT. .10-23-22 
Bringing Home Father if 

BL. .5-31-17 
Bringing Up Baby-RKO. .2-11-38 
Bringing Up Betty if 

WO. .7-27-19 
Bringing Up Father if 

MGM. .3-25-28 

British Agent-FN 8-2-34 

British Intelligenee-WA. .2-14-40 
Britton of the Seventh if 

VIT. .5-11-16 
Broad Daylight if U.. 10-29-22 

Broad-Minded-FN 7-5-31 

Broadway-U 6-2-29 

Broadway-U 5-12-42 

Broadway After Dark if 

WA. .5-25-24 
Broadway After Midnight if 

KRE. .11-13-2'; 
Broadway and Home if 

SEZ. .12-26-2( 
Broadway Arizona if 

TRI. .10-4-17 
Broadway Babies (PT)- 

FN. .6-30-29 

Broadway Bad-F 3-7-33 

Broadway Big- Shot, The- 

PRC. .1-12-42 

FOR 1945 





* < i m > 







(Temporary Title) 

Also during 1945: — 


"Genius in the Family" "French Town" 

sruidftcvi = znoud 


Broadway Bill * M 2-21-if 

Broadway Bill-COL 11-9-34 

Broadway Billy * RA . . . . 1926 
Broadway Boob * A£. . 3-21-26 
Broadway Broke if 

SEZ. .12-30-23 
Broadway Bubble if 

VIT. .11-21-20 
Broadway Butterfly if 

WA, .3-29-25 
Broadway Cowboy if 

PAT . . 7-4-20 
Broadway Daddies if 

COL. .9-16-28 
Broadway Drifter if 

EXP. .5-29-27 
Broadway Fever if TIF . . 1-6-29 
Broadway Gallant if 

FBO. .6-6-26 
Broadway Gold if 

TRU. .7-22-23 
Broadway Gondolier- 

WA. .7-11-35 
Broadway Hoofer-COL. .3-30-30 
Broadway Hostess-FN. . 12-16-35 
Broadway Jones if 

ART. .3-29-17 
Broadway Lady if 

FBO. .12-13-25 
Broadway Limited-UA .. 6-18-41 
Broadway Love if BL.. 1-17-18 
Broadway Madness if EXP 

Broadway Madonna if FBO 

Broadway Melody -MGM . 2-17-2S 
Broadway Melody of 1936 

-MGM. .8-29-35 
Broadway Melody of 1938 

-MGM . . 8-17-37 
Broadway Melody of 1940 

-MGM. .2-14-40 
Broadway Musketeers-WA 

Broadway Nights-FN. . .5-15-27 
Broadway or Bust if U 

Broadway Peacock if F. 2-12-22 
Broadway Rhythm- 

MGM. .1-19-44 
Broadway Rose if M.. 9-24-22 
Broadway Saint if WO 

Broadway Scandal if BL 

Broadway Scandals-COL 

Broadway Serenade-MGM 

Broadway Sport if F. . 6-14-17 
Broadway Thru a Keyhole- 

UA. .11-2-33 
Broadway to Hollywood- 

MGM. . .9-2-33 
Broken Barriers if EXP 

Broken Barriers if MG. .8-10-24 

Broken Barriers-ZIO 1919 

Broken Blossoms if GRI. 5-18-19 
Broken Blossoms-IML. .. 1-15-37 
Broken Butterfly if RC 

Broken Chains if G... 12-17-23 
Broken Chains if PBW. .12-7-16 
Broken Commandments if 

F. .9-14-19 

Broken Dishes-FN 1930 

Broken Doll * APR. .. 6-19-21 
Broken Dreams-MOP ..11-8-33 
Broken Fetters if BL. . 6-22-16 
Broken Gates if HOD. 12-26-20 
Broken Gates if TIF. . .4-17-27 
Broken Hearted (PT)-TPC 


Broken Hearts if JAF... 3-7-26 

Broken Hearts of Broadway if 

CUM. .7-29-23 

Broken Hearts of Hollywood if 

WA. . .10-10-26 
Broken Homes if TRS..1926 
Broken Laws if F... 12-16-15 
Broken Laws * FBO. 12-7-24 
Broken Lullaby-PAR . . 1-24-32 
Broken Mask if AN.... 4-8-28 
Broken Melody if SEZ 

Broken Melody-OLM . . 10-31-34 
Broken Shadows if SEC. 1922 
Broken Shoes-AM ...3-31-34 
Broken Silence if ARW 


Broken Spur if ARW 

Broken Strings-INR ..3-18-40 
Broken Ties if PWD..2-28 18 
Broken Violin if ARW 

4 8-23 
Broken Vow, The ( Polish )- 

CAP. .1932 

Broken Wing-PAR 3-27-32 

Broken Win? if PRE 

Brokiga Blad (Swedish) - 

STP. .11-29-31 
Bromley Case if ARW.. 1920 
Bronc Stumper if PAT 

Broncho Buster if U... 5-8-27 
Broncho Twister if F. .3-20-27 

Bronze Bell * PAR 7-10-21 

Bronze Bride if RED.. 3-29-17 
Bronze Buckaroo. The-SAC 

Brooding Eyes if STE 


Brooklyn Orchid-UA 1-28-42 

Brother and Sister ( Italian )- 

KIT. . .1935 
Brother Orchid- WA ..5-31-40 
Brother Rat-WA . . . 10-17-38 
Brother Rat and a Baby- 

WA. .1-16-40 
Brotherly Love if MGM 


Brothers-COL 10-19-30 

Brothers ■*■ RA 4-14-19 

Brothers Divided if PAT 

Brothers Under the Skin if 

G. .11-19-22 
Brown Derby if FN.. 6-20-26 
Brown of Harvard if ES 

Brown of Harvard if MGM 

5 9-26 

Brute if PAR 1925 

Brute * WA 4-24-27 

Brute Breaker if PAT. .11-23-19 
Brute Master if HOD. .11-28-20 

Bubbles if PI 1920 

Buccaneer, The-PAR 2-4-38 

Buchanan's Wife if F..1918 
Buck Benny Rides Again- 

PAR. .4-16-40 

Buck Privates if U 2-5-28 

Buck Privates if U 2-3-41 

Buckaroo Kids if V . . .11-14-26 
Bucking: Broadway if BUT 

Bucking- the Barrier if F 

Bucking- the Line if F. 11-6-21 
Bucking- the Tig-er if SEZ 

Bucking- the Truth if V 

Buckskin Frontier-UA. . .3-10-43 

Buffalo Bill-F 3-17-44 

Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail- 
SU. .1926 

Bugle Call if INC 5-4-16 

Bug-le Call if MGM. . .9-25-27 
Bug-le Sounds, The-MGM 



Bug-ler of Algiers if BL 

Builders of Castles if EDP 

3uilders of Socialism if AM 

Bulldog- Drummond if HOD 

Bulldog Drummond-UA 

Bulldog Drummond at Bay- 

REP. .7-23-37 
Bulldog Drummond Comes 

Back-PAR. . .9-7-37 
Bulldog Drummond Escapes- 

PAR. .4-6-37 
Bulldog Drummond in Af- 

rica-PAR. .8-1-38 
Bulldog Drummond Strikes 

Back-UA. . .5-4-34 
Bulldog Drummond's Bride- 

PAR. .7-6-39 
Bulldog Drummond's Peril 

(AT) -3-15-38 
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge- 

PAR. .12-22-37 
Bulldog Drummond's Secret 

Police-PAR. .4-12-39 
Bulldog Edition-REP ..9-18-36 
Bulldog Pluck if FBO . . 1927 

Bullet Code-RKO 4-10-40 

Bullet Mark if PAT. .4-1-28 

Bullet Proof if U 4-6-20 

Bullet Scars-WA 3-6-42 

Bullets and Brown Eyes if 

TRI. .3-2-16- 
Bullets for Bandits-COL. . . 1942 
Bullets for O'Hara-WA 

Bullets for Rustlers-COL 

Bullets or Ballots-FN. .5-18-36 
Bullets and Saddles-MOP. . 1943 
Bunch of Keys if ES. .9-30-16 
Bunker Bean-RKO (Reviewed as 
"His Majesty Bunker Bean") 
Bunty Pulls the Strings if G 

Bureau of Missing Persons- 

FN. .9-2-23 
Burden of Proof if SE.. 9-8-18 

Burglar if PWO 11-8-17 

Burglar and the Lady if 

SUN. .12-30-15 
Burglar for a Night if HOD 


Burglar Proof * PAR 1921 

Burglary by Proxy if FN 


Buried Alive-PRC 1-23-40 

Buried Gold * RA 1926 

Buried Treasure if PAR 


Burma Convoy-U 10-1-41 

Burn 'Em Up Barnes if BR 

Burn 'Em Up Barnes-MAO 

Burn 'Em Up O'Connor- 

MGM. .1-12-39 
Burning Bridges if PAT 

Burning Daylight if PAR 

Burning Daylight if FN 

Burning Daylight if M 

Burning Gold ■*• ELB. . 2-27-27 

Burning Gold-REP 5-22-36 

Burning Heart, The if BI 

Burning Sands if PAR 







Pricducek = ^ettd 


Burning the Candle if ES 

Burning- the Wind if V 

Burning- Trail if U.... 4-5-25 

Burning- Up-PAR 2-9-30 

Burning- Up Broadway if 

PAT. .2-19-28 
Burning- Words * U.. 5-27-23 
Burnt Fingers if PAT 

Burnt Wings if U. .. .2-22-20 
Bury Me Not on the Lone 

Prairie-U. . .1941 
Bush Leaguer if WA. . . .9-4-27 

Busher * PAR 6-1-19 

Bushranger if MGM. . 1-20-29 
Business and Pleasure-F 

Business Is Business if U 

Business of Life if VIT 

Business of Love if AST 


Busses Roar-WA 8-18-42 

Buster if F 1923 

Bustin' Through if U. 10-4-25 
Busuljon a Lo ( Hungarian )- 

DAN. .11-9-38 
Busy Inn if PAT. . .4-25-18 
But the Flesh is Weak-MGM 

Butch Minds the Baby-U. .4-1-42 
Butter and Egg Man if FN 

Butterflies in the Rain if U 


Butterfly * U 8-24-24 

Butterfly Girl if AE.. 5-29-21 
Butterfly Man if RC. 5-30-20 
Butterfly on the Wheel if 

WO. .11-18-15 
Butterfly Range if ST 


Buttons if MGM 1927 

Buy Me That Town-PAR 

Buzavirag ( Hungarian )- 

DAN. .1-15-35 
Buzzy and the Phantom Pinto- 
ZIE. .4-30-41 
By Appointment Only- INV 


By Candlelight-U 1-6-34 

By Divine Right if FBO 

By Hook or Crook if WO 

By My Pistols ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1939 

By Proxy if TRI 7-14-18 

By Right of Possesion if VIT 

By Right of Purchase if SEZ 

By Rocket to the Moon ^r 

UFA.. 2-8-31 
By Royal Decree (German) - 

UFA. .1938 
By the World Forgot * VIT 

By Whose Hand ?-COL. .. 8-3-32 
By Whose Hand? if COL 

By Whose Hand ?-EQW. 12-11-34 
By Your Leave-RKO. .4-20-16 
Bye. Bye Buddy (PT)-TPC 


Caballa a Caballa ( Spanish )- 

XX. .2-14-40 

Cabaret if PAR 5-8-27 

Cabaret, The if WO... 6-16-18 
Cabaret Girl if U. ... 12-29-18 

Cabaret Kid * LEE 1927 

Cabin in the Cabin-FN. 10-1-32 
Cabin in the Sky-MGM. .2-15-43 
Cabinet of Dr. Calagari 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Cabinet of Dr. Calagari if G 


Cabiria •*• FN 

Cactus Crandall if TRI. 8-11-18 
Cactus Trail if FBO.. 1-23-27 
Cada Loco Con Su Temal 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 

Cadet Girl-F 11-21-41 

Cadets of San Martin 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Cadets on Parade-COL. .5-28-42 
Cafe Hostess-COL ....1-11-40 
Cafe in Cairo, A if PDC 


Cafe Metropole-F 4-29-37 

Cafe Society-PAR 2-8-39 

Cage of Death if AGF.1929 
Caillaux Case if F... 10-13-18 

Calaboose -UA 8-5-43 

Cain-PRI 1-17-32 

Cain and Artem if AM. 6-8-30 
Cain and Mabel-WA. . .10-19-36 

Cairo-MGM 8-17-42 

Cairo Cruise (Spanish) -XX 

Caleb Piper's Girl if PAT 

Calendar Girl if AMU. 10-25-17 
Calgary Stampede if U. 10-11-25 

Calibre .45 if IND 1924 

Calibre .38 if FCH 1919 

California if MGM 7-10-27 

California if ARW 4-17-27 

California Frontier-COL. 12-13-38 

California Joe-REP 4-17-44 

California Joe-REP 1943 

California Mail if FN. 5-5-29 
California or Bust if FBO. 1927 
California Romance if F 

California Straight Ahead if U 

California Straight Ahead-U 

California Trail-COL. .. .7-22-33 

Calif ornian, The-F 7-7-37 

Call, The-BES 3-29-38 

Call a Messenger-U. . .11-16-39 
Call Her Savage-F. .. 11-26-32 

Call It a Day-WA 3-6-37 

Call It Luck-F 7-10-34 

Call Me Co-Ed-FD 1935 

Call of Courage * U.. 9-6-25 
Call of East * PAR. . .11-29-17 
Call of Her People if M 

Call of Home * FBO . . . 1-22-22 
Call of the Canyon * PAR 

Call of the Canyon-REP. 8-17-42 
Call of the Circus-HPI. . 1-19-30 
Call of the Cumberlands if 

PAR. .2-3-16 
Call of the Desert if SYN 

Call of the Flesh-MGM 

Call of the Heart if U . . . .1928 
Call of the Hills if LBR 

Call of the Jungle- 

MOP. .8-28-44 
Call of the Klondike if RA 

Call of the Mate if GOL 

Call of the Mesquiteers-REP 

2 25-38 
Call of the North if PAR 

Call of the Prairie-PAR 



Call of the Rockies-REP. .1944 
Call of the Rockies if SYN 

Call of the Rockies-COL 

Call of the Soul if P.. 1-2-19 
Call of the South Seas- 

REP. .1944 
Call of the West-COL. .6-1-30 
Call of the Wild if PAT 

Call of the Wild-UA.. 4-30-35 
Call of the Wilderness if 

AE.. 1-30-27 
Call of the Yukon-REP. 4-16-38 
Call of Youth * PAR.. 1921 
Call Out the Marines-RKO . 1-6-42 
Call to Arms (Russian) -AM 

Callahans and the Murphys if 

MGM. .7-24-27 
Calling All Cars-EMP. .1-9-35 
Calling All Husbands-WA 

Calling All Marines-REP 


Calling- Dr. Death-U 12-16-43 

Calling Dr. Gillespie- 

MGM. .6-17-42 
Calling Dr. Kildaire-MGM 

Calling of Dan Matthews, The- 
COL. .1-25 36 
Calling Philo Vance-WA 

Calling Wild Bill Elliott- 

REP 4-22-43 

Calm Yourself-MGM 7-30-35 

Calvary of a Wife (Spanish) - 

XX. 1938 
Calvert's Valley * F. . 10-8-22 
Cambric Mask if VIT. .3-30-19 

Cameo Kirby-F 2-9-30 

Cameo Kirby ■*■ F... 10-21-23 
Cameraman if MGM. . . .9-23-28 
Cameron of the Royal 

Mounted * HOD. .1-15-22 

Camilla * FN 5-1-27 

Camille • FHG 10-18-17 

Camille if F 1917 

Camille if M 9-11-21 

Camille if WO 12-30-15 

Camille-MGM 12-15-36 

Camille of the Barbary Coast ir 
AE.. 8-2-25 
Camille of the Yukon ^r F 

Caminos De Ayer (Spanish) - 

XX. .1941 
Camouflage Kiss if F. .4-25-18 
Campbells Are Coming- if V 

Campo De Maggio (Italian) - 

NUO. .9-15 36 
Campus Confessions-PAR 

Campus Flirt if PAR.. 9-26-26 
Campus Knights if CHE 

Campus Rhythm-MOP. .10-6-43 
Can a Woman Love Twice if 

FBO. .3-4-23 
Can This Be Dixie ?-F. 11-12 36 

Canadian if PAR 12-5-26 

Canal Zone-COL 1942 

Canary Murder Case-PAR 

Cancelled Debts if STE 

Candlelight in Alg/eria- 

F. .6-6-44 

Candy Girl * PAT 5-10-17 

Candy Kid •*• DAI 1928 

Cannonball Express-WW 

Can't Help Singing--U. . .12-18-44 

G. p: 

in preparation 

Tom Breneman's 


for United Artists Release 

'Producer of 

distributed thru RKO 


Edward A. Golden, Chairman &.**^l 

Sam Dembow, Jr., President 
Robert S. Golden, Vice-Pres. 

.yuifkte&i = CTiOfid 


Cantor's Son, The ( Yiddish )- 

ERO. .12-29-37 
Canyon Hawks-BIF . . . 10-12-30 
Canyon of Adventure it FN 


Canyon City-REP 1943 

Canyon of Light • F. . 12-19-26 
Canyon of Missing Men it 

SYN. .3-23-30 
Canyon of the Foods it 

FBO. .1-28-23 
Capital Punishment * SCH 

Capitol. The • PAT. . 12-21-19 

Cap'n Dan it UA 

Cappello A Tre Punte (Italian) - 
NUO. .1936 
Cappy Ricks * PAR. .. 8-28-21 
Cappy Ricks Returns REP 

9 10-35 

Caprice * PAR 1913 

Caprice of the Mountains *k F 

Captain Alverez * VIT 

Captain Applejack- WA. .4-19-31 
Captain Blood * VIT.. 9-14-24 
Captain Blood-FN ...12-19-35 
Captain Calaraity-REG (Re- 
viewed as "Captain Hurri- 
cane") 4-17-36 

Captain Careless it FBO 

Captain Caution-UA .... 8-2-40 
Captain Courtesy it PAR 

Captain Cowboy it SYN 

Captain Fly-By-Night it 

FBO. .12-24-22 

Captain Fury UA 5-8-39 

Captain Grant's Children 

(Russian) -AM. .1-23-39 
Captain Hates the Sea-COL 

Captain Hurricane-RKO 

Captain Is a Lady-MGM 

Captain January it PRI 

Captain January-F ....3-17-36 
Captain Jinks of the Horse 

Marines it ES 
Captain Kidd, Jr. it ART 

Captain Kiddo • PAT 

Captain Lash (S-SE)-F. 2-10-29 
Captain Moonlight- ATL. .4-26-40 
Captain of His Soul it TRI 

Captain of the Grey Horse 

Troop • VIT. .5-24-17 
Captain of the Guard-U. 3-30-30 
Captain Salvation it MGM 

Captain Swagger (S-SE)-PAT 

Captain Swift * VIT. 4-26-20 
Captain Thunder-WA ..5-10-31 
Captain's Captain it VIT 


Captain's Kid, The-FN 1936 

Captain's Kid, The-WA. 1-23-37 
Captains Courageous-MGM 

Captains of the Clouds- 

WA. .1-20-42 
Canterville Ghost, The- 

MGM. .5-31-44 
Captivating Mary Carstairs it 

NF. .12-16-15 

Captivation-CAP 9-27-31 

Captive God it TRI. . .7-13-16 
Captive Wild Woman-U. .5-10-43 

Captured-WA 8-19-33 

Captured in Chinatown- 

SUO. .7-30 35 

Car No. 99-PAR 2-23-35 

Caravan-F 9-28-34 

Cardboard Lover it MGM 


Cardigan it AR 2-26-22 

Cardinal Richelieu-UA. .3-26-35 

Career Giii-PRC 1944 

Career Girl-PRC 12-14-43 

Career-RKO 7-12-39 

Career of Catherine Bush it 

PAR. .8-17-19 
Career Woman-F ...11-24-36 

Careers PT) -FN 5-26-29 

Carefree-RKO 8-30-38 

Careful, Soft Shoulders- 

F. .8-12-42 

Careless Age-FN 10-13-29 

Careless Lady-F 4-17-32 

Carmen ( Spanish) -AZ . . 6-26-40 

Carmen-POP 1-17-32 

Carmen • ES 6-1-16 

Carmen it EAS 1928 

Carmen it F 11-4-15 

Carmen it PAR 11-4-15 

Carmen of the Klondike it 

SEX. .2-28-18 
Carmen of the North it HAL 

Carnation Kid (PT)-PAR 

Carnet de Bal ( French )- 

AFE. .1944 
Carnevale di Venezia ( Italian )- 
ESP. .1940 

Carnival it UA 7-3-21 

Carnival-COL 2-15-35 

Carnival Boat-RKO ...3-27-32 

Carnival Girl it AE 1926 

Carnival in Vienna ( German )- 

XX. .1939 

Carnival Lady-GOS 11-29-33 

Carnival of Crime it UFA 


Carnival Queen-U 1937 

Carolina-F 2-2-34 

Carolina Blues-COL ...12-20-44 
Carolina Moon-REP ...7-16-40 
Carolyn of the Corners it PAT 

Carson City Cyclone-REP. 6-1-43 
Carson City Kid, The-REP 

Caryl of the Mountains-REB 


Casablanca-WA 11-27-42 

Casanova Brown-RKO . . . 8-3-44 

Casanova * MGM 1928 

Casanova in Burlesque- 

REP. .1-31-44 

Cascarrabias-PAR ...10-31-33 

Case Against Mrs Ames The- 

PAR. .5-5-36 

Case at Law, A -fr ETR 

Case of Becky it PAR 

Case of Becky it PAR 

Case of Jonathan Drew it 

LEE. .1928 
Case of Lena Smith it PAR 

Case of Sergeant Grischa- 

RKO. .3-2-30 
Case of the Black Cat, The- 
FN. .12-28-36 
Case of the Black Parrot, The- 
WA. .1-13-41 
Case of the Curious Bride- 

FN. .4-4-35 
Case of the Howling Dog- 

WA. .10-17-34 
Case of the Lucky Legs- 

WA. .11-1-36 


Case of the Missing Man- 

COL. .11-22-35 

Case of the Stuttering Bishop- 

WA. .8-10-37 

Case of the Velvet Claws, The 

FN. .8-29-36 

Casey at the Bat it FAT 

Casey at the Bat it PAR 

Casey Jones it RA... 2-12-28 
Casino Murder Case-MGM 


Cassidy it ETR 10-18-17 

Cassidy of Bar 20-PAR. 2-9-38 
Casta Diva (Italian) -CIL 


Caste * VIT 7-26-17 

Cast-Off, 8he it INC.. 3-7-18 
Castelli In Aria (Italian) - 

ESP. .1940 
Castle in the Desert-F. . .2-4-42 

Castle of Crimes-PRC 1944 

Castle On the Hudson-WA 

Castles for Two it PAR 

Castles in the Air it M 

Castles in the Air ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1938 
Cat and the Canary it U 

Cat and the Canary, The- 

PAR. .10-31-39 
Cat and the Fiddle-MGM 


Cat Creeps, The-U 10-26-30 

Cat People-RKO 11-16-42 

Cat's Pajamas it PAR.. 1926 

Cat's Paw-F 7 30-34 

Catch as Catch Can it LUM 


Catch My Dust it F 

Catch My Smoke-UA .. 12-31-22 
Catherine the Great-UA. .2-2-34 

Catspaw * EDK 1-2016 

Cattle Raiders-COL 5-4-38 

Cattle Thief. The-COL. . .5-26-36 
Catwalk, The ( German )- 

XX. .1938 
Caucasian Love it AM. .12-8-29 

Caught-PAR 10-4-31 

Caught Bluffing it U.. 9-17-22 
Caught Cheating-TIF . . 1-4-31 
Caught in the Act it F 

12 15-18 
Caught in the Act-PRC 

Caught in the Draft-PAR 

5 29-41 
Caught in the Fog (PT)- 

WA. .12-9-28 
Caught Plastered-RKO ..8-9-31 

Caught Short-MGM 6-22-30 

Cause for Divorce it SEZ 


Cavalcade-F 1-7-33 

Cacalcade of Faith-JEP. 1-10-41 
Cavalcade of South America- 

XX. .6-22-42 
Cavalcade of the West-DIV 

Cavalier, The (S-SE)-TIF 

Cavalier of the West-ARC 


Cavalry-REP 10-6-36 

Cavalry, Attention! ( German )- 
XX. .1938 
Cavanaugh of the Forest Ran- 
gers it VIT. .2-28-18 

Cave Girl it FN 2-26-22 

Cave Man it WA 3-7-26 

Cavell Case it SE 1918 

Caveman it VIT 12-2-16 

Sound Services, Inc. 





Cecilia of the Pink Roses it 

GRA.. 5-26-18 

Ceiling Zero-WA 12-24-36 

Celoe ( Spanish ) -XX 4-18-36 

Cemetery of the Eagles 

(Spanish) XX. .1939 

Central Park-FN 12-9-32 

Century Daredevil it AGP 

Certain Rich Man it HOD 


Certain Rich Man it SEZ 

Certain Young Man it MGM 

Cette Vielle Canaille ( French )- 
KIT. .1-15-35 

Chad Hanna-F 12-18-40 

Chain Invisible ■*• EQ.. 4-27-16 
Chain Lightning it ARW 

Chain Lightning + F. .9-18-27 

Chained-MGM 8-31-34 

Chains of Evidence it HAL 

Chalice of Sorrows it BL 

Chalk Marks it PDC. . .11-23-24 

Challenge it AR 1922 

Challenge * PAT 12-14-16 

Challenge. The-FIA 10-5-39 

Challenge Accepted it HOD 

Challenge of Chance it WIL 

Challenge of the Law it F 


Chalutzim-XX 4-3-34 

Chamber of Mystery it ARW 

Chamber of Horrors-MOP 


Champ, The-MGM 11-15-31 

Champagne Charlie-AFE . . 1944 
Champagne Charlie-F . .5-7-36 
Champagne for Breakfast-COL 
Champagne Waltz-PAR .2-5-37 
Champion of Lost Causes it F 

Champs-Elysees (French) - 

TRN.. 3-2-39 
Chance at Heaven-RKO . 12-23-33 

Chances-FN 6-14-31 

Chance of a Lifetime, 

The-COL 1943 

Chandu the Magician-F 


Chang it PAR 4-17-27 

Chang and the Law it PS ... . 

Change of Heart-F 6-11-34 

Change of Heart-F 3-15-38 

Changing Husbands it PAR 

Changing Women it VIT 

Channel Crossing-GB. . . .6-24-34 
Channing of the Northwest it 

SEZ. .1922 
Chapayev (Russian) -AM 


Chaperon it ES 11-23-16 

Chapter in Her Life it U 


Charge It it EQU 6-29-21 

Charge It to Me it PAT 

Charge of the Gauchos it FBO 


Charge of the Light Brigade. 

The-WA. .10-20-36 

Charity it XX 1928 

Charity Castle it AMU 

Charlatan, The (PIT)-U 

Charlemagne-XX . . . .9-10-36 

Charley's Aunt it COL. 12-28-30 
Charley's Aunt it PDC. 2-15-25 

Charley's Aunt-F 7-33-41 

Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo- 
F. .11-6-37 
Charlie Chan at the Circus-F 

Charlie Chan at the Olympics-F 

Charlie Chan at the Opera-F 

Charlie Chan at the Race Track- 
F. .7-14-36 
Charlie Chan at the Wax 

Museum-F. .8-1-40 
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island- 
F.. 9-11-39 
Charlie Chan Carries On-F 

Charlie Chan in City in 

Darkness-F. .12-20-39 
Charlie Chan in Egypt-F 

Charlie Chan in Honolulu-F 

Charlie Chan in London-F 

Charlie Chan in Panama-F 

Charlie Chan in Paris-F 

Charlie Chan in Reno-F 

Charlie Chan in Rio-F 

Charlie Chan in Shanghai-F 

Charlie Chan in the Secret 

Service-MOP. .1-19-44 
Charlie Chan on Broadway-F 

Charlie Chan's Chance-F 

Charlie Chan's Courage-F 

Charlie Chan's Greatest Case- 

F.. 10-7-33 
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise-F 

Charlie Chan's Secret-F 

Charlie McCarthy, Detective-U 


Charlotte * COM 11-29-17 

Charlotte Loewenskold 

( Swedish )-STP. .2-28-32 

Charm of La Boheme ( German )- 

XX. .1938 

Charm School it PAR . . 1-9-21 

Charmer it BL 8-30-17 

Charmer * PAR 4-19-26 

Charming Deceiver it VIT 

Charming Deceiver-MAJ 

Charming Sinners-PAR .7-14-29 

Charter Pilot-F 12-23-40 

Chase * FAB 7-8-23 

Chaser it FN 4-15-28 

Chaser, The-MGM 8-8-38 

Chasing Danger-F 5-29-39 

Chasing Rainbows it F 

Chasing Rainbows-MGM 

Chasing the Moon it F 

Chasing Thru Europe (S-SE)- 

F.. 9-22-29 
Chasing Trouble it D 

Chasing Troubles-MOP .1-26-40 
Chasing Yesterday-RKO 


Chasity * FN 5-4-24 

Chattel it VIT 9-14-16 

Chatterbox-REP 4-12-43 


Chatterbox-RKO 1-23-36 

Cheap Kisses it FBO... 1924 
Cheaper to Marry it MG 

Cheat it PAR 9-2-23 

Cheat * PAR 


Cheat, The-PAR 


Cheated Love it U. . 


Cheated Hearts it U. 

. .12-4-21 

Cheater it M 

. .6-20-20 

Cheater Reformed it 




. .5-11-34 

Cheaters it TIF 

. .3-20-27 

Cheaters at Play-F . 

. .2-28-32 

Cheating Blondes-CAP 

. .5-20-33 

Cheating Cheaters-U 

. .12-4-34 

Cheating Cheaters it 



Cheating Cheaters it 


Cheating Herself it F..1919 
Cheating the Public it F 


Chechahcos it AE 5-18-24 

Check and Double Check-RKO 

Checkered Flag it STE 


Checkers it F 8-3-19 

Checkers-F 12-8-37 

Checkmate it BAM. . .6-31-17 
Cheer Leader * LUM. .1-15-28 
Cheer Up and Smile-F 

Cheerful Fraud • U . . 12-12-26 
Cheerful Givers it FAT 

Cheers for Miss Bishop-UA 

Cheers of the Crowd-REP 

Chelsea 7750 * PAR... 1913 
Cherie (French)-PAR ..6-14-31 
Cherokee Kid * FBO. .11-13-27 
Cherokee Strip-PAR. .. .11-6-40 

Cherokee Strip-WA 1937 

Chess Player, The it UNP 


Chetniks-F 1-11-43 

Cheyenne it FN 3-3-29 

Cheyenne Cyclone-KET .1-10-32 

Cheyenne Kid-MOP 1940 

Cheyenne Kid-RKO 7-13-33 

Cheyenne Roundup-U. . .4-12-43 
Cheyenne Trails it AI...1928 
Cheyenne Wildcat-REP ...1914 
Chi E Piu Felice Di Me 

(Italian) -XX.. 2-12-40 

Chicago it PAT 1-1-28 

Chicago After Midnight it FBO 

Chicken a la King it F 

Chicken Casey it INC 

Chicken in the Case it SEZ 

Chicken Wagon Family-F 


Chickens it PAR 3-13-21 

Chickie it FN 5-3-26 

Chief, The-MGM 12-2-33 

Child is Born, A-WA. . .1-16-40 
Child for Sale it GRA. .3-28-20 
Child of Destiny it CM . . 8-3-16 
Child of Manhattan-COL 

Child of M'sieu * TRI...1919 

Child of Mystery it U 

Child of the Paris Street * 

FAT. .5-18-16 

Child of the Wild * F 1917 

Child Thou Gavest Me it FN 

Childhood of Maxim Gorky 

(Russian)-AM. .10-5-38 











i i 





SPfoduce/i = zrtomd 


Children in the House if FAT 

Children Must Laugh ( Polish )- 
XX. .1938 
Children Not Wanted * SEZ 

Children of Banishment if SE 

Children of Chance-BI. . 1-25-31 
Children of Destiny * SEZ 

Children of Divorce -fr PAR 

Children of Dreams-WA 

Children of Dust * FN. .6-10-23 
Children of Jazz * PAR.. 1923 
Children of Night if F 

Children of No Importance if 
NF. .4-8-28 
Children of Pleasure-MGM 

Children of the Feud if FAT 

Children of the New Day if 

AM. .7-6-30 
Children of the Ritz (S-SE)- 

FN. .4-7-29 
Children of the Whirlwind if 

ARW. .10-18-25 
Children Pay if FAT. .. 12-7-16 
Chimmie Fadden if PAR.. 1915 
Chimmie Fadden Out West if 

PAR. .12-2-15 
China Bound ■*- MGM . . 7-21-29 

China Clipper-FN 8-12-36 

China Express if AM. . .3-16-30 

China Girls-F 12-9-42 

China-PAR 1943 

China Passage-RKO ...4-16-37 

China Seas-MGM 7-25-35 

China Slaver * TPC...1929 
Chinatown After Dark-ACT 

Chinatown Charlie if FN 

Chinatown Nights-PAR. . .4-7-29 

Chinatown Sauad-U 5-31-35 

Chinese Cat. The-MOP. . .4-3-44 
Chinese Den (AT) if FIA 


Chinese Parrott if V.... 1-8-28 

Chinese Revolution (Chinese) - 

XX. .1938 

Chip of the Flying U-U 

Chip of the Flying U ■*• U 

Chip Off the Old Block- 

U. .2-14-44 
Chivalrous Charley if SEZ 

Chocolate Soldier. The-MGM 

Choosing a Wife if FN 

Chorus Girl's Romance if M 


Chorus Kid * GOT 4-15-28 

Chorus Lady if PAR.. 10-2-15 
Chorus Lady if PDC .. .2-28-25 

Christian if VIT .1923 

Christian if G 1-28-23 

Christina (PT)-F 4-7-29 

Christine of the Big Tops if 

STE. .1926 
Christine of the Hungry Heart if 
FN. .10-26-24 
Christmas Carol. A-MGM 

Christmas Holiday-U ....6-7-44 
Christmas in July-PAR 

Christopher Bean-MGM . . 


Christopher Strong-RKO 


Christus * ARF 1928 

Chu Chin Chow-GB ... .9-22-34 
Chu Chin Chow if MG. .2-15-25 
Chucho El Roto (Spanish) - 

CIX. .12-5-34 
Chump at Oxford, A-TJA 

Church Mouse. The-FN 

Ciboulette (French) -XX 

Cieca Di Sorrento (Italian) - 

NUO. .1936 
Cielito Lindo (Spanish)-XX 

Cigarette Girl * PAT. . .6-28-17 

Cimarron-RKO 1-18-31 

Cimzett Ismeretlen ( Hungarian )- 
XX. .2-8-30 
Cinderella Man if G 


Cinderella if PAR 1914 

Cinderella of the Hills if F 

Cinderella Swings It- 

RKO 1-21-43 

Cinderella's Twin if M... 1-9-21 
Cinema Murder if PAR. .1-25-20 
Cipher Bureau-GN .... 10-26-38 
Circe, The Enchantress if MG 


Circle * MG 10-4-25 

Circle of Death-SYN. .4-11-35 
Circular Staircase if SED 

Circumstantial Evidence if CHE 
Circumstantial Evidence-CHE 


Circus if UA 1-22-28 

Circus Ace if F 6-19-27 

Circus Clown-FN 6-13-34 

Circus Cowboy if F... 4-27-24 
Circus Cyclone if U . . . 8-23-25 
Circus Days if FN. ... 7-22-23 

Circus Girl-REP 2-24-37 

Circus Jim if PS 

Circus Kid (PT)-FBO .. 9-16-28 
Circus Life (German) -XX. .1940 

Circus Man if PAR 1914 

Circus of Life if U 1917 

Circus Queen Murder-COL 

Circus Romance if EQ.. 2-3-16 
Circus Rookies if MGM 

Circus Shadows-PEE ..6-3-35 

Cisco Kid-F 10-25-31 

Cisco Kid and the Lady-F 

Citadel, The-MGM . . . 10-25-38 
Citadel of Crime-REP. .. 8-4-41 
Citadel of Silence (French) -FIA 
Citadel of Warsaw (German) - 

XX. .1938 
Cities and Years if AM 

Citizen Kane-RKO ....4-11-41 

City if CWD 1-20-16 

City if F 11-21-26 

City Crime (Chinese)-XX. .1938 
City for Conquest-WA 


City Girl (PT)-F 4-6-30 

City Girl-F 12-29-37 

City Gone Wild if PAR 


City Lights * UA 2-15-31 

City Limits-MOP 3-28-34 

City Limits-MOP 9-25-41 

City of Chance-F 1-25-40 

City of Comrades if G 



City of Dim Faces if PAR 

City of Illusion if IV.. 4-11-16 
City of Masks if PAR. 7-18-29 
City of Missing Girls-SE 

City of Purple Dreams if FIL 

City of Purple Dreams if RA 

City of Shadows if FBO 

City of Silent Men if PAR 

City of Silent Men-PRC. .9-3-42 
City of Song ( German )- 

WOD. .5-15-32 

City of Tears if U 6-30-18 

City of Temptation if 

GOU. .9-8-29 
City of Youth ( Russian )- 

AM. .1938 

City Park-CHE 7-6-34 

City Sparrow if PAR.. 9-12-20 

City Streets-PAR 4-19-31 

City Streets-COL 7-29-38 

City That Never Sleeps if 

PAR. .10-5-24 
City That Stopped Hitler- 
Heroic Stalingrad-PAR. 9-1-43 
City Without Jews if 

AY. .1928 
City Without Men-COL. . . . 1943 
Civilian Clothes if 

PAR. .11-28-20 

Civilization if INC 6-8-16 

Civilization if ( Re-issue) - 

ATA. .8-16-31 
Civilization's Child if 

TRI. .4-20-16 

Claim if M 4-11-18 

Clairvoyant, The-GB 6-8-35 

Clancy in Wall Street- 

ARO. .3-16-30 
Clancy's Kosher Wedding if 

FBO. .8-21-27 
Clancy Street Boys-MOP. 3-29-43 

Clarence if PAR 10-22-22 

Clarence-PAR 3-10-37 

Clarion if EQW 2-17-16 

Clash of the Wolves if 

WA. .11-22-25 

Classified if FN 10-11-25 

Classmates if FN. ... 11-23-24 
Claudine ( French ) -FRM . . 4-3-40 

Claudia-F 8-19-43 

Claw if SE 6-9-18 

Claw if U 5-22-27 

Claws of the Hun if 

PAR. .7-7-18 
Clay Dollars if SEZ. . 10-23-21 

Clean Gun if RAL 1917 

Clean Heart -*• VIT 9-28-24 

Clean-TJp if EXP 3-24-29 

Clean-Up * U 9-16-23 

Clean-Up if BL 8-9-17 

Clean Up Man if U 1928 

Clear All Wires-MGM 3-4-33 

Clear the Decks (PT)-U. .4-7-29 
Clearing the Range- 

CAP. .5-24-31 
Clearing the Trail if 

U. .10-14-28 
Clemencia ( Spanish )- 

XX. .8-22-35 

Cleopatra-PAR 7-25-34 

Cleopatra if F 10-18-17 

Clever Mrs. Carfax if 

PAR. .11-8-17 

Climax, The-U 9-26-44 

Climax, The-U 2-16-30 

Climber if RAL 1917 

Climbing High-F 6-7-39 

Climbers if VIT 11-9-19 

Climbers if WA 5-8-27 

Clinging Vine if PDC. 8-8-26 

Clipped Wings-TRC 5-4-38 

Clive of India-UA 1-17-36 

Clock •*• BL 4-5-1* 

Clodhopper if TRI 6-28-17 

Cloistered + BES 5-20-36 

Close Call for Ellery Queen, A- 

COL. .1942 
Close Harmony-PAR. .. .4-14-29 
Closed Doors * VIT. . 5-22-21 

Closed Gates •*• STE 5-19-27 

Closed Road -A PBA 4-2-16 

Closln' In ■*■ TRI 6-23-18 

Closing: Net * PAT. . .10-14-15 

Clothes -A M 9-19-20 

Clothes A- PAR 1920 

Clothes Make the Pirate Ar 

FN. .11-29-25 
Clothes Make the Woman Ar 

TIP. .6-24-28 

Cloud • VAN 3-15-17 

Cloud Dodger * U 11-18-28 

Cloudburst * LBR 1922 

Cloud Rider * FBO 1925 

Clouded Name A" WO. . . .8-24-19 
Clouded Name A" PGO.. 2-25-23 
Clouds Over Europe- 

COL. .6-19-39 

Cloven Tongue -A PAT 1918 

Clover's Rebellion Ar 

VIT. .5-24-17 

Clown + COL 1928 

Clown A: PAR 6-22-16 

Clown Georg-e A- AM .. 8-27-32 
Clown Must Laugh. A- 

GB. .10-17-38 
Club De Femmes (French) - 

MAB. .10-26-37 
Clutch of Circumstances if 

VIT. .8-25-18 
Co Moj Maz Rebi W Nocy? 

(Polish) -XX. .12-2-35 

Coast Guard-COL 9-7-39 

Coast of Folly * PAR. .9-13-25 
Coast of Opportunity if 

HOD. .12-19-20 

Coast Patrol * BAR 1925 

Coastal Command-RKO. .7-21-43 

Coax Me A" WO 8-3-19 

Cobra * PAR 12-13-25 

Cobra Woman-U 6-16-44 

Cock O' The Walk- 

WW. .4-13-30 
rock O' The Walk -A PAR. 1919 
Cock of the Air-UA. ... 1-31-32 
Cnckpved Cavaliers-RKO. .7-3-34 

Cock-Eyed World-F 8-4-29 

Cocktail Hour-COL 6-3-33 

Cocoanut Grove-PAR. . .5-18-38 
Cocoanuts, The-PAR .... 6-2-29 
Code of Cow Country ir 

PAT. .1927 
Code of Honor-SYN. . .11-16-30 
Code of Marcia Gray if 

PAR. .3-16-16 
Code of the Air if BIS. .12-16-28 
Code of the Fearless- 

SPE. .1-16-39 
Code of the Mounted- 

AMB. .6-31-35 
Code of the Northwest if 

AE. .1926 
Code of the Outlaw-REP. .2-4-42 
Colo of the Prairie-REP. . .1944 
Code of the Range if 

RA. .5-15-27 
Code of the Rangers- 

MOP.. 4-13-38 
Code of the Scarlet if 

FN. .7-15-28 
Code of the Sea if PAR. .6-1-24 
Code of the Secret Service- 

WA. .6-23-39 
Code of the Streets-U. . . . 1939 
Code of the West A- 

PAR. .4-26-25 
Code of the West if 

SYN. .7-27-30 
Code of the Wilderness if 

VIT. .7-6-24 
Code of the Yukon if 

SCR. .12-8-18 
Cognasse ( French )- 

PAR. .4-16-35 
Cohens and Kellys * U. . .3-7-26 

Cohens and Kellys in Africa- 

U.. 12-21-30 
Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic 

City (PT)-U. .3-24-29 
Cohens and Kellys In 

Holly wood-U. .4-24-32 
Cohens and Kellys in Paris if 

U. .2-12-28 
Cohens and Kellys in Scotland- 

U.. 3-2-30 
Cohens and Kellys in Trouble- 

U.. 4-15-33 
Coiffeur Pour Dames 

(French) -PAR. .10-29-32 

Coincidence if M 5-8-21 

Cold Deck * INC 11-8-17 

Cold Steel if RC 6-5-21 

Colleen * F 9-11-27 

Colleen-WA 3-6-36 

Colleen of the Pines if 

FBO. .7-9-22 
College (German) -XX. .. .1939 

College * UA 9-18-27 

College Boob + FBO 8-22-26 

College Coach-WB. .. .11-10-33 
College Coquette-COL. .. .9-1-29 
College Days A- TIF. . .10-24-26 
College Girl ( German >- 

XX. .1938 
College Hero if COL. . .11-27-27 
College Holiday-PAR. .12-19-36 
College Humor-PAR. .. .6-14-33 

College Love-U 8-11-29 

College Lovers-FN. .. .11-30-30 
College Orphan if U. . 10-21-15 
College Rhythm-iPAR ..11-1 -34 
College Scandal-PAR. . .7-12-35 

College Swing-PAR 4-28-28 

College Widow if WA..1 1-6-27 

Collegiate-PAR 1-23-36 

Colonel Bridau if ENT. . . .1919 

Colonel's Wife if PAT 

Colorado-RHP 9-3-40 

Colorado A- TT 2-27-21 

Colorado Kid-REP. . . . 12-11-37 
Colorado Pluck A- F.... 5-8-21 
Colorado Sunset-REP. ... 8-2-39 

Colorado Trail-COL 11-9-38 

Colt Comrades-UA 6-21-43 

Combat ir PAT 10-9-27 

Combat ir TT 2-14-26 

Comhat ir VIT 9-21-16 

Combat of the Matterhorn 

(German)-XX. .1938 
Come Across (PT) -U. .7-14-29 
Come Again Smith ir 

HOD. .1-26-19 
Come and Get It it 

RKO. .2-17-29 
Come and Get, It-TJA . . .10-29-36 
Come-Back. The if M. . 5-14-16 
Come Closer, Folks- 

COL. .11-24-36 
Come Live With Me- 

MGM. .1-30-41 
Come On, Cowboys ir 

ARW. .1924 
Come On, Cowboys !- 

REP. .5-21-37 
Come on Danger-RKO. .2-16-33 
Come on Danger-RKO. . 12-10-41 
Come On In if PAR. .9-22-18 
Come On, Leathernecks- 

REP. .8-23-38 
Come On Marines-PAR. .3-24-34 
Come On Over -AG... .3-19-22 
Come On Rangers-REP. 11-28-38 
Come On Tarzan-WOW. .1-4-33 
Come Out of the Kitchen A" 

PAR. .5-25-19 

Come Through if U 1925 

Come to My House if F. .2-5-28 
Comet Over Broadway- 

WA. .12-23-38 
Comin' 'Round the Mountain- 

PAR.. 10-3-40 
Comin' 'Round the Mountain- 

REP ,3-31-36 
Comin' Through the R/e ■A' 

HEP. .12-14-2* 


Coming An' Goinr Ar 

ARC. .1926 
Coming of Amos if 

PDC . . 9-27-25 
Coming of the Law -A 

F. .5-18-19 
Coming Out Party-F. .3-17-34 
Coming Through Ar 

PAR. . 2- 22-26 
Command Performance- 

TIF. .1-18-31 
Commandos Strike at 

Dawn-COL 12-18-42 

Commercial Pirates Ar 

ARW. .1919 
Common Cause -A 

VIT. .12-8-18 

Common Clay-F 8-3-30 

Common Clay A- PAT.. 1-26-19 
Common Ground A" 

PAR. .8-3-16 
Common Law A- SEZ.. 11-4-23 

Common Law-PAT 7-19-31 

Common Level A- TRA .... 1 920 
Common Property Ar D..1920 

Common Sense Ar SEZ 

Common Sin, The -A 

SEZ. .1920 
Companionate Marriage ^A 

FN. .11-11-28 
Compliments of Mr. Flow 

(French) -HOB. .1941 
Compromise A- WA ... .11-1-25 

Compromised-BI 1-18-31 

Comrade John -A PAT.... 1915 

Comrade X-MGM 12-11-40 

Comrades if FD 3-4-28 

Comrades of 1918 

(German) -TOB. .2-22-31 
Comrades of the Sea 

(German) -XX. .1939 

Conceit A- SEZ 12-25-21 

Concert A- G 2-27-21 

Concentratin* Kid-U. . . .10-26-80 
Concentration Camp 

(Russian) -AM. .4-0-39 

Condpmned-UA 11-10-29 

Condemned to Death- 

FD. .7-14-32 
Condemned to Live- 

CHE. .1935 
Condemned Women- 

RKO. .3-10-38 
Condottiere (Italian) - 

ESP. .1940 
Conductor 1492 A- WA. .3-23-24 
Coney Island A- FBO.. 2-26-28 

Coney Island-F 5-25-43 

Coney Island Prineest Ar 

PAR. .12-7-16 

Confession if F 6-16-19 

Confession if FN 1920 

Confession-WA 7-20-37 

Confessions of Boston Blaekie- 

COL. .12-17 41 
Confessions of a Cheat- 

GAL. .1942 
Confessions of a Co-ed- 

PAR. .6-21-31 
Confessions of a Nazi Spy- 

WA. .4-28-39 
Confessions of a Queen -A 

MG. .3-29 25 
Confessions of a Wife Ar 

EXP. .3-24-29 

Confetti A- FN 1928 

Confidence -A U 9-24-22 

Confidence Man A" 

PAR. .4-20-24 

Confidential-MAP 10-17-36 

Confirm or Deny-F. ... 11-19-41 

Conflict -A U 10-30-21 

Conflict -A VIT 7-6-16 

Conflict-U 11-28-36 

Congo Maisie-MGM. .. .1-18-40 

Congorilla-F 7-20-32 

Congress Dances-UA. ... 5-15-32 
Connecticut Yankee. A- 

F. .4-12-31 
Connecticut Yankee at King 

Arthur's Court if F. .2-6-21 

Conquered Hearts * KES..1918 
Conquering Horde-PAB. .3-20-31 
Conquering Power if M. .7-10-21 
Conquering the Woman if 

AE. .12-17-28 

Conqueror if TBI 1-6-16 

Conqueror if F 10-26-17 

Conqueror*, The-BKO. .11-19-32 
Conqueror! of the Arctic if 

AM.. 11-29-37 
Conquerors of the Nlght- 

AM. .8-1-33 

Conquest- WA 2-17-29 

Conquest-MGM 10-26-37 

Conquest of Canaan if 

FBO. .10-5-16 
Conquest of Canaan if 

PAB. .7-17-21 
Conquest of the Holy Land it 

OP.. 8-26-29 
Conquests of Peter the Great 

(Russian) -AM. .1930 

Conrad in Quest of Hie Touth if 

PAB.. 11-14-20 

Conscience if F 1817 

Conscience of John David if 

HMU. .4-27-16 
Consolation Marriage* 

BKO. .11-1 31 

Conspiracy if PAB 1914 

Conspiracy-BKO 9-6-39 

Conspirators, The-WA .10-17-44 
Constant Nymph if 

BIG. .7-21-29 
Constant Nymph, The- 
WA. . 6-30-43 

Constant Nymph-F 4-7-34 

Constant Woman-WOW. .5-23-23 
Contender, The-PRC ...5-10-44 

Content if SEZ 1920 

Continental Express-M OP. 4-9-42 
Contra La Corriente 

(Spanish) -XX3-12-36 
Contraband if PAB. .. .3-29-25 

Contrast if LAB 6-5-21 

Convention City-FN 12-14-33 

Convention Girl-FD. .. .5-14-35 
Convict 993 if PAT. .12-20-17 

Convict 13 if M 1920 

Convict's Code, The- 

STN.. 10-6-30 

Convict's Code-MOP 1939 

Convicted-ABC 10-4-31 

Convicted-COL 8-24-38 

Convicted Woman-COL. .3-8-40 
Convicts at Large- 

PBI.. 12-23-38 

Convoy if FN 5-16-27 

Convoy-BKO 1-8-41 

Cook of Canyon Camp if 

PAB.. 7-19-17 
Co-Optimiste, The-EBA. .3-9-30 

Cop if PAT 9-9-28 

Copperhead if PAB 2-16-20 

Coquette-TJA 4-14-29 

Coquille et le Clergyman if 


Cora if M 1915 

Corazon Bandelero (Spanish) - 

XX. .3-6-35 
Corazones en Derrota- 

XX. .10-11-34 
Cordelia the Magnificent if 

M. .5-20-23 

Co-Respondent if U 1917 

Corner if TRI 12-16-15 

Corner Grocer if PAR. .10-11-17 
Corner in Cotton if M.. 3-9-16 

Cornered if WA 10-19-24 

Cornered-COL 2-1-33 

Coronado-PAR 12-19-35 

Corporal Jim's Ward if 

PS. 1921 
Corporal Kate if PDC . . 12-26-26 
Corpse Vanishes, The- 

MOP. .4-16-42 

Corregidor-PRC 3-25-43 

Corruption-IML 6-21-33 

Corsair-UA 11-22-31 

Corsican Brothers •*■ 

UNI.. 12-28-19 

Corsican Brother*, The- 

UA.. 12-19-41 
Corte D-Assise (Italian) - 

rpp? 10-4-31 

Corvette K-225-U .' .9-27-43 

Cuti E La Vita (Italian; - 

THL. .11-8-31 
Cossack Whip if EKE. .11-16-16 

Cossacks if MGM 7-1-28 

Cossacks in Exile- 

(Ukranian)-AV. .2-2-39 
Cossacks ol the Don (S-SE)- 

AM. .3-20-32 
Cosmo Jones-Crime 

SmasheiyMOP 2-18-43 

(Reviewed as "Crime Smasher") 

Cost if PAR 4-18-20 

Cost of Hatred if 

PAR. .4-19-17 

Costello Case-WW 10-19-30 

Cotton and Cattle if 

WES. .1921 

Cotton King if WO 9-9-16 

Cougar, the King Killer 

(S-SE)-SNO. .5-23-33 
Counsel for Crime- 

COL. .10-18-37 
Counsel for the Defense if 

AE. .1-17-26 
Counsellor at Law-U. .11-28-33 
Count of Brechard (Italian) - 

XX.. 1940 
Count of Luxembourg if 

CHA.. 2-14-26 
Count of Monte Cristo- 

UA.. 8-29-34 
Count of Monte Cristo if 

PAR . . 1913 

Count of Ten if V 3-18-28 

Counter Espionage-COL. . . .1942 

Counterfeit-COL 6-6-36 

Counterfeit if PAR 11-30-19 

Counterfeit Lady-COL. .1-12-37 
Counterfeit Love if 

PGO . . 6-24-23 
Countess Charming if 

PAR . . 9-27-17 
Countess of Monte Cristo- 

U.. 3-31-34 
Countess Parma (Italian) - 

XX. .1938 
Country Beyond if F.. 10-24-2 6 
Country Beyond, The-F. .4-7-36 
Country Chairman if PAR. .1914 
Country Cousin if 

SEZ.. 12-14-19 
Country Doctor if PDC. .9-11-27 
Country Doctor. The-F .. 3-2-26 
Country Bride ( Russian) - 

AM.. 6-8-38 

Country Fair-REP 6-9-41 

Country Flapper if PS. .9-13-22 
Country Gentlemen- 

REP. .10-24-36 
Country God Forgot if 

KES.. 10-5-16 
Country Kid, The if 

WA.. 11-4-23 
Country Mouse if PAR... 1914 
County Chairman, The- 

F.. 1-3-35 

County Fair-MOP 5-1-32 

County Fair * PI 1-23-21 

County Fair-MOP 11-17-37 

Courage if FN 6-19-21 

Courage-WA 6-25-30 

Courage for Two if 

WO. .2-9-19 
Courage of Commonplace if 

PFT. .11-22-17 
Courage of Marge O'Doone if 

VIT. .6-6-20 
Courage of Silence if 

VIT. .2-8-17 
Courage of the North-FD. .1935 
Courage of the West-U. 12-10-37 
Courageous Avenger- Mlh 

SUM. .11-30-35^ 
Courageous Coward if f- 



Courageous Coward if 

SAB . . 1924 
Courageous Dr. Christian- 

RKO. .3-26-40 
Courageous Mr. Penn-HOB. 1944 
Courier of Lyons (French) - 

PAX. .6-8-38 
Court Martial if COL. .10-28-28 
Court Martialed if U....1915 
Courtesan if AMU. .. .5-25-16 
Courtin' Wildcats-U .... 12-22-39 
Courtship of Andy Hardy, The- 

MGM. .2-11-42 
Courtship of Miles Standish if 

AE. .11-4-23 

Cousin Kate if VIT 1921 

Cover Girl-COL 3-7-44 

Covered Trailer, The- 

REP. .11-16-39 
Covered Wagon if PAR. .3-25-23 
Covered Wagon Days- 

REP. .5-9-40 
Covered Wagon Trails- 

MOP. .5-9-40 
Covered Wagon Trails if 

SYN. .5-18-30 

Coward if FBO 8-28-27 

Coward if TRI 10-7-15 

Cowardice Court if F....1919 
Cowboy and the Bandit- 

FD. .1936 
Cowboy and the Blonde, The- 

F. .4-23-41 
Cowboy and the Countess if 

F. .2-7-26 
Cowboy and the Kid, The- 

U. .6-2-36 
Cowboy and the Lady if 

PAR. .11-12-22 
Cowboy and the Lady, The- 

UA. .11-11-38 
Cowboy and the Outlaw, The if 

SYN. .2-23-30 
Cowboy and the Senorita, 

The-REP. .4-5-44 
Cowboy Cavalier if 

PAT. .1-29-28 
Cowboy Commandos- 

MOP 7-12-43 

Cowboy Canteen-COL 1944 

Cowboy Counsellor- ALL .2-1-33 
Cowboy Courage if AY. . . .1926 
Cowboy from Brooklyn- 

WA. .6-14-38 
Cowboy from Lonesome 

River-COL. .1944 
Cowboy from Sundown- 

MOP. .1940 
Cowboy in Manhattan-U. 4-12-43 
Cowboy in the Clouds- 

COL 1943 

Cowboy Holiday -BE 12-26-34 

Cowboy Kid if F 7-15-28 

Cowboy Millionaire, The- 

F. .4-25-35 
Cowboy Musketeer if 

FBO. .12-20-25 
Cowboy Quarterback- 

WA. .12-15-39 
Cowboy Serenade-REP . . 1-21-42 
Cowboys from Texas- 

REP. .12-5-39 

Coyote Fangs •*■ FW 9-28-24 

Coyote Trails-COE 1935 

Crab if INC 1-18-27 

Crack O' Dawn if RA. .10-18-25 

Crack-Up-F 12-14-36 

Cracked NuU-RKO 4-5-31 

Cracked Nuts-TJ 1941 

Crackerjack if EC 5-24-25 

Cradle if PAR 3-26-22 

Cradle Buster if AR. . . .5-28-22 
Cradle of Courage if 

PAR. .9-26-20 
Cradle Snatchers if F . . 6-12-27 

Cradle Song-PAR 11-18-33 

Craig's Wife ■*• PAT.. 8-26-28 

Craig's Wife-COL 10-2-36 

Crainquebille-DDW ....12-11-34 

Crash, The-FN 9-9-32 

Crash, The if FN. ... 11-11-28 
Crash Dive-F 4-22-43 

Crash Donovan-U 8-11-36 

Crashin' Thru * FBO 4-1-23 

Crashin' Thru Danger- 

EXA. .11-11-38 
Crashing- Hollywood- 

RKO. .1-8-38 
Crashing- Through if 

PAT. .2-5-28 
Crashing Through to Berlin if 

U. .8-18-18 
Crashing Thru-MOP. .. 12-28-39 

Craven * BOL 1922 

Craving * HOP 9-29-18 

Craving * AMU 3-2-16 

Crazy House-U 10-15-43 

Crazy Knights-MOP 1H44 

Crazy That Way-F ... .4-27-30 
Crazy to Marry * PAR. .8-7-21 
Creaking Stairs if U.... 2-2-19 

Cricket -*• BUT 11-29-17 

Cricket on the Hearth if 

SEZ. .1923 

Crime Afloat-TRC 11-9-38 

Crime and Punishment if 

PAT. .2-15-17 
Crime and Punishment if 

GOU. .4-28-29 
Crime and Punishment- 

COL. .11-22-35 
Crime by Night-WA .... 7-27-44 

Crime Doctor-COL 9-12-43 

Crime Doctor-RKO 3-14-34 

Crime Doctor's Strangest 

Case-COL 1943 

Crime et Chatiment 

(French)-LEN. .11-14-35 
Crime Nobody Saw, The- 

PAR. .4-8-37 
Crime of Dr. Crespi, The- 

REP. .9-24-35 
Crime of Dr. Forbes, The- 

F. .6-16-36 
"Crime" of Dr. Hallet- 

U. .3-24-38 
Crime of Helen Stanley- 

COL. .7-3-34 
Crime of the Century- 

PAR. .2-18-33 
Crime on the Hill-BI. . 10-13-34 
Crime Over London-GB. . 8-3-38 
Crime Patrol, The- 

EMP. .5-13-36 

Crime Ring-RKO 7-27-38 

Crime School-WA 5-11-38 

Crime Smasher-See Cosmo 

Jones-Crime Smasher 
Crime Takes a Holiday- 

COL. .5-9-38 
Crime Without Passion- 

PAR. .8-18-34 
Criminal, The if INC. . 10-26-16 
Criminal at Large- 

HEL. .12-20-33 

Criminal Code-COL 1-4-31 

Criminal Investigator-MOP. 1942 
Criminal Lawyer-RKO. . 1-28-37 
Criminal Within, See 

"Murder at Glen A.thol" 
Criminals of the Air- 

COL. .11-1-37 
Criminals Within-PRC. . . . 1941 
Crimson Canyon if U. . 12-9-28 
Crimson Challenge if 

PAR. .4-23-22 
Crimson Circle, The (PT)- 

ERA. .2-9-30 
Crimson Circle, The- 

DUW. .12-30-36 
Crimson City (S-SE)- 

WA. .4-22-28 

Crimson Clue * CC 1923 

Crimson Cross if PI 1922 

Crimson Dove * PRW. . 6-7-17 
Crimson Gardenia if G. .6-15-19 
Crimson Romance- 

MAP. .9-26-34 
Crimson Runner if 

PDC. .6-7-25 
Crimson Shoals if 

Mon. .10-26-19 

Crimson Stain Mystery if 

CON. .8-24-16 

Crimson Trail, The-U 2-8-35 

Crinoline and Romance if 

M. .1-28-23 
Crippled Hand * BL. .4-20-16 

Crisis * SEL 10-5-16 

Crisis ( S-SE ) -MAB 3-20-39 

Crisis Mundial ( Spanish )- 

XX. .2-18-37 

Critical Age * HOD 5-6-23 

Crook of Dreams if 

WO. .2-23-19 

Crooked Alley * U 12-2-23 

Crooked Circle, The- 

WW. .9-23-32 
Crooked Road, The- 

REP. .5-15-40 
Crooked Romance if 

PAT. .9-27-17 
Crooked Straight if 

PAR. .11-2-19 
Crooked Streets if PAR. .8-1-20 
Crooks Can't Win if 

FBO. .6-3-28 

Crooky if VIT 

Crooner-FN 8-6-32 

Crosby Case-U 3-23-34 

Cross-Bearer if PWO. . . .4-18-18 
Cross-Country Romance- 

RKO. .6-28-40 

Cross Breed if BIS 10-16-27 

Cross Country Cruise-U. . 1-10-34 
Cross Currents if FAT.. 12-9-15 
Cross Examination- 

ARC. .2-14-32 
Cross of Lorraine, The- 

MGM 11-12-43 

Cross Roads * SMI 1923 

Cross Roads of New Tork if 

FN. .5-28-22 

Cross Streets-CHE 7-6-34 

Crossed Signals if RA....1926 
Crossed Trails * IND. . 4-20-24 
Crossed Wires •£• U.... 5-20-23 

Crossfire-RKO 8-15-33 

Crossing Trails if APH. . . .1922 
Crossroads ( French) - 

THN. .3-21-39 

Crossroads-MGM 6-24-42 

Crossroads of Love if 

HM. .1928 
Crouching Beast, The- 

OLM. .3-22-36 

Crowd if MGM 2-26-28 

Crowd Roars, The-WA. .3-27-32 
Crowd Roars, The-MGM .. 8-2-38 
Crowded Hour ■*■ PAR.. 5-3-25 
Crown Jewels if TRI. . 12-22-18 
Crown of Lies if PAR. .4-11-26 
Crown of Thorns-XX. . . .3-30-34 
Crown Prince's Double if 

VIT. .1-6-16 

Crow's Nest ■*• AY 1922 

Crucial Test * BRA 7-6-16 

Crucible if PAR 1914 

Cruel Truth if STE .... 8-14-27 
Cruise of the Hellion if 

RA. .9-18-27 
Cruise of the Jasper B if 

PDC. .1926 
Cruise of the Makebelieve if 

PAR. .9-8-18 

Crusader if F 1923 

Crusader, The-MAJ. ... 10-5-32 

Crusades, The-PAR 8-5-35 

Cruz Diablo-COL 4-10-35 

Cruz Diablo ( Spanish )- 

COL. .1938 
Cry of the Weak if 

PAT. .4-20-19 
Cry of the Werewolf- 

COL. .8-23-44 

Cry of the World-F 5-8-32 

Cry Havoe-MGM 11-9-43 

Crystal Ball, The-UA. .. 1-20-43 

Crystal Cup if FN 10-9-27 

Crystal Gazer if PAR.. 9-20-17 
Csak Ecy Kislany 

(Hungarian) -ERA. .3-27-32 


Csak Egy Ejszaka 

(Hungarian) -XX. .3-19-36 
Cuando Canta La Ley 

(Spanish) -PAR. .6-5-39 
Cub Reporter if GOL. . 9-24-22 
Cuban Love Song-MGM . .12-6-31 
Cuckoos, The-RKO. .. .4-27-30 

Cuesta Abajo-PAR 7-18-34 

Cumberland Romance if 

REA. .8-15-20 
Cuore Napoletano (Italian) - 

ESP. .1940 

Cup of Fury if G 4-11-20 

Cup of Life if AE 9-11-21 

Cupid by Proxy if 

PAT. .7-14-18 
Cupid Forcloses if VIT.. 7-6-19 
Cupid, the Cowpuncher if 

G. .8-1-20 

Cupid's Brand if ARW 1921 

Cupid's Fireman if F. .12-10-23 
Cupid's Round-up * F. . . .1918 

Curly Top if F 1925 

Curse of the Cat People, 

The-RKO. .2-21-44 
Curse of Drink if APO . . 9-3-22 
Curse of Eve if COR. .10-18-17 
Curse of Iku * ES ... .3-28-18 

Curtain if FN 10-10-20 

Curtain at Eight-MAJ. . .2-1-34 

Curtain Call-RKO 4-10-40 

Curtain Falls-CHE 10-2-34 

Custard Cup * F 1-21-23 

Cy Wittaker's Ward if 

KES. .1917 
Cycle of Fate if SEL. . . .4-6-16 

Cyclone if F 1-18-20 

Cyclone Bliss if ARW 1921 

Cyclone Cavalier if RA. .10-4-25 
Cyclone Cowboy if 

PAT. .1-16-27 
Cyclone Jones if AT.. 9-30-23 

Cyclone Kid-BIF 12-22-31 

Cyclone Kid. The-REP. . 8-10-42 
Cyclone of Higgins, D.D. if 

M.. 5-19-18 
Cyclone of the Range if 

FBO. .5-1-27 
Cyclone of the Saddle- 

FD. .1935 
Cyclone on Horseback- 

RKO. .1941 
Cyclone Prairie Rangers- 

COL. .1944 
Cyclone Ranger-SPE .... 3-20-35 
Cyclone Rider if F.... 10-5-24 

Cynara-UA 11-12-32 

Cynthia of the Minute if 

HOD. .7-11-20 
Cyrano De Bergerac if 

ATL. .7-19-25 

Cytherea if FN 4-20-24 

Czar Ivan, the Terrible if 

XX. .1928 
Czar of Broadway-U. . . .6-29-30 
Czar Wants to Sleep- 

AM. .12-11-34 
Czardos: Ihre Tollste Nacht 

( German ) -XX .. 6-24-37 
Czarina Commands, The 

(Russian) -KIT. .1935 


Dad's Girl if SEZ 1920 

Daddies * WA 2-17-24 

Daddy if FN 3-11-23 

Daddy Long Legs if 

FN. .5-18-19 
Daddy Long Legs-F .... 6-7-31 

Daddy's Girl * PAT 2-21-18 

Daddy's Gone A'Hunting if 

MG. .3-8-25 

Daddy's Love if KLU 1922 

Daggerwoman if PAT... 5-2-1 8 
Damaged Goods if 

BEN. .9-30-15 
Damaged Goods-GN. ... 6-24-37 
Damaged Hearts -fc 

FBO. .1924 
Damaged Love-WW. ... 1-25-31 





You'll see. 
This way 
please _». 





Next Companies 2, 2, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0. 


Next Companies 5, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0. 




M-G-M: 6 OUT OF 12 



Next Companies: A, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0. 

And in Other Trade Surveys 

IN FAME (Quigley Publications): 

M-G-M Tops Box-office Champs 
M-G-M Tops Stars of Tomorrow 


M-G-M Tops in "Top Hits/' Stars, New Stars. 




M-G-M: 5 OUT OF "10 BEST" IN 

Next Companies: 2, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0. 



Thanks from our hearts to all ( 
who voted M-G-M Leader again. 
Combining good pictures with 
Friendly dealings makes the 
gay Lion a popular Champ. 
Here are just a few of the pictures 
which won him the Laurels of 
Leadership in the past year: 




Leadership in 1945 is right below! 


Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, 
Lucille Ball 


Ed. G. Robinson, Margaret O'Brien, 

James Craig, 

Jackie "Butch" Jenkins 


Lana Turner, Laraine Day, 
Susan Peters 


George Sanders, Hurd Hatfield, 
Donna Reed 


In Technicolor 

Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Morgan 

and Lassie 


Greer Garson, Gregory Peck, 
Donald Crisp, Lionel Barrymore 


Judy Garland. Robert Walker 


o In Technicolor 

Van Johnson, Esther Williams, 
Lauritz Melchior, Tommy Dorsey 
and his Orchestra, Frances Gifford 


Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, 

Walter Pidgeon, Van Johnson, 

Xavier Cugat 


In Technicolor 
Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, Lucille 
Bremer, Fanny Brice, Judy Garland. 
Kathryn Grayson, Lena Home, 
Gene Kelly, James Melton, Victor 
Moore, William Powell, Red 
Skelton, Esther Williams 


In Technicolor 

Peter Lawford, Donald Crisp, 

Lassie and Laddie 


In Technicolor 

Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson. 

Gene Kelly, Jose Iturbi 


Hedy Lamarr, Robert Walker, 
June Allyson 


Robert Donat, Deborah Kerr 


In Technicolor 

Van Johnson, Esther Williams, 
Lucille Ball 


In Technicolor 

Judy Garland, John Hodiak, 

Ray Bolger, Virginia O'Brien, 

Angela Lansbury, 

Marjorie Main, Chill Wills 


In Technicolor 

Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, 
Frank Morgan 


Robert Montgomery, John Wayne 

Damaged Souls (S-SE)- 

PWP. .1929 
Dame Chance * ACI. . 10-24-26 
Dame De Pique (French) - 

LEN. .1939 

Dame/-WA 8-16-34 

Dames Ahoy-U 3-30-30 

Damocles if PS 

Damon and Pythias if U. .1915 
Damsel in Distress if 

PAT. .10-19-19 
Damsel in Distress, A- 

RKO. .11-20-37 

Dance Band-ALL 6-6-35 

Dance, Charlie, Dance- 

WA. .8-27-37 
Dance Fever * UFA.. 9-23-28 
Dance, Fools, Dance- 

MGM. .2-1-31 
Dance, Girl, Dance- 

RKO. .8-28-40 
Dance, Girl, Dance- 

INV. .12-26-33 

Dance Hall-RKO 12-22-29 

Dance Hall-F 7-9-41 

Dance Hall Hostess- 

MAF. .8-26-33 
Dance Madness -fc 

MGM. .2-7-26 

Dance Magic * FN 7-31-27 

Dance of Life-PAR 8-25-29 

Dance Team-F 1-3-32 

Dancer of Barcelona if 

CUR. .10-6-29 
Dancer of Paris if FN.. 4-4-26 
Dancer of the Nile if 

FBO 11-18-23 
Dancer's Peril if PBW. .3-8-17 
Dancer's Romance if ARW. ... 

Dancers, The-FN 11-16-30 

Dancers, The * F 1-18-25 

Dancers, in the Dark- 

PAR. .3-20-32 
Dancin' Fool if PAR... 5-9-20 
Dancing- Cheat if U. .. .4-20-24 
Dancing Co-ed-MGM . . . 10-13-39 
Dancing- Days if PRE . . 9-19-26 
Dancing- Dynamite-CAP. . 8-16-31 

Dancing Feet-REP 1-20-36 

Dancing- in Manhattan-COL. 1944 
Dancing- Lady-MGM .... 12-2-33 

Dancing Man-PYM 7-14-34 

Dancing Masters, The-F 10-27-43 
Dancing Mothers if * 

PAR. .2-28-26 
Dancing On a Dime- 

PAR. .1-31-41 
Dancing Pirate-RKO .... 5-8-36 
Dancing Sweeties-WA .. 8-17-30 
Dancing Vienna-FN. .. .2-24-29 

Danger if ELF 1923 

Danger Ahead-MOP 7-3-40 

Danger Ahead if GOL . . 9-30-23 

Danger Ahead * U 7-21-21 

Danger Ahead-VIC 7-19-35 

Danger Flight-MOP. ... 11-10-39 

Danger Game if G 4-25-18 

Danger Girl if PDC 1-31-26 

Danger, Go Slow if U. . 12-8-18 
Danger in the Pacific-U. . 8-6-42 
Danger Lights (AT)- 

RKO. .12-14-30 
Danger Line if FBO. . . .5-18-24 
Danger — Love at Work- 

F. .9-30-37 

Danger Man if COS 4-27-30 

Danger Mark if ART.. 7-14-18 
Danger on the Air-U. .6-29-38 
Danger On Wheels-U. . . .4-16-40 

Danger Path if U 

Danger Patrol if RA 1928 

Danger Patrol-RKO. . . .11-27-37 

Danger Quest if RA 1926 

Danger Rider if U.... 12-2-28 
Danger Signal if 

EDK 11-25-15 

Danger Signal if COL.. 8-9-25 
Danger Street if FBO.. 10-7-28 

Danger Trail if RAL 1928 

Danger Trail * SEL 5-10-17 

Danger Trail-FD 1935 

Danger Valley if IND 1921 

Danger Valley-MOP 1937 

Danger Within if BL. . . .5-2-18 
Danger ! Women at Work- 

PRC 7-13-43 

Danger Zone if F 1-19-19 

Dangerous-WA 12-6-35 

Dangerous Adventure if 

WA. .1922 
Dangerous Adventure, A- 

COL. .1937 
Dangerous Affair if HAL.. 1920 
Dangerous Affair, A- 

COL. .11-29-31 

Dangerous Age * FN 2-4-23 

Dangerous Blond if U.. 5-11-24 

Danger Blondes-COL 1943 

Dangerous Business if 

FN. .12-5-20 
Dangerous Corner-RKO. .12-4-34 
Dangerous Coward if 

FBO. .6-1-24 
Dangerous Crossing 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
Dangerous Curve Ahead if 

G. .10-9-21 
Dangerous Curves-PAR. .7-21-29 
Dangerous Days * G. .3-21-20 
Dangerous Dub * AE....1926 
Dangerous Dude •* RA . .8-29-26 
Dangerous Flirt if FBO. . .1924 
Dangerous Friends if 

STE. .11-7-26 
Dangerous Game if U....1923 
Dangerous Game, A-U. . .3-13-41 
Dangerous Holiday- 

REP. .6-25-37 
Dangerous Hours if 

PAR. .2-8-20 
Dangerous Innocence if 

U.. 3-15-25 
Dangerous Intrig\ie- 

COL. .1-18-36 
Dangerous Journey-F ..8-21-44 
Dangerous Lady-PRC. . .10-13-41 
Dangerous Lies if PAR.. 1921 
Dangerous Little Demon if 

U. .3-12-22 
Dangerous Love if CBC...1921 
Dangerous Maid if 

FN. .12-16-23 
Dangerous Moment if 

U. .4-10-21 
Dangerous Money if 

PAR. .10-19-24 
Dangerous Nan McGrew- 

PAR. .6-22-30 
Dangerous Number- 

MGM. .1-27-37 
Dangerous Secrets-GN. . 10-27-38 
Dangerous Paradise-PAR. 2-16-30 
Dangerous Passage- 

PAR. .12-18-44 
Dangerous Paradise if 

SEZ. .10-24-20 
Dangerous Pastime if EAS 

Dangerous Paths if ARW. .1921 
Dangerous Talent if PAT 

Dangerous To Know-PAR 

Dangerous Men if M... 4-18-20 
Dangerous Traffic if GOO. 1926 
Dangerous Trails if AMB. 4-6-24 
Dangerous Virtue if LBR 

Dangerous Waters if MT 

Dangerous Waters-U . . . 1-23-36 
Dangerous Woman-PAR .5-26-29 
Dangerously They Live-WA 

Dangerously Yours-F . . 2-24-33 
Dangerously Yours-F ..9-21-37 
Dangers of the Arctic-EXO 

Daniel Boone-RKO ....9-22-36 
Daniel Boone Thru the Wilder- 
ness if SU. .1926 


Dante's Inferno if F. . .10-12-24 

Dante's Inferno-F 8-1-35 

Danton (German) -CAP .9-13-31 
Daphne and the Pirate if 

FAT. .2-24-16 

Daredevil * F 3-14-20 

Daredevil if EXI 1920 

Daredevil Kate if F. . . 8-24-16 
Daredevil Drivers, The-WA 

Daredevil's Reward if F 

Daring Chances if U. . . .8-31-24 

Daring Danger • AR 1922 

Daring Danger-COL ....7-27-32 
Daring Daughters-CAP . .3-25-33 

Daring Deeds if RA 1927 

Daring Hearts if VIT. . 7-27-19 
Daring Love if TRU ... 6-29-24 
Daring Years * EQU.. 12-9-23 
Daring of Diana * VIT. 7-27-16 
Daring Young Man, The-F 

Daring Youth if PRI. . 5-18-24 
Daring Young Man, The- 

COL. .1942 

Dark Angel * FN 10-18-25 

Dark Angel, The-UA .. .8-30-35 
Dark Command-REP ....4-5-40 
Dark Eyes (French) -KAS 


Dark Hazard-FN 2-23-34 

Dark Horse-FN 6-11-32 

Dark Hour, The-CHE . . 8-31-36 

Dark Journey-UA 8-24-37 

Dark Lantern if REA . . . 8-8-20 
Dark Mirror if PAR... 1920 
Dark Mountain-PAR ....9-6-44 

Dark Rapture- U 10-11-38 

Dark Red Roses-INT. . .3-23-30 

Dark Road if INC 3-22-17 

Dark Sands-REH 7-22-38 

Dark Secrets if PAR.. 1-28-23 
Dark Silence if PWO. . 9-21-16 

Dark Skies-CAP 12-15-29 

Dark Stairways if U.. 6-22-24 

Dark Star if PAR 8-24-19 

Dark Streets-FN 10-13-29 

Dark Streets of Cairo-U. 12-4-40 

Dark Swan if WA 12-7-24 

Dark Victory-WA ....3-17-39 

Dark Waters-UA 10-31-44 

Darkened Rooms-PAR .... 1929 

Darkened Skies-BIL 1930 

Darkest Africa-REP .... 1936 
Darkest Hour if VIT... 1920 
Darkest Russia if PBW. .4-26-17 
Darkness and Daylight if BAN 


Darling Mine if SEZ 1921 

Darling of New York if U 

Darling of Paris if F.. 2-15-17 
Darling of the Rich if SEZ 

Daro' Un Milione (Italian) -XX 

D'Artagnan if FAT. .. .2-10-16 
Darwin Was Right if F 

Das Alte Lied ( Germ an) - 

KAU. .9-13-33 
Das Blaue vom Himmel-DAN 

Das Cabinet des Dr. Larifari 

( German ) -SCN . . 9-13-31 
Das Einmaliens Der Liebe 

(German) -XX. .1-4-37 
Das Ekel (German) -UFA 


Das Erbe in Pretoria ( German )- 

BAU. .4-21-36 

Das Floetenkonzert Von Sans- 

Souci (German) -UFA 






Das Freundin ELues Groeaen 

Mannes-UFA . . 9-18 34 
Das Gaesschen Zum Paradlea 

( German )-AMT. .8-27-27 
Das Hofkonzert (German) - 

UFA. .3-30 37 
Dae Lied let Aus ( German) - 

ASS. .1-31-32 

Das Lied vom Glueck ( German )- 

XX.. 1935 

Das Lied Vom Leben ( German )- 

TOB. .10-18-31 

Das Lockende Ziel-XX 1933 

Das Maedchen Irene (German)- 
UFA . . 6-1-37 
Das Maedchen Johanna (Ger- 
man) -UFA. .10-9-35 
Das Maedel von der Reep- 
erbahn ( German )-TPE 

Das Nachtigall Maedel (Ger- 
man) -CAP. .1-28-33 
Das Rheinlandmaedel (German) - 
CAP. .9-20-31 
Das Schicksal der Renate 

Langen-XX. .11-6-33 
Dai Schloss Im Flandem 

( German) -AMT. .8-18-37 
Das Schloss Im Sueden 

(German) -UFA. .2-26-36 
Das Schoene Abenteur 

(German) -UFA . . 12-10-32 
Das Schweigen In Walde 

(German) -UFA. .12-16-37 
Das Spiel Im Sommerwind 

(German) -UFA. .1930 
Das Testament Des Dr. M abuse 
(German) -XX.. 1941 
Das Unsterbliche Hera 

( German ) -UFA . . 1939 
Das Verlorene Tal (German)- 

XX.. 6-3-36 
Date With the Falcon, A-RKO 

Daughter Angel* * TRI 

Daughter of Destiny if FN 

Daughter ol Eve if COM 

Daughter of France if F 

Daughter of Israel if STN 

Daughter of Luxury if PAR 

Daughter of MacGregor if 

PAR. .9-21-16 
Daughter of Maryland if EMU 

Daughter of Mine if G. .4-27-19 
Daughter of Shanghai-PAR 

Daughter of the City if ES 

12-23 -15 
Daughter of the Don if ARW 

Daughter of the Dragon-PAR 

Daughter of the Gods if F 

Daughter of the Hills if PAR . . . 
Daughter of the Law if U 

Daughter of the Old South- if 

PAR. .10-26-18 
Daughter of the Poor if FAT 

Daughter of the Samuri 

(Japanese) -MOD. .1938 
Daughter of the Sea if EQ 

Daughter of the Sioux if DAY 

Daughter of the Tone-TIM 


Daughter of the West it PAT 

Daughter of the Wolf if PAR 

Daughter of Two Worlds if FN 

Daughter Pays * SEZ. .11-28-20 
Daughters Couraceous-WA 

Daughters of Desire if EXP 

Daughters of Pleasure if PRI 

Daughters of the Night if F 

Daughters of the Rich * PRE 

Daughters of Today * SEZ 

Daughters of Two Fathers if 

SHO. .3-24-29 
Daughters Who Pay if BAE 

David and Jonathan w SEC. 1922 
David Copperfleld if AE 

David Copperfield-MGM . . 1-8-36 

David Garrick * PAR 1916 

David Golder (French) -PRX 


David Harum-F 3-2-34 

Davy Crockett if PAR. .4-20-16 
Davy Crockett at the Fall of 

the Alamo if SU..1926 

Dawn if COL 6-3-28 

Dawn if PAT 12-17-19 

Dawn Exprees-PRC 1942 

Dawn of a Tomorrow if PAR 

Dawn of Freedom if VIT 

Dawn of Love if M . . . 10-5-16 
Dawn of Revenge if AY. 1922 
Dawn of the East if PAR 

Dawn of Understanding if 

VIT. .1918 
Dawn on the Great Divide- 

MOP.. 12-28-42 
Dawn Over Ireland-ALW 


Dawn Patrol-WA 12-14-38 

Dawn Patrol, The-FN . . 7-13-30 
Dawn Rider, The-MOP ... 7-9-35 

Dawn Trail-COL 1934 

Dawnmaker * INC .... 9-14-16 
Day After Day-ARQ. . .11-24-43 
Day After the Divorce (German)- 
XX.. 1940 
Day at the Races, A-MGM 


Day Break if M 1-10-18 

Day Dreams if G 1-19-19 

Day of a Dog if PAR 

Day of Days * PAR 1914 

Day of Faith if G 12-2-23 

Day of Reckoning-MGM 

Day She Paid if U . . . 12-14-19 
Day the Bookies Wept, The- 

RKO. .9-18-39 
Days of Old Cheyenne-REP.1943 

Daybreak -MGM 5-31-31 

Daybreak (French) -AFE. .8-6-40 
Day -Time Wife-F . . . .11-16-39 
Day's Pleasure * FN. .12-21-19 

Days of Glory-RKO 4-27-44 

Days of Jesse Jamea-REP 

Daytime Wives if FBO. .9-2-23 
De Be Van Het Regiment 

(Dutch) -HOB. .1939 

Dead Alive if GAU 2-17-16 

Dead End-UA 8-3-37 

Dead Game if U 4-22-23 

Dead or Alive if ARW 1921 


Dead Line if FBO 8-16-38 

Dead Line if F 6-9-20 

Dead Line • EXI 1919 

Dead Man's Curve if FBO 


Dead Man's Eyes-U 9-14-44 

Dead Man's Gulch-REP. 3-24-43 
Dead Man's Shoes-MOP. .6-14-41 
Dead March, The-IML. .8-19-37 
Dead Melody (German) -UFA 


Dead Men Tell-F 4-18-41 

Dead Men Tell No Tales-ALL 

Dead Men Tell No Tales if VIT 

Dead Men Walk -PRC ... 4-12-43 

Dead or Alive-PRC 1944 

Dead-Shot Baker -£ 

VIT. .10-18-17 
Deadlier Sex if PAT. . .3-21-20 

Deadline, The-COL 1-24-32 

Deadline at Eleven if VIT 

Deadly Game, The-MOP. 8-5-41 
Deadwood Coach if F. . 1-25-25 
Deadwood Pass-FRE . . . 6-6-33 
Dealers in Death-TOP. .11-30-34 

Dearie if WA 6-19-27 

Death at a Broadcast-FIA . 1841 

Death Cell-MOP 1942 

Death Dan«» if SEL. . .7-21-18 
Death Flies Eaat-COL. .2-27-36 
Death From a Diatance-INV 

Death Goes North-WAW 

Death in the Air-PAR. .2-15-37 

Death Kiss- WOW 1-28-33 

Death of a Champion-PAR 

Death of Censorship if 

NAM. .10-12-16 
Death on the Diamond-MGM 

Death Takes a Holiday-PAR 

Death Valley if FD. . .7-31-27 
Death Valley Manhunt- 

REP 11-24-43 

Death Valley Outlaws-REP 

Death Valley Rangers- 

MOP 1943 

Debt if PMU 6-3-17 

Debt of Honor if F. . .4-11-18 
Decameron Nights if UFA 


Deceiver if ARW 1921 

Deceiver, The-COL 11-29-31 

Deception if PAR 4-24-21 

Deception-COL 1-10-33 

Deciding Eisa if U 7-14-18 

Declasse * FN 4-6-26 

Decoy if LED 7-6-16 

Deemster if ARW 4-19-17 

Deep Purple if REA... 5-9-20 

Deep Waters if PAR 1921 

Deerslayer if SEZ 1923 

Deerslayer-REP 11-9-43 

Defend Yourself if ELB. . .1926 
Defenders of the Law-SYN 

Defense of Volochayevsk 

(Russian) -AM . . 9-1-38 

Defense Rests-COL 8-15-34 

Defying Destiny if SEZ. 1-13-24 
Deep in the Heart of Texas- 

U.. 9-16-42 

Delicious-F 12-27-31 

Delicious Litle Devil if U 

Delightful Rogue-RKO. 10-20-29 
Delinquent Daughters- 

PRC . . 6-6-44 

Deliverance •*■ LIE 8-24-19 

De Luxe Annie if 6-26-18 





Deluge, The-RKO 10-7-33 

Demented Hero • FGU..1928 
Demi-Bride *• MGM ... .4-3-27 
Democracy, The Vision Re- 
stored * DEM 8-29-20 

Demon * M 7-28-18 

Demon * U 1926 

Demon Barber of Fleet Street- 

SE. .10-11-39 
Demon for Trouble-STI. . S-10-34 
Demon of the Steppes >fr AM 

Demon Rider * DAV...1925 
Denare E D'Amore (Italian) - 

XX. .3-22-37 

Denial * MG 3-22-25 

Denny from Ireland -fr KRA 


Denver Dude • U 2-13-27 

Dcr Adjutant Seiner Hoheit 

( German ) -XX . . 1 0-22-34 
Der Andere ( German ) -TOB 


Der Arme Millionair ( German )- 

UFA. .1939 

Der Ball (German) -PRX. . .1922 

Der Bettelstudent (German) - 

UFA. .12-29-36 
Der Biberplez (German) -UFA 

Dcr Blaufuchs (German) -UFA 

Der Brave Sunder ( German )- 

XX. .1932 
Der Choral von Leuthen 

(German) -UFA. .1-22-35 

Der Doppelbraetigam (German) - 

GFS. .3-27-35 

Der Dschungel Ruft ( German )- 

XX. .4-27-37 

Der Etappenhase ( German )- 

CAO. .1-6-38 
Der Fall Des Oberst Redl 

(German) -CAP. .8-20-32 
Der Falsche Ehemann 

(Germanl-UFA. .10-18-32 
Der Falsche Feldmarschall 

(German) -CAP. .7-2-32 
Der Feldherrn Shuesgel 

(German) -XX. .4-24-34 
Der Florentiner Hut ( German )- 
UFA. .1939 
Der Frechdachs (German) -UFA 

Der Gipfelsturmer (German) - 

XX. .4-14-37 
Der Glueckszylinder-Unknown 

Der Gouverneuer ( German )- 

UFA. .1939 
Der Grosse Tenor ( German )- 

UFA. .5-31-31 
Der Hampelmann ( German) - 

TOB. .9-13-31 
Der Hauptman von Koepenick 

(German) -AMR. .1-20-33 
Der Heldenkamp Um Heima- 

terde (German) -XX. . 1941 

Der Hellseher-XX 9-13-33 

Der Herr Burovorstcher 

(German) -CAP. .1932 
Der Herr der Welt ( German )- 

GFS. .12-17-35 
Der Himmel auf Erden 

(German)-XX. .12-30-35 
Der Hochtourist ( German) - 

UFA. .1-16-34 
Der Hoehere Befehl ( German )- 

UFA. .4-1-36 
Der Jager Von Fall ( German )- 

UFA. .4-27-37 
Der Judas von Tirol ( German )- 
XX. .4-29-36 
Der Junge Graf ( German )- 

UFA. .12-14-36 

Der Kampf (Russian) -AM 

Der Kaiser Von Kalifornien 

(German)-XX. .5-13-37 
Der Katzensteg (German) - 

AMT. .2-1-38 
Der Kleine Seitensprung 

(German) -UFA. .1-10-32 
Der Korvettenkapitaen 

(German) -XX. .1933 
Der Kosterjaeger (German)- 

UFA . . 1-4-36 
Der Letzte Waltzer ( German )- 

XX. .4-19-37 
Dcr Liebling von Wien 

( German ) -EUR . . 6-14-33 
Der Meisterboxer ( German )- 

GFS. .1935 
Der Meisterdetektiv ( German) - 

XX. .2-14-34 
Der Muede T*ieodor ( German )- 

XX. .10-27-36 
Der Multige Seefahrer (German) - 
XX. .11-25-36 
Der Page vom Dalmasse- 

Hotel (German) -XX. .3-27-35 
Der Postilion Von Lonjumeau 

(German )-SWI. .11-23-37 
Der Purimspieler (Yiddish) - 

SPI. .1-21-37 
Der Raub Der Mona Lisa 

(German) -TOB. .4-3-32 
Der Raub Der Sabinerinnen 

(German) -AMT. .1-20-37 
Der Schimmelreiter ( German )- 

GFS. .1935 
Der Schlemihl (German) -XX 

Der Schreeken Der Garnison 

(German)-CAP. .6-5-32 
Der Schritt Vom Wege (Ger- 
man) -UFA. .1939 
Der Schuechterne Felix 

(German) -XX. .9-10-35 
Der Schueschterne Casanova 

(German) -XX. .8-25-36 
Der Schuetzen Koeni? ( German )- 
GEF. .5-10-33 
Der Schwarz Husar ( German )- 

BRX. .12-23-32 
Der Scirgende Tors ( German) - 

XX. .1940 
Der Sohn der Weissen Berge 

( German )-ITA. .10-28-33 
Der Stern von Valencia 

(German) -UFA. .1934 
Der Stolz Der 3 Kompagnie 

(German) -CAP. .7-22-32 
Der Storch Hat Uns Getraut 

(German) -XX. .12-5-33 
Der Storch Streikht ( German )- 
TOB. .5-8-32 
Der Tanz Geht Weiter 

(German)-WA. .1-11-31 
Der Teulfelsbruder ( Germ an) - 

TRL. .4-10-32 
Der Tiger Von Berlin 

(German) -UFA. .1932 
Der Tolle Bombert ( German )- 

XX. .10-28-35 
Der Traum vom Rhein (Ger- 

man)-XX. .12-10-35 
Der Traumende Mund (Ger- 
man) -XX. .2-6-34 
Der Tyrann ( German ) -XX 

Der Umwiderstehliche (Ger- 
man) -AMT. .1-11-38 
Der Unbekannte (German) -XX 

Der Ungetreue Ecke Hart 

(German) -TOB. .1-24-32 
Der Unsterbliche Lump 

(Germanl-UFA. .1932 
Der Unsterbliche Walzer 

(German) -UFA. .1939 


Der Verkannte Lebemann 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Der Vetter Aus Dingsda 

(German) -UFA. .2-4-36 
Der Vierte Kommt Nicht 

(German) -XX. .1941 
Der Wackere Schustermeister 

( German )-GEG. .7-8-36 
Der Wahre Jakob ( German )- 

TRA. .8-16-31 
Der Zerbrochene Krug (Ger- 

man)-AMT. .1-17-38 
Der Zigeunerbaron ( German )- 

UFA. .1935 

Derelict-PAR 11-23-30 

Derelict * F 5-3-17 

De Sactina d Grande Diva 

(Italian) -XX. .1941 

Desert Bandit-REP 5-29-41 

Desert Blossoms •*■ F.. 12-11-21 
Desert Bride * COL. . .6-10-28 
Desert Bridegroom -fc ARW 

Desert Crucible * ARW. 1922 
Desert Demon + ARC... 1926 
Desert Driven + FBO. . 6-17-23 

Desert Dust * U 12-25-27 

Desert Flower •*• FN . . . 6-7-25 
Desert Gold •*■ PAR. . .4-4-26 

Desert Gold * HOD 11-16-19 

Desert Gold-PAR 





Greed • GOO 1926 

Law + TRI. 

Desert Love -fr F. . . 

Desert Man * TRI. 

Desert Men, The-FD. 

Desert Nights (S-SE) 





Desert of the Lost * PAT 


Outlaw ^ F 8-31-24 

Patrol-REP 6-3-38 

Phantom-SUM .3-21-36 

Pirate * FBO 1927 

Rider * MGM. . .7-7-29 
Desert Scorpion * EMP. . .1920 
Desert Sheik * TRU .. .7-27-24 

Desert Song-WA 5-5-29 

Desert Song, The-WA . . 12-1J-43 

Desert Trail-MOP 8-20-35 

Desert Valley * F 1-9-27 

Desert Venegeance-COL .3-1-31 

Desert Victory -F 3-26-43 

Desert Wooing * PAR. .6-16-18 
Desert's Price ■*■ F... 12-6-25 
Desert's Toll • MGM. .11-21-26 
Deserted at the Altar * GOL 


Deserter-AM 10-15-34 

Deserter * INC 6-22-16 

Design for Living-PAR. 11-17-33 
Design for Murder-WO. 12-5-40 
Design for Scandal-MGM 


Desirable-WA 9-15-34 

Desire (German) -XX 1940 

Desire * M 9-23-23 

Desire-PAR 2-4-36 

Desire of the Moth if BL 

Desired Woman * VIT. .4-11-18 
Desired Woman -fr WA . . . 9-4-27 
Desperadoes, The-COL. . 5-18-43 
Desperate Adventure it IND 

Desperate Adventure, A-REP 

Desperate Cargo-PRC .10-2-41 
Desperate Chance if RA. . .1926 
Desperate Chance for Ellery 

Queen, A-COL. .1942 
Desperate Courage -fr PAT 






Desperate Game ic U.. 12-6-25 
Desperate Hero if SEZ 

Desperate Journey-WA . . 8-18-42 
Desperate Moment if STE 


Desperate Odds ■*• SIE 1926 

Desperate Trails * U. . .6-26-21 

Desperate Trails-U 10-24-39 

Desperate Youth if U.. 5-1-21 

Despoiler • INC 12-30-15 

Destination Tokyo-WA . 12-21-43 
Destination Unknown-U. .4-8-33 
Destination Unknown-U. 10-8-42 
Destino Di Donna (Italian) - 

PIE. .6-22-37 

Destiny-U 12-21-44 

Destiny if ARC 1922 

Destiny if TRI 8-17-19 

Destiny (Italian) -CIL 1938 

Destiny or Soul of a Woman if 
M.. 9-9-15 

Destiny's Isle * AR 7-9-22 

Destiny's Toy * PAR . . 6-22-16 

Destroyer-COL 8-16-43 

Destroyers * VIT 6-8-16 

Destroying Angel if AE 


Destruction if F 12-30-15 

Destry Rides Again-U 1932 

Destry Rides Again-U. .11-30-39 
Detective Kitty O'Day- 

MOP. .4-5-44 

Detectives * MGM 10-23-28 

Determination if LBR.. 3-12-22 

Deuce Duncan if TRI 1918 

Deuce High if ARC 1926 

Deuce of Spades if FN 


Devil if PAT 1-23-21 

Devil and Miss Jones, The-RKO 

Devil and the Deep-PAR . . 8-4-32 
Devil at His Elhow if M 


Devil Bat-PRC 1940 

Devil Bat-PRC 1-31-41 

Devil Commands, The-COL 

Devil Dancer • UA. . .12-15-27 
Devil Dodder * TRI . . . 10-4-17 
Devil Dog- Dawson if ARW 


Devil Dors if CRE 9-2-28 

Devil Dogs of the Air-WA 

Devil-Doll, The-MGM ...7-7-36 

Devil Horse • PAT 7-18-26 

Devil Is a Sissy-MGM . .9-9-36 
Devil Is a Woman, The-PAR 

Devil Is An Empress, The 

(French) -COL. .12-15-39 
Devil Is Driving-PAR. .12-16-32 
Devil Is Driving:, The-COL 


Devil McCare if TRI 1919 

Devil May Care-MGM . . 12-29-29 

Devil on Deck- WW 2-28-32 

Devil on Horseback, The-GN 

Devil Pays Off. The-REP 


Devil Plays-CHE 12-20-31 

Devil to Pay if PAT. . .12-5-20 

Devil to Pay-UA 12-21-30 

Devil Tiger-F 2-8-34 

Devil with Hitler, The- 

UA.. 10-22-42 
Devil With Women, A-F 


Devil Within * F 11-20-21 

Devil's Apple Tree if TIF 

Devil's Assistant if POM. 4-12-17 
Devil's Battalion-RKO . . . 1930 


Bondwoman if V . 1916 

Brother-MGM . . .6-10-33 

Cage if FD... 8-26-28 

s Cargo if PAR.. 2-15-25 

s Chaplin if R A . . 5-26-29 

s Circus * MGM. .4-18-26 

s Claim if RC 5-16-20 

s Confession if CIR 

s Daughter if 
s Dice if STE . . 
s Door Yard if 

Devil's Daughter if F...1915 

Devil's Dice •*■ STE 10-31-26 

Devil's Door Yard if ARW 


Devil's Double * INC.. 11-9-16 
Devil's Garden if FN.. 10-31-20 
Devil's Godmother ( Spanish )- 
XX. .1938 

Devil's Harvest-COT 1942 

Devil's Holiday-PAR ...5-11-30 

Devil's in Love-F 7-28-33 

Devil's Island-WA 7-16-40 

Devil's Island if CHA.. 8-8-26 

Devil's Lottery -F 4-3-32 

Devil's Mate-MOP 9-23-33 

Devil's Needle * FAT. .7-20-16 
Devil's Partner if IR0...1922 

Devil's Party-U 6-2-38 

Devil's Pass Keys if U 

Devil's Passion if ARA 

Devil's Fawn * PAR.. 6-18-22 
Devil's Pay Day ■*• BL. . 1-28-17 

Devil's Pipeline-U 11-15-40 

Devil's Pit if U 10-20-29 

Devil's Pit • U 3-16-30 

Devil's PlaygTound if ALA 

Devil's Playground-PRI. 11-12-32 
Devil's Playground-COL. .2-16-37 
Devil's Prayer Book if KLE 


Devil's Prize if VIT 11-2-16 

Devil's Riddle if F 2-29-20 

Devil's Saddle ■*■ FN . . . 8-14-27 
Devil's Saddle Legio n-W A. .1937 
Devil's Skipper * TIF. 4-22-28 
Devil's Squadron-COL .5-12-36 
Devil's Stone ■* ART. .12-20-17 

Devil's Trail-COL 1942 

Devil's Toy if PRW. .. .3-9-16 
Devil's Tower if RA . . . 5-19-29 
Devil's Trade-Mark if FBO 

Devil's Trail if WO .... 6-15-19 
Devil's Twin if PAT.... 1919 
Devil's Twin if PAT. . .10-16-27 

Devil's Wheel if F 4-18-18 

Devilish Fellow (German) -XX 


Devotion if APR 7-5-21 

Devotion-PAT 10-4-31 

Diamond Carlisle if CC . . . 1922 
Diamond Frontier-U . . . 10-4-40 
Diamond Handcuffs if MGM 


Diamond Jim-U 8-24-35 

Diamond Trail-MOP ...4-19-33 
Diamonds Adrift if VIT. .1921 
Diamonds and Pearls if PBW 

Diana of Star Hollows if PS 

Diana of the Green Van if 

HUM.. 3-16-19 
Diana of the Huntress if PLU 

Diane of the Follies if FAT 

Diary of a Nazi-ARQ . . . 3-31-43 
Diary of a Revolutionist 

(Russian) -AM. . .6-13-32 
Dice of Destiny if PAT 

Dice Woman if PDC. . .6-20-26 
Dick Turpin if F 2-1-25 


Dictator * PAR 7-9-22 

Dictator, The-GB 3-11-35 

Dictionary of Success if SEZ . . . 
Die Barmherzige Luege 

(German) -XX. .1941 
Die Beiden Seehunde ( German )- 
XX.. 4-12-35 
Die Blaumenfrau von Lindenau 

( German )-PRX. .7-9-32 
Die Blonde Christl-XX. . .2-28-34 
Die Blonde Nachtigall ( German )- 
UFA. .8-23-31 
Die Csardas Fuerstin ( German )- 
UFA.. 4-26-35 
Die Csikos Baroness ( German )- 

CAP. .4-3-32 
Die Drei Codonas ( German )- 

XX.. 1941 
Die Drei von der Tankstelle 

UFA.. 6-21-31 
Die Fahrt in die Jungend 

(German) -TRE. .9-1-36 
Die Fahrt Ins Gruene ( German )- 
XX. .5-25-36 
Die Finanzen des Grossherzog* 

( German )-GFS. .4-10-35 
Die Forsterchristl (German) - 

CAP. .5-3-31 
Die Frau von Der Man 

Spricht-XX. .4-26-33 
Die Fraunen Vom Tannhof 

(German)-XX. .2-19-36 
Die Galavorstellung ( German )- 
XX. .12-11-33 
Die Ganze Welt Dreht Sich Urn 

Liebe (German) -XX. .11-30-36 
Die Grobe Adele (German) -XX 

Die Grosse Atttraktion ( Ger- 
man )-BAV. .7-25-33 
Die Grosse Chance ( German )- 

XX. .5-9-35 
Die Grosse Liebe ( German )- 

FAF. .2-28-32 
Die Grosse Sehnsucht ( German )- 
TOB. .10-11-31 
Die Helige un Hir Narr 

(German) -UFA. .12-2-35 
Die Herren Von Maxim (Ger- 
man) -XX. .3-30-37 
Die Kalte Mansell (German) -XX 
Die Kleine Schwinderlin 

(German) -XX. .3-30-37 
Die Kluge Schwiegermutter 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Die Letzte Kompagnie (German) - 
UFA. .8-26-32 
Die Liebe und die Erste 

Eisenbahn ( German ) -UFA 

Die Lindenwirten von Rhein 

(German) -ACA. .9-27-31 
Die Lustigen Musikanten 

(German) -XX. .5-31-33 
Die Lustigen Weiber von Wien 

(German) -CAP. .7-12-31 
Die Marquise Von Pompadour 

(German) -XX. .2-4-36 
Die Mutter der Kompagnie 

(German) -XX. .3-13-34 
Die Nacht Der Gro6sen Liebe 

(German) -UNG. .10-8-37 
Die Nacht Gehoert Uns 

(German) -PRX. .1932 
Die Nacht Mit Dem Kaiser 

(German) -AMT. .8-25-37 
Die Pfingstorgel (German) -XX 

Die Privatsekretaerin ( German) - 
CAP. .6-21-31 
Die Privatsekretaerin Heiratet 

( German )-BAU. .12-7-36 

Die Reiter von Deutsch-Ostafrika 

(German) -XX. .6-10-35 


Die Schlacht Von Bademuende 

(German) -UFA. .11-22-31 
Die Schwebende Jungfrau 

( German ) -SWI . . 8-27-37 
Die Selige Excellenz ( German )- 
GEG. .6-22-37 
Die Singende Stadt (German) - 

KIT. .1935 
Die Sonne Geht Auf ( German )- 
XX. .2-20 36 
Die Sporchschen Jaeger 

(German) -XX. .2-26-37 

Die Stimme Der Liebe (German) - 

XX. .5-18-36 

Die 3 Groschenoper ( German )- 

WA. .5-24-31 

Die Tochter des Regiments 

(German) -XX. .1934 
Die Toerichte Jungfrau 

(German)-UFA. .9-10-35 
Die Unschult vom Lande 

(German) -XX. .5-14-35 
Die Vier Musketiere (German) - 
XX. .11-12-35 
Die Von Rummelplatz 

(German) -CAP. .1-10-32 
Diener Lassen Betten (German) - 
XX. .1941 
Dienst 1st Dienst (German) - 

NER. .1932 

Dimples * M 2-24-16 

Dimples-F 9-26-36 

Dinky-WA 6-28-35 

Dinner at Eight-MGM .. 8-25-33 
Dinner at the Ritz-F. .. 12-9-37 

Dinty * FN 11-28-20 

Diplomacy if PAR. .. .9-19-26 

Diplomacy if PAR 3-2-16 

Diplomaniacs-RKO 4-29-33 

Diplomatic Mission if VIT 

Diplomatic Wife (Polish) -XX 

Dir Gehoert Mein Herz (Ger- 
man) -UFA. .1939 

Dirigible-COL 4-12-31 

Disbarred-PAR 1-10-39 

Discard if ES 3-9-16 

Discarded Lovers-TOW. .. 1-3-32 
Discarded Woman if HAL 

Discontented Husbands if CBC 

Discontented Wives if AE 


Discord if PAT 11-6-27 

Disciple if INC 10-28-15 

Disgraced I-PAR 7-17-33 

Dishonored-PAR 3-8-31 

Diskretion Ehrensache 

(German) -UFA. .1939 

Disney's Academy Award Revue- 

UA. .1937 

Disorderly Conduet-F . . .4-10-32 

Dispatch from Reuters, A- 

WA. .9-24-40 
Disputed Passage-PAR .10-20-39 

Disraeli if UA 8-28-21 

Disraeli-WA 10-13-29 

Dive Bomber-WA 8-15-41 

Dividend if INC 6-8-16 

Divine Lady (S-SE) -FN. 3-3-29 
Divine Sacrifice if PWO.2-7-18 
Divine Sinner if R A... 9-23-28 
Divine Woman if MGM. 1-22-28 

Divorce if FBO 6-10-23 

Divorce if VIT 9-13-17 

Divorce Among Friends-WA 

Divorce and the Daughter if 

PAT. .11-23-16 
Divorce Coupons if VIT 

Divorce Games if PWO 


Divorce in the Family-MGM 

Divorce Made Easy-PAR. . .1929 
Divorce of Convenience if SEZ 

Divorce of Lady X-UA . .1-14-38 

Divorce Trap if F 6-1-19 

Divorced if TE 11-4-15 

Divorcee if M 1-26-19 

Divorcee, The-MGM . . . .4-20-30 

Dixiana-RKO 9-7-30 

Dixie-PAR 6-24-43 

Dixie Dugan-F 3-17-43 

Dixie Flyer if RA 10-24-26 

Dixie Handicap if MG. 1-4-25 
Dixie Jamboree-PRC ...7-12-44 

Dixie Merchant if F 3-7-26 

Dizzy Dames-LIG 7-18-36 

Dizzy Heights and Daring 

Hearts * TRI. .1-6-16 

Do and Dare if F 9-24-22 

Do It Now if GOL 2-24-24 

Do Your Duty if FN. . .11-11-28 
Dock on the Havel ( German )- 
XX. .1938 
Docks of Hamburg if PFA 

Docks of New York if PAR 

Docks of San Francisco-MAF 

Doctor and the Woman if U 


Doctor Bull-F 8-31-33 

Dr. Broadway-PAR 6-7-42 

Dr. Christian Meets the 

Women-RKO. .8-5-40 

Dr. Cyclops-PAR 3-8-40 

Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, 
See : The Story of Dr. Ehr- 
lich's Magic Bullet-WA 

Doctor Epameinondas ( Greek )- 
PAN. .4-9-38 
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal 

Case-MGM 5-11-43 

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant- 

MGM. .11-12-42 

Dr. Jack if PAT 12-31-22 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-PAR 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde if 

PAR. .4-3-20 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-MGM 

Dr. Jim * U 11-20-21 

Dr. Kildaire Goes Home-MGM 

Dr. Kildaire's Crisis-MGM 

Dr. Kildaire's Strange Case- 
MGM. .4-16-40 
Dr. Kildaire's Victory-MGM 

Dr. Kildaire's Wedding Day- 

MGM. .8-19-41 
Dr. Knock (French ) -FRM 


Dr. Monica- WA 6-22-34 

Dr. Neighborhood if U 

Dr. Renault's Secret-F. 10-19-42 

Dr. Rhythm-PAR 4-30-38 

Dr. Socrates-WA 10-3-35 

Doctor Syn-GB 10-20-37 

Doctor Takes a Wife, The- 

COL. .6-17-40 

Doctor X-FN 7-8-32 

Doctor's Diary, A-PAR. .1-23-37 
Doctor's Secret-PAR ...2-10-29 
Doctor's Women if WW.. 1929 

Doctor's Wives-F 4-26-31 

Doctors Don't Tell-REP. 9-22-41 
Documento Fatale (Italian) - 

ESP. .1940 
Dodek No Froncie ( Polish )- 

XX. .1936 


Dodge City-WA 4-5-39 

Dodge City Trail-COL 1937 

Dodging a Million if G.. 2-7-18 

Dodsworth-UA 9-19-36 

Does It pay? * F 8-26-23 

Dog Justice * FBO.... 1928 

Dog Law if FBO 10-14-28 

Dog of Flanders, A-RKO 

Dog of the Regiment if WA 


Dog's Life if FN 1918 

Doing Their Bit if F 8-4-18 

Doll, The if FFS 1928 

Doll's House if UA 2-19-22 

Doll's House * BL 6-7-17 

Doll's House * ART 6-2-18 

Dollar a Year Man if PAR 

Dollar and the Law if VIT 

Dollar Devils if HOD. . .1-28-23 

Dollar Down if TRU 8-16-25 

Dollar for Dollar * PAT. 4-25-20 
Dollars and Sense ■*• G. 6-27-20 
Dollars and the Woman if 

LUB. .3-30-16 
Dollars and the Woman if VIT 

Dolly Does Her Bit * PAT 

Dolly Mact Karriere (German) 

UFA. .7-26-31 
Dolly's Vacation if PAT 

Dombey & Son if TRI.. 1919 
Domestic Meddlers if TIF 

Domestic Relations if FN 

Domestic Troubles (S-SE)- 

WA. .7-29-28 
Don Bosco (Italian) -XX 


Don Daredevil * U 1925 

Don Desperado if PAT. .5-1-27 

Don Juan if WA 8-15-26 

Don Juan's Three Nights if 

FN. .10-3-26 

Don Mike * FBO 2-20-27 

Don Q • UA 6-21-25 

Don Quentin El Amargo 

(Spanish) -XX. .1941 
Don Quickshot of the Rio 

Grande * U . . 6-3-23 

Don Quixote-BEW 12-26-34 

Don Quixote * FAT. . .12-10-16 

Don X if GOO 1926 

Dona Francisquita (Spanish) - 

XX. .4-29-35 
Donner Blitz Und Sonnenschein 

(German) -CAO . . 11-19-37 
Donogoo Tonka 

(German) -UFA. .4-15-36 
Donovan Affair-COL ....5-5-29 

Don't * MGM 2-21-26 

Don't Bet on Blondes-WA 


Don't Bet on Love-U 7-29-33 

Don't Bet on Women-F. 2-15-31 
Don't Blame Your Children if 

FBO. .1922 
Don't Call It Love * PAR 

Don't Call Me Little Girl if 

REA. .6-26-21 
Don't Change Your Husband if 

ART. .1-26-19 
Don't Doubt Your Husband if 

MG. .5-25-22 
Don't Doubt Your Wife if 

ART. .5-28-22 
Don't Ever Marry * FN 

Don't Gamble With Love- 

COL. .2-29-36 










Don't Get Personal if U. .1-8-22 
Don't Get Personal-U. . .2-24-36 

Don't Get Personal-U 1942 

Don't Leave Your Husband if 

FED.. 4-24-21 

Don't Marry * F 5-27-28 

Don't Marry for Money if 

WEB. .8-26-23 
Don't Neglect Tour Wile -ff 

G. .7-31-21 

Don't Shoot if U 8-20-22 

Don't Tell Everything: if 

PAR. .12-18-21 
Don't Tell the Wife if 

WA. .2-6-27 
Don't Tell the Wife- 

RKO. .2-20-37 
Don't Turn 'Em Loose- 

RKO. .9-24-36 
Don't Worry ( Hungarian ) - 

XX. .1938 
Don't Write Letters if 

M. .4-30-22 
Doomed at Sundown-REP. .1937 

Doomed Battalion-U 1932 

Doomed Caravan-PAR. . 1-17-41 
Doomed to Die-MOP. . . .9-3-40 

Doomsday if PAR 4-8-28 

Door Between if BL 1917 

Door That Has No Key if 

ALL. .1922 

Doorsteps * MT 7-27-16 

Doorway tn Hell-WA ... 1 1-2-30 
Dopo una Notte D'amore 

(Italian) -RAO. .10-30-35 
Dorian's Divorce if M. 8-15-16 
Dormant Power if 

POW. .10-26-17 
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon 

Hall if UA. .5-25-24 
Dos Mas Uno Dos-F. . . .10-30-34 
Dos Monies ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1-22-35 
Dos Mujeres y un Don Juan 

XX. .6-5-34 

Dos Noches-HOB 5-10-33 

Double Alibi-U 3-12-40 

Double Crime In the Maginot 
Line (French) -TOW. .4-13-39 

Double Cross-PRC 1941 

Double Cross Roads-F. .4-27-30 
Double Crossed if 

PAR. .9-27-17 
Double Danger-RKO . . .2-11-38 
Double Daring- if ARC .... 1926 

Double Date-U 5-21-41 

Double Deal-INR 12-14-39 

Double Dealing- if U . . . . 5-27-23 

Double Door-PAR 5-5-34 

Double Dyed Deceiver if 

G. .6-20-20 
Double Exposure-PAR . .12-18-44 
Double Fisted ■*■ RA . . . . 1926 
Double Harness-RKO. . . .7-13-33 
Double Indemnity-PAR. .4-24-44 

Double O if ARW 1923 

Double or Nothing- 

PAR. .8-16-37 
Double Room Mystery if 

RED. .1-11-17 
Double Speed if PAR... 2-8-20 
Double Stakes if PSR .... 1922 
Double Standard if U. . . .8-2-17 
Double Trouble-MOP. .11-17-41 
Double Wedding-MGM . . 9-23-37 
Doubling for Romeo if 

G. .10-30-21 
Doubting- Thomas-F. .. .7-11-36 

Douerh Boys-MGM 9-21-30 

Doughboys in Ireland-COL. .1943 
Doughgirls, Thp-WA ...8-30-44 
Doughnuts and Society- 

MAP. .3-17-36 

Dove if UA 1-8-28 

Down Argentine Way-F. .10-4-40 
Down by the Rio Grande if 

GOL. .6-22-24 
Down Grade if LUM. . .8-21-27 
Down Home if HOD. . 10-24-20 
Down in "Arkansaw"- 

REP. .10-7-38 

Down in San Diego- 

MGM. .7-30-41 
Down Mexico Way- 

REP. .10-15-41 
Down on the Farm if 

UA . . 5-2-20 
Down on the Farm-F. . 10-11-38 
Down Rio Grande Way- 

COL.. 7-24-42 
Down Texas Way-MOP. .6-10-42 
Down the Stretch if U. .4-10-27 
Down the Stretch-FN. . .11-5-36 
Down the Wyoming Trail- 

MOP. .6-14-39 
Down to Earth if ART. .8-16-17 

Down to Earth-F 9-2-32 

Down to the Sea-REP. .6-30-36 
Down to the Sea in Ships if 

HOD. .2-18-23 
Down to Their Last Yacht- 

RKO . . 9-22-34 
Down Upon the Swanee 

River * LBR. .1925 

Downhill if WW 1928 

Downstairs-MGM ....10-10-32 

Dracula-U 2-15-31 

Dracula's Daughter-U. . 5-18-36 
Draegerman Courage- 

WA . . 5-24-37 

Draft 258 if M 2-7-18 

Drag-FN 6-30-29 

Drag Harlan if FN 10-24-20 

Drag Net * PAR 6-10-28 

Dragnet, The-BTZ 5-13-36 

Dragnet Patrol-MAF 1-3-32 

Dragon if EQW 1-13-16 

Drag-on Murder Case- 

FN. .8-23-34 
Dragon Painter if RC. .10-12-19 

Dragon Seed-MGM 7-18-44 

Drake Case-U 9-22-29 

Dramatic School-MGM. .12-6-38 
Dreaded Bandit if CIN. .4-1-28 
Dream Cheater if HOD. .3-21-20 

Dream Doll if KES 1917 

Dream Girl if PAR 7-27-16 

Dream Lady if U 7-28-18 

Dream Melody if EXP.. 3-10-29 
Dream of Butterfly, The 

(Italian) -ESP. .2-20-41 
Dream of Love if 

MGM. .12-30-28 
Dream of My People- 

PAA.. 2-28-34 
Dream Street if UA. .. .4-17-21 

Dreaming-AFE 1944 

Dreaming Lips-UA 5-20-37 

Dreaming Out Loud- 

RKO. .9-10-40 
Drei Blaue Jungs — Ein Blondes 
Maedel ( German ) - 

XX. .12-30-36 
Drei Kaiserjaeger ( German )- 

XX. .3-19-35 
Drei Maederl Um Schubert 

( German )-AMT. .6-14-37 
Drei Tage Mittelarrest- 

XX. .5-18-33 
Drei Unterofflziere 

(German) -UFA. .It39 
Drei von der Kavallerie 

(German) -XX. .4-16-35 
Dreiklang (German) -UFA. .1938 
Dress Parade if PAT. .10-30-27 
Dressed to Kill if F... 3-18-28 

Dressed to Kill-F 7-25-41 

Dressed to Thrill-F. .. .-10-8-35 
Dressmaker form Paris if 

PAR. .3-22-25 
Dreyfus Case ( German )- 

XX. .1940 

Dreyfus Case-COL 8-30-31 

Drift Fence-PAR 3-6-36 

Driftin" Kid-The-MOP ....1941 

Drifter if GAU 2-3-16 

Drifter if RKO 1829 

Drifter, The-KEN 1-10-32 

Drifter, The-PRC 6-14-44 

Drifters if HOD 12-29-18 

Driftin' Sands if FB0....1928 
Driftin' Thru if PAT. . . .2-21-26 


Drifting * U 8-26-23 

Drifting Souls-TOW 8-9-32 

Drifting West waxd-MOIP. .1939 

Driftwood if COL 11-25-28 

Driftwood if OCE 3-23-16 

Driven if U 11-26-22 

Driven from Home if 

CHA . 2-6-27 
Drivin' Fool if HOD . . . . 9-2-23 

Drop Kick if FN 9-18-27 

Drug Store Cowboy if 

IND. .1925 
Druga Mlodosc ( Polish )- 

POA. .11-1-39 

Drugged Waters if U....1916 

Drum Fire on the Western Front 

(German) -XX. .1938 

Drum Taps-WOW 2-26-33 

Drums-UA 7-20-38 

Drums Along the Mohawk- 

F. .11-6-39 
Drums O' Voodoo-INS . .5-12-34 
Drums of Destiny-CRE. .6-15-37 
Drums of Doom-MAF. .10-4-33 
Drums of Fate if PAR. .1-21-23 
Drums of Fu Manchu- 

REP 11-10-43 

Drums of Jeopardy if 

TRU. .3-9-24 
Drums of Jeopardy-TIF . .3-8-31 
Drums of Love if UA. .2-5-28 
Drums of the Congo-U. .7-22-42 
Drums of the Desert- 

MOP. .10-9-40 
Drums of the Desert if 

PAR. .8-21-27 
Drunter Und Drueber 

(German) -UNG. .12-23-32 
Drusilla With a Million if 

FBO. .6-7-25 
Dry Martini (S-SE)-F. . 11-11-28 
Du Gamla, du Fria 

( Swedish )-SCA. .4-6-39 

Du Oder Keine-XX 10-30-34 

Dub * PAR 1-19-19 

Du Barry if F 1917 

Du Barry Was a Lady- 

MGM 5-5-43 

Du Barry, Woman of Passion- 

UA. .11-2-30 
Dubrovsky ( Russian )- 

AM. .4-1-36 
Duchess of Buffalo if 

FN. .8-22-26 
Duchess of Doubt if M. .6-7-17 

Duck soup-par 11-17-33 

Ducks and Drakes if REA 


Dude Bandit-ALI 6-21-23 

Dude Cowboy if FBO .... 1926 

Dude Cowboy-RKO 9-5-41 

Dude Ranch-PAR 4-26-31 

Dude Ranger-F 9-29-34 

Dude Wrangler-WW. .. .5-25-30 
Dudes Are Pretty People- 

UA. .1941 
Dudes Are Pretty People- 

UA. .4-16-42 

Duds if G 3-21-20 

Dugan of the Bad Landa- 

MOP.. 8-2-31 
Dugan of the Dugouts if 

CRE. .8-5-28 
Duke Comes Back, The- 

REP. .12-3-37 
Duke of Chimney Butte if 

FED. .1-20-21 
Duke of Reichstadt if 

BRO. .1928 
Duke of the Navy-PRC. .2-11-42 
Duke of West Point- 

UA. .12-16-38 
Duke Steps Out (PT)- 

MGM. .4-21-29 
Dulcie's Adventure if 

AMU. .10-5-16 

Dulcy-MGM 10-3-40 

Dulcy if FN 9-23-23 

Dumb Girl of Portici if 

U. .4-13-16 














you see — and hear — all 
the news when it's news, 
where it's news in 




A Metro-Goldtvyn-Mayer Release 

Executive Offices: 1540 Broadway 
Editorial Offices: 450 West 56th Street 
New York 


Dumbbells in Ermine- 

WA. .7-27-30 

Dumbo-RKO 10-1-41 

Dummy if PAR 3-22-17 

Dummy-PAR 3-10-20 

Dupe * PAR 7-13-16 

Durand of the Bad Lands if 

F. .8-30-17 
Durand "f the Bad Lands-F 

F. .10-25-25 
Durango Kid, The-COL. . 8-23-40 

Dusk to Dawn * AE 9-3-22 

Dusky Sentries (Italian) - 

XX. .1038 
Dust Be My Destiny- 

WA. .10-10-39 

Dust Flower * G 7-9-22 

Dust of Desire * WO.. 7-13-14 
Dust ot Egypt + VIT. .10-28-15 

Duty First * SAN 1923 

Duty's Reward if ELB. .4-24-27 
Dwelling Place of Light if 

HOD. .9-12-20 
Dybbuk, The (Yiddish) - 

GEI. .2-1-38 
Dynamite Canyon-MOP. . . . 1941 

Dynamite-Pat 1929 

Dynamite Allan if F.. 2-27-21 
Dynamite Dan -*• SU....1924 
Dynamite Delaney-IML. . 1-27-38 
Dynamite Denny-MAF. . . .7-8-32 
Dynamite Ranch-WW. . 12-22-32 
Dynamite Smith if PAT. .9-7-24 


Each Dawn I Die-WA. .7-18-39 
Each Pearl a Tear if 

PAR. .9-7-16 
Each to His Kind if 

PAR. .2-8-17 

Eager Lips if FD 8-21-27 

Eagrle * UA 11-22-25 

Eagle if BL 6-16-18 

Eagle and the Hawk- 

PAR . . 5-6-33 
Eagle of the Caucasus if 

AM. .9-27-32 
Eagle of the Sea if 

PAR. .11-21-26 

Eagle Squadron-U 6-16-42 

Eagle's Brood, The- 

PAR. .10-10-35 
Eagle's Feather if M.. 9-30-23 

Eagle's Mate if PAR 1913 

Eagle's Nest if VIT 

Eagle's Wings if BL.. 11-30-16 
Earl of Chicago, The- 

MGM. .1-3-40 

Earl of Pawtucket if U 

Earl of Puddlestone- 

REP. .8-14-40 

Early Bird if EC 12-21-24 

Early to Bed-PAR. ... 5-25-36 

Early to Wed if F 5-16-26 

Earth, Love and Suffering 

(Spanish)-XX. .1938 
Earth Woman if AE.. 4-18-26 

Earthbound- F 6-13-40 

Earthbound * G 8-15-20 

Earthworm Tractors-FN6-16-36 

Easiest Way-MGM 3-1-31 

East is West-U 11-2-30 

East is West if FN.... 9-3-22 

East is West if MT M-9-16 

East Lynne if F 6-22-16 

East Lynne if F 11-1-25 

East Lynne if HOD. .. .3-13-21 

East Lynne * TAR 1921 

East Lynne-F 2-22-31 

East Meets West-GB. . . .9-19-30 

East of Borneo-U 8-23-31 

East of Broadway if 

AE. .11-16-24 
East of Fifth Avenue- 

COL. .11-28-33 

East of Java-U 12-17-35 

East of Shanghai-POP. .3-27-32 
East of Suez if PAR.. 1-11-25 
East of the River-WA. .10-31-40 
East Side of Heaven-U. .4-10-39 

East Side Kide-MOP. ... 2-19-40 
East Side Sadie ■*• WAD. .6-2-29 
East Side, West Side if 

F. .10-30-27 
Bast Side, West Side if 

PRI. .4-15-23 
Easy Come, Easy Go if 

PAR. .5-13-28 

Easy Going * ARC 1926 

Easy Going Gordon if 

GER. .10-11-25 

Easy Living-PAR 7-7-37 

Easy Millions-FRE 9-6-33 

Easy Money if PWO. . 11-29-17 

Easy Money if RA 5-24-25 

Easy Money-INV 7-11-36 

Easy Pickings if FN.. 2-27-27 
Easy Road if PAR. .. .2-27-21 
Easy to Get if PAR.. 2-29-20 
Easy to Love-WA. ... 1-13-34 
Easy to Make Money if 

M. .1919 

Easy to Take-AR 10-20-36 

Easy Virtue if WW 1928 

Easiest Way if SEZ 5-17-17 

Eastward Ho if F 11-23-19 

Eat 'Em Alive (S-SE)- 

AUH.. 11-4-33 

Ebb Tide if PAR 11-26-22 

Ebb Tide-PAR 9-28-37 

Echo of a Dream ( German )- 

GLF. .12-7-30 
Echo of Youth if GRA. . 2-2-19 
Ecstasy (Czechoslovakian)- 

JEW. .1937 
Ecstasy of Young Love 
( Czecholovakian ) - 

MEO. .3-10-36 
Edelweisskoenig ( German )- 

UFA. .1939 
Eden and Return if 

FBO. .12-25-21 
Edes Mostoba ( Hungarian )- 

XX. .11-23-35 
Edge of Darkness-WA. .3-23-43 
Edge of the Abyss if 

TRI. .12-9-15 

Edge of the Law if U 1917 

Edge of the World if UFA 

Edge of the World-PAX. .9-9-38 
Edge of Youth if GAU. .10-9-21 
Edison, The Man- 

MGM. .5-17-40 

Educating Father-F 5-23-36 

Education of Elizabeth if 

PAR. .1921 
Efficiency Edgar's Courtship if 

ES. .9-13-17 
Egg-Crate Wallop if 

PAR 10-12-19 

Egy Ej Velenceben 

(Hungarian) -XX. .12-30-35 
Ehestreik ( German )- 

UFA. .9-10-35 
Eidia Que Me Quieras 

(Spanish) -PAR. .4-3-35 

Eight Bells-COL 5-11-35 

Eight Girls in a Boat- 

PAR. .1-13-34 

"813" if RC 1-23-21 

1812-ARQ ........ 9-18-44 

Ein Ausgekochter Junge 

(German) -CAP. .5-8-32 
Ein Auto Und Kein Geld 

(German) -XX. .8-11-36 
Ein Burschenlied Aus Heidel- 
berg (German) -UFA. .9-20-31 
Ein Falscher Fuffziger 

(German)-XX. .2-15-37 
Ein Frau Wie Du- 

BAU. .12-27-34 
Ein Ganzer Kerl ( German )- 

BAU. .4-27-36 
Ein Gewisser Herr Gran 

UFA. .2-24-34 
Ein Hoffnungsloser Fall 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Ein Idealer Gatte ( German )- 

XX. .1-14-37 


Ein Junges Madehen — Ein 
■lunger Mann (German) - 

BAU. .3-2-36 
l jEin Liebesroman Im House 
\ Hapsburg ( German )- 

CAO. .10-13-36 

Ein Lied. Ein Rubs, Ein Maede) 

(German) -XX. .12-14-36 

Ein Lied Geht Um Die Welt 

(German) -XX. .9-28-36 

Ein Maedel der Strasse- 

XX. .4-10-33 
Ein Maedel Mit Tempo 

(German) -CAS. .8-30-37 
Ein Mann Will Naeh Deutsch- 
land-UFA. .11-14-34 
Ein Prinz Verliebt Sich 

(German) -CAP. .5-1-32 
Ein Saltsamer Gast 

(German) -UFA. .7-15-37 
Ein Stadt Steht Kopf-ELI . 2-1-34 
Ein Stelldichein Im Schwarz- 
wald ( German ) -XX . . 3-5-37 
Ein Toller Einfall-UFA. .5-22-3* 
Ein Walzer Fuer Dich 

(German) -XX. . 9-28-3f 
Ein Walzer Von Strauss 

(German) -BEX. .2-14-38 
Eine Frau Die Weiss Was Sie 
Will ( German ) -XX .. 7-20-36 
Eine Freundin So Goldig Wie 
Du ( German) -TOB. .10-25-31 
Eine Liebesnaeht-XX. . . . 5-18-3U 
Eine Nacht im Paradies- 

AMR. .2-23-33 
Eine Tuer Geht Auf- 

PRX. .2-8-33 
Einer Zu Viel An Bord 

(German) -UFA. .1-28-38 
Eines Prinzen Junge Liebe- 

UFA. .3-28-34 
Einmal Eine Grosse Dame Sein- 
UFA. .10-30-34 
Eisenstein in Mexico (S-SE)- 

PRI. .11-2-33 
El Agua en el Suelo 

(Spanish) -COL. .2-6-35 
El Asesinato de Los Penitentes 
( Spanish )-KIO. .1936 
El Astro Del Tango 

(Spanish)-XX. .1941 
El Caballo Del Pueblo 

(Spanish) -XX. .12-17-35 
El Cantante De Napoles 

(Spanish) -WA. .2-26-35 
El Calvario De Una Esposa 

(Spanish) -XX. .9-28-36 
El Capitan Adventurero 

(Spanish) -XX. .10-12-39 
El Crimen De Media Noche 

(Spanish) -REB. .2-25-36 
El Dancing ( Spanish) - 

HOB. .1-30-35 
El Desaparicido (Spanish) - 

XX. .6-3-36 
El Diablo Del Mar 

( Spanish )-THC. .4-2-36 
El Diablo Rides-MEP. .12-5-39 

El Escandalo-XX 9-24-34 

El Fantasma del Convento 

(Spanish) -XX. .4-24-35 
El Heroe de Nacozari 

(Spanish) -XX. .9-24-35 
El Hombre Que Assesino 

(Spanish) -PAR. .1932 
El Hombre Que Se Reia del Amor 
(Spanish) -XX. .7-19-35 
El Imposter (Spanish) - 

XX. .4-14-37 
El Maestro Leuita (Spanish)- 

XX. 1940 
El Matero ( Spanish) -XX .. 1940 
El Octavo Mandamiento 

(Spanish)-XX. .3-15-37 
El Paradiso Recobrado 

(Spanish)-XX. .4-30-36 
El Precio de un Beso-F . . 8-1-33 
El Principe Gondolero- 

PAR. .9-13-33 
El Prisionero 13-CIX. .3-30-34 















Current Production 


A Technicolor Production 


Lassie, Elizabeth Taylor, 
Frank Morgan and Tom Drake 


El Pulpo Humano ( Spanish )- 

HOB.. 5-9-35 
El Rayo (Spanish) - 

XX. .10-21-35 
El Rey de Los Gitanos- 

F. .5-31-33 
El Relicario ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1-2-36 
El Rosal Bendito (Spanish) - 

XX. .2-8-37 
El Tango en Broadway 

(Spanish) -PAR. .1-3-35 
El Tesoro De Pancho Villa 

(Spanish) -XX. .1-28-36 
El Tigre de Yautepec- 

XX. .10-22-34 
El Traidor (Spanish) - 

XX. .4-18-38 
El Viegro Doctor ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1940 
El Vuelo de la Muerte 

(Spanish) -XX. .4-18-35 

Elephant Boy-UA 4-6-37 

Elephants on His Hands if 

PS. .1921 
Eleven Who Were Loyal if 

UFA. .5-26-29 
Eleventh Commandment if 

ADV. .6-16-18 
Eleventh Commandment- 

ALI. .3-25-3E 
Eleventh Hour if F.... 7-29-23 

Eli Eli (Tiddish)-XX 1940 

Elinor Norton-F 1-22-35 

Elizabeth of England- 

ALL. .6-8-35 
Elizabeth Von Oesterreich 

( German ) -TOB . . 12-13-31 

Ella Cinders if FN 6-13-26 

Ellery Queen and the Murder 

Ring-COL. .9-22-41 
Ellery Queen and the Perfect 

Crime-COL. .7-10-41 
Ellery Queen, Master Detective- 
COL.. 11-28-40 
Ellery Queen's Penthouse 

Mystery-COL. .2-26-41 
Elmer and Elsie-PAR . . 8-4-34 
Elmer the Great-FN. .. .5-26-33 
Elnokkisasszony ( Hungarian) - 

XX. .10-9-35 
Elope If You Must if 

F. .3-19-22 
Elusive Isabel if BL.... 5-4-16 
Embarrassing Moments- 

U. .6-15-30 
Embarrassing Moments- 

U. .9-5-34 
Embarrassment of Riches if 

HOD. .9-29-18 

Embers if AMU 3-2-16 

Emergency Call-RKO. . . .6-24-33 
Emergency Landing- 

PRC. .7-10-41 
Emergency Squad-PAR . . 1-10-40 

Emil-OLM 4-18-38 

Emil Und Die Detektive 

( German) -UFA . . 12-20-31 

Emma-MGM 1-3-32 

Emmy of Stork's Nest if 

M. .10-21-15 
Empire of Diamonds if 

PAT. .12-19-20 

Emperor Jones-UA 9-16-33 

Emperor's Candlesticks, The- 

MGM. .6-29-37 
Employees* Entrance- 

FN. .1-21-33 

Empress if PAT 3-1-17 

Empty Arms if PHL....1920 

Empty Cab if U 7-7-18 

Empty Cradl* (Spanish) - 

XX 1938 
Empty Hands if PAR .. 8-24-24 
Empty Hearts if BAE...1924 

Empty Holsters-WA 1937 

Empty PocketB if FN 1918 

Empty Saddles-U 10-17-36 

En Enda Natt (Swedish)- 

XX.. 1942 

En Glad Gutt-SCA 11-27-33 

En Kvinnas Ansikte 

(Swedish) -SCA. .9-18-39 
En Natt (Swedish) -XX. .1-30-35 
En Saga ( Swedish) - 

HOB. .1-11-38 
Enchanted April-RKO. .1-16-35 
Enchanted Barn if VIT. .1-19-19 
Enchanted Cottage if 

FN. .4-20-24 
Enchanted Hill if PAR. .1-10-26 
Enchanted Island if 

TIF. .6-19-27 
Enchantment if PAR.. 11-6-21 
End of a Day, The ( French) - 

PAX. .9-18-39 
End of St. Petersburg if 

HAM. .6-10-28 
End of the Game if 

PAT. .3-23-19 
End of the Rainbow if 

BL. .10-26-16 
End of the Road-REP. . .12-6-44 
End of the Road if 

PHF. .10-12-15 
End of the Rope if 

AY 7-29-23 
End of the Tour if m! '. 2-15-17 
End of the Trail • F . . 8-10-16 
End of the Trail-COL. .2-23-33 
End of the Trail-COL. . 10-31-36 
End of the World-AUT. .4-17-34 
End of the World if 

GRN. .6-1-16 
End of the World if 

APD. .1924 
Endstation ( German )- 

XX. .7-21-37 
Enemies of Children if 

MAM. .12-16-23 
Enemies of Progress- 
Unknown. .1-16-34 
Enemies of the Law- 

REG. .7-12-31 
Enemies of Women if 

G. .4-8-23 
Enemies of Youth if 

MOE. .6-28-25 

Enemigos-XX 7-23-24 

Enemy if VIT 12-14-16 

Enemy if MGM 1-1-28 

Enemy Agent-U 4-26-40 

Enemy Agents Meet Ellery 

Queen-COL. .8-26-42 
Enemy of Men if COL. .1-10-26 
Enemy of Women- 

MOP. .8-28-44 

Enemy Sex *• PAR 7-6-24 

Enemy to Society -fa 

M. .10-14-15 
Enemy to the King if 

VIT. .11-23-16 
Enlighten Thy Daughter if 

IV. .2-8-17 
Enlighten Thy Daughter- 

EXQ. .12-27-33 
En Sjoman Till Hast 

(Swedish)-XX. .1941 
Entente Cordiale (French)- 

XX. .1-2-40 
Enter Arsene Lupin-U. . 12-5-44 
Enter Madam if M.... 11-5-22 

Enter Madam-PAR 1-12-35 

Enticement if FN 2-1-25 

Environment if AMU.. 5-10-17 
Environment if PRI. .12-24-22 

Envy * TRI 1-25-17 

Episode ( German )-MEO. 5-18-37 
Eravamo Sette Sorella 

(Italian) -ESP. .3-14-39 
Eravamo Sette Vedove 

(Italian) -ESP.. 1940 
Erik a Buzakalasz 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .9-18-39 
Ermine and Rhinestones if 

JA.. 8-15-26 
Erstwhile Susan if 

REA. .12-7-19 
Es Gibt Nur Eine Liebe 

(German) -XX. .2-5-37 


Es War Eine Rauschwnde Ball- 
nacht (German) -UFA. .1939 
Es War Einmal Ein Walzer 

(German) -XX. .10-15-34 
Es Wird Schon Wieder Besser 

(German) -UFA . . 1-24-34 

Escale ( French ) -FRM 1942 

Escapade-INV 5-29-32 

Escapade-MGM 7-6-35 

Escapade ( German ) -XX . . . 1938 

Escape-MGM 10-31-40 

Escape-RKO 11-2-30 

Escape * F 5-13-28 

Escape *■ U 4-4-26 

Escape, The F 11-9-39 

Escape to Danger-RKO. .2-14-44 
Escape By Night-REP. .8-31-37 
Escape from Crime-WA. .6-4-42 
Escape from Devil's Island- 

COL. .11-26-35 
Escaped from Dartmoor if 

BI. .4-20-30 
Escape from Hong Kong- 

U. .6-30-42 
Escape from Yesterday 

(French) -HOB. .5-11-39 
Escape Me Never-UA . . 5-24-35 
Escape to Glory-COL. . . .1940 
Escape to Paradise-RKO. . 1939 
Escaped from Hell if 

AEP. .2-3-29 

Eskimo-MGM 11-16-33 

Esmeralda * PAR. .. .9-16-15 
Espano Heroica ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1938 

Espionage-MGM 3-6-37 

Espionage Agent-WA . . . 9-25-39 

Eternal City if FN 11-11-23 

Eternal City if PAR 1924 

Eternal Flame • FN. .9-24-22 
Eternal Fools ( Yiddish )- 

JUD. .1930 

Eternal Gif t-LAM 10-9-41 

Eternal Grind * PAR. .4-13-16 
Eternal Love * U . . . . 6-3-17 
Eternal Love (S-SE)- 

UA. .5-19-29 
Eternal Magdalene if 

G. .5-25-19 
Eternal Mask, The 

( German 1-MAB. .1-12-37 
Eternal Mother if UM...1920 
Eternal Mother if M . . . .12-6-17 
Eternal Prayer if COH..1929 
Eternal Question if M. . 7-20-16 
Eternal Sappho if F. . . .5-11-16 
Eternal Secret ( French )- 

XX. . 1940 

Eternal Sin if SEZ 3-22-17 

Eternal Struggle if M . . 9-16-23 
Eternal Temptress if 

PAR. .12-13-17 
Eternal Three if G.... 10-7-23 
Eternal Woman if COL. .4-7-29 
Eternally Yours-UA. . . .10-3-39 
Eva and the Grasshopper if 

UFA. .12-2-28 
Eva, Das Fabrikmaedel 

( German )-SWI. .1-13-38 

Evangeline if F 8-24-19 

Evangeline ( PT ) -UA . . . 8-14-29 
Eva in Exile ■*■ PAT. .12-14-19 
Eve of St. Mark, The- 

F. .5-22-44 
Eve's Daughter if PAR. .3-21-18 
Eyes in the Night-MGM . 9-9-42 
Eve's Leaves if PDC. . 5-30-26 
Eve's Lover if WA .... 8-2-25 
Eve's Secret if PAR . . 6-21-25 
Evelyn Prentice-MGM. . 11-10-34 
Even as Ever if FN.... 1920 
Even as You and I if U. .4-5-17 
Even Break, An if 

TRI. .8-9-17 
Evenings for Sale- 

PAR.. 11-12-32 

Evensong-GB 11-14-34 

Ever in My Heart- WA . . 10-13-33 

Ever Since Eve-F 3-27-84 

Ever Since Eve if F. .7-31-21 
Ever Since Eve-WA ... 6-22-37 





L e n H 
H r n E 


Ever Since Venus-COL. . 9-22-44 

Evergreen-GB 1-11-35 

Everlasting Whisper if 

F. .10-25-25 
Every Day's a Holiday- 

PAR. .12-27-37 
Every Girl's Dream if 

F. .9-13-17 
Everv Man's Price * SR..1921 
Every Man's Wife if F. .5-31-25 
Every Mother's Son if 

F. .1-5-19 
Every Night at Eight- 

PAR. .7-30-35 
Every Saturday Night- 

F. .3-14-36 
Every Woman's Problem if 

PLY. .3-27-21 

Everybody Dance-GB 1937 

Everybody Sing-MGM . . 1 -26-38 
Everybody's Acting if 

PAR. .11-14-26 

Everybody's Baby-F 1939 

Everybody's Business if 

WH. .1919 
Everybody's Doing It- 

RKO. .3-17-38 
Everybody's Girl if 

VIT. .11-17-18 
Everybody's Hobby- 

WA. .9-29 39 
Everybody's Old Man- 

F. .3-27-36 
Everybody's Sweetheart if 

SEZ. .10-24-20 
Everyman's Law-SUM .. 7-21-36 
Everything But the Truth if 

U. .5-16-20 
Everything Happens at Night- 

F. .12-18-39 
Everything for Sale if 

REA. .10-2-21 
Everything Is Rhythm- 
AST. .1939 
Everything Is Thunder- 

GB. .11-20-36 
Everything's On Ice- 

RKO. .9-7-39 
Everything's Rosie- 

RKO. .5-24-31 
Everywoman if PAR. . 12-21-19 
Everywoman's Husband if 

TRI. .7-7-18 
Evfordula ( Hungarian )- 

HUN. .10-21-37 

Evidence if SEZ 6-18-22 

Evidence if SWO 9-23-15 

Evidence if TRI 1-17-18 

Evidence-WA 10-6-29 

Evil Eye if PAR 1-11-17 

Evil Thereof * PAR.. 6-29-16 
Evil Women Do if BL. . 9-14-16 
Evolution if SEA. .. .7-19-25 
Evolution of Man if AY.. 1921 

Ex-Bad Boy-U 9-27-31 

Ex-Champ-U 5-17-39 

Ex-Flame-TIF 1-25-31 

Ex-Lady- WA 5-13-33 

Ex-Mrs. Bradford. The- 

RKO. .4-23-36 
Exalted Flapper (S-SE)- 

F. .8-11-29 
Excess Baggage if 

MGM. .9-30-28 
Exchange of Wives if 

MG. .10-18-25 

Exciters if PAR 6-10-23 

Excitement if U 4-13-24 

Exclusive-PAR 7-22-37 

Exclusive Rights if 

PRE. .1-23-27 
Exclusive Story-MGM .. 1-18-36 

Excuse Me if MG 8-2-25 

Excuse Me if PAT. ... 1-6-16 
Excuse My Dust if 

PAR. .3-28-20 

Exile if ART 11-22-17 

Exile Express-GN 2-8-39 

Exiled to Shanghai- 

REP. .12-13-37 
Exiles if F 1923 

Exit Smiling if MGM. .11-14-26 
Exit the Vamp if PAR.. 2-5-22 
Expensive Husbands- 

WA. .9-9-37 
Expensive Women-FN. . 11-15-31 

Experience if PAR 8-14-21 

Experiment Perilous- 

RKO. .12-1S-44 
Experimental Marriage if 

SE. .3-30-19 

Extra Girl if AE 1-27-34 

Extravagance * M.... 3-6-21 
Extravagance if M . . . .11-16-16 
Extravagance-TIF .... 12-7-30 
UFA. .8-9-31 
Exquisite Sinner if MGM. .1926 
Exquisite Thief * U....1919 

Extortion-COL 5-9-38 

Extra, Extra-F 2-19-22 

Exposed-EAG 9-24-32 

Exposed-U 11-28-38 

Exposure-CAP 8-20-32 

Express 13 ( German )- 

Explorer if EDK 9-23-15 

Explorers of the World- 

RAS. .9-6-31 

Expert, The-WA 2-28-32 

Exploits of a German Sub- 
marine if CBP. .1-11-20 

Eye for Eye * M 12-29-18 

Eye of Envy if HAD.. 8-30-17 

Eye of God if BL 5-25-16 

Eye of the Night if 

INC. .7-13-16 
Eyes of Julia Deep if 

PAT. .8-11-18 
Eyes of Mystery if M.. 1-24-18 
Eyes of the Desert if 

SIE. .1926 
Eyes of the Forest if F..1924 
Eyes of the Heart if 

REA. .11-7-20 
Eyes of the Mummy if 

PAR. .1922 
Eyes of the Soul if 

ART. .4-27-19 
Eyes of the Totem if 

PAT. .5-15-27 
Eyes of the Underworld if 

U. .1929 
Eyes of the Underworld-U 1-6-43 
Eyes of the World-UA. . 8-17-30 
Eyes of the World if 

CLU. .7-7-18 

Eyes of Truth if G 1921 

Eyes of Youth if 

EQU. .11-16-19 
Eyes Right if GOO 1926 


F. P. 1-F 9-16-33 

F-Man-PAR 5-5-36 

Fabiola if MAR 10-31-20 

Tace at the Window, The- 

ZIE. .10-25-40 
Iface at Your Window if 

F. .11-14-20 
Pace Behind the Mask, The 

COL. .2-10-41 
Face Behind the Scar, The 

FIA. .3-13-40 
Face Between if M.... 5-28-22 
Face in the Dark if G. .4-25-18 
Face in the Fog- VIC. ... 1935 
Face in the Fog if 

PAR. .10 15-22 
Face in the Sky-F. ... 2-18-33 
Face in the World if 

HOD. .7-24-21 
Face on the Barroom Floor 

INV. .10-14-32 
Face on the Barroom Floor if 

F. .1-7-23 
Face to Face if AE. . . .10-1-22 

Face Value if BL 1-3-18 

Face Value ■*■ STE 1927 

Faces of Children if 

ZAK. .12-30-28 
Faces in the Fog-REP. .10-27-44 
Faded Butterfly if SEZ 












. .1924 





Faded Flame if IV 8-17-16 

Faded Tracks ( German )- 

XX. .1939 

Fagasa if FD 1928 

Faint Perfume if SCH. . . .1925 
Fair and Warmer if 

Fair Barbarian if 

Fair Cheat if FBO. 
Fair Co-Ed if MGM. 
Fair Enough if PAT. 
Fair Lady if UA . . 
Fair Play if ST. 
Fair Pretender if G. 
Fair Warning-F . 
Fair Warning-F . 
Fair Week if PAR. 

Faith if F 

Faith if M 

Faith Endurin' if TRI. 
Faith Healer if PAR. 
Faith of the Strong if 

SEZ. .9-21-19 
Falcon and the Co-eds, 

The-RKO 11-10-43 

Falcon in Danger, The- 
RKO 7-20-43 

Falcon Strikes Back, 

The-RKO 3-24-43 

Fallen Sparrow, The- 
RKO 8-20-43 

Falcon in Hollywood. The- 
RKO. .12-6-44 
Falcon in Mexico, The- 
RKO. .7-31-44 
Falcon Out West, The- 
RKO. .3-3-44 
Falcon Takes Over, The- 
RKO. .5-11-42 
Falcon's Brother, The- 
RKO. .10-5-42 
Faithful Heart-HEL. . .8-15-33 

Faithless-MGM 11-19-32 

Faithless Lover if 

KRE. .3-11-28 

Faithless Sex if SIG 1922 

Faker if COL 3-10-29 

Fakir if PS 

Fall Guy-RKO 5-25-30 

Fall In-UA 1942 

Fall of a Nation if NF. .6-15-16 
Fall of Babylon * GRI. .7-27-19 

Fall of Eve-COL 6-23-29 

Fall of the Romanoffs if 

WOO. .10-11-17 
Fallen Angel if F. 
Fallen Idol if F. . . . 
Falling in Love-TIM . 
False Alarm if COL. 
False Ambitions if 

TRI. .7-21-18 
False Brands if PSR. . 3-12-22 

False Code * PAT 1920 

False Colors if PAR 1914 

False Colors-UA 11-5-43 

Evidence if M 1919 

Faces * PAR.. 2-23-19 

Faces-REP 1943 

Faces-WW 11-3-32 

Feathers if ELD . . . 1929 
False Friend if BW. .. .6-14-17 

False Friends * GOO 1926 

False Fronts if AR 6-11-22 

False God if PAT 10-5-19 

Kisses if U 1922 

Madonna-PAR. . . .2-7-32 
Pretenses-CHE . . 10-25-35 

Rapture-FIA 1940 

False Road if PAR 5-16-20 

False Trail if PS 1924 

False Uniforms (S-SE)- 

AM. .11-23-32 

False Women if AYC 1921 

Fame and Fortune if 

F. .8-25-18 
Familienparade ( German )- 

XX. .3-30-37 
Familjen Andersson 

(Swedish) -SCA. .1-26-39 
Familjen Som Var En Karusel 
( Swedish )-SC A. .6-1-37 










Wm. Morris Agency 



Under Contract to 


Family Affair, A-MGM . . 4-22-37 

Family Closet * AE 9-25-21 

Family Cupboard if 

WO. .10-14-15 
Family Honor if FN.... 5-2-20 
Family Honor * PBW. .4-12-17 
Family Hummel ( German )- 

XX. .1939 
Family Next Door, The- 

U. .4-14-39 
Family Schinek ( German )- 

XX 1939 

Family Secret if U 6-8-24 

Family Skeleton if INC. .3-21-18 

Family Stain if F 1916 

Family Tree if M 1919 

Family Upstairs if F.. 7-26-26 
Famous Fergruson Case- 

FN. .4-24-32 
Famous Mrs. Fair if 

M. .3-11-23 

Fan Fan if F 11-34-18 

Fanatics ■£ TRI 1917 

Fancy Baggage (PT)- 

WA . .3-17-29 
Fang: and Claw-RKO. ! i2-21-35 
Fang-s of Destiny if U. .12-17-27 
Fangs of Fate if 

PAT. .6-24-28 
Fang-s of Justice if 

BIS. .2-6-27 
Fang-s of the Wild if 

FBO. .1-15-28 
Fang-s of the Wolf if 

ARC. .1924 
Fanny Elssler ( German )- 

UFA. .12-30-37 
Fanny Foley Herself- 

RKO. .10-25-31 
Fanny Hawthorne if 

EXP. .11-17-29 

Fantasia-RKO 11-14-40 

Fantomas-DUW 3-13-34 

Far Call (S-SE)-F 6-16-29 

Far Cry if FN 2-28-26 

Far From the Madding- Crowd ■£ 
MT. .6-29-16 
Far Western Trails if 

AI. .1929 

Farewell Agrain-UA 1937 

Farewell to Arms- 

PAR. .12-10-32 
Farewell. My Lovely (Murder, 

My Sweet) -RKO. .12-8-44 
Farg-o Express- WOW. .. .3-1-33 

Farg-o Kid-RKO 1940 

Farmer in the Dell, The- 

RKO . . 3-7-36 
Farmer Takes a Wife- 

F. .6-11-35 
Farmer's Daugrhter, The- 

PAR. .2-13-40 
Farmer's Daugrhter if 

F.. 11-11-28 
Farmer's Wife, The if 

UED. .1-12-30 
Fascinatinr Youth if 

PAR. .3-7-26 

Fascination if M 4-23-22 

Fascination-POP 4-10-32 

Fashion Madness if 

COL. .2-26-28 
Fashion Row if M.... 12-2-23 
Fashionable Fakirs if 

FBO. .1923 
Fashions for Women if 

PAR. .4-10-27 
Fashions in Love-PAR .. 7-7-29 
Fashions of 1934-FN. . 1-9-34 
Fast and Fearless if 

ARC. .10-12-24 
Fast and Furious if U. .7-10-27 
Fast and Furious- 

MGM. .10-20-39 
Fast and Loose-PAR . . .11-30-30 
Fast and Loose-MGM. . 2-17-39 

Fast Bullets-REB. 
Fast Companions-U. . 
Fast Company if BL. 
Fast Company-PAR. . 
Fast Company-MGM. 

. .1932 

Fast Frelgrht if RA 1926 

Fast Life-FN 10-27-29 

Fast Life-MGM 12-24-32 

Fast Mail if F 7-9-22 

Fast Set if PAR 11-23-24 

Fst Workers-MGM ...3-18-33 

Fast Workers-U 9-28-24 

Fatal Card * PAR 10-7-16 

Fatal Hour-MOP 1-24-40 

Fatal Hour if M 10-31-20 

Fatal Lady -PAR 5-19-36 

Fatal Plung-e if ARC 1924 

Fatal 30 if PAC 1927 

Fate of a Flirt if COL. . .1926 
Fate's Boomerang- -fc 

WO. .5-25-16 
Fate's Stepchild (Frencn)- 

XX. .1938 

Fated Hour if CIE 4-19-17 

Father and the Boys if U. .1915 
Father and Son if 

MT. .7-27-16 
Father and Son (PT)- 

COL. .6-9-29 
Father Brown, Detective- 

PAR. .1-18-35 
Father Is a Prince-WA . . 1940 

Father O'Flynn-HOB 1-3-39 

Father of Men if VIT. .7-13-16 
Father of the Country 

(Italian) -XX. .1938 
Father Steps Out-MOP. .7-30-41 
Father Takes a Wife- 

RKO. .7-17-41 

Father Tom if AP 1922 

Father's Son-FN 11-16-30 

Father's Son-WA 2-17-41 

Fatherhood if U 1915 

Fatty & Broadway Stars if 

TRI. .12-16-15 
Fatty and Mabel Adrift if 

TRI. .2-3-16 

Faust * MGM 12-12-26 

Favor to a Friend * M. . .1919 
Favorite Fool if TRI.. 10-7-15 

Fazil ( S-SE) -F 6-10-28 

Fear Bound if VIT 1925 

Fear Fighter if RA 10-11-25 

Fear Market * REA. .. 1-11-20 

Fear Not if BUT 11-29-17 

Fear of Poverty if 

PAT. .9-7-16 
Fear Women if G.... 7-13-19 
Fearless Lover if PFT. . 8-2-25 
Fearless Rider if U.... 1-29-28 
Feast of Life if WO.. 5-4-16 
Feather, The (S-SE) -UA. . 1929 
Feather in Her Hat, A- 

COL. .10-25-35 
Feathertop if GAU. . .4-20-16 
Federal Ag-ent-REP. . . .4-14-36 
Federal Bullets-MOP. .10-26-37 
Federal Fug"itives-PRC. . 5-9-41 
Federal Man-Hunt-REP. .1-10-39 

Fedora if PAR 7-28-18 

Feel My Pulse if PAR.. 3-4-28 

Feet First-PAR 11-2-30 

Feet of Clay if RAL 1917 

Feet of Clay if PAR 9-28-20 

Fehervari Huszarok 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .9-21-39 

Felix O'Day if PAT 9-12-20 

Female if PAR 9-7-24 

Female-FN 11-4-33 

Female Fugitive-MOP. .4-15-38 
Female of the Species if 

INC. .12-21-16 
Feminine Touch. The- 

MGM. .9-15-41 
Ferien vom Ich ( German )- 

UFA. .4-2-35 
Festival of the Dove 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
Fettered Woman if 

TRI. .11-8-17 
Feu Mathias Pascal 

(French) -FRM. .11-19-37 

Feud if F 1920 

Feud Girl if PAR 5-18-16 

Feud of the West-DIV. .5-19-36 
Feud Woman if PIZ....1928 


Feud Woman if SIE....1826 
Fiat Voluntas Dei ( Italian )- 

NUO. .7-7-36 

Fibbers if ES 10-18-17 

Fickle Woman if SCW. .8-16-20 
Fiddlin' Buckaroo-U. .. 12-20-33 

Fidelity if AY 1922 

Fidlovacka (Czechoslovakian)- 

DRK. .7-5-31 
Field of Honor if U. .6-21-17 
Fields of Honor if G. . 1-24-18 

Fiesta-UA 1941 

Fiesta-UA 1-2-42 

15 Maiden Lane-F. ... 9-29-36 

Fifteen Wives-INV 7-17-34 

Fifth Avenue if PDC. . 2-28-26 
Fifth Avenue Girl- 

RKO. .8-22-39 
Fifth Avenue Models if 

U. .1-18-26 
Fifty Candles if HOD... 1-8-22 
Fifty Fathoms Deep- 

COL. .8-16-31 
Fifty-Fifty if FAT. ... 10-19-16 

Fifty-Fifty * AE 8-2-25 

Fifty-Fifty Girl * 

PAR. .5-20-28 
Fifty Million Frenchmen- 

WA. .3-29-31 
Fifty Roads to Town- 

F. .3-29-37 

52nd Street-UA 11-17-37 

$50,000 Reward if ELF.. 1924 

Fig: Leaves if F 7-11-26 

Fig-aro * FF 12-1-29 

Figaro E la Sua Gran Giornata- 

PIT. .10-30-33 
Fig-aro's Best Day (Italian) - 

KIT. .1935 
Fig-ht for Honor if 

PFT. .1924 
Figrht for Life-COL. . .3-18-40 
Fig-ht for Love if U.... 3-9-19 
Fig-ht for Matterhorn if 

UED. .8-4-29 
Figrht for Peace- WAW. .4-19-38 
Fig-ht for Your Lady- 

RKO. .9-28-37 
Fig-ht to Finish if COL... 1926 
Fig-ht to the Finish, A- 

COL. .7-1-37 

Figrhter <£- SEZ 8-21-21 

Fig-htin' Mad if M. ... 10-30-21 
Fig-htin' Redhead * 

FBO. .11-11-28 
Fighting American if U. .6-1-24 
Fig-hting- Back if TRI.. 11-1-17 
Fig-hting- Bill Farg-o-U. . .5-21-42 
Fig-htingr Blade if FN.. 10-1-23 
Fig-hting- Blood if F... 3-2-16 

Fig-hting- Bob if M 1915 

Fig-hting- Boob if FBO... 6-2-26 
Fig-hting- Breed if AY.. 8-14-21 
Fig-hting- Buckaroo-COL. .4-8-43 
Fig-hting- Buckaroo if F. .4-25-36 
Fig-htingr Caballero-FD. . .1935 
Fig-hting- Caravans-PAR. . .2-1-31 
Fig-hting- Champ. The 

MOP. .12-10-32 
Fig-hting- Chance if 

PAR. .7-25-20 
Fig-htingr Cheat if ARC... 1926 

Fig-htingr Code-COL 1-10-34 

Fig-hting- Colleen if 

VIT. .11-16-19 
Fig-hting- Comeback if 

PAT. .4-17-27 
Fig-hting- Courage if 

DAV. .7-5-25 
Fig-hting Coward if 

PAR. .3-23-24 
Fighting- Coward-VIC .... 1935 
Fig-hting: Cressy if 

PAT. .12-14-19 
Fig-hting Cub * TRU. . 8-9-25 
Fighting Demon if 

FBO. .5-24-25 
Fighting Destiny if 

VIT. .3-30-19 
Fighting Devil Dogs-REP. . 1943 


■ v 







Fighting Eagle if 

PAT. .8-28-17 

Fighting: Edge if WA 1926 

Fighting Failure if 

HPI. .2-13-27 
Fighting Fate * RA . . 1 -17-20 
Fighting Fool, The- 

COL. .3-27-32 
Fighting Frontier-RKO. .2-18-43 
Fighting for Gold * F..1919 
Fighting for Justice- 

COL. .5-17-33 
Fighting for Love if 

RED. .1-11-17 
Fighting for the Fatherland if 

WW. .9-1-29 
Fighting Fury if U ... .7-27-24 
Fighting Gentleman, The- 

FRE. .10-4-32 
Fighting Gob if AY.... 1926 
Fighting Grin if BL. . 1-17-18 
Fighting Gringo if U....1917 
Fighting Gringo, The- 

RKO. .11-28-39 
Fighting Guide if V1T..1922 
Fighting Heart * F.. 10-4-25 

Fighting Hero-STI 7-17-34 

Fighting Hombre if 

FBO. .1927 
Fighting Lady-ROY. .. .4-16-35 
Fighting Lady, The-F .. 12-20-44 
Fighting Legion (PT)- 

U. .3-16-30 
Fighting Love if PDC. 5-29-27 
Fighting Lover if U....1921 
Fighting Luck if RA....1926 

Fighting Mad * U 1917 

Fighting Mad-TTF 1931 

Fighting Mad-MOP 1939 

Fighting Marine if PAT.. 1926 
Fighting Marshal, The- 

COL. .2-28-32 
Fighting Odds if G.... 10-4-17 
Fighting Parson-ALI .... 8-2-33 
Fighting Peacemaker if U. . 1926 
Fighting Pilot, The-AJ. . 2-14-35 
Fighting Pioneer-RES. .5-21-35 
Fighting President-U ... .4-8-33 
Fighting Rangers-COL. .4-12-34 
Fighting Rookie-MAY. . .7-13-34 
Fighting Roosevelts if 

FN. .1-26-19 
Fighting Seabees, The- 

REP. .1-19-44 
Fighting Sap if FBO.... 1924 
Fighting 69th, The- 

WA. .1-5-40 
Fighting Shadows-COL. . 5-17-35 
Fighting Shepherdess if 

FN. .4-3-20 
Fighting Sheriff if IND. .5-17-25 
Fighting Sheriff-COL. .. 6-28-31 
Fighting Stallion if GOO.. 1926 
Fighting Stranger if CAN. .1921 
Fighting Streak if F.. 4-30-22 
Fighting Terror if 

SYN. .12-8-29 
Fighting Texans-MOP. .7-26-33 
Fighting the Flames if 

COL. .8-23-25 
Fighting the White Slave 

Traffic (PT)-BER. . 19?.» 
Fighting Thoroughbreds- 

REP. .1-16-39 
Fighting Through-KEN. .8-29-34 
Fighting Through if 

HOD. .1-19-19 
Fighting Thorobreds if 

RA. .1926 
Fighting Three if U.... 5-1-27 
Fighting Trooper- 

AMB. .11-21-34 
Fighting Tylers * PAT. ..1924 

Fighting Youth-U 11-2-35 

Figurehead if SEZ. .. .6-20-20 
Figures Don't Lie if 

PAR. .1-15-28 

File 113-HOL 2-21-32 

Filleres Gyoers-XX 1933 

Filling His Own Shoes if 

ES. .6-21-17 



. . .1921 

. . .1928 


Film Parade (S-SE)- 

BLC. .12-20-33 
Filming of the Golden Eagle if 

XX 1929 
Final Closeup if PAR.. 6-1-19 
Final Curtain if RLE.. 

Final Edition-COL 

Final Extra * HTM. 

Final Hour, The-COL.. 

Final Judgment if M.. 10-28-15 

Final Melody, The 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Final Payment if F . . . .6-14-17 
Find the Blackmailer- 

WA 10-19-43 

Find the Witness-COL. . 5-1-37 
Find the Woman if VIT. .6-9-18 
Find the Woman if 

Find Your Man if WA . . 
Finders Keepers if PI . 
Finders Keepers if U . 
Fine Clothes if FN . . . 
Fine Feathers if M . . . 
Fine Manners if PAR. 
Finger of Justice if ARW. .1919 

Finger Points-FN 3-29-31 

Finger Prints if HYP... 1923 
Finger Prints if WA.. 1-16-27 
Fingers at the Window- 

MGM. .3-18-42 
Finishing School-RKO. . .4-6-34 
Finn and Hattie-PAR. 
Finnegan's Ball if FD. . 
Fire and Steel if ELB. 
Fire Brigade if MGM . 

Fire Bride if FBO 1922 

Fire Cat if U 2-20-21 

Fire Eater if U 12-25-21 

Fire Flingers if U 4-6-19 

Fire on the Ocean 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Fire Over England-UA. . 1-14-37 
Fire Patrol if CHA. ... 5-25-24 

Firebird- WA 11-15-34 

Firebrand if F 6-9-18 

Firebrand * GOL 1923 

Firebrand Jordan-PIF 8-3-30 

Firebrand Trevision if F. 7-18-20 
Firebrands of Arizona- 

REP. .1944 

Fired Wife-U 8-31-43 

Firefly, The-MGM 9-2-37 

Firefly of France if 

PAR. .7-14-18 
Firefly of Tough Luck if 

TRI. .10-18-17 

Fireman if MT 6-8-16 

Fireman Save My Child- 

FN. .2-21-32 
Fireman Save My Child if 

PAR. .10-16-27 
Fires of Conscience if F..1916 
Fires of Fate if PAR.. 5-11-19 
Fires of Fate-POP ....4-4-33 
Fires of Rebellion if BL. .7-5-17 

Fires of Youth if FN 1920 

Fires of Youth-W 1931 

Fires of Youth-PAT. . .5-31-17 
Firetrap, The-EMP. ... 11-26-35 
Firing Line if PAR .... 7-13-19 
Firm of Girdlestone if 

VIT. .10-19-16 

First a Girl-GB 1935 

First Aid-WW 7-12-31 

First Auto if WA 8-14-27 

First Baby, The-F. .. .4-14-36 

First Born if RC 2-6-21 

First Comes Courage- 

COL 9-10-43 

First Degree if .U 1923 

First Hundred Years- 

MGM. .2-14-38 
First Kiss if PAR. ... 8-26-28 

First Lady-WA 9-3-37 

First Law if PAT. .. .7-21-18 
First Love if PAR. . . .12-25-21 

First Love-U 11-3-39 

First Night if TIF 3-6-27 

First Offenders-COL 1939 


First Unit Programme if 

IFC. .5-11-19 
First Woman if FBO.. 4-23-22 
First World War-F .... 11-8-34 

First Year if F 1-10-26 

First Year-F 8-4-32 

Fisherman of Posillipo (S-SE)- 

ARB. .11-25-28 
Fisherman's Wharf-RKO. .3-1-39 

Fit for a King-RKO 9-1-37 

Fit to Win if USP 4-13-19 

Five and Ten-MGM ... .7-12-31 
Five and Ten-Cent Annie 

(S-SE)-WA. .9-16-28 
Five Came Back-RKO. . 6-12-39 
Five Days to Live if 

FBO. .1-15-22 
Five Dollar Baby if M . . 6-4-22 

Five Dollar Plate if PS 

Five Faults of Flo if 

MT. .1-13-16 

Five Graves to Cairo-PAR 5-4-43 

Five Little Peppers and How 

They Grew-COL. . 11-28-39 

Five Little Peppers at Home- 

COL. .4-10-40 

Five Little Peppers in Trouble- 

COL. .11-15-40 

Five Millionen Suchen Einen 

Erben ( German ) -UFA . . 1939 

Five of a Kind-F 10-14-38 

Five Star Final-FN. ... 9-13-31 
Five Thousand an Hour if 

M. .12-1-18 
3(5,000 Reward •*■ BL.. 5-12-18 
Five Year Plan if AM . . 6-7-31 
Fixed by George if ..10-31-20 

Fixer Dugan-RKO 5-29-39 

Fizessen Nagysad ( Hungarian )- 

HUN. .6-14-37 

Flame if STL 2-6-21 

Flame of Desire if F.. .1925 
Flame of Hellgate if RC..1920 
Flame of New Orleans- 

U. .4-24-41 

Flame of Life if U 1-14-23 

Flame of Love-BI 11-2-30 

Flame of Passion if 

TER. .10-21-15 
Flame of Passion if 

IND. .1-14-23 
Flame of the Argentine if 

FBO. .8-15-26 
Flame of the Desert if 

G. .11-9-19 
Flame of the Yukon if 

TRI. .7-19-17 
Flame of the Yukon if 

PDC. .7-11-26 
Flame of Youth if F. .12-12-20 
Flame of Youth if U.. 6-28-17 
Flame Within, The- 
MGM. .6-1-35 

Flames if AE 8-29-26 

Flames-MOP 8-26-32 

Flames of Chance if 

TRI. .1-17-18 
Flames of Johannes if 

LUB. .4-20-16 
Flames of the Flesh if 

F. .12-28-19 
Flames on the Volga if 

AM. .1929 
Flaming Barriers if 

PAR. .2-3-24 
Flaming Clue * VIT. . .4-18-20 
Flaming Forest if 

MGM. .11-28-26 
Flaming Forties if 

PDC. .2-25-25 
Flaming Frontier if U. .4-11-26 
Flaming Fury if FBO.. 1926 
Flaming Gold RKO. ... 1-18-34 

Flaming Guns-U 6-17-33 

Flaming Hour if U. . . .12-31-22 
Flaming Omen if VIT.. 11-1-17 
Flaming Signal-INV. .. .5-25-33 

Flaming Sword if M 1915 

Flaming Waters if 

FBO. .1-31-26 
Flaming Youth if FN. .11-18-23 


1 d 




PR flDR S. BERm R n 

'National Velvet" 

'The Picture of Dorian Gray" 

'Dragon Seed" 

'The Seventh Cross" 

In Preparation 

'The Sea of Grass" 
'You Were There" 




Flapper * SEZ 5-23-20 

Flapper Wives * SEZ... 5-4-24 
Flare-Up Sal * PAR.. 2-14-18 
Flash of an Emerald if 

WO. .10-21-15 
Flash of Fate * U.. 2-28-18 
Flash of the Forest if 

PIZ. .1928 
Flashing- Fangs if FBO.,1926 
Flashing- Spurs if FBO. .1-11-25 

Flashlight if BL 5-10-17 

Flattery if CHA 10-26-24 

Fleet's In * PAR 10-7-28 

Fleet's In. The-PAR .... 1-19-42 

Fleetwing- if F 7-8-2:i 

Flesh-MGM 12-20-32 

Flesh and Blood if 

CUM. .8-27-22 
"-Mesh and the Devil if 

MGM. .1-16-27 
Flesh and Fantasy-U. . . .9-17-43 
Flesh and Spirit * LBR. . .1922 
Flickorna Fran Gamla Stan- 
Unknown. .12-28-34 

Flight-COL 9-22-29 

Flight Angels-WA 5-29-40 

Flight at Midnight- 

REP. .8-28-39 
Flight Command- 

MGM. .12-23-40 
Flight for Freedom-RKO. .2-4-43 
Flight from Destiny- 

WA. .1-3-41 
Flight from Glory-RKO . . 9-17-37 
Flight Into Darkness ( French )- 

KAS. .10-27-38 
Flight into Fame- 

COL. .12-21-38 
Flight into Nowhere- 

COL. .5-20-38 
Flight Lieutenant-COL. .6-29-42 
Flight of the Duchess if 

MT. .3-9-16 

Flirt if U 12-31-22 

Flirt if BL 4-6-16 

FJirtation-FD 1935 

Flirtation Walk -FN . . . .11-2-34 
Flirting Widow, The- 

FN.. 8-3-30 
Flirting With Danger- 

MOP. .11-13-34 
Flirting With Death if 

BL. .1917 
Flirting With Fate if 

FAT. .6-29-16 
Flirting With Fate- 

MGM. .12-16-38 
Flirting With Love if 

FN. .8-24-24 
Floating College if TIF.. 1928 

Flood-COL 5-3-31 

Floodgates if LOW 3-2-24 

Floor Below if G.... 3-14-18 
Floorwalker if MT. ... 5-11-16 
Florentine Dagger, The- 

WA. .4-26-35 

Florian-MGM 4-1-40 

Florida Enchantment if VIT... 
Florida Special-PAR. . .4-21-36 
Florodora Girl, The- 

MGM. .6-1-30 
Flower of Doom if 

RED. .4-12-17 
Flower of Faith if 

SGE. .9-21-16 
Flower of Night if 

PAR. .10-25-25 
Flower of No Man's Land if 

M. .7-6-16 
Flower of the Dusk if 

M. .9-1-18 
Flower of the North if 

VIT. .1-22-22 
Flowers from Nice 

(German) -XX. .1939 

Flying Blind-PAR 8-20-41 

Flying Buckaroo if 

PAT. .11-11-28 

Flying Cadets-U 10-15-41 

Flying Colors * Till ... 0-13-17 

Flying Cow * U 1928 

Flying Devils-RKO. . . .8-26-33 
Flying Down to Rio- 

RKO. .12-20-33 
Flying Deuces, The- 

RKO. .10-10-39 
Flying Dutchman if 

FBO. .7-29-23 
Flying Feet (S-SE)- 

MGM. .2-17-29 



Fists-TRC. . . 
Fool-PAT. . . 


Fortress-WA . . 
High if LUM 
High-MGM . 







. .1925 



Flowing Gold-WA. 
Flowing Gold if FN 
Fly-Away Baby-WA 
Fly by Night-PAR. 
Fly God if TRI.. 

Flying Hoofs if U . . . 
Flying Horseman if 1 
Flying Hostess-U . . . . 
Flying Irishman, The 

RKO. .3-17-39 

Flying Lariats-BIF 1931 

Flying Luck if PAT. . 11-13-27 

Flying Mail if AE 1926 

Flying Marine (PT)- 

COL. .8-25-29 
Flying Pat if PAR. . . .12-26-20 
Flying Romeos if FN. .4-8-28 
Flying Thru * DAV....1921 

Flying Tigers-REP 9-23-42 

Flying Torpedo if FAT. .3-16-16 
Flying U Ranch if 

FBO. .11-6-27 

Flying Wild-MOP 4-17-41 

Flying With Music-UA. . . . 1942 
Flying With the Marines if 

BPI. .6-30-18 

Foeh (French)-MOD 1938 

Fog-COL 1-6-34 

Fog if M 7-1-23 

Fog Bound * PAR. ... 6-3-23 
Fog Over Frisco-FN .... 6-7-34 

Folies Bergere-UA 2-20-35 

Follies Girl-PRC 1943 

Follies Girl * TRI 1918 

Follies of Desire if 

RED. .8-10-16 

Follow the Band-U o-3-43 

Follow the Boys-U 3-27-44 

Follow the Fleet-RKO. .2-19-36 

Follow the Girl if U 1917 

Follow the Leader-MOP. . O-S-44 
Follow the Leader- ( reviewed as 
Manhattan Mary)- 

PAR. .10-12-30 

Follow Thru-PAR 9-14-30 

Follow Your Heart- 

REP. .8-11-36 
Follow Your Hunch if 

FBO. .1927 
Folly of Revenge if 

NOL. .7-27-16 

Folly of Vanity * F 2-8-25 

Food for Scandal if 

REA. .10-31-20 
Food Gamblers if TRI.. 8-9-17 

Fool if F 5-10-25 

Fool and His Money if 

SEZ. .4-25-20 
Fool and His Money if 

SR. .1925 
Fool There Was if F.. 7-23-22 
Fool's Awakening if MG. .2-3-24 
Fool's Gold if ARW. .. .5-4-19 
Fool's Highway if U.... 3-9-24 
Fool's Paradise ■£• IV.. 2-10-16 
Fool's Paradise if 

PAR. .12-11-21 
Fool's Revenge if F. . . .2-24-16 
Fools and Riches if U. .5-20-23 
Fools and Their Money if 

M. .6-22-19 
Fools First if FN .... 8-13-22 
Fools for Luck if ES . . 10-4-17 
Fools for Luck if 

PAR. .6-17-28 


Fools for Scandal- 

WA. .3-29-38 
Fools in the Dark if 

FBO. .7-20-24 
Fools of Fashion if 

TIF. .1926 
Fools of Fortune if AR. .8-20-22 
Foolish Age if FBO. . . .10-9-21 
Foolish Matrons if 

APR. .7-3-21 
Foolish Monte Carlo if 

FBO. .1922 
F'oolish Parents if AE (reviewed 
as "What's a Child's Worth") 
Foolish Twins if LBR. . . .1922 
Foolish Virgin if CBC. .12-14-24 
Foolish Wives if U.... 1-15-22 

Footfalls if F 9-18-21 

Footlight Fever-RKO. .3-26-41 
Footlight Glamour-COL. . . .1943 
Footlight Parade-WA. .9-30-33 
Footlight Ranger if F.. 1-21-23 

Footlight Serenade-F 7-8-42 

Footlights if PAR 10-9-21 

Footlights and Fate if 

VIT. .8-24-16 
Footlights and Fools 

FN. .11-17-29 
Footlights and Shadows if 

SEZ. .2-15-20 
Footloose Heiress, The- 

WA. .10-13-37 
Footloose Widows if 

WA. .7-18-26 
Footsteps in the Dark- 

WA. .3-4-41 
Footsteps in the Night- 

INV. .5-10-33 
For A Woman's Fair Name if 

VIT. .2-24-16 
For a Woman's Honor if 

MT. .9-28-19 
For Alimony Only if 

PDC. .10-31-26 
For Another Woman if 

RAY. .1924 
For Beauty's Sake-F. . 6-26-41 
For Better, For Worse if 

ART. .5-4-19 
For Big Stakes if F.. 6-25-22 
For Buen Camino (Spanish) - 

XX. .7-7-36 
For Duty's Sake ( Chinese )- 

XX. 1938 
For France * VIT. .. .9-27-17 
For Freedom if F. ... 12-29-18 
For Heaven's Sake if 

PAR. .4-11-26 
For Her Sake ( Swedish) - 

MAL. .11-16-30 
For Her People if 

CAP. .1-30-27 
For His Sake if ZER....1922 
For Husbands Only if 

WEB. .5-19-11 
For Ladies Only if 

COL. .10-16-27 

For Liberty if F 1-24-18 

For Love of You-CEL. . 12-9-35 
For Love or Money- 

BD. .7-26-34 
For Love or Money-U. . 5-8-39 
For Me and My Gal-MGM .9-9-42 

For Sale if PAT 6-2-18 

For Sale * FN 6-22-24 

For the Defense-PAR. . 7-20-30 
For the Defense if 

PAR. .3-16-16 
For the Freedom of Ireland if 

CRA. .1921 

For the Freedom of the East if 

G. .1919 

For the Freedom of the World it 

G. .1-17-18 

For the Love of a Woman if 

M. .9-9-15 
For the Love of Lil- 

COL. .11-30-30 
For the Love of Mike if 

FN. .9-4-27 

For the Service-U 5-19-36 

For the Soul of Rafael if 

EQU. .5-30-20 
For the Term of His Natural 
Life * AUS.. 6-16-29 
For Those We Love if 

G. .12-4-21 

For Valor if TRI 11-22-17 

For Whom the Bell Tolls- 

PAR 7-15-43 

For Wives Only if PDC. .1-9-27 
For Woman's Favor if 

LBR. .10-12-24 
For Tou. My Boy if 

ROU. .4-29-23 
For Your Daughter's Sake if 

JW. .1922 

Forbidden-COL 1-17-32 

Forbidden * U 1-18-20 

Forbidden Adventure if 

MT. .12-9-15 
Forbidden Adventure- 

MAQ. .2-19-38 
Forbidden Cargo if 

FBO. .4-26-25 
Forbidden City * SE . . 10-13-18 
Forbidden Company- 

INV. .7-1-32 
Forbidden Fire if 

REE. .3-23-19 
Forbidden Fruit if PAR 

Forbidden Fruit • IV . . 2-24-16 
Forbidden Grass if 

RAL. .10-28-28 
Forbidden Heaven-REP. . .1936 
Forbidden Hours + 

MGM. .7-29-28 
Forbidden Love if PAT. .9-30-28 
Forbidden Love if 

WIS. .4-10-21 
Forbidden Lover if SEZ . . . 1923 
Forbidden Music-WO . . 12-28-38 

Forbidden Path * F 1918 

Forbidden Paths if 

PAR. .6-28-17 
Forbidden Paradise if 

PAR. .11-30-24 
Forbidden Room if F....1919 
Forbidden Territory- 

HOB. .11-21-38 
Forbidden Thing if 

APR. .11-21-20 
Forbidden Trail if 

COS 12-1-29 
Forbidden Trail-COL. '.'. 4^10-33 
Forbidden Trails if AI. . . .1928 
Forbidden Trails if F . . 5-23-20 
Forbidden Trails-MOP. . . . 1941 
Forbidden Valley if 

PAT. .10-10-20 

Forbidden Valley-U 5-2-38 

Forbidden Waters if 

PDC. .5-2-26 
Forbidden Woman if 

EQU. .2-29-20 
Forbidden Women if 

PAT. .10-30-27 
Forced Landing-PAR. .. .7-3-41 
Forced Landing-REP. .11-26-35 

Foreign Agent-MOP 9-21-42 

Foreign Correspondent- 

UA. .8-29-40 
Foreign Devils if 

MGM. .4-15-28 
Foreign Legion if U.... 7-1-28 
Forest Havoc if ELB.. 2-20-27 

Forest King if PSR 1922 

Forest People of Siberia if 

AM. .10-13-29 
Forest Rangers, The- 

PAR. .10-1-42 
Forest Rivals if WO. .9-21-19 

Forever if PAR 10-23-21 

Forever After if FN. . .10-17-26 
Forever and a Day-RKO. 1-21-43 

Forever Yours-GN 6-8-37 

Forfeit if HOD 1919 

Forged Bride if U 2-1-20 

Forged Passport-REP. .. .2-8-39 
Forget-Me-Not if PBW. .4-12-12 

Forget Me Not if M.. 7-23-22 
Forgive and Forget if 

CBC. .10-21-23 

Forgotten-INV 5-20-33 

Forgotten Commandments- 

PAR. .6-5-32 
Forgotten Faces if 

PAR. .8-12-18 
Forgotten Faces-PAR. .4-23-36 
Forgotten Girls-REP. .. .3-27-40 
Forgotten Law if M. . .10-22-22 
Forgotten Men (S-SE)- 

JEW. .5-13-33 
Forgotten Village, The- 

MAB. .2-29-41 

Forgotten Woman-U 7-6-39 

Forgotten Woman if PI. . .1921 
Forgotten Women-MOP. .2-28-32 
Forlorn River if PAR.. 9-19-26 

Forlorn River-PAR 10-6-37 

Forsaking All Others -jjf 
Forsaking All Others if 

U. .12-10-23 
forsaking All Others- 

MGM . . 12-19-34 
Fort Frayne if DAV. . . .8-23-25 
Fortieth Door if PAT.. 8-24-24 
Fortress on the Volga- 

ARQ 1-21-43 

Fortunate Youth if 

OCE. .3-23-16 
Fortune from Heaven 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
Fortune Hunter if WA. .1-16-28 
Fortune Hunter if 

VIT.. 2-22-20 
Fortune of Christine McNab if 

PGO. .1923 
Fortune Teller if RC. . 5-16-20 
Fortune's Child if VIT.. 1919 
Fortune's Fool (S-SE)- 

LOU. .8-26-28 
Fortune's Mask if VIT.. 1922 
Fortunes of Fifl if PAR. .3-1-17 
Fortress on the Volga 

(Russian) -ARQ. .1942 
Forty Eight Hours- AFE . . 6-5-44 
Forty Horse Hawkins if 

U. .4-27-24 
Forty Little Mothers- 

MGM. .4-19-40 
40 Little Mothers ( French )- 

NAN. .12-23-38 
Forty Naughty Girls- 

RKO. .9-2-37 

Forty Thieves-UA 7-12-44 

Forty Thousand Horsemen- 

GOO. .8-13-41 

Forty Winks if PAR 2-8-25 

45 Calibre Echo-HNE 1932 

Forty-Five Calibre War if 

PAT. .2-10-29 

45 Fathers-F 10-20-37 

Forty-five Minutes from B'way if 
FN. .9-5-20 
Forty-Niners, The- 

FRE. .12-14-32 

'49-17 if U 1917 

42nd Street-WA 2-4-33 

Forward Pass-FN 1929 

Found Alive-IDE 11-8-33 

Foundling if PAR 1-16-18 

Fountain. The-RKO .... 8-23-34 
Fountain of Youth if 

GRA. .1922 
Four Aces (S-SE)- 

SYN. .2-24-33 
Four Dare Devils if PS... 1921 
Four Daughters- WA. . .8-10-38 
Four Days' Wonder-U .... 1-5-37 
Four Devils (PT)-F. . .6-30-29 

Four Feathers if M 1921 

Four Feathers (S-SE)- 

PAR . . 6-16-29 

Four Feathers-UA 7-24-39 

Four Flights to Love 

( French )-ENG. .1942 

Four Flusher if M 1919 

Four-Footed Ranger if 

U. .4-8-28 


Four Frightened People- 

PAR. .1-27-34 
Four Girls in White- 

MGM. .1-24-39 
Four Hearts if WPX....1922 
Four Horsemen of the Apoca- 
lypse if M. .2-20-21 
Four Hours to Kill- 

PAR. .4-11-35 
Four Jills in a Jeep-F. .3-17-44 
4U0 Million, The (S-SE)- 

GAS. .3-9-39 
Four Jacks and a Jill- 

RKO. .11-7-41 
Four Masked Men-OLM. .11-9-35 

Four Mothers-WA 1-20-41 

Four Men and a Prayer- 

F.. 4-26-38 

Four Sons-F 6-4-40 

Four Sons (S-SE)-F. .2-19-28 
Four Walls * MGM.. 8-26-28 

Four Wives-WA 11-28-39 

Four's A Crowd- WA. .8-12-38 

Fourflusher if U 1-29-28 

Fourteenth Lover if 

M. .11-27-21 
Fourteenth Man if 

PAR. .9-12-20 

Fourth Alarm- JOH 11-9-30 

Fourth Commandment if 

U.. 10-24-26 
Fourth Estate if F.... 1-27-16 

Fourth Face if CC 1921 

Fourth Horseman-U 2-8-33 

Fourth Musketeer if 

FBO. .3-25-23 

Fox * U 11-20-21 

Fox Movietone Follies of 1929- 
F. .5-26-29 
Fra Diavolo (Italian) - 

TRL.. 11-22-31 
Fragment of an Empire, A if 

AM. .2-2-30 

Fram For Framgang ( Swedish )- 

SCA. .12-8-38 

Frame Up if U 11-4-15 

Frame Up if IND 1924 

Frame Up, The-COL. . 8-12-37 

Framed-U . . . : 6-28-40 

Framed-RKO 3-30-30 

Framed if FN ...6-26-27 

Framing Framers if 

TRI. .1-3-18 
France in Arms if 

PAT. .11-1-17 

Frank Buck's Jungle Cavalcade 

(S-SE)-RKO. .1941 

Frankenstein-U 12-6-31 

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf 

Man-U 3-1-43 

Frankie and Johnnie- 

RKO. .6-25-35 
Frasquita ( German )- 

DUW. .1-20-36 
Frau Am Steurer 

(German) -XX. .1941 
Frau Lehmann's Toechter 

( German ) -XX . . 10-28-33 
Frau Nach Mass (German) - 

XX. .1941 
Frau Sylvelin ( German )- 

UFA. .1939 
Frauen um den Sonnenkoenig 
( German )-GFS. .1935 
Fraulein-Falsch Verbunden 

(AT)-(German) XX.. 1-16-34 
Fraulein Frau ( German )- 

CAS. .7-8-37 
Fraulein Liselott (German) - 

XX. .5-31-35 

Freaks-MGM 7-9-32 

Freckled Rascal if 

RKO. .1929 

Freckles if FBO 1-22-28 

Freckles if PAR 5-24-17 

Freckles-RKO 9-20-35 

Free Air if HOD 4-2-22 

Free and Easy-MGM . .4-20-30 
Free and Easy-MGM. .. .4-3-41 
Free, Blonde and 21-F. .4-19-40 
Free Kisses if AY 1926 

Free Lips * PD 12-30-28 

Free Love if U 12-14-30 

Free Soul-MGM 6-7-31 

Free to Love * SCH. .11-29-26 
Freed Hands ( Germ an) - 

XX. .1940 

Freedom if REF 11-25-28 

Freedom of the Press if 

U. .10-21-28 
Freedom of the Seas- 

BI. .10-3-34 

Freeze-Out + U 4-10-21 

Freighters of Destiny- 

PAT. .11-8-31 

French Doll if M 9-16-23 

French Dressing: if 

FN. .12-25-27 
French Heels if HOD.. 1-29-22 

French Leave-TPE 12-6-31 

French Without Tears- 

PAR . . 5-7-40 
Frenchman's Creek-PAR . 9-20-44 
Frenzied Flames if 

ELB. .10-24-26 

. . .1923 






Freshie if KER 

Freshmen if PAT. . 
Freshman Love-WA . 
Freshman Year-U. . . 
Freuhling- Im Wien 

(German) -XX. 
Freut Eueh Des Lehens 

(German) -UFA. .11-5-34 
Frida's Visor (Swedish) - 

MAL. .10-25-31 
Friday the 13th-GB. ... 5-15-34 
Friday the Thirteenth if 

BRA. .9-14-16 

Friederike-KIT 3-4-33 

Friend Husband if G. . 8-11-18 
Friendly Enemies if 

PDC. .5-10-25 
Friendly Enemies-UA. . .6-24-42 
Friendly Husband if 

F. .1-14-23 
Friendly Neighbors- 

Friends (Russian) -AM. 
Friends and Lovers- 

RKO. .11-8-31 
Friends of Mr. Sweeney- 

WA . . 7-27-34 
Friendship (Italian) - 

Friesennot ( German )- 

Frightened Lady-HOB. 
Fring-e of Society if 

BAC. .11-15-17 
Frischer Wind aui Kanada 

(German) -UFA. .9-24-36 

Frisco Lil-U 1942 

Frico Jenny-FN 1-7-33 

Frisco Kid-WA 10-30-36 

Frisco Sally Levy + 

MOM. .4-17-27 
Frisco Waterfront-REP. .12-3-36 
Frisky Mrs. Johnson if 

PAR. .1-2-21 
Frivolous Sal if FN. . . .1-26-25 
Frivolous Wives if FID. . .1922 

Fro*-, The-F 12-11-39 

Froken Blir Piga ( Swedish )- 

SCA . . 6-24-37 
From Broadway to a Throne if 

MOP. .9-23-32 
From Headquarters + 

VIT. .1919 
From Headquarters (PT)- 

• WA. .6-16-29 
From Headquarters- 

WA. .11-18-33 
From Hell to Heaven- 

PAR. .3-18-33 
From Broadway to Cheyenne- 
From Nine to Nine-STI . . . 1936 
From Now On if F . . . . 9-19-20 

RED. .7-13-16 
From the Ground Up if 

G. .10-16-21 
From Two to Six if 

TRI. .2-28-18 

Front Page-UA 3-22-31 

Front Page Story if 

VIT. .12-17-22 
Front Page Woman- 

WA. .7-11-35 

Frontier Badmen-U 8-11-43 

Frontier Fury-COL 9-22-43 

Frontier ( Russian )- 

AM. .12-30-35 
Frontier Crusader- 

PRC. .6-14-40 
Frontier Days-SPE. .. .11-15-34 

Frontier Justice-FD 1-3-36 

Frontier Marshal-F 1-31-34 

Frontier Marshal in Prairie 

Pals-PRC. .1942 
Frontier Marshal-F. . . .7-31-39 
Frontier of the Stars if 

PAR 1-23-21 
Frontier Outlaws-PRC .. 7-27-44 
Frontier Pony Express- 

KEP. .4-12-39 

Frontier Scout-GN 9-16-38 

Frontier Town-ON 3-15-38 

Frontier Trail •*• PAT. .7-4-26 
Frontier Vengeance- 

REP. .10-7-40 
Frontiers of '49-COL. . . . 1939 
Frontiersman if MGM.. 11-6-27 
Frontiersman, The- 

PAR. .11-25-38 

Frozen Justice-F 10-27-29 

Frozen River (PT)- 

WA.. 6-23-29 
Frozen Warning - if 

COM. .1917 

(German) -GFS. .5-20-35 
Fruits of Desire if 

WO. .1-27-16 
Fruits of Passion if 

TRI. .1920 
Frun Tillhanda (Swedish) - 

SCA. .1-8-40 
Fuel of Life if TRI. . .11-15-17 
Fuera De La Ley 

(Spanish) -XX. .1940 
Fuerst Sepp'l ( German )- 

BAU. .8-21-37 
Fuerst Woronzeff- 

UFA. .11-19-34 

Fugitive if PAT 8-24-16 

Fugitive. The-U 7-25-40 

Fugitive, The-MOP. .. .9-13-33 
Fugitive at Larsre-COL. .8-2-39 
Fugitive in the Sky- 

WA. .1-6-37 
Fugitive From a Prison Camp- 

COL. .8-6-40 
Fugitive From Justice. A- 

WA. .7-12-40 
Fugitive From Matrimonv if 

RC. .12-7-19 
Fugitive from Sonora- 

REP 9-2-43 

Fusritive Lady-COL. ... 12-10-34 
Fugitive Lovers-MGM. .. 1-3-34 
Fugitive of the Plains- 

PRC 4-21-43 

Fugitive Road-INV. . . .11-13-34 
Fugitive Sheriff, The- 

COL. .10-20-36 
Fugitive Valley-MOP. . .9-22-41 
Fugitives (S-SE)-F ...3-24-29 
Fugitives for a Nie-ht- 

RKO. .10-6-38 
Full Confession-RKO. . . .9-11-39 

Full House if PAR 9-12-20 

Full of Notions-RKO 1931 

Full of Pep if M 1919 

Furies. The-FN 4-20-30 

Furlough on Parole 

(German) -UFA. .1938 

Furnace if REA 11-28-20 

Fury if FN 2-4-23 

Fury-MGM 5-22-36 

Fury and the Woman- 

RIA. .4-5-37 

Fury Below-TRC 

Fury of the Jungle-COL. .2-8-34 


Fury of the Wild ir 

RKO. .1-27-29 

Fury Over Spain (Spanish)- 

MOD. .1938 
Fuss and Feathers if 

PAR. .12-15-18 
Fury Over Spain if 

MOD. .7-20-37 
Fuzzy Settles Down-PRC. . .1944 


G-Men-WA 4-18-35 

Gables Mystery-POP. .. .4-3-32 
Gabriel Over the White House-. . 

MGM. .4-1-33 
Gabriele 1, 2, 3 ( German )- 

XX. .1938 

Gaiety Girl if U 6-1-24 

Gaiety Girls-UA 2-28-38 

Gals, Inc.-U 7-8-43 

Gallant Defender-COL .... 1935 

Gallant Fool if RA 3-6-27 

Gallant Fool-MOP .... 8-9-33 

Gallant Lady-UA 12-7-33 

Gallant Lady-PRC 1942 

Gallant Sons-MGM ..12-11-40 

Galley Slave ■* F 12-2-15 

Galloper if PAT 9-16-15 

Galloping- Ace if U. .. .4-6-24 
Galloping Cowboy if 

AE. .9 19-26 
Galloping Devil if 

CAN. .5-21-21 
Galloping Dynamite- 

AMB. .7-8-37 
Galloping Fish if FN . . 5-4-24 
Galloping Fury if U. . 11-13-27 
Galloping Gallagher if 

FBO. .4-6-24 
Galloping Gobs if 

PAT. .2-13-27 
Galloping Jinx if ARC. 1926 
Galloping- Kid if U.... 9-10-22 
Galloping On if ARC... 1926 
Galloping Romeo-MOP. .11-2-33 

Galloping Thru-MOP 2-7-32 

Galloping Thunder if 

FBO. .1927 
Galloping Vengeance ir 

FBO. .1925 
Gamble in Souls if INC. .12-7-16 

ABA. .8-26-28 
Gambler's Choirp-PAR. .4-27-44 

Gamblers if VIT 7-27-19 

Gamblers-WA 8-25-29 

Gambling-F 12-4-34 

Gambling- Daughters- 

PRC .9-16-41 
Gambling Fool •*■ IND. . .5-3-25 
Gambling in Souls if 

F. .3-16-19 

Gambling Lady-WA 3-7-34 

Gambling- on the High Seas- 

WA. .1940 
Gambling Sex -FRE. .. .12-14-32 

Gambling Ship-PAR 7-13-33 

Gambling Ship-U 12-20-38 

Gambling Terror, The- 

REP. .1937 
Gambling With Souls- 
JDK. .1936 
Gambling- Wives if 

ARW. .4-6-24 

Game Chicken if PAR 1922 

Game of Wits if 

AMU. .11-15-17 
Game Old Knight and Her 
Painted Hero if 

TRI. .10-28-15 
Game That Kills, The- 

COL. .9-30-37 
Game With Fate ir 

VIT. .6-16-18 

Game's Up if U 1-19-19 

Gamesters if PAT 1921 

Gang- Bullets-MOP 12-7-38 

Gang Buster-PAR 1-25-31 

Gang War (PT)-FBO 8-5-28 

Gang's All Here, The-F. 11-29-43 

Gang's All Here, The- 

MOP. .6-24-41 
Gangs of Chicago- 

REP. .6-21-40 
Gangs of New York- 

REP. .5-23-38 
Gangs of Sonora-REP. .7-11-41 
Gangster's Boy-MOP. .. 11-8-38 
Gangsters of the Frontier- 

PRC. .1944 
Gangway for Tomorrow- 

RKO 11-3-43 

Gangway-GB 8-18-37 

Garden Murder Case, The- 

MGM. .2-29-36 
Garden of Allah ic 

MGM. .9-11-27 
Garden of Allah, The- 

UA. .11-3-36 
Garden of Eden * UA. .3-25-28 

Garden of Life if U 

Garden of Resurrection if 

STL. .3-20-21 
Garden of the Moon- 

WA. .9-16-38 
Garden of Weeds if 

PAR. .11-9-24 
Garments of Truth if 

M. .9-4-21 
Garrison's Finish if 

APA. .6-3-23 

Garter Girl * VIT 1920 

Gas, Oil & Water * FN. .3-26-22 

Gaslight-MGM 5-11-44 

Gasoline Cowboy if 

SIE. .1926 
Gasoline Gus if PAR.... 1921 
Gasparone ( German )- 

UFA. .1938 

Gate Crasher * U 12-16-28 

Gates of Brass if 

PAT. .6-29-19 
Gates of Doom if 

RED. .3-1-17 
Gates of Eden if M.... 11-9-16 
Gates of Gladness if 

WO. .1918 

Gateway -F 8-2-38 

Gateway of the Caucasus if 

AM. .1-25-31 
Gateway of the Moon if 

F. .1-15-28 

Gaucho if UA 11-27-27 

Gaucho Serenade- 

REP. .5-15-40 
Gauchos of Eldorado- 

REP. .10-24-41 

Gauntlet if VIT 7-25-20 

Gay Adventurer if 

Gamble in Lines if PS 

Gay and Devilish if 

FBO. .5-21-22 

Gay Bride-MGM 12-15-34 

Gay Buckaroo-HOL. .. .1-17-32 

Gay Caballero-F 10-28-40 

Gay Caballero-F 2-14-32 

Gay Deceiver if MGM.. 9-19-26 
Gay Deception, The-COL. . . 1935 
Gay Defender if PAR. . . .1-1-28 
Gay Desperado, The- 

UA.. 10-3-36 
Gay Diplomat-RKO. .. .8-23-31 

Gay Divorcee-RKO 10-3-34 

Gay Falcon, The-RKO. . 9-16-41 
Gay Lord Quex if G. . 12-21-19 
Gay Lord Waring if 

BL. .4-13-16 

Gay Love-MAC 6-10-36 

Gay Nineties-AST 1939 

Gay Old Bird if WA. . . .3-20-27 
Gay Old Dog if PAT.. 11-9-19 

Gay Retreat if F 9-25-27 

Gay Sisters. The- WA. ... 6-3-42 
Gay Vagabond, The- 

REP. .5-19-41 
Gay Vagabonds (German) - 

XX. .1938 

Geezer if U 1927 

Gefahren der Liebe-MAD. .5-1-33 

Gehenna (Polish) -KIP 1939 

Gehetzte Menshen-XX .... 6-5-34 

Geld Regiert Die Welt- 

XX. .5-15-34 

General * UA 2-20-27 

General Confusion ( German )- 

XX. .1940 

General Crack-WA 12-8-29 

General Custer at Little Big 
Horn if SU..1926 
General Died at Dawn, The 

PAR. .9-3-36 
General Housecleaning 

(German) -XX. .1938 
General Spanky-MGM. . 10-27-36 
General Suvorov (Russian) - 

ARQ. .1941 
Generals Without Buttons 

(French) -MAB. .2-1-38 
Gentle Annie-MGM .... 12-20-44 

Gentle Cyclone if F 7-18-26 

Gentle Gangster, A-REP...1943 

Gentle Julia if F 1-6-24 

Gentle Julia-F 2-19-36 

Gentleman After Dark, A- 

UA. .3-16-42 
Gentleman At Heart, A-F 3-16-42 
Gentleman Burg'lar-KIO . . 1936 
Gentleman from Arizona, The- 

MOP. .12-14-39 
Gentleman from Dixie- 

MOP. .9-10-41 
Gentleman from Louisiana- 

REP. .8-15-36 
Gentleman Jim- WA. .. 10-30-42 
Gentleman of Leisure if 

PAR. .8-5-23 
Gentleman of Paris if 

PAR. .10-9-27 
Gentleman of Quality if 

VIT. .3-9-19 
Gentleman's Agreement if 

VIT. .7-28-18 
Gentleman's Fate-MGM. .6-28-31 
Gentlemen Are Born- 

FN. .11-22-34 
Gentlemen from America if 

U. .2-11-23 
Gentlemen from Indiana if 

PAR. .12-2-15 
Gentlemen of the Press- 

PAR. .5-19-29 
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes if 

PAR. .1-22-28 
Gentlemen Preferred if 

TPC. .1928 
George Washington, Jr. if 

WA. .1924 
George Washington Carver- 

BRT. .4-16-40 
George Washington Cohen if 

TIF. .5-19-29 
George Washington Slept Here- 

WA. .9-18-42 
George White's 1935 Scandals- 

F. .4-2-35 
George White's Scandals- 

F. .3-17-34 
Gerald Cranston's Lady if 

F. .1925 
Geraldine (PT) -PAT. . 12-16-28 
German Curse in Russia if 

PAT. .1918 
Germany at War if 

CUM. .3-23-16 
Germany's Side of the War if 

FFS. .1928 

Geronimo-PAR 11-21-39 

Geschichten aus dem Wiener- 

wald (German) -XX. .11-4-35 

Gesuzza, La Sposa Garibaldina 

(Italian) -XX. .11-4-36 

Get-Away. The-MGM. . .6-17-41 

Get Going-U 6-21-43 

Get Hep to Love-U. ... 10-1-42 
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford if 

PAR. .12-11-21 
Get That Girl-MER. ... 5-15-32 
Get That Man-EMP. . .7-25-35 
Get Your Man if F. . . .5-29-21 
Get Your Man if 

PAR. .12-25-27 
Gettingr Gertie's Garter if 

PDC. .2-13-27 


Getting Mary Married if 

SE. .4-6-19 
Ghetto Shamrock if COO.. 1926 
Ghost Breaker if PAR. .9-17-22 
Ghost Breakers, The- 

PAR. .6-13-40 

Ghost Catchers-U 6-8-44 

Ghost City if APP 2-26-22 

Ghost City-MQP 3-20-32 

Ghost Comes Home, The- 
MGM. .1940 
Ghost Flower if TRI. . 8-18-18 
Ghost Goes West, The- 

UA. .1-11-36 

Ghost Guns-MOP 1944 

Ghost House if PAR.... 1917 
Ghost and the Guest, The- 

PRC 5-13-43 

Ghost in the Garret if 

PAR. .1921 
Ghost of Frankenstein, The- 

U. .3-5-42 
Ghost of Old Morro if 

KES. .6-28-17 
Ghost of Rosy Taylor if 

MT. .7-14-18 
Ghost of the Rancho if 

PAT. .8-4-18 
Ghost of Yesterday if 

SEL. .1-10-18 
Ghosts on the Loose- 

MOP 6-14-43 

Ghost Patrol * U 1-21-23 

Ghost Patrol-PUR 9-10-36 

Ghost Rider, The-FD. . . . 1935 

Ghost Rider, The-MOP 1943 

Ghost Ship, The-RKO .. 12-14-43 

Ghost Talks-F 2-24-29 

Ghost That Walks Alone, 

The-COL. .1944 

Ghost Train-GB 2-18-33 

Ghost Town Gold-REP. . .4-8-37 
Ghost Town Law-MOP. .3-31-42 

Ghost Valley-RKO 8-12-32 

Ghost Valley Raiders- 

REP. .4-3-40 
Ghost Walks, The-CHE. .3-30-35 

Ghostly Inn-AFE 1944 

GhouU The-GB 11-25-33 

Gift Girl if BL 3-8-17 

Gift o' Gab * ES 12-6-17 

Gift of Gab-U 9-25-34 

Gift Supreme if SEZ. . 5-9-20 

Gigolette-RKO 5-14-35 

Gigolettes of Paris-EQ. .7-19-33 

Gigolo if PDC 10-3-26 

Gilded Butterfly if F . . 1-24-26 

Gilded Cage ■* BRA 10-12-16 

Gilded Dream * U 10-24-20 

Gilded Fool if F 1915 

Gilded Highway * WA. .4-25-26 

Gilded Lies if SEZ 5-8-21 

Gilded Lily if PAR 3-13-21 

Gilded Lily. The-PAR . . 2-9-35 

Gilded Spider if BL 4-27-16 

Gildersleeve's Bad Day- 

RKO 5-11-43 

Gildersleeve's Ghost-RKO . 9-6-44 
Gildersleeve on Broadway- 

RKO 10-28-43 

Gimmie if G 1-21-23 

Ginger if WO 4-27-19 

Ginger-F 5-28-35 

Gingham Girl if FBO.. 7-24-27 
Ginsberg the Great if 

WA. .1-29-28 
Giovanni de Medici, the Leader 
(Italian) -ESP. .1-8-40 
Girl, a Guy and a Gob, A- 

RKO. .3-4-41 

Girl Alaska if WO 8-17-19 

Girl and the Crisis if 

RED. .2-22-17 
Girl and the Gambler, The 

RKO. .1939 
Girl and the Judge if 

EMU. .4-11-18 

Girl Angle if MT 1917 

Girl at Bay if VIT 6-22-19 

Girl at Home if PAR.... 1917 
Girl by the Roadside if 

BL. .1917 

Girl Crazy-MGM 8-3-43 

Girl Crazy-RKO 3-27-32 

Girl Dodger if PAR. .. .3-2-19 
Girl, Don't Say No 

(Czech) -KIT. .1935 
Girl Downstairs MGM. .1-31-39 
Girl Friend. The-COL. .9-28-35 
Girl from Alaska, The- 

REP. .4-20-42 
Girl from Avenue A-F..1940 
Girl from Beyond if 

VIT. .4-25-18 
Girl from Bohemia if 

PAT. .8-18-18 
Girl from Calgary- 

MOP. .11-17-32 
Girl from Chicago if 

WA. .12-25-27 
Girl from Everywhere if 

PAT. .10-30-27 
Girl from Gay Paree if 

TIF. .1927 
Girl from God's Country- 

REP. .7-23-40 
Girl from God's Country if 

FBW. .9-18-21 
Girl from Havana-REP. . 9-6-40 
Girl from Havana-F. ... 9-8-29 
Girl from Leningrad ( Russian )- 
ARQ. .1941 
Girl from Mandalay- 

REP. .4-14-36 
Girl from Maxims-HOF . .9-16-36 
Girl from Mexico, The- 

RKO. .5-17-39 
Girl from Missouri-MGM . .8-3-34 
Girl from Monterrey, The- 

PRC 9-27-43 

Girl from Montmartre if 

FN. .3-7-26 
Girl from Nowhere if 

PI. .1919 
Girl from Nowhere if 

SEZ. .7-17-21 
Girl from Porcupine if 

ARW. .12-4-21 
Girl from Rio if LUM .. 9-4-27 
Girl from Rio, The- 

MOP. .9-11-39 
Girl from Rockv Point if 

PSR. .3-5-22 
Girl from Scotland Yard- 

PAR. .6-4-37 
Girl from 10th Avenue- 

FN. .5-25-35 
Girl from the Outside if 

G. .8-24-19 
Girl from Woolworths- 

FN. .12-22-29 

Girl Habit-PAR 6-14-31 

Girl He Didn't Buy if 

PEE. .7-8-28 
Girl I Left Behind Me if 1915 

Girl I Loved if UA 2-18-23 

Girl in Bohemia if F.. 11-9-19 

Girls in Chains-PRC 4-7-43 

Girl in Checkered Coat -fc 

U. .1917 
Girl in Danger-COL. ... 9-11-34 
Girl in Every Port if 

F. .2-26-28 

Girl in 419-PAR 5-20-33 

Girl in His House if 

VIT. .6-23-18 
Girl in His Room if VIT. .1922 
Girl in Number 29 if 

U. .4-3-20 

Girl in the Case-COL 1944 

Girl in the Dark if BL. .3-14-18 
Girl in the Glass Cage (PT)- 

FN. .9-22-29 
Girl in the Limousine if 

FN. .1924 
Girl in the News, The-F. .1-8-41 
Girl in the Pullman if 

PAT. .10-30-27 
Girl in the Rain if U. . 6-27-20 
Girl in the Show-MGM. .4-20-30 
Girl in the Street-GB. . 5-27-38 
Girl in the Taxi if FN. .5-28-22 

Girl in the Web if 

PAT. .7-25-20 

Girl in 313-F 6-17-40 

Girl Like That if 

PAR. .1-25-17 
Girl Loves Boy-GN ... .3-17-37 

Girl Missing-WA 3-18-33 

Girl Montana if PAT. . . .1-2-21 

Girl Must Live-U 10-9-41 

Girl Named Mary if 

PAR. .1-25-20 
Girl O' My Dreams- 

MOP. .11-6-34 

Girl O' the Port-RKO 1929 

Girl of Gold if PDC 1925 

Girl of Lost Lake if 

BL. .8-17-16 
Girl of My Dreams if 

EXI. .1918 
Girl of My Heart if F. .12-12-20 
Girl of the Golden West if 

FN. .6-3-23 
Girl of the Golden West- 

FN. .10-26-30 
Girl of the Golden West- 

MGM. .3-17-38 
Girl of the Last Night 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
Girl of the Limberlost- 

MOP. .8-29-34 
Girl of the Limberlost if 

FBO. .4-27-24 
Girl of the Ozarks-PAR. . 6-1-36 
Girl of the Port-RKO. .7-20-30 
Girl of the Rio-RKO. . 1-10-32 
Girls of the Road-COL. .7-24-40 
Girl of the Sea * SEZ. . . .1920 
Girl of the Timber Claims if 

TRI. .1-25-17 
ftiri of Today if VIT.. 9-22-18 
Girl of Yesterday if 

PAR. .10-14-15 
Girl on the Barge (PT)- 

U. .3-3-29 
Girl on the Front Page, The 

U. .9-19-36 
Girl on the Stairs if 

PDC. .1924 
Girl Overboard (PT) -U. . 8-11-29 

Girl Overboard-U 3-2-37 

Girl Phillipa if VIT. ... 1-4-17 
Girl Problem if VIT.. 2-23-19 

Girl Rush-RKO 10-25-44 

Girl Said No, The- 

MGM. .4-6-30 
Girl Said No, The-GN. .5-21-37 

Girl Shy + PAT 4-6-24 

Girl-Shy Cowboy + F.. 9-2-28 

Girl Thief-TIM 1-14-38 

Girl Trouble-F 9-18-42 

Girl Was Young-GB .... 1-19-38 
Girl Who Came Back if 

PRE. .4-22-23 
Girl Who Came Back if 

PAR. .9-1-18 
3irl Who Came Back- 

CHE. .9-20-35 
Sirl Who Couldn't Grow Up if 

MT. .9-27-17 
Girl Who Couldn't Think * 

CRT. .2-1-17 
Girl Who Dared if 

SEZ. .8-22-20 
Girl Who Dared, The- 

REP. .12-5-44 
Girl Who Lost if RED. .3-15-17 
Girl Who Ran Wild * 

U. .10-1-21 
Sirl Who Stayed at Home if 

ART. .3-30-19 
Girl Who Won Out * U. . .1917 
Girl Who Wouldn't Quit if 

U. .4-11-18 
Girl Who Wouldn't Work if 

SCH. .8-16-25 
Girl With a Jazz Heart if 

G. .1-2-21 
Girl With Ideas, A-U. . 11-5-37 
Girl With No Regrets if 

F. .2-16-19 


Girl With the Bandbox if 

AM. .1929 

Girl With the Champagne Eyes if 

F. .4-4-18 

Girl With the Checkered Coat * 

BL. .4-5-17 

Girl With the Green Eyes if 

PAT. .5-11-16 
Girl Without a Room- 

PAR. .12-7-33 
Girl Without a Soul if 

M. .8-30-17 

Girl Woman if VIT 8-10-19 

Girl's Decision if RAI....1921 

Girl's Desire if VIT 9-17-22 

Girl's Dormitory-F .... 8-29-38 

Girl's Folly if PBW 3-1-17 

Girl's School-COL 9-27-38 

Girls if PAR 7-6-19 

Girls About Town- 

PAR. .11-1-31 
Girls Can Play-COL. . .. 6-23-37 
Girls Demand Excitement- 

F. .2-8-31 
Girls Don't Gamble if 

SCW. .9-5-20 
Girls Gone Wild (S-SE)- 

F. .4-28-29 
Girls Men Forget if 

PRI. .1924 
Girls of Nowolipek ( Polish )- 

XX. .1938 
Girls on Probation- 

WA. .10-26-38 

Girls' Town-PRC 4-9-42 

Girls Under 21 -COL 11-15-40 

Girls Who Dare if TPC. .7-28-29 
Girls Will Be Boys- 

CHE. .6-7-35 
Git Along Little Dogies- 

REP. .3-27-37 
Gitta Entdeckt Ihr Herz 

( German )-WOD. .10-1-32 
Give and Take (S-SE)- 

U. .12-30-28 
Give Her a Ring- ALL. . 
Give Me a Sailor-PAR. 
Give Me My Son if 


Give Me Your Heart-WA (Re- 
viewed as "I Give My Heart") 

Give Out, Sisters-U 9-4-42 

Give Us This Night- 

PAR. .4-7-36 

Give Us Wings-U 12-4-40 

Giving Becky a Chance if 

PAR. .6-7-17 
Gjest Baardsen (Norwegan)- 

XX. .1942 

Glad Rag Doll-WA 6-9-29 

Gladiator, The-COL 8-8-38 

Glamorous Night-REP. . . . 1937 

Glamour (AT) * U 5-12-34 

Glamour Boy-PAR 9-4-41 

Glamour for Sale-COL. . . . 1940 

Glass House if M 2-19-22 

Glass Key. The- PAR.. 6-15-35 
Glass Key, The-PAR. . . .8-28-42 
Gleam O' Dawn if F.... 1-1-22 
Glenister of the Mounted if 

FBO. .6-13-26 
Glimpses of the Moon if 

PAR. .4-8-23 
Glittering Stars ( German )- 

XX. .1938 
Gloria (German) -NER. . 10-29-32 
Gloria's Romance if 

KLE. .6-1-16 

Gloriana if BL 11-2-16 

Glorifying the American Girl- 

PAR. .1929 
Glorious Adventure if 

G. .8-18-18 
Glorious Adventure if 

UA. .4-30-22 
Glorious Besty (PT)- 

WA. .4-29-28 
Glorious Fool if G.... 3-26-22 
Glorious Lady if SEZ.. 11-9-19 
Glorious Trail if FN.. 10-14-28 

. .6-6-35 


Glory ^ UNI 3-1-17 

Glory and the Faith 

(French) -SE. .12-1-38 

Glory Girl * TBI 6-7-17 

Glory of Clementina if 

FBO. .6-4-22 
Glory of Tolande if 

VIT.. 1-25-17 
Glory Trail, The-CRE. .7-10-36 

Glos Pustyni-XX 4-26-33 

Glueckliche Reise (German) - 

UFA. .6-14-37 
Glueckspilze ( German i - 

CAO. .10-27-36 

Go Get It if FN 7-26-20 

Go Chase Yourself- 

RKO. .4-19-38 
Go Get 'Em Garringer if 

PAT. .1019 
Go.Get-'Em Haines- 

REP. .10-22-36 

Go Getter * PAR 4-16-23 

Go Getter, The-WA 4-27-37 

Go Into Tour Dance- 

FN.. 3-19-36 

Go Straight * SCH 6-3-25 

Go Straight * U 10-9-21 

Go West ir MGM 12-11-40 

Go West if MG 11-1-25 

Go West, Young Man if 

G. .2-2-19 
Go West, Young Man- 

PAR. .11-6-36 
Goal in the Clouds- 

( German) -XX. .1939 

Goat if M 9-29-18 

Goat Getter if RA 1926 

Gobsek ( Russian ) -AM .. 7-20-37 
God Gave Me Twenty Cents if 

PAR. .11-28-26 
God of Little Children if 

APO. .2-1-17 

God of Mankind if HM 1928 

God's Country and the Law if 

ARW. .7-9-22 
God's Country and the Man- 

SYN. .6-7-31 
God's Country and the Man- 

MOP.. 1937 
God's Country and the Woman- 

WA. .12-19-36 

God's Country and the Woman if 

VIT.. 6-29-16 

God's Crucible if HOD.. 9-11-21 

God's Gift to Women- 

WA. .4-19-31 

God's Gold if PIN 1921 

God's Good Man * STL.. 1921 
God's Great Wilderness if 

ACI.. 1-23-27 
God's Half Acre if M. . 8-17-16 
God's Law and Man's if 

M. .5-10-17 

God's Man if FRO 4-12-17 

God's Outlaw if M 1919 

Goddess of Lost Lake it 

HOD. .1918 
Godless Girl (PT)- 

PAT. .3-10-29 

Godless Men if G 2-6-21 

Gods of Fate if LUB 2-3-16 

Goethe's Jugendgeliebte 

( German )-NER. .12-28-32 
Goin' to Town-PAR. .. .4-25-36 

Goin" to Town-RKO 9-29-44 

Going Crooked if F 12-19-36 

Going Highbrow-WA . . . 8-23-35 
Going Hollywood- 

MGM. .12-22-33 
Going My Way-PAR. . . .2-28-44 

Going Places- WA 12-28-38 

Going Some if G . . . . 7-25-20 
Going Straight if 

FAT. .5-25-16 
Going the Limit * FBO.. 1926 
Going the Limit if 

GER. .9-13-25 

Going Up if AE 10-14-23 

Going Wild-WA 2-1-31 

Gold-MAJ 10-5-32 

G<Jld-UFA 1934 

Gold and Grit if ARC... 4-5-25 
Gold and the Girl if F. .2-22-26 
Gold and the Woman if 

F. .3-23-16 
Gold Chevrons ■* BIG. .10-21-28 

Gold Cure * M 1-12-19 

Gold Diggers * WA 9-16-23 

Gold Diggers in Paris- 

WA. .5-17-38 
Gold Diggers of Broadway- 

WA. .9-8-29 
Gold Diggers of 1933- 

WA. .6-25-33 
Gold Diggers of 1935- 

FN. .3-15-35 
Gold Diggers of 1937- 

FN. .12-2-36 
Gold Dust Gertie-WA. .5-31-31 
Gold from Weepah if 

PAT. .11-20-27 

Gold Grabbers if SMI 1922 

Gold Heels if F 1-25-25 

Gold Hunters if DAV 1925 

Gold Is Where You Find It- 

WA. .1-25-38 
Gold Madness if PRI. .10-14-23 
Gold Mine in the Sky- 

REP. .7-5-38 
Gold Racket, The-GN. .4-24-37 

Gold Rush if UA 8-30-25 

Gold Rush, The (S-SE Reissue) - 

UA. .3-5-42 

Gold Rush Maisie-MGM . . 9-6-40 

Golden Arrow. The-FN . . 5-4-36 

Golden Bed if PAR 1-25-25 

Golden Boy-COL 8-21-39 

Golden Calf, The-F 5-11-30 

Golden Chance if 

PAR. .12-30-15 

Golden Clown if PAT 1927 

Golden Cocoon if WA. .12-20-26 

Golden Dawn if COQ 1928 

Golden Dawn-WA 7-27-30 

Golden Dreams if G 6-11-22 

Golden Fetter if PAR . . 2-1-17 
Golden Fleece * TRI. . 8-4-18 
Golden Fleecing, The- 

MGM. J.l-8-40 
Golden Gallows if U . . 2-12-22 

Golden Gift if M 12-4-21 

Golden Gloves-PAR 8-5-40 

Golden Goal if VIT 5-19-18 

Golden Harvest-PAR 11-8-33 

Golden Hoofs-F 4-4-41 

Golden Hope if RC 1921 

Golden Horse ( Chinese) - 

XX. . 1938 

Golden Idiot if ES 7-26-17 

Golden Key, The ( Russian )- 

AM.. 12-28-39 
Golden Mountains (Russian) - 

AM.. 4-17-32 
Golden Princess if 

PAR. .9-13-25 
Golden Rule Kate if 

TRI 8-30-17 
Golden Shackles ■* PEE.. 1928 
Golden Shower if VIT. .12-21-19 

Golden Snare if FN 7-17-21 

Golden Strain if F 12-20-26 

Golden Taiga ( Russian )- 

AM. .8-3-35 
Golden Trail, The-MOP. .7-8-40 

Golden Trail * ARW 1921 

Golden Wall if WO 7-21-18 

Golden Web if LUM 1926 

Golden West-F 12-3-32 

Golden Yukon if 1928 

Goldfish if FN 5-11-24 

Goldie-F 6-28-31 

Goldie Gets Along-RKO . . 6-3-33 

Goldwyn Follies-UA 1-27-38 

Golem if PAR 6-26-21 

Golem, The (French) - 

MES. .3-24-37 

Golgotha-GOG 2-10-37 

Golf Widows if COL 8-26-28 

Gone With the Wind- 

MGM . . 12-13-39 
Good and Evil if FBW. .9-26-21 


Good and Naughty if 

PAR.. 6-20-26 

Good as Gold if F 7-17-27 

Good Bad Boy if PRI.. 6-8-24 

Good Bad Girl-COL 5-17-31 

Good Bad Man if FAT. .4-13-16 
Good Bad Wife * 

FED. .10-24-20 
Good Companions, The- 

F. .10-10-33 

Good Dame-PAR 3-17-34 

Good Earth, The-MGM .. 2-3-37 

Good Fairy. The-U 2-1-35 

Good Fellows, The-PAR. 8-11-43 
Good Friends and Peaceful 
Neighbors ( Swedish )- 

XX. .1940 

Good Fellow if SEZ 

Good Luck, Mr. Yates-COL. 1943 
Good-for-Nothing if 

PWO. .12-27-17 
Good Girls Go to Paris- 

COL. .6-20-39 
Good Gracious Annabelle if 

PAR. .4-6-lf 

Good Intentions-F 7-27-30 

Good Little Devil if PAR. .1914 

Good Loser if TRI 7-14-18 

Good Men and Bad if 

SEZ. .1923 
Good Men and True if 

FBO. .11-12-22 
Good Morning Judge if 

U. .10-7-28 
Good Morning, Judge-U. 4-22-43 

Good News-MGM 9-7-30 

Good Night Paul if 

SEZ. .6-16-18 
Good Old Soak-MGM. .4-20-37 
Good Provider if PAR. .4-16-22 
Good References if FN . . 9-26-20 
Good Ship Rock N Rye if U. . . 

Good Sport-F 12-13-31 

Good Woman, A if PI 1921 

Good Women if RC 7-24-21 

Goodbye Again-FN 9-2-33 

Goodbye Bill if PAR.. 12-8-18 
Goodbye Broadway -U. . .5-17-38 

Goodbye Girls if F 3-11-23 

Good-Bye Kiss (S-SE)- 

FN. .11-18-28 

Goodbye Love-RKO 3-13-34 

Goodbye, Mr. Chips- 

MGM. .5-16-39 
Goodnight, Sweetheart- 

REP. .6-12-44 
Goona-Goona (S-SE)- 

FD. .8-20-32 
Goose and the Gander, The- 
WA . .9-12-35 

Goose Girl if PAR 1915 

Goose Hangs High if 

PAR. .3-22-25 

Goose Step-PRP (Reviewed as 

"Beasts of Berlin") . .11-22-39 

Goose Woman * U 7-26-25 

Gordian, Der Tyrann 

(German) -ALL. .6-29-37 
Gorgeous Hussy, The- 
MGM. .9-1-36 

Gorilla ■*• FN 11-13-27 

Gorilla-FN 3-1-31 

Gorilla, The-F 5-24-39 

Gorilla Hunt * FBO 1-2-27 

Gorilla Man, The-WA. . 12-1 1-42 

Gorilla Ship-MAF 7-20-32 

Gossip if U 3-4-23 

Goucho Chivalry ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1938 
Governor, The (German) - 

XX 1939 
Governor's Lady if F. .12-23-23 
Government Girl-RKO. .11-5-43 

Gow (S-SE)-FIM 12-2-33 

Gown of Destiny if 

TRI. .12-27-17 
Goyescas (Spanish) — 

RKO. .5-25-44 
Gracie Allen Murder Case, The- 
PAR. .5-17-39 

Graefin Mariza (German )- 

XX. .1-28-35 

Graft-U 11-29-31 

Grafters * TRI 8-30-17 

Grail * F 12-23-23 

Grain ( Russian) -AM. . .1-17-36 
Grain of Dust * CRB.. 1-24-18 
Grain of Dust * TIF.. 9-30-28 

Grand Canary -F 7-20-34 

Grand Central Murder- 

MGM. .4-27-42 

Grand Duchess and the Waiter ir 

PAR. .2-21-26 

Grand Exit-COL 11-5-35 

Grand Hotel-MGM 4-17-32 

Grand Illusion (French) - 

WO. .9-16-38 

Grand Jury-RKO 8-1-36 

Grand Jury Secrets- 

PAR. .6-7-39 
Grand Larceny ir G.... 3-5-22 
Grand Ole Opry-REP. . .10-3-40 

Grand Old Girl-RKO 1-9-35 

Grand Parade-PAT 1-26-30 

Grand Passion ir BL. . 12-27-17 

Grand Slam-WA 2-23-33 

Gradaderos Del Amor-F. .9-5-34 
Grandeur Et Decadence 

(French) -FRM. .6-18-37 
Grandi Magazzini ( Italian )- 

XX. .1941 
Grandma's Boy if AE. .9-10-22 
Grandpa Goes to Town- 

REP. .4-24-40 
Granny Get Tour Gun- 

WA. .3-19 40 
Grapes of Wrath, The- 

F.. 1-24-40 
Grasp of Greed if BL. .7-16-16 

Grass if PAR 4-12-25 

Graustark if FN 9-20-25 

Grave of the Unknown Soldier if 
STA. .1928 
Gray Dawn if HOD. .. .4-30-22 
Gray Horizon if EXI. .. .9-7-19 
Gray Mask if SWO. ... 12-9-15 
Gray Parasol ir TRI.. 9-29-18 
Gray Towers of Mystery if 

VIT. .11-2-19 
Gray Wolfs Ghost if RC. . .1920 
Greased Lightning if 

PAR. .5-4-19 
Greased Lightning U... 7-22-28 

Great Accident if G 1920 

Great Adventure it 

PAT. .2-28-18 
Great Adventure if FN. .1-30-21 
Great Adviser, The 

(Yiddish) -XX. .1940 
Great Air Robbery if U. .1-4-20 
Great Alone if AR. .. .6-18-22 
Great American Broadcast- 

F. .4-29-41 
Great Beginning. The 

( Russian )-ARQ. .1940 
Great Bradley Mystery ir 

APO. .4-19-17 

Great City + SEZ 1923 

Great Citizen, The 

(Russian) -AM. .1-26-39 
Great Commandment, The- 

F. .10-5-39 
Great Day if PAR. .. .4-3-21 
Great Deception if FN. .8-22-26 

Great D«fender-BI 7-26-34 

Great Diamond Mystery if 

F. .10-26-24 
Great Dictator, The- 

UA. .10-16-40 
Great Divide if PAR. . 12-23-15 

Great Divide if MG 2-15-25 

Great Divide. The-FN. .2-23-30 
Great Expectation if 

PAR. .1-11-17 
Great Expectations-U. . 12-26-34 
Great Flirtation-PAR . . 6-23-34 

Great Gabbo-WW 9-15-29 

Great Gambini, The- 

PAR. .6-7-37 
Great Garrick, The- 

WA . . 9-28-37 

Great Gatsby if PAR. . 11-28-26 
Great Gildersleeve, The- 

RKO. .11-12-42 
Great God Gold-MOP. . .3-5-35 

Great Guns-F 9-10-41 

Great Guy-GN 12-9-36 

Great Hospital Mystery, The- 

F. .7-21-37 
Great Hotel Murder- 

F. .2-27-35 
Great Impersonation if 

PAR. .10-2-21 
Great Impersonation, The- 

U. .12-21-42 
Great Impersonation, The- 
ir. .12-14-35 

Great Jaspe.-RKO 2-17-33 

Great Jewel Robbery if 

KER. .1926 
Great John Ericsson 

( Swedish )-SC A. .5-23-38 
Great K & A Train Robbery if 

F. .10-10-26 

Great Lie. The-WA 4-4-41 

3reat Light. The 

(Italian) -ESP. .3-22-40 

Great Love * GRI 8-18-18 

Great Lover + G 12-5-20 

Great Lover-MGM 8-30-31 

Great Mail Robbery ir 

FBO. .6-26-27 
Great Man Votes. The- 

RKO. .1-11-39 
Great Man's Lady. The- 

PAR. .3-18-42 
Great Meadow-MGM. . .3-15-31 
Great McGinty. The- 

PAR. .7-23-40 
Great Menace if RES .... 1923 
Great Mike, The-PRC ... .9-1-44 
Great Moment ■*■ PAR. .7-31-21 
Great Moment, The-PAR. 6-9-44 
Great Mr. Handel, The- 

MIF 9-22-43 

Great Mr. Nobody, The- 

WA. .1941 

Great Night •*• F 1922 

Great O'Malley. The- 

WA. .3-9-37 
Great Plane Robbery. The- 

COL. .11-26-40 
Great Power (PT)-FWA. .1929 
Great Power, The- 

EXE. .7-20-30 
Great Problem ■*• BL. .4-13-16 
Great Profile. The-F .. 8-20-40 
Great Redeemer if M . . 8-29-20 

Great Romance if M 1919 

Great Ruby + LUB 9-23-15 

Great Sensation if PFT. .9-13-26 
Great Shadow •£ SEZ.... 1920 
Great Swindle, The- 

COL. .6-14-41 
Great Train Robbery. The- 

REP. .6-14-41* 
Great Unknown if AEP. . . . 1928 
Great Victor Herbert. The- 
PAR. .12-1-39 

Oreat Victory ■*■ M 1919 

Great Waltz-MGM 11-4-38 

Great White North if F..1928 
Great White Trail if 

WTL. .6-14-17 
Great White Way if 

MG. .1-13-24 
Great Ziegfeld, The- 

MGM. .4-9-36 

Greater Claim if M 2-20-21 

Greater Duty if EC 1922 

Greater Glory if FN. . . .6-16-26 
Greater Law if BL. . . .7-19-17 
Greater Love Hath No Man if 

M. .1915 
Greater Profit if RC. . 6-26-21 
3reater Than a Crown if 

F. .9 6-25 
3reater Than Fame it 

SEZ. .1-18-20 
Greater Than Love ir 

APR.. 7-24-21 


Greater Than Marriage if 

VIT. .1-18-25 
Greater Will * PAT. . 12-16-15 
Greater Woman if 

PMU. .3-29-17 
Greatest Love if SEZ.. 1-30-21 
Greatest Love of All it 

AE. .11-23-24 

Greatest Power if M 6-29-17 

Greatest Question if 

FN. .1-4-20 
Greatest Sacrifice if F. . 5-15-21 
Greatest Thing in Life if 

GRI. .1-2-19 

Greatest Truth if PAR 1922 

Greed if MG 12-7-24 

Greed * TRI 2-8-17 

Greeks Had a Word for Them- 
UA 2-7-32 
Greel Mystery if VIT. . ii-22-17 
Green Cloak if EDK. .10-28-15 
Green -Eyed Monster if 

F. .1-6-16 

Green Eyes-CHE 11-3-34 

Green Eyes if PAR. . . .8-18-18 
Green Fields (Jewish) - 

CFP. .10-20-37 
Green Flame if HOD.. 7-11-20 

Green God if VIT 9-1-18 

Green Goddess ir G.... 8-19-23 

Green Goddess-WA 2-16-30 

Green Grass Widows if 

TIF. .8-26-28 
Green Hand. The-FFA . . 1-25-40 

Green Hell-U 1-31-40 

Green Llght-WA 1-5-37 

Green Pastures, The- 

WA. .5-19-36 
Green Stockings if 

VIT. .1-13-16 

Green Swamp ir UA 1920 

Green Swamp if TRI. . . . 1-13-16 
Green Temptation if 

PAR. .4-2-22 
Greene Murder Case- 

PAR. .8-11-29 
Greenwich Village-F .... 8-15-44 
Gretchen the Greenhorn if 

FAT. .8-25-16 
Gretel and Liesel ( German) - 

FFF. .2-1-31 
Gretl Zieht das Grosse Los 

(German) -XX. .2-12-36 
Gretna Green ir PAR.... 1915 

Grey Devil if RA 1-30-27 

Greyhound Limited (PT) if 

WA. .4-14 29 

Gridiron Flash-RKO 11-3-34 

Grief Street-CHE 10-11-31 

Grim Comedian if G. . . .1-29-22 

Grim Game if PAR 9-7-19 

Grinning Guns if U.... 6-1 -27 
Grip of Jealousy it BL. .3-9-16 
Grip of the Yukon ir U. .7-15-28 

Grit if PDC 1-6-24 

Grit Wins it U 3-3-29 

Grouch •*- WO 12-1-18 

Grouch, The ( German )- 

XX. .1939 
Grounds for Divorce ir 

PAR. .7-19-25 
Growth of Soil ir 

FGC. .10-13-29 

Grub Stake if SEZ 3-18-23 

Gruen 1st die Heide 

(German) -XX . . 10-17-36 

Grumpy if PAR 4-1-23 

Grumpy-PAR 8-3-30 

Gross Und Kuss, Veronlka 

(German) -XX. .2-25-36 
Guadalcanal Diary-F . . . 10-27-43 
Guard That Girl-COL. . .11-2-35 
Guardians of the North it 

IND. .1921 
Guardians of the Wild ir 

U. .10-14-28 

Guardsman-MGM 9-13-31 

Guerilla Brigade ( Russian )- 

LUR. .4-29-42 
Guest in the House-UA . . 12-4-44 
Guidinr Spirit * BUR 19S1 

Guile of Women if G. . . .3-6-21 
Guilt of Silence if BL. . 6-2-18 

Guilty * UFA 11-25-28 

Guilty-COL 4-13-30 

Guilty as Hell-PAR. .. .8-6-32 
Guilty Conscience + VIT..1922 
Guilty Generation- 

COL. .11-22-31 
Guilty Hands-MGM .... 8-30-31 

Guilty Man * PAR 2-21-18 

Guilty of Love if 

PAR. .9-19-20 
Guilty One * PAR. .. .6-22-24 
Guilty or Not Guilty- 

MOP. .12-10-32 

Guilty Parents-SYN 4-6-34 

Guilty Wife * RAL. 

Gul Baba ( Hungarian )- 

XX. .1940 
Gulliver's Travels- 

PAR. .12-21-39 

Gun Code-PRC 10-17-40 

Gun Fighter if INC 2-1-17 

Gun Fighting Gentlemen if 

U. .11-30-19 

Gun Gospel * FN 1927 

Gun-Hand Garrison if 

RA. 1927 

Gun Justice-U 2-14-34 

Gun Law * RKO 1929 

Gun Law-MAJ 7-13-33 

Gun Law-RKO 6-28-38 

Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin- 

REP. .5-18-37 

Gun Packer-MOP 11-9-38 

Gun Play-FD 12-27-36 

Gun Ranger, The-REP. .2-9-37 
Gun-Runner if TIF. . . .12-30-28 

Gun Shy * SR 1922 

Gun Smoke-PAR 4-26-31 

Gun Smoke Trail-MOP. . . 1938 
Gun Woman if TRI. . . .1-24-18 

Gunflghter if F 1923 

Gunfire-FD 1935 

Gung Ho !-U 12-20-43 

Gunga Din-RKO 1-25-39 

Gunman from Bodie- 

MOP. .10-16-41 
Gunners and Guns- 

BEU. .8-22-35 
Guns and Guitars- 

REP. .12-22-36 
Guns at Loos if ERA.... 1928 
Guns in the Dark- 

REP. .5-13-37 

Guns of the Law-PRC 1944 

Guns of the Pecos-FN. .4-3-37 
Gunsmoke Mesa-PRC. . .6-23-44 
Gunsmoke Ranch-REP. . 9-9-37 

Gutter Snipe •*• U 1-1-22 

Gutter Magdalene, A if 

PAR. .6-18-16 
Guy Named Joe, A- 

MGM 12-24-43 

Gyandev of India-MOD. .4-27-43 
Gyimesi Vadvirag 

(Hungarian) -HUN. .11-1-39 
Gypsies ( Russian) -AM . .7-30-36 
Gypsy Blood * FN. .. .5-15-21 
Gypsy of the North if 

RA. .5-6-28 
Gypsy Passion if 

VIT. .10-30-21 
Gypsy Trail ■*• PAR.... 1918 

Gypsy Wildcat-U 8-7-44 

Gypsydom ( German ) -XX . . 1940 


H. M. Pulham, Esq.- 

MGM. .11-13-41 

Habit if FN 1921 

Habit of Happiness if 

FAT. .3-23-16 
Hail the Conquering Hero- 

PAR. .6-7-44 
Hail the Hero if FB0....1924 
Hail the Woman if FN. .1-8-22 
Hair Trigger Baxter -fr 

FBO. .1926 

Hair-Trigger Casey- 

ATN. .2-19-36 

Hairpins if PAR 8-8-20 

Hairy Ape, The-UA 5-18-44 

Kaldine of the Secret Service if 
FBO. .10-14-23 

Half a Bride * PAR 9-2-28 

Half a Chance if 

PAT. .10-24-20 
Half-a-Dollar-Bill if 

MG. .12-9-23 

Half a Rogue if U 1916 

Half a Sinner-U 6-5-40 

Half a Sinner-U 6-23-24 

Half an Hour if PAR.. 12-5-20 

Half Angel-F 5-4-36 

Half Breed if FN 6-25-22 

Half Breed * FAT 7-13-16 

Half Marriage-RKO. .. .8-25-29 
Half Million Bride * 

M. .4-20-16 
Half-Naked Truth- 

RKO. .12-31-32 
Half Shot At Sunrise- 

RKO. .10-12-30 
Hail to the Rangers-COL. 12-3-43 
Half-Way Girl if FN.. 8-16-25 
Half Way to Heaven- 

PAR. .12-8-29 
Half Way to Shanghai-U. . 1942 
Halfway to Shanghai-U. 1-15-43 

Hallelujah-MGM 8-25-29 

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum- 

UA. .1-27-33 
Halka ( Polish ) -STA .... 2-1-38 

Halsinger-XX 9-26-34 

Ham and Eggs at the Front if 

WA. .1927 

Hamlet if ASA 11-13-21 

Hand at the Window -fc 

TRI. .4-25-18 
Hand in Hand ( Spanish) - 

XX 1938 
Hand Invisible if WO.. 3-9-19 
Hand of Peril if 

PBW. .3-23-16 
Hand that Rocks the Cradle if 

WEB. .5-13-17 

Handcuffed-RA 11-3-29 

Handcuffs and Kisses if 

SEZ. .10-2-21 

Handicap if KRA 1921 

Handicapped Engagement 

(Greek) -XX. .1938 
Handle With Care * AE. .1922 
Handle With Care-F. . 12-24-32 
Hands Across the Border if 

FBO. .5-30-26 
Hands Across the Border- 

REP 12-7-43 

Hands Across the Rockies- 

COL. .1941 
Hands Across the Table- 

PAR. .10-25-35 
Hands Down if BL. .. .2-14-18 
Hands of Nara if M . . . .8-13-22 
Hands of Orlac if AY.. 8-26-28 

Hands Off if F 4-3-21 

Hands Off if U 1927 

Hands Up if FAT. .. .4-26-17 
Hands Up if PAR. ... 1-24-26 
Handsome Brute if 

COL. .7-18-26 

Handy Andy-F 6-1-34 

Hangman's House if F. .5-20-28 
Hangmen Also Die-UA . . 3-23-43 
Hanna I Societen 

(Swedish) -XX. .1941 
Happiest Couple in Vienna 

(German) -XX. .1938 

Happiness if TRI 5-10-17 

Happiness if ROM 1921 

Happiness if MG 3-2-24 

Happiness Ahead-FN ..9-27-34 
Happiness Ahead if 

FN. .6-24-28 
Happiness a La Mode if 

SE. .6-15-19 


Happiness C. O. D.- 
CHE. .12-21-35 
Happiness of Three Women if 

PAR. .1-18-17 

Happy Days-F 2-16-30 

Happy Go Lucky-PAR. . .1-4-43 
Happy Go Lucky-REP. . 12-5-36 

Happy Land-F 11-10-43 

Happy Landing-MOP. . .7-31-34 

Happy Landing-F 1-22-38 

Happy Though Married if 

PAR. .2-16-19 
Happy Warrior if VIT. .7-12-25 
Harapos Ferj ( Hungarian )- 

HUN. .2-1-39 
Harbor Lights if AE .. 8-26-23 
Hard Boiled if PAR.. 2-2-19 
Hard-Boiled Canary, The, See: 

There's Magic in Music. 
Hard Boiled Haggerty if 

FN. .9-11-27 

Hard Fist if U 1927 

Hard Guy-PRC 10-29-41 

Hard Hittin' Hamilton if 

ARC. .10-19-24 
Hard Hombre-HOF ....9-20-31 

Hard Luck if M 1921 

Hard Rock Breed if 

TRI. .3-21-18 
Hard Rock Harrigan-F. . .7-1-35 

Hard to Get-FN 9-29-29 

Hard to Get-WA 11-9-38 

Hard to Handle-WA 2-3-33 

Hard Way, The-WA. .. .9-21-42 

Hardboiled if F 8-15-26 

Hardboiled if RKO. ... 2-24-29 
Hardboiled Rose (PT)- 

WA. .8-11-29 

Hardest Way if JO 1922 

Hardys Ride High, The- 

MGM. .4-14-39 
Harlem on the Prairie- 
ASF. .2-5-38 
Harlem Rides the Range- 

HOL. .6-20-39 
Harmon of Miehigan- 

COL. .1941 
Harmonica (Czeehoslovakian) - 

XX. .1939 
Harmony at Home-F . . . .1-26-30 
Harmony Lane-MAP. .. 8-15-35 

Harold Teen-WA 3-7-34 

Harold Teen if FN. ... 8-19-28 
Harom Sarkany ( Hungarian )- 

XX. .12-23-36 
Harp in Hock if 

PAT. .10-30-27 
Harriet and the Piper if 

FN. .10-24-20 
Harrigan's Kid-MGM. . . .3-17-43 
Harvard Here I Come- 

COL. .1941 
Harvest ( French ) -FCC . . 7-25-39 
Harvest Melody-PRC. ... 10-6-43 
Harvest Moon if HOD. .4-11-20 
Harvest of Hate if U. . . .2-3-29 
Harvester if FBO. . . .11-20-27 
Harvester, The-REP. .. .4-18-36 
Has the World Gone Mad if 

EQU. .1923 
Hashimura Togo if PAR.. 1917 

Hat Check Girl-F 9-23-32 

Hat Check Honey-U 3-17-44 

Hat, Coat and Glove- 

RKO. .7-27-34 
Hatchet Man, The-FN. .2-7-32 

Hate if FAI 8-9-17 

Hate if M 5-7-22 

Hate Ship-BI 11-16-30 

Hate Trail if CC 1922 

Hater of Men if TRI.. 6-21-17 
Hatred ( French )-WO. .. .2-3-41 

Hats Off-GN 12-16-36 

Haunted Bedroom if 

PAR. .6-8-19 

Haunted Gold-WA 1-11-33 

Haunted Honeymoon- 

MGM. .11-1-40 


w Of , 




Haunted Hou»e, The- 

MOP. .7-23-40 
Haunted House (S-SE)- 

FN. .12-23-28 
Haunted House if 

TRI. .9-20-17 
Haunted Manor if 

GAU. .3-30-16 
Haunted Pajamas if M. .6-21-17 
Haunted Ranch if 

DAV. .0-13-25 

Haunted Ranch-MOP 1943 

Haunted Ship * TIP.. 1-29-28 
Haunting Shadows if 

RC. .1-18-20 
Havana Widows-FN . . 11-25-33 
Harvard, Here I Come- 

COL 3-31-42 
Have a Heart-MGM. . 10-19-34 
Haven't You Met Korff 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Having Wonderful Time- 

RKO. .6-30-38 

Havoc + F 9-13-25 

Havoc * ES 3-30-16 

Hawaii Calls-RKO 2-25-38 

Hawaiian Buckaroo-F. . .3-4-38 
Hawaiian Nights-U . . . . 10-3-39 

Hawk if VIT 5-3-17 

Hawk, The-HEW 7-13-35 

Hawk of the Hills * 

PAT. .1929 

Hawk's Nest if FN 6-3-28 

Hawthorne of the U. S. A. if 

PAR. .11-30-19 

Hayfoot-UA 1941 

Hay Foot-UA 1-8-42 

Hay Foot, Straw Foot if 

PAR. .6-29-19 
Hay Que Educar a Mini 

(Spanish) -XX. .1941 
Hazardous Valleys if 

ELB. .9-25-27 

Hazel Kirke if PAT 2-10-16 

He-AST 12-28-33 

He Comes Up Smiling if 

ART. .9-15-18 
He Couldn't Say No- 

WA. .4-4-38 
He Couldn't Take It- 

MOP. .12-13-33 
He Did and He Didn't if 

TRI. .2-10-16 

He Hired the Boss-F 3-24-43 

He Knew Women-RKO . . 4-20-30 
He Fell in Love with His Wife if 
PAR. .2-17-16 
He Learned About Women- 

PAR. .3-2-33 
He Loved an Actress- 

GN. .4-11-38 
He-Man's Country if RA..1936 
He Married His Wife-F. .1-18-40 
He Stayed for Breakfast- 

COL. .8-12-40 
He Was Her Man-WA. . 5-18-34 
He Who Gets Slapped if 

MG. .11-2-24 
Head Hunters of Papua- 

REI. .9-7-32 
Head Hunters of the South 

Seas if AE.. 1-21-23 
Head of the Family if 

GOT. .12-16-28 
Head Over Heels if G..1922 
Head Over Heels in Love- 

GB. .2-5-37 

Head Man if FN 10-7-28 

Head Winds if U 3-22-25 

Headin' East-COL 11-27-37 

Headin' for Danger if 

FBO. .12-23-28 
Headin' for God's Country- 

REP 8-2-43 

Headin' for Rio Grande- 

GN. .12-8-36 
Headin' for Trouble- 

BIF. .9-6-31 
Headin' Home if TAN. .9-26-30 

Headin' North * ARW.. 9-24-22 
Headin' North-TIF. . . .12-28-30 
Headin' South if ART. .3-21-18 
Headin' Through if PHD.. 1924 

Headm' West if U 1-29-22 

Headin' Westward if 

SYN. .7-14-29 
Headless Horseman if 

HOD. .10-22-22 
Headleys at Home, The- 

STH. .12-1-38 
Headline Crasher-CNN .. .4-6-37 
Headline Shooter- 

RKO. .10-21-33 
Headline Woman, The- 

MOP. .5-11-35 

Headlines if AE 1925 

Heads Up . FBO 1925 

Heads Up-PAR 10-12-30 

Headwater if PON 7-7-29 

Healer. The-MOP 5-28-35 

Heart and Soul if F 6-14-17 

Heart Bandit if MG. . 1-13-24 

Heart Buster if F 7-6-24 

Heart in Pawn if EXI...1919 

Heart Line if PAT 5-29-21 

Heart o' the Hills if 

FN. .12-7-19 
Heart of a Clown if 

PAT. .1928 
Heart of a Child if 

RED. .6-22-16 
Heart of a Child if M. .4-11-20 
Heart of a Coward if 

RA 8-22-26 
Heart of a Fool if FN.. 1920 
Heart of a Follies Girl if 

FN. .3-18-28 
Heart of a Girl if WO.. 7-7-18 
Heart of a Gypsy if 

HAL. .12-7-19 
Heart of a Hero if 

PBW. .10-26-16 
Heart of a Lion if F. .12-27-17 
Heart of a Nation, The- 

AFE 3-29-43 

Heart of a Painted Woman if 

M. .1915 
Heart of a Siren if FN. .3-15-25 
Heart of a Texan if ST. . .1922 
Heart of a Woman if 

PEE. .1921 
Heart of Arizona-PAR. . .4-13-38 
Heart of Broadway if 

RA. .1928 
Heart of Ezra Greer if 

PAT. .10-4-17 

Heart of Fire (Czechoslovakian)- 

XX 1939 

Heart of Gold * WO. . . .'2-2-19 

Heart of Humanity if 

U. .1-4-19 
Heart of Jennifer if 

PAR. .9-0-15 
Heart of Juanita if RC . .12-7-19 
Heart of Maryland if 

VIT. .5-22-21 
Heart of Maryland if 

WA. .7-17-27 
Heart of New York- 

WA. .3-6-32 
Heart of New York if 

CLA. .2-24-16 
Heart of Nora if PAR . . . 1916 
Heart of Paris ( French )- 

TRN. .1-18-39 
Heart of Paula if 

PAR. .3-16-16 
Heart of Rachael if 

HOD. .10-6-18 
Heart of Romance it F . . . .1918 
Heart of Salome if F.. 5-1-27 
Heart of Tara if MT. . . .3-9-16 
Heart of Texas Ryan, The if 

SEL. .2-22-17 
Heart of the Blue Ridge if 

WO. .10-21-15 
Heart of the Golden West- 

REP. .11-16-42 


Heart of the North if 

DAV. .9-25-21 
Heart of the North- 

WA. .12-22-38 
Heart of the Rio Grande- 

REP. .3-11-42 
Heart of the Roekies- 

REP. .1937 
Heart of the Sunset if 

G. .4-18-18 
Heart of the West- 

PAR. .7-7-36 
Heart of the Wilds * 

ART. .8-25-18 
Heart of the Yukon if 

PAT. .6-22-27 
Heart of Twenty if 

RC. .6-27-20 
Heart of Wetona if 

SEL. .12-29-18 
Heart of Youth if 

PAR. .9-14-19 

Heart Punch-MAA 10-18-32 

Heart Raider if PAR.. 6-10-23 

Heart Song-F 5-6-34 

Heart Specialist if 

PAR. .4-22-22 

Heart Strings if F 1-4-20 

Heart Thief if PDC. 5-15-27 
Heart Thief ( Germ an) - 

XX. .1938 
Heart to Heart if FN.. 8-19-28 
Heart to Let, A if 

REA 7-24-21 
Heart Trouble if FN !! 10-7-28 

Heart's Desire-GB 7-15-37 

Heart's Desire if PAR... 5-3-17 
Heart's Haven if HOD. .8-13-22 
Heart's Melody-UFA. .. 8-31-30 

Heart's Revenge if F 1918 

Heartbeat (French) - 

FRM. .9-14-39 

Heartbreak -F 10-18-31 

Heartless Husbands if 

SU. .11-22-25 

Hearts Adrift if PAR 1914 

Hearts Aflame if M.. 12-24-22 
Hearts and the Highway if 

VIT. .1915 
Hearts and Fists if 

AE. .2-28-26 
Hearts and Masks if FED. .1921 
Hearts and Spangles if 

LUM. .1926 
Hearts and Spurs if F. . 8-2-25 
Hearts are Trumps if 

M. .12-12-20 
Hearts Asleep if EXI....1919 

Hearts Divided-FN 6-9-36 

Hearts in Bondage-REP. .5-26-36 

Hearts in Dixie-F 3-3-29 

Hearts in Exile-WA 1929 

Hearts in Love (German) - 

XX. .1939 
Hearts o' The Range if 

FOR. .2-13-21 

Hearts of Flint * ARW 

Hearts of Humanity- 

MAJ. .9-21-32 

Hearts of Love if ARW 

Hearts of Men if AN 9-2-28 

Hearts of Men if WO. .11-18-15 
Hearts of Men if AB.. 4-13-19 
Hearts of Oak if F. . . .10-5-24 

Hearts of Oak if PAR 1923 

Hearts of the World if 

CWO. .5-12-18 
Hearts of Youth -*• F....1921 
Hearts or Diamonds? if 

MT. .5-2-18 

Hearts Up if U 1-2-21 

Heartsease if G 9-14-19 

Heat Lightning- WA 3-7-34 

Heather, The ( Polish )- 

XX. .1938 

Heat's On, The-COL 12-3-43 

Heaven Can Wait-F 7-21-43 

Heaven on Earth if 

MGM. .6-26-27 



Heaven on Earth-U .... 12-20-31 
Heaven With a Barbed Wire 

Fence-F 1-26-40 

Heavenly Body, The- 

MGM 12-29-43 

Heavenly Days-RKO 8-4-44 

Heedless Moths ir 

EQU. .6-19-21 

Hei Tiki-ED 2-2-35 

He's My Guy-U 3-23-43 

Heidi-F 10-12-37 

Heideschulmeister Uwe Karsten 

(German) -UFA. .4-17-34 
Heights of Hazard ir 

VIT. .12-2-15 
Heimat Am Rhein-XX. .12-10-34 
Heimaterde ( German ) - 

TRL. .11-11-32 
Heimatsklange ■*• TRP. .2-22-31 
Heir of the Ages ir 

PAR. .6-28-1 1 ; 
Heir to the Hoorah ir 

PAR. .11-2-16 
Heir to Trouble-COL. . 12-17-35 
Heiress at Coffee Dan's + 

FAT. .12-21-16 
Heiress for a Day •*• 

TRI. .2-28-18 
Heiress Blut (German) - 

UFA. .9-28-36 

Hei Rup (Czech) -XX 1941 

Held by the Enemy ir 

PAR. .10-3-20 
Held by the Law -*■ U . . 2-20-27 
Held for Ransom-GN. .7-23-38 

Held in Trust * M 8-15-20 

Held to Answer ir M . . 10-28-23 
Helen of the North ir 

PAR. .9-9-15 
Helen of Troy ir FN (Reviewed 
as Private Life of Helen 

of Troy) 2-8-27 

Helen's Babies •*• PRI. . 1-18-25 
Helene (French) -FRM. . 1-26-38 

Helion * PAT 10-5-19 

Heliotrope * PAR 11-28-20 

Hell and High Water- 

PAR. .12-16-33 

Hell Below-MGM 4-27-33 

Hell Below Zero ir 

TPE. .6-28-31 

Hell Bent ■*■ U 6-23-18 

Hell Bent for Frisco- 

WW. .7-12-31 
Hell Bent for Heaven ir 

WA. .5-9-26 
Hell Bent for Love- 

COL. .6-13-34 

Hell Bound-TTF 3-1-31 

Hell Cat-COL 7-7-34 

Hell Cat it G 12-8-18 

Hell Diggers if 

PAR. .8-28-21 

Hell Divers-MGM 12-27-31 

Hell Fire Austin-TIF . . . 6-22-32 

Hell Harbor-UA 2-23-30 

Hell in the Heaven s- 

F. .12-12-34 
Hell in the West (Germ an )- 

XX. .1940 
Hell Morgan's Girl + 

BL. .3-15-17 

Hell on Earth-AEO 3-31-33 

Hell Roarin' Reform ir 

F. .2-16-19 

Hell Ship * CP S-26-28 

Hell Ship it F 2-15-20 

Hell-Ship Morgan-COL. .3-10-36 
Hell to Pay Austin ir 

FAT. .8-10-16 

Hell's Angels-UA 8-24-30 

Hell's Border ■*• WET 1922 

Hell's Cargo-FIA 9-20-40 

Hell's Crater if U 

Hell's End * TRI 7-14-18 

Hell's 400 -k F 5-30-26 

Hell's Headquarters- 

RKO. .5-15-32 
Hell's Heroes-U 12-29-29 

Hell's Highroad ir 

PDC. .8-30-25 
Hell's Highway-RKO ... 9-27-32 
Hell's Hinges ir TRI.. 2-17-16 

Hell's Hole * F 1923 

Hell's Holiday-SUR. .. .7-19-33 

Hell's House-CAP 2-14-32 

Hell's Island-COL 7-20-30 

Hell's Kitchen-WA 7-12-39 

Hell's Oasis •*• IND 1921 

Hell's Valley-NAT 1931 

Hell's Valley -*• BIF 1930 

Helldorado-F 1-5-35 

Hello. Annapolis-COL. .. .8-5-42 
Hello. Budapest 

(Hungarian) -XX. .11-18-35 
Hello Cheyenne ir F . . . . 5-13-28 
Hello. Everybody !- 

PAR. .1-28-33 
Hello, Frisco, Hello-F. . .3-15-43 

Hello Sister-WW 3-9-30 

Hello Sister-F 4-14-33 

Hello Sucker-U 7-3-41 

H°lln Trouble-COT,. . .10-12-32 
Hellhounds of the Plains ir 

GOO. .1926 
Hellship Bronson if 

GOT. .5-6-28 

Hellzapoppin-U 12-19-41 

Help, Help Police it F. .5-14-19 
Help Me to Live 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
Help Wanted Male ir 

PAT. .8-22-20 

Help Yourself if G 1921 

Hennas Melodi (Swedish) - 

XX. .1942 
Henpecked Husband 

(Hungarian) -XX. .1940 
Henry Aldrich, Boy Seout- 

PAR. .1-13-44 
Henry Aldrich, Editor- 

PAR.. 10-1-42 
Henry Aldrich for President- 

PAR. .7-30-41 
Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour- 

PAR 1-4-43 

Henry Aldrich Haunts a 

House-PAR 11-10-43 

Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid- 

PAR. .4-24-44 
Henry Aldrich Swing's It-. 

PAR 6-23-43 

Henry Aldrich's Little Secret- 

PAR. .6-12-44 
Henry and Dizzy-PAR . . 3-23-42 
Henry Goes Arizona- 

MGM. .2-20-40 
Her Accidental Husband ir 

CBC. .5-6-23 
Her American Husband ir 

TRI. .1-24-18 
Her American Prince ir 

MT. .8-3-16 

Her Aviator ir ARW 

Her Beloved Enemy ir 

PAT. .1917 
Her Beloved Villain ir 

REA. .1-2-21 
Her Better Self ■*■ 

PAR. .5-17-17 
Her Big Adventure ir KER.1926 
Her Big Night -*■ U.. 8-22-26 
Her Bitter Cup ir U.. 3-30-16 
Her Body in Bond ir 

MUR. .6-23-18 

Her Bodyguard-PAR 8-5-33 

Her Boy * M 2-14-18 

Her Cardboard Lover- 

MGM. .5-27-42 
Her Code of Honor ir 

TRB. .3-19-19 
Her Country First ir 

PAR. .9-1-18 
Her Country's Call if 

MT. .1917 
Her Debt of Honor ir 

M. .1-27-16 
Her Decision ir TRI.. 5-12-18 
Her Doctor (Polish) -XX. .1938 


Her Douoie Life ir F. . 10-5-16 
Her Elephant Man ir F. .2-1-20 
Her Excellency the Governor ir 

FAT. .7-5-17 
Her Face Value ir 

PAR. .11-16-21 
Her Fatal Millions ir 

M. .7-22-23 
Her Father Said So ir 

FBO. .1927 
Her Father's Gold ir 

MT. .5-11-16 
Her Father's Keeper ir 

FAT. .3-22-17 
Her Father's Son ir 

PAR. .9-28-16 
Her Fighting Chance ir 

JAC. .8-16-17 
Her Final Reckoning + 

PAR. .6-9-18 
Her First Adventure- 

( German) -XX. .1940 
Her First Beau-COL. ... 6-11-41 
Her First Elopement ir 

REA. .1-23-21 

Her First Mate-U 9-2-33 

Her First Roman ce- 

MOP. .12-27-40 
Her Five Foot Highness ir 

U. .4-3-20 
Her Forgotten Past- 

MAF. .10-31-33 

Her Game ir UNI 1919 

Her Guardsman (German)- 

XX. .1938 
Her Gilded Cage ir 

PAR. .8-20-22 
Her Good Name ir 

VAN. .2-1-17 
Her Great Hour ir 

EQW. .1-13-16 
Her Great Match + M. .9-16-13 
Her Great Price ir M.. 3-30-16 
Her Greatest Chance ir 

SEL. .12-22-18 
Her Greatest Love ir F. .4-26-17 
Her Greatest Performance ir 

TRI. .8-3-19 
Her Half Brother + CRP. .1922 
Her Honor, the Governor ir 

FBO. .8-1-26 
Her Honor. The Mayor + 

F. .8-22-20 

Her Hour ir PWO 12-6-17 

Her Husband Lies- 

PAR. .3-32-37 
Her Husband's Friend ir PAR. . 
Her Husband's Honor if 

AMU. .8-11-13 
Her Husband's Secret ir 

FN. .5-24-25 
Her Husband's Secretnry- 

WB. .3-32-37 
Her Husband's Trade-Mark ■+■ 

PAR. .2-26-22 
Her Husband's Wife ir 

TV. . 6-29-1 R 

Her Inspiration -A- M 1918 

Her .Tnnele Lovp-T>AR .. 3-22-38 
Her Kingdom of Dreams ir 

FN. .10-5-19 
Her Life and His ir 

PAT. .2-8-17 
Her Little Highness 

( Swedish 1-SCA. .5-9-40 
Her Lord and Master -+■ 

VIT. .1921 
Her Love Story ■*- 

PAR. .10-12-24 
Her Mad Bar-rain -*• FN.. 1922 
Her Mad Nis-ht-MAF. . 10-12-32 

Her Majesty •*■ AE 1922 

Her Majesty. Love-FN. .11-29-31 

Her Man ir PAT 8-25-18 

Her Man-PAT 9-21-30 

Her Man O'War if 

PDC. .10-24-26 
Her Market Value ■*■ PDC. .1925 




Master's Voice- 

PAR . . 2 



Maternal Right if 

WO. .5 



Mistake * FCH 



Moment if RAL. .7 



Marriage Vow if 




Mother's Secret if F - 



New York if PAT. 



Night of Nights * 

U. .6 



Night of Romance if 

FN. .11-30-24 


Official Fathers if 

TRI. .4 



One Mistake if F . . . 



Only Way * SEL. .8 



Own Free Will if 

PDC . . 9 



Own Money if 

Her Own People 

PAR . . 


Her Own Story * GOO.. 1926 

Her Own Way if M 1921 

Her Price * F 7-14-18 

Her Primitive Man-U. .. 6-16-44 
Her Private Affair-PAT. . 1929 
Her Private Life-FN. . . . 1929 
Her Purchase Price if 

RC. .8-31-19 

Her Reputation if FN 1923 

Her Resale Value-MAF .. 6-21-33 
Her Right to Live if 

VIT. .1-18-17 
Her Sacrifice * SAN.. 1-30-27 
Her Second Chance if 

FN. .4-25-26 
Her Second Husband if 

EMU. .1-10-18 

Her Secret if VIT 5-3-17 

Her Secret-IDE 12-19-33 

Her Silent Sacrifice if 

SEL. .1-17-18 




Her Sister * EMU. 
Her Sister from Paj-is if 
Her Sister's Rival if 

Her Social Value if 

Her Song of Love-HUR. 
Her Soul's Inspiration if 

BL. .1-11-17 
Her Splendid Folly- 

PRG. .10 28-33 

Her Story if SEC 1922 

Her Strange Desire- 
POP. .8-5-32 
Her Strange Wedding if 

PAR. .6-21-17 
Her Sturdy Oak if REA. .8-7-31 
Her Summer Hero if 

FBO. .12-25-27 
Her Surrender * IV.. 10-26-16 
Her Temporary Husband if 

FN. .12-16-23 
Her Temptation if F. . . .5-10-17 
Her Unborn Child- 

WIP. .10-10-33 
Her Unwilling Husband if 

PAT. .11-21-20 
Her Way of Love if 

AM. .8-25-29 
Her Wedding Night- 

PAR. .9-28-30 

Her Wild Oat * FN 2-12-28 

Her Winning Way if 

REA. .9-25 21 
Here Comes Carter !- 

FN. .11-14-36 
Here Come Cookie- 

PAR. .9-10-35 
Here Comes Elmer-REP. 10-l'6-43 
Here Comes Happiness- 

WA. .5-14-41 
Here Comes Kelly -MOP. . .8-2-43 

Here Comes Mr. Jordan- 

COL. .7-30-41 
Here Comes the Band- 

MGM .9-21-35 
Here Comes the Bride if 


Here Comes the Groom- 

PAR. .5-16-34 
Here Comes the Navy- 

WA. .6-28-34 
Here Come the Waves- 

PAR. .12-18-44 
Here Comes Trouble-F. .3-7-36 

Here He Comes * SIE 1927 

Here I Am a Stranger- 

F. .10-3-39 
Here Is a Man. See: All That 

Money Can Buy. 
Here Is Ireland-IAM. .. 10-9-40 
Here Is My Heart- 

PAR. .12-22-34 
Here We Go Again-RKO. .8-28-42 
Here's Flash Casey- 

GN. .10-20-37 
Here's to Romance-F. .8-27-35 

Heredity * WO 8-11-18 

Heritage ( French ) -XX .... 1940 

Heritage if ROU 8-15-20 

Heritage of Hate if 

RED. .11-9-16 
Heritage of the Desert if 

PAR. .1-27-24 
Heritage of the Desert- 

PAR. .3-11-33 
Heritage of the Desert- 

PAR. .3-17-39 
Hermine und die Sieben 
Aufrechten ( German )- 

XX . . 9-24-35 

Hero if PRE 1-14-23 

Hero for a Day-U. ... 11-16-39 
Hero for a Night if U. .11-27-27 
Hero of Submarine D-2 if 

VIT. .1916 
Hero of the Big Snows if 

WA. .1926 
Hero of the Circus if 

U. .12-16-28 

Hero of the Hour if U 

Hero on Horseback if 

U. .7-24-27 

Heroes if PAR 

Heroes All if IML. ... 10-25-31 
Heroes Are Made (Russian) - 

ARQ. .1944 
Heroes and Husbands if 

FN. .1922 
rteroes for Sale-FN. . . .7-22-33 
Heroes in BUie if RA . . 1-8-28 
Heroes in Blue-MOP. . 11-20-39 
Heroes of the Alamo- 

COL. .8-5-37 
Heroes of the Arctic- 

AM. .9-29-34 
Heroes of the HilJs- 

REP. .7-29-38 
Heroes of the Marne 

(French) -SPE. .4-26-39 
Heroes of the Night if 

LUM. .1-16-27 
Heroes of the Range- 

COL. .8-18-36 
Heroes of the Saddle- 

REP. .1-23-40 
Heroes of the Sea 

(Russian) -ARQ. .1941 
Heroes of the Street if 

WA. .12-24-23 
Heroic Lover if RAL.. 3-1 6-30 
Herr Husassistenten 

(Swedish) -XX. .1941 

Herr Kobin Geht Auf Abenteur 

(German-UFA. .11-27-35 

Hers to Hold-U 7-16-43 

Hertha's Erwachen- 

PRX. .3-13 33 
Herzblut ( German l - 

TRL. .10-4-32 


Hesper of the Mountains if 

TIT. .1916 
Hetenkent. Egyszer 

( Hungarian ) -DAN . . 10-21-37 
Heulla ( Spanish ) -XX .... 1940 
Heute Nacht-Eventuell- 

XX. .7-7-33 
Hey, Hey, Cowboy if U. .4-17-27 

Hey, Rookie-COL 1944 

Hey, Rube! if FBO.. 3-10-29 

Hi, Beautiful-U 12-18-44 

Hi, Buddy-U 2-15-43 

Hi Diddle Diddle-UA 8-2-43 

Hi, Gaueho-RKO 3-3-36 

Hi, Good Lookin'-U 3-24-44 

Hi, Neighbor-REP 7-23-42 

Hi. Nellie-WA 2-1-34 

Hi' Ya, Chum-U 2-15-43 

Hi' Ya, Sailor-U 10-8-43 

Hi-Yo Silver-REP 4-16-40 

Hickville to Broadway if 

F. .9-4-21 

Hide-Out-MGM 8-18-34 

Hidden Aces if PAT. .. 8-21-27 
Hidden Children * M. . . .4-5-17 

Hidden Code * PI 1920 

Hidden Enemy-MOP 1940 

Hidden Fires if G. ... 11-24-18 

Hidden Gold-PAR 5-24-40 

Hidden Gold-U 3-22-33 

Hidden Hand, The-WA .. 9-23-42 

Hidden Light if COM 1921 

Hidden Loot if U. ... 10-25-25 
Hidden Menace-ALL. .. .4-10-40 
Hidden Pearls * PAR.. 2-7-1 8 

Hidden Power-COL 5-24-39 

Hidden Scar if BRA.. 10-5-16 

Hidden Spring if M 8-2-17 

Hidden Truth if SEL 2-2-19 

Hidden Valley * PAT. .11-30-10 
Hidden Valley Outlaws- 

REP. .1944 

Hidden Way if AE 1926 

Hidden Woman if AR....1922 

Hideaway-RKO 7-23-37 

Hideaway Girl-PAR 1-14-37 

Highways by Night- 

RKO. .8-10-42 

Hideout-U 4-13-30 

Hideout in the Alps-GN .4-26-38 

Higgins Family-REP 9-7-38 

High and Handsome if 

FBO. .9-6-25 

High Command-GN 7-28-38 

High Explosive-PAR 1943 

High Finance if F.... 4-19-17 

High Flyer * RA 11-7-26 

High Flyers-RKO 12-15-37 

High Gear-GOS 3-22-33 

High Hand * PAT 9-19-26 

High Hat * FN 3-20-27 

High Heels * U 10-16-21 

High-Jacking Rustlers if 

RA. .1926 

High Play if AMU 4-19-17 

High Pockets if AMU 1919 

High Pressure-WA 1-31-32 

High Road if BOL 1922 

High School-F 1-8-40 

High School Girl-BFP. .3-16-35 
High School Hero if F. .11-6-27 

High Sierra-WA 1-20-41 

High Sign if M 

High Sign if U 1921 

High Society Blues-F. .4-20-30 

High Speed * HAL 1-11-20 

High Speed-COL 4-10-32 

High-Speed Lee if ARW 

High Stakes if TRI 5-26-18 

High Stakes-RKO 5-31-31 

High Steppers if FN 1926 

High Tension-F 6-16-36 

High Tide if TRI 9-1-18 

High Treason-OLM 1-29-37 

High Treason-TIF 1930 

High Voltage-PAT 7-28-29 

High, Wide and Handsome- 

PAR. .7-22-37 
Highbinders if AE 5-2-26 





Higher Learning' (German)- 

XX. .1939 
Higher and Higher-RKO . 12-9-43 
Highest Bid * AMU.. 6-29-16 

Highest Bidder if G 1921 

Highest Law * SEZ 1921 

Highest Trump if VIT. .1-26-19 
Highway of Hope if 

PAR. .5-24-18 

Highway Patrol-COL 8-5-38 

Highway West-WA 8-14-41 

Hilda Unde Die 4 P. S. 

(German) -XX. .1941 
Hilde Peterson, Postlabernd 

(German) -UFA. .7-6-37 
Hillbilly Blitzkrieg-MOP 8-17-42 

Hill Billy * APA 3-23-24 

Hillcrest Mystery if 

PAT. .4-11-18 

Hills of Hate if ARW 1921 

Hills of Kentucky if 

WA. .2-27-27 
Hills of Missing Men if 

AE. .1922 
Hills of Old Wyoming- 

PAR. .4-13-37 

Hills of Peril if F 5-15-27 

Hinton's Double if 

PAT. .4-26-17 
Hips, Hips Hooray- 

RKO. .1-24-34 

Hired Man if PAR 1-31-18 

Hired Wif e-U 9-9-40 

Hired Wife-PIN 2-1-34 

Hirsekorn Greift Ein 

(German) -CAP. .6-15-32 
His Back Against the Wall if 

G.. 5-21-22 
His Best Friend ( German )- 

XX 1938 
His Birthright if HWA. .9-15-18 
His Bonded Wife if M.. 12-1-18 
His Bridal Night if 

SEL.. 7-27-19 
His Brother's Keeper if 

PI. .1921 
His Brother's Place if M..1919 
His Brother's Wife if 

BRA. .6-1-16 
His Brother's Wife- 

MGM. .8-1-36 
His Buddy's Wife if 

AE. .7-19-25 

His Butler's Sister-U 12-9-43 

His Captive Woman (PT)- 

FN.. 4-7-29 
His Children's Children if 

PAR.. 11-11-23 
His Darker Self if 

PDC. .3-30-24 
His Daughter is Peter 

(German) -XX. .1838 
His Daughter Pays if 

DOO. .1919 

His Debt if RC 2-25-19 

His Divorced Wife if U. .11-9-19 

His Dog if PAT 8-28-27 

His Double Life- 

PAR. .12-16-33 
His Enemy, The Law if 

TRI. .6-16-18 

His Exciting Night-U 1938 

His Family Tree-RKO . . 9-17-36 
His Father's Son if M.. 3-22-17 
His Father's Wife if 

WO. .1919 
His Fighting Blood- 

AMB. .10-7-35 
His First Command-PAT. .1930 
His Foreign Wife if 

PAT. .10-23-27 
His Forgotten Wife if 

FBO. .4-8-24 

His Girl Friday-COL 1-5-40 

His Glorious Night- 

MGM. .10-6-29 
His Greatest Battle * 

AT. .1926 

His Greatest Gamble- 

RKO. .8-18-34 
His Greatest Sacrifice if 

F. .5-1-21 
His Greatest Success 

( German )-CAO. .1938 

His Hour if MG 9-14-24 

His House in Order if 

PAR. .3-14-20 
His Jazz Bride if WA . . 5-2-26 
His Last Battle if 

EXH 1928 
His Last Dollar * PAR.! 1*14 
His Last Haul if 

FBO. .3-17-29 
His Last Race if GOL. . 9-9-23 
His Late Excellency if 

UFA. .1929 
His Life for His Country 

(German)-X. .1938 
His Lucky Day (PT)-U..1929 
His Majesty, Bunker Bean if 

PAR. .4-18-18 
His Majesty, Bunker Bean if 

WA. .9-20-25 
His Majesty the American if 

UA. .9-28-19 
His Master's Voice if 

LUM. .10-25-25 
His Mortgaged Wife if 

His Mother's Boy * PAR. 1-3-18 
His Mystery Girl if U. .12-23-23 
His Neighbor's Wife if 

PAR. .1913 
His New York Wife if 

PRE. .11-12-26 

His Nibs if EXC 1922 

His Night Out-U 10-19-35 

His Official Fiancee if 

PAR. .5-19-18 
His Old Fashioned Dad if 

PAR.. 1917 
His Own Home Town if 

PAR. .5-19-18 

His Own Law if G 2-6-21 

His Own Law ■*• SR 1924 

His Own People if VIT.. 1-3-18 
His Parisian Wife if 

ART. .1-19-19 

His People if U 11-15-25 

His Picture in the Papers if 

FAT. .2-10-16 
His Private Life ■* 

PAR.. 11-18-28 
His Private Secretary- 

SHP. .6-6-33 
His Rise to Fame if 

EXP. .3-20-27 
His Robe of Honor if 

HOD. .1-31-18 
His Royal Highness if 

PWO. .3-7-18 
His Secretary if MG.. 12-27-25 
His Supreme Moment if 

FN. .4-19-25 
His Sweetheart if PAR.. 2-1-17 
His Temporary Wife -4r 

HOD. .1-25-20 
His Tiger Lady if 

PAR. .6-3-28 
His Wife's Friend if 

PAR. .2-15-20 
His Wife's Good Name if 

VIT. .9-14-16 
His Wife's Husband if 

AR. .5-14-22 
His Wife's Money if 

SEZ. .2-29-20 

His Woman if U 

His Woman-PAR 12-6-31 

History Is Made at Night- 

UA. .3-8-37 
History of the Inquisition 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 

Hit and Run if U 8-10-24 

Hit of the Show (PT)- 

FBO. .7-1-28 
Hit or Miss if WO 3-10-lt 


Hit the Deck-RKO 1-19-30 

Hit the Road-U 7-3-41 

Hit Parade, The-REP. .. .4-3-37 
Hit Parade of 1941. The- 
REP. JO-15-40 
Hit Parade of 1943-REP. 3-8-43 

Hit the Ice-U 6-28-43 

Hit the Saddle-REP 1937 

Hit-The-Trail-Hallday if 

ART. .6 9-18 
Hitch Hike Lady-REP. .12-17-35 
Hitch Hike to Heaven- 

INV. .3-13-36 
Hitchin' Posts if V. . . . 8-29-20 
Hitler-Dead or Alive- JUL. 4-2-43 
Hitler Gang, The-PAR. .4-26-44 

Hitler's Children-RKO 1-6-43 

Hitler's Madman-MGM . . 6-10-43 
(Reviewed as Hitler's Hangman) 
Hitler's Reign of Terror- 

JEW.. 4-27-34 
HltthV the Trail-GN. .9-13-37 
Hitting a New High- 

RKO. .12-3-37 
Hitting the High Spots if 

M. .12-8-18 
Hitting the Trail if WO. .12-8-18 
Hjartats Rost (Swedish) 

PAR. .0-28-31 
Ho Perduto Mio Marito 

(Italian) -ESP. .11-1-39 
Hoarded Assets if 

VIT. .12-22-18 
Hobbs in a Hurry if 

PAT. .10-6-18 
Hochzeit Am Wolfgangsee- 

XX.. 11-19-34 
Hochzeitsreise ( German) - 

UFA 1939 
Hegan's AUey * WA. .11-29-25 
Hogueras En La Noche 

(Spanish) -XX. .3-22-37 
Hold Back the Dawn- 

PAR.. 7-31-41 

Hold Devil if AEP 1928 

Hold 'Em Jail-RKO 8-20-32 

Hold 'Em Navy -PAR. .10-19-37 
Hold 'Em Yale if 

PAT* 8-5-28 
Hold 'Em Yale-PAR. .'. 4-27-36 
Hold Every thing- WA. . . .3-30-30 

Hold Me Tight-F 5-20-33 

Holt That Co-ed-F 9-16-38 

Hold That Girl-F 3-24-34 

Hold That Ghost-U. .. .7-30-41 
Hold That Kiss-MGM. .6-12-38 
Hold That Lion if 

PAR. .9 12-26 
Hold That River if 

HOC. .7-1-36 
Hold That Woman- 

PRC. 7-12-40 
Hold the Press-COL. .. .12-1-33 
Hold Your Breath if 

PDC. 6-1-24 
Hold Your Horses if G. . 2-6-21 
Hold Your Man-U. .. .10-27-29 
Hold Your Man-MGM. . .7-1-33 
Holdane of the Secret Serv- 
ice if HOU. .1922 
Hole in the Wall-PAR. .4-21-29 
Hole in the Wall if M. 11-27-21 

Holiday-PAT 6-15-30 

Holiday-COL 5-20-38 

Holiday Inn-PAR 6-16-42 

Hollow of Her Hand if SEL 


Holy Terror-F 7-19-31 

Hollywood if PAR 8-5-23 

Hollywood Beulevard-PAR 

8-4 36 
Hollywood Canteen-WA. .12-5-44 
Hollywood Cavalcade-F. .10-4-39 
Hollywood, Ciudad de Ensueno- 

XX. .4-10-34 
Hollywood Cowboy-RKO. .6-4-37 
Hollywood Hoodlum-REG 

Hollywood Hotel-WA .. 12-27-37 



m or g h n 


Hollywood PaUy-MGM. .6-26-34 
Hollywood Revue of 1929- 

M-Q-M. .8-18-29 
Hollywood Round-Up-COL 

Hollywood Speaks-COL. . .7-1-32 
Hollywood Stadium Mystery- 

REP. .2-28-38 

Holy Devil * EUR 1928 

Holy Matrimony-F 8-24-43 

Holy Terror-F 1-2-37 

lloizapfel Weiss Alles-CAP 


Home * U 1919 

Home * INC 8-10-16 

Home Breaker * PAR.. 5-4-19 
Home Coming Song (Spanish) - 
XX. .1940 

Heme in Indiana-F 5-25-44 

Hi mie Is Calling- ( German )- 

UFA. .1938 

Home James * U 9-23-28 

Home Keeping- Hearts if AE 


Home Made * FN 12-25-27 

Home Maker * U 7-26-25 

Home in Wyomin'-REP. .4-29-42 




on the Prairie-REP 

on the iSange-PAR 

Stretch * PAR. .6-8-21 
Struck * FOB. .1-16-27 

Stuff ir M 6-19-21 

Talent * APR. .6-19-21 
Town Girl * PAR 

Home Towners-WA .... 10-28-28 

Home Trail * VIT 4-4-18 

Home Wanted if WO... 6-29-19 
Homecoming ( German )- 

UFA. .1938 
Homecoming, The (S-SEl- 

PAR. .11-25-28 
Homer Comes Home if PAR 

7 4-20 
Homesick (S-SE)-F ...1-27-29 

Homespun if PAT 1919 

Homespun Folks if APR 

Homespun Vamp if PAR. .1922 
Homeward Bound if PAR 

Homicide Bureau-COL ..2-2-39 
Homicide Squad-U ....8-30-31 
Honest Hutch if G . . .9-19-20 

Honest Man if TRI 1918 

Honesty — the Best Policy if P 

Honey-PAR 3-30-30 

Honey Bee, The if PAT. 5-23-30 
Honeymoon if M-G-M . .8-11-29 

Honeymoon if SEL 1917 

Honeymoon Abroad if WW 

Honeymoon Deferred-U. . 2-19-40 
Honeymoon Express if WA 

Honeymoon Flats if U. 11-25-28 
Honeymoon for Three-WA 

Honeymoon Hate if PAR 

12-25 27 
Honeymoon in Bali-PAR . 9-19-39 
Honeymoon Lane-PAR. .. 8-2-31 
Honeymoon Limited-MOP 


Honeymoon Lodge-U 8-2-43 

Honeymoon Ranch if LUB 

Honeymoon's Over. The-F 

Honeysuckle, The (Spanish) - 

XX 1939 
Hong Kong Nights-FD . 12-24-35 

Honky Tonk-WA 
Honky Tonk-MGM 
Honolulu Lu-CQL 

. .6-9-29 
. .2-3-39 
. . .1941 

Honor if ACA 9-15-29 

Honor if AM 1928 

Honor Among Lovers-PAR 

Honor Among Men if F..1924 

Honor Bound if F 1928 

Honor Bound if U ...11-7-20 

Honor First if F 1922 

Honor of His House if PAR 

Honor of Mary Blake if BL 

Honor of the Family-FN 

Honor of the Mounted-MOP 

Honor of the Press-MAF 

Honor System if F ...5-3-17 
Honor Thy Name if INC 

Honor's Altar if TRI... 3-2-16 

Honor's Cross if G 5-2-18 

Honorable Algy if INC. .11-2-16 

Honorable Cad if U 

Honorable Friend if PAR 

Honraras A Tus Padres 

(Spanish)-XX. .4-9-37 

Hoodlum if FN 9-7-19 

Hoodman Blind if F... 1-20-24 
Hoodoo Ann if FAT. . .4-6-16 
Hoodoo Ranch if ARC... 1926 
Hoof Marks if PAT. . 12-11-27 
Hoofbeats of Vengeance ic U 

Hook and Ladder if U. . 1-6-24 
Hook and Ladder No. 9 if 
• FBO. .10-16-27 

Hook, Line and Sinker- 

RKO. .12-14-30 

Hoopla-F 12-2-33 

Hoop-La •*■ EXI 1919 

Hoops of Steel if HOD 

Hooray for Love-RKO . . 5-20-35 
Hoosier Holiday-REP. .. 8-25-43 
Hoosier Romance if SEL 

Hoosier Schoolboy, The- 

MOP .6-29-37 
Hoosier Schoolmaster if PDC 

Hoosier Schoolmaster. The- 

MOP. .4-9-35 
Hop, the Devil's Brew + 

BL. .2-24-16 
Hop-A-Long Cassidy-PAR 

Hopalong Cassidy Returns- 

PAR. .10-12-36 
Hopalong Rides Again-PAR 


Hope if M 1920 

Hope Chest if PAR. .. 1-12-19 
Hopeless Case, The ( German )- 
XX . . 1 930 

Hopper if TRT 2-7-18 

Hoppy Serves a Writ-UA 3-23-43 

Horizon-AM 5-13-33 

Hornet's Nest ir VTT.. 7-1 3-10 
Horse Ate the Hat ■*• MOV 

Horse Feathers-PAR. . . . 8-1 °-32 
Horse Shoes ir PAT. . . .4-°l-27 
Horseman of the Plains it 

F . .3 ts."« 

Horror Tslnnd-TT 4. 4-41 

Hostage • PAR 27-17 

Hostages-PAR 8-12-43 

Hot CurvoB-TTF 7-6-30 

Hot for Paris-F 1 929 

Hot Heels ■*• U. ..... . .6-10-28 

Hot Heiress-FN 3-15-31 

Hot Money-WA 7-25-36 

Hot News if PAR 7-29-28 

Hot Off the Press VIC. .10-9-35 

Hot Pepper-F 1-21-33 

Hot Rhythm-MOP 3-14-44 


Hot Saturday-PAR 11-6-32 

Hot Spot, See: I Wake Up 


Hot Steel-U 

. .6-26-40 

Hot Stuff-FN 


Hot Tip-RKO 

. . 8-20-35 

Hot Water if PAT. . 

. .11-2-24 

Hot Water-F 


Hotel Continental-TIF 

. .3-20-32 

Hotel du Nord (French) - 

XX. .1940 
Hotel Du Nord ( French )- 

LOP. .1-8-41 
Hotel for Women-F . . 8-28-39 
Hotel Haywire-PAR ...6-15-37 
Hotel Imperial * PAR.. 1-9-27 
Hotel Imperial-PAR ..5-17-39 
Hotel Kikelet ( Hungarian )- 

HUN. .11-3-37 
Hotel Sacher (German) - 

UFA. .1939 

Hotel Variety-SCR 1-4-33 

Hotels of Lunatics (Spanish) - 
XX . . 1939 

Hottentot if FN 12-17-22 

Hottentot-WA 9-2-29 

Hound of Silver Creek if 

U. .9-2-28 
Hound of the Baskervilles- 

FD. .4-10-32 
Hound of the Baskervilles if 

FBO. .9-17-22 

Hound of the Baskervilles, The 

-F. .3-27-39 

Hour Before Dawn if PAR. 1913 

Hour Before the Dawn, 

The-PAR. .2-28-44 
Hour of Reckoning if DAV 

House Across the Bay, The 

UA. .3-1-40 
House Built Upon Sand if 

FAT. .1-18-17 

House Divided * FCH 1919 

House Divided, A-U. .. 1-10-32 
House of a Thousand Candles 

if SEL. .9-9-15 
House of a Thousand Candles, 

The-REP. .4-3-36 
House of Danger-HOL. 11-10-34 
House of Death (Russian) - 

AM. .8-13-32 
House of Errors-PRC. .3-20-42 
House of Fear if PAT. .12-9-15 
House of Fear. The-U. .6-5-39 
House of Glass if SEL. .3-7-18 
House of Gold if M.. 6-30-18 
House of Greed-AM . . . 8-15-34 
House of Horror (PT)- 

FN. .6-23-29 
House of Intrigue if EXI. 1919 
House of Lies if PAR. .9-21-16 
House of Mirrors if MT. 8-10-16 
House of Mirth if M. . .8-11-18 

House of Mystery if ARW 

House of Mystery-COL. .1-6-38 
House of Mystery-MOP. .6-4-41 
House of Rothschild-UA. 3-8-34 
House of Scandal if TIF. 7-15-28 
House of Secrets-CHE. .5-26-29 
House of Shame * CHE. 8-26-28 
House of Silence if PAR 

House of Solomon ir AR. .1922 
House of Tears if M. .12-16-15 
House of Temperly if PAR. . . . 
House of the Golden Window 

if PAR. .8-10-16 
House of the Orge ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1939 
House of the Seven Gables, 

The-U. .4-18-40 
House of the Tolling Bell ■*■ 

PAT. .9-5-20 
House of Toys * PAT. 5-30-20 
House of Whispers if HOD 

House of Touth if PDC 







(Warner Bros.) 







House on 66th Street-WA 

House That Jazz Built if 

REA. .5-15-21 
House Without, Children if 

FIL. .8-10-19 
Housekeeper's Daughter, The 

-UA. .9-14-39 

Housemaster-ALL 1939 

Housewife-WA 8-11-34 

How Baxter Butted in if 

WA. .7-5-25 
How Britain Prepared if 

PAI. .6-1-16 
How Could You, Caroline? 

if PAT. .5-2-18 
How Could You, Jean? if 

ART. .6-16-18 
How Green Was My Valley- 

F. .10-29-41 
How He Lied to Her Husband 

-BI. .1-18-31 
How Molly Made Good if 

STE. .10-14-16 
How to Educate a Wile if 

WA. .8-17-24 
How to Handle Women if 

U. .7-8-28 
How Women Lore if BB 


How's About It?-U 2-1-43 

Howards of Virginia, The 

-COL. .9-3-40 
Hoy Comienza La Vida 

( Spanish )-KIO. .6-30-36 
Huapango ( Spanish) -XX. . 1938 
Huck and Tom if PAR. 3-14-18 
Huckleberry Finn if PAR 

Huckleberry Finn-PAR. . .8-9-31 
Huckleberry Finn, See: Adven- 
tures of Huckleberry Finn. 

Hudson's Bay-F 12-24-40 

Huddle-MGM 5-29-32 

Hugron, The Mighty if 

U, .10-13-18 

Hula * PAR 9-4-27 

Hulda from Holland if PAR 


Hullabaloo-MGM 10-29-40 

Human Beast (French)- 

JUN. .2-23-40 

Human Cargo-F 4-21-36 

Human Clay •*■ IV 1919 

Human Collateral if VIT.1920 
Human Comedy, The- 

MGM 3-1-43 

Human Driftwood if EQW 

Human Hearts if U . . .7-16-22 
Human Monster, The- 

MOP. .3-12-40 
Human Passions if TY..1919 

Human Side-U 9-15-34 

Human Stuff +■ TJ 6-20-20 

Human Targets-BIF . . 1-24-32 
Human Tornado if FBO. 6-28-25 
Human Wreckage if FBO 


Humanity-F 4-22-33 

Humdrum Brown if HOD 

Humoresque if PAR . . . 5-9-20 
Humming Bird if PAR. .1-20-24 
Hun Within if PAR ...9-1-18 

Hunch if M 10-9-21 

Hunchback if FGU 1928 

Hunchback of Notre Dame 

if V.. 9-16-23 
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The 
-RKO. .12-15-39 
Hundredth Chance if STL 

Hungarian Nights if AGF 

Hungarian Rhapsody (S-SE)- 

PAR. .8-11-29 
Hungry Eyes if BL. . .3-14-18 
Hungry Heart if PBW. . 1-28-17 

Hungry Heart * PAR. 11-29-17 

Hungry Heart if G 12-3-22 

Huns Within Our Gates if ARW 

Hunted-RKO 1929 

Hunted Men if SYN. . .6-25-30 

Hunted Men-PAR 5-14-38 

Hunted People if ABA. 10-14-28 
Hunted Woman if VIT. .3-9-16 
Hunted Woman if F... 3-29-26 
Huntin' Trouble if PHD.. 1924 
Hunting Big Game in Africa 

if U. .1-14-23 
Hunting of the Hawk if 

PAT.. 4-6-17 
Hunting Tigers in India- 

TPE. .10-27-29 
Huntingtower if PAR ...1928 

Huntress if FN 10-7-23 

Huntress of Men if U.. 4-27-1 6 
Hurra! Ein Junge (German)- 

CAP. .6-24-32 
Hurrah I'm a Papa (German) - 

XX. .1940 
Hurrah, I'm Alive if UFA 


Hurricane-COL 11-3-29 

Hurricane, The-UA ...11-10-37 
Hurricane Horseman if ARC 

Hurricane Horseman-WK 

Hurricane Kid if U. . 12-28-24 
Hurricane's Gal if FN.. 7-30-22 
Hurricane Smith-REP ..7-18-41 
Hurry, Charlie, Hurry- 

RKO. .7-10-41 
Husband and Wife if BRA 

Husband Hunter if F . . 9-19-20 
Husband Hunters if TIF.. 1927 
Husband's Holiday -PAR. . 1-3-32 
Husbands and Lovers if FN 

Husbands and Lovers if RIM 

Husbands and Wives if GAU 

Husbands by Proxy if FFS . 1928 
Husbands for Rent if WA 


Hush if EQU 5-1-21 

Hush Money if PAR . .11-27-21 

Hush Money-F 7-12-31 

Hushed Hour if GAR.... 1919 
Huszarserelem ( Hungarian )- 

DAN. .4-24-35 
Hutch of the U. S. A. * 

STE. .8-10-24 

Hypnotized-WW 12-17-32 

Hypocrisy if F 6-8-16 

Hypocrites if PAR 1914 

Hypocrites k PS 

Hypocrites if LON ....5-12-18 
Hyppolit, A lakaj-ICE. .1-^0-33 

I Accuse ( French )-MAB. .1940 
I Accuse My Parents- 

PRC. .10-27-44 

I Am a Criminal-MOP. .12-2-38 

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain 

Gang-WA. .10-21-32 

I Am a Thief-WA 1-2-35 

I Am From Siam-PIC. . .9-6-31 
I Am Guilty if APR. . .4-24-21 
I Am In Oberbayern (German) 
-UFA. .1939 
I Am the Law if AFF . . 5-7-22 
I Am the Law-COL. .. 8-24-38 
I Am the Man ■*■ CHA...1924 
I Am the Woman if KRE.1921 

I Am Suzanne-F 1-19-34 

I Believe if TCS 7-5-17 

I Believed in You-F. . .4-10-34 
I Can Explain if M... 2-19-22 

I Can't Escape-BEA 7-6-34 

I Can't Give You Anything 
But Love, Baby-U. .6-21-40 


Conquer the Sea-ACD. 1-16-36 
Cover Chinatown-ST. .8-25-36 
Cover the War-U. . . .6-29-37 
Cover the Waterfront-UA 


Do if AE 1921 

Defy if ARI 1922 

Demand Payment-IML 


Dood It-MGM . .7-30-43 

Dream Too Much-RKO 

Due Sergenti (Italian) - 

XX. .11-29-39 
Escaped from the Gestapo- 

MOP 4-15-43 

Found Stella Parish-FN 

Give My Life ( French )- 

AFE. .1941 
Give My Love-U ....7-17-34 
Hate Women-GOS ...7-11-34 
Have Lived-CHE . . .7-19-33 
Killed That Man-MOP 

Kiss Your Hand Madame 

(S-SE)-SDC. .8-30-32 
Like It That Way-. .4-11-34 
Like Your Nerve-FN. .9-13-31 
Live for Love-WA. . 10-18-36 
Live My Life-MGM. . 10-14-36 
Live on Danger-PAR. .9-16-42 
Lost My Heart in Heidelberg 

if WIN. .1928 
Love a Soldier-PAR. . .6-14-44 

Love You * TRI 1-10-18 

Love You Again-MGM . 8-8-40 
Love That Man-PAR. 7-8-33 
Loved a Woman-FN. 9-21-33 
Loved You Wednesday-F 


Married a Doctor-FN. 3-31-36 

Married a Spy-GN. . .7-11-38 

Married a Witch-UA . . 10-22-42 

Man-ied an Angel-MGM 6-21-42 

Married Adventure-COL 

Met a Murderer-YOR. 9-28-39 
Met Him in Paris-PAR . 5-24-37 
Met My Love Again-UA 

Promise to Pay-COL. 2-18-37 
Sell Anything-FN. . .12-26-34 
Stand Accused-REP. .10-19-38 
Stand Condemned-UA. .6-9-36 

Stole a Million-U 8-22-39 

Take This Oath-PRC . 6-26-40 
Take This Woman-MGM 

Take This Woman-PAR 

Tre Innamorato (Italian) - 

PIE. .6-24-37 
Wake Up Screaming-F 

(Reviewed as "Hot Spot") 
Walked with a Zomble- 

RKO 3-17-43 

Want a Divorce-PAR. 10-4-40 
Wanted Wings-PAR. .3-27-41 
Want My Man if FN. 4-19-26 
Want to Be a Mother 

( Yiddish )-JEF. .3-15-37 

Want to Forget if F. 12-29-18 

Was a Captive of Nazi Ger- 

many-MAW. .8-4-36 

Was a Comvict-REP ... 3-6-39 

Was a Spy-F 1-13-34 

Was an Adventuress-F . 6-24-40 
Was a Prisoner on Devil's 

Island-COL. .8-4-41 

Was Framed-WA 4-8-42 

Was to Blame (Italian) - 

XX. .5-15-40 
Will Repay if VIT. . 11-15-17 
Doanez' Torrent if M-G-M 


ce-Capades-REP 8-20-41 

c» Capades Revne-REP 12-21-42 
ce Flood if U 9-19-26 

/ „ 







Ice Follies of 1939, The- 

MGM. .3-7-39 

Icebound if PAR 3-9-24 

Iced Bullet * INC 2-1-17 

Iceland-F 8-12-42 

Iceland Fishermen ( French )- 

DUW. .9-21-35 
Ich Glaub Nie Mehr an Eine 

Frau-BAV. .10-13-33 
Ich Kenn Dich Nicht und 
Liebe Dich ( German )- 

XX. .11-19-35 
Ich Sehne Mich Nach Dir 

(German) -XX. .9-9-30 
Ich Sin? Mich in Dein Herz 

Hinein ( German ) -XX . . 6-4-35 
Ich und die Kaiserin (Ger- 
many) -UFA. .1935 
Ich Will Nicht Wissen Wer du 
Bist-INW. .2-17-33 
I'd Give My Life-PAR. 7-28-30 

Idaho-REP 2-18-43 

Idaho Kid-GN 8-6-30 

Idaho Red (S-SE) -RKO. 4-28-29 
Idiot's Delight-MGM ...1-31-39 

Id'e Class * FN 10-2-21 

Idle Hands * PI 1921 

Idle Rich-M-G-M 6-23-29 

Idle Rich * M 11-6-21 

Tdle Tonpues if FN. .. 12-14-24 

Idle Wives if U 9-28-10 

Idler if F 1914 

Tdol Dancer if FN ... .3-23-20 
Idol of the Crowds-U. .9-30-37 
Idol of the North if PAR 

Idol of the Stage * GAU 

Idolaters if TRI .....9-13-17 
Idolos de la Radio ( Spanish )- 

XX. .7-5-35 
Idols of Clay if PAR. .11-23-20 
If I Had a Million-PAR 

Tf I Had My Way-U. . .4-30-40 
If I Marry Ag-ain if FN 

Tf I Were Free-RKO. . 12-8-33 
If I Were King- if F... 7-4-20 
If I Were King-PAR. . .9-19-38 
If I Were Queen if FBO 

Tf I Were Single •*• WA . .1-1-28 
If Marriage Fails if FBO 

If My Country Should Call 

• RED. .9-7-16 

Tf Only Jim -fr U 2-27-21 

If Women Only Knew if 

RC. .5-29-21 
If War Comes (Russian) - 

AM. .7-18-38 
Tf Winter Comes if F... 9-9-23 
Tf You Believe It, It's So if 

PAR. .7-16-22 
Tf You Could Only Cook- 

COL. .12-27-35 

Trdnnbu ir AM 12-7-30 

Isloi Diakok ( Hungarian )- 

XX. .5-25-35 

Tsrloo (S-SE)-U 1932 

Thr Groesster Erfolg- ( Ger- 
man )-CAO. .2-18-38 
Tli re Hoheit Beflehlt (Ger- 
man) -UFA. .11-8-31 
Ihre Majestaet Die Liebe- 

WA . . 2-8-33 
II Barone Di Corbo ( Italian )- 

XX. .1941 
II Cappollo A Tre Punte 

(Italian! -NUO. .9-30-36 
Tl Cnrrasrsrio Delia Dioventu 
Mussaliniania (Italian )- 

WO. .2-6-36 
Tl Corsaro Noro ( Italian )- 

ESP. .5-1 1-39 
II Delilto Di Mastrovanni 

(Italian) -MPS. .81 -35 
II Dotter Antonio (Italian) - 

XX. .12-15-39 

II Est Charmant (French) - 

PAR. .4-10-32 
II Paraninfo ( Italian )- 

XX. .2-8-40 
II Re Burlone ( Italian )- 

XX. .4-1-36 
II Richiamo Del Cuore 

(Italian) -PAR. .3-8-31 
II Serpente A Sonagli 

< Italian )-NUO. .8-18-36 
II Signor Max ( Italian) - 

ESP. .10-20-39 
I'll Be Seeing- You-UA . .12-20-44 

I'll Be There if S1E 1927 

I'll Fix It-COL 11-10-34 

I'll Get Him Yet if PAR 

I'll Give a Million-F. . .7-18-38 
I'll Love You Always-COL 


I'll Say So * F 1918 

I'll Sell My Life-SE. . .9-12-41 
I'll Show You the Town if 

U. .5-31-25 
I'll Take Romance-COL 

I'll Tell the World-U. .4-21-34 
I'll Wait For You-MGM 


Illesal-WA 9-29-32 

Illegal Trafflc-PAR ...11-2-38 

Ulieit-WA 1-18-31 

lis Etaient Neuf Celibataires 

(French) -XX. .1942 

Ulusion-PAR 9-29-29 

Illusions if ROM 1921 

Illustrious Prince if RC 

Im Geheimdienst ( German )- 

XX. .1-3-35 
I'm from Arkansas-PRC . 10-6-44 
I'm Glad My Boy Grew Up to 

Be a Soldier if SEL. .12-16-15 
I'm No Angel-PAR. .. .3 0-14-33 
I'm From Mlssouri-PAR 

I'm from the City-RKO. 7-28-38 
I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now 

-U. .8-6-40 
I'm Still Alive-RKO ...9-30-40 
Image Maker if PAT.. 1-11-17 
Imitation of Life-U. .. 11-23-34 
Immediate Lee -*• AMU. 11-16-16 
Immigrant if PAR ...12-23-15 
Tmmortal Flame if IV.. 3-2-16 
Immortal Serg-eant, The- 

F 1-11-43 

Immortal Vagabond-TPE 

Immortal (German) - 

XX. .1939 

Imp if SEZ 1920 

Tmpatient Maiden-U ...3-6-32 
Impatient Years, The- 

COL. .9-25-44 
Important Melodies (Ger- 
man) -XX. . 1938 
Important Witnegs-TOW. . 9-6-33 
Impossible Boy if PAC..1922 
Impossible Catherine if PAT 

Impossible Mrs. Bellew if 

PAR. .10-29-22 
Impossible Susan if AMU 


Imposter if EMU 1-31-18 

Tmposter if FBO 6-27-26 

Impostor, The-U 2-10-44 

Impulse if ARW 1922 

In a Moment of Temptation 

if FBO. .10-9 27 
In a Monastery Garden- 

SAC . . 3-1 3-35 
Tn Aa-ain-Out Again if ART 

5-3-1 7 

Tn Bid if AMU 2-14-18 

In Borrowed Plumes if ARW 

3 7-26 
In Broncho Land if RA..1926 


In Caliente-FN 6-27-35 

In Early Arizona-COL. . . 1938 
In Every Woman's Life if 

FN. .11-2-24 
In Fast Company if TRU 

In Folly's Trail if U.. 8-22-20 
In for Thirty Days if M. 2-2-19 
In 40 Minutes ( German )- 

UFA . . 1938 
In Gay Madrid-MGM . . 6-22-30 
In High Gear if SU.... 2-8-25 
In His Brother's Place if 

M. .7-13-19 

In His Steps-GN 9-22-30 

In Hollywood with Potash and 
Perlmutter if FN.. 9-28-2-1 
In Honor's Web * VIT. . 11-9-1 !» 
In Judgment of if M.. 8-25-18 
In Line of Duty-MOP. 11-29-31 
In Love With Life-CHE 

In Love with Love if F..1925 
In Mizzoura if PAR. . 10-19 19 

In Name Only-RKO 8-3-39 

In Old Arizona-F 1-20-29 

In Old Caliente-REP. . .7-14-39 
In Old California-AUD. .9-15-29 
In Old Calif ornia-REP. .6-11-42 
In Old Cheyenne-WW . . . 5-3-3 1 
In Old Cheyenne-REP. . .4-4-41 

In Old Chicasro-F 1-4 38 

In Old Colorado-PAR. . .4-30-41 

7-5 35 

In Old Kentucky * 
In Old Kentucky if 

In Old Kentucky-F .... 
In Old Mexieo-PAR. . . 
In Old Missouri-RE-P. . 
In Old Montana-SPE. . 
Tn Old Monterey-REP. 
In Old Oklahoma-REP. 10-25-43 

In Our Time-WA 2-4-44 

Iron Major, The-RKO. .10-25-43 
In Old Santa Fe-MAP. .11-15-34 
In Old Siberia * AM.. 7-28-29 
Tn Paris. A. W.O.L.-ROW. .4-7-30 

In Person-RKO 11-2-35 

In Pursuit of Polly if PAR 

Hero if GER 

Sinner if FN 

3 14-20 
Thrill if M 

In Search of Arcady if 

EXT. .1910 
In Self Defense if GHA . 4-30-22 
In Slumberland if 

TRI. .8-9-17 

Tn Society if PI 1921 

In Society-U S-15-44 

In Spite of Danser-COL. 4-9-35 
In the Balance •*• VIT... 191 7 
In the Days of St. Patrick if 

KEL. .1921 
In the Days of the Crusadem 

(S-SE) -AM. .9-27-32 
In the Diplomatic Service ir 

M. .10 26 16 
In the First Degree if STE 

In the Far East (Russian »- 

AM. .1937 
In the Hands of the Law if 

BM. .4-19-17 

In the Headlines-WA 1929 

Tn the Heart of a Fnnl if 

FN. .1921 
In the Hollow of Her Hand 

if SEZ. .1918 
In the Land of the Soviets- 

AM. .6-28-34 
In the Meantime, Darling-- 

F. .9-22 44 

Tn the Monoy-CHE 1-6-34 

Tn the Name of Love if 

PAR. .8-30-25 

In Search of 
In Search of 

In Search of 

In the Name of the Law if 

FBO. .7-16 22 

In the Navy-U 6-2-41 

In the Next Room-FN .. .4-8-30 

In the Night * PS 1922 

In the Palace of the Kings if 

ES. .10-7-16 
In the Palace of the Kings if 

G. .12-9-23 
In the Rear of the Enemy- 

ARQ. .10-26-42 
In The Rough (Spanish) - 

XX. .1939 
In the South Seas With Mr. 

& Mrs. Plnchot-TPE..1930 
In This Our Life-WA. . .4-9-42 
In Walked Mary if PAT 

In Which We Serve-UA 10-16-42 
In Wien Hab Ich Einmal Ein 
Maedel Geliebt-XX . . 6-29-34 

In Wrong if FN 12-21-19 

Incertidumbre (Spanish)- 

UA. .9-22-36 
Incorrigible Dukane if PAR 

Indestructible Wife if SEL 1919 
India Speaks (S-SE)-RKO 

Indian, The (Spanish)- XX 

Indian Tomb ( German )- 

XX. .1938 
Indianapolis Speedway-WA 


Indiscreet-UA 6-10-31 

Indiscreet Corinne if TRI 

Indiscretion if VIT ...1-18-17 

Indiscretion * PI 1921 

Inevitable. The if ERB. 4-12-17 
Inez from Hollywood if FN 

Infamous Miss Revelle if 

M. .9-4-21 
Infatuation if AMU ...9-9-16 

Infatuation if FN 1-10-26 

Infatuation of Youth if 

GAU. .1921 

Inferior Sex if FN 6-9-20 

Infernal Machine-F 4-8-83 

Infidel. The if FN . . .4-23-Slj 
Infidelity (Spanish) -XX ..1939 

Information Kid-TJ 1932 

Informer. The-RKO 5-1-36 

Ingagi * COG 3-16-31 

Inge Unde Die Millionen- 

UFA. .4-17-34 
Inherited Passions if HGA 

Inkognito ( German ) -UFA 

Inn of the Blue Moon if 

SHE. .8-18-18 
Inner Chamber if VIT. .9-25-21 

Inner Man if SYR 1923 

Inner Man it PS 1922 

Inner Ring if U 

Inner Shrine if PAR... 8-2-17 
Inner Struggle if AMU. .6-22-16 
Inner Voice * AME. . .3-28-20 
Inner Voice if PAT. . .2-14-18 

Innocence if PAT 1-17-18 

Innocence if CBC 1923 

Innocence (German) -XX. .. 1939 
Innocence of Ruth if EDK 

Innocent Adventures if 

PAR. .1919 
Innocent Cheat if ARW. 6-25-22 
Innocent Lie if PAR.. 6-11-16 
Innocent Magdalene if 

FAT. .6-8-16 
Innocent Sinner if F . . . . 8-§-17 
Innocent Thief ( German )- 

UFA . . 1938 
Innocent's Progress if 

TRI. .4-4-18 

Innocents of Paris- 

PAR. .4-28-29 
Inside Information-SS. .9-25-84 
Inside Inf ormation-U . . . 6-23-39 
Inside of the Cup if 

PAR. .1-16-21 
Inside of the Lines if 

PYR. .9-1-18 
Inside Russia if XX.... 1941 

Inside Story-F 10-20-38 

Inside the Law-PRC 9-21-42 

Inside the Lines-RKO . .7-13-30 

Insinuation if CLR 1922 

Inspector General, The 

(Czech.) -GAS. .11-29-37 

Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday- 

F.. 1-26-40 

Inspiration if EXP. . .6-27-28 

Inspiration-MGM 2-8-31 

Interference-PAR 11-18-28 

Interferin' Gent if 

PAT. .9-4-27 

Interloper if WO 6-9-18 

Intermezzo ( Swedish )- 

SCA.. 12-30-37 
Intermezzo (German)- 

AMT. .9 3-87 
Intermezzo : A Love Story- 

UA. .10-4-39 
International Crime- 

GN. .420-38 
International House- 

PAR. .5-27-33 
International Lady- 

UA.. 10-16-41 
International Marriage if 

PAR.. 8-3 16 
International Settlement- 

F. .1-25-38 
International Squadron- 

WA. .8-13-41 
Internes Can't Take Money- 

PAR. .4-12-37 
Into Her Kingdom if 

FN. .8-22-26 
Into No Man's Land if 

EXP. .9-23-28 

Into the Net if PAT lt24 

Into the Night if 

RAE. .8-26-28 
Into the Primitive * 

SEL. .5-26-16 

Intolerance if 1916 

Intrigue * VIT 3-16-17 

Intrigue if LEV 1928 

Intrigue if PAR 9-28-16 

Introduce Me if AE.. 3-16-26 

Intruder, The-ALI 3-13-38 

Intrusion of Isabel if 

PAT.. 4-8-19 
Invaders ( S-SE ) -SYN . . 1 1-24-29 

Invaders, The-COL 2-18-42 

Invisible Agent-U 8-7-42 

Invisible Bond if PAR 1919 

Invisible Divorce if NF . . 8-8-20 
Invisible Enemy if 

RKO. .4-20-16 
Invisible Enemy-REP. .4-11-88 
Invisible Fear if FN.... 4-2-22 
Invisible Ghost-MOP. . .4-17-41 
Invisible Killer. The- 

PRC. .2-9-40 

Invisible Man-U 11-18-33 

Invisible Man Returns, The- 

U. .1-18-40 
Invisible Man's Revenge, 

The-U. .6-9-44 
Invisible Menace-WA. . .2-16-38 
Invisible Power if G. . 10-2-21 
Invisible Ray, The-U. . .1-11-86 

Invisible Stripes- WA 1-16-40 

Invisible Woman, The-U .. 1-7-41 
Invitation to Happiness- 

PAR. .6-9-39 
Invitation to the Waltz- 

HOB. .7-9-38 

Io-Tu-Y-Ella-F 12-11-33 

Ireland's Border Line- 

ALW. .10 24-39 


Irene-RKO 4-19-40 

Irene if F 3-7-26 

Iris if PAT 1917 

Irish and Proud of It- 

GUA. .11-7-38 

Irish Cavalcade-XX 1941 

Irish Destiny if EPP. .4-17-27 

Irish Eyes if TRI 1918 

Irish Eyes Are Smiling- 

F. .10-6-44 

Irish Hearts if WA 6-29-27 

Irish in Us, The- WA. ... 8-1-35 

Irish Luck if AR 11-29-25 

Irish Luck-MOP 9-29-39 

Irma, La Mala 

(Spanish) -XX. .10-8-36 
Iron Duke, The-GB. .. .1-25-35 

Iron Fist if RA 1926 

Iron Hand if U 

Iron Heart if PWO. .. .8-9-17 

Iron Horse if F 9-7-24 

Iron Man if CHA 6-28-2E 

Iron Man-U 4-19-31 

Iron Mask (PT)- 

UA. .3-24-29 

Iron Master- ALI 2-4-33 

Iron Rider if F 11-28-20 

Iron Ring if PWO 8-9-17 

Iron Strain if M 10-12-16 

Iron to Gold * F 3-12-22 

Iron Trail if UA 11-8-21 

Iron Woman if M. ... 10-12-16 
Irrestible Lover if U. . 9-4-27 
Irrtum Des Herzens 

(German) -XX. .1941 
Is Any Girl Safer if 

ANT. .9-21-16 
Is Divorce a Failure? if 

AE. .1923 
Is Everybody Happy ?COL. .1943 
Is Everybody Happy ?- 

WA. .11-10-29 
Is Life Worth Living? if 

SEZ. .7-24-21 
Is Love Everything? if 

AE. .11-2-24 
Is Matrimony a Failure? if 

PAR. .4-23-22 
Is Money Everything? if 

LBR. .1923 
Ts My Face Red-RKO. .6-11-32 

Is That Nice? if FBO 1927 

I» There Justice ?-WW. . 9-20-31 
Is This Love? (Italian )- 

CAT. .11-16-30 

Is Zat So? if F 5-22-27 

Isabellita ( Spanish ) -XX . . . 1941 

Island Captives-PRI 7-29-37 

Island in the Sky-F. .. .6-9-38 
Island of Desire if F. . . .1-4-17 

Island of Doom-AM 7-20-33 

Island of Doomed Men- 

COL. .6-13-40 
Island of Intrigue if M . . 1919 
Island of Lost Men-PAR. .9-7-39 
Island of Lost Souls- 

PAR.. 1-12-33 
Island of Regeneration if 

VIT. .1915 
Island of Surprise if 

VIT. .2-3-16 
Island Wives if VIT. . . .3-26-22 
Isle of Conquest if 

SEZ 11-9-19 
Isle of Destiny-RKO. !. .3-6-40 

Isle of Destiny * MA 1921 

Isle of Doubt if AE 9-17-22 

Isle of Escape-WA 4-6-30 

Isle of Forgotten Sins- 

PRC 7-8-43 

Isle of Forgotten Women if 

COL. .12-4-27 

Isle of Fury-WA 12-2-36 

Isle of Hope if FBO.. 8-23-25 
Isle of Life if RED. .10-26-16 
Isle of Lost Men if 

RA. .12-9-28 
Isle of Lost Ships if 

FN.. 3-18-23 

sle of Lost Ships-FN. .10-27-29 
sle of Love * GAU.. 5-18-16 
sle of Missing Men-MOP 8-11-42 
sle of Paradise- ADP. .7-22-32 
sle of Retribution if 

FBO. .7-4-26 
sle of Vanishing Men if 

ALD. .3-16-24 
sle of Zorda * PAT.. 3-12-22 
n't Life Wonderful? if 

UA.. 12-1-24 

sobel if DAV 12-5-20 

st Mein Mann Nicht Fabelhaft 
( German )-CAO. .12-7-36 

t * PAR. 2-13-27 

t Ain't Hay-U 3-22-43 

t All Came True-WA .. 4-5-40 
t Can Be Done * VIT..1921 
t Can Be Done ( PT) -U . .4-7-29 
t Can't Last Forever- 

COL. .1937 
t Comes Up Love-U. . . .1-25-43 
t Could Happen to You- 

REP. .8-18-37 
t Could Happen to You- 

F. .6-12-39 
t Couldn't Have Happened- 

INV. .9-11-36 
t Had to Happen-F. .2-15-36 
t Happened in Flatbush- 

F.. 5-28-42 
t Happened in Hollywood- 

COL. .10-6-37 
t Happened in Honolulu if U. . 
t Happened in New York- 

U.. 3-6-35 
t Happened in Paris if 

TY.. 3-7-20 
t Happened One Night- 

COL. .2-23-34 
t Happened Out West- 

F.. 6-8-37 
t Happened to Adele if 

PAT. .1917 
t Happened to One Man- 

RKO. .2-26-41 
t Happened Tomorrow- 

UA. .3-24-44 

t Is the Law if F 9-7-24 

t Isn't Being Done This 

Season if VIT 1921 

t Might Happen to You if 

SEE. .11-14-20 
t Must Be Love if 

FN.. 10-10-26 
t Pays to Advertise if 

PAR. .11-30-19 
t Pays to Advertise- 

PAR. .2-22-31 
t Started With Eve-U. .9-30-41 

fs a Date-U 3-25-40 

t's a Bear if TRI 3-2-19 

t's a Boy-GB 6-8-34 

t's a Gift-PAR 11-17-34 

t's a Great Life-COL 1943 

fs a Great Life if G. . 9-5-20 
t's a Great Life-MGM. . 1929 
t's a Great Life-PAR. .1-31-36 
t's a Small World-F . . 5-21-35 
t's a Wise Child-MGM . .6-4-39 
t's a Wonderful World- 

MGM. .5-17-31 
t's All in Your Mind- 

RAY. .3-29-38 

t's All Yours-COL 2-1-38 

t's Easy to Become a Father if 
UFA. .6-30-29 
t's Easy to Make Money if 

M. .7-20-19 
t's Great to Be Alive-F. .7-8-33 

t's In the Air-BSB 12-12-40 

t's In the Air-MGM . . 10-10-36 
t'a Love Again-GB ... .5-12-36 
t's Love I'm After-FN. .7-30-37 
t's the Old Army Game if 

PAR. .7-18-26 
It's Tough to be Famous- 

FN. .4-10-32 

Italian Battle Front if 

FOP. .1918 
Italy Speaks (S-SE)-CUE. . 1933 
Italy's Flaming Front if 

FN. .1918 
Itching Palms if FBO.. 7-22-23 

Itto ( French ) -TAP 3-2-36 

Ivan-GAS 2-23-33 

Ivan the Terrible if AM.. 1928 
I've Been Around-U. .. .3-5-35 
I've Got Your Number- 

WA. .2-3-34 
Ivory Handled Gun, The- 

U. .11-19-35 

Ivory Snuff ■*• WO 9-16-15 

Iza Neni-XX 6-5-34 


J'Accuse if UA 6-15-21 

Jacare-UA 1942 

Jacare-UA 1-21-43 

Jack Ahoy-GB 2-9-35 

Jack and Jill if PAR. .11-22-17 
Jack and the Beanstalk if 

F. .10-11-17 
Jack Knife Man if FN.. 8-8-20 

Jack London-UA 11-24-43 

Jack O'Clubs if U 2-10-24 

Jack O'Hearts if ACI. . 10-17-26 

Jack Rider if AY 8-14-21 

Jack Spurlock-Prodigal if 


Jack Straw if PAR 4-3-20 

Jackass Mail-MGM 6-22-42 

Jackie if F 11-27-21 

Jacqueline of Blazing Barriers if 
ARW. .5-13-23 
Jacques of the Silver North if 
SEL. .6-8-19 

Jade Casket if COS 6-30-29 

Jade Cup * FBO 7-11-26 

Jaffery if FRO 9-14-16 

Jaguar's Claws if PAR.. 6-7-17 

Jail House Blues-U 2-16-42 

Jailbird if PAR 10-3-20 

Jailbreak-WA 5-8-36 

Jake the Plumber if 

FBO. .12-17-27 

Jam Session-COL 6-9-44 

Jalna-RKO 7-26-36 

Jamaica Inn-PAR 10-12-38 

Jamboree-REP 4-24-44 

Jan of the Big Snows if 

AR.. 7-9-22 
Jana, Das Maedchan Aus Dem 
Boehmerwald ( German ) - 

TRE. .6-23-36 

Jane if PAR 12-9-16 

Jane Eyre-MOP 7-17-34 

Jane Eyre + HOD 10-16-21 

Jane Eyre-F 2-3-44 

Jane Goes a-Wooing if 

PAR. .1-12-19 

Jango if QDE 1929 

Janie-WA 7-25-44 

Janice Meredith if 

MG. .8-10-24 
Janosik ( Czech.) -FRM . .5-21-36 
Japanese Nightingale if 

PAT. .9-1-18 

Java Head if PAR 2-11-23 

Java Head-FD 7-31-35 

Jaws of Hell-WW 1-11-31 

Jaws of Steel if WA.. 9-25-27 

Jazz Age if RKO 1-13-29 

Jazz Cinderella-CHE. .. .9-28-30 

Jazz Girl if MPG 6-19-27 

Jazz Heaven-RKO 11-3-29 

Jazz Land if QU 3-10-29 

Jazz Mad if U 8-26-28 

Jazz Monkey if U 

Jazz Singer if WA 10-23-27 

Jazzmania if M 2-18-23 

Jealous Husbands if 

FN 2-3-24 

Jealously-COL ii-23-34 

Jealously •*• F 11-23-16 

Jealously if UFA 10-7-28 


Jealously-PAR 9-15-29 

Jean De La Lune 

(French) -TOB. .3-13-32 
Jean of the Woods if 

WO. .7-28-18 
Jeanne Dore if BL. ... 1-20-16 

Jeanne Dore if FFS 1928 

Jeanne of the Gutter if 

M. .1910 

Jeannie-ENG 9-22-43 

Jeannie if SEZ 1920 

Jede Frau Hat Ein Geheimnis 

(German) -XX. .3-24-37 
Jede Frau Hat Etwas 

(German) -PAR. .5-24-31 
Jeepers Creepers-REP. .. 11-1-39 
Jego Wielka Milosc 

(Polish) -XX. .3-25-36 

Jennie-F 1940 

Jennie Gerhardt-PAR .... 6-9-33 
Jenny Be Good if 

REA. .5-16-20 
Jes' Call Me Jim if 

G. .5-30-20 
Jewe James * PAR. . .10-23-27 

Jesse James-F 1-13-39 

Jesse James, Jr. -REP. . .4-1-42 
Jesse James at Bay- 

REP. .10-17-41 

Jew at War if AM 7-26-31 

Jewel if U 1916 

Jewel in Pawn if BL.. 4-19-17 

Jewel Robbery-WA 7-23-32 

Jewels of Desire if PDC..1927 

Jezebel-WA 3-11-38 

Jilt if U 11-26-22 

Jilted Janet * AMU. .2-28-18 

Jim Bludso if FAT 2-1-17 

Jim Grimsby's Boy if 

INC. .10-19-16 
Jim Hanvey, Detective- 

REP. .5-11-37 
Jim the Conqueror if 

PDC. .1-16-27 
Jim the Penman if 

FN. .3-27-21 
Jimmie Higgins if GAS.. 3-4-33 

Jimmie the Gent-WA 3-26-34 

Jimmie's Millions if 

FBO. .3-1-25 

Jimmy and Sally-F 1933 

Jinx if G 9-28-19 

Jitterbugs-F '6-25-43 

Jive Junction-PRC 11-22-43 

Jo As Oreg A Naznai 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .2-6-35 

Joan of Ozark-REP 7-15-42 

Joan of Paris-RKO 1-9-42 

Joan of Plattaburg if 

G. .5-12-18 
Joan of the Woods if WO. .1918 
Joan the Woman if 

PAR. .1-4-17 

Joanna if FN 12-20-26 

Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the 

Prp-udent-MGM 12-7-39 

Joe Smith, American-MGM 1-7-42 
Johanna Enlists if 

ART. .9-8-18 
Johannisnacht ( German )- 

XX. .2-26-35 
John Barleycorn if PAR.. 1914 
John Ermine of Yellowstone if 

U. .1917 
John Forest Finds Himself if 

HEP.. 12-11-21 
John Gladye's Honour if 

PAT. .1915 
John Guns ( Spanish) - 

XX. .1938 
John Meade's Woman- 

AR.. 2-11-37 
John Needham's Double if 

BL.. 4-13-16 
John Petticoats if 

PAR. .11-23-10 

John Smith if SEZ 1922 

John, the Soldier of Vengeance 
(Spanish) -XX. .1939 

Johnny if SEZ 

Johnny Apollo-F 4-16-40 

Johnny Come Lately-UA. 8-30-43 
Johnny Doesn't Live Here 

Any More-MOP. .5-15-44 
Johnny Doughboy-REP. 12-24-42 
Johnny Eager-MGM ... 12-10-41 
Johnny Get Your Gun if 

ART. .3-23-19 
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut if 

MGM. .2-6-27 
Johnny-on-the-Spot if 

M. .2-23-19 
Johnny Ring: and the Captain's 

Sword if TEM 8-28-21 

Johnstown Flood * P.. 3-7-26 
Join the Marines-REP. . . .1-4-37 

Jolly Peasant if FER 1929 

Jolt if F 1922 

Jones Family in Hollywood- 

F. .1939 
Jordan in a Hard Road if 

FAT. .11-25-15 
Joselyn's Wife * EXI...1919 
Joselyn's Wife ic TIF.. 11-4-26 
Joseph in the Land of Egypt 

( Yiddish )-GU A. .5-22-32 

Josette-F 6-11-38 

Journal of a Crime-FN. .2-24-34 
Journey for M&rgaret- 

MGM. .10-28-42 
Journey Into Fear-RKO. .8-7-42 
Journey to Tilsit ( German )- 

XX. .1940 
Journey's End * HOD.. 6-19-21 
Journey's End * WO.. 6-19-18 

Journey's End-TIF 4-13-30 

Joy * S 

Joy and the Drag-on if 

PAT. .1916 

Joy Girl if F 9-11-27 

Joy of Living-RKO 3-22-38 

Joy Street (S-SE)-F 8-4-29 

Joyful Cruise ( German )- 

XX 1938 

Joyous Liar if PAT 12-14-19 

Joyous Troublemaker if 

F. .6-20-20 

Juarez-WA 4-26-39 

Juarez and Maximilian, See: 

The Mad Empress. 
Juarez Y Maximiliano 

(Spanish) -COL. .2-20-35 

Jubilo if G 12-14-19 

Jucklins * PAR 12-26-20 

Judas ( Spanish) -XX 4-27-37 

Judge Hardy and Son- 

MGM. .12-15-39 
Judge Hardy's Children- 

MGM. .4-4-38 

Judge Not if U 9-16-15 

Judge Priest-F 8-13-14 

Judgement if WO 10-2-21 

Judgement Book, The- 

BEU. .10-17-35 
Judgement House if 

PAR. .11-29-17 
Judgement of God 

Finnish-XX. .1939 
Judgement of the Hills if 

FBO. .8-14-27 
Judgement of the Storm if 

FBO. .12-30-23 
Judith of the Cumberlands ir 

MT. .8-10-16 

Judy Forgot * U 1915 

Judy of Rogue's Harbor if 

REA. .2-8-20 

Jugend (German)-XX 1939 

Juggernaut if VIT 1915 

Juggernaut-GN 5-7-37 

Juke Box Jenny -U 4-1-42 

Juke Girl-WA 4-8-42 

Jules of the Strong Heart if 

PAR. .1-24-18 
Julieta Compra un Hijo- 

(Spanish)-F. .3-27-35 
Julius Caesar if KLE . . 2-12-22 
June Madness if M.... 10-1-22 

June Moon-PAR 3-15-31 

Jungfrau Gegen Moenieh 

( German ) -UFA . . 3-19-35 
Jungle Adventuress ir 

SEZ. .9-18 21 

Jungle Book-UA 3-25-42 

Jungle Bride-MOP 5-13-33 

Jungle Child if INC. . . .9-14-16 

Jungle Gentlemen if U 

Jungle Killer, The- 

CEN. .11-26-32 

Jungle Man-PRC 10-13-41 

Jungle Princess, The- 

AR. .11-20-36 

Jungle Siren-PRC 10-16-42 

Jungle Trial if F 4-13-19 

Jungle Woman-U 7-24-44 

Junior Army-COL 1942 

Juno and the Paycock- 

BI. .6-29-30 

Jury of Fate if M 8-16-17 

Jury's Secret-U 1-18-38 

Just a Gigolo-MGM. .. .6-14-31 
Just a Song at Twilight if 

PS. .1922 

Just a Wife if SEZ 1920 

Just a Woman if FN.. 5-31-25 
Just a Woman if STG.. 5-2-18 
Just Another Blonde if 

FN. .12-19-26 
Just Around the Corner if 

PAR, .1-8-22 
Just Around the Cornei 1 - 

F. .11-2-38 
Just For a Song-WW. .4-26-31 
Just for Tonight if G....1918 

Just Imagine-F 10-19-30 

Just Jim if U 1915 

Just Like a Woman if 

HOD. .3-18-23 
Just Like a Woman- ALL. .1939 
Just Like Heaven-TIF. .10-19-30 
Just Like the Leaves- 

( Italian) -XX. .1938 
Just Married if PAR.. 8-19-28 
Just My Luck-COR. 
Just Off Broadway if F. 
Just Off Broadway ir 

Just Off Broadway-F. . . 
Just Out of College if 

G. .2-13-21 
Just Outside the Door if 

SEZ. .1921 



Just Pals if F 

Just Smith-GB. . . . 
Just Squaw if EXI 
Just Suppose if FN 
Just Sylvia * WO. 
Just Tony if F. . . . 
Just Travelin' if SIE 
Justice of Pancho Villa 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Justice of the Range- 

Justice Raffles if HEP. . 
Justice Takes a Holiday- 

MAF. .4-19-33 
Juvenile Court-COL. ... 9-15-38 

. . .1919 
. 8-20-22 
. . .1926 

. .1924 


K-The Unknown * U.. 8-31-24 

Kadetten-FIM 12-29-33 

Kaiser in Peace and War, The-^- 
R. .2-2-30 
Kaiser. The-The Beast of Ber- 
lin if U 3-14-18 

Kaiser's Finish if WA. .12-15-18 
Kaiser's Shadow if 

PAR. .6-23-18 
Kaiserliebchen (German) - 

TOB. .11-15-31 
Kaiserwalzer ( German )- 

GFS. .1-3-35 

Kalda Ruby ir SEZ 

Kalle Paa Spaagen 

( Swedish )-SCA. .2-7-40 


Kameraden Auf See 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Kameradschaft ( German )- 

ASS. .11-10-32 

Kansan, The-UA 6-10-43 

Kansas City Kitty-COL ... 9-1-44 
K.uihus City Princess- 

WA. .11-3-34 
Kansas Cyclone-REP. .. 6-19-4.' 
Kansas Terrors. The- 

REP. .10-19-39 

Kara Slakten-XX 5-15-34 

Karamazov ( German )- 

TOB. .9-27-31 
Karl for Sin Hatt 

(Swedish) -XX. .194J 
Karl Fredrik Regerar 

(Swedish) -XX. .2-4-38 
Karneval Und Liebe 

( German )-LEN. .4-7-36 

Kathleen-HOB 1-27-38 

Kathleen-MGM 11-11-41 

Kathleen Mi^ou/een •*■ F. .1919 
Kathleen Mavoureen- 

TIF. .7-20-30 
Katia (French) -MAB. ... 1-2-40 
Kautschuk ( German )- 

UFA. .1939 

Kazan if EPI 2-20-21 

Keep 'Em Flying-U. . . .11-21-41 
Keep 'Em Rolling-RKO . .3-1-34 
Keep 'Em Slugging-U. .. .3-3-43 

Keep Goin' if SIE 1928 

Keep Going if SIE 1926 

Keep Going if PIZ 1928 

Keep Moving if EDK. . 11-25-15 
Keep Smiling- if AE . . . .7-19-25 

Keep Smiling-F 6-13-38 

Keeper of the Bees if 

FBO. .11-8-25 
Keeper of the Bees- 

MOP. .6-11-35 
Keeper of the Flame- 

MGM. .12-21-42 
Keepers of Youth- 
POP. .3-13-32 
Keeping Company- 

MGM. .1-14-41 
Keeping Up With Lizzie ir 

HOD. .6-16-21 
Keine Angst Vor Liebe 

(German) -XX. .1-22-36 
Keine Feier Ohne Meyer 

( German )-UNG. .11-2-32 
Keith of the Border ir 

TKI. .3-7-18 
Kelly of the Secret Service- 

PRI. .7-22-36 
Kelly the Second MGM . .4-21-36 
Kennedy Square if 

VIT. .2-17-1G 
Kennel Murder Case- 

WA. .10-28-33 
Kenluckians * PAR. . . .2-13-21 

Kentucky-F 12-20-38 

Kentucky Blue Streak- 

PUR. .6-7-35 
Kentucky Cinderella ir 

BL. .6-28-17 
Kentucky Colonel ir 

HOD. .9-19-20 
Kentucky Days ic F.... 3-2-24 
Kentucky Derby ir U. .10-22-22 
Kentucky Handicap it 

RA. .1926 
Kentucky Kernels- 

RKO. .11-22-34 
Kentucky Moonshine-F. .. 5-3-38 
Kentucky Pride if F. . . .8-23-25 
Kept Husbands-RKO. .. .2-8-31 
Keseru Kezeshetek 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .10-25-39 
Ket Fs-oly (Hunsarianl- 

HUN. .1-19-39 

Key. The-WA 5-31-34 

Key to Power ir EDU. .12-15-18 

Keyhole. The-WA 3-31-33 

Keys of the Kingdom-F. 12-15-44 

Keys of the Righteous if 

PAR. .1918 
Kibitzer, The-PAR. ... 12-22-29 

Kick-Back + FBO 7-30-22 

Kick In + PAR 12-24-23 

Kick In * PAT 1-11-17 

Kick In-PAR 5-24-31 

Kick-Off -k EXP 9-5-26 

Kid * CIT 8-21-16 

Kid * FN 1-16-20 

Kid Boots * PAR 10-31-26 

Kid Brother if Par. ... 1-30-27 

Kid Comes Back-WA 2-9-38 

Kid Courageous-STI 7-5-35 

Kid Dynamite-MOP 1-20-43 

(Reviewed as Queen of B'way) 
Kid from Arizona-COS. .5-10-31 
Kid from Kansas, The- 

U. .12-4-41 
Kid from Kokomo. The- 

WA. .5-23-39 
Kid from Santa Fe. The- 

MOP. .9-20-40 
Kid from Spain-UA. .. 11-19-32 
Kid from Texas. The- 

MGM. .4-4-39 

Kid Galahad-WA 5-4-37 

Kid Gloves (PT) -WA .. 6-23-29 
Kid Glove Killer-MGM . .3-16-42 

Kid Is Clever * F 6-30-18 

Kid Millions-UA 10-17-34 

Kid Nightingale-WA ..12-11 -39 

Kid Sister * COL 9-11-27 

Kid's Clever * DNI 3-3-29 

Kid's Last Ride. The- 

MOP. .1941 
Kidder & Ko * PAT.. 6-9-18 

Kidnaoned-F 5-28-38 

Kidnapping Gorillaa- 

KIT. .12-1-34 

Kif Tebbi * Aid 1929 

Kiki * FN 4-11-26 

Kiki-UA 3-8-3 J 

Kildare of Storm if M. .9-29-18 

Kill-Joys * KES 1917 

Killer * PAT 1-30-2J 

Killer at Large-COL. . .10-27-36 
Killers of the Sea-GN. .5-11-37 
Killers of the Wild-TTM. .4-3-40 

Killing to Live-AM 12-20-31 

Kimiko ( Japanese i- 

INT. .4-13-37 

Kind Lady-MGM 12-27-35 

Kinderarzt Dr. Engel 

(German) -CAS. .9-27-37 

Kindled Courage if U 1923 

Kindred of the Dust if 

FN. .9-3-23 
King and the Chorus Girl. The 
WA. .2-25-37 

King Cowboy * FBO 1928 

King Fischer's Roont if 

PIN. .1922 

King for a Ntght-U 12-9-33 

King Kelly of ihe U. S. A.- 

MOP. »-n-84 

King Kong-RKO 2-25-3S 

King Lear * PAT 12-14-16 

King Murder, The- 

CHE. .10-10-32 
King of Alcatraz- 

PAR . . 10-12-38 
King of Burlesque-F. . .12-26-35 
King of Chinatown- 

PAR. .3-21-39 
King of Diamonds ir 

VIT. .10-13-18 
King of Dodge City-COL. . 1941 
King of Gamblers-PAR. .4-16-3''' 
King of Hockey-WA. .. .11-3-3" 

King of Jazz-U 3-30-3O 

King of Kings * PAT..5-1-2' 7 
King of the Arena-U. . 8-"23-3? 
King of the Campus (PT)- 

U. .192P 
King of the Cowboys-REP 4-5-43 
King of the Damned-GB. .2-1-36 
King 1 of the Herd if 

MAT. .1929 

King of the Jungle- 

PAR. .2-25-33 
King of the Lumberjacks- 

WA. .4-18-40 
King of the Newsboys- 

REP. .3-30-38 
King of the Pack ir 

LUM. .11-14-26 
King of the Pecos-REP. . 1936 
King of the Rodeo if 

U. .1-20-29 
King of the Royal Mounted- 

F . 9-29-36 
King of the Saddle * AE. .1926 
King of the Stallions- 

MOP. .8-25-42 

King of the Turf-UA. .2-0-30 

FBO. .3-7-26 

King of the Turf-UA .... 2-9-39 

King of the Underworld- 

WA. .1-13-39 
King of the White Elephantp- 

XX. .4-4-41 
King of the Wild Horses- 

COL. .3-21-34 
King of the Wild Horses ■*• 

PAT. .3-30-24 
Km; of the Zombies- 

MOP. .5-9 41 
King on Main Street * 

PAR. .11-1-25 
King Queen Joker ir 

PAR. .6-5-21 
King Solomon of Broadway- 

U. .10-19-35 
King Solomon's Mines- 

GB. .7-2-37 
King Spruce * HOD. . . .3-20-20 
King Steps Out. The- 

COL. .5-18 36 

Kings Row-WA 12-23-41 

King's Creek Law + STE . .1924 
King's Game * PAT. . .1-13-16 
Kings of the Rin?-LEL. .2-21-44 
King's People, The- 

COA. .5-14-37 
King's Vacation-WA. .. .1-20-33 
Kingdom of Love if F.. 1-10-18 
Kingdom of Youth if 

G. .10-13-18 
Kingdom Within if 

HOD. .12-24-22 
Kinkain, Gambler if 

RED. .11-30-16 
Kirschen In Den Nachbar's Gar- 
ten ( German )-XX. .. .5-18-37 

Kismet -*■ RC 10-31-20 

Kismet-MGM 8-22-44 

Kismet-FN 11-2-30 

Kiss * PAR 1921 

Kiss * U 7-3-21 

Kiss (S-SE)-MGH 11-17-29 

Kiss and Make Cp- 

PAR. .6-30-34 

Kiss Barrier if V 5-J7-25 

Kiss Before the Mirror- 

tT. 5-13 33 
Kiss for Cinderella if 

PAR. .1-3-26 
Kiss for Susie if PAR. .9-27-17 
Kiss ir a Taxi * PAR. .3-27-27 
Kiss in the Dark if 

PAR. .4-19-25 
Kiss in Time if REA.. 6-19-21 
Kiss Me Again if WA... 8-9-25 

Kiss Me Again-FN 1-11-31 

Kiss Me Goodbye-CEL. .11-30-35 
Kiss of Fire, The 

(French) -LOP. .12-5-40 

Kiss of Hate if M 4-13-16 

Kiss or Kill ■*• U. ... 11-24-18 
Kiss the Boys Goodbye- 

PAR. .6-23-41 

Kissed * U 1922 

Kisses * 1922 

Kisses for Breakfast-WA . . 1941 

Kit Carson-UA 8-27-40 

Kit Carson if PAR. .. .9-23-28 
Kit Carson Over the Great 


Divide if SU 1926 

Kitty ( PT ) -WW 6-30-29 

Kitty Foyle-RKO 12-23-40 

Kitty Kelly, M. D. if RC..1929 

Kitty Mackay if VIT 2-22-17 

Kivalina of the Icelands if 

PAT. .7-5-25 
Klart Till Drabbning 

( Swedish )-SCA. .12-16-37 
Klein Dorit ( German )- 

BAU. .10-21-35 
Kleines Bezirksgericht 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Kliou, the Killer ir 

DUW. .8-23-37 

Klondike-MOP 9-24-32 

Klondike Annie-PAR. . . .2-10-36 
Klondike Fury-MOP. . . .3-23-42 

Klondike Kate-COL 1943 

Knickerbocker Buckaroo if 

ART. .6-1-19 
Knickerbocker Holiday- 

UA. .2-29-44 

Knife if SEI 2-21-18 

Knight of the Plains- 

SPE. .1938 
Knight of the Range if 

U. .2-3-16 
Knight of the West if 

COD. .10-30-21 
Knight Without Armor- 

UA. .7-9-37 
Knights of the Range- 

PAR. .2-26-40 
Knights of the Square Table if 

EDK. .7-26-17 
Knock on the Door ir 

CAP. .9-30-23 

Knockout if FN 11-8-25 

Knockout-WA 6-11-41 

Knockout Kid if RA 1925 

Knockout Riley •^• 

PAR. .4-24-27 
Know Your Man if F. .3-20-21 
Knute Rockne — All American- 

WA. .10-7-40 
Kocha, Lubi, Szanuje- 

XX. .11-5-34 
Kochaj Tylko Mnie 

(Polish) -XX. .4-32-37 
Koenigin Der Liebe 

(German) -UFA. .5-5-36 
Koenigin Der Unterwelt 

(German )-GLD. .12-14-32 
Koeszoenoem Hogy Elgazolt 

(Hungarian) -XX. .5-9-35 
Kol Nidre (Yiddish) -XX. .. 1939 
Konga, the Wild Stallion- 

COL. .4-10-40 

Kongo-MGM 11-17-32 

Kongo Express 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Konjunkturriter (German) - 

XX. .4-29-35 
Kosher Kitty Kelly * 

FBO. .9-26-26 
Krach Im Iolanthe 

(German l-GFS. .5-14-35 
Krach Im Hinterhaus 

(German) -GEG. .12-16-37 

Krassin if 4-21-29 

Kreutzer Sonata if F 1915 

Kreutzer. Sonata if RUS..1928 
Kreutzer Sonata 

(French) -FCA. .12-23-38 
Kreuzer Emden 

( German )-WOD. .9-9-32 
Kriemhild's Revenge if 

UFA. .10-28-28 
Ksiazatko ( Polish )- 

STA. .1-13-38 

Kuhle Wampe-KIT 4-26-33 

Kulter ■*■ F 9-22-18 

Ku Kan (S-SE)-ADC. .6-26-41 

Kukan-UA 6-26-41 

Kustens Glada Kavaljerer 

( Swedish) -SCA. .7-13-39 
Kyritz-Pyritz ( German )- 

WOD. .8-9-32 

L'Agronie des Aigrles- 

DUW. .12-5-34 
L'Albero de Adamo- 

( Italian )-CIL. .2-1-38 
L'Alibi (French)-COL. .4-14-39 
L'Amore Che Canta 

(Italian) -WO. .4-8-37 
L' Amour Maitre des Choses 

(French) -CAP. .4-5-31 
L'Ang-e Gardien-TAP. . .4-20-34 

L' Apache * PAR 12-14-19 

L'Aria del Continente 

(Italian) -ESP. .11-29-39 

L* Autre-TOB 3-4-33 

L'Avvocato Difensore 

(Italian) -XX. .11-14-35 
L'Eridita Dello Zio 

(Italian) -MPS. .7-5-35 
L'Eselave Blanche (French) - 

BEF. .1942 
L' Homme Des Folies Bergrere 

( French )-UA. .4-21-36 
L'lnvitation au Voyage if 

FGA. .1928 

L'ltalia Parla-CUE 2-20-33 

L'Opera de Quat Sous- 

WA. .12-11-33 
L'Ordonnance (French) - 

XX. .7-2-35 
L'TJomo Che Sorride 

(Italian) -NUO. .4-27-37 

La Bataille-TAP 7-10-34 

La Belle Ruase if F. . . .9-21-19 
La Boheme * MGM... 3-7-26 
La Buenaventura-WA ..9-18-34 
La Calandria (Spanish) - 

XX. .10-13-36 
La Cancion del Dia-XX. .8-28-33 
La Canzone Dell-Amore 

( Italian )-CRE. .1-25-31 
La Chance (French) - 

PAR. .6-6-32 
La Chisamase 

(Spanish) -XX. .1940 
La Cieca Di Sorrento 

(Italian) -NUO.. 8-4-36 
La Ciudad de Carton-F .. 2-28-34 

La Cong-a Nigrhts-U 6-20-40 

La Conzione Del Sole 

(Italian) -NUO. .5-7-36 
La Couturiere De Luneville 

(French) -PAR. .10-14-32 
La Crime E Sorrisi 

(Italian) -WO. .12-18-36 
La Crise est Finie 

(French) -XX. .3-13-35 
La Cruz y la Espada-F . . 2-6-34 
La Dama Bianca 

(Italian) -ESP. .1940 
La Dame Aux Camelias 

(French) -DUW. .3-21-35 
La Damincella di Bard 

( Italian )-CTL. .2-10-38 
La Donna D'una Notte- 

POR. .3-13-33 
La Douceur D'Aimer 

(French) -FD. .12-13-31 
La Familia Dressel 

(Spanish) -COL. .5-5-36 
La Femme Nue-XX. .. .8-28-33 
La Frochard et les deux 

Orphelines-XX 2-8-34 

La Fusee-TAP 3-15-34 

La Goualeuse 

(French) -PRC. .1940 
La Hermana San Sulpicio 

(Spanish) -XX. .4-27-37 
La Inmaculada 

(Spanish) -UA. .7-19-39 
La Isla Maldita 

(Spanish) -XX. .12-3-35 
La Jaula de los Leones 

(Spanish) -HOB. .3-8-31 
La Kermesse Heroique 

( French )-AMT. .9-24-36 
La La Lucille * U 7-18-20 

La Ley del Haren-F. ... 6-20-33 
La Ley Que Olvidaron 

(Spanish) -XX. .1-25-40 
La Llorna ( Spanish )- 

XX. .7-24-35 
La Maestrina (Italian) - 

ROC. .5-9-38 
La Marcia Nuziale 

( Italian )-FRA. .2-28-36 

La Maternelle-TAP 4-24-34 

La Mazurka de Papa 

(Italian) -ESP. .1940 
La Melodia Prohibida- 

F.. 10-10-33 
La Mujer Del Puerto 

(Spanish) -XX. .8-25-36 
La Noche del Pecado- 

C. .12-29-33 
La Nuit Est a Nous 

(French-PRX. .2-22-31 
La Paloma 

( German )-CAO. .10-22-36 
La Porteuse De Pain 

(French) -LEN. .7-2-36 
La Regrina Di Sparta 

(PT-Italian)-BOT. .3-8-31 
La Ronde Des Heures 

(French) -FD. .1-31-32 
La Sangre Manda-XX. .5-16-34 
La Sigrnora Di Tutti 

(Italian) -XX. .4-1-36 
La Sombra de Pancho Villa- 

COL. .1-9-34 
La Strangriera 

(Italian) -CAP. .4-19-31 

La Tosca * PAR 4-18-18 

La Ultima Cita 

(Spanish) -COL. .1-23-36 
La Vacanza Del Diavolo 

(Italian) -PAR. .3-22-31 
La Vecchie Signora 

(Italian) -EPA. .12-1-32 
La Vie De Boheme ir 

BRA. .6-15-15 
La Viergre Folle 

(French) -WAS. .1-18-39 
La Violetera (Spanish- 
French) -XX. .1-15-35 
La Voce Lontana 

(Italian) -XX. .4-27-37 
La Voce del Sangrue- 

SYA. .4-19-33 
La Wally 

(Italian) -XX. .1-24-39 
La Zandungra 

(Spanish)-XX. .3-17-38 
Laburnum Grove-ANG. . 12-4-41 

Labyrinth * EQU 12-23-15 

Lae Aux Dames 

(French) -FRA. .1-16-36 
Lachende Erben-UFA . . 11-27-33 
Lad and the Lion if 

SEL. .5-24-17 
Lad from Our Town- 

ARQ 10-25-43 

Ladder Jinx * VIT. . .10-15-22 
Ladder of Lies * PAR. .7-11-20 

Laddie-RKO 10-3-40 

Laddie * FBO 8-22-26 

Laddie-RKO 3-19-35 

Laddie Be Good if 

PAT.. 12-25-27 
Ladies at Ease if FD.. 10-6-27 
Ladies at Play * FN. .12-12-26 
Ladies Beware if FBO. . . .1927 
Ladies Courageous-U. . .3-24-44 
Ladies Crave Excitement- 

MAP. .6-17-35 

Ladies' Day-RKO 3-24-43 

Ladies in Distress-REP . .7-29-38 
Ladies in Love-CHE .... 5-4-30 

Ladies in Love-F 10-29-36 

Ladies in Retirement- 

COL. .9-9-41 
Ladies Love Brutes- 

PAR. .5-18-30 
Ladies Love Dang-er- F . . 1935 
Ladies' Man-PAR 5-3-31 


Ladies Must Dress if 

F. .12-17-27 
Ladies Must Live-WA .. 9-5-40 
Ladies Must Live if 

PAR. .12-4-21 
Ladies Must Love-U. .11-16-33 
Ladies Must Play COL. . 8-24-30 
Ladies Nig-ht in a Turkish Bath- 
FN. .3-18-28 
Ladies of Leisure if COL. .1926 
Ladies of Leisure- 

COL. .4-13-30 
Ladies of the Big: House- 

PAR. .1-3-32 
Ladies of the Jury- 

RKO. .4-3-32 
Ladies of the Mob if 

PAR. .6-24-28 
Ladies of the Nig-ht Club if 

TIF. .7-22-28 
Ladies Should Listen- 

PAR. .7-28-34 
Ladies They Talk About- 

WB. .2-25-33 
Ladies to Board ■*• F. .2-10-24 
Ladies of Washing-ton-F. 5-25-44 

Lady if FN 2-1-25 

Lady and Gent-PAR. .. .7-16-32 
Lady and the Mob. The- 

COL. .4-13-39 
Lady and the Monster, 

The-REP. .3-24-44 
Lady Barnacle -*■ M . . 6-21-17 
Lady Be Caref ul-PAR . . 10-10-36 

Lady Be Good •*• FN 6-3-28 

Lady Be Good-MGM 7-15-41 

Lady Behave-REP. ... 12-22-37 

Lady Bird * CHA 4-3-27 

Lady Bodygmard-PAR 1-4-43 

Lady By Choice-COL. . .10-6-34 
Lady Consents, The- 

RKO. .1-14-36 
Lady Escapes, The-F .... 1937 
Lady Eve. The-PAR. . .2-27-41 
Lady Fig-hts Back. The- 

U. .11-10-37 
Lady for a Day-COL. ... 8-9-33 
Lady for a Nigrht- 

REP. .12-29-41 
Lady from Cheyenne, The- 

U. .4-2-41 
Lady from Chunsrking-- 

PRC. .11-9-42 
Lady from Hell * AE . . 4-4-26 
Lady from Long-acre if F. .1922 
Lady from Louisiana- 

REP. .4-30-41 
Lady from Nowhere- 

CHE. .7-19-31 
Lady from Nowhere- 

COL. .12-23-36 
Lady from Paris if AT. .10-9-27 

Lady Godiva * AE 5-14-22 

Lady in a Jam-U 6-29-42 

Lady in Distress-TTM . . 2-20-42 
Lady in Ermine if FN.. 1-23-27 
Lady in Love if PAR.. 5-23-20 
Lady in Question-COL. .12-11-40 
Lady in Scarlet, The- 

CHE. .12-21-35 
Lady in the Dark-PAR. .2-10-44 
Lady in the Death House- 

PRC. .3-24-44 
Lady in the Library -fr 

RAL. .1917 
Lady in the Morgrue-U. .5-12-38 
Lady in White. The 

(Italian) -ESP. .6-13-40 
Lady is Willingr-COL. .8-11-34 
Lady is Willing-, The- 

COL. .2-17-42 

Lady Gang-ster-WA 4-8-42 

Lady Has Plans, The- 
PAR. .1-20-42 

Lady Killer- WB 12-28-33 

Lady, Let's Dance !- 

MOP. .1-26-44 

Lady Lias-PAR 9-8-29 

Lady Luck-CHE 9-14-36 

Lady Objects. The- 

COL. .10 12-38 
Lady of Burlesque-UA . .4-29-43 
Lady of Chance (PT)- 

MGM. .1-20-29 
Lady of Petrograd if 

APF. .9-10-28 
Lady of Quality * U.. 12-16-23 
Lady of Quality * PAR.. 1914 
Lady of Red Butte if 

PAR. .5-25-19 
Lady of Scandal, The- 

MGM. .6-1-30 
Lady of Secrets-COL. .2-21-36 
Lady of the Dugout if 

JEN. .10-13-18 
Lady of the Harem if 

PAR. .8 22-26 
Lady of the Lake. The if 

PIT. .10-12-30 
Lady of the Night if 

MG. .3-15-25 
Lady of the Pavements (PT)- 

TJA. .3-17-29 
Lady of the Photograph if 

EDK. .9 16-17 
Lady of the Tropics- 

MGM. .8-15-39 
Lady Raffles if COL. . .7-15-28 
Lady Refuses-RKO. .. .2-15-31 
Lady Robinhood if FBO. 7-16-25 
Lady Rose's Daughter if 

PAR. .9-5-20 
Lady Scarface-RKO .... 7-22-41 
Lady Surrenders, A-U. . 9-21-30 
Lady Takes a Chance, A- 

RKO 8-19-43 

Lady to Love, A-MOM . . . 3-2-30 

Lady Tubbs-U 7-2-35 

Lady Vanishes-GB 10-5-38 

Lady Who Dared-FN 6-7-31 

Lady Who Lied * FN. .7-12-25 
Lady Windemere" Fan if 

TRI. .6-8 19 
Lady's Windemere's Fan if 

WA. .12-6-25 
Lady With a Past-RKO. .2-21-32 
Lady With Red Hair- 

WA. .11-22-40 
Lady's From Kentucky. The- 

PAR. .5-1-39 
Lady's Morals. A-MGM. . 11-9-30 
Lady's Name if SEL . .12-16-18 
Lady's Profession, A- 

PAR. .3-25-33 

Ladyfingers if M 10-9-21 

Lafayette. We Come if 

AFF. .9-15-18 

Laffln' Fool if RA 1927 

Lahoma if PAT 8-29-20 

Lair of the Wolf if 

BU. .9-6-17 
Lake Placid Serenade- 

REP. .12-21-44 

Lamb if FAT 9-30-15 

Lamb and the Lion if 

EXI. .1919 
Lambeth Walk. The- 

MGM. .1940 
Lamp in the Desert if 

CBC. .1023 

Lamplighter if F 4-10-21 

Lancer Spy-F 10-6-37 

Lancieri de Savoia 

(Italian) -XX. .3-10-38 
Land Beyond the Law if 

FN. .7-3-27 
Land Beyond the Law- 

WA. .1937 
Land Just Over Yonder if 

DUD. .10-26-10 
Land of Fighting Men- 

MOP. .1938 
Land of Hope if PAR. . . .1921 
Land of Hunted Men-MOP.1943 

Land of Jazz if F 1-16-21 

Land of Liberty if 

MGM.. 6 14-39 

Land of Promise if 

PAR. .12-20-17 
Land of Promise (PT)- 

BLZ. .11-19-35 
Land of Six Guns- 

MO. .0-26-40 

Land of the Free if F 

Land of the Lawless if 

PAT. .12 17-27 
Land of the Long Shadow if 

ES. .6-28-17 
Land of the Midnight Sun if 

NOR. .1930 
Land of the Missing Men- 

TIF. .10-5-30 
Land of the Open Range- 

RKO. .12-12-41 
Land of the Outlaws- 

MOP. .12-5-44 
Land of the Silver Fox if 

WA. .12-23-28 
Land of Wanted Men- 

MOP. .2-21-32 

Land, The-AGR 4-27-42 

Landloper if M 4-18-18 

Landon's Legacy if U. .12-30-15 
Landotormens Lilla Lotta 

(Swedish) -XX. .1941 
Lane That Had No Turning if 

PAR. .1-15-22 

Laramie Kid-COE 1935 

Laramie Trail, The-REP. . .1944 

Larceny Lane- W A 1931 

Larceny on the Air- 

REP. .1-15-37 

Larceny, Inc.-WA 3-5-42 

Larceny Street-XX 1940 

Larceny With Music-U. .9-23-43 
Larceny Street-FIA. ... 1-13-41 

Lariat Kid if U 4-28-39 

Lariats and Six Shooters- 

COS. .10-25-31 
Larsson I Andra Giftet 

( Swedish )-EUP. .10-21-35 
Las Companas Capistrano 

(Spanish) -HOB . . 11-29-31 
Las Fronteras del Amor- 

F. .12-5-34 
Las Vegas Nights- 

PAR. .3-20-41 

Lasca if U 11-23-19 

Lasca of the Rio Grande- 

U.. 12-13-31 

Lash -* PAR 10-12-16 

Lash-FN 1-4-31 

Lash of the Czar if AM. .2-17-29 
Lash of the Whip if 

ARW 1924 
Lash of Power if BL. . 11-8-17 
Lash of the Penitentes- 

TEL. .3-10-37 
Lassie Come Homa- 

MGM 8-20-43 

Last Act if TRI 3-16-16 

Last Alarm, The-MOP. .6-25-40 

Last Alarm if RA 1926 

Last Assignment, The- 

VIC. .5-1-36 

Last Card if M 10-26-16 

Last Chance if CAN 1922 

Last Chance if CHE 1926 

Last Command if PAR.. 2-5-28 
Last Company. The-UFA . . 1931 

Last Dance-AUD 4-6-30 

Last Days of Pompeii- 

RKO. .10-3-35 
Last Desire ( French )- 
Last Doon if SEZ. .. .6-26-21 
Last Edition if FBO. . 10-16-25 
Last Effort (Chinese) -XX. . 1938 

Las'. Express-U 10-14-38 

Last Flight-FN 8-23-31 

Last Flight if WIK 6-23-29 

Last Frontier if PDC....1926 
Last Gangster, The- 

MGM. .11-9-37 
Last Gentleman-UA. .. .4-28-34 
Last Horseman. The- 

COL. .10-27-44 


Last Hour * MAS 1-7-23 

Last Insult, The if AM. 10-26-32 
Last Journey, The- 

ATN. .4-27-30 

Last Lap if DAI 1928 

Last Laugh if U 1-4-26 

Last Love (German) -XX. .1938 

Last Man-COL 9-17-32 

Last Man if VIT 10-26-16 

Last Man on Earth if 

F. .12-28-24 
Last Meeting, The 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Last Melody, The 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 

Last Mile-WW 8-26-32 

Last Moment if G 5-27-23 

Last Moment if ZAK. . .3-11-28 
Last Night, The 

(Russian) -AM. .5-3-37 
Last of His People if 

SEZ. .12-21-19 
Last of Mrs. Cheney (PT)- 

MGM. .8-18-29 
Last of Mrs. Cheyney, The- 

MGM. .2-19-37 
Last of the Carnabys if 

PAT. .8-9-17 
Last of the Clintons- 

AJ. .11-12-35 
Last of the Duanes if 

F. .10-5-19 
Last of the Duanes if 

F. .8-17-24 
Last of the Duanes-F. .9-14-30 
Last of the Duanes-F. .9-10-41 
Last of the Ingrams if 

INC. .2-15-17 
Last of the Lone Wolf- 

COL. .10-19-30 
Last of the Mohicans if 

APR. .11-28-20 
Last of the Mohicans, The- 

UA. .8-12-36 
Last of the Pagans- 

MGM. .12-11-35 
Last of the Warrens- 

SUM. .7-2-36 
Last Outlaw * PAR. . 12-25-27 
Last Outlaw, The-RKO. . 6-3-36 
Last Outpost, The-PAR. .9-27-35 

Last Parade-COL 3-1-31 

Last Payment if PAR.. 1-22-22 
Last Performance (PT)- 

U.. 11-10-29 

Last Rebel * TRI 6-9-18 

Last Ride, The-W9 9-14-44 

Last Ride-U 2-14-32 

Last Round Up-PAR ..5-11-34 
Last Roundup if SYN. . 8-25-29 

Last Stand, The-U 6-3-38 

Last Straw if F 2-1-20 

Last Trail if F 2-6-27 

Last Trail if F 1922 

Last Trail-F 12-1-33 

Last Train from Madrid, The- 
PAR. .6-11-37 

Last Volunteer if PAT 

Last Waltz if PAR 11-20-27 

Last Warning (PT)-U. . 1-13-29 

Last Warning-U 12-7-38 

Last Wilderness, The- 

DUW. .5-15-35 
Li te Mathias Pascal 

(French) -FRM. .1937 
Latest from Paris if 

MGM. .3-11-28 
Laugh and Get Rich- 

RKO. .3-22-31 
Laugh, Clown, Laugh if 

MGM. .6-3-28 
Laugh Doctor ( German )- 

CAO. .1938 

Laugh It Off-U 12-21-3» 

Laugh Your Blues Away- 

COL. .1942 
Laughing at Danger- 

MOP.. 8-20-40 

Laughing at Danger if 

FBO. .1925 
Laughing - at Death if 

RKO. .6 9-29 
Laughing- at Life-MAO. .7-12-33 
Laughing at Trouble-F. . 1-6-37 
Laughing Bill Hyde if 

G. .9-29-18 
Laughing Boy-MGM. ... 5-12-34 
Laughing Irish Eyes- 

REP. .3-4-36 
Laughing Lady, The- 

PAR. .1-5-30 
Laughing Sinners-MGM. .7-5-31 

Laughter-PAR 9-21-30 

Laughter and Tears if PS 

Laughter in Hell-U 1932 

Laughter Through Tears 

(S-SE)-WOK. .11-16-33 

Laukenkolnie-GEF 6-9-33 

Laura-F 10-17-44 

Lavender and Old Lace if 

HOD. .5-1-21 
Lavender Bath Lady if 

U. .11-12-22 
Law and Lawless-MAJ. .4-12-33 

Law and Order-U 11-28-40 

Law and Order-U 3-6-32 

Law and Order-PRC. .. 10-15-42 
Law and the Lady if 

AY. .11-30-24 
Law and the Man if RA. .2-5-28 
Law and the Woman if 

PAR. .1-22-22 
Law Beyond the Range- 

COL. .4-17-35 
Law Comes to Texas- 

COL. .1939 
Law Decides if VIT. . . .4-27-16 
Law Demands if ARC... 1924 
Law in Her Hands, The- 

FN. .6-5-36 

Law Men-MOP 1944 

Law of Compensation if 

SEL. .4-26-17 
Law of Fear if FBO. . . .3-11-28 
Law of Loyalty if 

DAV. .10-11-25 

Law of Men if PAR 1919 

Law of Nature if 

ARW. .1-19-19 

Law of the Great Northwest if 

TRI. .4-25-18 

Law of the Jungle-MOP. . 1942 

Law of the Land if 

PAR. .8-23-17 
Law of the Lawless if 

PAR. .6-24-23 
Law of the Mounted if 

SYN. .6 30-29 
Law of the North if 

EDK. .4-5-17 
Law of the North -MOP. .8-20-32 
Law of the North if 

PAR. .9-15-18 
Law of the Northwest- 

COL 7-9-43 

Law of the Pampas- 

PAR. .10-17-39 
Law of the Plains- 

CCL. .7-27-38 
Law of the Range ifc- 

MGM. .6-24-28 
Law of the Range-U. .7-11-41 
Law of the Ranger- 

COL. .5-11-37 
Law of the Rio Grande- 

SYN. .8-9-31 
Law of the Saddle-PRC . . . C-7-44 
Law of the Sea-MOP. . .6-1-32 
Law of the Siberian Taiga if 

AM.. 8-10-30 
Law of the Texan- 

COL. .10-27-38 
Law of the Timber-PRC. . 1941 
Law of the Tong-SYN. .12-20-31 
Law ef the Tropio- 

WA. .9-3-41 

Law of the Underworld- 

RKO. .4-30-38 
Law of the Valley-MOP. . . 1«44 
Law of the West-WW. .3-20-32 
Law of the Wild-ZIE. . 5-1-41 
Law of the Yukon if 

REA. .9-19-20 
Law Rides Again, The- 

MOP 8-6-43 

Law Rustlers if ARW.. 3-18-23 
Law That Divides if 

HOD. .1919 
Law That Failed if 

APO. .3-29-17 
Law Unto Herself if 

HUD. .8-18-18 
Law Unto Himself if 

HMU. .3-2-16 
Law West of Tombstone- 

RKO. .11-15-38 
Law's Lash if PAT. . . .3-26-28 
Law's Outlaw if TRI.. 1-10-18 
Lawful Cheaters if 

9CH. .12-20-25 
Lawful Larceny if 

PAR. .7-28-23 
Lawful Larceny-RKO. .7-13-30 
Lawless Border-SPE .. 12-11-35 
Lawless Frontier-MOP. .. 1-3-35 

Lawless Land-REP 4-6-37 

Lawless Legion if FN. .3-31-29 

Lawless Love if F 9-8-1$ 

Lawless Nineties, The- 

REP 2-29-36 

Lawless Plainsmen-COL. 6-10-42 

Lawless Range-REP 1935 

Lawless Riders-COL 1935 

Lawless Trails if GON..1926 

Lawless Valley-RKO 1938 

Lawless Woman-CHE. . .4-26-31 
Lawman Is Born, A- 

REP. .6-28-37 

Lawyer Man-WA 12-23-32 

Lawyer Quince if PAR 

Lawyer's Secret-PAR. . .5-31-31 

Lazy Lightning if U 1926 

Lazy River-MGM 4-3-34 

Law Forbids if U 3-2-24 

Lazybones if F 10-18-26 

Le Bal French-PRX 9-29-32 

Le Barbier (is Seville 

(French)-XX. .9-24-36 
Le Bonheur (French) - 

FRA. .2-29-36 
Le Chasseur de Chez Maxim's 

(French)-PAR. .2-6-35 
Le Chemineau (French) - 

HOB. .1944 
Le Collier De La Reine 

(PT-French)-PRX. .2-8-31 
Le Culte De Beaute 

( French )-OSO. .6-7-31 
Le Dernier Milliardaire 

(French) -FRN. .10-22-35 
Le Due Madri 

(Italian) -ESP. .1940 
Le Gendre de M. Poirer 

( French ) -FRM . .1937 
Le Grand Refrain 

(French) -MOD. .1938 
Le Juif Polonias 

(French) -FRA. .9-24-37 
Le Kapetan Skorpios (Greek) - 

XX. .1942 
Le Medecin Malgre Lui 

(French) -FRM. .1937 
Le Million ( French )- 

TOB . . 5-24-31 
Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune 
(French) -OSO. .5-31-31 
Le Mystere De La Villa Rose 

(French)-FD. .1-17-32 
Le Petit Cafe 

(French) -PAR. .1-25-31 
Le Prince Jean 

(French) -XX. .12-14-36 
Le Quai Brumes 

(French) -FIA. .11-1-39 
Le Roi ( French ) -TRC. . .1941 


Le Roi Des Resquilleurs 

( French )-PRX. .6-15-32 
Le Roi S'ennuie 

(French) -RKO. .2-8-31 
Le Sang D'un Poete- 

XX. .11-13-33 
Le Scarpe Al Sole 

(Italian) -NUO. .1936 

Le Serment-PRX 3-16-34 

Le Sorprese di un Matrimonio 

(Italian) -XX. .10-20-39 

Leah-Kleshna if PAR 

League of Frightened Men- 

COL. .5-25-37 
Leanyvari Boszorkany 

(Hungarian) -HUN ..11-29-39 
Leap to Fame if PWO.. 5-2-18 
Learnin' of Jim Benton if 

TRI. .12-20-17 
Learning to Love if FN. 1-25-26 
Leather Burners, The- 

UA 4-12-43 

Leather Pushers, The- 

U. .9-5-40 
Leatherneck (PT) -PAT. .4-7-29 
Leathernecking-RKO ...9-14-30 
Leathernecks Have Landed, The- 
REP. .2-17-36 
Leave It to Gerry if 

AHR. .2-24-24 
Leave It to Me if F. . . .5-2-20 

Leave It to Susan if GO 

Leave It to the Irish- 

MOP. .9-14-44 
Leavenworth Case if 

VIT. .11-18-23 
Leavenworth Case, The- 

REP. .1-6-36 

Leech if P 1922 

Left Hand Brand if 

NEW. .1924 
Leftover Ladies-TIF. . .10-18-31 

Legally Dead * U 8-12-23 

Legend of Bear's Wedding if 

AM. .12-23-18 
Legend of Costa Berling if 

CP. .11-4-28 
Leghorn Hat, The- 

( German) -XX. .1939 
Legion of Death if M....1918 
Legion of Hollywood if 

PDC. .12-7-24 
Legion of Honor if 

PAR. .7-29-28 
Legion of Lost Flyers- 

U. .11-9-39 
Legion of Missing Men- 
MOP. .1937 
Legion of Terror-COL. .11-3-36 
Legion of the Condemned if 

PAR. .3-25-28 
Legion of the Lawless- 

RKO. .2-27-40 
Legion of the Street 

(Polish) CAP. .1932 
Legion on Parade-TPE .... 1931 
Legionnaires in Paris if 

FBO. .1-1-28 
Legitima Difesa 

(Italian)-XX. .4-10-40 
Legong ( S-SE ) -DUW ... 10-3-35 
Legy Jo Mindhalalig 

(Hungarian) -XX ..10-27-36 
Lelieek Ve Sherloeka Holmesa 

(Czechoslovakian)-XX ..1939 
Leiehte Kavallerie 

( German) -UFA . . 1-10-36 
Lemon Drop Kid-PAR. .10-27-34 
Lena Rivers if ARW. . . .5-31-26 

Lena Rivers-TIF 4-3-32 

Lend Me Your Husband- 

BR. .8-17-24 
Lend Me Your Name if 

M. .6-2-18 
Lenin in 1918 

(Russian) -AM. .7-13-39 
Lenin in October 

(Russian) -AM. .4-9-38 
Leopard Lady if PAT.. 3-11-28 






Leopard Man, The-RKO. 5-11-43 
Leopard Men of Africa. The- 

SE. .6-25-40 
Leopard Woman if 

APR. .10-17-20 
Leopard's Bride if 

HMU. .4-20-18 

Leopardess if PAR 4-1-23 

Les Amoureux 

(French) -XX. .1940 
Les Amours De Toni 

(French) -XX. .11-6-36 
Les as du Turf 

( French ) -PAR .. 5-14-35 
Les Miserables if F . . . . 1-10-18 
Les Miserables •£ U. .. .9-11-27 

Les Miserables-UA 4-3-35 

Les Miserables 

(French) -FRA. .10-29-36 
Les Mysteres De Paris 

(French) -FRA. .2-6-37 
Les Petites 

(French) -FRA. .1-2-37 
Les Trois Mousquetaires- 

CDC. 6-1-33 
Less Than Kin * PAR. .7-21-18 
LeBs Than the Dust if 

ART. .11-9-16 

Lesson if SEL 1918 

Lessons in Love if 

FN. .6-12-21 
Lest We Forget if M.. 2-21-18 
Let 'Em Have It-UA. .5-16-35 

Let 'Er Buck if U 1-11-25 

Let 'Er Go Gallagher if. . 

PAT. .1-22-28 
Let Freedom Ring- 

MGM. .2-20-39 
Let George Do It-FIA . . 10-25-40 

Let It Rain if PAR 4-3-27 

Let Katy Do It if TRI. . 12-16-15 
Let Not Man Put Asunder if 

VIT. .1-27-24 

Let Them Live !-U 6-4-37 

Let Us Be Gay-MGM. .7-13-30 

Let Us Live-COL 2-20-39 

Let's Be Fashionable if 

PAR. .6-20-20 

Let's Be Ritzy-U 5-18-34 

Let's Elope if PAR 1918 

Let's Face It-PAR 8-5-43 

Let's Fall in Love- 

OOL. .1-20-34 
Let's Get a Divorce if 

PAR.. 5-2-18 
Let's Get Married if 

PAR. .3-7-26 
Let's Get Married-COL. .4-14-37 
Let's Get Tough !-MOP. 5-13-42 

Let's Go if TRU 11-11-23 

Let's Go Collegiate- 

MOP. .9-16-41 
Let's Go Gallagher if 

FBO. .10-4-25 
Let's Go Native-PAR . . . 8-31-30 

Let's Go Places-F 3-2-30 

Let's Have Fun-COL 1943 

Let's Live Tonight-COL. 3-16-36 
Let's Make a Million- 

PAR. .3-11-37 
Let's Make a Night of It- 

U.. 8-12-38 
Let's Make Music- 

RKO.. 12-11-40 
Let's Sing Again-RKO. .4-18-36 
Let's Talk It Over-U . . 6-16-34 
Let's Try Again-RKO. .6-22-34 

Letter. The-WA 11-14-40 

Letter, The-PAR 3-17-29 

Letter of Introduction-U . 7-30-38 

Letty Lynton-MGM 6-1-32 

Letzte Rose 

(German) -XX. .10-12-36 
Leutnant Warst Du Einst Bei 
Den Husaren ( German )- 

REC. .3-20-32 
Lew Tyler's Wives if 

PRE. .1926 
Liar * F 1918 

Libeled Lady-MGM 10-7-36 

Liberator if RAV 12-1-18 

Libertine if TE 11-16-16 

Lie if PAR 4-18-18 

Lie of Nina Petrova 

(French) -LEN. .4-9-38 
Liebe Auf Befehl 

( German )-U. .6-7-31 
Liebe Auf Umwegan 

( German )-AMT. .12-30-37 
Liebe Dumme Mama 

( German ) -BAU . . 3-6-35 
Liebe in Uniform-XX .10-9-34 
Liebe 1st Liebe 

(German) -UFA. .6-5-32 
Liebe Kann Luegen 

(German) -UFA. .1939 
Liebe Muss Verstanden Sein- 

UFA. .3-21-34 
Liebe Streng Verboten 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
Liebe Tod und Teuffel 

(German) -UFA. .5-31-35 
Liebe Uber Alles 

(German)-CAP. .4-19-31 
Liebe und die Erste Eisenbahn 

(German) -UFA. .1935 
Liebe Und Trompetenklang 

(German) -XX. .4-15-36 

( German )-GFF. .2-29-36 

Liebesbriefe Aus Dem Engadin 

(German) -UFA. .1939 

Liebesgeschichten von Boccaccio 

(German) -UFA. .3-15-37 


( German ) -TOB . .5-1-32 

(German) -XX. .10-5-36 

(German)-UFA. .5-3-31 
Lieut. Danny. U. S. A. if 

INC. .8-10-16 

Life if PAR 11-14-20 

Life and Loves of Beethoven 

( French ) -- WO ( Reviewed as 

"Beethoven's Great Love") 


Life Begins-FN 8-12-38 

Life Begins at Eight-Thirty- 

F. .12-4-42 

Life Begins at 40-F 4-5-35 

Life Begins for Andy Hardy- 

MGM.. 8-13-41 
Life Begins in College- 

F. .9-28-37 
Life Begins With Love- 

COL. .1937 

Life Goes On-MIL 2-24-38 

Life in the Raw-F 10-19-33 

Life Is a Tango 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Life is Beautiful if 

AM. .2-17-33 

Life Line if PAR 10-12-18 

Life Mask * FN 4-18-18 

Life r-f Beethoven if 

FGU. .3-24-29 
Life of an Actress * 

CHA.. 4-24-27 
Life of Dante if EXR. . 6-18-24 
Life of Edward VII, The * 

GB. .12-10-36 
Life of Emile Zola. The- 
WA.. 7-2-37 
Life of Giuseppe Verdi, The 

(Italian) -ESP. .4-5-40 
Life of Honor if GRA.. 4-11-18 
Life of Jimmy Dolan- 

WA. .6-14-33 
Life of Our Savior if 

PAT. .1916 

Life of Riley if FN 9-11-27 

Life of the Party * 

PAR. .12-5-20 
Life of the Party. The- 
WA.. 11-9-30 
Life of the Party-RKO . . 8-24-37 
Life of Tolstoy if FGU. . .1928 


Life of Vergie Winters- 

RKO . . 6-13-34 
Life on the Hortobagy 

( Hungarian ) -JEW . . 1-25-40 

Life Returns-U 1-2-36 

Life With Henry-PAR. .2-7-41 

Lifeboat-F 1-12-44 

Life's a Funny Proposition if 

EXI. .1919 
Life's Blind Alley if 

AMU.. 2-17-16 
Life's Crossroads if 

EXP. .12-16-28 
Life's Darn Funny if M. 7-31-21 
Life's Greatest Game if 

FBO.. 10-5-24 
Life's Greatest Problem if 

Life's Greatest Question if 

CBC. .9-10-22 
Life's Mockery if CHA . . 7-29-28 

Life's Passion if PS 

Life's Shadows if M.. 10-19-16 

Life's Twist if RC 7-25-20 

Life's Verdict 

(Polish) -XX. .1938 
Life's Whirlpool if M. .10-18-17 
Life's Whirlpool if WO. .1-20-16 

Lifted Veil if M 9-13-17 

Lifting Shadows if 

PAT. .3-28-20 

Light if F 1-12-18 

Light, The if AMU 9-14-16 

Light Ahead 

(Yiddish )-ULT. .10-12-39 
Light at Dusk * LUB . . 8-3-16 
Light Fingers (PT)- 

COL. .8-18-29 

Light in Asia if FGU 1928 

Light in the Clearing if 

HOD. .11-27-31 
Light in the Dark * 

FN. .9-3-22 
Light in the Window * 

RA. .11-6-27 
Light of Happiness if 

M. .8-14-16 
Light of Victory ■*• BL. .3-2-16 
Light of Western Stars, The- 

MAB. .4-3-40 
Light of Western Stars if 

SHU. .9-15-18 
Light of Western Stars if 

PAR. .7-26-26 
Light of Western Stars- 

PAR. .3-30 30 
Light That Failed ■*• 

PAT. .11-2-16 
Light That Failed * 

PAR. .12-2-23 
Light That Failed, The- 
PAR. .12-26-39 
Light Within if FN.. 3-21-18 
Light Woman if PAT.. 9-26-20 
Lighthouse by the Sea if 

WA . . 1-4-26 

Lightnin* if F 7-26-26 

Lightnin'-F 11-2-30 

Lightnin' Bill Carson- 

PUR. .6-9 36 
Lightnin' Crandall- 

REP. .1937 
Lightnin' Smith's Return- 

STN. .8-16-31 

Lightning w TIF 9-25-27 

Lightning Carson Rides Again- 
PRI. .10-17-38 
Lightning Flyer-COL. .. .4-5-31 
Lightning Lariats if 

FBO. .1-30-27 
Lightning Reporter if 

ELB. .1-30-27 

Lightning Rider if PDC 1924 

Lightning Romance if RA. .1924 
Lightning Shot if RA....1928 
Lightning Speed ■*• 

FBO. .11-11-28 
Lightning Strikes Twice- 

RKO. .2-8-35 





In Production 



Lights of New York * 

VIT. .6-1-16 
Lights of New York * F . . 1923 
Lights of New York- 

WA. .7-15-28 
Lights of Old Broadway if 

MO. .11-8-26 
Lights of Paris * SUP.. 8-5-28 
Lights of the Desert if 

P. .6-18-22 
Lights of Old Santa Fe- 

REP. .12-5-44 

Lights Out if FBO 10-21-23 

Lights Out in Europe- 

MAB. .4-3-40 

Like Most Wives if PAR 

Like Wildfire if U 

Li'l Abner-RKO 1640 

Lila Akac 

(Hungarian) -XX. .5-16-35 
Lilac Domino, The- 

SE. .12-11-40 
Lilac Time (S-SE)FN. . 8-12-28 

Lillian Russell-F 5-16-40 

Lillies of the Field-FN. .2-23-30 
Lillies of the Field- 
FN. .2-23-30 
Lillies of the Streets if 

FBO. .4-19-25 

Liliom-F 9-14-30 

Liliom (French)-F 3-19-35 

Lilly Christine-PAR 1932 

Lilly Turner-FN 6-15-33 

Lily if F 10-17-26 

Lily and the Rose if 

FAT. .11-18-15 

Lily of Kilarney-XX 1938 

Lily of the Alley * 

HEP. .5-18-24 
Lily of the Dust if 

PAR. .9-7-24 
Limehouse Blues-PAR. .12-11-34 
Limited Mail if WA. . . .9-13-25 
Limousine Life if TRI.. 2-7-18 

Limping Man-POP 8-13-32 

Linda (S-SE)-FD 3-31-29 

Line of Duty if PAR 

Line-Up-COL 4-17-34 

Lincoln Cycle if CHR. .6-7-17 
Lincoln Highwayman if 

F. .1-14-20 

Lingerie if TIF 8-26-28 

Lion and the Lamb-COL. 4-5-31 
Lion and the Mouse- 

WA. .6-24-28 
Lion and the Mouse if 

VIT. .2-16-19 
Lion Has Wings, The- 

UA. .1-24-40 

Lion's Den if M 1919 

Lion's Den, The-PUR . . 8-24-36 
Lion's Mouse if HOD.. 3-25-23 

Liquid Gold if PI 1921 

Listen, Darling-MGM ..10-18-38 
Listen, Lester if PRI. . 5-4-24 

Little Accident-U 8-3-30 

Little Accident-U 10-31-39 

Little Adventurers 

(Italian) -ESP. .5-3-40 
Little Adventuress if PDC. .1927 
Little Adventuress- 

COL. .12-9-38 
Little American if 

ART. .7-12-17 
Little Annie Rooney if 

UA. .10-25-25 

Little Big Shot- WA .... 10-5-35 

Little Bit of German Homeland 

( German ) -XX . . 1 940 

Little Bit of Heaven, A- 

U. .10-16-46 

Little Boss if VIT 1919 

Little Boy Scout if 

PAR. .7-12-17 
Little Brother if INC.. 2-22-17 
Little Brother of the Rich if 

U. .9-16-15 
Little Brother of the Rich if 

U. .6-29-19 

Little Buekaroo * FBO I92t 

Little Caesar-FN 11-16-30 

Little Cafe * PAT 6-6-20 

Little Church Around the 

Corner if WA.. 4-1-23 
Little Clown * REA. .4-10-21 

Little Colonel-F 3-22-35 

Little Comrade if PAR. . . .1918 
Little Country Court 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Little Damozel 

( German )-FD. .1935 
Little Diplomat if PAT. 5-25-19 
Little Duchess if PWO . . 8-30-17 
Little Eva Ascends if 

M. .11-20-21 
Little Eva Egerton if 

BL. .8-10-16 
Little Firebrand if 

PAT. .7-3-27 
Little Flower of Jesus 

( French )-SUT. .5-9-38 

Little Fool if M 3-13-21 

Little Foxes, The- 

RKO. .8-12-41 
Little 'Fraid Lady if 

RC. .1-23-21 
Little French Girl * 

PAR . . 6-7-25 

Little Friend-GB 10-16-34 

Little Giant-FN 4-14-33 

Little Giant if U 7-12-26 

Little Girl in a Big City if 

GOT. .10-25-25 
Little Girl Next Door if 

MAK. .7-20-16 
Little Girl Next Door if 

BLA. .1923 
Little Gray Lady if PAR. .1914 
Little Gray Mouse if 

F. .10-31-20 

Little Gypsie if F 10-21-16 

Little Home Nurse if 

EDU. .1921 
Little Intruder if WO.. 3-30-19 
Little Irish Girl if WA. .5-23-26 

Little Italy if REA 7-24-21 

Little Joe, the Wrangler- 

U. .12-22-42 
Little Johnny Jones if 

WF. .8-19-23 
Little Johnny Jones-FN. .2-2-30 
Little Journey, A if 

MGM. .1-23-27 
Little Lady Eileen if 

PAR.. 8-17-16 

Little Liar if FAT 8-31-16 

Little Lord Fauntleroy if 

UA. .9-18-21 
Little Lord Fauntleroy- 

UA. .2-25-36 
Little Lost Sister if 

SEL. .3-22-17 
Little Mademoiselle if 

WO. .9-30-15 
Little Man. What Now?- 

U. .6-1-34 
Little Mary Sunshine if 

PAT. .4-20-16 
Little Meera's Romance if 

FAT. .3-23-16 

Little Men-RKO 12-3-40 

Little Men-MAP 12-13-34 

Little Mickey Grogan if 

FBO. .2-5-28 
Little Minister if PAR.. 1-1-22 
Little Minister-RKO. . .12-22-34 
Little Minister if VIT. .12-25-21 
Little Miss Broadway -F. .7-9-38 
Little Miss Fortune if 

ERB. .5-10-17 
Little Miss Grown Up if 

RAL. .1918 
Little Miss Happiness if 

F. .9-31-16 
Little Miss Hawkshaw if 

F. .10-9-21 
Little Miss Hoover if 

PAR. .12-29-18 


Little Hiss Marker- 

PAR. .5-19-34 
Little Miss Molly- 

MOP. .10-10-40 
Little Miss No Account * 

VIT.. 4-25-18 
Little Miss Nobody if 

BL.. 4-26-17 
Little Miss Nobody-F . . 3-24-36 
Little Miss Optimist if 

PAR. .9-6-17 
Little Miss Rebellion * 

PAR . . 9-26-20 
Little Miss Roughneck- 

COL. .7-1-38 
Little Miss Smiles * F. .1-22-22 
Little Miss Thoroughbred- 

WA.. 6-18-38 
Little Nellie Kelly- 

MGM. .11-16-40 
Little Old New York-F . . 2-5-40 
Little Old New York if 

G.. 8-6-23 
Little Orphan if PAT.. 0-21-17 

Little Orphan if SR 3-2-16 

Little Orphan Annie if 

PI. .1919 
Little Orphan Annie- 

RKO. .12-24-32 
Little Orphan Annie- 

PAR. .11-30-38 

Little Orvie-RKO 3-12-40 

Little Patriot if PAT. .11-22-17 
Little Pirate if BUT.. 0-13-17 
Little Princess if ART. 11-22-17 
Little Princess, The-F. .2-24-39 
Little Red Decidea if 

TRI.. 2-28-1 8 
Little Red Ridinr Hood if 

SEZ. .1922 
Little Red School House if 

ARW. .6-3 23 
Little Red School House- 

CHE. .6-16-36 
Little Reformer if TRI. . . .1917 
Little Robinson Crusoe if 

MG.. 8-10-24 

Little Rowdy * TRI 1919 

Little Runaway if VIT. .5-12-18 
Little Savage if RKO. .7-14-28 
Little School Ma'am if 

FAT. .7-6-16 
Little Shepherd of Bargain 

Row if ES 6-4-10 

Little Shepherd of Kingdom 

Come if GO 

Little Shepherd of Kingdom 

Come if FBO 6-20-28 

Little Shoes if ES 1-25-17 

Little Sister of Everybody if 

PAT 6-23-18 
Little Snob (S-SE)-WA. .1928 

Little Terror if BL 8-2-17 

Little Tokyo. U. S. A.-F. .7-8-42 
Little Tough Guy-U. . .7-11-38 
Little Tough Guys in Soeiety- 

U.. 11-26-38 
Little Wanderer if F. . 8-16-20 
Little White Savage if 

BL.. 3-2-10 
Little Wildcat if VIT. .9-10-22 
Little Wildcat (PT)- 

WA . . 1-27-29 
Little Wild Girl if 

TPC. .2-10-20 

Little Women * PAR 1910 

Little Women-RKO. . .11-16-33 
Little Yellow House if 

FBO. .4-29-28 
Littlest Rebel, The-F. .11-22-35 
Littlest Scout if FCH...1919 
Live and Laugh-YTD .... 12-8-33 
Live and Let Live if 

RC. .5-29-21 
Live, Love and Learn- 

MGM. .10-20-37 
Live Sparks if HOD .... 1-26-20 

Live Wire ■*■ FN 10-26-26 

Live- Wire Hick if PAT. ..1920 





Live Wires it F 7-3-21 

Lives of a Bengal Lancer- 

PAR. .1-12-36 
Livet Paa Hegnsgaard 

( Danish )-SCA. .11-29-39 
Living: Corpse 

(French) -XX. .1940 
Living- Corpse * FFF.. 1-18-31 
Living- Dangerously-GB. .12-6-36 
Living Dead. The 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Living Ghost. The-MOP. 10-27-42 

Living Image * PHE 1928 

Living Lies * CC 1922 

Living Mask * FGA 1928 

Living on Love-RKO. . 11-1-37 
Living- on Velvet-FN. . .3-8-35 
Living Russia * AM . . 9-22-29 
Livingstone in Africa it 

GLO. .3-31-29 
Ljubav I Strast 

(Yugoslavian) -XX. .12-7-32 
Llano Kid, The-PAR. . .11-8-39 
Lloyds of London-F. . .11-27-36 
Lo Squadrone Bianco 

(ItaUan)-ESP ..12-16-39 
Lo Stormo Atlantico it 

TRF. .7-20-31 
Loaded Dice it PAT ..2-14-18 

Loaded Doors it U 8-20-22 

Local Bad Man-AP 3-27-32 

Local Boy Makes Good- 

FN 11-29-31 
Locked Door, The-UA ! .1-26-30 
Locked Doors it PAR.. 1-18-26 
Locked Heart it RAL. . 8-11-18 

Locked Lips it D 4-18-20 

Lockvogel ( German )- 

UFA . . 1-8-36 

Loco Luck it U 1-23-27 

Lodgs in the Wilderness it 

TIF.. 9-26-26 

Lodger it GLO 1»28 

Lodger, The-F 1-17-44 

Lombard!. Ltd. it M 1919 

London it PAR 10-31-26 

London After Midnight it 

MGM. .12-17-27 
London by Night- 

MGM. .7-20-37 
London Avenger-WOW. .6-30-33 
London Blackout Murders- 

REP.. 12-21-42 

Lone Chance it F 7-6-24 

Lone Cowboy-PAR 1-27-34 

Lone Eagle it U 12-26-27 

Lone Fighter it AY 1924 

Lone Hand it U 10-15-22 

Lone Hand it ALE ..4-11-20 
Lone Hand Sanders it FBO 

Lone Hand Wilson it RGR 

Lone Horseman it ARW..1923 
Lone Horseman it 

SYN. .12-8-29 

Lone Patrol it AY 1928 

Lone Prairie, The-COL. . .1942 

Lone Ranger it F 6-29-19 

Lone Rider, The-COL 


Lone Rider-COL 1934 

Lone Rider Ambushed. The 

-PRC. .10-31-41 
Lone Rider Fights Back. The- 

PRC. .12-24-41 
Lona Rider in Border Roundup- 

PRC. .1942 
Lone Rider in Cheyenne- 

Lone Rider in Ghost Town, 

The-PRC. .6-9-41 
Lone Star Law Men- 

MOP. .1941 
Lone Star Pioneers-COL. .1939 
Lone Star Raiders-REP 

12-13 40 
Lone Star Ranger it F 


Lone Star Ranger-F. .1-19-30 
Lone Star Ranger. The- 

F 3-12-42 

Lone Star Trail-U '. . .9-2-43 

Lone Star Vigilantes. The- 
COL.. 9-22-41 

Lone Trail-SYN 3-13-32 

Lone Wagon it SAN. .3-9-24 

Lone Wolf it AE 6-11-24 

Lone Wolf * SEZ ...7-12-17 
Lone Wolf in Paris- 

COL. .6-25-38 
Lone Wolf Keeps a Date, The- 
COL. .1-10-41 
Lone Wolf Meets a Lady. The- 
COL. .6-18-40 
Lone Wolf Returns it 

COL.. 8-15-26 
Lone Wolf Returns, The- 
COL. .2-4-36 
Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, The- 
COL. .1-24-39 
Lone Wolf Strikes. The- 
COL. .2-9-40 
Lone Wolf Takes a Chance, 

The-COL.. 4-9-41 
Lone Wolf's Daug-hter (PT)- 

COL. .3-10-29 
Lone Wolf's Daughter it 

HOD. .12-14-19 
Lonely Heart it AFF ...1921 

Lonely Road it FN 6-17-23 

Lonely Trail it PRM . . 1-16-22 
Lonely Trail. The-REP 

Lonely White Sail (Russian- 

AM. .5-13-38 
Lonely Wives-PAT ...2-15-31 
Lonely Woman it TRI... 6-2-18 
Lonesome (PT)-U. ... 6-24-28 
Lonesome Chap it PAR 

Lonesome Corners it AE . .1922 
Lonesome Ladies it FN . . 8-7-27 
Lonesome Trail, The- 

SYN. .8-17-30 
Long- Arm of Mannister it 

PI. .1920 

Long Chance it U 10-1-22 

Long Lane's Turning it 

EXI. .2-16-19 
Long Live the King: it 

M. .11-4-23 
Long, Long Trail U.. 11-10-29 
Long Loop on the Pecos it 

PAT. .1-16-27 
Long Lost Father-RKO . . 2-17-34 

Long Pants it FN 4-3-27 

Long Shot-GN 12-28-38 

Long Trail it PAR ...9-13-17 
Long Voyage Home, The- 
UA.. 10-9-40 
Longest Night, The- 

MGM.. 9-1 5-36 
Look Out for Love-GB. . . .1937 
Look Who's Laughing- 

RKO. .9-17-41 
Look-Out Girl it QU. . 10-28-28 

Look Your Best it G 1923 

Looking for Trouble 

UA. .2-21-34 
Looking for Trouble it U 

Looking Forward-MGM. .4-29-33 
Looping the Loop (S-SE)- 

PAR. .2-17-29 

Loose Ankles-FN 2-2-30 

Loose Ends-BI 10-19-30 

Loot it U 10-5-19 

Lord and Lady Algy it 

a.. 9-1-19 

Lord Byron of Broadway- 

MGM. .3-9-30 

Lord Jeff-MGM 6-23-38 

Lord Jim it PAR 11-22-26 

Lord Loves the Irish it 

HOD. .1920 
Lordag6kavallar (Swedish)- 

XX. .2-14-36 


Lords of High Decision it 

U.. 3-2-16 
Lorelei of the Sea it 

HAN. .9-6-17 
Lorenzino De Medici 

( Italian )-NUO. .4-16-36 
Lorna Doone it FN.. 12-10-23 
Lorraine of the Lions it 

U. .8-16-25 
Los Desheredados ( Spanish )- 

XX. .3-24-36 
Los Heroes Del Barrio 

(Spanish)-XX. .12-29-36 
Los Muertos Hablan 

(Spanish)-XX. .11-26-35 
Los Tres Berretines 

(Spanish) -XX. .1-8-35 

Loser's End it ST 1-25-25 

Lost Angel-MGM 11-10-43 

Lost — A Wife it PAR.. 6-28-25 
Lost and Found it G. . 3-25-23 
Lost and Won it PAR. .1-25-17 
Lost at Sea it TIF.. 8-22-26 
Lost at the Front it FN. .1927 
Lost Battalion it MCM.. 7-6-19 
Lost Bridegroom it 

Lost Canyon-UA 1942 

PAR. .3-30-16 

Lost Canyon-UA 1-21-43 

Lost Chord it ARW ..1-18-25 

Lost City. The-KRB 2-21-36 

Lost Expedition it UFA 

Lost Express it RA....1926 
Lost Gods it TPE .... 7-20-30 

Lost Horiaon-COL 3-4-37 

Lost in a Big City it ARW 

Lost in a Harem-MGM . .8-31-44 
Lost in the Arctic it 

F.. 7-29-28 
Lost in the Stratosphere 

MOP. .10-23-34 
Lost in Transit it PAR 

Lost Jungle-MAP .... 5-9-34 

Lost Lady-FN 10-5-34 

Lost Lady it WA 1-25-25 

Lost Limited it RA.... 6-1-27 
Lost Love ( Italian )- 

XX. .1938 
Lost Money it F ... 12-7-19 
Lost on the Western Front 

STH. .1-18-40 
Lost Paradise it PAR.... 1914 

Lost Patrol-RKO 2-9-34 

Lost Patrol it PRO 12-22-29 

Lost Princess it F ... 11-2-19 
Lost Romance it PAR. .5-15-21 
Lost Sentence it EDK.. 1-4-17 
Lost Shadow it UFA ..4-8-28 
RKO . . 3-6-32 
Lost Squadron, The- 

RKO. .3-6-32 
Lost Traces ( German )- 

XX. . 1939 

Lost Trail it RA !!l926 

Lost Tribe it XX 1929 

Lost World it FN ...2-15-25 
Lost Zeppelin-TIF .... 2-9-30 
Lotte Nell'Ombra (Italian) - 

ESP. .1939 
Lottery Bride, The-UA . . 8-31-30 

Lottery Lover-F 2-6-36 

Lottery Man it PAR . . 10-19-19 
Lottery Man it SR ... .2-17-16 
Lotus Blossom it NF. . 10-2-21 
Lotus Eater it FN .... 12-4-21 

Lotus Lady-AUD 1930 

Loud Speaker-MOP .... 5-8-34 
Louise ( French ) -M AB. .. .2-7-40 
Louisiana Hayride-COL. . 9-1-44 
Louisiana if PAR .... 7-27-40 
Louisiana Purchase-PAR 

Lovaglas Ugy (Hungarian)* 

HUN.. 10-8-37 

Love it APR 12-6-20 

Love it MGM 12-17-27 




























Affair-COL 4-17-32 

Affair-RKO 3-13-39 

Aflame * RED . . .1-25-17 
Among- the Millionaires 

PAR. .7-13-30 
and Glory * U. .8-10-24 
and Hate * F . .11-23-16 
and Hisses-F . . 12-22-37 
and Learn if PAR 

and Sacrifice (Yiddish) - 

PEL .4-10-36 
and the Devil (S-SE)- 

FN. .6-23-29 
and the Law * FCH 

and the Woman if 

WO. .6-22-19 
at First Sight 

CHE. .12-15-29 

Auction if F 2-9-19 

Bandit * VIT 1924 

Before Breakfast 

U. .3-14-36 
Begins at Twenty- 

FN. .5-23-36 

Birds-U 5-4-34 

Bound-PEE 7-8-32 

Brand if U 8-5-23 

Brokers if TRI. . .4-18-18 
Burglar * PAR.. 8-3-19 

Call if EXI 4-27-19 

Can Lie ( German )- 

XX. .1939 

Captive-U 6-7-34 

Charm if PAR . .12-18-21 

Cheat * PAT 8-10-19 

Comes Along-RKO. .2-2-30 

Crazy-MGM 5-16-41 

Defender if WO.. 3-23-19 

Doctor if VIT 1917 

Doctor-PAR ...11-10-29 
'Em and Leave 'Em if 

PAR. .12-19-26 
Expert if FN ...5-2-20 
Finds Andy Hardy 

-MGM. .7-13-38 

Flower if UA 8-29-20 

from a Stranger- 

UA. .4-21-37 
Gamble * GBG.. 7-26-25 
Gambler if F. . 11-5-22 

Girl if BL 6-29-16 

Habit-BI 2-1-31 

Hate and a Woman- 

if ARW..1921 
Honor and ? * HAL . . 
Honor and Behave if 

FN. .5-20-21 
Honor and Behave- 

WA. .2-18-38 
Honor and Obey if 

M. .9-5-20 
Honor and Oh-Baby ! 

U. .1940 
Honor and Oh, Baby ! 

U. .10-28-33 

Hour if VIT 10-4-25 

Hunger if HOD .... 1919 
Hungry if F ...4-22-28 
in a Bungalow- 

U.. 7-7-37 
in a Hurry if WA 

in Bloom-PAR 
in High Gear- 

in Morocco GB. . 
in Quarantine (Italian)- 

XX. .1938 
in Stunt Flying 

(German) -XX. .1938 
in the Dark if 

M. .11-19-22 
in the Desert (PT)- 

* RK0..6-6 29 
in the Ring (PT)- 

ALP. .8-27-30 


. 5-8-32 

Love in the Rough- 

MGM. .9-28-30 
Love in the Springtime 

(Italian)-XX. .1940 
Love in Three Quarter Time 

( German ) COA . .1938 
Love Insurance if PAR 

Love is a Headache- 

MGM. .1-13-38 
Love is a Lie if BR1....1928 
Love is a Racket-FN. . 5-29-32 
Love is an Awful Thing if 

SEZ. .9-10-22 
Love is Dangerous-CHE 

Love is Like That-CHE 

Love is Love if F ....8-10-19 

Love is News-F 3-9-37 

Love is Not Allowed 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Love is on the Air- 

FN. .11-16-37 

Love Kiss-CEL 12-28-30 

Love Letter if U 2-4-23 

Love Letters if F .... 1924 
Love Letters if PAR. . 12-27-17 
Love Letters of a Star- 

U. .12-1-36 

Love Liar if HMU 3-30-16 

Love Light if UA 1-16-21 

Love, Live & Laugh- 

F. .11-10-29 
Love Madness if HOD.. 8-8-20 
Love Makes Us Blind if 

UFA. .5-6-28 
Love Makes Women Wild if 

F. .4-3-27 

Love Mart if FN 1-1-28 

Love Mask if PAR . . . .4-20-16 
Love Master if FN.. 1-20-24 
Love Me if PAR ....3-28-18 
Love Me and the World is 

Mine if U 2-12-28 

Love Me Forever-COL. .6-28-35 
Love Me Tonight-PAR . . 8-13-32 

Love Nest if PS 

Love Nest if WO 1919 

Love Never Dies if U. .1921 
Love Never Dies if FN 

Love of Sunya if UA.. 3-30-27 
Love of Woman if SEZ 

Love on a Bet-RKO ..2-28-3C 
Love on a Budget-F. . 1-10-38 
Love on the Dole-UA. . . . 1941 
Love on the Run-MGM 

Love on the Farm 

(Hungarian) -XX. .1940 
Love on Toast-PAR ...2-25-38 
Love or a Kingdom 

(Polish) -STA. .12-15-37 
Love or Fame if SEL...1919 
Love or Justice if TRI. .6-14-17 
Love or Money if HAL.. 1920 
Love Over Night if PAT 

Love Parade-PAR .... 11-24-29 
Love Past Thirty-FRE . . 2-14-34 
Love Piker if G ....7-1-23 
Love Pirate if FFS ...1928 
Love Pirate if FBO ..11-11-23 
Love Racket. The-FN . . 8-3-30 

Love Slavs if CLR 1922 

Love Special if PAR.. 3-27-21 
Love Sublime if FAT. .3-22-17 

Love Storm-BI 10-18-31 

Love Swindle if U 1918 

Love Takes Flight-GN. .7-30-37 
Love That Dares if F.. 4-20-19 
Love That Doesn't Return 

(Italian) -XX. .1938 
Love That Lives if PAR. .1927 

Love Thief * U 6-6-26 

Love Thrill if U 5-15-27 




Love Thy Neifhbor- 

PAR. .12-18-40 

Love Time-F 11-3-34 

Love Time if F 7-10-21 

Love Toy if WA ....3-21-26 
Love Trader-TIF ....11-23-30 

Love Trail * PAT 1-27-16 

Love Trap if AHR . . 9-30-23 
Love Trap (PT)-U ...9-1-29 
Love Under Fire-F . . . 8-16-37 

Love Waltz-UFA 1930 

Love Watches if VIT.. 7-21-18 

Love Wins * HHA 1920 

Love Without Question if 

JA. .4-3-20 
Love's Bargain if 

FBO. .3-15-25 
Love's Battle if CC ...9-12-20 
Love's Blindness if MGM 

Love's Boomerang if 

PAR. .2-5-22 
Love's Conquest if PAR 

Love's Crucible if BRA 

Flame if FID.. 6-13-20 
Greatest Mistake if 

PAR. .2-27-27 
Harvest if F....1920 
Lariat if BL.. 7-27-16 

Law if F 4-5-17 

Law if MT ...9-8-18 
Love's Loyalty if ORE 

Loves Masquerade if 

SEZ.. 4-16-22 
Love's Mockery if REL 

Loves of Edgar Allan Poe, The- 

F.. 7-8-48 
Love's Old Sweet Song if 

HOP. .1923 
Love's Pay Day if TRI.. 1918 
Love's Penalty if FN. .6-12-21 
Love's Pilgrimage to Amer- 
ica if U 1-6-1C 

Love's Plaything if RAD.. 1921 
Love's Prisoner^ TRI.. 5-25-19 
Love's Protegee if ARW. . . . 
Love's Redemption •£ FN 

Love's Triumph ( Italian )- 

CIL. .1938 
Love's Wilderness if 

FN. .12-14-24 
Love's Whirlpool if 

PDC. .3-16-24 
Lovebound if F ....5-20-23 
Lovelorn if MGM ...12-25-27 
Lovely Mary if M ...3-23-16 
Lover Come Back-COL. .6-7-31 

Lover Divine-GB 1935 

Lover of Camille if WA 

Lover's Oath if AST . . . 1925 
Lover's Island if AE.. 2-14-26 
Lover's Lane if WA.. 11-23-24 

Lovers if MGM 5-1-27 

Lovers Courageous-MGM 

Lovers in Quarantine if PAR 

Lovers of Letty if G. . 2-15-20 
Loves of a Dictator-GB . . . 1935 
Loves of an Actress (S-SE)- 

PAR. .8-5-28 
Loves of Carmen if F. . 10-2-27 
Loves of Casanova if 

MGM. .5-5-29 
Loves of Jeanne Ney if 

UFA. .7-15-28 
Loves of Pharaoh if 

PAR.. 2-26-22 
Loves of Ricardo if 

BEB. .8-22-26 
Loves of Ricardo if 

FBO. .1928 
Lovetime if F 7-10-21 















In Preparation 









. .1926 

. . .1023 


Mary * MGM. 
Fool -k SIE . , 
the Lndies- 

Loving Lies * APD 
Lower Depths. The 

(French l-MAB. 
Lowland Cinderella if 

SEC. .1922 
Loyal Wives * VIT.. 8-12-23 

Loyalties-AUT 10-26-3-4 

Loyalty * BET 1918 

Loyalty of Love (Italian) 

XX. .3-15-37 
Sommerse (Italian) 

NUO. .6-23-36 

* BR 4-8-23 

and Pluck * F. .2-2-19 
and Sand * ARC. 1926 
in Pawn if 

PAR. .12-21-19 
Luck of Geraldine Laird -jc 

RC. .2-1-20 
Luck of Roaring: Camp- 

MOP. .1937 
Luck of the Irish if 

REA. .1-25-20 
Luck of the Irish-GUA . .6-2-36 
Luckiest Girl in the World, 

The-U 10-22-36 

Lucky Boy (PT) -TIF. .1-6-29 

Carson if VIT 

Cisco Kid-F 6-28-40 

Dan * GOL 
Devil ir PAR . 
Devils-U . 
Dog--U . . 




Lucky Horseshoe if F 

Love-PAT . 
Jordan-PAR . . . 
Lady if PAR 
Larkin if U 


Night-MGM . 
Lucky Spurs if CHE 
Lucky Texan-MOP . 
Lucky Texan-MOP . . 
Lucretia Borgia if MT 
Lucretia Lombard if 



1 923 




. 8-30-33 





. 3-23-30 


. .1942 

. 5-1-39 


. .1926 


. . 1939 



Konigin von Preussen 
(German) -ASS . . 10-6-32 

Lullaby if FBO 1-6-24 

Lullaby (Russian)-AM . . . . 1938 

Lumberjack-UA 4-27-44 

Lummox-UA 2-16-30 

Lumpenball ( German ) - 

AGF. .4-26-31 
Luna De Miel En Rio 

(Spanish) -XX. .1941 
Lunatic at Large if FN. .3-6-27 
Luncheon for Three if PAR. . 
Lure of Alaska if EDU 

Lure of Ambition if F 

Lure of Croning Waters if 

STL. .1-16-21 

Lure of Gold if ST 1922 

Lure of Egypt if PAT.. 1921 
Lure of Heart's Desire if 

M. .1-20-16 
Lure of the Islands-MOP. 10-8-42 
Lure of the Jade if 

FBO. .11-6-21 
Lure of Luxury if U.. 10-13-18 
Lure of the Niebt Club if 

FBO. .7-3-2V 
Lure of the Orient * A.. 1921 
Lure of the Ring (S-SE)- 

WAF . .1-31-32 
Lure of the West * CHE. .1926 
Lure of the Wild if 

COL. .1-31-26 
Lure of the Yukon if 

LB. .7-20-24 

Lure of Youth * M.. 1-16-21 
Luring Lips if U ....7-24-21 
Lust of the Ages if 

OG. .8-23-17 

Luther if REF 1929 

Luxury if ARW 1921 

Luxury Liner-PAR 2-4-33 

Lydia-UA 9-21-41 

Lydia Gilmore if PAR 

Lying Lips if APR ..2-13-21 

Lying Lips * AMU 5-4-16 

Lying Truth if AR 4-30-22 

Lying Wives if IV ... 6-28-25 
Lyon's Mail if TRI 1919 


M-PAR 1933 

Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me 

U. .4-8-40 

Macbeth if REI 6-8-16 

Machadchen (Yiddish) 

XX. .1940 
Machine Gun Mama-PRC . 9-29-44 

Maciste * ITA 9-9-15 

Maciste in Hell if 

OLY. .6-28-31 

Macushla-TRA 1-11-40 

Mad About Music-U. . . 2-28-3* 
Mad Dancer if JA ...4-26-25 
Mad Doctor, The-PAR. . .3-4-41 
Mad Doctor of Market St., The- 

U. .1942 
Mad Emperor, The 

(French) -WO. .3-26-41 
Mad Empress, The-WA 

(Reviewed as "Juarez and 

Maximilian") 5-4-39 

Mad Game-F 11-11-33 

Mad Genius-WA 10-25-31 

Mad Ghoul, The-U 1943 

Mad Holiday-MGM .... 11-30-36 
Mad Hour * FN ....4-22-28 

Mad Love-MGM 7-1-35 

Mad Love if KRA 1921 

Mad Love if G 3-11-23 

Mad Lover * PAT 8-2-17 

Mad Marriage if U ...2-6-21 
Mad Marriage if ROS . . . 1925 



Martindales-F 1948 

Men of Europe-COL 

Miss Manton-RKO 

10 27-38 
Monster, The-PRC . . 6-4-42 

Parade-PAR 9-20-31 

Mad Whirl if U 11-30-24 

Mad Woman if U 

Mad Youth-ATL 5-20-40 

Madam Satan-MGM ..10-5-30 

Madam Spy if U 1-10-18 

Madam Who? if PAR.. 1-3-18 
Madame Behave if PPC 

Madame Bo Peep if 

TRI. .5-24-17 
Bovary-TAP. .11-20-34 
Bovary (German) 

-CAS. .11-1-37 
Madame Butterfly if 

PAR. .11-11-15 

PAR. .12-24-32 
Curie-MGM. . . 11-22-43 
Du Barry-WA . . 8-8-34 
Madame Du Barry if F. .1-31-18 
Madame Jealousy if 

PAR. .2-7-18 
Peacock if M 

Pompadour if 

PAR. .8-7-27 
President if 

PAR. .2-17-16 
Racketeer-PAR . 7-23-32 
Sans Gene if 

PAR. .4-26-25 









Madame Sherry if HOF 

Madame Sphinx if TRI. .6-9-18 

Madame Spy-U 2-10-34 

Madame Spy-U 1942 

Madame Wants No Children if 

F. .6-12-27 
Madame Wuenscht Keine 

Kinder-XX 6-3-33 

Madame X if G 10-3-20 

Madame X -MGM ...4-28-29 

Madame X-MGM 9-27-37 

Madcap if U 

Madcap Madge * TRI.. 7-5-17 
Made for Each Other- 

UA. .2-6-39 
Made for Love if PDC. 2-7-26 
Made in America if 

PAT. .2-9-19 
Made in Heaven if GO.. 5-1-21 
Made on Broadway - 

MGM. .1933 
Made to Order Hero if 

U. .1928 
Mademoiselle Ma Mere 

(French) -HOB. .9-21-39 
Mademoiselle Midnight if 

MG. .5-11-24 
Mademoiselle Fifi-RKO. . 7-28-44 
Mademoiselle Modiste if 

FN. .5-9-2(5 
Madison Square Garden- 

PAR. .10-14-32 
Madness of Helen if 

PBA. .11-9-16 
Madness of Love * FBO. .1922 
Madness of Youth if 

F. .4-15-23 
Madonna of Avenue A 

(PT)-WA 8-18-29 

Madonna of the Sleeping 

Cars if FFS 10-20-29 

Madonna of the Slums if 

U. .1920 
Madonna of the Streets if 

FN. .11-9-24 
Madonna of the Streets- 

COL. .11-30-30 
Madonna, Wo Bist Du? 

(German) PAR.. 3-23-36 
Madonnas and Men if 

JA. .6-20-20 
Madres Del Mundo 

(Spanish) -XX. .8-18-36 
Maedchen in Uniform 

(German-KAC. .9-23-32 
M aedchenraeuber 

(German) -XX. .8-17-36 
Maelstrom if VIT . . .6-28-17 
Maenner Meussen So Sein 

(German) -UFA ..1939 
Maga Lesz A Ferjem 

(Hungarian) -HUN. .10-12-38 

Magda if SEL 10-18-17 

Magdalen of the Hills if 

M. .4-19-17 
Magdat Kicsapjak 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .10-12-38 
Maggie Pepper if 

PAR. .2-16-19 

Magic Cup * REA 5-2-21 

Magic Eye if BL ....4-26-18 
Magic Flame if UA ...9-11-27 
Magic Garden if FBO.. 2-20-27 

Magic Night-UA 11-3-32 

Magic Toymaker ir 

KR. .12-2-15 
Magician if MGM ...10-31-26 
Magnificent Ambersons, The- 

RKO . . 7-3-42 
Magnificent Brute if U. .3-20-21 
Magnificent Brute. The- 

U. .10-24-36 
Magnificent Dope, The-F. 6-4-42 
Magnificent Flirt * PAR 

Magnificent Fraud. The- 
PAR . . 7-20-39 
Magnificent Lie-PAR .. .7-26-31 




Magnificent Meddler if 

VIT. .6-7-17 
Magnificent Obeession- 

U. .12-31-36 
Maid o' the Storm if 

PAT. .7-21-18. 
Maid of Belgium if 

PWO. .10-25-17 
Maid of Salem-PAR. . .1-26-37 
Maid of the Mountains 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Maid of the West * F. .7-17-21 

Maid to Order-ARC 1931 

Maid's Night Out-RKO . .6-23-38 

Mail Train-P 7-9-41 

. .12-2-23 

, 10-30-27 



Mailman * FBO 
Main Event •* PAT. 
Main Event-COL 
Main Street • WA. 
Main Street After Dark- 

MGM. .12-6-44 
Main Street Lawyer- 

REP. .11-8-39 
Mainspring * RED . . .11-30-16 
Maid a Zsuzsi 

( Hungarian ) -DAN . . 10-31-38 
Maisie Goes to Reno- 

MGM. .8-15-44 

Maisie-MGM 6-7-39 

Maisie Gets Her Man- 

MGM. .5-27-42 
Maisie Was a Lady-MGM 

Maiysa (Bohemian) -XX. . . .1938 
PAR. .9-9-15 
Majesty of the Law if 
Major and the Minor, The- 

PAR. .9-3-42 

Barbara-UA 5-5-41 

a Million-MOP. .7-9-35 
a Wish-RKO . . 8-27-37 
Believe Wife if 

PAR. .1918 
Me a Star-PAR. .7-2-32 
Way for a Lady- 

RKO. .12-12-36 
Make Way for Tomorrow- 

PAR. .5-27-37 
Make Your Own Bed- 

WA. .5-22-44 
Maker of Men * PLY. .11-13-21 
Maker of Men-COL. . 12-20-31 
Man * PAR 







Making the 

Good ir SAN 1923 

of a King, The 

GFS. .12-10-35 
of Madalena if 

PAR. .6-8-16 
Making of O'Malley if 

FN. .6-28-25 
Making the Grade if 

BUL. .1-8-22 
Grade (PT)- 

F. .4-28-29 
Making the Headlines-COL 

Making the Varsity if 

EXP. .8-26-28 
Mala Yerba ( Spanish) - 

XX 1941 
Malay Nights-MAF . . .2-1-33 
Malditas Sean La Mujeres 

(Spanish)-XX. .8-31-36 
Male Animal, The- WA. . .3-3-42 
Male and Female if 

PAR. .11-30-19 
Maltese Falcon-WA ...5-31-31 
Maltese Falcon, The 

WA. .9-30-41 

Mama-F 7-20-33 

Mama Loves Papa-PAR 

Mama Runs Wild-REP 

Mama Steps Out-MGM . .5-20-37 

Mamba-TIF 3-16-30 

Mamele (Yiddish) -SPI. .1-18-39 

Mami ( Hungarian )- 

DAN. .2-21-38 
Mamma's Affair if FN.. 2-6-21 

Mammy- WA 3-30-30 

Mam'zelle Nitouche- 

PRX. .11-18-33 
Man About Town-F .. 6-29-32 
Man About Town- 

PAR. .6-13-39 
Man Above the Law if 

TRI. .1-3-18 
Man Against Woman-COL 


Man Alone if AN 2-25-23 

Man and Beast if U.. 7-19-17 
Man and His Angel if 

TE. .3-16-16 
Man and His Money if 

G. .4-27-19 
Man and His Soul if 

M. .2-24-18 
Man and His Woman if 

PAT. .7-18-20 
Man and Maid if MG. . 4-12-25 
Man and the Moment if 

AE. .1922 
Man and the Moment PT- 

FN. .8-11-29 
Man and the Woman if 

USA. .3-29-17 
Man and Wife if ARW. .7-29-23 
Man and Woman if 

JA. .9-11-21 

Man at Large-F 9-10-41 

Man Bait if PDC 1-23-27 

Man Behind the Curtain if 

VIT. .6-22-16 
Man Beneath if EXI. . 7-13-19 
Man Betrayed, A -REP. . .1-8-37 
Man Betrayed. A-REP. .3-14-41 
Man Between if AE .... 1923 
Man Braucht Kein Geld 

(German) -CAP. .11-17-32 
Man Called Back -TIF. .7-15-32 

Man Crazy if FN 1-1-28 

Man from Cheyenne-REP. 1-9-42 
Man Four Square if F. . 6 6-26 
Man from Arizona-MOP. .1932 
Man from Beyond if 

HOU. .4-16-22 
Man from Bitter Roots if 

F. .7-6-16 
Man from Blankley's- 

WA. .4-6-30 
Man from Brodney's if 

VIT. .12-2-23 
Man from Chieago-COL. .1-18-31 
Man from Dakota, The- 

MGM. .2-23-40 
Man from Death Valley- 

MOP. .10-11-31 
Man from Down Under, 

The-MGM 8-4-43 

Man from Downing St. if 

VIT. .4-16-22 
Man from Frisco-REP. .5-10-44 
Man from Funeral Range if 

PAR. .1918 
Man from Glengrary if 

HOD. .3-18-23 
Man from Guntown-PUR 

Man from Hardpan if 

PAT. .2-20-27 
Man from Headquarters if 

RA. .10-7-28 
Man from Headquarters- 

MOP. .1-28-42 
Man from Hell-KEN. .8-29-34 
Man from Hell's Edges- 

WW. .5-29-32 
Man from Hell's River if 

WPX. .4-23-22 
Man from Home if 

PAR . . 5-7-22 
Man from Lost River if 

G. .1-22-22 
Man from Mexico if 

PAR. .1914 


Man from Montana if 

BU. .11-29-17 
Man from Montana-U. . 10-9-41 
Man from Monterey- WB. 8-18-33 
Man from Montreal-U. .3-4-40 
Man from Music Mountain- 

REP. .8-13-38 
Man from Music Mountain, 

The-REP 9-20-43 

Man from Nevada if 

SYN. .9-22-29 
Man from Mexlco- 

MOP. .8-24-32 
Man from Nowhere if 

ARW. .1921 
Man from Nowhere if 

SYN. .1930 
Man from Nowhere if 

U. .6-8-16 
Man from Oklahoma ic 

RA. .1926 
Man from Painted Post if 

ART. .10-4-17 
Man from Red Gulch if 

PDC. .12-20-26 
Man from Rio Grande-REP . 1943 
Man from Sundown- 

COL. .8-28-39 
Man from Texas * PDC. 1924 
Man from Texas-MOP. .1939 
Man from Thunder River- 

REP 1943 

Man from the West if 

U. .11-14-26 
Man from Tumbleweeds, The 

COL. .6-14-40 
Man from Utah-MOP. .5-23-34 
Man from Wyoming if 

U. .1-20-24 
Man from Wyoming, A 

PAR.. 7-13-30 
Man from Yesterday- 

PAR.. 6-25-32 
Man Hater * TRI. . 10-25-17 
Man Higher Up if GOT.. 1928 

Man Hunt ■*■ WO 6-23-18 

Man Hunt-RKO 5-5-33 

Man Hunt-WA 1-29-36 

Man Hunt-F 6-13-41 

Man Hunter if F 2-23-19 

Man Hunter, The-WA. .4-6-30 
Man Hunters of the Carib- 

bean-INF 1-24-38 

Man I Love-PAR 6-2-29 

Man I Married, The 

F. .7-16-40 
Man I Marry, The-U. .10-12-36 
Man in Blue if U. .2-22-25 

Man in Blue. The-U 9-1-37 

Man in Half Moon Street, 

The-PAR. .10-19-44 
Man in Hobbles if 

TIF. .1-20-29 
Man in Possession-MGM 

Man in the Iron Mask, The- 

UA.. 6-30-39 
Man in the Mirror-GN . . 1937 
Man in the Moonlight if 

Man in the Open if 

UNI. .3-9-19 
Man in the Rough if 

FBO. .1928 
Man in the Saddle if U..1928 
Man in the Shadow if 

ACI. .1926 
Man in the Trunk. The- 
ir 9-18-42 
Man Inside * U ..'.'. 1-20-16 
Man Life Passed By if 

M. .12-23-23 
Man-Made Woman if 

PAT. .9-23-28 
Man-Made Monster-U. .3-21-41 
Man Must Fight-PAR ...1829 
Man Must Live if PAR. .2-8-26 
Man Next Door if VIT . . 6-3-23 
Man of Action-COL 6-0-33 

mm fields 

"MOLLY AND ME" 20th Century-Fox 
"PARIS— UNDERGROUND" United Artists 



20th Century- Fox 


Man of Action if FN.. 6-10-23 
Man of Affairs-GB. .. .1-16-37 

Man of Aran GB 10-20-34 

Man of Bronze if WO. .12-15-18 
Man of Conquest-REP. .4-10-39 
Man of Courage-CUO. . . .1934 
Man of Courage-PRC. . .3-29-43 
Man of His Word * 

RAL. .1917 
Man of Honor * M....1919 

Man of Iron-WA 12-7-35 

Man of Might * VIT 1919 

Man of Mystery * VIT. .1-25-17 
Man of Nerve •* FB0....1925 
Man of Quality if 

EXP. .10-31-26 
Man of Sentiment-CHE. 11-16-33 
Man of Shame * U.. 10-4-16 
Man of Sorrow if F.. 4-27-16 
Man of Stone if SEZ. .11-27-21 
Man of the Forest if 

PAR. .1926 
of the Forest if 

HOD. .8-22-21 
of the Forest-PAR 

of the Hour, The 

(French) -TRC. .12-5-40 
Man of the People-MGM 

Man of the World-PAR 

Man of Two Worlds- 

RKO. .1-13-34 
Man on the Box if 

WA. .10-11-25 
Man on the Flying- Trapeze- 

PAR. .8-3-35 
Man Rustlin' if FBO ....1926 
Man She Brought Back if 

AE. .10-8-22 

Tamer if U 6-5-21 

There Was if 

RAF. .2-29-20 
They Couldn't Arrest- 

GB. .3-13-33 
They Could Not Hang, 

The-COL 9-28-39 

Man to Man if U.... 2-5-22 








to Man-WA . . 

. . .1-4-31 


to Remember, 


RKO. .10-3-38 


Trackers if V 

. .7-17-21 


Trail if ES . 

. .9-23-15 



. .5-23-34 


Trap if BL . 

. .11-1-17 


Trouble-F . . . 

. .8-17-30 





,. .7-23-22 


Under Cover if 

U. .4-9-22 


Upstairs if WJ 

k. 1926 


Wanted if CC. 



Wanted-WA . 

. .4-17-32 


Who if M . . 



Who Broke the 


at Monte Carlo-F . . .19-28-35 
Man Who Came Back if 

F. .9-21-24 
Man Who Came Back- 

F.. 1-4-31 
Man Who Came to Dinner, 

The-WA 12-24-41 

Man Who Can't Say No 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Man Who Changed His Name 

-DDW — 10-16-34 
Man Who Cheated Life if 

AEP. .2-17-29 
Man Who Could Not Beat 

God if VIT 11-4-15 

Man Who Could Work 

Miracles-UA 2-24-37 

Man Who Couldn't Beat 

Conscience if VIT 

Man Who Cried Wolf, The- 

U. .8-19-37 
Man Who Dared it F. . 8-8-20 
Man Who Dared-F 9-9-33 

Man Who Dared. The 

WA. .9-28-39 
Man Who Fights Alone if 

PAR. .8-31-24 
Man Who Forgot if 

BRA. .1-18-17 
Man Who Found Himself if 

PAR. .9-6-26 
Man Who Found Himself, The 

-RKO. .3-4-37 
Man Who Had Everything if 

G. .1921 
Man Who Knew Too Much, 

The-GB 3-22-26 

Man Who Laughs if 

U. .5-6-28 
Man Who Lived Again, 

The-GB 12-16-36 

Man Who Lived Twice, The- 
COL. .10-13-36 
Man Who Lost Himself if 

SEZ. .6-6-20 
Man Who Lost Himself, The 

U. .4-8-41 
Man Who Made Good if 

FAT. .5-3-17 
Man Who Married His Own 

Wife if U . .' 4-30-22 

Man Who Paid if PS.. 2-19-22 
Man Who Played God if 

UA. .10-8-22 
Man Who Played God- 

WA. .2-14-32 
Man Who Played Square if 

F.. 1-4-25 
Man Who Reclaimed His 

Head-U 1-8-35 

Man Who Returned to Life, The 
COL. .3-5-42 
Man Who Saw Tomorrow if 

PAR. .11-5-22 
Man Who Seeks the Truth 

(French) -DOM. .1941 
Man Who Stayed at Home if 

M. .6-15-19 
Man Who Stood Still if 

BRA. .10-19-16 
Man Who Talked Too Much, 

The-WA 7-8-40 

Man Who Took a Chance if 

BL. .2-8-17 
Man Who Turned White, 

The if EXI 6-8-19 

Man Who Waited if 

AE. .1922 
Man Who Was Afraid if 

ES. .7-19-17 
Man Who Woke Up if 

TRI. .6-9-18 
Man Who Won if F. . 10-14-23 
Man Who Won-POP. .2-25-33 
Man Who Won if VIT. .6-29-19 
Man Who Would not Die if 

AMU. .9-7-16 
Man Who Wouldn't Die, The- 

F. .4-17-42 
Man Who Wouldn't Talk, 

The-F 1-23-40 

Man Who Wouldn't Tell if 

VIT. .12-8-18 
Man With Nine Lives, 

The-COL 5-3-40 

Man With 1000 Faces- 

GB. .11-7-38 
Man With the Camera if 

AM. .1929 
Man With the Gun, The 

( Russian ) -AM . . 2-1-39 
Man With Two Faces-FN 

Man With Two Lives, The- 

MOP. .2-12-42 
Man With Two Mothers if 

G. .6-4-22 
Man Without a Conscience ic 

WA. .6-7-26 Without a Country if 

U. .1917 


Man Without a Hr&rt if 

Man, Woman and Sin if 

MGM. .12-17-27 
Man, Woman and Wife 

(S-SE)-U 11-11-28 

Man-Woman-Marriage if 

FN. .1-16-20 
Man's Best Friend- 

KRB. .1-18-35 
Man's Castle, A-COL. .. 12-28-33 
Man's Country if EXI.. 7-6-19 

Man's Country-MOP 8-3-38 

Man's Desire if EXI 7-13-19 

Man's Fight if UNI.. 8-17-19 
Man's Game, A-COL. .7-24-34 
Man's Home if SEZ.. 10-2-21 
Man's Land, A-AP. . 12-28-32 
Man's Law and God's if 

AR. .1922 
Man's Making if LUB. .12-23-15 
Man's Man if TRI. .9-20-17 
Man's Man (S-SE)- 

MGM.. 6-9-20 
Man's Mate if . .F. . .4-13-24 

Man's Past if U 9-11-27 

Man's Plaything if SEZ... 1920 

Man's Size if F 12-17-22 

Man's Woman if PBW. .3-29-17 

Man's World if M 7-7-18 

Man's World. A-COL 1942 

Mandalay-FN 2-15-34 

Mandarin Mystery, The 

REP. .6-23-37 
Mandarin's Gold * WO. 2-16-19 
Manewry Milosne 

(Polish)-XX. .11-12-36 

Manila Calling-F 9-18-42 

Manhandled if PAR ...8-3-24 
Manhattan if PAR ...11-2-24 
Manhattan Butterfly-IML 

Manhattan Cocktail (S-SE)- 

PAR. .12-3-28 
Manhattan Cowboy if 

SYN. .5-12-29 
Manhattan Heartbeat- 

F. .5-5-40 
Manhattan Knight if 

F.. 3-21-20 
Manhattan Knights if 

EXP. .9-9-28 
Manhattan Love Song- 

MOP. .4-17-34 
Manhattan Madness if 

FAT. .9-21-16 
Manhattan Madness if 

AE. .5-28-25 
Manhattan Melodrama- 

MGM.. 5-2-34 
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round- 

REP. .11-11-37 
Manhattan Moon-U ...7-22-35 
Manhattan Parade-WA . . . 1-3-32 
Manhattan Shakedown- 

SYN. .10-27-39 
Manhattan Tower-REM. .11-2-32 
Manicure Girl if PAR. .7-5-25 

Mannequin * PAR 1-17-26 

Mannequin-MGM 12-29-37 

Mannerheim Line 

( Russian )-ARQ. .1940 
Mano in Mano-HOB. .. .2-23-33 
Manon (German)-UFA ..1938 
Manon Lescaut (Italian )- 

XX. .1941 
Manon Lescaut if 

UFA. .12-19-26 

Manpower if PAR 7-31-27 

Manpower-WA 7-7-41 

Man-Proof-MGM 1-11-38 

Mansion of Aching Hearts if 

SCH. .3-8-25 
Manslaughter if PAR . . 0-24-22 
Manslaughter-PAR ....7-27-30 
Mantle of Charity if 

PAT. .9-29-18 
Mantrap if PAR ....7-25-26 
Mantrap, The-REP 1943 



George Frank, Inc. 


Matrimonial Bed. The- 

WA.. 8-24-30 
Manx Man if TCS.. 4-12-17 
Manx Man * UFA. . 12-22-29 

Many a Slip-U 8-30-31 

Many Happy Returns- 

PAR. .6-9-34 

Marble Heart * F 3-16-16 

Marcellini Millions if 

PAR. .5-10-17 
March Hare if REA . . 7-24-21 
March of the Machines if 

FGU. .1928 
Mare Nostrum if 

MGM. .2-28-26 

Margie-U 9-18-40 

Margin for Error-F 1-8-43 

Marguerite: Drei ( German )- 

UFA. .1939 

Maria (Spanish)-XX 1939 

Maria, Die Magr (German) 

CAS. .6-3-37 
Maria Elena ( Spanish )- 

COL. .2-20-36 
Maria Nover 

(Hungarian) DAN. .4-14-37 
Maria Rosa if PAR. .. .5-4-16 

Marianne-MGM 10-20-29 

Marie Antoinette if 

UNP. .3-10-29 
Marie Antoinette MGM. .7-13-38 
Marie Chapdelaine 

( French ) -FRN . . 9-27-35 

Marie Galante-F 11-20-34 

Marie Ilona (German) 

XX. .1940 
Marie Ltd. if SEL ..3-30-19 
Marika Hungarian- 

DAN. .12-1-38 
Marine Raiders-RKO ... .7-11-44 
Marines Are Coming- 

MAP. .12-1-31 
Marines Are Here-MOP. .7-5-38 
Marines Fly High, The- 

RKO. .3-8-40 
Marion Das Gehocrt Sich Nicht 

-XX. .12-18-34 

Marionettes AM 5-9-34 

Marionettes if SEL . . . .2-14-18 

Marius-PAR 4-19-33 

Mark of Cain * RED.. 8-24-16 
Mark of Cain if PAT.. 11-1-17 
Mark of the Beast if HOD 

Mark of the Spur- 

BIF. .3-6-32 
Mark of the Vampire- 

MGM. .3-28-35 
Mark of Vain Desire if 

TRI. .5-18-16 
Mark of Zorro. The- 

F. .11-6-40 
Mark of Zorro * UA. . 12-5-20 
Mark of the Whistler, 

The-COL. .1 0-9-44 

Marked Man * U 1S17 

Marked Men-PRC 9-23-40 

Marked Men * U 12-21-19 

Marked Money (S-SE)- 

PAT. .10-28-28 
Marked Trails-MOP. . . . 10-6-44 
Marked Woman-WA ..2-26-37 
Market of Souls if 

PAR. .9-21-19 
Marlie, the Killer if 

PAT. .3-18-28 
Marooned Hearts if 

SEZ. .10-17-20 
Marquis Preferred if 

PAR. .1-27-29 

Marriage if F 2-20-27 

Marriage if SHE 11-24-18 

Marriage Bargain, The- 

HOL. .2-20-35 
Marriage by Contract (S-SE)- 

TIF. .10-14-28 
Marriage Bubble if TRI.. 1918 
Marriage Chance •*■ SEZ 


Marriage Cheat if FN.. 6-8-24 
Marriage Circle * WA . . 2-10-24 
Marriage Clause if U ..6-20-26 
Marriagre for Convenience if 

SHE. .2-23-19 
Marriage Gamble if ME.. 1921 
Marriage in Transit if 5-3-26 
Marriage Is a Private 

Affair-MGM. .8-23-44 
Marriage Lie * BL. .. .4-25-18 
Marriage License if F . . 8-29-26 
Marriage Maker if PAR 

Marriage Market if 

CBC. .12-23-23 
Marriage Market if 

CBC. .1917 
Marriage Morals -fr WEB 

Marriage of Kitty if 

PAR. .9-19-15 
Marriage of Molly O if 

FAT. .7-27-16 
Marriage of Wm. Ashe if 

M. .1-23-21 
Marriage on Approval- 

FRE. .12-27-33 

Marriagre Pit * U 10-3-20 

Marriag-e Playground- 

PAR. .1929 
Marriagre Price if 

ART. .3-30-19 
Marriage Ring- if PAR.. 9-8-18 
Marriage Speculation if 

VIT. .12-13-17 
Marriage Whirl ■*■ FN.. 7-26-25 
Marriages Are Made if 

F. .10-13-18 

Married? * JA 1925 

Married Alive if F 8-21-27 

Married And In Love- 

RKO. .2-7-40 
Married Bachelor-MGM. .9-10-41 
Married Before Breakfast- 

MGM. .7-26-37 
Married Flapper if U.. 7-30-22 
Married Flirts if MG. . 10-19-24 
Married in Haste **k F.. 4-6-1 9 
Married in Hollywood- 

F. .9-29-29 
Married in Name Only if IV 

Married Life if SKT. . 6-27-20 
Married People if HOD . . 7-23-22 
Married Virgin •*• FID . . 1920 
Marry in Haste if GOL. .2-10-24 

Marry Me if PAR 8-2-25 

Marry the Boss's Daughter- 

F. .11-19-41 
Marry the Girl it 

STE. .3-11-28 
Marry the GIRL-WA. . .7-13-37 
Marry the Poor Girl if 

Marrying Widows-TOW. .5-18-34 
Mars Attacks the World- 

U. .11-9-38 
Marse Covington if M. .1915 
Marseillaise (French) - 

WO. .11-10-39 
Marshal of Gunsmoke-U. . .1944 
Marshal of Mesa City, The- 

RKO. .1-2-40 
Marshal of Money Mind if 


Marshal of Reno-REP 1944 

Martha of the Lowlands if 

-PAR. .1914 

Martin Eden if PAR 1914 

(Spanish) -XX. .10-1-35 
Martyr Sex if GOL .... 6-4-24 
Martyrdom of Philip Strong if 

PAR. .11-30-16 
Martyrs of the Alamo if 

FAT. .11-4-16 

Maruja if EXI 1919 

M arusi a ( Ukranian ) - 

UKR. .12-16-38 


Mary Burns — Fugitire- 

PAR. .11-9-35 

Mary Ellen Comes to Town if 

PAR. .3-28-20 
Mary Jane's Pa if 

VIT. .8-23-17 
Mary Jane'B Pa-FN ...6-14-35 
Mary Lawson's Secret if 

PAT. .3-22-17 
Mary Moreland if 

PMU. .8-16-17 
Mary of Scotland- 

RKO. .7-24-36 
Mary of the Movies if 

FBO. .5-27-23 
Mary O'Rourke if PAT.. 191 9 
Mary Regan if FN.. 5-11-19 
Mary Stevens, M.D.- 

WA. .7-28-33 
Mary's Ankle * PAR.. 3-7-20 
Mary's Lamb if PAT.... 1915 

Maryjka-XX 12-5-34 

Maryland-F 7-2-40 

Mas Alia De La Muerta 

(Spanish) -XX. .3-4-36 
Mashenka (Russian) - 

ARQ.. 12-11-42 

Mask if TR 9-1-18 

Mask if EPI 3-13-21 

Mask of Dimitrios, The- 

WA. .6-8-44 
Mask of Fu Manchu- 

MGM. .12-3-32 
Mask of Lopez if FBO 

Mask of Riches -fc 

TRI. .1918 
Masked Angel if CHA. .4-1-28 
Masked Bride if MG.. 12-6-25 
Masked Dancer if PRI. .5-25-24 
Masked Dancer if VIT.. 1924 
Masked Emotions (S-SE)- 

F 7-28-29 
Marked Heart if AMU !! 7-19-17 
Masked Lover if GSF..1928 
Masked Motive if PAT.. 1914 
Masked Rider if M.... 6-22-16 
Masked Rider. The-U. .. 10-9-41 
Masked Woman if FN. .2-20-27 
Masks and Faces if WO.. 1918 
Masks of the Devil if 

MGM. .12-2-28 
Mason of the Mounted- 

MOP. .9 3-32 
Masque of Life if FHG 


Masquerade- ARQ 1943 

Masquerade-F 9-8-29 

Masquerade Bandit if 

FBO. .7-18-26 

Masquerader, The-UA 3-8-33 

Masquerader if FN ...8-20-22 
Masqueraders if PAR.. 11-4-15 
Mass Struggle KIT. . .9-18-34 

Massacre- FN 1-18-34 

Master of Beasts if AY... 1922 
Master of His Home if 

TRI. .8-23-17 
Master of Man if PAT. .5-11-19 
Master of Men-COL ..11-28-33 
Master Mind if PAR ..1914 
Master Mind * FN ..9-19-20 
Master Passion ■*• KES. .1-11-17 
Master Race, The-RKO . .9-22-44 
Master Shakespeare, Strolling 

Player if MTL 4-20-16 

Master Stroke if VIT 1920 

Masters of Men if 

VIT. .4-8-23 

Mata Hari MGM.. 1-3-32 

Mata Hari — The Red Dancer if 

BRI. .11-25-28 
Match Breaker * M.. 8-14-21 
Match King. The-FN. . 12-9-32 
Mate of the Sally Ann if 

AMU. .12-6-17 
Mater Nostra ( Spanish )- 

XX. .9-10-36 



Maternal Spark if 

TRI. .12-13-17 
Maternite (French) - 

PRM. .6-24-37 
Maternity if PBW ....5-24-17 
Matinee Idol * COL,. .4-29-28 
Matinee Ladies * WA.. 4-17-27 

Mating- ■* VIT 10-6-18 

Mating: Call * PAR . . . 10-14-28 
Mating of Marcella if 

PAR. .5-19-18 
Matritnaniac * FAT. .12-14-16 
Matrimonial Martyr if 

PAT. .6-22-16 
Matrimonial Web if VIT.. 1922 
Matnmonio Ideale 

(Italian) -ESP. .12-21-39 
Matrimony if INC ....11-4-15 
Matto-Grosso (S-SE)- 

PRI.. 1-14-33 
Maxwell Archer, Detective- * 
MOP.. 5-11-42 

Mawas if BO 6-15-30 

May Blossom if PAT. .3-22-17 
Maybe It's Love- 

WA. .10-19-30 

Maybe It's Love-FN 2-9-35 

Mayerling (French) - 

PAX. .9-9-37 
Mayerling to Sarajevo 

(French) -LEO. .11-1-40 
Mayor, The ( Spanish )- 

XX 1939 
Mayor of Filbert * TRI.. 1919 
Mayor of 44th St.. The- 

RKO.. 3-18-42 

Mayor of Hell-WB 6-23-33 

Mayor's Dilemma, The 

( French )-FI A... 5-3-40 

May time * PRE 12-2-23 

Maytime-MGM 3-3-37 

Mazel Tov Tidden 

(Tiddiib)-XX. .1941 
McFadden's Flat* * FN 

MeFadden't Flata- 

PAR. .3-12-35 
McGuire of the Mounted if 

U.. 7-8-23 
McKenna of the Mounted- 

COL. .11-7-32 
Me an' Me Pal if 

RED. .2-8-17 
Me and Captain Eidd if 

WO. .11-16-19 
Me and My Gal if AR..1922 
Me and My Gal-F. .12-10-32 
Me, Gangster (S-SE)-F. .8-28-28 
Meanest Gal in Town- 

RKO. .2-17-34 
Meanest Man in the World, 

The-F 1-15-43 

Meanest Man in the World if 

FN. .9-30-23 
Measure of a Man if 

BL. .11-16-16 
Measure of a Man if U . . 9-21-24 
Mechanics of the Brain if 

AM.. 1928 
Med Folket For Fosterl&ndet 

(Swedish) -SC A. .3-14-39 

Meddler if U 5-24-25 

Meddlin' Stranger if 

PAT. .6-29-27 
Meddling Women if 

CHA.. 10-12-24 

Mediator if F 11-23-16 

Medicine Bend if MTL. .6-15-16 
Medicine Man if TRI.. 11-8-17 
Medicine Man, The- 

TIF. .8-3-30 
Medico of Painted Springs, 

The-COL 8-8-41 

Meet Boston Blackie- 

COL.. 2-27-41 
Meet Dr. Christian- 

REO. .10-19-39 
Meet John Doe- 

WA. .3-13-41 

Meet Miss Mozart 

(French) -FRM . . 11-30-37 
Meet Nero Wolfe-COL. .7-16-36 
Meet the Baron-MGM . . 10-28-33 
Meet the Boy Friend- 

REP. .7-19-37 
Meet the Chump-U. .. .3-6-41 
Meet the Girls-F. .. .10-19-38 
Meet the Mayor- 

TIM. .10-17-38 
Meet the Missus- 

REP. .11-25-40 
Meet the Missus-RKO. . .6-26-37 

Meet the Mob-MOP 5-21-42 

Meet the Pebple-MGM. .4-21-44 
Meet the Prince if 

PDC. .7-18-26 
Meet the Stewarts-COL. .5-21-42 
Meet the Wife-COD. .6-21-31 

Meet the Wildcat-U 10-28-40 

Meet Me in St. Louis- 

MGM. .11-1-44 
Meet Miss Bobby Socks- 

COL. .12-22-44 
Megvedtem Egy Asszonyt 

( Hungarian ) -DAN .. 11-1-39 
Mein Frau, Die Hochatapkeria 

( German ) -UFA . . 2-7-32 
Mein Frau, Die Schuetzen- 
koenigin ( German )- 

XX.. 1-8-35 
Mein Leben Fuer Maria- 

Isabell (German) -XX. .11-6-36 
Mein Leopold (German) - 

CAP.. 4-3-32 

Mein Liebster Is Ein Jagger- 

mann (German) -XX. .9-14-36 

Meiseken (German) -XX. . . .1938 

Meistersingers if 

MOV.. 12-22-29 
Melissa of the Hills if 

AM.. 7-26-17 
Melo (German)-XX ..2-26-36 
Melodia de Arrabol- 

PAR 8-9-33 
Melodia Prohibida-F . .'. 3-28-34 
Melodie Der Liebe-XX. .9-18-34 
Melodie Des Herzen- 

( German) -UFA. .1922 

Melodies if GOO 1926 

Melody Cruise-RKO ....6-16-33 
Melody for Three- 

RKO.. 3-6-41 

Melody for Two-WA 1-12-37 

Melody in Spring- 

„ PAR. .3-31-34 
Melody of the Plains- 

SPE.. 4-2-37 

Melody Lane-U 7-21-29 

Melody Lane-U t 12-12-41 

Melody Lingers On, The- 

UA . . 11-7-35 

Melody Man-COL 2-16-30 

Melody of Love-U 10-28-28 

MTeiody Parade-MOP 8-11-43 

Melody Ranch-REP ..11-18-40 
Melody Trail-REP ,"'.. .9-24-35 
Melting Millions ir*F: . . .-1927 
Meltosagos Eisasszony 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .9-16-37 
Memory Lane ir FN.. 1-31-26 
Memphis Belle, The- 

PAR. .3-24-44 

Men if PAR 5^25-24 

Men if BBF 5-26-18 

Men and Jobs-AM 1-6-33 

Men and Women if 

PAR. .4-5-25 
Men Against the Sky- 

REO. .9-5-40 
Men Are Like That- 

PAR. .12-29-29 
Men Are Like That- 

COL. .8-16-31 
Men Are Not Gods- 

UA.. 1-20-37 
Men Are Such Fools- 

RKO. .3-13-33 


Men Are Such Fools- 

WA.. 6-17-38 
Men Call It Love- 

MGM. .6-21-31 

Men in Exile-FN 5-7-37 

Men in Her Life, The- 
COL. . 12-6-31 
Men in Her Life- 

COL. .10-23-41 
Men in the Raw if 

V. .11-4-23 

Men of the Sea-PRC 1944 

Men in White-MGM 3-28-34 

Men Like These- 

POP. .1-10-32 
Men Must Fight- 

MGM. .3-11-33 
Men of Action-CNN. .7-13-35 

Men of America-REO 3-1-33 

Men of Boys Town- 

MGM. .3-14-41 

Men of Chance-REO 1-3-32 

Men of Daring if U.. 4-3-27 

Men of Ireland-HOB 10-6-38 

Men of Steel if FN.. 7-18-26 
Men of the Desert if ES 

Men of the Hour-COL. . .5-9-35 
Men of the Night- 

COL. .11-28-34 
Men of the Night if 

STE. .8-15-26 
Men of the North- 

MGM. .12-14-30 
Men of the Plains- 

GN. .9-29-36 
Men of San Quentin-PRC . 5-15-42 
Men of the Sea 

(Spanish)-XX. .1938 
Men of the Sea 

(Russian) -AM. .7-1-38 
Men of the Sky-FN. . .7-19-31 

Men of Texas-U 7-13-42 

Men of the Timberland- 

U.. 5-29-41 
Men of Tomorrow- 

MUN.. 4-16-35 
Men of Zanzibar if V . . 6-21-22 

Men on Call-F 12-14-30 

Men On Her Mind-PRC . . . 2-4-44 
Men on Wings 

(Russian) -AM. .6-12-36 
Men She Married if 

PBW. .11-23-16 
Men Who Have Made Love 

To Me * ES 1-17-18 

Men Who Forget if 

GEN. .2-17-24 
Men With Steel Faces- 

TIM . . 5-2-40 
Men With Wings- 

PAR. .10-24-38 
Men Without Law- 

COL. .11-30-30 
Men Without Names- 

PAR . . 6-29-35 
Men Without Souls- 

COL. .6-20-40 
Men Without Women- 

F.. 2-2-30 
Men, Women and Money if 

PAR. .6-22-19 

Menace-PAR 11-22-34 

Menace if VIT 1-24-18 

Menace. Tha-COL . . . 1-31-32 
Menace of the Mute if 

PAT. .11-11-16 
Mensch Ohne Namen 

(Germap) -UFA. .11-10-32 
Mercedes ( Spanish ) - 

XX. .6-16-35 
Merchant Father 

(Spanish) -XX. . .1939 

Mercy Island-REP 10-9-41 

Mercy Plane- PRC . . . 10-31-40 
Merely Mary Ann ■£ 

F.. 2-24-16 
Merely Mary Ann-F. .9-13-31 
Merely Playerg if WO.. 8-26-18 



Merlusse ( French )- 

PRM. .12-16-37 
Merrily We Go to Hell- 

PAR. .6-11-32 
Merrily We Live- 

MGM. .3-1-38 

Merry Frinke-FN 6-27-34 

Merry Go Round if F.. 9-28-10 
Merry-Go-Round if U. .7-8-23 
Merry-Go-Round of 1938- 

U. .10-26-37 
Merry Monahans, The-U. 8-22-44 
Merry Monarch, The- 

SYN. .7-16-35 
Merry Peasant if SEV...1928 
Merry Widow-MGM . . . 10-13-34 
Merry Widow * MG... 8-30-25 
Merry Widow Ball- 

( German) -XX. . . .1939 
Merry Wives, The 

(Czechoslovakian) -LLT 

Merry Wives of Reno- 

WA.. 6-9-34 
Merton of the Movies if 

PAR. .9-14-24 

(Hungarian) -DAN. .11-11-36 
Messalina if FBO .... 8-31-24 
Message from Mars if 

M.. 3-27-21 
Message of the Mouse if VIT 
Message to Garcia. A-F.. 4-9-36 

Metropolis <£ PAR 3-13-27 

Metropolitan-F 10-13-35 

Mexicali Kid-MOP .... 9-7-38 
Mexicali Rose-COL .... 1-12-18 
Mexicali Rose-REP .... 3-29-39 
Mexican Rhapsody 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
Mexican Spitfire at Sea- 

RKO.. 1-8-42 
Mexican Spitfire Out West- 

RKO.. 10-9-40 
Mexican Spitflre-RKO. . 12-14-39 
Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost- 

RKO.. 5-6-42 
Mexican Spitfire's Baby- 
Mexican Spitfire's Blessed 

Event-RKO 1943 

RKO. .9-4-41 
Mexican Spitfire's Elephant- 

RKO. .10-5-42 
Mexican Woman 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
Mexico Today if EDU. . 6-23-1 8 
Mi Fortuna Por Nieto 

(Spanish) -XX. .1941 

Miami if PDC 6-8-24 

Mice and Men if PAR. . .1-13-16 
Michael Action 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
Michael and Mary -U .. 1-10-32 
Michael O'Halleran ■*• 

HOD. .6-17-23 
Michael O'Halleran- 

REP. .5-7-37 
Michael Shayne, Private De- 

tective-F 12-19-40 

Michael Strogoff-U . . 10-24-26 
Miche (French) -PAR. ..12-7-32 
Michigan Kid if U .... 7-8-28 

Mickey if WSR 8-11-18 

Mickey the Kid-REP. . .6-27-39 

Microbe if M 7-20-29 

Microscope Mystery if 

FAT. .11-2-16 
Mid-Channel if EQU. .9-19-20 

Middle Watch-BI 12-14-30 

Middleman if M 1915 

Midlander if FED 1921 

Midnight-U 3-7-34 

Midnight if PAR 1922 

Midnight-PAR 3-15-39 

Midnight Adventure if 

RA . . 7-1-28 
Midnight Alarm if VIT.! 8-5-23 

Midnight Alibi-FN 7-5-34 

Midnight Angel-PAR . . 12-5-41 

Midnight Bell if FN 1921 

Midnight Bride if VIT. .2-1-20 
Midnight Burglar if RAL. .1918 
Midnight Club-PAR ...7-29-33 
Midnight Court-WA . . . 1-27-37 
Midnight Daddies-WW . .8-11-29 
Midnight Express if 

CBC. .11-23-24 
Midnight Faces if GOO. . . .1926 
Midnight Flower * AY... 1926 
Midnight Flyer ■*• FBO. .1-10-26 
Midnight Gambols if PI 

Midnight Girl if CHA.. 7-12-25 
Midnight Guest • U . . .3-11-23 

Midnight Intruder-U 1-31-38 

Midnight Kiss if F. . . .10-31-20 

Midnight Lady-CHE 5-15-32 

Midnight Life if GOT.. 8-12-28 
Midnight Limited- 

MOP. .3-22-40 
Midnight Limited if 

RA. .12-20-25 
Midnight Lovers if FN. .11-7-26 
Midnight Madness if 

BL. .6-2-18 
Midnight Madness if 

PAT. .8-19-28 
Midnight Madonna-PAR. .6-8-37 

Midnight Man if U 

Midnight Mary-MGM . . . 7-17-33 
Midnight Message if 

GOO. .11-7-26 
Midnight Molly if FBO. .3-15-25 
Midnight Morals-MAF . . . 8-9-32 
Midnight Mystery-RKO ... 6-8-30 
Midnight on the Barbary 

Coast if AI 1929 

Midnight Patrol-MOP. . . .5-8-32 
Midnight Patrol if SEL..1918 
Midnight Phantom, The- 

REB. .11-21-35 

Midnight Riders if PS 

Midnight Romance if 

FN. .3-16-19 

Midnight Rose if U 1928 

Midnight Secrets if RA..1924 
Midnight Special-CHE. .12-7-30 
Midnight Stage if PAT.. 1-5-19 

Midnight Sun if U 5-2-26 

Midnight Taxi (PT)- 

WA. .11-4-28 

Midnight Taxi-F 4-5-37 

Midnight Trail if AMU. .3-14-18 
Midnight Warning-MAF. .3-8-33 
Midnight Watch if RA. .3-13-17 
Midshipman if MG ..10-18-25 
Midshipman Jack- 

RKO. .11-17-33 
Midstream ( PT ) -TIF . . . 9-15-29 
Midsummer Madness if 

PAR. .12-12-20 
Midsummer Night's Dream if 

Midsummer Night's Dream, A- 

WA. .10-10-35 

Mighty, The-PAR 1-5-30 

Mighty Barnum-UA ..11-23-34 
Mighty Lak A Rose if 

FN. .2-11-23 
Mighty Treve. The-U ... 1-12-37 

Mignon if XX 8-5-23 

Mikado, The-U 5-16-39 

Mike if MGM 1-17-26 

Milady-GEF 9-13-33 

Milady ■*- SEZ 1-28-23 

Milady of the Beanstalk if 

PAT. .11-24-18 
Mile-a-Minute Kendall if 

PAR.. 5-12-18 
Mile a Minute Love- 

ACE. .4-6-37 
Mile-a-Minute Man if 

Mile-a-Minute Morgan if 

SAN. .4-13-24 
Mile-a-Minute Romeo if 

F. .1923 
Milestones if G 9-12-20 


Military Academy-COL. . .8-6-40 
Milizia Territoriale 

(Italian) -NUO. .4-7-36 
Milky Way, The-PAR. . 1-28-36 
Mill of the Gods 

(German)-XX. .1939 
Mill on the Floss-MT. .12-23-16 
Mill on the Floss, The- 

STJ. .11-16-39 

Millie-RKO 1-25-31 

Million if PAR 1914 

Million Dollar Kid- 
MOP. .2-25-44 
Million a Minute if 

M. .5-18-16 
Million Bid if WA ...6-12-27 
Million Dollar Baby- 

MOP. .1-2-35 
Million Dollar Baby- 

WA. .5-23-41 
Million Dollar Collar (PT)- 

WA. .2-24-29 
Million Dollar Dollies -fr..l918 
Million Dollar Handicap if 

PDC. .2-14-26 
Million Dollar Haul-FD. . 1935 
Million Dollar Legs-PAR. .7-9-32 
Million Dollar Legs- 
PAR. .9-14-39 
Million Dollar Mystery if 

RA. .9-25-27 
Million Dollar Racket- 

VIC. .11-15-37 
Million Dollar Ransom- 

U. .9-19-34 
Million for Love if STE 

Million for Mary if 

AMU. .8-17-16 
Million to Burn if U. . 11-4-23 

Millionaire if U 11-6-21 

Millionaire-WA 4-12-31 

Millionaire Cowboy if 

FBO. .10-19-24 
Millionaire Kid if VIT. .4-20-16 

Millionaire Kid-REB 4-1-36 

Millionaire Pirate if BL 

Millionaire Playboy- 

RKO. .2-27-40 
Millionaire Policeman if 

STE.. 7-18-26 
Millionaire Vagrant if 

TRI. .5-24-17 
Millionaire's Double if 

TRI. .5-10-17 
Millionaires if WA ..11-14-26 
Millionaires in Prison- 

RKO. .6-27-40 
Millions in the Air-PAR 

Mills of the Gods-COL. .1-9-35 
Milosc Wszystko Zwycieza 

(PoU3h)-XX. .1-29-36 

Mimi-ALL 6-5-35 

Min and Bill-MGM .. .11-28-30 
Min Van Klock Johan 

(Swedish) -XX. .1941 
Mind Over Motor if 

PRI. .1923 

Mind Reader-iFN 4-7-33 

Mind the Paint Girl- 

FN. .11-30-18 
Mind Your Own Business- 

PAR. .12-14-36 
Mindent a Noertl-DAN 

Minesweeper-PAR .... 11-10-43 
Mine to Keep if AHR. . 8-12-23 
Mine with the Iron Door if 

PRI. .12-21-24 
Mine with the Iron Door, 

The-COL 7-11-36 

Ministry of Fear-PAR. .10-19-44 

Minnie if FN 12-3-22 

Minor Love and the Real 
Thing ( German ) -XX ... 1938 

Minstrel Man-PRC 6-21-44 

Mints of Hell if EXI.. 6-1-10 




Starring In 




^y UnAor Personal Management *f -jr 

"Ike little Monofe* 

4 Ruf. People" - BILL BURTON 


Miracle * COQ 1028 

Miracle Baby if FBO . . 8-12-23 

Miracle Kid, The-PRC 1941 

Miracle Kid * AE 1923 

Miracle Kid, The-PRC. .4-27-42 
Miracle Man * PAR ..8-31-19 
Miracle Man, The- 

PAR. .4-24-32 
Miracle Man ( Polish) - 

XX.. 1938 
Miracle of Life if PWB..1929 
Miracle of Life * AMU 

Mirack. of Life * AE.. 7-18-28 
Miracle of Love if PAR.. 

Miracle of Manhattan if 

SEZ. .5-8-21 
Miracle of Main Street 

( Spanish ) -XX . .1940 
Miracle of Money if 

PAT. .5-2-20 
Miracle of Morgan's Creek, 

The-PAR. .1-5-44 
Miracle of St. Anthony 

(S-SE)-VIU. .4-17-88 
Miracles of Wolves if 

HIS. .5-10-25 
Miracle on Main Street, A- 

COL. .1-2-40 
Miracle Song, The 

( Spanish) -AZ. .5-20-40 
Miracle Woman-COL ...8-2-31 

Miracles-AM 10-23-34 

Miracles For Sale-COL. .8-11-39 

Mirage if PDC 3-29-24 

Mirages de Paris- 

ATJT. .12-29-33 
Mirandy Smiles if PAR.. 1918 
Mirele Efros ( Yiddish )- 

CRO. .11-1-39 

Mirror if PMU 5-31-17 

Misbehaving 1 Husbands- 

PRC. .12-12-40 
Misbehaving: Ladies-PN. .11-8-31 

Mischief Maker if VIT 

Mischief Maker if F.. 11-30-16 

Misfit Earl * G 11-16-19 

Misfit Wife if M 7-18-20 

Misleading Lady if G. . 12-19-20 
Misleading Lady if 

ES. .1-27-16 
Misleading Lady if M....1921 
Misleading Lady-PAR . .4-10-32 
Misleading Widow if 

PAR. .9-7-19 

Mismates if FN 1926 

Miss Adventure if F. . . .4-27-18 
Miss Ambition if VIT.. 12-1-18 
Miss Annie Rooney-UA. .5-27-42 
Miss Arizona if ARW...1919 
Miss Bluebird * PAR.. 2-1-25 
Miss Brewster's Millions if 

PAR. .3-7-26 
Miss Crusoe if WO ...10-5-19 
Miss Dulcie from Dixie if 

VIT.. 3-23-19 
Miss Fane's Baby is Stolen- 

PAR. .1-20-34 
Miss George Washington if 

PAR. .11-30-16 
Miss Gingersnap if PAT.. 1919 

Miss Hobbs if REA 6-20-20 

Miss Innocence if F... 7-21-18 
Miss Jackie of the Army if 

AMU. .12-20-17 
Miss Jackie of the Navy if 

MT. .12-14-16 
Miss Lulu Bett <£ PAR 

Miss Mischief Maker if 

RAL. .1918 

Miss Nobody if PAT 

Miss Polly-UA 11-6-41 

Miss Pacific Fleet- 

WA . . 12-7-35 
Miss Paul Revere if 

CLR. .1922 
Misi Petticoat * BRA. 7-27-16 

Miss Pinkerton-FN 7-9-32 

Miss Robinson Crusoe if 

M.. 8-9-17 

Miss U. S. A. if F 1917 

Miss V from Moscow- 

PRC 1-21-43 

Missing if PAR 6-2-18 

Missing Daughters if 

SEZ. .7-6-24 
Missing Daughters-COL 

Missing Evidence-U ..11-20-39 
Missing Girls-CHE .... 10-7-36 

Missing Gue6t-U 9-9-38 

Missing Husbands if M. .5-21-22 
Missing Juror, The-COL. . . 1944 
Missing Link if WA . . 5-22-27 
Missing Link if TRI. . 12-23-15 
Missing Million if PAR 

Missing People-MOP ..12-5-40 
Missing Rembrandt- 

FD.. 3-27-32 
Missing Ten Days-COL. .4-24-41 
Missing Witnesses-WA. .12-14-37 
Mission to Moscow- WA. 4-29-43 

Mississippi-PAR 4-2-35 

Mississippi Gambler- 

U. .11-3-29 
Mississippi Gambler-U. .4-16-42 
Missouri Outlaw, A- 

REP. .11-21-41 
Misstep, The 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Mist in the Valley if 

HEU. .1924 
Mistaken Identity if TRI. .1918 
Mistaken Orders if RA . . . 1926 

Mister V-UA 2-11-42 

Mr. and Mrs. North- 

MGM. .12-17-41 
Mr. and Mrs. Smith- 

RKO. .1-20-41 
Mr. Barnes of N. V. if 

O. .1922 

Mister Big-U 5-28-43 

Mr. Billings Spends His Dime if 
PAR. .3-11-23 

Mr. Bingle * PS 1922 

Mr. Boggs Buys a Barrel- 

GN. .1937 
Mr. Boggs Steps Out- 

GN. .1-31-38 
Mr. Broadway-BRH ...9-15-33 
Mr. Bug Goes to Town- 

PAR. .12-5-41 

Mr. Celebrity-PRC 10-1-41 

Mr. Chump-WA 8-12-38 

Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk- 

WA.. 2-13-36 
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town- 

COL. .3-27-36 
Mr. District Attorney- 

REP.. 4-4-41 
Mr. District Attorney in the 

Carter Case-REP ..12-22-41 
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air- 

WA. .7-29-37 
Mr. Dolan of New York if . . 
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off- 

RKO. .9-29-38 

Mr. Dynamite-U 3-24-41 

Mr. Editor is Crazy 

(Polish) -XX. .1938 
Mr. Fix-It if ART. . .4-25-18 
Mr. Goode the Samaritan if 

FAT.. 5-25-10 
Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo if 

PAR. .12-16-16 
Mr. Lemon of Orange- 

F. .3-29-31 
Mr. Logan, U. S. A. if F. .1918 

Mr. Lucky-RKO 5-11-43 

Mr. Moto in Danger Island- 

F. .3-29-39 
Mr. Moto Takes a Chanee- 

F.. 6-16-38 
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation- 

F. .7-25-39 


Mr. Moto's Gamble- 

F. .4-11-38 
Mr. Moto's Last Warnlng- 

F. .1-31-39 

Mr. Muggs Steps Out-MOP.1943 

Mr. Mulligan & Mr. Garrity if 

WEI. .1929 

Mr. Opp if BL 8-23-17 

Mr. Pim Passes By if 

SEC. .1922 
Mr. Potter of Texas if 

PS. .It 22 
Mr. Robinson Crusoe- 

UA . . 9-23-32 

Mr. Skefflngton-WA 5-31-44 

Mr. Skitch-F 12-23-3.1 

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington- 

COL. .10-6-30 

Mr. Washington Goes to Town 

DIX. .4-19-40 

Mr. Winkle Goes to War- 

COL. .7-19-44 

Mr. Wise Guy-MOP 2-16-42 

Mr. Wong, Detective- 

MOP. .10-3-38 
Mr. Wong in Chinatown- 

MOP. .7-19-39 

Mr. Wu if MGM 5-22-27 

Mr. Wu if STL 12-26-20 

Mrs. Anderson's Son 

(Swedish) -XX. .1940 
Mrs. Black Is Back + PAR. . . 
Mrs. Balfame if MT. .4-19-17 
Mrs. Dane's Confession if 

FBO. .1922 
Mrs. Dane's Defense if 

PAR. .1-10-18 
Mrs. Erricker's Reputation if 

HEP. .1924 
Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots if 

SEZ. .9-2-18 

Mrs. Miniver-MGM 6-13-42 

Mrs. Reynolds if WO 1918 

Mrs. Slacker if PAR ..3-28-18 
Mrs. Temple's Telegram if 

PAR. .5-16-20 
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 

Patch-PAR 10-27-34 

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 

Patch-PAR. .10-6-42 
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 

Patch if PAR 2-23-l!> 

Mister Antonio-TIF . . . 12-8-2S* 
Mister Cinderella-MGM . .7-ll-3t> 
Mister Dynamite-U . . .6-26-3.") 
Mister Forty-Four if M 


Mister Hobo-GB 2-8-36 

Mistigri (French) - 

PAR . . 1-20-33 
Mistress of Shenstone -fr 

RC. .3-20-21 
Mistress of the World if 

PAR. .3-12-22 
Mit Dir Durch Dick Und 

Duenn-BAU 11-27-34 

Mixed Blood if RED... 1-4-17 

Mixed Faces if F 10-1-22 

Mizici Svet ( Slovak )- 

XX. .6-4-35 

M'Lisa if ART 5-2-18 

M'Liss-RKO 7-8-36 

Mile, from Armentierres if 

MGM. .10-28-28 
Mile. Paulette if TRI.. 5-19-18 
Mme. Sans Gene if PS.. 1922 

Moana * PAR 2-21-26 

Mob Town-U 10-14-41 

Moby Dick-WA 8-17-30 

Mockery if MGM 8-28-27 

Model from Montmartre if 

PAR. .10-21-28 
Model Husband ( German )- 

XX 1938 

Model Wife U 4-17-41 

Modern Cinderella if F. .1-11-17 
Modern Daughters if RA 

Modern Du Barry * U. .3-25-28 



Executive Producer 



From Agatha Christie's Best-Seller 
and Satevepost Serial 







Produced and Directed by RENE CLAIR 

LEO C. POPKIN, Associate Producer 

JOSEPH H. NADEL— Production Manager 
Released Through 20th CENTURY-FOX 


Modern Hero-WA ....4-3-34 
Modern Husbands if EXI 


Modern Life * U 9-8-18 

Modern Love if U ....1918 
Modern Love (PT)-U. . . . 1929 
Modern Marriage if 

SEZ. .4-8-23 
Modern Matrimony if 

SEZ. .11-18-23 
Modern Monte Cristo if 

PAT. .1-25-17 
Modern Mothers if COL 

Modern Musketeers if 

ART. .1-3-18 
Modern Salome if M....1929 
Modern Thelma if F. .4-20-16 
Modern Times-UA .... 2-7-36 
Mohican's Daughter if 

AR. .10-1-27 
Mojave Firebrand-REP. . . . 1944 
Mojave Kid if FBO ...8-7-27 

Mokey-MGM 3-25-42 

Molly and I if F 3-21-20 

Molly and Me (PT)- 

TIF. .4-7-29 
Molly Entangled if PAR.. 1917 
Molly Go Get 'Em if 

AMU. .1-17-18 
Molly Make Believe if 

PAR. .4-20-16 

Molly O if F 12-4-21 

Molly of the Follies if 

PAT. .2-2-19 

Mollycoddle if UA 6-20-20 

Moment Before if PAR. .5-11-16 
Mon Coeur Balance- 

PAR. .2-8-33 

Monastery-WO 2-2-38 

Money and the Woman- 

WA. .9-18-40 

Money Bill *• VIT 

Money Changers if 

PAT. .10-31-20 
Money Corral if ART. .4-27-19 
Money Isn't Everything if 

PAT. .10-6-1S 

Money Mad * G 9-22-18 

Money Madness if U... 6-7-17 
Money Magic if VIT.. 2-1-17 
Money Maniac if PAT. .7-24-21 
Money Master if EDK.. 9-16-15 
Money Means Nothing- 

MOP. .5-15-34 
Money, Money, Money if 

FN. .1-22-23 
Money Talks if MGM.. -16-26 
Money Talks-SYN ....8-12-33 
Money to Burn-REP . . 1-2-40 
Money to Burn if F. .4-16-22 
Money to Burn if LUM 

Monkey Business-PAR . . 9-27-31 
Monkey Into Man-WO. .3-22-40 
Monkey Talks if F ...2-27-27 
Monkey's Paw if SEZ... 1923 
Monkey's Paw-RKO ...6-1-33 
Monna Vanna F ....10-7-23 
Monsieur Beaucaire if 

PAR. .8-17-24 

Monster if MG 2-22-25 

Monster and the Girl, The- 

PAR. .3-24-41 
Monster Maker, The- 

PRC. .3-10-44 
Monster Walks-MAF . . 2-7-32 
Monsters of the Deep if 

TPE. .5-24-31 
Montana Kid-MOP ..9-13-31 
Montana Moon-MGM . .4-13-30 
Monte Carlo if MGM.. 3-28-26 
Monte Carlo-PAR ....8-31-30 
Monte Carlo Madness- 

FD. .6-5-32 
Monte Carlo Nights- 

MOP. .4-26-34 
Monte Criollo (Spanish) - 

XX. .3-15-37 

Monte Cristo if F ...3-19-22 
Montevergine ( Italian )- 

ESP. .1940 
Montmartre if PAR . . .7-6-24 
Montmartre Rose if 

EXP. .5-26-29 
Moon and Sixpence, The- 

UA. .9-9-42 
Moon Is Down, The-F. . .3-10-43 
Moon Madness if RC. . . . 8-1-20 
Moon of Israel if FBO.. 7-3-27 
Moon Over Burma-PAR 

Moon Over Her Shoulder- 

F. .10-17-41 
Moon Over Las Vegas-U. 4-27-44 
Moon Over Miami- 

F. .6-20-41 
Moon's Our Home, The- 

PAR. .4-6-36 
Moonlight and Cactus- 

U. .10-23-44 
Moonlight and Honeysuckle if 

REA. .7-24-21 
Moonlight and Pretzels- 

U. .8-23-33 
Moonlight in Havana-U. 10-26-42 
Moonlight in Hawaii- 

U. .10-8-41 
Moonlight Follies if U. .9-18-21 
Moonlight in Vermont- 

U 12-28-43 

Moonlight Masquerade- 

REP. .6-22-42 
Moonlight Murder- 

MGM. .3-19-36 
Moonlight on the Prairie- 

WA. .11-11-35 
Moonlight Sonata- 

MAZ. .4-25-38 
Moonshine Trail if 

PAT. .10-26-19 
Moonshine Valley if F. .3-20-22 
Moonstone, The-MOP ...8-7-34 

Moontide-F 4-17-42 

Moral Code, The if 

ERB. .3-9-17 
Moral Courage if PBW. .5-24-17 
Moral Deadline if WO.. 2-16-13 
Moral Fabric if TRI.. 3-16-16 

Moral Fibre if VIT 1921 

Moral Law if F ...3-21-18 
Moral Sinner if PAR. . .4-27-24 
Moral Suicide if GRA.. 3-28-18 

Morals if PAD 1922 

Morals for Men if 

TIF. .11-22-25 
Morals for Women- 

TIF. .12-22-31 
Morals of Hilda if RED 

Morals of Marcus, The- 

GB. .1-14-36 
Moran of the Lady Letty if 

PAR. .2-12-22 
Moran of the Marines-^- 

PAR. .10-21-28 
Moran of the Mounted if 

RA. .9-19-26 
More to Be Pitied if 

CBC. .9-24-22 
More Deadly Than the Male if 

PAR. .12-14-19 
More Excellent Way if 

VIT. .3-29-17 
More Pay — Less Work if 

F. .7-4-26 
More Than a Secretary- 

COL. .12-11-36 
More the Merrier, The- 

COL 4-7-43 

More Trouble if PAT.. 6-2-1 8 
More Truth Than Poetry if 

M. .11-1-1? 
Morena Clara ( Spanish )- 

XX. .1938 
Morgan Werde Ich Verhaftet 
(German) -XX. .1941 


Morgan's Last Raid if 

MGM. .2-10-39 
Morgan's Raiders if BL 


Morgane if FF 1929 

Morganson's Finish if 

TIF. .1926 

Morgenrot-PRX 8-16-33 

Moritz Macht Sein Glueck 

(German) -CAP. .12-28-32 
Mormon Maid if HWF. .2-22-17 
Morning After-MAJ ...8-22-34 

Morocco-PAR 11-16-30 

Morok if HES 2-7-18 

Mortal Clay if GHA 1922 

Mortal Sin if M 3-15-17 

Mortal Storm, The- 

MGM. .6-11-40 
Mortgaged Wife if U.. 6-30-18 

Mortmain if VIT 9-9-15 

Moscow Laughs ( Russian )- 

AM. .3-23-35 
Moscow Nights (French) - 

LEN. .5-9-38 
Moscow Strikes Back- 

REP. .8-21-42 
Moscow Today if M.. 5-19-29 
Most Dangerous Game- 

RKO. .9-10-32 
Most Immoral Lady- 

FN. .10-27-29 
Most Precious Thing in Life- 

COL. .11-13-34 
Motel, The Operator 

( Yiddish )-CIN. .1-24-40 

Moth if SEL 10-11-17 

Moth, The-MAC 3-9-34 

Mother if FBO 3-13-27 

Mother if HAM 1928 

Mother if TCS 

Mother and the Law if 

GRI. .9-7-19 
Mother and the Law if 

SUA. .11-1-18 
Mother and Son-MOP. . 8-30-31 
Mother and Sons 

(Russian) -AM. .9-28-38 
Mother Carey's Chickens- 

RKO. .7-25-38 
Mother Eternal if GRA 

Mother Heart if F ...6-12-21 
Mother, I Need Tou if CAS 
Mother Knows Best (PT)- 

F. .9-23-28 
Mother Love and the Law -fc 

AY. .1921 
Mother Machree (S-SE)- 

F. .1-22-28 
Mother, 1905-AM ....6-2-34 
Mother O' Mine if 

APR. .6-5-21 

Mother O' Mine if BL 

Mother of Courage 

(Spanish) -XX. .1940 
Mother of His Children if 

Mother of Mine if 

ZAK. .1928 
Mother's Boy-PAT ...5-12-29 
Mother's Cry-FN ....12-7-30 
Mother's Love 

(German) -XX. .1940 
Mother's Lullaby 

(Italian) -XX. .1938 
Mother's Millions-U ..5-10-31 
Mother's Ordeal if 

VAN. .5-10-17 
Mother's Secret if F.. 12-23-19 
Mother's Secret if BL. . 4-25-18 
Mother's Sin if VIT.. 2-7-18 
Motherhood if STB .... 1928 
Motherlove ( German )- 

XX. .1938 
Mothers of Men if 

REP. .3-7-20 
Mothers of Today 

(Yiddish )-APX. .3-14-39 




20th Century-Fox 






Motion to Adjourn if 

ARW. .1922 
Motive for Revenee- 

MAJ. .5-21-35 
Motor Madness-COL . . . 5-4-37 
Moulders of Men if 

FBO. .4-3-27 
Moulin Rouffe-UA . . . 1-10-34 
Moulin Rouere (S-SE) 

WW. .2-10-29 
Mountain Dew if TRI. . 9-20-17 
Mountain Eagle if LEE.. 1926 
Mountain Justice-U . . 5-18-30 
Mountain Justice-WA . . 5-15-37 
Mountain Lover* if 

COQ. .1929 
Mountain Madness if SEZ 

Mountain Moonlig-ht- 

REP. .7-18-41 
Mountain Music- 

PAR. .8-14-37 
Mountain Rhythm- 

REP. .6-29-39 
Mountain Rhythm- 

REP. .12-21-42 
Mountain Woman if F. . 2-6-21 
Mountains of Manhattan if 

LUM . . 6-26-27 
Mounted Fury-WW ...12-20-31 
Mounted Strang:er-UD 

U. .3-9-30 
Mouthpiece, The-WA . . 4-24-32 
Movie Crazy-PAR . . . 8-12-32 

Mozart-MOZ 10-8-40 

Mrs. Parkinston-MGM .. 9-14-44 

Mug- Town-U 1-25-43 

Mug-g-sy if TRI 1918 

Mujeres De Hoy ( Spanish )- 

XX. .12-8-36 
Mujeres Sin Alma 

(Spanish) -XX. .12-15-36 

Mummy, The-U 1932 

Mummy and the Humming: 

Bird * PAR 11-18-15 

Mummy's Boys-RKO . . 12-15-36 
Mummy's Cuse, The-U. 12-20-44 
Mummy's Ghost, The-U. 7-12-44 
Mummy's Hand, The- 

U. .10-4-40 
Mummy's Tomb, The-U. 10-19-42 
Muenchner Fasching-sbaU 

(German) -XX. .1941 

Murder * UFA 1928 

Murder-BI 10-26-30 

Murder Among- Friends- 

F. .3-6-41 
Murder at Dawn- 

BIF. .2-28-32 
Murder at Glen Athol- 

INV. .2-28-36 
Murder at Midnigrht- 

TIF. .9-20-31 
Murder at the Baskervilles- 

AST. .6-18-41 
Murder at the Vanities- 

PAR. .5-18-34 
Murder By An Aristocrat- 

FN. .6-13-36 
Murder By Invitation- 

MOP. .6-30-41 
Murder by Television- 

CAM . . 1835 
Murder by the Clock- 

PAR. .7-10-31 
Murder Goes to Colleg-e- 

PAR . . 2-24-37 
Murder in Greenwich Village- 

COL.. 11-3-37 
Murder in Times Square- 

COL 6-4-43 

Murder in the Air-WA . . 7-10-40 
Murder in the Big- House- 

WA. .4-9-42 
Murder in the Blue Room- 

U.. 11-8-44 
Murder in the Clouds- 

FN. .12-28-34 

Murder in the Fleet- 

MGM. .6-1-35 

Murder in the Museum- 

PRG. .6-27-34 
Murder in the Nig-ht- 

FIA . . 7-24-40 
Murder in the Private Car- 

MGM. .7-10-34 
Murder in the Red Barn- 

OLM . . 8-19-36 
Murder in Trinidad-F . . 5-16-34 

Murder Man-MGM 7-9-35 

Murder, My Sweet-RKO (See: 

Farewell, My Lovely) . 12-8-44 
Murder of Dr. Harrig-an, The- 

FN. .1-21-36 
Murder on a Bridle Path- 

RKO.. 4-11-36 
Murder on a Honeymoon- 

RKO. .2-14-35 
Murder on Diamond Row- 

UA. .11-15-37 
Murder on the Blackboard- 

RKO . . 6-6-34 
Murder on the Roof, The- 

COL. .2-9-30 
Murder on the Set-GOB . . 8-21-36 
Murder on the Waterfront- 

WA 8-2-43 

Murder on the Yukon- 

MOP.. 5-20-40 
Murder Over New York- 

F . . 12-6-40 
Murder Will Out-FN . . 4-20-30 
Murder With Pictures- 

PAR.. 11-20-36 
Murders in the Rue Morgrue- 

U. .2-14-32 
Murders in the Zoo-PAR. .4-1-33 
Music for Madame- 

RKO. .9-15-37 
Music for Millions- 

MGM. .12-18-44 
Music Goes 'Round, The- 

COL.. 2-24-36 
Music In My Heart-COL. .1-5-40 

Music In the Air-F 12-14-34 

Music in Manhattan- 

RKO.. 7-27-44 

Music Is Mag-ic-F 9-24-35 

Music Master if F.... 1-23-27 
Musica In Piazza 

( Italian )-NUO. .1936 
Musical Story 

( Russian )-ARQ. .1941 
Muss 'Em Up-RKO. .. .1-21-36 
Mussolini Speaks (S-SE)- 

COL. .3-11-33 
Must We Marry? if 

TPC 3-3-29 

Mutiny if BL '. 3-15-17 

Mutiny Ahead-MAJ 7-6-35 

Mutiny in the Arctic-U. .5-8-41 
Mutiny in the Big- House- 

MOP. .10-11-39 
Mutiny of the Elsinore if 

M. .7-25-20 
Mutiny on the Bounty- 

MGM. .11-1-35 
Mutiny on the Blackhawk- 

U. .8-3-39 
Mutiny on the Elsinore, The- 

REG. .2-17-39 
Mutter and Kind-XX. . .12-1-34 

Mutterliebe if FFF 2-22-31 

Muzzle (German)-XX 1938 

My American Wife if 

PAR . . 1-7-23 
My American Wife- 

PAR. .7-21-36 

My Best Gal-REP 3-24-44 

My Best Girl if M 

My Best Girl if UA 11-13-27 

My Bill-WA 7-8-38 

My Boy if FN 1-1-22 

My Buddy-REP 9-27-44 

My Country First if 

UNA. .5-18-16 
My Candidate 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
My Cousin if ART 12-1-18 


My Dad *• FBO 7-8-22 

My Daug-hter is Different 

(Hung-arian)-DAN. .1938 
My Dear Miss Aldrich- 

MGM. .10-13-37 
My Favorite Wife-RKO. .5-3-40 
My Favorite Blonde-PAR. 3-18-42 
My Favorite Spy-RKO. . .5-6-4'.! 
My Four Tears in Germany if 

SR. .3-21-18 

My Friend Flicka-F 4-8-43 

My Friend from India if 

PAT 6-13-28 
My Friend the Devil *'f. .1922 
My Gal Loves Music- 

U. .12-5-44 

My Gal Sal-F 4-27-42 

My Girl Friend, Barbara 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
My Heart Bel one's to Daddy - 

PAR.. 11-4-42 
My Heart is Calling--GB . . 1-26-36 
My Home Town if RA...1928 
My Husband's Other Wife if 

PAT. .12-21-19 
My Husband's Wives if 

F.. 12-28-24 
My Kingdom for a Cook- 

COL 10-27-43 

My Lady Friends if FN. . .1922 
My Lady Incog- if PAR. .1-27-16 
My Lady of Whims if 

ARW. .1-17-26 

My Lady's Dress if F 

My Lady's Garter if 

PAR. .3-21-20 
My Lady's Latch Key it 

FN 3-20-21 
My Lady'a Lips * SCh! '. 7-26-25 
My Lady's Past (PT)- 

TIF. .8-25-29 
My Lady's Slipper it 

VIT. .1-20-16 
My Life Is at Stake 

(German) -UFA. .1938 
My Life With Caroline- 

RKO. .7-16-41 

My Lips Betray-F 11-4-33 

My Little Boy if BL. .12-13-17 
My Little Chickadee-U. .2-13-40 
My Little Mother 

(Italian) -XX.. 1840 
My Little Sister if F. .0-16-19 
My Love Came Back- 

WA . . 6-28-40 

My Lucky Star-F 9-12-38 

My Madonna * M 11-11-15 

My Man if VIT 2-17-24 

My Man (PT)-WA 12-3-28 

My Man Godfrey-U . . . 6-16-36 

My Marriag-e-F 11-18-36 

My Mother in Law 

(Yiddish) -XX. .1940 
My Neighbor's Wife if 

DAV. .5-31-26 
My Official Wife if 

VIT. .12-7-16 
My Official Wife if 

WA. .10-17-26 

My Old Dutch if U 11-18-15 

My Old Dutch * U 1926 

My Old Kentucky Home if 

AR.. 6-7-22 
My Old Kentucky Home- 

MOP. .1-26-38 

My Own Pal if F 3-21-26 

My Own United States if 

FRO. .1-24-18 

My Pal the Kinir-U 1932 

My Pal. Wolf-RKO 9-25-44 

My Partner if MT 3-23-16 

My Past-WA 3-15-31 

My Sin-PAR 9-6-31 

My Sister Eileen-COL. . .9-14-42 

My Son if FN 4-12-25 

My Son is a Criminal- 

COL. .3-21-39 
My Son is Guilty-COL. .1-24-40 

My Son, My Son-UA 3-6-40 

My Son, the Hero-PRC . . 1-20-4.'^ 
My Song: for You-GB . . . 6-28-3". 



20th Century-Fox 

Willi STARR 




My Two Love* 

(Spanish) -PAR. .1938 
My Unmarried Wife if 

BL. .12-20-17 

My Valet * TRI 9-30-15 

My Weakness-F 9-22-33 

My Wife if MT 

My Wife and I * WA . . 5-24-35 
My Wife the Miss-XX. .9-13-34 
My Wife's Family-POP. .3-13-32 
My Wife's Relatives- 

REP. .3-13-39 
My Wild Irish Rose if 

VIT. .6-18-22 

My Woman-PAR 10-17-33 

Myrt and Marge-U .... 1-16-34 
Mysteries of Life (S-SE)- 

PWP. .1929 
Mysteries of Myra if 

INT. .6-1-16 
Mysteries of Myra if 

WTL. .4-27-16 
Mysteries of Nature if 

UFA.. 7-27-30 
Mysteries of Notre Dame if 

DUW. .10-30-36 
Mysterious Client if 

PAT. .5-12-18 
Mysterious Crossingr-U ... 2-2-37 
Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu- 

PAR. .7-28-29 
Mysterious Doctor, The- 

WA 3-3-43 

Mysterious Island (PT)- 

MGM. .12-22-29 
Mysterious Lady if 

MGM. .8-12-28 
Mysterious Miss Terry if 

PAR. .8-30-17 
Mysterious Miss X, The- 

REP. .1-23-39 
Mysterious Mr. Browning' if 

ARW. .1919 
Mysterious Mr. Moto- 

F. .8-26-38 
Mysterious Mr. Parkes 

(French) -PAR. .8-31-30 
Mysterious Mr. Reeder, The- 

MOP. .6-9-40 
Mysterious Mr. Tiller if 

BL. .9-20-17 
Mysterious Mr. Wong"- 

MOP. .1-15-35 
Mysterious Mr. X 

(German) -XX. .1939 
Mysterious Mrs. M if 

BL. .1-25-17 
Mysterious Rider-PAR. .. 0-1-33 
Mysterious Rider if 

HOD. .10-23-21 
Mysterious Rider-PAR. .9-21-38 
Mysterious Rider if 

PAR . . 8-27-27 
Mysterious Rider, The-PRC.1942 
Mysterious Rider, The- 

PRC 2-1-43 

Mysterious Witness ic 

FBO. .7-1-23 
Mystery at the Villa Rose- 

BI. .6-1-30 
Mystery Brand if RA....1927 
Mystery Broadcast-REP. 10-27-43 

Mystery Club * U 9-12-26 

Mystery Girl if PAR 1918 

Mystery House-WA 6-1-38 

Mystery in Swing-INR. .2-28-40 
Mystery Liner-MOP. .. .2-28-34 

Mystery Man-UA 1944 

Mystery Man, The- 

MOP. .2-12-35 
Mystery of Edwin Drood- 

U. .3-20-35 

Mystery of Life-U 7-5-31 

Mystery of Lourdes if 

PHE. .1928 
Mystery of Marie Rogret- 

U. .4-3-42 
Mystery of Mr. Wong- 

MOP. .3-20-39 
Mystery of Mr. X-MGM . . 2-24-34 

Mystery of No. 47 if 

SEL. .6-7-17 
Mystery of Room 13- 

ALL. .8-21-41 
Mystery of the Black Brief Case 
(Italian) -XX. .1940 
Mystery of the Hooded Horse- 
men, The-GN 7-30-37 

Mystery of the 13th Guest, 

The-MOP 10-13-43 

Mystery of the Wax Museum- 
WA. .2-18-33 
Mystery of the White Room- 


Mystery of the Yellow Room if 

REA. .10-26-19 

Mystery of Washing-ton Square if 

FID. .1920 

Mystery Plane-MOP 2-27-39 

Mystery Ranch-F 7-1-32 

Mystery Ranch-STI 5-26-34 

Mystery Rider if AI 1928 

Mystery Road if PAR. .7-31-21 
Mystery Sea Raider- 

PAR. .8-5-40 

Mystery Ship-COL 8-18-41 

Mystery Train-COT. .. .8-23-31 
Mystery Valley if RA . . 12-9-28 

Mystery Woman-F 1-8-36 

Mystic if MG 9-8-26 

Mystic Circle Murder- 

ME. .10-13-39 

Mystic Faces if TRI 9-8-18 

Mystic Hour if APO. .5-24-17 
Mystic Mirror if UFA . . 10-7-28 
Mystic Mountain, The- 

(French)-LEN. .4-1-36 


Nabong-a-PRC 1944 

Nace Un Amor 

(Spanish) -XX. .1941 

(German) -COL. .3-8-31 
Nada Mas Que Una Mujer- 

F. .11-27-34 

Nagana-U 2-16-33 


(Hungarian) -XX. .12-31-35 
Naked Hearts if BL.. 5-18-16 
Naked Truth (S-SE)- 

PWP. .1929 
Name the Man if MG. . 1-20-24 
Name the Woman if 

COL. .9-2-28 
Name the Woman- 

COL.. 10-16-34 
Nameless Men if TIF.. 3-25-28 

Namensheirat-FN 1-12-33 

Nan of Music Mountain if 

PAR. .1917 

Nana if MOV 8-4-29 

Nana-UA 2-2-34 

Nanau, Sie Kennen Korff Noch 
Night ( German) -UFA. .1930 
Nancy Comes Home if 

TRI. .4-4-18 
Nancy Drew and the Hidden 

Staircase-WA 11-2-39 

Nancy Drew — Detective- 

WA.. 12-7-38 
Nancy Drew, Reporter- 

WA. .1939 
Nancy Drew, Trouble Shooter- 

WA.. 9-1 8-39 
Nancy from Nowhere if 

PAR. .2-5-22 
Nancy Steele Is Missing - - 

F. .3-10-37 
Nancy's Birthright if 

MT. .5-25-16 
Nanette of the Wilde if 

PAR. .11-30-16 
Nanook of the North ir 

PAT. .6-18-22 

Napoleon * MGM 2-17-29 

Napoleon arid Josephine if 

FBO. .5-25-24 
Napoleon 1st Am Allem Schult 
(German) -XX. .1941 


Napoli Che Canta 

(Italian )-CRE. .1-25-31 
Nar Rosorna Sla-Ut 

(Swedish) -PAR. .2-15-81 

Narayana if GAU 1921 

Narrow Corner- WA .... 6-20-33 
Narrow Escape if RAY.. 1026 
Narrow Path * RED.. 8-31-16 
Narrow Path if PAT ..1918 
Narrow Street if WA . . 1-11-25 
Narrow Trail if ART.. 1-10-18 
Naszuit Felaron 

(Hung-arian)-XX. .2-16-37 
Nat Iva ( Spanish) -XX. . .1041 
Natalka Poltavka 

(Ukranian)-KIO. .2-18-37 
Nation Aflame-TRS . . . 10-20-37 
National Barn Dance, The- 

PAR. .9-5-44 
National Velvet-MGM. . .12-6-44 

Nation's Peril if VIT 

Native Land-FRF 5-12-42 

Natural Law if PRN 4-15-17 

Nature and Love if UFA . . 1928 

Nature Girl if U 1919 

Nature Man if U 11-4-15 

Naughty if FD 1927 

Naughty Baby (9-SE)- 

FN. .1-20-29 
Naughty But Nice if 

FN. .6-26-27 
Naughty But Nlee-WA . . 6-28-39 
Naughty Duchess if 

TIF. .10-28-28 

Naughty Flirt-FN 4-19-31 

Naughty Marietta- 

MGM. .2-20-36 
Naughty Nanette if 

FBO. .4-24-27 
Naughty I Naughty I ■fc 

PAR. .4-11-18 

Naulahka ■*- PAT 2-14-18 

Naval Academy-COL 6-5-41 

Navigator if MG 0-7-24 

Navy Blue and Gold- 

MGM. .11-17-37 

Navy Blues-MGM 1-12-30 

Navy Blues-REP 3-29-37 

Navy Blnes-WA 8-13-41 

Navy Born-REP 6-2-36 

Navy Comes Through, The- 

RKO.. 10-15-42 

Navy Secrets-MOP 2-15-39 

Navy Spy-GN 3-24-37 

Navy Way, The-PAR . . . 2-25-44 
Nazi Agrent-MGM (Reviewed as 
"Salute to Courag-e") . .1-21-42 
Nazar Stodolya 

(Russian) -AM. .8-18-37 
Ne SirJ Edesanyam 

(Hungarian) -XX. .11-25-36 

Near Lady if V 12-2-23 

Near the Rainbow's End- 

TIF . . 7-6-30 
Near the Trail's End-TTF . . 1931 
Nearly a King if 

PAR. .2-17-16 
Nearly Eighteen-MOP. . 10-19-43 
Nearly Married if GW. . 12-6-17 
'Neath Arizona Skies- 

MOP.. 12-11-34 
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge- 

MOP. .10-20-42 
'Neath Western Skies if 

STN.. 12-16-29 
Necessary Evil + FN.. 6-21-25 

Neck and Neck-WW 11-8-31 

Ned McCobb's Daughter- 

(S-SE)-PAT. .11-4-28 

Nedra * PAT 11-12-16 

Ne'er Do Well if SEL. .2-17-16 
Ne'er Do Well * PAR. .6-6-23 
Neglected Wires if 

WIS. 4-26-20 
Neglected Women ir 

FBO. .7-27-24 
Neighbor from Next Door 

(Polish) -XX. .1088 
Neighborhood House- 

MGM . . 5-10-86 



Producer of 







(Yiddish) -BBS. .12-18-88 

Neighbors * WO 8-4-18 

Neighbors Wives ROY. .9-20-33 

Nell Gwyn if PAR 1-31-26 

Nell Gwynn-UA 1-12-34 

Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak 

Model if MG 4-20-24 

Nem Elhetek Muzsikaszo Nel- 
kuel( Hungarian) -XX. .2-24-36 

Neptune's Daughter if U 

Nero if F 6-28-22 

Nervous Wreck if 

PDC. .10-24-26 

Nest if EXP 10-16-27 

Net if MT 4-6-16 

Net if F 1-27-24 

Nevada-RKQ 12-20-44 

Nevada if PAR 8-21-27 

Nevada-PAR 4-14-36 

Nevada Buckaroo-TIF . . 11-29-31 

Nevada City-REP 6-18-41 

Never a Dull Moment- 

U. .11-5-43 
Never Give a Sucker an Even 

Break-U 10-8-41 

Never Say Die if AE.. 9-28-24 

Never Say Die-PAR 3-7-39 

Never Say Quit if F.. 3-23-19 
Never the Twain Shall Meet if 

MG. .8-2-26 
Never the Twain Shall Meet- 

MGM. .6-7-31 
Never Too Late-REB. .11-27-35 

Never Weaken if AE 

New Adventures of Get Rich 
Quick Wallingford- 

MGM. .10-11-31 
New Adventures of Tarzan- 

BTZ. .6-21-36 

New Babylon if AM 12-8-29 

New Brooms if PAR. . 11-15-26 
New Champion if COL. .4-4-26 
New Commandment if 

FN. .11-1-25 
New Disciple if FED. . 12-26-21 
New Faces of 1937- 

RKO. .6-29-37 
New Frontier-REP. .. .9-24-35 

New Frontier-REP 9-7-39 

New Gulliver, The-AM . . 10-29-35 
New Horizons 

(Russian) -AM. .5-19-39 
New Klondike if PAR.. 3-28-26 
New Lives for Old -j^- 

PAR. .3-8-25 
New Love for Old if BL. .2-7-18 

New Moon-MGM 6-18-40 

New Moon if SEL 5-18-19 

New Moon-MGM 12-28-30 

New Morals for Old- 

MGM. .6-24-32 
New Movietone Follies of 1930 
F. .6-29-30 
New Orleans (PT)- 

TIF. .8-11-29 
New School Teacher if 

CCB. .1924 

New Teacher if F 8-13-22 

New Teacher 

( Russian )-ARQ. .1941 

New Toys if FN 3-1-25 

New Wine-UA 7-31-41 

New Year's Eve (S-SE)- 

F. .4-14-29 

New York if PAR 2-6-27 

New York if PAT 2-10-16 

New York Idea if 

REA. .12-12-20 
New York Luck if 

AMU. .12-27-17 
New York Nights-UA . . 2-2-30 
New York Peacocks if F. .3-1-17 
New York Town-PAR. .7-30-41 

Newly Rich-PAR 7-5-31 

News Is Made at Night- 

F. .7-17-39 
News of the U.S.S.R. 

(Russian) -AM. .6-27-36 
News Parade if F 6-3*28 

Newsboy and the Lady, The- 

(Spanish) -XX. .1939 
Newsboys' Home-U .... 1-24-39 
Next Corner if PAR. .3-30-24 

Next of Kin-U 4-8-43 

Next Time I Marry- 

RKO. .12-9-38 
Next Time We Love-U .. 1-31-36 

Niagara Falls-UA 9-25-41 

Nice Girl?-U 2-26-41 

Nice People * PAR. . . .8-20-22 

Nice Women-U 2-21-32 

Nick Carter, Master Detective- 
MGM. .12-14-39 
Nie Wieder Liebe 

(German) -UFA. .1-17-32 

( Polish )-STA. .1-17-38 
Night After Night- 

PAR. .10-29-32 

Night Alarm-MAJ 12-11-34 

Night and the Man if 

FAT. .5-17-17 
Night and Day-GB .... 6-27-33 

Night Angel-,PAR 6-14-31 

Night at Earl Carrol's, A- 

PAR. .11-22-40 
Night at the Opera. A- 

MGM. .10-17-35 
Night at the Ritz, A- 

WA. .6-16-35 

Night Beat-ACT 12-27-31 

Night Before the Divorce, The- 

F. .2-4-42 

Night Bird if U 10-7-28 

Night Birds-BI 1-4-31 

Night Bride * PDC. .. .4-3-27 

Night Cargo-MAC 1-7-36 

Night Club if PAR. .. .5-10-26 

Night Club Girl-U 12-18-44 

Night Club Lady, The- 

COL. .8-27-32 
Night Club Scandal- 

PAR. .10-21-37 
Night Control if FBO.. 3-21-26 

Night Court-MGM 6-29-32 

Night Cry if WA 4-18-26 

Night Flight-MGM 10-4-33 

Night Flyer if PAT. . .3-26-28 
Night for Crime. A-PRC. .8-4-42 
Night Hawk if PDC... 1924 

Night Hawk-REP 9-26-38 

Night Horsemen if F. . . .9-11-21 
Night in New Orleans, A- 

PAR. .5-6-42 
Night is Young-MGM. .1-12-35 

Night Key-U 4-21-37 

Night Life if TIF 11-27-27 

Night Life in Hollywood if 

ARW. .3-4-23 
Night Life in New York if 

PAR. .8-2-25 
Night Life in Reno-ARC. .8-9-31 
Night Life of the Gods- 

U. .2-23-35 
Night Mayor-COL ...11-26-32 
Night Message if U.... 3-2-24 

Night Monster-U 10-20-42 

Night Must Fall- 

MGM. .4-22-37 

Night Nurse-WA 7-19-31 

Night of Adventure. A- 

RKO. .6-9-44 
Night of January 16th- 

PAR. .9-4-41 
Night of June 13- 

PAR 9-17-3° 
Night of Love if VA.. 1-30-27 

Night of Love if U 

Night of Mystery if 

PAR. .4-22-28 
Night of Mystery-PAR. . .1937 
Night of Nights, The- 

AR. .1-2-40 
Night of the Mayas 

( Mexican ) -WO . .1941 
Night of the Pines if 

ARW. 1921 
Night of Terror-COL. . .6-7-33 


Night on the Danube 

(German) -XX. .1938 

Night Out if VIT 2-3-16 

Night Owl if RA. .. .1-30-27 
Night Parade-RKO. .. .11-17-29 
Night Plane from Chungking- 

PAR 1-4-43 

Night Ride-U 1-19-30 

Night Ridcr-ARC 5-22-32 

Night Riders if SEC. . . .4-30-22 
Night Riders, The-REP. .4-4-39 

Night Rose if G 

Night Ship if LUM.. 4-19-25 

Night Spot-RKO 3-31-38 

Night to Remember, A-COL.1942 
Night to Remember, A 

COL 1-15-43 

Night Train-F 10-25-40 

Night Waitress-RKO. .12-18-36 
Night Watch (S-SE)- 

FN. .10-14-28 

Night Work-PAT 11-16-30 

Night Work-PAR 9-21-39 

Night Workers if ES . . 5-31-17 

Night World-U 1932 


(Russian) -AM. .11-6-36 
Nightingale of Paris if 

CBC. .1921 

Nightmare-U 11-10-42 

Nights of Glory 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
Nina, The Flower Girl if 

FAT. .1-11-17 
Nincsenek Veletlenek 

(Hungarian) -HUN. .9-29-39 
9 3-5 Seconds if STC. .10-18-25 
Nine Days a Queen-GB. .6-26-36 

Nine Girls-COL 1944 

Nine Lives Are Not Enough- 

WA. .9-4-4] 

Nine Men-AFE 1944 

Nine O'clock Town if 

INC. .8 4-18 
Nine Points of the Law if 

FBO. .1922 
NSine Seconds from Heaven -j^- 

RIA. .7-2-22 
Nine-Tenths of the Law if 

ALA. .4-25-18 
Nineteen and Phyllis if 

FN. .1-2-21 
1914 The Last Days Before the 

War CAP. . 9-7-32 

Ninety and Nine if 

VIT. .12-21-16 
Ninety and Nine if 

VIT. .12-17-22 

Ninotchka-MGM 10-10-39 

Ninth Guest-COL 3-3-34 

Niskavooren Naiset 

( Finnish )-ENC. .12-1-38 

Nitwits, The-RKO 6-5-35 

Nix on Dames-F ....11-24-29 
No Babies Wanted -j^ 

PLA. .8-26-28 
No Children Wanted * 

HOR. .8-11-18 

No Control if PDC 5-1-27 

No Defense if VIT. .. .1-29-22 
No Defense (PT)-WA ..7-14-29 
No Dejes la Puerta Abierta- 

F. .11-13-23 
No Funny Business- 

PRI. .3-10-34 
No Good Guy if INC.. 4-27-16 
No Greater Glory-COL. .3-14-34 
No Greater Love-COL. . 5-15-32 
No Greater Love ( Russian )- 

ARQ. .3-3-44 
No Greater Love if SEL. .1-6-16 
No Greater Sin-UNV. .6-17-41 

No Gun Man if FBO 1924 

No Hands on the Clock- 

PAR. .12-8-41 

No Limit-PAR 1-18-31 

No Living Witness- 

MAF. .9-13-32 
No Marraige Ties-RKO. . 8-4-33 
No Man of Her Own- 

PAR. .12-31-32 


. .1-24-32 
. .6-24-28 
. .1-13-33 

No Man's Gold * F. . 8-1-26 
No Man's Land if M.. 7-21-18 
No Man's Law * FBO. .11-22-25 
No Man's Law * PAT. .5-1-27 
No Man's Woman if 

APH. .2-6-21 
No Mataras 

(Spanish) -XX. 
No More Ladies-MGM 
No More Orchids-COL. 
No More Women if 

APH 2-3-24 
No More Women-PAR. .3-3-34 
No Mother to Guide Her if 

F. .3-2-24 
No. No, Nanette-RKO. .12-20-40 
No. No. Nanette-FN.. 
No One Man-PAR. . . . 
No Other Woman if F 
No Other Woman-RKO 
No Place to Go if FN . 
No Place to Go-WA. 
No Place for a Lady-COL. .1943 

No Ransom-LIB 1-9-36 

No Time for Comedy- 

WA. .9-9-40 
No Time lor Love-PAR. 11-10-43 
No Time to Marry-COL. .2-6-38 
No Trespassing if HOD. .4-23-22 
No Woman Knows if U. .9-4-21 
No Word of Love 

(German) -XX. .1938 
Noah's Ark (PT)-WA. .3-17-29 

Nobody if FN 7-31-21 

Nobody's Baby-MGM 2-2-37 

Nobody's Bride if U 3-25-23 

Nobody's Children- 

COL. .12-12-40 
Nobody's Darling-REP. .8-19-43 

Nobody's Fool if U 10-23-21 

Nobody's Fool-U 6-6-36 

Nobody's Girl if FED 1920 

Nobody's Kid if RC. . . 
Nobody's Money if PAH 
Nobody's Widow if 

Nobody's Wife if U.. 
Nobody's Wife 

(Spanish) -XX. .1938 
Noches de Buenos Aires 

(Spanish) -XX. .12-11-35 
Noc Listopadowa-PRX. . . .5-1-33 
Noches de Gloria 

(Spanish) -XX. .4-28-38 

(German) -XX. .1938 
Noise in Newboro if 

M. .4-29-23 

Noisy Neighbors (PT) 


Nomads of the North 


* SIN... 


FBO. .1926 
New York- 

GB. .10-7-37 
None But the Brave if 

F. .8-5-28 
None But the Lonely Heart- 

RKO. .10-3-44 
None Shall Escape-COL . . 1-28-44 
None So Blind * 

Noose, the if FN . . . 
Norah O'Neale- 

DUW. .10-25-34 
North from the Lone Star 

-COL. .1941 
of Arizona-COE. .1935 

of '53 if F 1917 

of Hudson Bay if 

P. .2-24-24 
North of Nevada if 

FBO 3-2-24 

North of Nome-COL ..10-28-36 
North of Rio Grande- 

PAR. .6-22-37 
North of the Rio Grande if 

PAR. .5-21-22 

. .2-4-23 









North of the Rockies-COL. 1942 
North of Shanghai-COL. . .1939 
North of '36 * 

PAR. .12-7-24 
North of the Yukon- 

COL. .1939 
North Sea Patrol-ALL. . 1 -2-40 

North Star if